Dual Destinies Index
This is a quick reference guide to provide information on the 
characters, techniques and other points of interest of Dual Destinies. 
There are so many that I can hardly keep track of them all. I will be 
updating this frequently as the story progresses. This may also 
answer some questions that some of my readers may have.
Prelude: Ranma Saotome is selected as the next Champion of the 
Contract Renewal.
Chapter 1: Certain changes have occurred with Shampoo and Ukyo. 
Ranma meets up with Taron and is offered a chance to end his curse.
Chapter 2: Ranma is introduced to Soren and is told of his long-lost 
twin brother.
Chapter 3: Introduction of the Ranma Twins. 
Chapter 4: Ryoga Vs Ranma Red and Ranma Blue
Chapter 5: The training begins
Chapter 6: More training and Shampoo's most fervent wish comes 
Chapter 7: Ranma Red and Ranma Blue introduce themselves to 
Shampoo, Ukyo and Cologne
Chapter 8: Ranma Blue Vs Ryoga. The twins meet their mother for 
the first time in ten years. 
Chapter 9: The vow to unite the Schools of the Anything Goes 
Martial Arts becomes a point of a heated argument as Nodoka gives 
her blessings to Ranma Red and Blue for their new engagements.
Chapter 10: The twins hit Furinkan High. Ranma Red Vs Mousse.
Chapter 11: Happosai Vs Ranma Red and Ranma Blue
Chapter 12: The Amazon connection
Chapter 13: Other Ranmaverse characters deal with the changes in 
their lives as they take a stroll down memory lane. 
Chapter 14: Akane makes a drastic decision in the aftermath of the 
twins' decision to marry Shampoo and Ukyo.
Chapter 15: The twins must make a journey into the Kami plane to 
save Akane.
Chapter 16: Ranma Red and Ranma Blue must face off against 
Arcados and Zuruka.
Chapter 17: Akane must now come to grips with certain truths as 
Ukyo and Shampoo have a long talk with their future mother-in-law. 
Nodoka also tells the twins of something that must be done before 
the trials.
Chapter 18: The Tendo family is torn apart!
Chapter 19: The Ranma twins must once again face off against 
Arcados and Zuruka.
Chapter 20: The final showdown between the Ranma twins and 
Arcados and Zuruka. 
Chapter 21: Ranma Red and Ranma Blue starts tying up some loose 
ends before they head for China. Genma shows up and tries to break 
up their engagements. Kasmi and her sisters come to a decision 
concerning Nodoka's offer.
Chapter 22: Ryoga and Mousse make a pact with evil as new players 
from the Dark World come on the scene.
Chapter 23: The end of Mousse and Ryoga?
Chapter 24: Ranma Red and Shampoo… jump the gun and the twins 
then head for China with their family.
Chapter 25: We finally know what happened to Soun.
Chapter 26: You are cordially invited to the weddings of Ranma Red 
and Ranma Blue.
Chapter 27: The twins achieve their highest levels of power as the 
deadline for the Contract Renewal draws near.
Chapter 28: The twins make a startling discovery in Jusenkyo as 
Soun and Nodoka discuss matters for the future of the families.
Chapter 29: The twins are introduced to the other side of their 
Chapter 30: Two old acquaintences return.
Chapter 31: Final confrontations and loose ends are finally taken 
care of.
Chapter 32: First of the contract trials. Enter Barada, the Vampire 
Chapter 33: Second trial with Gaizera, the Swordsman of Sorrow.
Chapter 34: Meet Ekoja, trickster of the Dark World.
Chapter 35: Showdown with the demon sisters, Makana and Katoka.
Chapter 36: Final trial but Sharoka is not one to play by the rules.
Chapter 37: The conclusion.
     I'll assume that the readers are already familiar with the cast of 
Ranma ½. Therefore, this section will deal with the new characters 
that I have introduced in the series, plus those who do not appear as 
regulars in Takashi's series.
     Age: Well over ten thousand 
     First Appearance: Prelude
     One of the original champions of Earth against the Dark World. 
He and his brother are responsible for selecting and training 
successive champions every thousand years. He is currently training 
Ranma Blue in using elemental power.
     Age: Well over ten thousand
     First Appearance: Prelude
     One of the original champions of Earth against the Dark World. 
He and his brother are responsible for selecting and training 
successive champions every thousand years. He is currently training 
Ranma Red in the ways of magic.
Ranma Blue Saotome
     Age: 16
     First Appearance: Chapter 3
     One of the main story characters. He was one of the two souls that 
were trapped within the original Ranma Saotome. He is currently 
being trained in the secrets of nature and is engaged to Ukyo Kuonji.
Ranma Red Saotome
     Age: 16
     First Appearance: Chapter 3
     One of the main story characters. He was one of the two souls that 
were trapped within the original Ranma Saotome. He is currently 
being trained in the mystical arts and is fated to marry Shampoo.
     Age: Only Kami-sama knows
     First Appearance: Chapter 8
     A character from the Oh My Goddess series. She is a Goddess of 
Love and the Past. She was called to aid in convincing Nodoka to 
accept Ukyo and Shampoo as the fiancées of the Ranma brothers.
     Age: Unknown
     First Appearance: Chapter 10
     A demon of the Dark world that is intent on destroying the 
Saotome twins before or during the time of the Contract Renewal.
     Age: Unknown
     First Appearance: Chapter 10
     A demon of the Dark world that is intent on destroying the 
Saotome twins before or during the time of the Contract Renewal.
     Age: Undetermined
     First Appearance: Chapter 10 (mentioned)
     The supreme ruler of the Dark World. He has so far attempted to 
destroy Earth's chances of survival by making Ranma Saotome be 
born as an only child, instead of twins. As of now, he is letting his 
minions; Zuruka and Arcodos do his dirty work for him.
     Age: Undetermined but younger than Urd
     First Appearance: Chapter 15
     Belldandy is the Goddess of the Present and is currently residing 
on Earth with her mortal boyfriend due to a wish he made. She is 
Urd's younger sister and one of the main characters in Oh My 
Goddess! You can think of her as a divine version of Kasumi.
     Age: Unknown but younger than Belldandy
     First Appearance: Chapter 15
     Skuld is the Goddes of the Future and the youngest of the three 
sisters. She is the Ddebugger expert of the Ultimate Force System 
and is very into gadgets and various inventions. She disapproves of 
her sister's relationship with a mortal, but she has learned to live with it.
     Age: Unknown
     First Appearance: Chapter 22
     One of the twin demon sisters who relpaced Arcados and Zuruka 
after their demise.
     Age: Unkown
     First Appearance: Chapter 22
     The other half of the demon sisters.
     Age: Well over 50,000 years 
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     The so-called greatest scientific genius of the universe and one of 
the residents of the Masaki home. She is the one that the twins call 
upon to ressurect Ryoga and Mousse.
Tenchi Masaki
     Age: 17
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     Tenchi is the heir to the throne of Jurai and incidentally, cousin to 
the Ranma twins. The star of the Tenchi Muyo series and the object 
of desire between Ayeka and Ryoko.
     Age: Unknown
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     Ayeka is the first princess of Jurai and is in love with Tenchi, 
much to the dismay of her rival Ryoko.
     Age: Over 1,000
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     Ryoko is a famous space pirate who is also after Tenchi's heart 
and is usually involved in a fierce and always violent rivalry with 
     Age: Unknow, but younger than Ayeka
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     A princess of Jurai and sister to Ayeka, she is very talented in 
cooking and her meals are not to be missed.
Katsuhiko Masaki (Yosho)
     Age: Unknown
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     Grandfather to Tenchi and also heir to the Jurai throne, he is a 
master swordsman and like all menbers of the Jurai Royal Family, he 
is able to summon up Jurai's ancient, god-like powers.
Noboyuki Masaki
     Age: Late forties
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     Father of Tenchi and more of a pervert
     Age: Late teens to early twenties
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     A promising member of the Galxy Police whose hopes of 
advancing through the ranks took a permanent nosedive after she was 
partnered up with Mihoshi.
     Age: Late teens to early twenties
     First Appearance: Chapter 29
     She brings the word 'ditz' to a whole new level as her 
scatterbrained personality and constant, though unintentional 
thwarting of Kiyone's attempts to be promoted makes her partner 
wish she had transferred to the bomb squad.
     Age: Unkown
     First Appearance: Chapter 32
     The so-called Vampire King who had decided to try an usurp 
Sharoka's position as ruler of the Dark World. However, he would 
meet his demise at Sharoka's foot.
     Age: Undetermined, but well over 1,500
     First Appearance: Chapter 33
     The great sowrdsman who had made a pact with the Dark world to 
become the best, but later became the slave to Sharoka. He carries the 
Demon Fang sword and hopes for the twins to free him from his 
enslavement and unending torment.
     Age: Unknown
     First Appearance: Chapter 34
     The trickster of the Dark World who loves to torment his victims 
with riddles and warping reality. His specialties are mind-boggling 
puzzles which always lethal.
Sailor Senshi
     Ages: Ranges between 14 to sixteen
     First Appearance: Chapter 37
     They were only seen as they watched the twins battle Sharoka in 
the final battle.
 Keiichi Morisato
     Age: Unmentioned
     First Appearance: Chapter 37
     Keiichi Morisato is probably the luckiest person on Earth to have 
a goddess for a grilfriend, but if he wasn't such a wuss, he'd have 
already made his moves on Belldandy. It seemed that he needed Urd's 
help to finally ask Belldandy the BIG question
Advanced Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken
     A faster version of the original technique. So far, only the Ranma 
Twins are able to accomplish this. Average punching speed is 1025 
hits per second.
Bakusai Tenketsu (Breaking Point)
     Amazon technique that trains the user in shattering rock with a 
single finger. Created for use in the quarry. The training also gives 
the trainee exceptional endurance in order to withstand the blast. 
Limited uses in combat since it can only affect rock.
Blazing Hawk Talon Attack
     An improved version of the original Raking Hawk Talon attack in 
which Mousse adds his feelings of frustration. It is basically the same 
with a diving attack with clawed shoes, but it also adds his chi in the 
form of a diving hawk. 
Chestnut Fury
     Kicking and punches are fired off at supersonic speeds and the 
user is like a blur.
Flaming Chi Wave 
     Chi attack appears as a crescent bolt of energy. Utilizes the 
feelings of determination.
Hiryu Shoten Ha (Rising Dragon Ascension Wave)
     Amazon technique which combines the cool calmness of the user 
and the hot battle rage of the opponent. Appears as a swirling 
tornado, which sweeps the enemy upward.
Hiryu Shoten Ha Revised: Cyclone Scatter
     Instead of leading an opponent into a spiral, Ranma Blue simply 
uses his own cold chi and disperses it against the hot chi of several 
attacking opponents, creating smaller tornadoes over a larger area.
Hiryu Shoten Ha Revised: Parts 1 & 2
     Ranma Blue's solution to a super-powered Ryoga. Part one is just 
like the original technique, but part two is a revesal of differing 
temperatures, sending the user spiralling upward into a flying 
uppercut that Ranma Blue referred to as the Fist of the Rising  
Kamehameha Wave
     The chi technique from Dragonball Z.
Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
     Amazon technique, which trains the person to be able to pluck 
chestnuts out of an open fire without getting his/her hands, burned. 
The training is to build up speed. An application of this method is 
the Chestnut Fist, in which the user can hit an opponent an average 
of 450 times in a second.
Moko Takabisha (Fierce Tiger Ball, Fierce Tiger Domineering)
     Ranma Saotome's original chi attack. Created to counter Ryoga's 
Shi Shi Hokodan, since Ranma could not become depressed enough. 
Utilizes Ranma's pride and confidence. Appears as a yellow fireball.
Moko Takabisha Rapid Fire
     A technique which allows the user to fire off a stream of chi blasts 
like a machine gun. Ranma red's invention.
Neko-Ken (Cat-Fist)
     One of the most bizarre of martial art techniques known. Invented 
by a demon to corrupt the Champions of Earth, the training is 
relatively simple. By wrapping the trainee in fish sausage and 
throwing him/her into a pit of starving cats, one is supposed to gain 
the speed, agility and ferocity of a wild cat. Unfortunately, the trainee 
also gains an irrational fear of cats and the method has since been 
banned. Of course, Genma was too stupid to have read that third 
Power Blaster
     Another variation of the Moko Takabisha. Invented by Ranma 
Red. Appears as a beam of energy instead of a fireball. Possibly 
created as a stronger countermeasure to the normal Shi Shi Hokodan.
Perfect Shi Shi Hokodan 
     The ultimate expression of depression. Appears as a pillar of chi 
energy. Usually destroys anything within fifty feet of Ryoga.
Scattering Moko Takabisha
     An improved version of the original chi attack. Invented by Ranma 
Blue to hit multiple targets or counter multiple attacks. Appears as a 
very large yellow fireball, which explodes into a dozen smaller ones.
Splitting Cat Hairs
     Amazon technique in which the user uses his or her chi to 
disperse around the opponent and create seventeen separate illusions 
of himself/herself. 
Shi Shi Hokodan (Roaring Lion Bullet)
     Created by a civil engineer to aid in demolition. Utilizes the heavy 
feeling of depression. Ryoga is a perfect candidate for it. Appears 
either as a huge green fireball or a beam.
Arctic Spear
     A more focused version of the Icy Mists in which Ranma Blue can 
hurl a bolt of freezing energy at his target. Causes the target to 
become encased in ice.
     Elemental ability which allows the user to wrap light around 
himself/herself. (Think of the movie Predator). Closest thing to 
Earth Eruptions
     Elemental attack which appears as a series of short explosions in 
a line.
Earthquake Stomp
     Elemental attack, which focuses the user's ki into shockwaves 
that, can have an effect similar to a small earthquake. It can be 
considered as an amplified version of the Bakusai Tenketsu.
Elemental Eradicator
     A beam version of the Raging Fury, but much stronger.
Fireburst Explosion
     The elemental version of the Spirit Flare.
Fire Driller
     Creating a wedge of semi-solid magma, Ranma Blue can use this 
superheated point like a drill.
Firewall Burst
     Ranma Blue can cause a huge blast of fire to erupt from the 
ground in a hemisphere. Useful if surrounded by enemies. Sort of 
like Din's Fire from the Legend of Zelda.
Gravity Manipulation
     Elemental ability in which the user can achieve flight and affect 
the force of gravity on an object, making them heavier or weightless. 
Limited to affecting an object's weight, not mass.
Gust Attack
     Elemental attack, which fires a stream of high-pressure, air 
Icy Mists Surround
     Elemental technique which drops the temperature of the 
surrounding area, causing the moisture in the air to form a blinding 
Mega-Earth Eruptions
     An amplified version of the original Earth Eruptions that makes 
the Breaking Point look like child's play.
Raging Fury
     A blast of elemental enegy is sent along the ground like an 
amplified version of Terry Bogard's Power Wave.
Sonic Blast Punch
     Moves fist at over Mach 1, and controls the direction of the 
resulting sonic boom, amplifying it at the point of impact.
Spirit Bomb
     By collecting portions of life energy around him, Ranma Blue is 
able to duplicate Goku's final attack in the Kaio Ken discipline. 
Massive explosion when it strikes its target.
Sunfire Beam
     By absorbing solar energy, Ranma Blue can release a massively 
destructive thermal beam that can scorch an area radius of twnty-five 
Thunderblast Wave
     A multiple-strike technique that incorporates several Thunderbolt 
Strikes simultaneously.
Thunderbolt Strike
     A powerful elemental move that combines both the ki of the 
individual plus the raw power of a high voltage electrical discharge 
(At least 1.21 gigawatts! Sound familiar?) Since it is combined with 
ki energy, it can affect targets even if they are not grounded.
Thundershock Bomb
     Focuses electricity into a ball and hurls it like Sailor Jupiter's 
Sparkling Wide Pressure attack.
Thundershock Fist
     Ranma Blue original Thunderbolt Strike, but it is concentrated 
into his fist and the voltage is released upon impact.
Wrath of Thor
     The ultimate electrical attack as a super-massive thunderbolt is 
called down from the heavens.
Accursed Spell
     As seen in the Bastard OAV, by using a portion of bat wing, the 
person who receives the spell must obey the restrictions that the 
caster places on him or her or be permanently transformed into a toad 
or something even worse.
Calming Spell
     A magical technique which focuses the user's sense of serenity 
into an enraged or excited individual. It can be thought of as a form 
of indirect hypnosis.
Chi Splitter
     Magical attack that can counter nearly all forms of chi energy. 
Appears as a thin white beam
Cold Spirits
     A cooling spell that calls upon ice sprits to cool the surrounding 
Comprehension Spell
     Basically a magical translator. User is able to transform any 
unknown dialect into a form in which he/she can understand. After 
use, the new language and reading skills are permanently stored in 
the user's memory.
Crystal Shaping Magic
     Summons up an undetermined amount of mystic crystal that can 
be shaped into any form.
Crystal Spike Attack
     Summons up sharp pillars of crystals from the ground to impale a 
Dragon Slave
     The infamous spell from the Slayers that can kill a dragon. 
Extremely destructive black magic.
Dragon Spirit
     A powerful magical attack which can actually call upon the 
spiritual energies of long-dead dragons. Appears as a ghostly dragon 
shape. Can cause both physical damage and mental trauma.
     From the Bastard OAV, the ultimate in either fire or thunder 
Giga Slave 
     The ultimate black magic spell that can destory an entire world if 
used too long. Able to kill even Shabrinigdo from the Slayers World.
     Magical spell which is similar to psychokinesis. User is able to 
achieve flight; project force fields and move objects from a distance.
Mystic Mirror
     Unlike the Mystic Reflector, this barrier actually absorbs the 
energy, then on Ranma Red's command, redirects it back in a huge 
Orion's Bow
     A much more powerful version of the Soul Arrow and can do both 
physical and mental damage.
Power Reflector (Mystic Relfector)
     Magical barrier for instant protection
Ragna Blade
     Forms a blade of absolute darkness in the user's hand to cleave 
through anything. Second only in power to the Giga Slave.
Shadow Storm
     Like the Split, but in a line instead of a circle and each shadow 
form knocks the opponent higher into the air like Captain 
Commando's other final attack.
Skyfire Barrage
     Several Skyfire Swords are fired off at once.
Sillouette Split
     Mystical version of the Splitting Cat Hairs, but each shadow 
image is solid and can inflict physical damage.
Skyfire Sword
     A beam of mystical energy is sent crashing down like a cutting 
laser. If you've ever used Captain Commando's final attack in Marvel 
Vs Capcom, you'd get the picture.
Soul Sparkers
     Condenses soul energy in the form of large sparks to disrupt the 
energy within an opponent.
Spirit Fist
     Magical attack which utilizes soul energy. Appears as a large 
energy fist.
Spirit Flare
     Similar to the Soul Sparkers, but uses soul energy in one massive 
burst to disrupt certain energy draining techniques.
Soul Arrow
     Similar to the Spirit Fist. Energy arrows do not actually cause 
physical damage, but can cause severe trauma to a person's psyche.
Spirit Geyser
     You can think of it as soul energy exploding upward like Terry 
Bogard's Power Geyser.
Soul Smasher
     A mystic version of the Elemental Eradicator.
Spirit Rings
     Soul energy is used to form rings to bind a person and hold 
Sunburst Explosion
     The grandaddy of all lighting spells. Resembles a gigantic solar 
     Magical technique which allows the user to phase into another 
dimension and move within it. Can traverse distances within an 
instant. Limitation is that the user can only travel as far as he/she can 
see or having previously been to a distant location before.
Armageddon Beam
     A powerful, combined magic and elemental attack that makes the 
Wave Motion Gun of the Argo seem like a pop gun!
Raging Thunderbolt Dragon
     A combined magical and elemental attack. Appears as a dragon 
shape that is made of electricity. Massive damage potential. Both 
twins are able to combine their powers due to the fact that they share 
the same ki energies.
Ten Wings of the Light Hawk
     Jurai's ultimate defensive barrier. Combines aspects of both magic 
and elemental power. Probably the only thing that can stop the Giga 
Miscellaneous Information
The Contract
     An agreement made between the Dark Worlders and the deities of 
Earth as a form of peace treaty. Must be renewed every thousand 
years. Each renewal involves a series of battles between the 
champions of each world.
Crystal of Eternity
     A leftover from the creation of the universe, its six compnents 
each represent a fundamental aspect of existence,: Time, Space, Soul, 
Mind Power and Reality. This is the ultimate prize that Sharoka is 
Dark World
     Another dimension in which its inhabitants have repeatedly 
invaded the earth over the last ten thousand years. Currently ruled by 
     You are not a true Ranma fan if you don't know about the 
legendary training ground, in which a person becomes cursed into 
changing into whatever or whoever fell into the pools hundreds of 
years ago.
Light Star Blade
     The energy sword that was created using the orignal Tenchi blade 
as a model and imbued with all the magical knowledge in existence. 
It also acts as a link to all sources of energy for all branches of magic.
Storm Striker
     The elemental hammer that was modeled after Thor's uru hammer 
Mjolnir. It posseses the same enchantments and is able to convert any 
form of energy into elemental power as well as serve as a repository 
for knowledge.