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                                   Chapter 4

                                    Part 2

                                Bubble Gum Bash!


Linna frowned as she looked for any sign of Terry Bogard.

Unfortunately, the longhaired streetfighter was nowhere in sight

and Knight Saber had to chalk up the encounter as a loss. She was

about to turn around and head back to the bar when she heard a

huge explosion that came from a hotel just down the street. Looking

up, she saw something being smashed through a sixth story window

and judging from its enormous size, Linna could only guess that it

was a Boomer. Her suspicions were confirmed as the robotic

creation came crashing down onto the pavement on its back,

making a huge depression in the pavement.


The shorthaired brunette blanched as she saw a gaping and smoking

hole in the Boomer's chest. No doubt about it, she was going to need

her Hardsuit and alert the others. She ducked into an alley and

tapped the signaling button on her wrist communicator.


A few minutes earlier in Terry's hotel room…


"Please Mr. Bogard, don't make things any harder. If you would just

come quietly with us, then all will be well." Reginald stated as his

three Boomers took up positions and had Terry backed up toward

the window.


"And if I were to say no?" Terry said as he tensed up into a ready



"Well, saying no is not an option. My employer wishes to meet with

you and learn about your extraordinary abilities, and I have been

given full permission to bring you to him by any means possible."

Reginald gestured to the disguised Boomers. "You'll find that these

Boomers are much more formidable than what you had encountered

before. Let's not start any difficulties shall we?"


Terry began assessing his opponents as he took another step back.

He was in a relatively small room with very little space for

maneuvering. If he wanted to get out, he'd have to take out his

would-be kidnappers in the first few seconds. At first he had

thought about going to Genom quietly. After all, he did want to

know about the company and their connection to the Boomer that

had brought him to this world. However, he didn't like the way that

Reginald person was looking at him, like he was some kind of

human guinea pig. They had also broken into his hotel room and

were threatening him with Boomers with the intent on kidnapping

him. Furthermore, he wouldn't be guaranteed his safety. No, he

would see this Genom, but on his terms!


"As much as I would like to accept your invitation, I'm afraid that

I'm going to have to decline." Terry took his ready stance.


"I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this, but so be it." Reginald

signaled to one of the Boomers to take Terry down.


The machine moved forward with startling speed with its arms

spread out, intent on grabbing Terry in a bear hug. The Lone Wolf

moved inside of the Boomer's reach and slammed a fist into the

robot's abdomen. The machine barely seemed to feel the blow as it

began to close its arms around Terry. Before it could secure a tight

grip on its prey, Terry lashed out with a knee into its gut, causing it

to loosen its hold. Reacting quickly, the streetfighter used the

Boomer's chest as a springboard and hopped over it, landing behind

its back. As the machine turned around, Terry reared back with a

fist and focused his ki.




The ki-powered fist slammed into the Boomer's chest causing it to

buckle under the impact. The force of the blow sent it flying

backward and smashed through the window to fall to the streets

below. Terry then turned to face his two other adversaries as

Reginald backed off toward the door. After seeing Terry smash

through the Boomer's reinforced chest plating with ease, he decided

that more drastic measures might be required. He began reaching

for a small signaling device on his wrist.


Back at the bar…


"Ooh, that smarts!" Leon Nichols said as Priss applied a swab of

iodine to a small cut on his head.


"Aw, stop your whining, you big baby." Priss remarked as she put a

small bandage on the cut, using the bar's first aid kit. "Those guys

only hit you in the head. It's not like they hurt something



"Well, in any case, thanks for the first aid, Priss. You're my angel of

mercy." Leon gave her a lopsided smile. "So are we still on for



Priss frowned as she replied, "I told you before Leon. I like you, but

as a friend! I'm not interested!"


It was then that her signaling device went off. Priss looked down at

her wrist, nodded and turned back to Leon. "Are you going to be



"Yeah, I'll be fine. You have to go right?" Leon gave her the silent

implication that he knew she had Boomer business as a Knight



Priss gazed at him, then nodded. Though she was almost certain

that Leon knew about her identity as an armored vigilante, the AD

cop made no move to reveal her secret or stop her activities. She

then got up and ran out of the bar.


Leon sighed as he watched the object of his affections disappear

around a corner. Then he got up to get on the horn with AD

headquarters, as he was sure that Boomers would soon be

rampaging in MegaTokyo once again.


Priss raced down the street and then caught sight of the Silky Doll

truck parked underneath an overpass. As she got into the back of

the truck, she saw Linna, Sylia and Nene already getting into their

Hardsuits. She nodded as she began stripping her clothes.


"So what's going on?"


"Boomers were spotted near where I was chasing after that Terry

Bogard guy. I think they may be connected." Linna replied as she

finished strapping herself into her suit and placing her helmet over

her head. It was at that time that a huge explosion was heard in the

distance, followed by several more. The Knight Sabers then started

heading toward the scene of the battle.


Meanwhile, in the streets of MegaTokyo…




Terry was breathing hard as his ki-powered punch smashed through

the chest of another Boomer as it tried to attack him from behind.

After dispatching the first Boomer in his hotel room, Terry had

exited the building via the broken window to get more fighting

room. The two other Boomers that Reginald had brought with him

followed him and were now battling him on the streets. They had

long since shed their human disguises and had expanded to their

full sizes. They were upgraded BU-55Cs and had more armor

plating and firepower than the standard models. They were also

faster and programmed with new battle tactics.


As the second Boomer's back exploded out ward from Terry's Burn

Knuckle technique, the Lone Wolf stepped back to avoid being hit

by debris and then faced off against the last of his adversaries. The

third Boomer raised an arm and a gun barrel popped out of it.

Expecting some kind of laser blast or projectile weapon, the Lone

Wolf was caught off guard when the Boomer launched a canister

that exploded before him and released a cloud of knockout gas. Its

programmed directives were to take Terry in alive.


Terry coughed violently as his lungs got a full dose of the gas. He

shook his head to try and clear it, but his vision had begun to swim

and his limbs had started to take on the consistency of limp

spaghetti. He tried to valiantly remain on his feet but he then keeled

forward onto his face and was out like a light.


It was at that time that the Knight Sabers arrived on the scene and

saw Terry go down. As they saw the last remaining Boomer began

to advance on his helpless form, they sprang into action.


Up in Terry's hotel room, Reginald's eyes widened as he saw the

Knight Sabers appear on the scene and started to attack his Boomer.

He had been glad to see Terry Bogard taken down and saw that he

did not to have called in the reinforcements. Now those armored

vigilantes were going to spoil everything! He tapped the

communicator on his wrist and called for the extra support he had

in waiting. They would take care of those Knight Sabers!


On the streets, Priss leapt up and delivered one of her rocket-

powered kicks to the Boomer's head. The Leg Bombers on her foot

detonated and caused the top of the machine to explode, and

scattering debris everywhere. With no head, the decapitated

machine started flailing and randomly swinging its arms.


Sylia engaged her laser-edged sword and sliced into the chest of the

Boomer, carving up its inner mechanisms before shooting off her

laser in the other armored gauntlet. Priss added to the damage by

firing off the rail guns in her gauntlet. The explosive needles shot

into the holes made by Sylia's laser and detonated. The Boomer

blew apart, leaving a smoking heap of debris on the pavement.


"Is he all right?" Sylia asked as she turned toward the fallen form of

Terry Bogard.


Linna and Nene crouched down and began taking his vital signs

through the scanners built into their helmets. Linna nodded as the

readouts came to her. "He's okay. He just inhaled a large amount of

knockout gas. He'll be out for a few hours at least."


"All right. Let's get him out of here before something else comes



As if on cue, a heavy-duty transport aircraft came onto the scene

and hovered above where Terry and the Knight Sabers were. The

craft had no markings, but Sylia suspected that it was from Genom.

The Boomer they had just destroyed was a modified version of the

standard BU-55C. The corporation was going through an awful lot

of trouble to get their hands on this man and now things were

getting even more complicated.


The transport opened up its lower doors and four heavy-duty combat

Boomer were let out. Two were BU-12Bs while the other two were

the new Devastator models. Sylia and the others got ready to battle

as the Boomers touched down.


"Nene! Get Terry to the truck! We'll handle these Boomers!"


The youngest member of the Knight Sabers nodded as she went to

haul the Lone Wolf over to where Mackie was parked.


"Man! This guy is heavy!" Nene complained. Though her Hardsuit

did increase her physical strength, she was still the weakest of all of

the Knight Sabers. Her suit boosted her strength by nine to ten

times, but her natural physical strength wasn't much. Linna and

Priss had constantly teased her to get more exercise and to cut back

on those sweets that she was so fond of. She groaned as she half-

carried and dragged the unconscious streetfighter to the truck.


Priss evaded several shots from one of the Devastators, and then

fired off her beam cannon. Ever since their last encounter with this

type of Boomer, Sylia had all the Hardsuits upgraded for better

firepower and more speed. Priss' beam cannon was far more

powerful and her rail guns packed far more power. Her Knuckle

and Leg Bombers were packing more explosive charges. The blasts

and explosive needles hit home and made several holes in the upper

torso of the Devastator. Priss then followed through with another

rocket-powered kick to the chest and when the Leg Bombers went

off, the entire Boomer was blown in half!


Linna was easily dodging the autocannons of one of the BU-12Bs

and then got in close with the Boomer. With a sharp flick of her

head, the ribbon cutters that were attached to her helmet were

activated and slashed across the heavy armor of the machine. The

monomolecular ribbons sliced into the Boomer's outer casing and

then into the more delicate circuits beneath. Malfunctions began to

arise as the Boomer began to emit sparks and fluids from the

gashes. Linna then reared back and slammed her armored gauntlet

into the largest of the gashes. Her Knuckle Bomber went off and the

BU-12 exploded apart as the shaped charges tore though its innards.

She then turned her attention on the other BU-12B and after a few

more slashes with her ribbon cutters and another Knuckle Bomber

sandwich, had reduced the Boomer to scrap.


The leader of the Knight Sabers was engaging the remaining

Devastator as she took out her laser-edged swords. Evading a

withering barrage, Sylia got in close and slashed at the junction

where the gatling cannons joined the shoulders. The guns went

silent after their ammo belts were disconnected. She then used the

latest addition in her Hardsuit's arsenal. She had recently added a

special plasma grenade launcher to each gauntlet. She slashed again

with her swords and created a huge gaping rip in the Devastator's

chest. She then fired off her grenade launchers, which sent two

projectiles containing a very volatile mixture into the tear. The

grenades exploded, releasing a superheated liquid that was twenty

times hotter than napalm. The Boomer began spasming as its

insides were being melted into slag. The ammunition it contained

within its form exploded when the liquid touched it, causing even

more damage to the Boomer. In less than ten seconds, the

Devastator was reduced to a heap of melted and shredded parts.


After seeing that her comrades had dispatched the other Boomers

with no problems, Sylia signaled for them to pull back to the truck.

Once they were all inside, Mackie activated a device, which

released a kind of smokescreen to cover their escape. He gunned the

engine and the Knight Sabers with their unconscious passenger

were gone in a few minutes. It was just at that time that Leon and

the ADP arrived at the scene, late as usual.


In the damaged hotel room, Reginald gulped after witnessing the

battle. Not only had Terry Bogard slipped through his fingers, but

also the Knight Sabers had destroyed four Boomers and now had

the streetfighter in their custody. Mr. Quincy was not going to like



At Dr. Raven's Garage…


"Are you sure it's a good idea to have him here?" Linna asked as she

and the other Knight Sabers looked at Terry's form as he was laid

out on a cot.


"It was the closest place we could bring him to." Sylia replied. "In

any case, we'll just keep him here and let Dr. Raven take care of

him until he comes to." She then turned to the man in question.

"Can you take care of him until he regains consciousness?"


The old man that Priss called Pops nodded and said, "No problem.

It's not like he's going anywhere. When he comes to, I'll just give

him some excuse about finding him on the street and bringing him



"Right." Sylia said. "While you're at it, try to get as much

information about him as you can. I'd like to know just who he is

and why Genom was after him, though I suspect it's because of

those strange abilities of his. We will be back to check up on him



As Sylia was speaking with Pops, neither she nor the other Knight

Sabers had noticed Terry's eyes begin to flutter and slowly open.

The Lone Wolf's vision was blurry at first, but then began to clear

as he focused on the brightly colored images in front of him. As his

eyesight began to improve, he recognized the armored suits of the

Knight Sabers…. without their helmets! Terry's eyes caught sight of

a cute redhead, a girl with a headband, an older female with a kind

of cropped hairstyle and he then recognized Priss. He then felt his

head pounding again and couldn't hold in the groan.


The Knight Sabers and Pops turned their heads at the sounds and

became pale as Terry sat up and looked at them.


Oh no!


Meanwhile at Genom…


"So you lost him?" Quincy asked with irritation.


"I'm afraid so, My. Quincy." Reginald admitted. "The Knight

Sabers now have him."


"I sent you out for a simple retrieval assignment and you botched it



"It wasn't my fault sir! Even though the Boomers I brought with me

were upgraded, Terry Bogard still destroyed two of them!"


"What about those other Boomers you had on standby?"


"All destroyed I'm afraid. The Knight Sabers arrived on the scene



"I don't want to hear it." Quincy cut him off. "A prime opportunity

has been missed and we have nothing to show for it."


"Not quite sir." Reginald said quietly.


"What do you mean?"


The technician swallowed hard and said, "Well sir, I've just gotten a

hold on the latest analysis on the previous data we had on Terry

Bogard and well, we found something very unusual."


"What do you mean?"


"Well, remember those energy readings that we had on him from

before? I ran them through the spectrographic analyzer and we

found traces of quantum field particles."


"Quantum field particles?" That got Quincy's attention. "Does this

have something to do with the XR-4000 project that was scrapped a

few months back?"


"I think so sir. Just remember that the XR-4000 was designed to

travel through subspace, literally transporting itself through other



"What are you saying…"


"Well sir… based on all available data and this new information,

we have reason to believe that this Terry Bogard is from another

world. That would explain why we have no records of this man ever

existing and also those extraordinary powers of his. We have a

hypothesis that when the XR-4000 imploded during that final

testing sequence, it may have transported to that other world, then

somehow brought Bogard to our reality."


"Are you saying that this Terry Bogard is some kind of alien?"


"No sir." Reginald replied. "The scans did report him as human. It's

very likely that he comes from a parallel world to ours. And this

also raises some more possibilities. That world where Terry Bogard

came from may have other individuals with powers like him. And if

we were able to access that world again…"


"Yes, that does have possibilities. Can we do it?"


"It is theoretically possible to reconstruct the quantum field

generator and recreate the accident that occurred again, but in a

more controlled environment."


"Excellent!" Quincy said as he began thinking of what he could do

with this information. Why settle for just one world, when he had

the chance of conquering two?


To be continued…


Author's notes


Well, that does it for chapter 4. Next chapter, Terry and the Knight

Sabers will find themselves in deep trouble as Terry's past and

enemies start crossing over to the BGC world. There will also be

some interaction between Terry and our favorite female vigilantes.