Dual Destinies
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                                  Chapter 26
                               Return to China!
     A few kilometers south of the Amazon village of Shampoo's birth, a 
strange trio of lights streaked over the skies. As the sun was 
approaching its zenith, the three lights began to make their descent. In 
less then a minute, the lights came to a stop near a flat strip of land, 
near the foot of the Bayankala mountain range. With a great flare, the 
lights winked out, leaving in their wake a small group of people.
     "Wow! That was some ride!" Nabiki Masaki commented as she 
looked around her surroundings. Nodoka was also feeling awestruck at 
having crossed the vast distance between China and Japan in less time it 
would take the fastest jet in the world would have done.
     "Oh my! That was a quick trip!" Kasumi agreed.
     "I must admit. I am very impressed with the two of you." Cologne 
said as she turned to Ranma Red and his brother.
     "No problem!" Ranma Red replied as he walked over and put his arm 
around Shampoo. The Amazon happily drew herself closer to her love. 
Ranma Blue followed suit and was soon embracing Ukyo. A short 
distance away, Akane sighed and watched the two couples wistfully.
     <That could have been me!> Shaking her head, she hefted her 
backpack and began to follow the group, as they headed toward the 
Amazon village.
     After a few minutes the group stopped. Cologne turned to the twins.
     "Before we proceed any further, we would like to discuss something 
with the two of you."
     "Like what?" Ranma Red asked.
     "During our journey here, your mother and your fiancées have asked 
me to perform the ceremony in the village, instead of doing it before 
we arrive."
     "Why? Not that either of us minds but, I thought the plan was to have 
the ceremony before we got there." Ranma Blue said.
     "Initially, that was the plan." Cologne agreed. "However, that was 
because the deadline for the Contract Renewal was supposed to be 
today. You did need to get a hold of those weapons. However, with the 
extension of the deadline, there is not as much pressure for the two of 
you to take your vows. Plus, the girls agreed that having a ceremony in 
the village would make a greater impression. No one would dispute that 
your marriages are real. Shampoo and Ukyo's membership into the 
tribe would be assured! Do you agree to this?"
     The twins looked at each other for a long time. Afterwards, the two 
smiled and Ranma Red replied, "This is our wedding day. Let's make it 
one to remember!" 
     An hour or so later, the Shampoo shouted out with glee as she saw 
the walls of her village over the horizon. Grabbing her future spouse's 
arm, she sprinted the last few hundred meters with Ranma Red in tow. 
The Masaki twin smiled and let himself be led toward the village. Some 
distance away, Ranma Blue and the others began to slow their pace as 
they neared the entrance. Cologne hopped out in front and soon began 
to close the distance between herself and her great-granddaughter.
     "Shampoo! Slow down! Wait for the others! The village will still be 
there when we arrive!" Ranma Red said.
     The purple-haired Amazon was about a hundred meters away from 
the front gates, when she finally relented and waited with her Airen for 
the others to catch up. Fifteen minutes later, they all stood with the 
     "Shampoo-chan, we all know how much you wanted to get back home, 
but you could have at least waited for us!" Nodoka said with a smile.
     "So sorry Mother-in-law. Shampoo just so happy to be back home! 
Can not wait to show off new husband! No can wait for wedding!"
     Everyone except Akane laughed at bit at her eagerness. The youngest 
sister managed a small smile but inside, she was feeling envious of both 
Shampoo and Ukyo.
     "Now, now child! Patience! The first thing we must do is have you 
reinstated back into the tribe!" Cologne said as she began to approach 
the guards at the gate. "Please wait here everyone, I'll only be a few 
     The group stood and watched the elderly Amazon approach the gate. 
The two warrior women who were standing near the entrance suddenly 
snapped to attention. One of them had blue hair that one done up in a 
long and elaborate braid, while the other sported straight, nut-brown 
hair tied in a loose ponytail. 
     <"Greetings Honored Elder Cologne!"> The blue-haired one said as 
she presented her spear. <"It has been a long time!">
     Cologne nodded. <"Greetings Spice. I have returned with my great-
granddaughter and her husband.">
     <"Husband?"> The brown-haired one repeated. <"Then Sister 
Shampoo has succeeded?"> She then looked over to where Shampoo 
and Ranma Red were standing and smiled. She noted his fine musculature 
and handsome features. <"I must admit. He is a fine catch!">
     <"A far better catch than you would ever suspect, Sugar! He is one of 
the Chosen Twins!">
     Sugar's eyes bulged out when she heard of this. <"C-Ch-Chosen 
Twins?!"> She and her sister both looked over the rest of the group. 
They caught sight of Ranma Blue and nodded. <"Then... the legend is 
     <"It is! Please go and inform Powder that we have returned.">
     Sugar nodded as she and Spice ran into the village and toward the 
main lodge.
     A while later, the Masaki twins and their group were inside the 
council chambers of the main lodge. Before them, sitting on simple 
thrones were the leaders of the tribe, the Matriarches.
     Powder, the eldest, was about the same height as Cologne. In fact, 
aside from a different color of robes and a more elaborate-looking 
walking staff that was inlaid with gold, she looked almost identical to 
Cologne. However, she had been alive for more than three hundred and 
forty-five years!
     On her left side was her third-in-command Mascara. She wasn't quite 
as short as Cologne and Powder; being approximately a foot taller. One 
would gauge her age to be around two hundred and fifty. On the right 
side was Lotion. She was about the same age and height as Mascara. 
Each carried a staff that had a bird of prey figure etched on the tops. 
     After introductions and explanations were made, Powder stood up 
and announced in a voice that was strong and commanding, despite her 
extreme age. She spoke in flawless Japanese so that all those present 
could understand, as she addressed Shampoo. "Sister Shampoo! Many 
months ago, you had returned in disgrace, by not making this one your 
husband!" Powder used her staff to gesture toward Ranma Red. 
"However, now that he will become your life-mate, I hereby restore 
your status as a member of our tribe!" Powder then turned to the other 
elders. "Is there any who oppose my decision to her reinstatement?" No 
one spoke up. Powder nodded as she turned back to the group. "So be it! 
Welcome back Sister Shampoo!"
     There was a loud cheer as Shampoo was congratulated by 
surrounding Amazons and Ranma Red. The rest of her group also 
applauded. After another minute or two, Powder tapped her staff on the 
floor, getting everyone's attention. The crowd immediately quieted 
down. "It is also come to my attention, that with the wedding of 
Shampoo to her husband, we shall also be gaining another member!" 
She then turned her attention to Ukyo.
     The young okonomiyaki chef stepped forward and nervously stood in 
front of the elders. As she looked into Powder's eyes, she couldn't help 
but be entranced by her penetrating gaze. Her stare could even make 
Cologne flinch.
     "Your name young one?"
     "Ukyo Kuonji… Honored Elder."
     "Do not fear. I don't bite." Powder assured. "Cologne told me that 
you are a formidable fighter in your own right. She has told me of your 
battle prowess and would make an excellent addition to our tribe. She 
has also informed me that you will marry the brother of Shampoo's 
husband, thereby becoming her sister-in-law! Correct?"
     "Yes ma'am."
     "So be it! If Cologne vouches for you, then I will also accept it. With 
your marriage to your husband tonight, I shall hereby grant you 
honorary membership in our tribe! Are there any who oppose my 
decision on this?"
     Once again, no one said a word. Powder nodded her head to 
Cologne. "Sister Cologne, you shall conduct the ceremony!"
     "As you wish."
     Powder nodded and then addressed the rest of the group. "As for the 
rest of you. Please enjoy our Amazon hospitality."
     The preparations for the double weddings began almost immediately. 
Ukyo and Shampoo were ushered off into a separate house to be fitted 
for their wedding gowns by the village tailors, Satin and Silk.
     "Wedding gowns? Doesn't that take a long time?" Ranma Red asked 
     The aged Amazon smiled as she replied, "Not really. Satin and Silk 
are renowned for their ability to weave clothes in a short period of 
time. Their work is also of the highest quality. I've seen them churn out 
a beautiful gown one hour after an Amazon had been defeated by an 
     "Whoa!" Ranma Blue replied. He then saw that tables were being set 
up around the two pillars which had a large log suspended between 
them. "Hey Red! Look over there!"
     Ranma Red gazed over to where his brother was indicating and 
smirked. "Now that brings back memories!" It was the place where he 
had defeated Shampoo for the first time. Of course at that time, he had 
been cursed and was given the Kiss of Death. However, things seemed 
to have come full circle. The wedding was to take place on the 
Challenge Log. Already, many male and female Amazons were setting 
up large banquet tables.
     "Hey bro! I just thought of something!"
     "What is it Red?"
     "Through this whole thing, we've never gotten any rings for Shampoo 
and Ukyo."
     Ranma Blue slapped his forehead and said. "Aw shoot! You're right! 
The least we could have done was get them some wedding rings!"
     "That's not a problem son-in-law!" Cologne assured. "I can have our 
resident jeweler Sparkle fashion some rings for you."
     "No…it's got to be something special! I mean we're going to be 
together for life!" Ranma Blue said.
     "Hey! Maybe we CAN get them something!" Ranma Red exclaimed.
     "What do you mean?" Ranma Blue asked.
     The magic-using Masaki turned to his future in-law. "Cologne. 
Where does your tribe mine gold and gems?"
     Cologne looked at her great-granddaughter's soon-to-be husband 
with a confused look, then gestured to a nearby mountain area. "Over 
there! There's a mine entrance near the foot of that mountain. We don't 
go there that often, but it is a rich source of gold and diamonds, as well 
as iron, copper and silver. We have very little use for money in our 
village, but we sometimes dig out some metals for the forge."
     "Great! We'll be back in an hour!" Ranma Red said as he and his 
brother began to lift off the ground. In another instant, the twins 
streaked off across the sky.
     Nodoka approached the aged matriarch as she watched her sons 
depart. "Where are they going?"
     "The boys said that they wanted to give their wives proper wedding 
rings. They said they will return within the hour." Cologne replied.
     "While they are gone, I'm afraid I have another duty to perform 
before the weddings tonight. I am not looking forward to this one."
     "What must you do?"
     "I must inform Aloe that her son Mousse… is dead."
     "Oh… I see."
     Cologne sighed as she began hopping toward a distant hut that was 
situated near the village's outer wall. A minute later, she was greeted by 
a middle-aged woman with large spectacles. The women bid Cologne to 
enter the hut. For twenty minutes, all was quiet. Then a loud wailing 
echoed from the domicile.
     An hour later, Ranma Red and his brother made the trip back to the 
village and landed beside the main lodge. Both twins carried a smile on 
their faces and were eager to see their brides. Suddenly, they sensed 
     Acting on instinct, they quickly dodged out of the way as a barrage 
of chains and sharp daggers came hurtling toward them. Looking to one 
side, they took a stance at their attacker. For one brief moment, they 
thought it was Mousse.
     The assailant was not the late myopic Master of Hidden Weapons, 
but someone who was also very knowledgeable in that fighting style. 
Standing before them in a flowing red robe was his mother, Aloe.
     Both twins looked at their attacker. Aloe had on her face the same 
large and thick glasses that their former adversary had worn. They 
figured that Mousse's near-sightedness was inherited. She took a stance 
before them with her arms held out before them and hands concealed 
within the sleeves. She glared at the two with an intense fury. Her 
cheeks were red and it looked as if she had been crying for some time. 
She then addressed the twins in a low and menacing voice. "You!!! You 
are the one responsible for my son!" She threw her hands forward and 
launched twenty daggers at the Masaki brothers.
     Ranma Blue reacted calmly by raising an arm and released and 
elemental countermeasure.
     Unlike his normal wind attack, Ranma Blue only used enough force 
to cause the projectiles to blow off course. The knives harmlessly 
embedded themselves into the ground.
     Before Mousse's mother could launch another attack, Ranma Red 
teleported behind her and jabbed several pressure points on her back. 
Aloes found herself frozen as the muscles on her arms, legs and back 
suddenly locked up. Her expression quickly turned from shock to hatred 
as she spat out, "So are you going to kill me just you did to my son?"
     Both Ranmas sighed. This was one confrontation that they could do 
without. Slowly approaching the now motionless Aloe, Ranma Blue 
said, "I take it you are Mousse's mother?"
     "I am." Aloe replied in a menacing tone.
     "I am Ranma Blue and this is my brother Ranma Red. It is quite 
apparent that Cologne had told you of the death of your son."
     "She has! And I blame you for his demise!"
     "We did not kill him!" Ranma Red protested.
     "If it was not for you, my son would still be alive!"
     "How do you figure that?" Ranma Blue asked calmly.
     Aloe's brow furrowed. "My son was a good boy! Even though I did 
not approve of his obsession with Shampoo, I did hope that he would 
succeed and return to me! Because of you, my son had been driven to 
his death!"
     "Your son lost that Honor Duel! The terms clearly stated that he give 
up all pursuit of her!"
     The twins and Aloe looked over to their right when they heard 
Cologne's voice. The three hundred-year old Amazon approached the 
three on her feet, instead of hopping on her staff. She glared at Aloe. 
"Aloe, I most displeased with you! How dare you attack my son-in-law 
and his brother?"
     "It is because of your son-in-law that my Mousse is gone!" Aloe shot 
     "Mousse had no one to blame but himself for his end!" Cologne said. 
"Ranma Red was well within his rights to challenge him for Shampoo. 
Your son had completely disregarded our laws for years, in his attempts 
to win my great-granddaughter. You yourself had been lax in teaching 
him to recognize those laws! I will brook no further argument!"
     "And what about my son? Must the crime of his death go 
unpunished? I demand that these two pay for his demise!"
     "There was no crime." Cologne replied in an even tone. "Mousse 
willingly ended his life! It seemed that he had finally realized the 
futility of his pursuit and the folly of his actions! He took an honorable 
way out! The end result was in no way the fault of the twins! When he 
last attacked them, they simply defended themselves! Mousse then 
learned the consequences of dealing with demons to get revenge! Had 
he simply returned to the village, he would have only been disgraced for 
a short while. He certainly would still have been alive and human. He 
could have gone on with his life, but he refused to let go of the past and 
my great-granddaughter! No, Aloe, the way I see it, Mousse had chosen 
the wrong path!"
     Cologne's expression softened and her tone became lighter. "Aloe, 
as his mother, I can understand your pain and anger. However, Mousse 
had made his choice and followed his dreams. There is no one to blame 
for the unfortunate turn of events that occurred."
     Ranma Red nodded as he addressed Mousse's mother. "Aloe, please 
believe me. I had no idea that your son would become a monster or 
would kill himself. If I had known, I might have handled things 
differently. However, since this was an Amazon matter, and I was in 
love with Shampoo, the only way to make Mousse give up on her was to 
challenge him to an Honor Duel, as according to your tribe's law."
     "So it was your doing that my son is dead!" Aloe snarled.
     Ranma Red sighed. "Time and time again, I've often wondered if I 
could have handled that situation better. Each time that I thought about 
it, I couldn't come up with an alternative. You must believe me. 
Although Mousse and I were rivals for Shampoo's heart, I had no 
malice against him or you. Things just happened and soon got beyond 
anyone's control. Mousse is gone and no one can change that fact. For 
all my power, I cannot undo what has happened. I do feel that I was in 
part to blame for his death. Shampoo has also told me of her regrets. 
However, what's done is done. I have accepted the fact that he is no 
longer with us. Shampoo has accepted it. Now… you must accept it."
     Aloe's face became even more enraged as she heard those words, 
then it suddenly broke into tears. She began weeping as Ranma Red 
walked around her and hit the release points to unfreeze the grieving 
mother. She fell to her knees with her face in her hands and wept. 
Cologne moved toward her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She then 
glanced at the twins and gave them a look. Her expression said it all. 
Without a word, the sons of Nodoka Masaki left the Amazons in silence.
     As they walked away, a bright flare of light appeared before them. 
Taron and Soren stood before them.
     "It wasn't your fault boys." Soren said.
     "He's right. There wasn't anything you could have done differently." 
Taron added.
     "We know that." Ranma Blue replied. He let off a sad sigh. "It doesn't 
make us feel any better though."
     "Not something for us to think about. Especially on our wedding 
day." His brother added.
     "We know how you two must feel." Taron said. "We're no strangers 
to tragedy either."
     "Oh?" Ranma Red asked.
     "That's right." Replied his mentor. "For ten thousand years, we have 
seen many innocents die because of the Dark World. On one 
occasion… our Chosen Twins had died in order to save this world."
     "R-really?" Ranma Blue said, a bit disturbed at this revelation.
     "I'm sorry, Ranma Blue." Soren apologized. "That did not instill 
confidence, now did it? We're very certain that you two will be able to 
defeat the Dark World. You two are the greatest pupils that we have 
ever trained!"
     "Thanks." Both Ranmas said in unison.
     "So… are you two having second thoughts about any of this?" Taron 
     Both twins were silent for a long time as they considered what had 
occurred and what was yet to come. Finally Ranma Red spoke up.
     "Well… things have changed. Some of it was good and some of it 
was bad."
     "We're finally cured of the curse, we've met our mom…" Ranma 
Blue started counted off the pluses.
     "Ryoga and Mousse are dead…" Ranma started to count off the 
     "We're going to be married to Shampoo and Ukyo…"
     "We're going to be fighting demons from Hell…"
     "We're more powerful than we've ever dreamed possible…"
     "Akane and her sisters are part of our family now."
     "And the fate of the world rests on our shoulders." Both twins said in 
     "Yeah, I'd say that things have definitely changed." Ranma Blue said.
     "So…any second thoughts?" Taron repeated.
     Both twins glanced at each other, then at the immortals. Each Masaki 
put on a small grin and said simultaneously, "If we had any second 
thoughts, we wouldn't be here right now."
     Seven hours later, the wedding preparations were complete and the 
entire village gathered to watch the joining of the Chosen Twins to 
Shampoo and Ukyo. Flowers and elaborate decorations adorned the 
Challenge Log and the banquet tables were heavily laden with exotic 
foods. Kasumi and Nodoka had helped in their preparations, and had 
politely turned down Akane's offer to pitch in. Kasumi had become 
very nervous when she heard that Akane had wanted to try some new 
recipes. Fortunately Nodoka had come to her rescue by suggesting that 
she could help Nabiki hang up some decorations. Kasumi breathed a 
sigh of relief.
     Paper lanterns were strewn about, lighting up the area with a soft, 
warm glow as the sun had begun its evening descent over the horizon. 
The tables were arranged in a large circle and in the center, a huge 
bonfire was being prepared. Several sides of pork and beef were being 
prepared for roasting. The three former Tendo sisters sat with Nodoka, 
Taron, Soren and the other matriarches on benches near the Challenge 
Log. Behind them, the rest of the Amazon village were similarly seated 
as they waited for the ceremony to begin. Standing on a small altar that 
was erected on the Challenge Log, Cologne was dressed in an 
elaborate, red robe that had her family's crest emblazoned in silver 
thread on the front. Instead of her usual wooden staff, she was balanced 
on a solid gold cane that was capped with a dragon figurehead, made of 
pure ivory. The eyes were adorned with large rubies, which glinted in 
the sunset like a pair of red stars. She then looked to a nearby hut and 
saw the door open. She nodded toward a nearby band.
     The band started a gentle thumping of drums, joined by a light 
melody of pipes and stringed instruments. The music wafted gently in 
the air, setting the mood for the appearance of the brides. Ukyo and 
Shampoo emerged a moment later.
     Shampoo was dressed in a beautiful white gown that showed off her 
figure. Akane instantly recognized the dress. It was the same gown that 
she had worn during that Red Thread debacle. It was just as stunning 
now as it was then. Her long purple hair flowed behind her and had a 
couple of elaborate, gold hairpins that were in the shape of butterflies. 
She smiled serenely as she held a small bouquet of white lilies. With a 
smooth and graceful leap, she was atop the Challenge Log and stood in 
front of Cologne.
     Ukyo was dressed in a white short dress that resembled her 
okonomiyaki outfit, but was accentuated by some ruffles and lace and 
was made of the purest silk. She wore ivory nylons that showed off her 
legs and simple white shoes. Jeweled earrings and a white ribbon with 
sparkles in her hair completed the appearance. She also had a calm and 
peaceful look about her as she too ascended the Challenge Log.
     A moment of silence passed as the audience took in the brides' 
appearance. The two future wives of the Chosen Twins radiated a sense 
of joy that could be felt throughout the village. They audience then 
waited for the grooms to appear.
     A gentle wind wafted through the area, catching the attention of all 
those present. A moment later, a child called out.
     <"Look Mommy! Up there!">
     The crowd looked upward and a collective gasp came over them. 
They had good reason to be surprised. This was the first time ever that a 
groom literally flew to the altar.
     Both twins were glowing with warm white auras as they descended 
from above. The village tailors, Satin and Silk had fitted the two of them 
with white, sleeveless tunics, inlaid with gold thread stitching and loose 
ebony pants. They still wore their usual kung fu shoes, but each brother 
now sported their hair in loose ponytails, instead of their trademarked 
braids. Each Masaki twin had tied their hair with a simple cloth that was 
dyed in their respective colors.
     Ranma Blue and his brother lightly landed beside their brides and 
took their hands. With a gentle nod to Cologne, the ceremony began.
     "Amazons! Honored guests! My Sister Elders! We are here today to 
bear witness to the joining of these people…"
     The ceremony went by smoothly as the twins, Shampoo and Ukyo 
exchanged their vows that would bind them for all eternity. When the 
ritual neared its end, Cologne asked that one, fateful question.
     "If there is any person who has sound reason that these people 
should not be joined as per our laws, let her speak now."
     There was an ominous silence as everyone held their breath and 
     The crowd heard the voice and turned toward the direction of the 
sound and saw the person standing at the front gate. Three people 
gasped at the same time as they recognized who it was.
     Soun Tendo smiled sheepishly as he slung his backpack over his 
shoulder and strolled toward the Challenge Log. He then placed his 
pack onto the ground beside Kasumi and looked up at the grooms and 
brides. His expression became a bit saddened, then he nodded as a 
smile crossed his face. He then glanced at his three daughters and 
winked at them. Taking a seat next to Nodoka, he looked back up at 
Cologne and said, "Sorry about the interruption. Please… continue."
     The three sisters stared in disbelief at their father's attitude. He was 
actually smiling at the fact that both Ranmas were marrying someone 
other than them. He was making no move to voice out any protests. He 
simply sat there and waited for Cologne to complete the ceremony.
     Cologne's eyes gazed at Soun with a bit of suspicion. When she saw 
that he had no intention of interfering, she turned to the grooms. "The 
     Ranma Red and his brother were little shocked to see Akane's father 
present, but Cologne's gentle prodding shook them back to reality. 
With a brief nod, each withdrew from their pockets a tiny object. 
Shampoo and Ukyo's eyes widened when they saw them.
     Both twins smiled as they presented their brides with rings that were 
made of solid diamond! The bands were flawless and glittered in the 
fading light of the sun. On Shampoo's ring, there was an engraved 
design of a cat on it. Below it, she saw two hearts intertwined. The 
Amazon looked at her love, as he gave her a silly smile. Shampoo 
smiled back as they shared the private joke.
     Ukyo stared at the ring that was being placed on her finger. Like 
Shampoo's hers was made entirely of blue-white diamond. On top of it 
she saw tiny twin spatulas crossing each other inside a heart. She 
looked up with teary eyes. "Oh Ran-chan. It's beautiful!"
     "Not as beautiful as you, Ucchan!"
     Cologne then presented the brides with two more rings on a pillow 
of soft purple velvet. The rings were simple gold bands, with silver 
inlaid. The two girls took them and placed them on the fingers of their 
grooms. With this done, Cologne proudly said, "I now pronounce you, 
     The crowd let off a cheer as the twins and their new wives kissed.
To be continued…
Author's Notes
     Wow! It's been a while since I decided to continue writing this! Now 
Ranma Red and Ranma Blue are truly over the fiancée mess! They're 
hitched! What does this mean to the rest of the Nerima crew? What 
does Soun's arrival mean to the three sisters? Well… stay tuned for 
chapter 27!