Dual Destinies
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                                                          Chapter 29
     Ukyo and Shampoo raced toward their husbands as soon as they 
landed in the village. Both Masaki twins swept up their spouses and 
spun them around in one arm, while holding the bottles in the other. The 
Tendos and Nodoka came a few moments later.
     "Welcome back son-in-law." Cologne greeted as she hopped toward 
the twins. "I see that you and your brother have retrieved the weapons."
     Ranma Red nodded as he set Shampoo back on the ground. "And 
we've also discovered something else." He held out the bottle for the 
others to see. His brother followed suit.
     "What is that?" Akane asked.
     "Something... very important." Ranma Blue replied as he turned to 
his mother. "Mom, does our family own a shrine?"
     "Yes we do. The Masaki Shrine is a Shinto temple, located in the 
mountains of Kyushu in Japan. My great uncle, Katsuhito Masaki is the 
head priest. Come to think of it, he has a grandson that is about your 
age. That would be your cousin Tenchi. Why do you ask?"
     Both brothers gave each other a serious look and then Ranma Red 
said, "Well, since we do have three more days before the Contract 
Renewal, we have a little something to take care of." Ranma Blue 
indicated the bottles. "We need to see them. It's imperative."
     "I don't get it. Why would a couple of bottles of water be so 
important that you'd want to go visit some temple?" Nabiki asked.
     "It's... hard to explain. Look, it's something we have to do and 
besides, this will give us a chance to meet Mom's side of the family. 
We'd also like to introduce them to Ukyo and Shampoo."
     "Oh yes! I'd love to meet your family!" Shampoo said as she drew 
closer to her husband's side.
     Everyone stared at the Amazon, more than a little surprised that she 
had spoken in flawless Japanese.
     "Oh my! Where did you learn to speak Japanese so well, Shampoo?" 
Kasumi inquired.
     Shampoo smiled at the eldest sister and replied, "Last night, my 
husband had used his Comprehension Spell to improve my Japanese."
     "Nothing to it!" Ranma Red said with a smug look.
     "I still don't get it." Nabiki said.
     Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared above them. Without warning, the 
cloud let off a low rumble and a bolt of lightning came crashing down. 
This startled the group, except for the twins. Then, as suddenly as the 
cloud appeared, it disappeared. The group looked over to where the 
lightning had struck the ground. They cautiously moved over to the spot 
and stared at what was inscribed in the dirt. Beside the message was a 
small computer disk. 
     "What is it?" Nabiki asked.
     "It's a message from Kami-sama." Ranma Blue said calmly.
     "KAMI-SAMA?!" The others repeated in disbelief.
     Both twins smiled as Ranma Red began to translate. "To the Chosen 
Twins. Seek out the one called Washu at the Masaki Shrine. Give this to 
her. She will know what to do with it. Signed, the Almighty."
     "I don't believe this!" Akane said. "You two got a message from 
     "Uh huh." Ranma Blue said.
The very next day, in Japan...
     Amid the mountains of Kyushu, a scene of chaos and confusion was 
taking place. However, to all those who resided at the Masaki home, it 
was merely part of the normal routine.
     "What 's the matter Ayeka? Don't have the guts to make the opening 
     All of a sudden, one wall of the house was blown apart as a blast of 
lightning tore through it. A moment later, a darting figure came flying 
out the hole and hovered a fifteen feet in the air. Ryoko tossed a lock of 
her platinum hair over her forehead and snickered. "Missed me, Ayeka! 
Your aim is really lousy! Now try one of mine!"
     The demon-woman reared back with an arm and threw a bolt of 
orange laser through the hole. Another explosion ripped through the 
house, causing another hole to be formed in the opposite wall. A 
moment later the another young lady with lavender hair done up in two 
long ponytails, stepped through the first hole and laughed.
     "HA HA HA HA HA! Look who's talking about rotten aim! When 
I'm finished with you, Lord Tenchi will see that I am the only suitable 
for him! As a prince of Jurai, he should be paired up with the one who is 
truly worthy!" 
     "Oh excuse me?" Ryoko replied in defiance. "Why would he want a 
snobby, uptight princess, when he can have me?" Ryoko tossed another 
blast, which Ayeka deftly avoided. "At least I let him know how I feel!"
     "By sneaking naked into the bath while he's bathing?! YOU 
TRAMP!!!" Ayeka was then surrounded by tiny wooden cylinders, 
which then let loose another blast of lightning. Ryoko barely managed 
to avoid the attack.
     On the sidelines, Tenchi Masaki, Sasami and Ryo-oh-ki watched the 
     "Oh come one girls! Can't we all get along?" Tenchi said as he 
approached the two combatants.
     The two alien females ignored the plea for peace as they continued to 
rip up the front yard.
     About a mile distant from the Masaki home, a trio of lights landed 
near a clearing in the forest. When the lights disappeared, nine people 
stood and looked around. Shampoo and Ukyo were hanging onto their 
spouses, while the Nodoka, her three adopted daughters and Cologne 
were behind them.
     "So which way is this shrine, Mom?" Ranma Blue asked.
     Nodoka turned around to get her bearings, then pointed to a well-
worn pathway. "That way. The path leads up to the entrance of the 
Masaki Shrine. We'll be able to see the house about halfway there. It's 
been almost a year since I visited this place."
     As the group started down the path, the twins began asking their 
mother about her family.
     "So what are they like?" Ranma Blue inquired.
     "My great-uncle, Katsuhito, married my great aunt on my mother's 
side. He is a good man and is very talented with the sword. His 
grandson Tenchi also shows promise. You'll like them. Unlike the 
strange things that happened in Nerima, they live a peaceful life."
     The group turned their heads toward the sounds of the explosion. 
Both twins looked at each other and nodded. Activating their flight 
powers, they shot up into their air and said in unison, "We'll go on 
ahead and check this out! Stay here!"
     At the Masaki home, Ayeka and Ryoko were still going at it. Both 
combatants had already ripped the entire front yard apart and were 
moving around at a frantic pace. Laser bolts and electrical sparks shot 
back and forth as each combatant tried her very best to beat the crap out 
of the other.
     On the sidelines, Tenchi Masaki, Ayeka's sister Sasami, and the furry 
little spaceship Ryo-oh-ki stared in resignation.
     "Don't those two ever stop fighting?" Another voice said from the 
     The group turned and saw the resident Galaxy Police officers of 
Earth approach from another pathway. Kiyone and Mihoshi were 
dressed in their usual uniforms and it appeared that they were preparing 
to go on another patrol.
     "Hey Kiyone! Mihoshi! How are you two today?" Tenchi greeted.
     "Just fine Tenchi." Kiyone replied as she looked back at the carnage 
being wrought, in the fight between the galaxy's most fearsome space 
pirate and the crown princess of the planet Jurai. "Honestly!" She 
huffed. "Those two can act so immature! So what set it off this time?"
     Tenchi sighed as a part of the docks near the lake was reduced to 
splinters by an errant laser bolt. "The usual."
     "You know Tenchi, you really shouldn't lead them on like this."
     "It's not like I want this to happen, but I really don't want to hurt their 
     "Now there's a familiar scenario."
     The group began looking around as they heard that last unfamiliar 
voice. Then they realized that it came from above. Their heads tilted 
upward and their eyes widened as they saw what was hovering above 
     Ranma Red and Ranma Blue smiled as they hovered above them at a 
height of twenty feet. They both smiled at the gaping expressions of 
their startled observers. Then they turned their attention to the chaos 
being created by the two otherworlders. Ryoko had just pulled out her 
energy sword, while Ayeka was getting backup from her two guardians, 
Azaka and Kamadaki.
     Ranma Red smiled as he said to his twin, "I'll take the one with the 
     Ranma Blue nodded as he said, "I'll try to stop the one with the logs!" 
     With that the two flew into battle.
     Ryoko was deflecting energy blasts from Ayeka and then made a 
power dive at her opponent with the sword thrust forward. However, she 
was stopped halfway when her blade was parried by another sword. Her 
eyes widened as she stared at the blue-white blade. <Uh oh! It's the 
Tenchi Sword! is Tenchi taking Ayeka's side?> She looked up and her 
eyes gazed upon a red-shirted stranger who was floating in the air with 
her and holding a sword that was similar to the one that Katsuhito's 
grandson carried.
     Ranma Red gave her a friendly smile and asked, "Don't you think 
you've done enough damage today?"
     Ryoko immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was some new 
enemy and began attacking him.
     Ayeka was also a bit surprised when she found her next barrage of 
electrical energy suddenly disappear. Looking to her right, she saw the 
lightning she had produced veer off course toward a young man floating 
in the air. The blue-shirted stranger was holding up a large hammer and 
the lightning was absorbed into it. He then floated down and landed ten 
feet in front of her. Ayeka was a bit annoyed that someone was 
interfering with her fight and sent her guardians to attack him.
     Ranma Blue raised an arm and let loose an elemental attack. 
     The two logs suddenly found themselves shooting up into the 
heavens like a pair of ICBMs. They soon became distant dots in the sky.
     Ranma Blue calmly walked toward the stunned princess and said, 
"Now that wasn't very friendly!" He saw that Ayeka was taking a stance 
and small logs began to float around her.
     In the air, Ranma Red was getting a bit of a workout as he and Ryoko 
clashed blades. The two exchanged thrusts, parries and slashes a 
hundred times in the space of seconds. Even though the magic-using 
Masaki now had all the innate skills of the great swordmasters, he was 
still relatively inexperienced at armed combat. The demon girl he was 
fighting showed no signs of tiring anytime soon and it was only through 
the Light Star Blade's power that Ranma Red was able to keep up with 
her. When he saw Ryoko rear back her free hand, he knew he had to end 
it fast.
     The energy shield formed in front of him, just as Ryoko shot another 
laser bolt. The energy blast hit the magic shield and was absorbed.
     The plane of protective magic then shimmered and released the 
energy back at Ryoko. The space pirate barely managed to get out of the 
way, but the momentary distraction was all Ranma Red needed. As 
Ryoko floated off to the right, Ranma Blue's brother silently cast a new 
containment spell that he had learned from the Light Star Blade.
     Eerie mists came forth from his outstretched hand and flew toward 
Ryoko. The demon thought this was some flimsy attack and tried to use 
her energy sword to cut through. The blade passed harmlessly through 
the mists, which then encircled her. Before she knew it, the mists 
instantly solidified into large rings of white crystal that pinned her arms 
to her sides and her legs together.
     "WHAT THE...?!"
     Ryoko found herself falling toward the ground but before her face 
met the soil, she stopped plummeting and was hovering a foot or so 
from the earth. She then found herself upright and was facing her 
     Ranma Red floated down toward her and hovered in front of her. He 
smiled as he placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "Calm."
     Ayeka was letting off enough power to light up Las Vegas for weeks, 
but Ranma Red's brother casually brushed off each attack with Storm 
Striker. When Ranma got to within five feet of her, he then raised a hand 
and closed his eyes in concentration.
     Ayeka braced herself for any attack from him, but was unprepared 
for what happened next. She suddenly felt something brush against her 
right leg. Looking down, she saw a vine sprout from the ground and 
entangle her ankle. The another one came, then another. She soon found 
herself being ensnared in the vines as they started creeping up her body. 
Knowing that she would be tied up in an instant she began to focus. 
Concentrating her power, she let loose with huge burst of electricity, 
reducing the vines to ashes. However, when she looked back up at her 
opponent, he was no longer there. She then felt something press up 
against the back of her neck. It was the last sensation she had as she fell 
forward into unconsciousness. 
     Ranma Blue dropped his camouflage technique and nodded toward 
his brother, who gave him a smile. It was then that they looked back at 
the still stunned group.
An hour later...
     "So these guys are my cousins, Aunt Nodoka?" Tenchi asked.
     Both brothers nodded as they looked around the crowded room. It 
had taken awhile for the twins to calm everyone down and they were 
now introducing their group to Tenchi's. During that time, Tenchi's 
grandfather had come by from the shrine to visit. Explanations were 
made and truths were told, since it was hard to deny what had just 
occurred. Ranma Blue had returned Azaka and Kamadaki from their 
position in low Earth orbit. Washu was not present as she was off on 
some other planet to collect specimens. She was due back shortly. 
     "Yes." Nodoka said as she reached for a cup of tea. "These are my 
sons Ranma Red and Ranma Blue."
     "I don't recall you giving birth to twins Nodoka. I was under the 
impression that you had only one child." Katsuhito remarked.
     "I don't recall you ever telling me that you were from outer space!" 
Nodoka replied with a small smile.
     "Touché. You are taking this very well."
     "Considering what I have seen in the past weeks, very little surprises 
me anymore. I have learned to accept the fact that I now have twin sons 
and that they are capable of incredible feats. I have met goddesses, 
immortals and such that it isn't that hard to accept that you are from 
another world."
     "So how did you find yourself the mother of two sons?"
     "It is a long story and I will tell you all about it later. As of now, my 
sons have some urgent business to discuss with someone called... 
Washu is it?" The mother of the Masaki twins looked at her offspring, 
who nodded in response. "Furthermore, I felt it was high time that my 
sons met my side of the family. That fool Genma had denied Ranma 
from me for ten years! They will not be denied from their heritage!"
     "I'm afraid that Miss Washu is not here, but we expect her back by 
tonight. For now, I believe that introductions are in order. Who are these 
lovely young ladies here?" Katsuhito indicated the girls on Nodoka's 
     Nodoka smiled with pride as she replied, "These three are my 
adopted daughters, Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane." All three girls bowed. 
She then indicated toward her sons' wives. "This is Shampoo and Ukyo, 
my daughter-in-laws. They were just married to my sons three days 
     "Charmed, I'm sure. And how is that idiot that you call a husband?"
     "He is not my husband anymore." Nodoka said in a level and stern 
voice. "I have divorced him." 
     "I cannot say that I feel sorry for him." Tenchi's grandfather's 
expression was emotionless. "I too was against your marriage to that 
fool and I am glad you have finally seen him for what he truly was." The 
old man then cast his gaze on Cologne and smirked. "It has been a long 
time Cologne."
     "You're still the same handsome rascal I met two hundred and fifty 
years ago." Cologne replied.
     "You know each other?" Ranma Red asked.
     "Yes, son-in-law. I met Yosho two and a half centuries ago. He was 
as great a warrior back then as he is now. It was a lucky thing for him 
that I was already married at the time, or I would have challenged him."
     "Yosho?" Nodoka asked.
     "That is my Juraian name." Katsuhito replied. "I met Cologne during 
my travels through China and she was impressed by the Masaki style of 
swordsmanship." He then looked at Shampoo. "I take it that this young 
lady is from your tribe?"
     "She is my great-granddaughter." 
     "Ah yes, I thought her ki energy was familiar."
     At that moment, the group heard a small noise coming from a small 
broom closet. They turned their heads and saw a brilliant flash of light 
emitted from the tiny storage space. A moment later, the light faded 
away and the door opened, revealing a short figure with red hair and a 
sort of devious look about her. She was dressed in a fancy tunic and 
short and seemed... childish. However, for those who knew her, Washu 
was far more formidable and was quite capable of blowing up a galaxy 
if she felt like it.
     "Hey Guys! I'm back! What's for dinner? Oh! We have company!"
     Ranma Red and Ranma Blue nodded toward each other and 
approached the mad scientist.
     "Are you... Washu?" Ranma Blue asked.
     "That's right!" Washu affirmed. The room suddenly went dark and a 
spotlight was shined on her as she struck a pose. "The Greatest 
Scientific Genius in the Universe! I am SUCH A GENIUS!"
     Large sweat drops appeared on the backs of everyone's heads as 
background cheering was heard and confetti started appearing out of 
     On one of Washu's shoulders a tiny puppet that looked like her 
appeared. It had a big letter 'A' on it. It began waving its little arms and 
     Another puppet with a letter 'B' appeared on her other shoulder. 
     Both puppets then cried out, "WASHU! WASHU! YOU'RE THE 
     When the fanfare and celebration died down, the inventor looked at 
the twins and smirked, "So what can I do for you?"
     The twins quickly composed themselves as Ranma Red produced the 
disc and the two bottles of waters. "Well, we were told that you could 
help us with a little problem..."
To be continued...
Author's Notes
     Well, I finally did it! I know that it seems a bit short, but with all the 
other projects running around in my head this was hard to write! This 
chapter takes elements from both the OAV and the television series of 
Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Universe. What does this mean for the Ranma 
twins? Does this mean they also have access to the power of Jurai's 
Royal Family? Stayed tuned for Chapter 30 entitled... Resurrection!