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Chapter 7

Feel the Storm... It's Coming!


Terry Bogard was sweating hard has he repeatedly punched and

kicked at the holographic image in the training room. It had been a

week since his titanic battle with the reconstructed Wolfgang

Krauser, and the Lone Wolf knew that it had only been a preview of

things yet to come. He knew that Geese Howard was up to something

and if what Sylia Stingray had told him about the OMS chip was

true, then he would have to train hard for the final confrontation

between him and the man who had murdered his father, Jeff Bogard.


The computer beeped as Terry's foot made contact with the target

point of the image and vanished. The street fighter took a deep,

cleansing breath as he went into a relaxed pose before ordering the

computer to begin the next level. The holographic training program

was good for sharpening one's reflexes, but Terry still preferred to go

up against a living, thinking foe. It was times like this that he really

missed sparring against his brother Andy. As the machine was

warming up to start the next level, Terry's thoughts went back to his

sibling and wondered how he was doing with his new wife. It had

been several months since he had been transported to this futuristic

world and it was very likely that Andy, Mai and Joe were all worried

sick about his disappearance.


The computer then intoned that it was ready to begin level twenty-

two as he slid into a ready posture.


Terry's Earth, seven months since his disappearance...


"Darling, is something the matter? You don't seem like yourself



Andy Bogard sighed as he leaned against the doorway that led to the

backyard of the Yamada Dojo. He was dressed only in his black

training pants and was not wearing a shirt. He looked out toward the

setting sun and sighed again as his wife approached him from behind,

dressed in a very revealing robe.


"You're thinking about Terry again, aren't you?"


Andy answered Mai's question with a nod as he continued to gaze at

the descending sun. It had been several months since he had last

heard from his elder brother and there had been no word from him

from the fight circuit, or any of his friends. Joe had not heard from

him, nor had the Tae Kwon Do champion Kim Kaphwan from Korea.

Before Terry had vanished, he and Andy had also made friends

among the other participants of the King Of Fighters tournaments,

which included the strange partners that Kim had picked up. They

were former prison inmates that Kim was determined to turn to the

side of good. One was a huge, fat giant of a man named Chang

Koehan who carried around a huge ball and chain. The second was a

midget named Choi Bounge who wielded a pair of steel claws and

looked like a mini Freddy Kruger. Kim had maintained that he was

training his 'students' on the path of righteousness and justice, but

Terry always said that those two would never change and that they

were desperate to get away from Kim's good-natured, yet

overbearing... training sessions.


Other notable fighters that had crossed the paths of the Lone Wolves

were the members of the Sakazaki family that practiced the powerful

Kyokugenryu style of karate. Ryo Sakazaki, his sister Yuri, their

father Takuma and their friend Robert Garcia had all given Terry,

Andy, and Joe a run for their money during the last King of Fighters

tournament, which occurred a year after the Krauser incident. Ryo

had almost beaten Terry with his most powerful technique, the Haoh

Sho Koh Ken, but Terry had managed to get in his Power Geyser first

and blew him away. Afterwards, the two fighters became good

friends, and Terry later found out that they shared common enemies.

A few years ago, Yuri had been kidnapped by a Southtown crime

boss named Mr. Big, who happened to be a lieutenant under Geese

Howard. Robert and Ryo had tracked down the criminal and later had

to fight with Ryo and Yuri's own father, Takuma, who had been

blackmailed to being Mr. Big's lackey, Mr. Karate. Eventually, the

Sakazaki family triumphed over Mr. Big, just as Terry had

vanquished Geese Howard. After the King of Fighters tournament,

the Bogard and the Sakazaki families had been keeping close contact

with one another.


However, the fighter that had gained Terry's respect the most was the

latest descendant of the famed Kusanagi clan and eternal rival of Iori

Yagami. Kyo Kusanagi had proven to be Terry's toughest opponent at

the tournament and it had been a close match during the finals.




Both Andy and Joe had been eliminated from the bout, as had Kyo's

partners, Benimaru and Daimon. Joe and Daimon had defeated each

other in a double KO, while Benimaru and Andy were disqualified

due to a technicality. That only left Terry 'Hungry Wolf' Bogard Vs

the heir to the Orochi power, Kyo Kusanagi. The fight had been a

spectacular display of skill, power and determination as each fighter

went all out to defeat his opponent. Terry had the slight advantage of

being more experienced and seasoned than the younger Kyo, but his

opponent surprised him with a dazzling display of crimson fire

techniques and amazing speed. The battle lasted a long time, and

soon Terry was hitting Kyo with the same force that he had used

against Krauser!


Then, after a brutal exchange of fists, kicks and ki techniques, Terry

managed to break through Kyo's defense with a close-range Burn

Knuckle to the chest. This attack staggered the young fighter for a

few crucial seconds, giving Terry the opportunity to finish him off.

However, that was when their eyes met for one brief moment, and

Terry did the unthinkable. He yielded the fight to Kyo by letting his

guard down for a split second. This allowed Kyo to charge in and

knock Terry out.


When Andy later asked him why he did such a thing, Terry explained

that Kyo was just like him and was now on a quest for justice. It was

not his place to stand in his way and Kyo reminded Terry of what the

Lone Wolf had been like during his mission to avenge his father.

Terry was not interested in titles or trophies. The fight was what he

craved. He does not always seek to win, but to take something from

the fight itself. And he saw something far more important than

beating Kyo in that fight.


Kyo was a fighter with the fires of vengeance in his eyes and the

proud warrior's spirit burning within him. Terry knew that in order

for Kyo's thirst to be quenched, he needed to face the man

responsible, who happened to be the famed Rugal, also an

acquaintance of Geese Howard. Kyo went on to meet with Rugal and

defeated the evil man who had enslaved his father, thereby making

Terry even more proud to have known him.


End of Flashback...


Later on, Kyo and Terry became good friends and since Terry's

disappearance, the heir to the Kusanagi clan had been investigating

the whereabouts of his former opponent. However, with his constant

blood feud with Iori Yagami taking up so much of his time, Kyo had

no more luck in finding his friend than any one else did.


Mai Shiranui-Bogard stood behind her husband and embraced him

while pressing her ample bosom against his well-muscled back. She

took a deep breath and sighed as they stood in silence. Finally she

spoke in a quiet tone.


"Andy, I'm worried about Terry too. It's been over six months since

we last saw him."


"I know." Andy nodded as he grasped his wife's hands in his own,

then turned around to face her. "Joe and the others have been

searching for him, but... it's like he just simply vanished off the face

of the Earth. The last time he had been seen was six months ago in

Nevada. I can't help but wonder if Terry might be..."


Mai quickly put a finger to Andy's lips, silencing him. "Don't even

think about that! I KNOW that Terry is alive somewhere! We will

find him!"


Andy sighed deeply as he gathered Mai in his arms and nodded. "I

feel that way too. I don't really believe that Terry is gone, but... I feel

as if something big is about to happen and it's somehow connected to

Terry. I can feel.... that a storm is coming and soon..."


Mai smiled a bit at her mate and stood up to kiss him gently on the

lips. "Whatever storm is coming, my darling, we'll weather it

through... together."




Sylia Stingray and her brother Mackie looked at the readouts to the

newly built prototype Hardsuits that had just been created using the

old models. The new suits had all the offensive capabilities of the

ones the Knight Sabers used against the Krauser Boomer, plus

heavier armaments, more power and better protection. However, the

suits were a little bulkier and had to sacrifice some of the speed and

mobility of the last generation. Sylia preferred strategic strikes to raw

power, but if what Geese had said was true about having more

Boomers like Krauser, then they would need all the firepower they

could muster. They had to deplete their remaining stores of

equipment and supplies to build these new suits, but the leader of the

Knight Sabers considered the expenditure justified. This wasn't

Quincy they were dealing with, but a power-mad crime boss that

would sacrifice everything and everyone to achieve his goals.

According to what Terry had told them, Geese would most certainly

put the OMS chip to use and employ whatever means necessary to

win, even destroy Genom itself.


Nene had been secretly hacking into Genom's computer systems over

the past week and there had been a lot of activity going on. It seemed

that Geese was preparing a massive invasion force of his own world,

as well as preparing to use the satellite particle cannons in orbit, and

take control of all the Boomers to bring this world to its knees. With

that much power at his disposal, the situation looked grim. The only

thing that stood in his way was a small band of determined women

and a legendary street fighter from another world... Terry Bogard.

However, unlike Quincy, Geese had no concerns about ruining

Genom's reputation as he prepared to unleash the full resources and

power that the corporation possessed.


The storm was nearing and all participants were getting ready for it.


Meanwhile, at a nearby bar...


"What? What do you mean... you're saying goodbye?" Inspector Leon

McNichols asked as he and Priss sat at a bar.


The brunette took a deep breath and a sip of her beverage before

replying. "I mean that... it was nice and I like you... as a friend, but it

just won't work out. I can't be what you want me to be."


"To hell with what I'd want you to be! I like you just the way you are!

I just want to know why you're trying to ditch me and..."


Priss immediately cut him off. "Look, I told you before that it just

wouldn't work out, but you never seemed to get the message! Now I'm

telling it to your face! You're a nice guy and I'm sure that any girl

would be very lucky to have you for a boyfriend, but I'm not the one!"

Her expression then softened a bit as she spoke in a much calmer

tone. "With the way things are going now... I think it would be best if

we didn't see each other any more."


This statement alarmed Leon. "What do you mean? What are you

talking about? Are you in some kind of trouble? Is it about the

Knight Sabers or Genom? Tell me Priss! I can help you!" He quickly

grabbed her shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes.


Priss' temper began to rise, but she managed to keep it in check as

she firmly removed Leon's hands from her. She had long suspected

that Leon knew about her double identity as a Knight Saber, but

decided that it didn't matter at this point. She took a deep breath and

replied. "Leon... what's going to happen is a lot bigger than anything

that the Knight Sabers have ever faced and I'm afraid that the AD

Police won't be of very much help. You're a good friend, and I don't

want to see you or anyone else get hurt by getting involved. But I

only consider you as a friend."




Priss cut off his protest again. "A FRIEND Leon, and only a FRIEND.

Maybe... if the situation was different, then it might have been more."

She then took another deep breath as this was going to be the most

difficult part, to both him and herself. She lowered her lead and said

in a very quiet tone. "Besides... there's something else that I have to

tell you. I... found someone else."


Leon felt his whole world crashing all around him at this revelation.

He quickly went into denial and shook his head. "Someone else?

Who is he? Tell me!"


Priss shook her head as she replied. "If I told you who he really was,

then you'd never believe me. Hell, I didn't believe it either, but...

things happened and...." Priss trailed off as images of a long-haired

Lone Wolf entered her mind and that kiss they had shared during

their escape from Genom Tower. She steeled herself as she got up

from her bar stool and left some money to pay for her drink. "Anyway

Leon, I think it would be for the best if you go find someone else."


"But I don't WANT anyone else!" Leon exclaimed as he sat up and

grabbed one of Priss' wrists. "Don't you see Priss? I lov..."


Priss angrily pulled her arm back and cut him off again. "DON'T





"I SAID..." Priss bowed her head to hide the fact that her eyes were

starting to moisten. "... don't say it! You may mean it... but I can't say

the same thing to you. I'm sorry Leon, but I... can't!"




"Don't say another word, Leon! It's over!" Priss then ran out of the bar

and hopped on her motorcycle. Before Leon was through the front

door, she was already gone from sight.




Down the highway at well over 60kph above the posted speed limit,

Priss' tears began flowing as she thought about what she had just told

Leon. She couldn't believe that she had admitted it herself. She had

been trying to deny that she had any feelings for another man, but

ever since Terry Bogard had entered her life, she had been put

through an emotional roller coaster. There was just something about

that man that was so... she just couldn't explain it. It was just as she

had felt when she had been in that motorcycle gang all those years

ago. Ever since her lover had been murdered, she had made certain

that no man would ever come close to her heart again. Leon had first

started making her open up a little, but it was Terry that really

seemed to strike close to her feelings. He risked his life several times

to rescue her and the other Knight Sabers, and nearly died at the

hands of Krauser to save her. Then there was that kiss... She had

impulsively given it to him for luck, but when their lips met, she had

felt something more that made her whole body tingle and caused her

to be weak in the knees. Just what was it about Terry that made her

feel this way? Whenever she looked into those eyes, she was

reminded of a wolf's and saw...


Priss sighed again as she continued to race down the highway back to

Dr. Raven's Garage. She had other things to consider now with her

'relationship' with Terry Bogard. The real question now was what was

she was going to do about it? She had destroyed all chances with

Leon, who would have been a sure bet compared to something that

was so uncertain. Did Terry feel the same way about her as she did

about him? At times he seemed to open up toward her, but every time

when the subject crossed over toward his personal life, he would

always retreat back into that shell of his. Priss could remember the

times in which she wanted to be alone whenever someone tried to get

close, but in Terry's case, it seemed as if he was deliberately killing

any and all chances of a girl ever getting close to him.


There was no point in denying it any more. There was a mutual

attraction between the two of them and both were very reluctant to

cross the span. They had so much in common. Both had been forced

into a hard life growing up on the streets, as well as suffering through

great personal loss. However, Priss was willing to take the first few

steps. Now if only there was some way of getting Terry to do the



Priscilla Asagiri knew that a big storm was on the way and if she

wanted to weather it, she needed to settle things between herself and

the Lone Wolf.






"Are all the new Boomers ready?" Geese asked Billy as he looked

over the control console.


The English stick fighter nodded. "Yes sir. We have ten KB-1000s

ready and waiting with an entire platoon of those BU-55Cs."


"Excellent! And what about the dimensional gateway?"


"We're having a few technical bugs and it's periodically forming a few

small rifts between this world and ours, but the technicians assure

that they can take care of it."


"Good. We shall start by implanting those BU-55Cs in strategic

locations around Japan and a few other places worldwide, using the

phase teleporter. Their human disguises should enable them to

infiltrate the population quite nicely. When I give the order, you will

have them to attack those places while the KB-1000s begin their

assault on the satellite control areas at the military installations near

Mega-Tokyo. When the armies are distracted, we shall go in and take

control of the satellite network and implement the OMS chip,

thereby taking control of every single Boomer on the planet!"


"Crikey! That means that we'll have our own army!"


"Exactly! And we shall also take control of the particle beam

satellites as well! We shall have this entire world at our disposal and

with its technology and resources, we'll be able to conquer our own

world as well!"


"Bloody hell! So when does the operation begin?"


Geese smirked as he replied. "I have slated this operation to begin in

seven days, on the anniversary of the day that I killed Jeff Bogard!

How ironic that Terry Bogard was indirectly responsible for my

ultimate triumph by leading me to this Earth and all of its wonderful



"Yes sir, but there's one thing that bothers me."


"What is it?"


Billy tapped the floor of the office with his fighting staff. "What

about those Knight Saber chicks? Won't they try to interfere with the

plan? And what about Terry Bogard? We never did find his body in

the wreckage of the Genom Tower. He may still be alive."


"Hmpf! There is no way that Terry and that Knight Saber could have

survived that explosion, but even if he is alive, there's nothing that he

can do to stop me! The Knight Sabers are of little consequence. They

couldn't even defeat one of the Krauser Boomers. What makes you

think they would have a chance against ten improved models? The

plan is set. Nothing can stand in my way now!"




Terry's Earth...


"Joe! Kim! It's good to see you again! You too Ryo! Kyo!" Andy said

as he welcomed the guests that came to the Yamada Dojo.


The Tae Kwan Do champion from Korea and the Thai Kickboxer

both waved hello as they joined Ryo and Kyo in the living room.

Sitting beside Mai was Ryo's sister Yuri, Robert and another female

fighter that went by the name of King. Though she was wearing an

elegant male suit and had her blonde hair cut down to a boyishly

short style, those who were acquainted with King knew that she was

really a woman. Ryo was especially aware of that fact when he first

met King at her bar during his quest to rescue his sister. He had

gotten into a fight with King and defeated her with his strongest

attack. The attack had caused the front of King's shirt to be ripped

apart, exposing her... feminine attributes. Eventually, the two had

become good friends and perhaps something more, though neither

one was ready to admit it.


Mai knew of Yuri and King as she had been part of their all-female

team during the King of Fighters tournament. After the competition,

she had kept in close contact with her former teammates, even after

she had finally gotten Andy to propose to her.


"So you still haven't found Terry?" Joe asked as he sat down beside



Andy shook his head as he replied. "No, it's been more than seven

months, but no one had seen or heard of him since he disappeared in



"I'm certain that we will see him again." Kyo assured. "I STILL owe

him for that match!"


"Get in line, Kyo. I have been training for a long time, and I hope that

he will give ME that match." Kim stated.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the living room, Mai was busy

gossiping with the girls.



"So King, have you and Ryo done the deed?" Mai teased.


"What?! What are you talking about?" King exclaimed as a slight tint

on her cheeks appeared.


Yuri giggled as she took a sip of tea. "Oh come on now, King. Mai

and me both know how you've got the hots for my big brother!"


"I do not!" King snapped while giving them an angry glare. "Ryo is a

great fighter and deserves my respect, that's all!"


Yuri giggled some more as she continued to tease her friend.

"Riiiiiight! And I suppose the way you ogle him whenever he's not

looking is just your way of showing your respect."


Mai also chuckled. "Yes, and just like my Andy before I finally

managed to snare him, Ryo probably doesn't have the slightest clue

that you've set your sights on him."


'Oh will you please cut it out!" King ordered, but her compatriots

kept on pestering her.


Yuri then got an impish smile as she said in a very sotto voice. "Well,

you can't really blame my big brother for being so naive. After all...

he's still a virgin!"


Mai's smile became even broader as she just barely managed not to

laugh out loud. At the same time, King's eyes widened at this



"What? Really?"


"No joke!"


"He's... I mean.... he's never...?" King whispered.


"Yep." Mai said with a very smug grin. "Just like my Andy was!

These serious-type martial artists are all the same! They think of

nothing else except for their training and are pretty much lost when it

comes to the opposite sex!" Her grin became even more mischievous.

"But then again, that just makes is so much more fun!"


Yuri's giggling became louder. "You mean, Andy was...?"


Mai nodded vigorously. "Right from our wedding night! He was so

adorably shy, and he always tried to hide all the stares and ogling he

made toward me before he finally said he loved me and proposed.

After we got married and I broke him out of his shell... well, let's just

say that we haven't had a good night's sleep since then. We've always

been up until the early morning hours." Mai gave Yuri a wicked smile

and raised her eyebrows subjectively.


"Hmm, it sounds like Andy used to be just like my big brother is

now. He always tries to change the subject whenever we discuss

things concerning S-E-X and especially when it's about King!"


Both Mai and Yuri shared a good-natured laugh, which did nothing

to make King any more comfortable. Her cheeks had become beet red

as she quickly took a quick peek through the corner of one eye at

where Ryo was sitting and speaking with Andy.


Mai decided to let up on her teasing and gave King a sympathetic

smile. "Oh, you shouldn't be so embarrassed King. In fact, I think that

Ryo still being a virgin makes him that much more charming. It

means that he'll be the faithful to the woman he loves and I can tell

that you're the top contender. I can imagine you being his first."


"M-Me?" King said with a slight tremble in her voice.


Yuri nodded. "Oh come on now, King! Didn't you ever notice how

Ryo always gives you help whenever you need it? He thinks that

you're not interested in him and he tries to stay away, but I can see

that he really cares for you. He's never forgotten how much he hurt

you during that first time and he can't stand to see you sad. He'd do

anything to make you happy! Dad certainly approves of you and he

wouldn't mind in the least of you can snare Ryo."


"He... does?"


"Oh brother!" Mai said with a bit of irritation. "It looks like Ryo isn't

the only one who is clueless!"


"But... he never seems to show that he's interested..."


"Like I said before," Mai said, cutting her off. "Ryo is acting in the

same way that Andy used to, before I finally got through that thick

skull of his! A lot of men are like that and can be so clueless that we

women have to take the initiative! I almost had to almost die and put

Andy into a headlock before he finally tumbled for me!"


Yuri nodded. "That's right! Love is like a battle. You need to get in a

quick punch against your opponent, and while he's still weak, take

the lead and beat him! That's the way to win!"




Mai shook her head. "No buts about it, King. You have to be

assertive! If you want that big lug, then you'd better get your rear in

gear and show that you're interested. Otherwise, you're going to take

even longer to get him than I did with Andy!"


King was silent for a long while as she gazed toward the object of her

affections. As the group continued to discuss about current events

and hypothesizing the whereabouts of the missing Bogard brother,

they were suddenly startled when a strange noise was heard. This was

followed by a bright flash of light, which appeared in their midst and

enveloped them in a blinding brilliance. The event happened so

quickly, that no one had the chance to react as they were suddenly

transported from their world to another.






"How will it take to stabilize the transporter?" Geese asked the



The former employee of Quincy, now lackey of the King of

Southtown, swallowed hard as he replied in a nervous voice. "We

have just about cleared all the bugs in the system. That last major rift

between our worlds and yours was closed off and I don't think there

will be any more mishaps."


"There'd better not be, for your sake." Geese growled.




Dr. Raven's Garage...


Terry wiped his brow after an intensive workout and decided to take

a breather when he heard the door to the training room open. He

glanced over his shoulder and saw that it was Priss, dressed in her

Soft Suit with her brown hair tied up in a topknot-style ponytail.


"Oh! I didn't know that you were still using this room. I'll come back

later and..."


Terry gave her a smile and waved off the intrusion. "No, it's okay. I

just finished warming up and it wouldn't hurt to have someone to

spar with."


"I'll go tell Linna then and..."


"What's wrong with you?"


Priss became surprised at that moment. "Me?"


"Why not?"


"Hey, I'm not that good and..."


Terry raised a hand to cut her off, then slowly walked toward her.

"Hey, don't sell yourself short. I can tell that you've had some street-

fighting experience and with a little practice, you can get even



Priss became very nervous as Terry approached her and took a

tentative step back. "H-How can you tell?"


Terry shrugged as he stopped a few feet from her. "I can tell. After

all, I'm from the street myself."


"You are?"


Terry nodded. "You bet. In fact, I'd say that you could easily reach

Linna's level in no time if you applied yourself."


"Now you've got to joking! I'm not a martial artist like Linna."


"Like I said before, don't underrate yourself. I've seen you fight and

you have some talent. I'm more than willing to give you some

pointers. I've already helped Linna, Sylia and Nene with their hand-

to-hand skills, and we will be facing off against Boomers like

Krauser soon. It would be good for you to have some extra combat

skills to fall back on if your Hardsuits fail."


Priss frowned a bit as she remembered back to how helpless she was

in Krauser's grip. Without her armor, she had very little chance

against surviving against a monster like him. On the other hand, Terry

had faced off against that same monster with just his hands and feet

and won. Terry seemed sincere in his offer to help train her. What

harm was there in accepting? Besides, she had wanted to straighten

things out with him, and this was probably her best chance to do so.


"All right. Teach me."




A few hours later...


Terry smiled as Priss followed his motions with little difficulty. She

had a natural talent for techniques and mastered the katas with ease.

She was a bit choppy in her movements, but the Lone Wolf was

confident that she would be able to iron out the kinks in her fighting

style. Since a majority of his moves were based on pure street

fighting, it was simple enough for Priss to grasp the fundamentals.


"See? I told you that you could do it." Terry said as they finished

with the basics and ended in relaxed stances.


"That was it?" Priss said with some amazement. She was sweating

slightly and her breathing rate had increased a bit.


"That was it." Terry affirmed as he reached for a towel to give to her.

"You have just completed all the basic maneuvers of the Hakkyoku



"Hakkyoku Saiken? What's that?"


Terry paused for a moment as he was still not used to talking about

himself in front of a girl. He decided that it wouldn't hurt as he and

Priss sat down on some nearby chairs. "That was the school of

martial arts that I studied under with my brother Andy. Our master

was the legendary Tung Fu Rue. My father Jeff Bogard was the heir

to the school before that bastard Geese murdered him and stole the

sacred scrolls." Terry's voice took on a slightly hardened edge, but

then calmed down. "Andy and I went on our own training journey

after the funeral. We trained separately for ten years. I was about

twelve or so and my brother was eleven. Andy went over to Japan and

studied under a master of Kopo-Ken and the Shiranui-style of

Ninjitsu. He also learned from a great Judo master named Jubei

Yamada. As for me, I stayed in America and mastered my own style

of fighting on the streets. It wasn't easy and I had to fight every day

just to survive. But I did learn to adapt and when I felt that I was

ready to avenge my father's murder, I returned to Japan to meet up

with Andy and Master Tung."


Priss nodded as she knew very well that being an orphan on the

streets was not easy and forces a person to grow up very quickly. "I...

can understand how rough it can be on your own at that age, since

I've been there myself."


Terry shrugged nonchalantly. "It just went with the territory. So how

about you?"




"Yeah. I've been with you Knight Sabers for months now, and I still

don't know much about you, Priss."


"Well..." Priss paused for a long time as she too had very little

experience with opening up in front of another. She took a deep

breath and began telling him of her life story. "Well, I really don't

have much to say about my life. I lost both my parents when I was

twelve during the Great Kanto Quake and was put into an orphanage

for the next five years. I later hooked up with a motorcycle gang for

two years and..." Priss began to choke up as the memories of her dead

lover came back to her.


Terry nodded as he remembered what the brunette had told him about

her deceased love. "I know that it's hard to talk about someone that

you loved and then lost. The feelings are even worse when you find

out that you couldn't do anything about it or was powerless to stop



Priss angrily tried to deny it. "What would you know about...?" She

then stopped short as she once again saw that same soulful look in

his eyes. Terry knew about great personal loss and tragedy. She didn't

understand how she knew it, but in her heart, she knew. She gazed

long into those aquamarine depths and found herself pulled toward

the magnetic attraction between them.


Terry also found himself leaning forward, though he didn't even

notice it. "It hurts... every time you think about what you could have

done to save them... and... what could have been if... you did."


Priss slowly nodded as she continued the conversation., all the while

leaning forward. "And then you feel... that you're... cursed... and that

no one... should get too close... because...."


"... because you feel that anyone who does... get close to you..."


"... will die... and..."


"... it's best to keep a distance... but... that means that..."


"... you will become cursed..."


"...to being..."


At that moment, the two of them breathed out the word. "Alone."


Then their lips met in a gentle, almost questioning kiss. At that

moment, the entire world didn't exist and there was only Terry and

Priss. Their lips parted for a brief moment, then they pressed together

again more deeply as Terry tentatively placed his arms around the

Knight Saber. Priss followed suit by placing her hands around Terry's

neck. The moment seemed to last an eternity as the Terry ran his

tongue over Priss' lips, then parted them to delve in deeper.


Priss felt her body begin melt against Terry's hard-muscled frame as a

gentle warmth began to spread through her very being. A faint

glimmer of hope began to grow within her and a brighter future

seemed possible. A future with this man... Terry Bogard.


However, as sudden as the moment appeared, it was abruptly cut

short as the Lone Wolf let off a moan of despair and broke from her

embrace. He quickly stood up and turned away from her while

pounding a fist against a wall.


"No! I can't! I JUST CAN'T!"


Priss slowly shook herself from the stupor that Terry's kiss had

caused and looked up at the anguished street fighter. "Terry? What's...?"


Andy Bogard's brother took a long, deep sigh as he replied without

facing her. "I'm... sorry Priss. I shouldn't have let that happen! I feel

as if... I'm betraying Lily and Suila's memory! And I'm putting YOU

in jeopardy as well!"


"W-W-What? What are you saying?"


"Forget it! Forget what just happened here!" Terry said as he angrily

shook his head. "It won't work! I was just being foolish in thinking

that something like this could ever work! You'd be better off with

someone else!"


Priss became silent at Terry's outburst, then stood up to her full

height and said in a quiet voice. "And... what if I don't want anyone



This caught his attention as he slowly turned to face her. "What?"


Priss gave Terry a small smile as she took a step closer to him.

"When we first met, I thought that the chance of something

happening between us was crazy. I didn't buy into your story about

being from another world, but after all that we've both been through, I

began to realize something. We've got a lot in common and we each

understand how painful it is when we lose someone close to us. You

saved me a few times, and I saved you. I later found out how kind and

caring you can be when you're not punching in Boomers. You saw

through my tough-girl attitude and despite all the times I told you to

get lost, you still persisted in helping me to open up with my

feelings. In a way, you're like Leon; tough and determined, but also

gentle and sensitive. But... though he is a nice guy, Leon doesn't

make me feel the way I do when I'm with you."


"What are you saying?" Terry asked in quiet whisper.


Priss took a very long and deep breath. "I kept on denying it every

time, but I can't ignore the facts any more. Terry Bogard... I think that



It was at that moment that the intercom beeped and Sylia's voice was

heard, shattering the moment.


"Terry! Priss! Come to the conference room immediately! Something

has just happened and it may be that Geese is finally making his



Terry nodded as he got up and headed toward the door. He paused at

the exit to glance over his shoulder to the girl who was still standing

in shock. "We'll... finish our talk later."


Priss opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out as

the Lone Wolf departed.




"It's about time you got here." Linna said with some irritation as Priss

joined with the others in the strategic planning room.


Sylia nodded as she pointed to a computer layout of Mega-Tokyo.

"Ever since our last encounter with Genom's forces, I've had Nene and

Mackie create a scanner which can detect rifts which are connected

to the interdimensional projector that Geese is using to cross over

into our world. Over the past week, we've been detecting small, brief

rips in the fabric of reality, like temporary doorways. It seems that

Genom still hasn't worked out all the bugs to their system."


"So what does this have to do with Terry or the Knight Sabers?" Priss



"Those openings have been steadily getting larger and lasting longer.

A few minutes ago, a huge rift occurred and... something or someone

came through the gateway." She then pointed to a small, blinking dot

in the center of downtown Mega-Tokyo. "It occurred here, and that's

not all. Police reports are now coming in about some renegade

combat Boomers that are tearing up the streets in that general area."


"Are you saying that those Boomers came out from that rift?" Linna



"No. The Boomer report occurred a few minutes before the rift

opened. "


"So what you're saying is that in addition to the Boomers, we also

have to deal with whatever came out of that rift?" Terry asked.


Sylia nodded. "Yes, but this is Knight Saber business. We can't have

you coming along with us, Terry. Anyone who sees you with us may

connect you with our secret identities."


Terry shook his head. "You can't leave me behind. If that rift is from

my world, then you need me to deal with whatever or whoever came

through it. This may also be a chance for me to get back to my



Sylia considered Terry's words for a long while, before finally

nodding. "All right, but stay out of sight. In any case, this will give us

a chance to test the new Hardsuits. Knight Sabers, move out!"




Downtown Mega-Tokyo...


"What the hell just happened?!" Joe Higashi exclaimed as he and the

rest of the group materialized on the streets.


"Where are we?" Kyo asked as they all looked around.


"It looks like downtown Tokyo, but..." Mai saw that the buildings

and traffic signals seemed more hi-tech. Everyone in the group tensed

up and went into defensive stances as they began hearing police

sirens and the sounds of destruction approaching. Then a couple of

AD police cars pulled up and several officers came out to take up

positions. One officer held up a megaphone and called out to them.


"All civilians take cover! Boomer attack imminent!"


"Boomer? What's a Boomer?" Ryo asked.


His question was immediately answered when five BU-55Cs

suddenly crashed onto the scene, along with a couple of Dobermans.

The killing machines briefly scanned the area before opening fire at

the group. That was all the incentive they needed to explode into

action as they scattered to avoid the deadly barrage. Unfortunately for

the ADP, a couple of officers were killed in the crossfire as the rest

began returning fire. However, against high-grade military Boomers,

conventional weapons were relatively useless and the ADP found

themselves severely outgunned.


However, that didn't mean that the participants of the King of

Fighters tournament were helpless.




A BU-55C was knocked onto its belly as Ryo launched a fireball that

slammed into its back. Before it could get up, it was then hit by two

more fireballs, courtesy of King.




The Boomer couldn't take any more abuse and exploded, scattering

parts of it everywhere.


Nearby, both Mai and Yuri were taking on the Dobermans as they

evaded searing laser blasts. Mai decided to get into her fighting attire

and executed a series of somersaults while shedding her civilian

outfit of a silk blouse, skirt and high-heeled shoes. The AD police

officers who were watching got a real eyeful as they briefly saw Mai

in all her naked glory before her female ninja outfit appeared. Of

course, as skimpy as it was, that still gave them quite a bit of eye

candy. Many of them were already drooling.


Yuri leapt high and delivered a fire ball from above.




The projectile impacted against the head of the Boomer, stunning it

for a moment, then Mai let loose with a razor sharp, ki-enhanced fan.




The steel-edged warfan embedded itself deep within the Boomer's

chest, driving it back a few feet as Mai landed in front of it and used

the tail of her outfit in a swirl of flame.




The Doberman caught fire and fell hard on its back before exploding.

Both Yuri and Mai took a pose as the bouncy ninja girl held out her

fan and winked while her chest heaved a bit.


"I'm number one!"


Several of the officers had either fainted from massive nosebleeds or

were trying desperately to adjust their pants.


Kim Kaphwan delivered a series of kicks to a BU-55C, then used his

Flying Slice Kick to send it into the air.




The Boomer was sent skyward, but it was destined for a rough

landing as Joe powered up and leapt up as it came down.




The machine didn't stand a chance and blew up in midair. Joe landed,

knelt down on his knees while kissing his fist.




Kyo Kusanagi was dispatching his opponent with the same fire he

displayed in the King of Fighters tournament. The BU-55C was

letting loose with its heat cannon, but to the young fighter, that

wasn't nearly as hot as he could make it. Kyo easily avoid the blast

and then let loose with crimson flames.




Kyo twirled in the air while delivering a wave of fire. The Boomer's

chest slagged under the intense heat, and it circuits became fried as it

fell backward. As it exploded, Kyo stepped back and blows out a

flaming finger.


"You're burned."


Andy and Robert were also doing the Boomer Bash they each took

out a BU-55C. Andy gave his a face full of ki energy.




This caused the Boomer to flail about as its sensors became

scrambled and that's when Mai's husband launched into a handspring.




His feet plowed into the Boomer's face, knocking its head off. Andy

gracefully landed behind it, spun around, and sped forward to finish

it off.




The extended elbow slammed into the Boomer's back and sent it

reeling forward. It slammed into a nearby building and then sagged

down in defeat.


At the same time, Robert was also meting out damage to another

Boomer by first launching a fireball.




He then launched into his devastating Great Spirit Kick.




He then finished off the machine with the strongest attack of the

School of the Kyokugenryu School of Karate.




The huge blast of ki slammed into the Boomer and blew it to pieces,

leaving nothing that was worth recycling.


The remaining Boomer, a Doberman, found itself outnumbered and

was about to withdraw, when it was hit by a withering barrage of ki

blasts and projectiles.













The Boomer was blasted from all sides and was powerless to resist as

Kim came in to finish it off with his Phoenix Flattener Move.




In a blazing fury of kicks, which ended with his Flying Slice Kick,

whatever was left of the Boomer was totally blow apart. In less than

two minutes, seven military Boomers had been reduced to smoldering

piles of wreckage.


It was at that moment that four armored figures arrived on the scene

and disembarked from an armored truck.


"Look over there!" Mai said as she pointed with he fan at the Knight



"Looks like were not finished yet!" Yuri said as she stood beside her

brother and Robert and focused her ki.


The other fighter also tensed up for the imminent battle as they faced

off against opponents who were a lot tougher than the Boomers they

had just destroyed.


On the other side, Sylia silently gestured for the other Knight Sabers

to prepare for battle. They had not arrived in time to have seen the

newcomers destroy the Boomers and had to assume that they were

the enemy. They couldn't take any chances at this point.


"Knight Sabers... prepare to attack. On my mark..."


The weapons of their Hardsuits began to power up as their targeting

computers began to home in on their adversaries.




The shout caught everyone's attention as the combatants looked back

at the truck. The person who emerged from the back of the truck

made the fighters gasp in shock.






In a flash, Terry's relatives and best friend ran up and tackled the

Lone Wolf in a group hug that bowled him over. Everyone else stood

in silence and shock as Lone Wolf was reunited with his family.




Dr. Raven's Garage...


After the joyful reunion between the Bogard Brothers, it was decided

to return to Knight Saber HQ. They had all piled into the truck and

evaded pursuit by the police, and now Terry was telling of his

adventures since disappearing from his Earth.


"So we're really in the future... of another Earth?" Andy asked after

Terry had finished explaining what had happened to him.


"That's right. Welcome to Mega-Tokyo." Terry said as he gestured to

Sylia. She had decided to let the others in on the Knight Saber's

secret identities as they too promised not to tell anyone else.

Furthermore, the fighters had agreed to help the armored vigilantes in

their fight against Geese, as well as getting a chance to get back

home. With the way things were, the Knight Sabers needed all the

help they could get. As of now, the other fighters were scattered

about the complex as Terry continued to discuss things with Andy

and Sylia.


"Oh, and this is Sylia Stingray, the leader of the Knight Sabers."


"Pleased to meet with you." Sylia said as she extended a hand. "Terry

had told me a lot about his family."


"I'm glad to hear of it. So what exactly is a Knight Saber?"


As Sylia began explaining the purpose behind the Knight Sabers, the

other fighters were getting acquainted with the other members of her





Ryo, Robert, Joe, Kyo and Kim were busy testing the training rooms

and the technological devices, while Linna found herself ogling both

Kyo, Robert and Ryo, much to the dismay of King. Mackie had to

use all of his willpower not to faint dead away at the sight of Mai

Shiranui as she began a private conversation with Priss in the break

room. Nene was showing Yuri her computers.




A little later, behind the shop...


"So you really went up against Krauser again? I thought he died."


"Yeah, I thought so too, but Geese brought him back as a Boomer

and he almost killed me." Terry replied as he casually leaned against

the derelict hulk of an old car.


"Geese? He's here too?"


Andy's brother nodded. "Yeah, and now that he's taken over Genom,

he's even more dangerous than ever. The funny thing is, we need him

to get back home to our world. In order to do that, we have to fight

our way to him, and stop whatever plans he has to take over this

world and ours."


"Yes, I remember Sylia telling me about that OMS chip and how he

could have an army of Boomers at his command. You're right. It's

time that we stop Geese once and for all!" Andy slammed his right

fist into his left palm. "I still owe him for father's murder."


"You'll get your chance. We all will." Terry said as he watched the

sun set toward the horizon.


There was a long silence between the Lone Wolf and his silver-haired

sibling with neither one speaking. Then finally, Andy broke the

silence as he saw that his brother was becoming distant. "So Terry,

tell me about these... Knight Sabers."




"I mean, have you... I mean, has there been anything going on

between you and one of those girls since you got here?"


Andy's question caught Terry totally off guard. "Huh? You've never

asked me about my personal life before, Andy."


Mai's husband shrugged sheepishly. "Well... I haven't seen you in

over seven months, Terry! I want to know how you've been, what

you've been doing and if you've finally gotten over that crazy idea of



"What crazy idea?"


"You know what I'm talking about! I'm talking about your reluctance

to get close to a girl! Now you may have not noticed, but those

Knight Sabers are very attractive and single! I would have thought

that you'd have started seeing one of them, considering how long

you've been with them."


Terry looked at his sibling as if he had grown another head. "What

brought this on? As I remember, you weren't all that interested in

getting involved with girls and was always so serious with your



"I still am serious about my training." Andy replied firmly, then

softened up a bit. "But thanks to Mai, I've also learned the strength

one can draw from someone you love. I found happiness like you

wouldn't believe and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I want you to

feel the way I do and find that special someone that can make you

feel the way Mai makes me feel. She'll always be there for me. I sort

of feel guilty that I'm having this kind of happiness while you're still

moping and mourning about...." Andy's voice trailed off as he knew

that this was a very touchy subject to discuss. with Terry. "I'm sorry,

Terry. I didn't mean to open up old wounds."


"It's okay, Andy." Terry said with a sigh as he glanced back at the

sunset. "Those wounds have... healed up pretty well. I'll always keep

Lily and Sulia in my heart, but..."


"But you've got to get on with your life, Terry. If Sulia and Lily were

here, I'd bet that they tell you to find your own happiness. They

wouldn't want you to keep going on like this. I thought that by

leaving you alone, you'd eventually come around, but I can see that I

may have to drill it into that thick skull of yours. I found my

happiness with Mai, and I see no reason why you can't do the same."


"But what if..."


"Never mind that notion that any girl is doomed if she gets close to

you. Lily and Sulia wouldn't want you to be alone because of that! It's

time you finally rejoined the living, before it's too late. I used to be

like you and only thought about revenge and being the best, but Mai

showed me that life is more than just that. Like Joe told you before;

Do you want to be called Terry the Lonely Wolf Bogard?"




Andy shook his head again. "Terry, you can't keep blaming yourself

for what happened to Lily and Sulia. There was nothing you could do

about it. They made their choices, and unfortunately, it cost them

their lives. But that doesn't mean that will happen every time. Their

books are closed Terry. They'd tell you to open up a new one and get

on with your life."


Terry shook his head sadly. "I don't know if I can..."


"So you mean to tell me that you haven't tried to get close to a girl

since then?"


Terry smiled a bit as he hemmed and hawed somewhat. "Well... there

is one girl..."




"What? What are you talking about?" Priss snapped as she slammed a

hand on the break table. Sitting opposite to her was the curvaceous

Mai Shiranui-Bogard who was sipping from a sup of saki.


Mai shrugged demurely. "I just said that I'm surprised that you haven't

tried to get Terry during all the time he was here with you and the

Knight Sabers. He's quite a catch. He's not as cute as my Andy, but

the girl who does get him will be very lucky."


"Hmpf! The let some other girl get him! Men are not worth the

trouble! Especially him! Besides, he's not interested in girls." Priss

said in a bit of a huff. Since Terry's refusal earlier before, she had

been going back to her tough-girl attitude and denying her feelings

toward him. However, this did not fool the female ninja who was

quite astute in seeing through denials, especially when it concerned

the heart.


"Mmmm-hmmm, I see. It looks like Cupid's arrow had struck home."




"I can see it in your eyes. You really like him... a LOT!" The bouncy

ninja girl gave Priss a knowing smile as she raised her cup to her and

said, "To your future happiness with Terry! Kampai!" She then

downed the saki in one gulp.


Priss was taken aback by the reference to her eyes. What was it with

the eyes? Krauser had told her about them. Terry had done the same

and now this bimbo was doing it. "What the fucking hell are you

talking about? I don't love him! I don't even like him! He's just a guy

that's all! He gets on my nerves all the time! He's a jerk! He's..."


Mai simply shook her head as she refilled her cup, all the while still

smiling. "Hmmm, classic symptoms of falling head-over-heels in love.

The one who denies it most is the one who loves the most. I don't

blame you for falling hard for Terry. He's the kind of guy that would

make any girl feel special. If I hadn't met his brother Andy first, I

might have gone after him."


"You're not listening to one fucking word I'm saying, are you?"


Mai shrugged as she sipped at her saki. "Oh, I heard every word you

said, though you could do without so much foul language. You're a

bit on the rough side and you have some trouble with your temper,

but you have the fiery spirit that Terry can admire in a girl. You're

pretty and I'm sure that you'll be able to make him happy. I'm glad

that Terry finally found somebody. I was beginning to think that he'd

never open up again after what happened to Sulia." Mai softened her

expression as she remembered back to that fateful battle on that

Greek island in the Dead Sea.


Priss' anger diminished when she heard the name Sulia. She recalled

how anguished Terry was about that name, especially after he had

broken off that kiss. "Sulia?"


Mai turned her head to Priss and nodded. "Didn't Terry ever tell you

about her?"


Priss shook her head as her curiosity about Terry was aroused

(though she would have never openly admitted it). She then sat back

down and waited for Mai to continue.


Mai noted that she now had her attention with information about

Terry, which confirmed her suspicions about Priss having a great deal

of interest in the Lone Wolf. "I'm not surprised that Terry didn't tell

you much of what happened to her. It was very tragic."


"What happened?"


Mai took a deep breath as she began relating the events concerning

Laocorn, Sulia and the Armor of Mars. Priss was soon sitting at the

edge of her seat as Andy's wife described the terrible battle and the

great loss the Lone Wolf suffered when Sulia sacrificed herself to

save her brother and Terry. In the end, both children of Godamus

perished and Terry was more firm in his belief that no girl should get

close to him, lest she too suffer the same fate.


Priss was left speechless after Mai had finished with the story. She

had no idea that Terry had lost so much. She could now understand

why he was so distant when it came to girls, yet more questions



"I didn't know. I honestly didn't know."


Mai nodded as she took another sip of sake. "Well, Sulia was so

sweet and Terry deserved to be happy. It was so sad. But... she wasn't

the first girl that Terry lost. She was just the most recent. His first

heartache happened a little over two years ago."


Priss gasped as she recalled Terry mentioning something about losing

two loves. Mai instantly caught that sudden intake of breath and

nodded knowingly. "So you know about that too, eh?"


"Well..." Priss swallowed a bit before answering. "He did say that



"He lost two girls." Mai finished for her. "Well, I don't know all the

details about what happened, and Andy never talks to me about it. I

can only piece together that Terry fell in love with some girl... Lily, I

think her name was. However, she died while helping him, Andy and

Joe to escape from their enemies. She was murdered in front of

Terry's eyes and he blamed himself for not being able to protect her.

That was when he started on that crazy notion that any girl who gets

close to him is doomed. Then, when Sulia came into his life, Terry

started opening up again. Then his hopes and dreams were crushed

again when Sulia killed herself to save her brother and him. The fact

that they both died made it all seem pointless."


Priss became moved at Mai's words as she thought back to those

words Terry had said to her.




Priss: You have no idea what it feels like to lose someone you loved!


Terry: Then you were lucky. You only lost one. I lost two.


End of flashback...


The brunette swallowed hard and said in a quiet whisper to herself.

"So that's what he meant."


Mai wondered for a moment what she was saying, then nodded as she

correctly assumed that Terry had told her a few things about Lily and

Sulia. "Well, now you know the whole story. Terry is a really great

guy, but Andy, Joe and I couldn't stand it if his heart was broken one

more time. And I'll tell you this much. Terry is one very special

person and he deserves to be happy after all the grief that life has

handed to him. He's lost his father, Master Tung, Lily and Sulia. He

needs someone to break that Lone Wolf curse of his, and I think that

you might just fit the bill."


"Me? I'm not even interested in him and besides, Linna already has

her sights set on him and..."


"Now I don't buy that for a second. Linna's already leering at Kyo and

Ryo, so I know that she's either not trying for Terry or that she's given

up trying to get him." The ninja said, cutting her off. "I saw how you

looked at him when we came here, and I caught him sneaking a few

glances at you. Something very important must have happened

between the two of you. Did you do the deed with him? How was he?

Was he gentle?" Mai leaned forward with a smirk on her face.


"I didn't do anything with him! We just kissed and..." Priss

immediately silenced herself after blurting out that tidbit, then tried

to hide her slip up behind her anger. "It's none of your fucking



Mai gave a light-hearted chuckle at how flustered Priss was

becoming. "I knew it! I knew it! There's no point in denying it any

more, Priss! You are one hundred percent, undeniably, no question-

about-it, in love with Terry Bogard!"




Mai continued to chuckle as she took another glance at Priss' eyes

and shook her heads. "You may say you're not, but your eyes are

telling me a different story. And I can see the same thing in his eyes

too. I only saw that look once before when he was with Sulia. He's in

love with you too."


This revelation brought Priss' anger to a halt as she felt herself

tremble. "W-W-What?!"


Mai simply shrugged her shoulders again as she downed the rest of

the sake in her cup. "Of course, like just like most men, he won't say

it straight out, so it's up to the woman to make the first move.

Whether you realize it or not, you've hooked him, so you'd better reel

him in or he'll get away."


"But... but I... can't..."


Andy's wife winked at Priss. "Girl, I'm going to give you some advice

that I gave to Sulia. If you're in love with a wolf, then you'd better

learn to run with the pack or you're going to be left behind. Terry and

Andy are like wolves. But like wolves, once they choose a mate, they

do it for life. Terry's a keeper."




"No buts about it, Priss. A guy like Terry comes by once in a lifetime,

and you'd better be ready for that opportunity and hold on tight. You

may never get another chance." Mai then gave off a yawn and looked

at a nearby clock. "Well, I suppose that we'd better be getting some

sleep. We're going to need as much rest as we can when we go up

against Genom and Geese Howard. Good night."


Mai then got up to go find her husband, leaving Priss alone with her

thoughts about a certain Lone Wolf.




Later on that evening, when all the other Knight Sabers had gone

home to rest and the other fighters had settled down at a nearby

hotel, Priss was still contemplating her emotions about Terry at Dr.

Raven's garage. She then heard some noises out back and decided to

go investigate. She found Terry as he was repeatedly pounding

against an iron post with his bare-knuckled gloved fists. She held her

breath as he noticed her presence and turned to face her.


"Priss, I thought that you had gone home."


Priss shook her head as she quietly approached him. "No, I was too

busy thinking about some things and there are a few things that I

want to... talk to you about."


Terry nodded slowly as he took a tentative step toward her. "Yeah, I

guess that we do need to talk. Look, if it's about that kiss, then I

promise that I'll never do that again and..."


"I'd be very disappointed if you didn't kiss me this moment." Priss

said quietly.


This took Terry completely by surprise as Priss took a few more steps

toward him and then placed her arms around his neck. Before he

knew it, the Knight Saber pulled his head down toward hers and

firmly pressed her lips against his.


Terry was too shocked at this sudden development to move, but as

the girl deepened the kiss, the Lone Wolf could do nothing but put

his hands on her waist and return her kiss with equal fervor. The

night was silent as the two remained in each other's embrace.




To be concluded...


Author's Notes


Whew! That was a LONG one and I have only one more chapter to

go. Originally, I had only planned to have Joe, Mai, Andy and

perhaps Kim join Terry in the Knight Sabers world, but with the

requests of several readers, I have included a few characters from the

King of Fighters. As for the girl who would win Terry's heart, I had

decided on Priss, since she had always been my favorite Knight Saber

with her gutsy attitude and she and Terry had a lot in common. As for

chapter eight, we will be seeing more KOF characters and a few

surprises as well. Stay tuned as I wrap up Bubble Gum Fury!