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Chapter 9

Battle for the Future

Max awoke to the sound of a contented sigh as a warm body snuggled closer to him in bed. Taking care not to awaken his new wife, he reached over for his spectacles on the night stand, and gently sat up. He smiled as he gazed upon the beautiful woman who was now his mate for life.

Miriya looked so peaceful and innocent in her sleep. No one would have ever thought of her to be the premier ace pilot of the Zentraedi. Her emerald-green tresses flowed about like a sea of green. Her lithe form was so wonderfully curved and he remembered how well it had fit to his own. Max still couldn't believe that such a beautiful woman loved him and was going to be with him for the rest of his days. He reached out to stroke her cheek. At the touch of his hand, her eyes slowly opened as green met blue. Miriya smiled she looked upon her husband. Her arms came up and her hands snaked around his neck, gently pulling him down toward her.

“Good morning, Maximilian.” She greeted softly.

“Good morning, Miriya.” Max replied as he kissed her deeply.

Before long, the two began engaging in another series of... intimacies.


A week later...

Max wondered just what was going on as he and Miriya neared the main conference chambers. The ship had been put on general quarters alert when a Zentraedi battle cruiser began approaching the SDF-1. However, instead of attacking, the enemy had instead requested a cessation of hostilities. In fact, the cruiser had even opened fire on its own fighters, to protect the battle-fortress from a surprise attack.

The newlyweds had been on an observation deck when these events occurred....



“Hey, that ship looks... familiar...” Max said as he held his wife close.

“That’s Lord Breetai’s flagship.” Miriya confirmed as she recognized the markings. “Something important must be happening.”


Max’s mate nodded. “ He’s one of the greatest, if not THE greatest commanders of the Zentraedi. His reputation as a master strategist and warrior is unsurpassed. He has virtually no equal among the officers in the entire Zentraedi armada, save for Lord Dolza. His very presence strikes fear into his enemies.”

“Really?” Max then thought back to when he, Ben, Rick and Lisa had been aboard that very same vessel. Then he remembered one particular Zentraedi he had encountered that day. “He... wouldn’t happen to be a really big man with half of his face covered in metal, would he?”

Miriya was surprised to hear this. “Why yes. How did you know? Have you met him before?”

“Well, yeah... in a manner of speaking...” Sterling said as he recalled how he had thrown Breetai out of his own ship. It was then that he saw a swarm of Tri-Thrusters streaking toward the SDF-1. However, an instant later, the fighters were obliterated by the guns of Breetai’s flagship.

Both were quite surprised to see the Zentraedi forces turn on each other. A minute later, the barrage stopped as the squadrons of fighters were reduced into clouds of space debris. Then the flagship stopped in its approach toward the SDF-1.

Max was speechless at the display for several minutes, but he found his voice and addressed his wife. “I had... no idea this Breetai was so ruthless...”

Miriya however, shook her head. “No. Lord Breetai would NEVER turn on his own warriors.”

“But his ship just destroyed his own fighters.” Her husband pointed out.

“No, he destroyed Khyron’s fighters.”


“I recognized the markings on those ships before they were destroyed. They belonged to the Seventh Mechanized Fleet. They were under the Backstabber’s orders to attack the SDF-1, not Breetai’s. Commander Breetai would NEVER resort to such tactics.”


“The leader of the Seventh Fleet. He’s been known to destroy his own forces in order to achieve victory. A very despicable officer... though I do owe him for one thing.”


Miriya smiled up Max. “If it were not for him, I would have never known about the ace of the SDF-1 and... I would have never met you.”

Max didn’t know quite how to take that remark, but he didn’t have time to ponder it as he and Miriya were ordered over the PA to the main conference room.


End of flashback...

“Reporting as ordered.” Max saluted smartly as he and his wife entered the main conference chambers.

It was then that he heard a voice directed toward his spouse.

“Ah! Hello Quadrano Leader!”

Miriya saluted by reflex as soon as she saw who it was. “Oh! I’m sorry sir! I didn’t realize that you were the emissary!”

Exedore smiled as Miriya suddenly became unsure of herself. “I found your pairing ritual to be quite... provocative.”

“Oh, you... observed the wedding ceremony. You’re... probably wondering why we did it.”

“Yes, and I’m certain that you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.”

“Well, yes I am, sir.”

“And this must be the male half of your pair.” Exedore gestured to Max.

“Uhm... yes, he is, sir.”

“Gee, you don’t sound all that thrilled about it.” Max commented as he nearly gave in to the urge to kiss her and remind her what their union REALLY meant.

A minute later, Rick entered the conference room and that’s when Minister Exedore began to get more excited.

“That’s it! The micronization process has affected my memory!” Exedore began pointing to Rick. “You were one of the hostages from Dolza’s flagship, aren’t you?” (1)

“What is going on here?” Rick exclaimed as he recognized Breetai’s advisor.

“This time, the circumstances are a bit different, but tell me, how did you manage to escape? Was it some hidden Micronian power?”

Max became a bit nervous and wondered if he should tell Minister Exedore of his Bugs Bunny-inspired rescue of the Vermillion Squadron.


“Miriya, who is he?” Max asked his wife quietly as the negotiations began. He was still having flashbacks of Exedore doing that horrible impression of Minmei’s singing. He was going to have nightmares about that for some time.

“He is Exedore.” Miriya replied. “He is Lord Breetai’s most trusted advisor, and the repository of all Zentraedi lore. He is the wisest of the Zentraedi and Breetai relies heavily on his counsel. For him to allow himself to be micronized must mean that this is a very important matter.”

Max nodded as he looked toward the door to the conference room. His eyes narrowed as it opened. Minmei and Kyle entered and the ace pilot could already feel the temperature drop several degrees under Kyle’s gaze of disdain for the military. His anti-war movements had been hurting the RDF’s efforts to defend the citizens of Macross, and Max hoped that he won’t cause more trouble during these delicate procedures.

As the conference continued on, Max and Miriya’s hands found each other on the table. Every now and then, he’d give her hand a reassuring squeeze, which she would respond with a squeeze of her own. Then finally, a fateful call came in over the communications line...

The Main Fleet of the Zentraedi was coming...



Max could scarcely believe it as he looked to the observation monitor at the Earth. Like a swarm of locusts, the Main Fleet of the Zentraedi assembled about the planet, preparing to assault the blue-white world. Beside him, his wife also trembled at the sight of the greatest assembly of Zentraedi forces in their entire history. She became especially shocked when Dolza’s flagship into view. It seemed that the Supreme Commander was going to lead the assault himself. Even with Breetai and Azonia on their side now, the chances of victory were slim to none.

“Miriya... darling, I’m afraid that this is the end for us.”

“I know.” She then gazed at her husband with soulful eyes. “I don't care my love. As long as I’m at your side in battle.”

Max was about to object to her decision to join the Veritech Squadrons, but decided that there was no help for it. She was the best fighter pilot, aside from himself, and there was no where else they could go. It was fight or die, simple as that. All the dreams he had for their future together, would have to be put on hold until this was finished. He just hoped that they would both be there to enjoy it.


Max was speechless as he came to the hanger and saw his wife, now wearing a scarlet-colored flight uniform. He was even more surprised to see the new Armored Veritech that was being rolled out for her to fly. He saw a kind of irony. Mirya’s fighter was painted red, which matched with his Blue Devil II. Flashbacks of their meeting in the Close Encounters Arcade came back to him. His own Veritech was being brought out beside hers, now retrofitted with the new boosters and armor/missile units.

“So, how do you like it?” Miriya said as she gave her husband a playful wink. “My Zenshi Lare should go well with your Blue Devil.”

“Zenshi Lare?”

“In Zentaedi, it means Scarlet Fury.”

Max was about to reply when a sudden announcement came over the PA. Dolza’s fleet had begun the attack on the Earth...


After the first Zentraedi assault...

Max sighed sadly as he prepped his fighter for takeoff. So much had happened in the last hour. He couldn’t believe that just about everyone on Earth was gone. The Zentraedi Main Fleet had devastated nearly all of the planet, reducing his homeworld to a smoking ruin. Though that same world had banished him from its surface, he couldn’t stop feeling remorse for all those billions of people, young, old and unborn, whose lives had been snuffed out like matches in a gale force wind. Now their souls cry out for vengeance, and even the mild-mannered Max Sterling could not ignore their pleas. Those Zentraedi were going to pay for this.

He found himself somewhat torn at that statement. After all, he was now married to a Zentraedi, and Breetai and Azonia’s forces were going to fight alongside the SDF-1. Max knew that he was letting his anger get the better of him and such recklessness can get him killed. He had everything to live for and decided to just do what he did best, defeat the enemy. And now, he was no longer alone...

He looked over to where his wife was readying her own fighter for combat. She gazed back at him and blew him a kiss.

Whatever happened from this point on, Sterling was going to able to weather the storm.


Miriya took a deep breath as she guided her new Zenshi Lare into formation with the rest of the Skull Squadron. Behind the Vertiech Squadrons, the SDF-1 and the ships from Breetai and Azonia’s fleets were getting into position for the assault on Dolza’s armada. The surprise attack by the Grand Cannon had thrown the Zentraedi Main Fleet in disarray, and now with Rick Hunter’s plan being put into motion, the united forces were preparing for the battle to end the Robotech War.

Looking off to her right flank, she could see her husband in his blue-trimmed fighter. Ahead of her was Rick Hunter in Skull One. The Skull Squadron was going to spearhead the attack as they were among the few groups of Veritechs that had been upgraded with the new armor/missile units and booster pods. They would be the first to engage the enemy.

She felt a strange sensation wash over her as she was now flying with her former adversaries. In the Quadrano Battalion, she had always been somewhat of a loner and hadn’t made very many close friends among the other pilots. Most of the other female fighters feared and followed her lead out of respect and awe of her piloting skills. However, in the Skull Squadron, it was... different.

In the beginning, when she had announced that she would be joining the Skull Squadron, she had met with considerable resistance, both from her husband and the other Veritech pilots. Max initially didn't think it was a good idea and it took a lot of convincing before he finally agreed to it. As for the other pilots, she couldn’t really blame them for not wanting her to be a part of their teams. After all, before she had met her lifemate, she had sent many a Veritech flyer to his death. They may have marginally accepted her as the wife of one of their own, but to have her fly in combat with them was a different story. Only until recently, she had been a ruthless and cold-blooded killer, and she had been prepared to face the hatred and bigotry... until her new best friend had stood up for her.



“Can you believe this? That Zentraedi bitch Sterling married, wants to join up!” Corporal Darkins snorted as he and a few other of the pilots were sitting in the pilot’s lounge.

“Aw, she’s not so bad.” Jansen argued as he took a sip of coffee. “I met her and she seems like a nice enough person. And I‘ve seen her scores in the simulators. She‘s really good!”

“Hah!” Darkins scoffed as he pointed a finger at the still green pilot. “You really don’t know squat! She used to be fifty feet tall and killed a lot of our guys out there! If I had been Sterling, I would have finished her off! I don’t know what Sterling was thinking! Most likely his brain was in his pants!”

“But she’s not our enemy anymore.” Jansen argued. “She’s just like those other Zentraedi defectors and...”

“I say we should have tossed her out of the airlock with all those other Zentraedi bastards. If you really think that they can change, then you’re just as crazy as Sterling! Just you wait! They’re gonna turn on us one day, and Sterling is going to get a knife in his back while he’s in the sack!”

The other pilots with them nodded in agreement and voiced out their opinions, all of which were not favorable towards the coexistence of the humans and Zentraedi.

At that point, a certain bridge officer’s eyes narrowed as she had heard enough. Getting up from her own table, she walked toward them. When she came up behind Darkins, she crossed her arms and began tapping her left foot. Darkins was unaware that she was behind him as he went on with his racist remarks. The others however, stiffened at the sight of the tough commander and former lover of Roy Fokker.

“And do you know what? I think the entire top brass and even the Captain are getting soft in the head! I mean, they’re supposed to be leading us AGAINST the Zentraedi, not cozying up to them! We might as well surrender to those giant bastards.”

The other pilots were now waving frantically at their comrade, trying to silence him before he said something that was...

“Hell, after what happened to Fokker, what does Commander Grant do? She becomes that bitch Parino’s Maid of Honor! Fokker would be rolling in his grave if he knew that his girl helped that Zentraedi’s wedding! His own killer!”

Darkins leaned back in his chair, and that was when it was kicked out from under him. The pilot went crashing down on the floor, landing hard on his back. He cried out in outrage as he looked up...

“Okay! What @%$#** wants to... oh boy...”

... and saw Claudia Grant standing over him with certain, unfriendly expression on her face.


End of flashback...

Miriya was quite surprised when she heard of the incident. That act could have cost Grant her rank, but instead the offending pilot had been regulated to an indefinite amount of latrine duty. By all rights, Claudia should have resented Miriya for the loss of Fokker. However, when she had spoken to her about it...



“So, why did you help me?” Miriya asked she was about to enter the simulator pod. “I mean, I heard about how you and Max‘s superior were...”

Claudia shook her head and gave the Zentraedi girl a wave with her hand. “Miriya, I don't blame you for what happened to Roy. I blame this war. And I know for a fact that you had nothing to do with his death.”

“Yes, but I led that attack and...”

“And you did your duty as a soldier, just we do ours.” Claudia said firmly as Miriya strapped herself into the simulator. “War doesn’t discriminate between sides and it plays no favorites. Everyone gets a chance to live... and die. Roy is gone and there’s nothing I can do that will bring him back. I know that. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t cherish all the memories that we had shared and keep them close.” She patted the left side of her chest, over the heart. “War can be very ugly, but you and Max have shown that at least there is still hope for everyone. Miriya, I want you to promise to keep Max happy and be there for him. He’s lost as much as anyone else on board this ship, and I know that he made the right choice with you.”

Miriya smiled. “I shall do that to my utmost ability.”

“I know you will.” Claudia said as she began closing the lid to the pod.

“Commander Grant?”


“Claudia then. I just want to say... thank you.”


End of flashback...

Miriya was brought back to reality as Captain Gloval’s voice was heard on all of the communication lines. As gave the final instructions to all the forces, she began making all of her last-minute checks. Then it began as Minmei’s voice was heard.

<<Life is only what we choose to make it,
Let's just take it,
Let us be free.>>

Skull One then blasted forward into battle, followed by Max, Miriya and the rest of the Veritech squadrons. Once the fighters were well on their way, the SDF-1 and its Zentraedi allies started to advance on the Main Fleet.

<<We can find the glory we all dream of
And with our love,
We can win.>>

Miriya let loose with a volley of missiles as she threw herself into the fight. Flying nearby, Max in his Blue Devil II was picking off Battlepods and Tri-Thrusters like a skeet shooter taking out clay targets. Due to Minmei’s voice, Dolza’s forces were taken totally by surprise as the RDF and its allies began their attacks. The enemy was totally caught off-guard when the troops saw the unthinkable, Lynn Kyle kissing Minmei!

Miriya caught a glimpse of the act on her Veritech’s main monitor, and briefly imagined herself kissing her husband. She then got back to the battle at hand, promising to herself that she would touch lips with her mate again.

We must fight or face defeat -
We must stand tall and not retreat.>>

Max took out another group of Battlepods as he kept his wife in his visuals. He did what he could to keep her and his comrades covered as they continued to battle against the seemingly endless hordes of Dolza. Space was literally flooded with explosions, missile trails, laser blats and every type of craft imaginable. Through the confusion, Sterling kept the person most important to him in his sight. She was his inspiration. She was his strength. She represented everything that he held dear in life. And he’d be damned if he was to lose her now!

<<With our strength we'll find the might,
There's no fight we can't fight
Oh together
We can win.>>

Max and Miriya were like avenging angels as they put their Veritechs through seemingly impossible maneuvers. No Zentraedi could stand against them as they continued to show to all why they were considered the best of the best. In many cases, they gave the other pilots the edge they needed when things got extremely intense.

Miriya followed her husband in as he led a group of Veritechs toward one of Dolza’s light cruisers. His guns began raking the underside of the ship as he dove in close toward the hull. When he saw a section of the underbelly open up saw a few Tri-Thrusters emerge from the opening, he immediately signaled to his wife to fire at the gap.

His spouse nodded as she realized that they were aiming at the main hanger, which was a potential weakness in the cruiser. She let loose with some missiles, followed by autocannon and laser shots. The Veritechs with them also opened fire. The barrage blasted into the hanger and caused fuel tanks, fighters, ordinance and ammunition to detonate. This caused a chain reaction which rattled the entire vessel. As they bolted away from their target, the Zentraedi ship blew apart from its internal wounds.

With strong hearts that beat as one,
Watch us soar,>>

The two aces swooped and circled about each other in some beautiful and lethal dance. No enemy could get close enough to disturb this deadly ballet, as Max and Miriya blew them away. They were so perfectly in sync with each other and the other RDF pilots couldn’t help but be in awe at this display of grace and precision.

<<And with love that conquers all
We'll win this battle,
This last battle,>>

Max had never felt so alive as he did at this moment. With Miriya by his side, he felt as if he could take on the entire universe!

In her cockpit, Miriya felt a similar sensation as she continued to fly her best with her husband. She felt as if Max had given her a power that she had never experienced before in her long career of warfare. Even when she had been Queen of the Quadronos, she had never been so energized, and so full of vitality. She was no longer the reckless and arrogant ace of the Quarano Battalion. She wanted to live and feel... with Max, forever. Even when their mortal lives had ended, their love would continue into eternity.

<<We will win
We must win
We will win
We can win
We can win>>

The SDF-1 and its allies continued their way toward Dolza’s flagship. Countless scores of ships fell under the combined might of the allies. They stood no chance as the Earth ship moved closer toward the heart of the Main Fleet.

<<As the battle goes on we feel stronger,
How much longer
Must this go on?>>

Max signaled to Miirya as his Veritech went into a climb. The Zenshi Lare followed the Blue Devil II. Both shifted into Battloid Mode like a pair of synchronized swimmers. The two ended up back-to-back with each other. With guns blazing and missiles being released in every direction, the aces became the center of a maelstrom of utter destruction, which wiped out all who went against them.

<<Each and every day we dream of winning
And beginning
A new life.>>

The two greatest pilots of the RDF and Zentraedi were like unstoppable forces of nature as they continued on their rampage across the starry void.

Max became alarmed when he suddenly lost sight of Rick Hunter’s Skull One as the lieutenant headed toward another light cruiser. However, he couldn’t leave Miriya’s side in order to check on his friend and superior. Though her skills were as formidable as his own, even she could not withstand the sheer numbers of foes that were sent against them. It was taking all of his skills just to keep his opponents at bay. And now they were being swarmed by several Quadrano Units, and he knew how reluctant his wife was to engage her former comrades. He had to hope that Rick was all right, as he took on the elite of the Zentraedi Air Force.

We must fight or face defeat -
We must stand tall and not retreat.>>

At this point, the SDF-1 had reached its objective, Dolza’s flagship and started diving down toward it. After dispatching the last of his adversaries, he signaled to the remaining fighter squadrons to break off the attack and put some distance between themselves and the Main Fleet. He looked about and saw Miriya’s Scarlet Fury coming up alongside of his Blue Devil II. He was relieved to see that his spouse had made it through. He looked down at his console and noted that he was completely out of ammunition and missiles. It was just as well as he watched the SDF-1 tear into Dolza’s flagship and into its interior.

<<With our strength we'll find the might,
There's no fight we can't fight

Oh together
We can win.>>

Max felt himself mesmerized by the sight as the heart of the Main Fleet was stabbed by a huge Robotech stake. The battle-fortress disappeared into the depths of the huge base and everyone held their breath for what seemed to be an eternity. The only thing that was heard was Minmei’s song.

With strong hearts that beat as one,
Watch us soar,
And with love that conquers all
We'll win this battle,
This last battle>>

Then, Dolza’s flagship began the shudder as a great force within it tore at its insides. Max could only guess that the final attack had been launched at the main reflex furnaces and they were about to chain-react. The allied forces pulled even further back as the destruction of the Main Fleet’s flagship was about to die. The Veritech squadrons cut in their afterburners to get more speed as flagship went into its final death throes and exploded like a miniature nova.

Max felt a sense of deja vu as he did his best to outrace the expanding energy of Dolza’s destruction. Then, his blood ran cold as he looked about for Miriya. Out of the corner of one eye, he saw the Scarlet Fury desperately trying to get ahead of the energy wave. In his mind, he saw Ben Dixon’s death as his Veritech was torn apart by the SDF-1’s barrier. He had lost someone very dear to him that day. And now, it seemed that history was about to repeat itself.



With that, he threw his Blue Devil into a extremely tight turn and put all the speed he could to reach her.

<<We will win
We must win>>

Miriya pushed her Zenshi Lare to its utmost limits, but its boosters had suffered some damage during the battle, thereby reducing her chances to get away from the energy shockwave. Her sensors were going off wildly as radiation levels were reaching lethal limits. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape and hoped that the end would be quick. A tears rolled down her cheek as she saw an image of Max Sterling’s face in her mind. At least, she had a few moments of paradise before...


The Blue Devil II suddenly flashed by and came between her fighter and the shockwave. As a result, Max’s Veritech took the brunt of the impact and was sent spiraling out of control. The booster pods were torn completely off and the wings were blown off the fuselage. However, the overall result of the impact had the desired effect that Max had intended as the energy was diluted.

Thanks to Max’s selfless act, Miriya’s fighter was spared the full force of the blast and managed to hold together as she rode out the shockwave. However, her heart stopped as she saw her beloved’s damaged Veritech plunging down toward the Earth. She could already see it begin to burn up in the atmosphere and knew that she had to get to him before he was lost to her forever.


Putting her fighter in a dive, she streaked toward her husband and began feeling the heat of reentry. Her Veritech began to automatically activate heat shields and slow its descent, but she overrode those commands as she needed to see what she was doing. Switching to Guardian Mode, she reached out with her Veritech’s right arm and activated the manipulator waldo. Warning lights lit up all over her console as her fighter trembled and threatened to break apart. However, she kept focused on her task as she neared the Blue Devil II.

<<We will win
We must win>>

Time seemed to stop in the universe as she maneuvered the manipulator toward its goal. The metal began to melt and joints started to lock up. She would get only one chance at this. The waldo hooked onto a panel near Max’s cockpit and activated the fuselage ejector switch.

The nose of the Veritech was released from the main body, along with the pilot’s compartment. Miriya immediately used her Guardian’s arms to grab hold of it and put her boosters and main engines on full throttle. The fighter skimmed along the edge of Earth’s atmosphere and back out into space.

<<We will win
We can win!>>


Breetai’s flagship...

Miriya knew she had to get her husband out and since the nearest place where she could land at the time, was Breetai’s flagship, she sent out an SOS to it, asking for permission to land.

Breetai looked on with great interest as Miriya docked her Veritech in the main hanger and began ordering the crews to cool down her husband’s cockpit. Fire retardant foam was released from special hoses and immediately made the cockpit cool to the touch. She frantically opened up all the manual locks and when she found out the canopy was fused shut, she began to panic and pound on the darkened glass, which prevented her from seeing inside. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she became hysterical.


Breetai, and all those present were quite surprised to see the normally cool and unflappable Miriya lose control of all her emotions. The Zentraedi commander realized that this ‘love’ business was indeed a powerful force, if it made the Zentraedi ace act this way. However, he decided to help as he stepped forward and knelt down toward the grief-stricken, micronized former Quadrano pilot.

“Allow me, Miriya.”

Reaching out with one giant hand, Breetai used his thumb and forefinger to pinch the glass of the canopy, shattering it completely and exposing the insides. Lying in his chair, was Max, battered, but alive. He let off a groan as he weakly sat up and looked about.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhh.... what... happened... URK!”

Max felt his breath squeezed out of him as his wife immediately jumped into his cockpit and crushed him in an embrace. She continued to cry into his chest as she held her man tightly.

As Max and Miriya held each other, several of the Zentraedi shied away from the sight as some of them were still unused to the concept of males and females being in close contact. However, the Zentraedi commander felt something different as he watched the two express their feelings for one another. He no longer felt revulsion, but rather a kind of fascination. He became especially intrigued as Max and Miriya touched lips.


“Whoa. This place is bigger than I remembered.” Max commented as he and Miriya were in the bridge of Breetai’s flagship. Currently, they were receiving updates of the battle’s outcome and were glad to hear that the SDF-1 had survived and was now on Earth.

“You’ve been here before, Lieutenant Sterling?” Breetai asked. Miriya had introduced her husband to her former commander.

“Uh, yeah.” Max replied as he gestured to the broken viewscreen behind them. “I crashed my fighter through that monitor when...”

“Ah hah!” Breetai exclaimed as he pointed to him. “So you were the one!” He let off a bit of a chuckle as he said to Miriya. “I must admit Parino, that you have chosen well for a life-partner. Anyone who could throw me out of my own ship, has my respect!” He let off a loud, booming laugh.

Miriya looked at her mate in confusion. “You THREW Commander Breetai out of his own ship? You never told me that!”

Max could only sheepishly reply, “Uh... it’s a long story.”

Miriya was about ask more, but decided that it could wait. The war was over and now, a seemingly bright future loomed ahead of them.

For Max, he could only hold his wife closer to him as he watched the Earth. Soon, they would be transferred back to the SDF-1 and then to the planet, where they would start building towards a new life together. He didn’t know what lay ahead now that the war was over, but he was confident as long as Miriya was there to share it with him.

To be concluded...

Author’s Notes

Wow, we’re in the home stretch as we have one more chapter to go. Max and Miriya may have survived the First Robotech War, but now they must face the challenges of married life and when Miriya becomes pregnant, our two favorite aces must contend with the idea of bringing in a new life. Be sure to come back next time as Aces Of Hearts concludes with chapter 10, Forever Wingmates.

(1) The change here makes more sense. I always wondered in the original series why Exedore referred to Rick and Max, since he only encountered Rick, Ben and Lisa during that time. Max had been in his Battloid disguised as a Zentraedi while the others were being interrogated by Dolza.