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At times, I like to write stuff that has nothing to do with Ranma and my favorites are fusions and crossovers.

Bubblegum Fury- Terry Bogard gets transported to the world of Boomers and Knight Sabers, where he encounters new enemies, new allies and a new chance at love.

Dragon Ball Hazard- Everyone's favorite half-Saiyan, (at least he is to me), gets transported to a distant universe. Of course, a few people just had to come along.

Dragonball Hazard 2- Two months have passed since the destruction of the Eye of God. Trunks and his friends have since settled down and a great event is about to take place. However, this in turn sets off a chain of events as our favorite half-Saiyan meets up with a new enemy and... an old friend?

Aces of Hearts: A Robotech Fic, based on the Robotech: Love & War series. Max Sterling and Miriya Parino are arguably the greatest fighter pilots of the Robotech Wars and here are the untold events which helped make them legends.

Elementary My Dear Conan - Conan Edogawa has always idolized Sherlock Holmes and uses him as inspiration in his detective work. However, Sherlock is only a fictional character and they could never meet... could they?

Phantom + Vampire - Where does a teen with ghost powers go to get an education? To a school of monsters of course!