Fighting Blind

Ranma 1/2 and the gang are from the fertile imagination of Rumiko

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Chapter 3

Blind Man's Bluff

A small group was making its way toward the gates of a high

school in the district of Nerima. The group consisted of an extremely

aged woman, three young girls and a teenage boy. The aged woman,

who happened to be hopping on a staff that was three times her

height, addressed the group as they made their way to Furinkan


"Now I want you all to be on your best behavior while we are here.

You have all earned the right to be here and given the opportunity to

learn about the outside world. I will not tolerate any blood feuds or

vendettas, save for challenges. The council had decided that any

matter pertaining to our Amazon Laws would be interpreted at MY

discretion. Since I am the highest authority of our tribe in Japan, I will

have the final word on it. Is that understood?"

<"Yes Elder Cologne."> The group responded.

"Oh, and I would prefer if you would all speak Japanese, since we

will be living here." Cologne gestured to Ranma. "Do not hesitate to

ask Ranma or me about things you do not understand."


"Yes, Shampoo?"

The purple-haired girl pointed to the school uniform she was

wearing. "Do we have to wear these clothes? Shampoo feels that it

does not suit an Amazon." Lilac and Perfume nodded. Ranma tugged

at the collar of his dark blue outfit.

Cologne nodded. Shampoo's Japanese had gotten much better

since Ranma had started tutoring her. She still had a habit of referring

to herself in the third person, but her sentence structure was not as

broken. "Yes child. I'm afraid that your regular clothes are a bit too�

revealing for such a place."

"Ranma never minded what I wore." Shampoo protested lightly

with smile.

Cologne snorted in amusement. "In Ranma's case, he wouldn't

object to you in your birthday suit!"

The group snickered a bit at the private joke then continued on.

As they came to the front gates, they were a bit surprised to see a

mob of school boys begin to gather at the front of the main building.

Normally, this wouldn't be an unusual sight. What was unusual was

the fact that nearly all of them were brandishing various sports

equipment, practice weapons or some other kind of blunt or sharp

objects. Many of the boys belonged to the numerous sports teams or

martial arts clubs. As the crowd grew, the Amazons stopped at the

front gate to watch the spectacle.

In Ranma's case however, he was already assessing the situation

with his enhanced senses. Cologne noted this and asked, "What is it


Ranma did not answer for a long moment as he took in every bit of

information his physical and metaphysical senses were collecting.

Finally, he responded. "Hmmm. I count� about forty boys. Judging

from their emotions, they're expecting to ambush someone. Either that

or they intend to hit someone head on. Lots of them are breathing

hard and are out of shape. The amount of ki energies I'm feeling is

relatively low, almost nonexistent in just about everyone in that

crowd. I think that the entire lot has very little to no skill in the martial

arts. Except maybe for four of them near the back of the group."

Cologne looked over the rear of the mob and noted that two boys

were dressed in white gi outfits, signifying that they were from the

karate club. The other one was dressed in the practice outfit of the

kendo club, complete with body pads and facemask. The last one was

wearing the garb of a sumo wrestler. She could also sense that they

had slightly higher ki levels than the rest. "Very good Ranma. What

else can you sense?"

"Whoops! My mistake! Make that five boys. There's one who's

hiding behind a tree� forty paces from the right side of the front of

the main building. He's got the highest skill level of the lot. I sense�

arrogance and unbelievable confidence. Judging by his ki level

however, he wouldn't be able to beat a trained thirteen-year old in the

village. Heck, I would say that even Ling Ling and Lung Lung could

beat him."

Cologne then turned her gaze to where Ranma had indicated and

sure enough, there was someone hiding behind the tree. The boy

appeared to be about seventeen or eighteen and was dressed in

samurai garb. He held a wooden bokken in one hand and a red rose in

the other. She then gauged the boy's fighting potential and had to

agree with Ranma's assessment.

Ranma then turned his head toward two approaching figures that

were running toward the gates. He noted the increase in hormone

activity in the mob of boys and decided that this was what they were

waiting for. "Step back everybody. This is going to be messy."

As the Amazons watched in disbelief, the drama unfolded itself.

To the newcomers, they were confused at the spectacle. To Akane

Tendo however, it was just merely part of the same old routine.

"Akane Tendo! I love you!" WHAM!

"Please go out with me!" POW!

"This is for you!" CRASH!

"Akane!" WHAP!

"Let me�" CLONG!

The youngest daughter of Soun Tendo blasted through her

would-be suitors like a rhino on a rampage. The boys would only get

one or two seconds to attack her before they were beaten into the

pavement. As the battle raged, Ranma made a few sideline comments

to Cologne as his senses gauged her fighting ability.

"Judging by the way she's exerting herself, she's relying more on

brute strength than skill. I can feel her anger from here and it's making

her sloppy." A big bruiser suddenly grabbed Akane from behind, but

she gave him an uppercut to the jaw to get him to release her. "She

left herself wide open for that one. Her defense is lousy." A tennis

player swung his racket at her head. Akane barely managed to duck it

and retaliate with a roundhouse kick. "Reflexes need work. Her

reaction time is too slow." Akane then sidestepped the sumo wrestler

and tripped him up. She then dodged several more attempts to beat

her by members of the volleyball team. "Hmmm, the only reason why

she's holding out is because those guys aren't attacking as a group.

They're all getting in each other's way."

"Be that it may, this does not concern us Ranma." Cologne replied

as she began leading her group toward the school. "Now come along.

I need to speak with the registration office and it wouldn't do for the

four of you to be late on your first day of class."

It was at this time that Akane beat off the last of her unwanted

admirers. She stood amid a landscape of bruised and battered

adolescents. As she wiped her brow, she said angrily to her sister

Nabiki, who happened to be standing nearby, holding Akane's

bookbag. "I wish that these jerks would just lay off!"

"I thought by now that you'd be used to this kind of thing sis."

Nabiki commented as she handed Akane back her bag. She noticed a

small group heading toward them. "Well, looks like we got some new

faces here."

Nabiki took in the group with her usual, calculating look. The three

young girls were all dressed in the school uniforms for Furinkan

High's female students. One girl had long purple hair and had a

couple buns near the top of her head. The second girl had dark hair

that was tied in a loose ponytail that went down to her waist. The

third girl had red hair that was done up in an elaborate braid that was

as long as the first girl's ponytail. The end of her hair was tied in a

bright gold ribbon. At the front of the group, was an aged woman,

only about two feet in height and was hopping along on a long,

gnarled, wooden staff.

Nabiki noted that the three girls were quite beautiful and emanated

an aura of intensity. Many of the boys who were sprawled on the

ground became entranced by their looks. That is, those who could

get their swollen eyes to open. However, what really caught her

attention was the lone male member of the group. Nabiki wasn't the

only one though. The handsome stranger who had just arrived also

captivated the numerous female students who had been watching

Akane beat up the daily mob.

Living under the care of Jasmine had caused Ranma to grow up

into a very attractive male. The problems of malnutrition and poor

health care under Genma were nonexistent, thanks to his adopted

mother's skills as a healer. Ranma was tall and his clothes seemed to

mold over the lean, muscular frame that his master Koga had spent

eight years in refining. The school uniform did little to hide the

definition of his muscles, especially in his chest, arms, legs and rear.

His hair was also done up in a loose ponytail that went down to

midback. The special herbal shampoo that he used made his hair

luxuriant and silky. His unseeing eyes still reflected that unique

shade of blue, which resembled twin pools of liquid sapphire. His

face was well defined and contained sharp, angular lines that made

him appear far older and wiser than his actual age. He walked with a

casual grace that bespoke of a gentle nature, yet also one of

confidence and power. There was no doubt in Nabiki's mind or the

minds of the other girls. Ranma was a hunk.

Just as the group came to where Akane was standing, a small

object came darting toward her. She deftly caught it, then frowned

when she saw it was a rose. The group also stopped when they saw

the boy that Ranma had detected earlier step out from his hiding


"Truly a boorish lot, these cretins who dare thought they could

win thy hand Akane Tendo."

Akane let off a depressed and disgusted sigh. "Kuno, I don't have

time for this! I'm going to be late!" Akane then tried to step around

the kendoist, but is stopped when Kuno holds out his bokken in

front of her.

"Wouldst thou not spar with me, my love? Must I once again

prove my worthiness to you? Should we not show all these peasants

that I am the only one worthy to receive thy favors? Very well, if you

can defeat me, then I will allow you to date with�" It was then that

he noticed Shampoo, Perfume and Lilac. "Hold! What loveliness do

mine eyes see today? Ah! The gods have seen fit to reward the great

and noble Kuno with not one, but four goddesses this day! What are

thy names beauteous ones? I would know them so that I may shower

you with the glory that is my myself!"

By now, the Amazons were getting a little more than annoyed at

the nonsense that this pompous kendoist was spouting out. The fact

that he was making overtures toward them only irritated them even

more. They already had their sights set on Ranma and in their minds;

this wannabe samurai couldn't compare to the blind martial artist.

They all gave him a look of disgust and ignored him completely as

they started toward the main school building.

Kuno of course, was too dense to see that he was being given the

cold shoulder. He promptly put himself in front of the group and

spread his arms. "Will you not give thy names to the greatness that

you see before you? Perhaps an introduction is in order? Yes! It is

proper to give one's own name first!" He then puffed out his chest

and began his introduction. "I am the undefeated captain of this

school's kendo club! The rising new star of the high school fencing

world! My name alone strikes fear in those who hear of it! My peers

call me the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!" At this time, he raised

his bokken to the heavens and a bolt of lightning crackled in the

distance. He then finished his introduction. "Tatewaki Kuno, age


<Hmpf! What a showoff!> Cologne thought.

Behind the so-called Blue Thunder, crowds of students were

watching out the second and third floor windows of the school. As

soon as Kuno had finished his introduction, they began to gossip

among themselves.

"Blue Thunder? That's a new one."

"Yeah. Last week he was calling himself the Shooting Star."

"Who are those three babes?"

"Forget those girls. I want to know who that hunk is!"

"He's dreamy!"

Ranma sighed as he was also a bit put out by Kuno. To him,

Kuno's mouth hurt him even worse, due to his enhanced hearing.

Sensing the displeasure in his companions and in Akane, he decided

to speak for all of them. Motioning for the others to step back, he

came forward and addressed the insane kendoist. "Listen up. It's kind

of obvious that my cousin and her friends aren't interested. This girl

here doesn't want you either." Ranma gestured to Akane.

"Hey! I can speak for myself!" Akane retorted angrily. <Just who

does this stupid boy think he is?>

Ranma shrugged. "In any case, my friends and I are new here and

we really don't want to be late, so if you'll just step aside�"

Unfortunately for Ranma, Kuno was about as blind, (no pun

intended) to the truth as Mousse was. He of course denied all

overwhelming evidence. "You there! How may a common peasant

such as yourself, presume to know the feelings of a fair maiden when

she is in the glorious presence of one such as I? I will not stand for

this insinuation that I, Tatewaki Kuno am not the greatest gift that

the gods could bestow on the lovely Akane Tendo! Could it be that

you wish to woo her yourself?"

"Excuse me?"

"So that's it! You insult my prowess as a great lover, as part of a

dastardly plan to undermine my efforts to win Akane's heart. With

myself out of the way, you hope to gain her affections! I will not

stand for it! Have at thee!" With this form of logic, (if one could call it

that) he swung his bokken at Ranma's head.

Ranma had long sensed Kuno's attack and backflipped out of the

way. As he landed, he tossed his bookbag to Shampoo and reached

behind him. He withdrew a small metal cylinder that was about eight

inches in length and one and a half inches in diameter. He held it out

in front of him and focused his ki into it. Instantly, the metal cylinder

made a strange sound (vreet!) and extended into a fighting staff that

was five feet long. Ranma took a stance while twirling the weapon.

"Now that was uncalled for Kuno! I don't know how you came to that

stupid conclusion, but I won't stand by and let you use my head for

target practice!" He then gripped his staff in front of him. "I'm Ranma

Saotome, formally of the Saotome School of the Anything Goes

Martial Arts! As a healer and warrior of the Nieuchiezu, as well as a

representative of the Unseen Light Martial Arts, I accept your


Akane's eyes widened as she heard this revelation. <Anything


By this time, the boys in which Akane had defeated earlier had

picked themselves up and headed into the school. They didn't want

to be anywhere near the battle zone. Akane however was transfixed

by the scene and didn't move. The revelation that someone else knew

the Anything Goes Martial Arts, plus the fact that he was facing off

against Kuno was too unbelievable.

Cologne's eyes narrowed as she looked at Ranma's weapon. She

had expected him to bring out his usual wooden Bo Staff. The fact

that she also detected a huge amount of controlled ki being emitted

from him when he made the metal rod elongate only furthered her

interest. To her eyes, the staff was made out of a single piece of metal

that somehow grew in length as if it were alive. She did not see him

press any hidden switches, nor did she hear any telltale sounds of

anything mechanical. Her mouth turned up slightly in a small smile as

she thought. <Hmmm. Now that's interesting� I'll have to ask Ranma

about it after he dispatches this fool. That weapon may be another

one of Koga's secrets.>

Kuno smirked as he assessed his opponent. <This fool doesn't

know that he is up against the unparalleled might of the great

Tatewaki Kuno. This will be too easy!>

On the second and third floor, the students leaned forward at the

windows to get a better view of the imminent battle between the

newcomer and the best fighter of Furinkan High. Nabiki Tendo had

already gotten inside of the school as was busy taking down bets.

She was giving Ranma the odds of twenty to one. Many of the girls

who thought Ranma was attractive moaned as they saw him face off

against Kuno. The majorities of the male student population had

become obsessed with defeating Akane Tendo and were therefore

ignoring the rest of the girls. The females were hoping at a chance at

this new boy, but if he was going up against Kuno, then all hope was

lost. Or so they thought.

"So you assume to face off against the unmatched prowess of the

Blue Thunder of Furinkan High? You must have grown tired of


"Shut up and fight Kuno! Unless you intend to bore me into


"Then have at thee peasant!" Kuno charged at his adversary, his

bokken raised high.

Ranma's seventh sense was already giving him an image of his foe

and he reacted accordingly. It would have been a simple matter to

quickly knock out his opponent with pressure points, but the Unseen

Light martial artist wanted to test out his new battle staff in combat.

Stepping back a foot, he swung his staff in a reverse arc, then

crouched down low. Just as Kuno's bokken began its downswing,

Ranma moved with amazing speed and got within his defenses. One

end of his staff came up and knocked Kuno in the chin, causing him

to stagger back. Before Kuno could recover, Ranma lashed out with

his staff again and gave a hard jab to the kendoist's kidneys. Kuno

went down. However, instead of pressing his advantage, he stepped

back for a few feet and waited.

Kuno staggered back to his feet and snarled. "Why you low-bred

cur!" He then slashed at his opponent, but Ranma simply jumped

over the bokken and with one free hand, he pointed at Kuno's

forehead. An instant later, he spun around and delivered a reverse

spin kick that nailed his foe in the temple. Kuno was knocked down


Angrily, the self-centered egomaniac came back up and then

delivered another series of slashes, thrusts and swings. The blind

martial artist proved to be too agile for him to hit. His sixth sense

warned him of each attack and his seventh sense gave him a detailed

image in his mind of every maneuver. Ranma used a variety of

sidestepping, ducking and leaping moves to evade every technique

used against him. As a result, the surrounding area was torn apart as

Kuno's bokken split the pavement, sliced though a nearby tree and

punched holes in the front wall.

<He's so fast!> Akane thought. <He's not bad!> For a moment, she

had the feeling that this newcomer might be even better than she

might be, but she quickly dismissed the foolish notion. <Of course, I

could do that too! This guy's just lucky! I'm the best martial artist


<He's good!> Kuno thought as he lashed out again only to miss.

<He may prove to be� errk!> His train of thought was abruptly

stopped when Ranma hopped up and delivered a snap kick to Kuno's

face, causing his body to straighten up. The wannabe samurai barely

realized what was happening when Ranma then delivered a blow to

the top of his head with his staff, making him bend over. Ranma then

pointed his staff at Kuno's stomach and focused his ki into it again.


Amazingly, the staff then grew to five times its length, driving into

Kuno's belly and drove him back, slamming him against the school's

wall. A large depression was formed as the cement crumbled,

knocking the wind out of Kuno's sails. The blind martial artist then

refocused his ki.


The pole shortened itself back down to its five-foot length. <Great!

It worked!> With it no longer pinning him to the wall, Kuno slumped

down. He shook his head and staggered forward, unwilling to admit

that this upstart was winning. Running on adrenaline, he made

another series of sword techniques at his opponent, but Ranma

dodged them all yet again.

As the battle raged on, Cologne became even more interested in

Ranma's new weapon. <Very impressive!> The other Amazons were

also amazed and so was the rest of the Furinkan student population.

After dodging the last of Kuno's attacks, Ranma retaliated by

dropkicking his enemy's face and then followed through with another

blow to the head with his staff. Kuno was soon bending over and

just as he came down, Ranma did a roundhouse kick and sent him

sprawling. As Kuno went down, Ranma held up his staff above his

head with one hand and began focusing his senses on his

surroundings. He smiled as he took in all the data and then focused

his ki into his weapon, causing it to shorten into a baton of about a

foot and a half in length.

Kuno was in major pain. No one had ever given him this much of a

beating before, except for Akane. Just as he was getting up when he

saw Ranma's staff suddenly lose more than three-quarters of its

length. Thinking that this was an opportunity, he rushed forward,

intending to give him a vicious slash to his head. Then Ranma did the

unthinkable. He threw his weapon away, then just stood in a neutral

stance with his arms crossed.

<What's he doing?!> Akane thought.

The blind master of the Unseen Light smiled as he sensed Kuno's

charge. However, he wasn't the least bit worried as he used his

seventh sense to track the flight path of his baton. He had hurled it

forward, but he had not aimed it directly at Kuno. Instead, the metal

projectile shot like a miniature missile and went by Kuno, missing him

by more than three feet. However, it then ricocheted off the fallen tree

that Kuno had cut down earlier, bounced off the school's flagpole,

then rebounded off the main building's wall before its angle of

trajectory sent it right back toward Kuno.

"YAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Kuno screamed as he raised

his bokken over his head to deliver the final blow to end this fight. It

was then that he felt something rush over him and heard the

distinctive sound of something being sliced. It was then that he felt

something hard hit the top of his head, then make a dull thud on the

ground beside him. He froze in mid-strike as he looked down. His

eyes widened as he saw what was lying near his feet. It was the

wooden blade of his bokken! He then looked up and saw that he was

now clutching a useless handgrip. His gaze then came toward his

opponent who was absently twirling his baton, which he had deftly

caught on its return trip.

"Well Kuno, it seems that you have a LITTLE skill with that stupid

sword of yours. Now let's find out if you have any skill without it."

Ranma then made his baton shorten back to original eight-inch

length, put it away, then went into a stance. It was at that time that

dark storm clouds began to form and the skies became darker. <I

guess it's time to end this. I really should have wrapped this up


Kuno was at bit of a loss of what to do next, as he had absolutely

no training in unarmed combat. In fact, he was still in the same mid-

strike position as Ranma rushed forward to finish the fight. With

lightning speed, Ranma delivered a series of shiatsu pressure points

to his upper arms, legs and torso. He even froze the muscles to his

mouth as he no desire to hear any more of Kuno's stupidity. The

kendoist became as rigid as a statue as his major skeletal muscles

locked up.

Ranma smiled as he sensed the Kuno's battle aura die down. He

then added insult to injury as he walked behind Kuno and gave a firm

push with an index finger to the back of his head.


Kuno fell flat on his face, still frozen in place. Even though he

couldn't move his mouth, he still managed a slight, unintelligible

sound that was a cross between a groan and a whimper.

It was then that there was a moment of silence. You could hear a

pin drop in the schoolyard. Then a loud cheer, accompanied by

applause was heard. The students began whooping and shouting as

they had just witnessed the utter defeat of Kuno.

"All right! He did it!"

"Who is that guy?"

"He's cute!"

"Cute nothing! He's gorgeous!"

"Pay up Nabiki!"

On the schoolyard, his fellow Amazons was congratulating


"You did great Ranma!" Shampoo smiled as she gave him a hug.

Cologne hopped up to him and said, "Very good Ranma. You have

defended the honor of our tribe. Although, I didn't expect the fight to

last that long."

"Sorry about that. I wanted to test out my new battle staff. Now

that I have, I don't have to worry about him any more." He gestured

with a thumb to the fallen kendoist.

"By the way Ranma, may I see that new weapon of yours?"

Ranma shrugged as he handed her the small metal rod. Cologne

then scrutinized it, but could find nothing out of the ordinary about

it. It appeared to be just a solid metal cylinder that weighed just less

than six ounces. She could see no mechanical devices, no moving

parts or hidden switches. She could however, detect the residual ki

energies that Ranma had used to make it expand or shrink. She tried

to focus her own ki into it, but could not make it change its length.

She then looked up at Ranma and said, "Very� interesting. I take it

that this was another one of Koga's secrets?"

Ranma nodded as he took back his weapon, focused his ki into it

and made it elongate into its five-foot length to demonstrate. He then

shrunk it backdown to its eight-inch size and put it away. "Master

Koga taught the technique to me a couple of weeks before he died. I

made it during the trip to Japan. It does have some more uses than

my old Bo Staff."

"We'll talk more about it later. For now, we must the four of you

into class. I'm afraid that you three are going to be late because of

this. Come along."

The group passed both Kuno and Akane, who was still standing

in disbelief at what had occurred. As they entered the building,

Shampoo turned to Ranma and said, "What about Kuno?"

"Don't worry. The pressure points I used will wear off in about an


"He wasn't much of an opponent, was he?"

Ranma smirked as he said, "Nah! I could have taken him with my

eyes closed!"

The Amazons all shared another chuckle at the private joke.

Outside the school, Akane finally snapped out of her shocked

state and hurried her way into the school. As soon as she entered the

hallway, the skies began to open up and the rains began to fall,

drenching the still frozen Kuno.

<Curse you Saotome! I, Tatewaki Kuno shall see to it that you will

suffer the awesome wrath of the Blue Thunder!>

A few meters away, a large form was hunched behind a tree that

was near the front schoolyard. It was covered in black and white fur,

which was being soaked by the falling rain. It, or rather he had

witnessed the entire battle.

<Hmmm. Getting that son of mine back may be trickier than I

thought! The boy's always with those damned Amazons and it looks

like he's gotten better too! No matter! I'll just get Tendo! He'll help me

after I've explained everything. Once we get Ranma to the dojo, then I

can just kiss all of my worries goodbye, and be set for life! Nothing

can go wrong!>

Genma Saotome then made a beeline toward the Tendo Dojo. In

the distance, a flash of lightning crackled, almost as if it was a sign

for things to come.

In one of the classrooms, the attentions of the male and female

students were fixated on the four newcomers who were standing at

the front.

"Class, we have four new students at Furinkan High." The teacher

gestured to the three girls. "This is Shampoo, Lilac and Perfume." He

then gestured to the one boy. "And this is Ranma Saotome. They

have just come from China so let's give them all a 'Nihao' welcome."

The classroom began whispering among themselves.

"Wow! What a bunch of babes!"

"Man! Maybe I can get a date with that cute one at the end!"

"Oooh! Look at that hunk!"

"He's dreamy!"

"I wonder if he's attached?"

"Class settle down." The teacher called out. The room was

immediately silenced. "Even though they are new here, that does not

excuse them for being late." He turned to the four. "You will go out

with Miss Tendo and stand in the hall."

Near the front of the class, Akane growled as she heard her name.

<Darn! It's that Ranma's entire fault that I was late!>

In another class, Nabiki Tendo was a bit irritated. Although most

of the betters had placed their money on Kuno winning, the upset

that Ranma had caused had ended in large payoffs for the few that

wagered on him. The net result was that she and her factors had

come out with only a slight profit margin.

<Hmmmm� there's more to this Ranma Saotome than meets the

eye. I'm going to have to keep track of this one.> She turned to one

of her flunkies and gave her the assignment to keep Ranma and the

Amazons under surveillance.

It was then that she looked out the window and saw that Kuno

was still lying on his face in the front school yard. Rain was coming

down pretty hard and the middle Tendo daughter sighed as she

asked the teacher to be excused to go drag Kuno in. It wouldn't do

for her biggest income generator to drown.

Ranma and Shampoo were soon standing outside the class on one

side while Lilac and Perfume stood with Akane on the other side.

Each was holding a bucket of water in each hand. Outside the school,

the rain had stopped and the sun was out. Akane was a bit miffed at

having to stand outside with a boy and she didn't waste time in

voicing out her displeasure.

"This all your fault that I was late!"

The three Amazons girls looked at Akane with irritated


"What you talking about? Is not Ranma's fault you no go in." Lilac


"Is true." Perfume added. "No one stop you. Why you no go in?"

Akane became even more angrier as she replied, "Well, why didn't

you three go in yourselves?"

Shampoo became very annoyed at this girl's hostility toward her

cousin. "That's because we're Amazons. Ranma accepted that stupid

boy's challenge and it is our duty to witness it."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Akane said in a not so nice


Meanwhile, Ranma was already sensing the hostility level rise and

tried to settle things down. "Girls, please don't argue. You really

didn't have to stay and see me fight that idiot Kuno. Cologne was

already there and she acknowledged that I won." He then turned to

Akane. "I'm really sorry that you got punished for being late but I

don't really see how getting mad at me is going to help."

"Oh go soak your head! " Akane then mumbled in a quiet but

angry whisper. "Boys are nothing but perverts, especially Kuno!"

"Why you call Ranma pervert? He no do anything to you!" Lilac

said as she tensed up.

"Because all boys are perverts!" Akane hissed back. "They all

want the same thing and Kuno started this whole mess!"

Ranma didn't like to be called something without good reason, but

the last statement caught his interest. "Excuse me, what was that?

Kuno started what?"

Akane simmered down a bit as she replied, "Early on, Kuno made

this dumb speech that if a boy wanted to date me, he'd have to defeat

me in combat."

Ranma smirked as he remembered Amazon Law number forty-

three, subsection five. "So that's the reason those boys were

attacking you?"

Akane nodded. "Kuno also attacks me in the end. I beat him every

time of course, since no one's better than me!" She said the last bit

with pride, as she knew that she had no equal in the martial arts in all

of Nerima.

Lilac and Perfume were about to disagree when Ranma interrupted.

"I don't think so. Judging from my fight with him, and from what I saw

of your fighting style, I'd say that he was better than you are. If you

beat him every day, then I'd guess that he holds back a lot."

The three girls nodded in agreement as they too had come to the

same conclusion.

Akane began to fume at this comment. "Oh yeah? Well don't

underestimate me! Why don't one of you try me on for real


Ranma shrugged as replied in a quiet tone. "Who knows? Maybe I

will." Ranma had no qualms against fighting the opposite sex. Living

with the Amazons for over eight years had taught him that calling

women the 'weaker sex' was an easy way of getting into a heap of

trouble. He had sparred with the warrior women and considered them

as equals. If they were willing to dish out pain, then he had to

respond in kind. They expected him to fight back. They demanded it.

It made them respect him all the more when he did so. The Amazons

were proud of their status as great warriors and treating them like

they were weak was a sure-fire way of shortening one's lifespan.

Ranma was about to say something else when the hallway echoed

with an angry shout. The Amazons and Akane turned their heads to

the sound and saw Kuno rushing toward them with a full head of

steam. He threw a bucketful of dirty mop water in Ranma's direction.

The blind boy and the three Amazons nimbly jumped out of the way.

Akane barely managed to evade as the water splashed over the floor.

"Ranma Saotome! Prepare to feel the wrath of the Blue Thunder!"

Kuno yelled as he took out a fresh bokken from within his samurai


The Amazons landed behind Ranma as Shampoo asked, "What is

he so mad about?"

Ranma smirked as he pointed to Kuno's forehead. "I guess he

finally noticed the little message I gave him during our fight."

"What message?" She looked up at Kuno's forehead and saw the

words 'World's Biggest Dope' etched in Chinese. "When did that

happen?" Shampoo thought back to the fight, then recalled the time

when Ranma pointed a finger at him. "Oh, Shampoo remember now!

Very funny!" She started laughing and a minute later, her fellow

Amazons joined her.

Kuno was not amused. "You will pay for your insult against my

personage!" Kuno then began swinging his sword at Ranma. It had

been embarrassing enough that he had to pay Nabiki 5,000 yen to

drag him into the school because he was paralyzed. He also had to

pay her another 10,000 yen when he discovered the phrase on his

forehead and Nabiki had a Chinese dictionary on hand. "Die you low-

bred cur!"

With Ranma's enhanced senses, Kuno's strikes were evaded with

ease. Dropping his buckets to the floor, he began leading Kuno

toward an open window near the end of the hallway. When he got

near it, he smiled and stood with his hands behind his back.

"Come on Kuno, take your best shot!"

"That I shall!" Kuno slashed at his foe, intending to split him in


However, this was not to be as Ranma stabbed forth with a hand

and extended a finger. As soon as the digit made contact with the

wooden blade, it glowed for a brief moment, then exploded into a fine

cloud of sawdust. Kuno yelped as his weapon was suddenly

shortened and he found himself still moving forward. With that same

hand, Ranma grabbed him by the front of his robes and tossed his

poetry-spouting adversary out the window.

"Go soak your head!"

"Wait! This is the THIRD FLOOR!" Akane came running toward


Ranma shrugged as said, "Don't worry, the pool will break his fall."



Shampoo, Lilac, and Perfume all leaned out the window and sure

enough, there was Kuno, floating face down in the water. A moment

later, he came sputtering up and thrashed about, screaming "Curse

you, Ranma Saotome!"

Shampoo looked at Ranma and asked. "How did you know there

was a pool down there?"

The blind martial artist simply grinned and said nothing. The

purple-haired girl then realized that her question was a rhetorical one

and said. "Never mind."

To be continued�

Author's Notes

Well, it was only expected that Genma wouldn't give up on his

dream to marry Ranma off and live in luxury at the Tendo Dojo for the

rest of his life. Of course, we don't really expect Ranma to go along

with this notion and you can be pretty sure that the Amazons won't

let him go either.

For those of you who are wondering, Ranma new battle staff is

similar to the one used by Goku in Dragonball and is activated by his

ki. I'll explain more about it in future chapters.

I wanted to make this rewrite a bit more expanded as the original

chapter was a bit short. I also wanted to show how stuck up Akane is

as she considers herself the best martial artist in Nerima. As you may

have noticed, Ranma's personality is different from canon. Eight

years with the Amazons can do that.

Well, this rewrite now begins Nabiki's suspicions about Ranma

and will later reveal his little secret. Come on now you didn't expect

Ranma to defeat the best fighter in the school and not catch Nabiki's

attention, right?