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Chapter 1


Say What?


Ranma and his father followed the Jusenkyo Guide as he led them toward

a nearby village. As they hiked down the mountain path, Ranma grumbled

as he mentally had a conversation with his unexpected and unwanted



<So there isn't any way I can get you out of my head?>


Animeaddiction snorted. <Hey, if I knew how, I would have done it a

long time ago. You think I WANT to go through the crap that you're

going to experience? But, since we're stuck with each other, then I'd

better watch out for all the stupid things that you're going to do.>


<Hey! What's that supposed to mean?! >


<Just as I said. I know what's going to happen and that some of that

stuff will be because of your mouth and that inflated ego. The fact

that you're still staying with that idiot father of yours proves my



<Hey! Now wait a minute. I know that Pops ain't exactly a genius, but

he is... well, my Pop and...>


<And what? Any dope who'd sell out his son's future for a bowl of

rice, two pickles and a fish isn't worth hanging around with.>




<You'll find out in about a few months or so. And how about that Cat

Fist training? You'd think that a responsible person would read the

entire manual, which was only two pages long!>


Ranma shuddered as he remembered the ordeal. <Okay, I'll admit that

wasn't his best idea...>


<And how about the fact that he dragged you to China without

understanding a word of Chinese? What about Jusenkyo, hmmm?>




<What about Ukyo, huh? How do you think you're going to feel when she

comes looking for you for revenge, after leaving her stranded and

taking her family's cart?>


<What are you talking about? That cart was a gift and... what a

minute. What do you mean 'she?' Ucchan's a guy I used to play with



<Nope. Ukyo's a girl. >


<You're nuts! You think I don't know the difference between a guy and

a girl?>


<Frankly, with your father as your teacher, yes. Mark my words, in a

few months after you get to Japan, she's going to come looking for you

and... whoops! Watch it, Ranma! You're going to get splashed!>




Before Ranma even had time to react, Hung took control of their body

and sidestepped to the left, avoiding the cool mist that was rising

from a nearby waterfall. He turned to the Guide and asked, "Is there

another way around this place?"


"Oh, so sorry sir. This shortest way to village. Take entire day to go

around falls."


Genma harrumphed as he crossed his arms. "Come on boy. You're not

afraid of a little water, now are you?"


"No, but I don't feel like turning into a girl right now." Hung

replied as he reached into his pack and pulled out a thermos. "But

since we can't go around them, then I'd better be prepared."




"Here sirs. We come to rustic village of Amazon Womans."


"I'm soooo hungry." Ranma said as he and his father followed the

Guide. Thanks to Hung's foresight of heating up some water, Ranma had

changed back into a male as soon as they passed the waterfall. Genma

however, was stuck as a panda. When he had asked his son for some hot

water, Hung took control of Ranma's body again and simply said that

since Genma scoffed at his idea, he had only filled the thermos with

enough water for himself.


Genma had not liked the way Ranma was speaking to him with such

disrespect. It was if his son had changed into a completely different

person after being cursed. He totally disregarded Ranma's claims that

someone else was inside of him and made a mental note to later

discipline the boy to respect his elders.


As they entered the village, they saw that a large crowd was gathering

around a huge log that was suspended by two pillars. On the log were

two females that were battling it out.


"Oh, very lucky! Today, the womans have tournament!" The Guide said as

he and his party sat down near the First Prize banquet.


"That's a woman?!" Ranma gasped as he saw a huge, homely-looking giant

face off against her opponent with a large club.


"Here, that one more pretty, no?" The Guide gestured to the other

fighter, who had long, purple hair and a very attractive figure. She

was holding two war clubs that looked like beach balls on sticks.


As they watched the tournament continue, Hung turned and sighed with

disgust. Another interesting thing about his current condition was the

fact that he could actually 'see' in all directions, instead of being

limited to what Ranma saw though his eyes. It was like being in a

viewing room with cameras behind, right, left, on top and below

Ranma's head. It felt as if he had the seventh sense from Fighting

Blind. This made it especially useful in avoiding danger. As of now,

he could see a potential danger. Already the stupid panda was making

his way toward the First Prize Banquet.


<Typical! That idiot is deaf to everything but the call of his

stomach!> Taking control of Ranma's body again, Hung got up and walked

quickly toward the table.


<Hey, what are you doing?> Ranma asked, not at all liking being pulled

about like a puppet on a string.


<Trying to stop your father from getting us into a big load of crap! >

When he got to the table, Genma was just about to eat a large ham.


<Hey, I'm pretty hungry too and...>


<Don't even think about it, Ranma.>


Just as the panda opened his mouth to take a huge bite, Hung quickly

reached out and snatched the ham out of his grasp. Genma bit down on

empty air and that's when Hung bashed him on the head with the ham.

With larger amounts of ki running through Ranma's body, his physical

strength was significantly increased.




A large lump formed on his furry head and the panda turned about in

pain and anger, holding up a sign.


#Hey! What was that for?! #


Hung tossed the ham back onto the table and pointed at the sign that

was in front of the table. "It says first prize! That means, don't



The Guide came up to them. "Oh sir? You read Chinese?"


Hung shook his head. "No, but I can see that this table is more

decorated than all the others, so I figured that this was a victory

banquet or something."


The panda shrugged as he turned back toward the food and grabbed at

some grapes.




The grapes dropped out of Genma's paws as he received a kick to the

back of his head and was sent flying over the table. He landed flat on

his face and then got up to face his disrespectful child.




"Trying to keep you from screwing up this life more than it already

is!" Hung replied as he made Ranma's body take a defensive stance,

despite Ranma's mental protests. The panda growled at the insolent

teen, then took a swing at him.


Hung however, knew Genma's weaknesses, mainly his stomach and his

sense of greed. After dodging the paw, he suddenly pointed down at the



"Hey look, a five hundred-yen piece!"


Genma, being the idiot that he was, stupidly looked down while holding

up a sign. #Oh, it must have fallen out of my...#


Hung then grabbed an empty bench and slammed it down on the panda's

already lumpy head.


This staggered Genma, but he didn't go down immediately, so the

writer, who was in full control of an exceptionally skilled martial

artist's body, continued to hit him over the head.


"WHEN... (WHAM)... I... (WHAM)... SAY... (WHAM)... DON'T... (WHAM)...

TOUCH... (WHAM)... I... (WHAM)... MEAN... (WHAM)... DON'T... (WHAM)





On the last impact, the bench broke in two and Genma was now flat on

his stomach with a lot of lumps on his head.


After seeing that Genma was still alive but wouldn't be getting up any

time soon, Hung nodded and sat down on another bench.


Ranma, however, was not amused. <Hey! What did you do that for?!>


<Ah, quit your whining, Ranma. It'll take more than that to kill him.

Besides, if he suffers any brain damage, it's not like people would

notice any difference. > (1)


At that moment, the crowds were staring at the young martial artist

when they head the commotion. Even the two fighters has ceased

pummeling each other and looked over to where Genma lay unconscious

and where Ranma was sitting.


Hung shrugged and said, "Hey, don't stop on my account."




<You see, Ranma? If that idiot had waited a little longer, then he

would be enjoying this food with us. I'm pretty sure these people

would have been really ticked off if total strangers began eating the

First Prize feast. >


Ranma grudgingly agreed as he continued to stuff his face. After the

great-granddaughter of one of the village Elders had won the

tournament, the girl had invited all to partake of the victory feast,

strangers included. As for Genma, he was still in la-la land and by

the time he would regain consciousness, the food would be all gone.


<I... guess...> Ranma silently agreed. <Though, I kinda feel bad that

Pop is missing this. Maybe I should save him some?>


<Ranma, you are a growing boy. You need your nourishment. And since

I'm a part of you now, so do I. Besides, that dope has enough fat on

him to take him through a Siberian winter. He could stand to drop

twenty to thirty pounds. Believe me Ranma, if either of you had eaten

the first prize during the tournament, then you would have been up to

your necks in trouble!>


As the two continued to converse while eating, a lone figure watched

them from a distance. The Elder known as Cologne had become intrigued

when the boy had entered the village. There was something... off about

him. The way he moved bespoke of exceptional skill in the martial

arts, but at times, it seemed that he was walking with another

person's feet. It didn't make sense to her and what was even more

intriguing was his ki. To her advanced senses, there was not one, but

TWO sets of ki within that body. And it seemed that one ki had more

control than the other, which was largely unfocused.


The three hundred-year-old matriarch decided to get a closer look at

this boy and approached the banquet table.


At that moment, Animeaddiction saw Cologne and winced. <Watch it,

Ranma. Here comes Cologne. >


"Huh? Cologne?" Ranma turned about and found himself facing one of the

premier martial artists on Earth.


The Elder blinked in surprise and said in flawless Japanese. "You know

of me, young stranger?"


"Well, I... er, um..." Ranma smiled nervously and scratched the back

of his head. "I mean... I, er..."


Hung mentally chided himself for the slip up and quickly took control

of Ranma's mouth, knowing that it was going to get them into more

trouble in a few more seconds. "Well, I... heard that the winner of

this tournament was the great-granddaughter of the great Elder

Cologne, and I just... made a lucky guess."


"I see." Cologne said with a bit of suspicion. Already her senses were

telling her that the other ki was exerting itself. She put her

suspicions aside for the moment and assessed the boy even more. He was

strong, very strong. And within him, she saw tremendous ki potential.

Much of it was unfocused, but it wasn't totally uncontrolled for she

could sense that he did have some mastery over it. Conclusion...

choice breeding stock.


Hung did not like the way the old woman was assessing Ranma, though

the martial artist was totally oblivious to her gaze as he went back

to stuffing his face. The writer began to feel as if he was being

treated as a piece of prime meat and he had a feeling that he knew

what Cologne was thinking about. If she was anything like her canon



"Tell me young warrior, what is your name?"


"Huh?" Ranma turned back to her and replied. "Oh, Ranma... Ranma



"Well now, Ranma Saotome. I do hope that you are enjoying our



"Uh, yeah... it's great."


"So what did you think of our tournament?"


"Uhhh... well, it was nice and all and... that girl who won had some

serious strength."


"Yes, I am very proud of my great-granddaughter Shampoo. However, I

think that she still needs to have more fighting experience. So tell

me, would you like to test your skills against hers? I can see that

you have some considerable experience in the martial arts."


"Oh I can't do that!"


"And why not?"


"She's a g..."


At that moment, Hung instantly took over, knowing that Ranma's

chauvinistic remark about girls would get him into hot water. "...GOT

to be real tired from fighting in the tournament and it wouldn't be

fair if I were to spar with her now!"


<Hey! What are you doing?! > Ranma mentally cried out as he found

himself once again overridden.


<Saving you from another bonehead move! Now keep quiet!> Hung, now in

control of Ranma's body, smiled politely and said to Cologne, "I

really don't think that challenging her at this point would be



"Oh. I see. Well, perhaps tomorrow then?"


Hung gave a nervous laugh as he shook his head. "I'm terribly sorry,

but my... er..." He quickly glanced at Genma, who was still out cold.

"... my pet and I will be gone by then. We're in a really big hurry

and I'm afraid that we can't stay. In fact, I'm full and it's time for

us to be going. Good evening to you, Elder."


Without another word, Hung forced Ranma's body to rise, give a polite

bow and quickly exited the area. Grabbing both Ranma's and Genma's

packs with one arm while dragging the unconscious panda with the

other, the writer and martial artist made their way through the crowds

and headed toward the main gate.




Somewhere in the forest...


<I hadn't finished eating yet!> Ranma complained as he set up camp for

the night. Genma was still out like a light and probably wouldn't get

up until morning.


<Considering how Cologne was looking at us, it's a good thing I GOT

you out of there!>


<What are you talking about?>


<I mean that under no circumstances are you to defeat her

great-granddaughter or any other Amazon. Personally, I think Shampoo's

a real babe, but I don't want to end up married to her because of some

outdated law.>




<Listen up, and listen good, Ranma. > Hung then began citing from the

Amazon Book of Tribal Law, while using Ranma's voice. "The Law of the

Amazons states that in the event that an Amazon is defeated by an

outsider, and if that outsider is a woman, then she must give the Kiss

of Death and kill without delay. However, if the outsider is a man,

then she must MARRY him."




<That's how it goes. I figure that the best way to avoid it is to not

get involved at all. That way, she won't spend the next two years of

her life chasing after us. >


<How do you know all this?>


<I told you, Ranma. Your life is pretty much an open book to me. What

am I saying? It IS an open book. I read all the manga and seen all the





<Trust me, Ranma. That's how it goes. Now Shampoo will be able to live

out her life and we can go on to Japan without having her chasing

after us. Though, we may have to come back when Saffron and the Musk

Dynasty start attacking. The Amazon Laws may be off the wall, but I

don't want them destroyed. >


<Who and who?!>


<You'll see in a couple of years. For now, let's get some sleep.>




Hung soon made another discovery concerning his merging with Ranma.

Apparently, he didn't require as much sleep as his host did. His mind

woke up fresh at around two in the morning, while Ranma continued to

snooze. Though Ranma's consciousness was now slumbering, Hung was

alert and found that he could still access all of his host's abilities

and ki potential. As Ranma's mind slept, Hung got up and began moving

off from the campsite. When he got a clearing and started going though

a simple kata, he thought about his situation and what was going to

happen as soon as he got to Nerima.


<What am I going to do? It's obvious that Ranma can't think for

himself and he's bound to make more stupid decisions. And with all the

crap that's going to happen, I sure as hell don't want to experience

it along with him, especially that stuff with... brrrr, Akane! >


As he continued to put Ranma's body through its paces, the writer

began to think of something else. <Hmmm, I know what's going to

happen, so I can help him over some of those events, but there will be

some things that I won't be able to avoid, like Ryoga and Kuno

attacking. Ranma's skills right now are a lot better than Akane's and

a little more than Kuno's but Ryoga... Hmmm. I wonder... if I can get

Ranma's skill levels raised before he gets to Japan. That would give

him an edge and would help the both of us survive. Even though Ranma's

stronger and faster with me inside of him, it's still not enough. >

Hung continued to think about it as Ranma's body threw a series of

rapid punches. <It's too bad that all the moves I invented in my

stories don't... hey wait a minute! Why not? I mean, I can feel

Ranma's ki potential and I do know how the training goes for Backusai

Tenketsu, the Moko Takabisha, the Chestnut Fist and the Hiryu Shoten

Ha. Maybe...>


Hung then made Ranma's body sit down in a cross-legged position and

held out his hands as if he were holding a ball. <Now... how did Gohan

explain it in Dragon Ball Z? Keep calm... focus on the power within

until you feel a pull... and then bring it out. Let's see... I can

feel Ranma's stores of ki, so with a little work...>


Hung reached out and began to slowly manipulate Ranma's and his own ki

from within. Since he was already existing within Ranma, he had no

problems in locating the lines of ki which radiated throughout the

body. Slowly, but surely, he directed the energy outward and a tiny,

faint, flickering dot of ki formed between the hands. Hung smiled to



<With a little more training, I think... this might just work...>




A few weeks later...


As Ranma and Hung traveled through China with Genma, the fanfic writer

was kept on his toes, preventing the martial artist from more acts of





One such time...


Ranma looked down at the bowl of spilled rice porridge on the ground

after Hung had taken control of his hands and made him drop it.

Nearby, the Porridge Thief whom Ranma had taken the bowl from was on

the ground unconscious.


<Hey! What was that for?! I was starving!>


<Ranma, you don't eat what doesn't belong to you and when you don't

know what's in the food!>


<What are you talking about? It was just rice porridge and...>


"THAT WAS DRAGON WHISKER SOUP, YOU DOPE!" Hung screamed, using Ranma's



The man who had been chasing after the thief stopped at Ranma's

outburst and wondered just how the boy knew what the soup was.


"Oh sir. It was very lucky that you knew what that soup was. If you

had eaten that stuff, it would have been terrible!"

"Huh?!" Ranma said.


The man began telling him the effects of the soup, which made Ranma

stop cold in his anger. Inside of him, Hung smiled smugly.




Keeping Ranma out of trouble was not the only thing Animeaddiction was

doing for him. He had also been putting Ranma's body and ki through

some extra training while he slept, in preparation for the headaches

he would face in Japan.


Ranma knew nothing of the added training regimens that Hung put their

body through and would always awaken feeling somewhat stiff, sore and

more tired than when he went to sleep. It was all part of Hung's plan

as he already knew of the training procedures of certain techniques.




One night...


<OW! Ranma had better appreciate this when he goes up against that

nitwit Ryoga. > Hung thought as he braced himself to continue with the

Backusai Tenketsu training. He reasoned that Ranma did need to gain

more endurance and figured that mastering this technique would help.

He had been at it for about three days and felt that he was pretty

close to getting it. Apparently, he had gained Ranma's unusual talent

for mastering techniques quickly. Their ki was becoming even more



As the huge boulder swung toward him, Hung concentrated and then saw a

small dot in his mind's eye.


"Breaking Point!"

He jabbed a finger forward.






Another time...


<Okay... got to remember on using ki to help boost my movements. All

those speed exercises I've been doing should be just enough...>


He lashed forward into the fire, then hissed in pain as he began

plucking a few of the chestnuts. He managed to grab three of the nuts

before he felt a sharp burning sensation and stopped.


<Yow! Still... needs work. >




Yet another night...


<Hmmm... I got the Soul of Ice thing down, but the Moko Takabisha is

based on confidence. It won't work since we'd both have to be in the

same frame of mind. In any case, it isn't as powerful as Ryoga's Shi

Shi Hokodan and it's pretty draining. I need a more effective

projectile. Too bad I can't do Ryu's Hadoken from Street Fighter. Raw

ki is much more powerful than emotional ones and.... hey, wait a

minute! Why not? I managed to bring out a little ki without any

emotion before. The Breaking Point and the Chestnut Fist are just

moves that use pure ki to boost movements and endurance so why not

expand on it? >


Hung then got an idea after remembering some scenes from Street

Fighter II V, on how Ryu projected the Hadoken. He took a stance while

keeping balanced on the balls of his feet. He started making wide

circles in front of him with Ranma's arms while focusing on both his

own and Ranma's stores of ki. His breathing was steady and measured in

rhythm his heartbeat. As he continued to swing his arms, he felt some

of the built-up ki condense in the hands.


<Keep the mind clear... let it come to you, don't force it...>


Unknown to Hung, when Toltiir and Bast had merged his mind and essence

with Ranma's, they had integrated all the basic principles of ki

manipulation into his consciousness, and the fundamentals to recreate

the moves the writer had come up with in his stories. It was only a

matter of applying those principles and training Ranma's body and ki.

With all the training in the Backusai Tenketsu and the Amaguriken

techniques, Hung had raised their collective ki potentials

substantially without Ranma knowing it. Since Ranma's subconscious was

unaware of the new skills, only Hung could access them at present.


When the writer felt that enough ki had collected in his palms, he

brought both hands back toward the right hip and cupped them as if he

were holding a ball. White energy with blue swirls formed between the

palms and formed a sphere the size of a large marble, and slowly began

to expand. When it became as large as a baseball, he thrust the arms

forward with pals directed out.




The result was a misshapen blob of ki that lanced out and hit a nearby

tree, chipping off some of the bark. It wasn't much but, Hung was

satisfied that he was on the right track.




Ranma was puzzled, to say the least. Over the past couple of months,

he had noticed a few substantial changes that he couldn't explain. For

one thing, every time he sparred with his father, Genma seemed to

be... slower. Before Jusenkyo, his skill level was just a little

better than his dad's, but now, the Saotome patriarch was plodding,

almost as it he were weighted down.


Another strange thing was that Genma's blows felt as if he were

hitting like a baby. They didn't sting as much and at times, Ranma

hardly even felt them. His body seemed to have more energy, more

endurance and stamina. He was also hitting with greater force, but

with less effort. Genma was getting regularly trounced and would be

covered in bruises at the end of each session. Just what was going on?


Hung knew the answer. All that extra work and training was starting to

show dividends. Ranma was now faster and stronger than he was in the

original series at this point in time. In addition to the Breaking

Point and Chestnut Techniques to increase stamina, endurance, speed

and coordination, he had also put Ranma's body through some strength

training, taking some ideas from Dragon Ball. He had secretly gotten a

hold of several lead weights and added them to Ranma's bracers, shirt

and pants during the nightly training sessions, taking them off every

morning. With no Shampoo constantly chasing after Ranma with the Kiss

of Death, the author was free to use the extra time to continually

upgrade the martial artist. However, since Ranma was unaware of the

added ki training, he could not consciously bring out his ki without

the spiritual connection. Only Hung could use it and he decided to

keep it a secret for now.




Ranma lay in his sleeping bag wide awake and mentally conversed with

Hung as Genma snored nearby.


<Hey, Hung... have you been doing things with my body when I'm asleep?


<Oh? And what do you mean by that?> Animeaddiction asked innocently.


<Don't give me that! Ever since we got stuck together, some weird

things have been going on. I wake up every morning feeling really

tired and find burns and bruises on my body that I don't even remember


<The life of a martial artist is fraught with hardships and trials.

You probably got them during your training sessions with that dopey

father of yours, but didn't notice.>


<Now don't hand me hand that 'life of a martial artist' crap like my

father! I KNOW that something's going on, because I've somehow gotten

stronger, faster and Pop's punches and kicks don't hurt as much



<And that's a bad thing?>


<No.... I mean yes... I mean.... aw crap! I don't know. It's just that

I think that you're doing something! It's MY body, you know!>


<Actually, it's OUR body, remember? We're stuck with each other and I

can't see any way of getting out of this mess. In any case, you'd

better be ready for some really stupid stuff from Genma in the next

few days.>



<Today I saw your father write on a postcard.>


<So what?>


<So, if it is what I think it is, then we're in for some really deep

shit. So get as much sleep as you can.>


<I'm not sleepy!>


<Wanna bet?>


In an instant, Ranma felt and overwhelming urge to close his eyes and

felt his consciousness slip away.


<H-H-Hey! What are you do.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!>


In addition to being able to take over Ranma's physical movements,

Hung had found out that he could stimulate many of his host's bodily

functions. With a bit of concentration, he had accessed the sleep

center in Ranma's brain and had him out like a light.




Cologne was mystified.


After deciding to take Shampoo and a few of the other Amazons out on a

husband-hunting expedition, they had come across a couple of areas

which appeared to have been used for martial arts training,

specifically in Amazon techniques.


She had recognized the telltale signs of the Backusai Tenketsu from

the rock fragments that were scattered all over one site, and the

Amaguriken training from another. The old campfires and a few burnt

chestnuts were a dead giveaway.


They could have been just coincidences, but Cologne didn't buy it. She

had also sensed some residual ki signatures, though they were too

faint for her to recognize. The clincher was when she and her party

came across a clearing in the forest where a large spiral had been

drawn in the ground. After seeing that, the three-hundred-year-old

matriarch was certain that someone was trying to copy secret Amazon

skills... and succeeding.


Whoever it was would have to answer to the Joketsuzoku.




In Japan, a few days later...


"Leave me alone, stupid old man!" Ranma-chan shouted as she was being

chased by a giant panda. It was lightly drizzling and both had been

changed into their cursed forms. "Picking out my fiancée without

asking me really sucks!"


<I told you that he'd do something stupid, Ranma. And this is just one

of his bonehead stunts in Japan.> Animeaddiction said.

Ranma-chan gritted her teeth and she faced off against Genma. She had

to agree with Hung, though reluctantly. This WAS a bonehead idea. She

growled at the panda as they both took a stance. "Your move."


As Genma took a swing at his disobedient child, Ranma-chan leapt up

and delivered a hard kick to his furry head, laying him low.


Ranma-chan picked up her backpack and glared at her sorry excuse for a

parent. "I'm going back to China, so suck on THAT old man!" She then

turned to leave, not noticing that the panda had gotten back up and

grabbed a street sign. Hung however, already knew what was coming.






Hung took control of the body and made it duck under the blow as Genma

swung the sign toward Ranma-cahn's head. This got her temper boiling

as she pivoted on one foot and kicked it out of his paw. She then

launched spin kick at Genma's head again, this time with Hung

attacking as well. With both attacking at once, plus the added power

from Hung's secret training sessions, the results were devastating.




Genma's massive bulk was sent flying back several dozen meters before

crashing though a wall. As the panda was sent into forced

unconsciousness, the red-haired girl stared in shock at what she had



<Did... I do that?!>


<Actually... we did it together.> Hung replied. <In any case, he's

still alive, but he isn't getting up for a while, so how about we dump

him somewhere near the Tendo Dojo, then go find your Mom?>


This got Ranma's attention. <HUH? YOU KNOW WHERE MOM IS?!>


<I have a good idea and besides, I'd like to get that damned Seppuku

Contract out of the way.>




<You'll see, now come on.>


To be continued...


Author's Notes


Well that was a long one, and I must say that I'm enjoying this

blatant self-insert. For those of you who are wondering, yes Akane is

going to be taking her lumps as I dish them out. Flames will be

stomped out as I write this beast and get out some frustration. As I

said before in the prologue, this story has no plot or meaning, it's

just an author's way to dealing with stress. I can see why Skysaber

likes writing Shampoo's Revenge so much.


(1) Considering how much punishment Ranma took from Akane and all the

crap in the original series, Genma getting hit repeatedly on the head

is pretty mild and I've seen him take worse.