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Here we have the alternate history/divergence stories. Even though they have a few cameos and such from other series, I don't consider them as true crossovers. Currently, this page is still under construction.

Dual Destinies- Here we have my first completed epic. Ranma Saotome finds out that Kami-sama had a very good reason for dunking him into the spring of Drowned Girl.


Fighting Blind- Losing one's sight can be a terrible thing and in Ranma's case, it forces him to see in an Unseen Light.

Fighting Blind Side-Story

Cat Fist Fury- The Neko Ken was probably the most idiotic thing that Genma could have done to Ranma during his training journey, but let's see what happens when an act of idiocy becomes Ranma's greatest gift.

Insert-Self- Do I really need to explain this one?