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Chapter 28

New Trials

Kojiro sighed as he walked toward the school. With the business of White Claw and Tendos over and done with, he was now free to resume his normal life as just a high-school student. However, his thoughts were still occupied with an upcoming event... the induction of his fiancée Ukyo Kuonji into the Felinar Clan as his kohlinshor.

Though he had been assured by his Shoka Pantheron and Bastet that his childhood friend would be able to pass the Surek Nihan, he couldn’t help but be concerned about her. Considering his own trials to become one of the Felinar, Ukyo’s test wasn’t going to be easy.


The Kolinjar of the Felinar Clan stopped and turned at the sound of the voice. He smiled as he saw his Chinese friend Shang approach him.

“Shang! Good to see you!”

His schoolmate nodded as stopped before his friend. “Not see you for long time! Good to have back! Everything OK?”

“Well, things have gotten better.” Kojiro admitted as he and his friend headed toward their first class. “So how have things been since I was gone? Anything new?”

“Much happen since Kojiro gone. Got new classmates.”

“New classmates?”

“Just come in today. Introduce in homeroom.”

“Hmmm... well, I guess after what I’ve been through, it’ll be a nice change to get back to a normal life.”

“Want to know. What happen to Kojiro? Amazons suddenly gone. No more crazy stuff from Nerima. Know something to do with you. Tell friend about cat thing?”

“Well, maybe later.” The former Saotome replied as he was ready to deal with everyday life without having to worry about someone after his head or force him to marry. As for the Felinar, well at least he wouldn’t have to worry about his obligations as their kohlinjar while at school...


“These are our newest foreign exchange students.” The teacher announced.

Kojiro’s eyes were the size of saucers as he stared at the three pretty girls who stood before the class. All were dressed in the standard girl’s uniforms of the school and just about every boy in the room was drooling. His sensitive nose twitched slightly as he caught certain odors and his senses were detecting very high chi potentials. He also sensed the telltale signs of the True Neko Ken, which only members of the Felinar possessed, which meant that these newcomers were actually...

“Introduce yourselves to the class, girls.” The teacher urged.

The first girl took a step forward and smiled. She had flowing blonde hair and a very tall, buxom figure. Her bosom almost seemed to want to burst out of her blouse and one could only imagine what her hybrid form was shaped like. She had lively dark green eyes and a sensual look about her. She gave everyone a warm, seductive smile, but her gaze became fixated on one certain kohlinjar.

“My name is Felina Surd, and it’s a pleasure to meet you all.” She greeted with a Scandinavian accent. “I come from... Norway and I hope that we will all become VERY GOOD friends.”

Kojiro winced as he caught the meaning of her words. It was no mystery as to why they were there. Pantheron had warned him before he went to school that many Felinar suitors will approach him, as he currently had not chosen a kohlinnor. He had also told him that the Felinar had many branches that were scattered about the world. There was no mistaking their intentions, especially since all three girls were releasing minute amounts of pheromones in the air, even in their human forms. All the boys were in varying stages of lust and it was taking a lot of concentration on Kojiro’s part not to act on his feline instincts.

As Felina stepped back, the second girl introduced herself. She had a slimmer, slightly muscular figure, and fiery, short red hair. Her eyes were light brown and she had a kind of mischievous aura about her. “I am Katri Platinov, from Moscow. It is good to be here and I hope to make many new comrades, yes?” She also gave Kojiro a sly look.

The third girl had a bit of a timid look about her as she made her introductions. She had blue-white hair that was done up in an elaborate braid, (think of Tessa from Full Metal Panic), and was half a head shorter than Felina and Katri. Her features were more delicate, and fine-boned, but she was still very striking. Her eyes were light blue and her frame was petite, but alluring.

“My name is Selana Chatham, from London, England. I must say that I am looking forward to attending this school, and I hope to have a jolly good time.”

With all three girls gazes locked onto him, the former heir to the Anything Goes wished he was somewhere else as he scrunched down in his seat. Three predatory cats had just locked onto their prey.


At noon...

Kojiro ate his lunch beneath a tree and was deep in thought at what Ukyo was doing at the moment, when he sensed the presence of his shoka. As if by magic, his right-hand man appeared behind him in his human form.

“Pantheron, what are you doing here?” He asked as he continued to sit and eat.

The cat-warrior nodded as he gave him a slight bow. “Forgive this intrusion into your academic life, Kohlinjar...”

“Don’t call me that in public!” Kojiro said in a hushed tone.

“Ah, of course Saber Claw...”

“That’s even worse! It’s just Kojiro... okay?”

“It would be improper to address you so casually...”

The young cat fighter sighed and shook his head. “Oh never mind! Why are you here? I thought I told you to not to come to school unless it’s important.”

“Indeed. And what I have to say is important. I have come to inform you that Lady Bastet has just taken the kohlinshor away to personally begin the Surek Nihan.”

“Really? I hope Ucchan’s okay.”

“The kohlinshor is in good health and spirits. For Lady Bastet to personally lead her through the trials says much about our goddess’ confidence in her.”

“That’s good to hear. In any case, I hope she’ll be all right. By the way Pantheron, do you know of three girls named Felina Surd, Katri Platinov and Selana Chatham? They‘re Felinar, aren‘t they?”

“Indeed. They are among the most promising of suitors, are they not?”


“So have you chosen your kohlinnor? Or would you prefer to have all three? Many kohlinjar have taken multiple mates in the past. The law does state that you must have at LEAST one Inner and Outer...”

“What are you talking about?! I just met them today!” Kojiro began to have flashbacks of when he learned of the multiple engagements that Genma had set up for him. “They can’t be here because of...”

At that moment, the girls in question came up to them and gave Kojiro and his shoka a formal bow. In their hands were specially made bentos. Simultaneously they spoke.

“Greetings Kohlinjar Saber Claw.”

The former Saotome swallowed hard as he gave them a nervous smile, then let Pantheron make the introductions. He first gestured to the red-haired girl.

“This is Katri Platinov, also known as Scarlet Slice. Her family is one of the most influential branches in Eastern Europe, especially in the arena of sports competitions. She is the daughter of Lynxara, one of the Council Members of the Felinar. In fact, all three girls represent a Council Member. Katri is an accomplished gymnast and acrobat. She’d be a Platinum Medallist at the Olympics, even in her human form. Her fiery spirit and determination is second to none.”

He then gestured to the shortest of the trio. “This is Selana Chatham. Her Felinar name is Silver Fur, and she is the niece of Lionalla. Her family is very influential in politics and foreign affairs within the British Empire for centuries. You won’t find a potential kohlinnor with more knowledge in affairs of state and diplomacy. A very important skill, especially in dealing with outsiders.”

Pantheron turned to the golden-haired female. “Last but certainly not least, is Felina Surd, otherwise known as Sun Slash. Her family is centered in Norway, and is involved in new technologies. She is the daughter of Bengara, and she is well-versed in engineering and mathematics. She certainly does not fit the stereotype of the ‘dumb blonde.’ Her beauty is only surpassed by her brains.”

Kojiro’s shoka then finished with the introductions. “All three are accomplished masters of our fighting style and would make fine mothers of the next generation. So will you be making your choice of Inner Mate now?”


It was then that Felina stepped forward and got Kojiro’s attention with her smile. “I do hope your shoka has not caused you to be uncomfortable, Kohlinjar.”

The Cat Fist fighter quickly stood up, and composed himself. “No that’s okay! Pleased to meet all of you. So you’re all here...?”

“We are here to see you, Kohlinjar and pay our respects.” Selana said. “We hear that your kohlinshor is undergoing the Surek Nihan and we hope that we will meet with her soon. In any case, we are here in order to fit more into human society and learn more of the outside world, hence the foreign exchange program.”

“Oh... uh, okay. Well, I guess that’s all right. For a minute there, I thought that you girls were here to...?”

It was at that moment, he saw a familiar person come toward him out of the corner of his right eye. His mouth tightened into a straight line as Nabiki passed by the school gate and approached him. Her confident stride and expression made his facial features harden. When Soun’s middle daughter stopped before him, Kojiro knew that this encounter was going to be trouble. The other girls and Night Stalker scowled at her, not at all liking the way she carried herself, like she had a right to be in the presence of the Kohlinjar. The three female Felinar had been present during the battle between Kojiro and White Claw, and they knew about the Tendos and the idiotic pledge to unite the Anything Goes Schools. They were ready to tear her into shreds if she showed even the slightest hint of trying to take away their intended mate. Only a gesture from Kojiro made them stand down.

“Hello Ranma.” Nabiki said in a teasing tone.

“The name’s Kojiro.” He growled in response. “Don’t ever call me Ranma. And what do you want, Ms. Tendo? I thought I made it clear that the Tendos are not to cross paths with me or the Felinar again. That two million dollars I paid out to your family should have been more than enough. Unless of course, that moron Genma stole it and spent it all.”

“Shall I deal with her?” Pantheron asked.

Nabiki continued to smile. “That’s no way to talk to someone who knows of something that your ‘kohlinjar’ can’t refuse.”

“And what could you possibly say or do that our kohlinjar cannot refuse?”

“Oh, something that I read in a book about Felinar Laws.” Nabiki countered, not at all backing down.


“Nishan milo sanjo nihan nolan vistu Bastet. Meshin actonil shellan vin kohlinshor.”

Genma’s former son looked at Nabiki in confusion as he recognized the words. He gave the girl a bewildered look. “What did you just say?”

“You heard me. Now you can’t refuse that, now can you?”

“You do realize what you just said, don’t you?”

“So what’s it going to be... kohlinjar?” Nabiki said the last word with contempt.

He gazed at her for a very long time, then nodded. “All right. You win Ms. Tendo. I’ll see you at the Tendo dojo tonight to make the arrangements.”

At that point, Akane’s sister smiled in triumph as she turned about and walked away. In her mind, she can see all of her family’s financial troubles disappear and she could imagine the money and power she would receive once Kojiro gave into her demand.

However, when she had left the school grounds, and was out of earshot, Kojiro and the others broke out into peals of laughter.

“I can’t believe she actually SAID that!” Selana giggled.

“She must have gotten hold of an old copy of Felinar Laws, yes?” Katri snickered.

“And her accent REALLY needs work!” Felina chortled.

Pantheron smirked as he turned to Kojiro. “So what now, Kohlinjar?”

The former Saotome continued to laugh for a bit, then nodded. “Well, she was right. According to Felinar Law, I CAN’T refuse, when she uses that phrase. But it looks like she missed something in the translation, since she just said... oh man, that’s just too funny!”

The group continued to snicker and giggle among themselves, as Kojiro smiled to himself. Things were starting to look up. Ukyo was going to be inducted into the clan, the Amazons were gone, and he was pretty certain that he could take on Nabiki Tendo, especially after what she had just said.

As of now, there wasn’t anyone that he couldn’t handle.

Or was there?



Ukyo was breathing hard as she continued to make her way through the long and dark tunnel. It had been several hours since she had first began the Surek Nihan and she started to think back to when the Goddess Bastet had met up with her that morning…



Ukyo had just woken that morning when she was first greeted by the sight of the Cat Goddess standing in front of her bed.

The feline deity smiled, showing off some prominent canines. “Good morrrrrrning, soon-to-be kohlinshorrrrr.” She purred.

Ukyo nodded as she stretched out her arms, then slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed to put her feet into her slippers. “Good morning… Bastet. You‘re here early.” She was still a bit nervous over this whole Felinar thing and the Surek Nihan, but if it meant that she would be officially recognized as Ran-chan’s… no, Ko-chan’s fiancée, then she’d go through any hardship. She had been doing so for the last 10 years after all.

Bastet sensed her determination and nodded. “Yes, I believe that the Surek Nihan should begin without delay.”

“Okay, just let me get dressed and have some breakfast and we can…”

Bastet shook her head and interrupted. “I’m afraid that the Surek Nihan cannot wait for that. The trial actually begins the moment when the kohlinshor candidate awakens.”

The okonomiyaki chef looked down at herself, then back at the goddess. “But I’m not dressed and I’m hun…”


“… gry?”

With a wave of her hand, Bastet cast a minor spell, and Ukyo found herself dressed in her chef’s outfit with a plate of breakfast okonomiyaki in her hands. The startled girl almost dropped it.

Bastet nodded as she said, “You may eat on the way. The Felinar have already made… arrangements at Furinken High to allow you a day of absence.”


Sure enough at the Principal’s Office…

“Ok… no problem… the… the… Big Kahuna… no mind if student Kuonji take day off… heh-heh. No bowl cut for her, okay?”

Principal Kuno was sweating like a pig and shaking like a leaf. In front of him were the shredded remnants of his desk. Standing next to the pile of wood and metal were two of Patheron’s subordinates, Cutter and Quick Slash.

Initially, after the twins had told the principal that Ukyo would be taking a leave of absence for a day or so, the Principal went on one of his usual tirades about giving her a bowl cut once she got back. That naturally didn’t sit well with the two Felinar enforcers, and they showed him exactly what would happen to him if he were to try.

With simultaneous swipes of their ‘claws,’ they reduced the Principal’s desk into kindling. They had also shredded the Hawaiian-crazy man’s shirt in that instant, which made Kuno’s father realize that if he had been sitting a millimeter closer, he would have been turned into sashimi. Remembering what Kojiro had done to him earlier, he had no desire to have another encounter with masters of the Neko Ken.

“We’re are very pleased that you will allow Mistress Kuonji to take today off.” Cutter said with a smile, as he and his brother turned to leave.

When the two Felinar departed, Principal Kuno let off a sigh of relief, then wondered where that extra draft was coming from. He looked down and his face turned white as he realized that his shirt was not the only thing that had gotten sliced to ribbons. His pants were also in tatters along with his boxer shorts.

<Maybe the Big Kahuna should have stayed longer in Honolulu.>


Back at the Ucchan’s…

“You will not have to worrrry about school today.” Bastet assured as she started to wave a hand about. In an instant, the two vanished in a flash of light, just as Ukyo had started eating her breakfast.

In an instant, the two reappeared in a mountainous area in front of a large cave. The goddess gestured toward the entrance.

“In here is where you begin yourrr trial to become my avatarrrrr’s kohlinshorrrr.”

Ukyo quickly polished off her morning meal, in which the plate then disappeared. She then took a few steps forward toward the entrance, then stopped to reach back behind her back for her Battle Spatula. However, she grasped only empty air. She looked over her shoulder, then down at her chest to see that she didn’t have her main weapon nor her bandoleer of mini-spatulas. Gazing back at the goddess, she gave her an unsaid question in the form of a puzzled expression.

Bastet shook her head. “This is not a trial of combat, but rather a test forrr yourrr worthiness to be my avatarrrrrr’s mate, and inductance into the Felinarrrr Clan. Enter. Yourrrr task is simply to make it to the otherrrr end of the tunnel. The only thing I can tell you is to KEEP moving, no matterrrr what. I shall meet you at the exit.”

With those words, she disappeared from sight, leaving the brown-haired girl alone at the tunnel’s entrance. She then took a deep breath and then started walking into the darkness.


End of Flashback…

Ukyo had no idea whatsoever of how long she had walking since she had started. There was very scant light and several times she had stumbled and tripped over several rocks and holes on the ground. With no guidance and very little information about where she was and her final destination, she had begun to wonder what was waiting for her. In the near pitch-black darkness, her eyes were useless and she couldn’t tell which direction she was moving.

As she continued to blindly struggle forward, more of her normal senses began to fail her. Her sense of hearing couldn’t differentiate between various sounds, due to the many echoes and vibrations that reverberated throughout the cavern. Her sense of smell couldn’t pick up anything that could help her navigate. Finally, she was reduced to using her hands and sense of touch to try and feel her way around. It was then that she felt something hard hit her forehead.



She paused for a moment, rubbing her forehead, then reached out to feel what was ahead of her. She was surprised to discover that the tunnel was getting narrower and the top was sloping downward. Bending herself lower, she continued to press forward. Soon the passage got even tighter, forcing Ukyo to crawl on her hands and knees.

It became more frustrating as she was stripped of nearly all of her human senses and was forced to crawl like an animal. The sides of the tunnel scraped at her elbows and knees. It seemed to go on forever. Though she wasn’t claustrophobic, the ever-narrowing passage was a bit unnerving, and she felt as if she was about to be swallowed up. It got to the point in which she felt as if her hold on the real world was starting to slip away. She became edgy as she felt if something was watching her in the darkness. Then she began to wonder if this what her Ko-chan had felt when he had been thrown into that pit of cats when he was young and still under the influence of his dishonorable father.

She carried on however, as she knew that once she completed this trial, then she would be recognized by all as her beloved’s fiancée. It was then that she saw what looked like two red dots ahead of her. Then they were joined by another pair of dots. They were followed by several more. It was at that point, that she heard a sound.


Ukyo stopped when she recognized the sound of a cat. Then she noticed that the red dots began to get bigger and more numerous. She realized at that moment that they were actually eyes. Then she felt a chill run down her spine as she realized something.

<This… couldn’t be…>

Then another meow was heard, followed by more. The teenage girl gulped hard as she realized that this must be…


In that instant, Ukyo let off a scream as the multitudes of eyes converged on her, and then she felt something sharp tear into her. It felt as if something with sharp teeth or claws was ripping into her side. She then started to feel more slashes and bites all over her body. She winced as countless stabs of pain tore into her. She now knew firsthand how Kojiro must have felt when he had been subjected to the flawed Neko Ken training. Her nose wrinkled at the stench of her own blood being spilled as she was being mauled by the unseen cats. She felt as if she had been betrayed and left to die. Then she heard Bastet’s voice in her head.

<Kohlinshorrrr… I instructed you to keep moving… no matter what. If you are truly worthy of my avatarrrrrr’s love, then you shall see me at the other end of the tunnel.>

These words bolstered Ukyo to endure the pain as she started to crawl forward again. Her face took on a determined expression as she thought in her mind, <I AM WORTHY! IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MUCH IT HURTS OR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I’D GO THROUGH HELL IF I HAVE TO! I’VE WAITED TEN LONG YEARS! I’M NOT GOING TO STOP NOW! I WILL BE KO-CHAN’S WIFE! I WILL BE HIS WIFE!>

The intensity of the battering increased, but Ukyo mentally blocked out the pain and kept on moving forward. Then, when the mauling seemed to reach its peak, it suddenly stopped. The okonomiyaki chef became puzzled when the eyes disappeared and the cave became quiet. Then she felt no pain at all and the strain of crawling on all fours ceased. In fact, it felt as if she wasn’t on her elbows and knees, but rather on the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. She started to move more easily and increase her pace. Then she caught the telltale sign of fresh air wafting past her nose and headed toward it. The darkness was no longer a barrier as her eyes became accustomed and she could make out every nook and cranny and avoid them with ease. As the tunnel started to get wider, Ukyo raced toward a dot of white light in the distance. As she approached the exit, she let off a cry of joy as she saw Bastet waiting for her.


A loud roar echoed from within the cave. The Cat Goddess smiled as she saw the kohlinshor emerge from her trial… as a newly-transformed Felinar.

Like Kojiro, Ukyo had become a saber-toothed cat, but had dark brown fur, rather than black. She wasn’t as large as her fiancé’s feline form, but she was still bigger than any lion or tiger. She was more slender than Kojiro and her eyes now flashed with an emerald green. As she padded toward the deity, Bastet guessed that her avatar’s intended hadn’t realized that she had been transformed.

Ukyo then tried to say something, but was surprised to hear herself meow.

Bastet smiled again and patted her head. Then she said in a most solemn tone, “Well done, Kohlinshorrrrr. I knew that you would pass the Surek Nihan and prove worrrrthy of my avatarrrrr. There is no mistake in yourrrr devotion to him and your acceptance, so I call you… Cat’s Heart. Now rrrrise and consider yourrrrrself… a Felinarrrrr!”

Without even thinking, Ukyo morphed into her hybrid form. She became a 6’ 5” voluptuous beauty, with sensual curves, sleek musculature and an enlarged bosom. Her clothes were barely enough to keep her charms confined. From the small of her back, her tail swished back and forth.

When Ukyo looked down at her herself, eyes widened in surprise, then a smile formed on her lips as she started to imagine what Kojiro’s reaction would be.

She couldn’t wait for their wedding night.



“Do not worrrry Kohlinshorrrrr.” Bastet assured. “I will have Felicia train you in handling yourrrr new powerrrrrs. If you are to be part of the Felinarrrr, then you must be able to use the Neko Ken proficiently. It is to be expected of my avatarrrrrr’s mate.”

“Uh, thanks. So that trial was like what Ko-chan went through with the Neko Ken?” Ukyo asked as she walked with Bastet. She was back in her human form and the two were traveling through some woods.

“Not quite.” Bastet replied as she began explaining the Surek Nihan. “The trial is intended to allow the kolinshorrrr candidate to feel herrrr intended’s most traumatic experience and understand him. It is different each time. It is to test the devotion of the candidate. If she accepts it, she will be given the powerrrrrs of the Felinar. If not… well, since you passed, therrrre is no need to go into that.”

Ukyo shivered a bit as she thought of what would have happened if she hadn’t succeeded. Then she inquired, “So Ko-chan still has nightmares about the Neko Ken?”

“Indeed. It is not something one would forrrrrget easily. Everything he has endured, from his trip to Jusenkyo, his transformation, his defeat and nearrrrrrr death at the hands of White Claw, to his training in the True Cat Fist and his rematch. All stem from that first experience. I suspect that he will still feel the effects forrrrr some time to come.” She then gave Ukyo a reassuring smile. “Howeverrrrr, now that he will have a strong kohlinshorrrrr by his side, I believe that he will get overrrrr it. Especially if you keep him too busy to think about it.”

Kojiro’s kohlinshor blushed a bit.



A dark figure darted about with uncanny speed and agility within a large training center. The person moved with all the grace and precision as one would expect of the Felinar. As he moved through a series of intricate yet deadly patterns, several poles and targets that were placed as obstacles were slashed to pieces in mere heartbeats. This was no novice in the Ultimate Neko Ken.

Then, the figure aimed all of his aggression and power at one particular target. This was a large photo of the Felinar’s newest enforcer. In no time at all, several slashes appeared across the surface of the photo. The picture fell apart into a hundred pieces.

The person walked away from the tattered remnants with only thought in mind…

<Soon… Kohlinjar! Very soon… I shall make you suffer for what you did to White Claw!>

To be continued….

Author’s Notes

Wow! I’m finally finished this chapter and Cat Fist Fury has about a few more chapters to go. As you can, a new enemy will challenge our Cat Fist Fighter and let’s just say this person has a very close connection to White Claw. It’s been a while since I’ve written this and I’m glad that my readers have waited patiently for me to update. Next chapter, Ukyo will start getting used to her new Felinar powers and status while we finally learn what Nabiki had said. See you soon!