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Chapter 6

Part 2

There’s Something I Want to Tell You...

“KUDO?!” McGuire gasped as he and Richard were stunned beyond belief. Harley was also in a state of shock.

As for Rachael, she couldn’t believe that after months of waiting and praying, her dream had finally come true. Jimmy was back! Tears began to well up in her eyes again as she slowly approached him, fearing that he might disappear from her life again. When she reached out and touched his shoulder, her heart skipped a beat. He was real and now she could finally speak to him face-to-face. And the first thing she said was...


Jimmy smiled as he gazed upon her and admired her spirit. “Hey Rachael, you don’t need to cry.”

“I’m... not crying!” She insisted, as she tried to hold back the tears, by using her hands to hide her feet.

Jimmy stepped forward and tenderly placed a hand on her right cheek, causing her to look into his eyes. He gave her a reassuring nod and then walked past her to address his rival from Osaka. Without looking over his shoulder, he said to her, “Hang on, Rachael. This shouldn’t take long.”

Rachael wiped away her tears and kept her eyes on him. She then noticed that his face was flushed and sweat was on his brow. Remembering that he had sounded sick on his last phone call to her, she became concerned for his health.

Sherlock gave his disciple a nod and said, “The ball is in your court, my boy. Make me proud.”

Jimmy smiled as he faced Harley with a knowing look. However, his rival still proved to be stubborn as he looked eyes with him.

“Whatever you’re going to say Kudo, it won’t work! Theodore Tarrington already confessed to the crime!”

Jimmy shook his head and responded in a firm tone. “You really are a sore loser, Hartwell. Holmes already proved that your deductions were impossible. And like he always says, once you eliminate the impossible, then whatever is left, no matter how improbable it may seem, must be the truth. The so-called evidence you found was just bait to implicate the old man as the killer. Theodore Tarrington knew he was being set up, but he just went along with it anyway. And you’re probably asking yourself as to why would he do that. The answer would be quite obvious. He knows who really killed his son, but he decided to take the rap for some reason. In any case, that Sealed Room bit was just a diversion to throw everyone off the true killer’s trail. The real trick of how the crime was committed is far more disturbing.”

“What do you mean, real trick?” The Detective of the West asked.

“Huh. Like Sherlock said, you really didn’t use your eyes and your brains. Don’t you remember the stacks of books piled high on the desk and the loud opera music being played when you came into the room? Now one has to wonder why that stack was composed of unrelated titles and the music was being played loud enough to drown out all other noises. Then it dawned on me as I considered the position of the stack, which blocked Rudy’s Tarrington’s face from view. A person standing at the door, wouldn’t be able to see his expression... especially when he was stabbed with the poisoned needle. And the opera music would perfectly hide any screams he made.”

“What?! That doesn’t make any sense! If what you’re saying is true, then that means...” A small drop of sweat rolled down from Harley right temple as he realized what his rival was saying.

The Detective of the East nodded. “Exactly. This was all an elaborate scheme to fool everyone; you, Rachael, her father, Inspector McGuire and anyone else who entered the room, that Rudy Tarrington was already dead. Your theory of the Sealed Room trick was based on the assumption that the victim had been killed, BEFORE you had arrived on the scene. As Mr. Holmes has always told me and Conan, never to base one’s theory on an assumption.”

“Well done, Jimmy!” Sherlock praised as he walked over and stood beside him. “And now, with all the evidence that has been presented and the observations that we have both made, there can only be ONE conclusion that a proper detective can make from all of this.”

“You know it, Sherlock. The one who murdered Rudy Tarrington, was also the first person to approach the body, so...”

“... the murderer is none other than...”

Both detectives raised their right arms and pointed with their index fingers at the same person, which was Rudy Tarrington’s wife Camiel.

“You!” Jimmy and Sherlock said simultaneously.

Everyone was put in a state of disbelief as Mrs. Tarrington stiffened and became pale.

“My word! How horrendous!” Watson exclaimed.

“Indeed it was.” Sherlock agreed. “To think that she would commit murder right in front of witnesses and planned to get away with it! It is quite despicable.”

By now, Richard had finally caught on as he said in a shocked tone. “He... was still alive! She killed him right in front of us!”

“I see that you are finally catching on, Detective Moore.” Holmes remarked. <Perhaps there is hope for you.>

“Yeah, Rudy Tarrington had been asleep before.” Jimmy stated. “He was probably drugged by his wife with a sedative or sleeping pills. Then, when she went over to wake him up, she pricked him with the poisoned needle. He died instantly and the books and music covered up any screams or expressions of pain.”

“Hold on a minute!” McGuire interrupted. “Wouldn’t an autopsy revealed the presence of any sedatives or sleeping pills?”

“Yeah, they would have.” Harley agreed as he too understood what Holmes and Kudo were saying. “But as far as anyone was concerned, finding those drugs would have not have helped uncover the truth. Investigators would assume that the killer had used the drugs to subdue Mr. Tarrington, then used the poisoned needle to kill him. The Sealed Door trick was set up to throw people off the trail and the planted evidence was to incriminate Theodore Tarrington. Thus, the criminal becomes free of suspicion while an innocent man was framed. That about sum it up?”

“Perhaps I was hasty in my assessment of your skills, Mr. Hartley.” Sherlock said. “It seems that you are capable of using your eyes and your brains after all.”

“I guess I deserved that.” Harley admitted as he had developed some new respect for Holmes. “But I do remember using my eyes when we came into this room. Mrs. Tarrington didn’t have the poisoned needle in her hands when she approached her husband. All she had was...” He then let his voice trail off as he saw an image in his mind.

“Yes?” Holmes asked innocently.

Hartley swore-snapped his fingers as he picked up the key on the floor, and continued. “... all she had was her key to his room. It was an exact copy of this one, complete with a keychain holder that opens up like this.” He then opened the holder, showing the two halves, then looked back at Holmes. “The murder weapon was in her hands all along, wasn’t it?”

“Now you are truly using your eyes and your brains.” Holmes said as he walked over to Mrs. Tarrington, then gestured to Inspector McGuire to join him. With a nod of his head, he indicated toward Camiel’s handbag. McGuire understood the silent message and instructed the woman to give him her key. Reluctantly, she did so and McGuire opened up the keychain holder. To his surprise he saw a groove engraved in one half of the holder.

“Huh? What’s this?” The Inspector asked.

“The perfect hiding place for a poisoned needle.” Holmes said as he looked back to his disciple. “What do you think, Jimmy?”

“Well, I’d guess that you’d find traces of Caster Bean extract on that keychain holder. That would probably be what she used to kill her husband.”

“I’m not sure how you’d know that, Kudo, but I’ll have the boys in forensics check it out.”

Kudo smiled and silently thanked the Holo-Learner that Holmes had lent to him. He had just seen through a vid on various poisons and their effects on the human body.

“But why would she kill her own husband? What was the motive?” Harley asked.

Sherlock gave him a smile as he walked over to the bookcase where the family picture was. “Ah yes, the motive. The driving force behind any crime, and the one thing that your investigation left out.”

Harley couldn’t believe how smooth and cool Holmes was. If he didn’t know better, he could swear that Holmes LIVED for solving difficult cases. Sherlock had taken apart his Sealed Room deduction like it was nothing, and pointed out vital clues with amazing effortlessness. How did he do it? How did he make it look so easy? It was as if this person truly was... THE Sherlock Holmes.

The Great Detective of the West found himself humbled in the presence of the absolute master of deduction.

“And here is your motive.” Sherlock announced as he held out the picture of the Tarrington family. “Please note the young woman depicted in this photo. She is of course, Mrs. Tarrington some twenty years ago. Doesn’t she look familiar?”

Rachael gasped as she recognized the resemblance between the young version of Camiel Carrington and the young woman who was going to marry Rudy Tarrington’s son.

Jimmy smiled as he stood beside his mentor and said to Harley, “It can be nothing else, but elementary my dear Hartwell. This woman happens to be Camiel Tarrington’s biological daughter.”

Holmes then pointed to Mrs. Tarrington while addressing Harley. “And, as you had said, Mr. Hartley, that is all SHE wrote.”


After Mrs. Carrington confessed and gave some parting words to her daughter and fiancé, and then being taken away by the police, Harley and Rachael took Jimmy aside for some answers. (1)

“So Kudo, for a guy who came in late in a case, you sure knew a lot about what was going on. Fess up. You were hiding nearby and watching all the time, weren’t you?” Harley demanded.

Jimmy wasn’t feeling fully up to snuff as he leaned against the bookcase for support. He had just gotten his adolescent body back and having his center of gravity so high still took some getting used to. He was still feeling the effects of his illness as well. The antidote Watson had given to him had worked, but the pain he suffered when his body was forced to grow had been excruciating. Still, everything he had endured had been worth it to see Rachael’s eyes light up when she saw him as he truly was.

But now time was running out. As Watson had warned, the antidote was only temporary and he could already feel his body begin to contract and compress. It was like taking that damned poison that shrunk him all over again. His body temperature was rising and his bones felt as if they were melting. The effect of Watson’s antidote was wearing off.

He needed to talk to her, say to her the words he had been keeping within his heart for so long. He wanted to say those words with his own voice, and not with his voice-emulator bowtie. He only needed just a little more time...

“Well?! Are you going to answer, Jimmy Kudo?” Rachael demanded.

Jimmy’s breathing began to become shallow as he forced himself to stand. He called out to his mentor as his tone became desperate.

“Sherlock... I need to speak with Rachael... alone!”

This took Rachael by surprise. Jimmy actually wanted to speak to her in private? After all those times he avoided her, now he wanted to be only with her? What was going on?

When Jimmy began trembling even more, Richard Moore’s daughter began to worry even more. Was he sicker than she thought? Was he...?

The great detective looked upon his protégé with concern, then looked to his robotic partner. “Watson?”

The compu-droid shook his head and replied. “He doesn’t have much time left. I estimate that he has just over ten minutes before...”

“Before what?” Rachael cried out as her anger over Jimmy was instantly forgotten. As she looked back at Jimmy, her fears began rise. What did Watson mean that Jimmy only had ten minutes left? Did that mean... he was dying? Was he trying to tell her that he was about to...? NO! It couldn’t be true! He had finally come back to her! She hadn’t seen him since that fateful day at the amusement park during their first date. She couldn’t lose him now!

“Hey, Kudo you better start explaining yourself!” Harley demanded as he gave his rival a suspicious look.

Jimmy gave Holmes a pleading look and said, “Please, Mr. Holmes. Just give me... eight minutes. That should be enough time... okay?”

Sherlock gave his pupil another look and saw the determined expression on his face. Then he nodded and began addressing everyone.

“It seems that my disciple wishes to have a few words with Ms. Moore in private. In consideration for all that he has done in solving this case, I think that giving him a few moments alone with her is not asking too much. Now come, we should give them their privacy.”

“Come along.” Watson said as he gently pushed Moore, McGuire and Harley out toward the door. “Let us go now.”

“Hey! Now wait a minute!” Harley objected as he was being quietly but firmly shoved out of the room. He tried to push back, but Watson seemed to be a LOT stronger than he appeared.

Then he felt another firm hand taking hold of his arm. He then saw Mr. Holmes smiling at him as he helped his associate clear the room.

“Are you going to be all right Rachael?” Richard asked.

His daughter took a deep breath and nodded. “I’ll be fine Dad. I guess Jimmy and I need some time to catch up on a few things. We’ll join everyone soon.”

As soon as the door closed, then Rachael and Jimmy faced each other for the first time in a long time. Nothing was said between them for what seemed to be an eternity, but was only for a heartbeat. Then Jimmy broke the silence.

“It’s really good to see you Rachael. I missed you.”

Rachael couldn’t hold it back any more as she ran toward and hugged with a grip that threatened to break all of his ribs. She began crying into his chest as she sobbed her response.

“You dummy! (sniff) I missed you too! I missed you so much! I was beginning to think I’d never see you again! (sob) You disappeared that night at the amusement park and I thought you were gone forever! Where were you all this time, Jimmy? Were you spying on me like Harley said? Are you... are you dying?”

“No! No! Rachael, I wasn’t spying and I‘m not dying! I‘m fine! I mean... something happened and I got wrapped up in a case and... well...”

Rachael pushed away from him and angrily looked into his eyes. “Stop lying to me! I’m not going to take any more of your excuses! I want to know the truth! If you really care about me, then you’ll tell me!”

Jimmy looked deeply into her tearful eyes and knew that he couldn’t deny her any more. He then framed her face between his hands and drew her closer.

Rachael’s eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat as their faces drew nearer. “J-Jimmy?”

He gave her a whimsical smile as he paused and said, “I’m always saying that one truth prevails and there’s one truth that I’ve finally decided to accept. Rachael Moore... I... I... I love you.”

At that point, Rachael was feeling as if she was floating on air, then nothing else mattered as her lips and Jimmy’s pressed against each other in their first kiss. (2)


Meanwhile, outside in the hallway, Sherlock secretly conferred with Watson.

“How much time does he have left, Watson?”

“About seven minutes. Holmes, we must do something or Miss Moore and everyone else will learn about...”

“I know Watson. We must somehow provide a distraction. Kudo asked for eight minutes. He has five left. Do you think you could find the main power lines and cause a blackout in five minutes?”

“Not a problem.” Watson said as he used his scanners to find the fusebox. “I have located the power box and cutoff switch. I should be able to provide Kudo with the diversion that he needs.”

“Go to it, Watson.”

The compu-droid nodded as he headed down the hall. Harley then came up to him.

“Ah, Mr. Hartwell. Can I help you?”

“Who are you? I mean, really?” The Detective of the West asked as he gave Sherlock a suspicious look.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You can’t be who you say you are.”

“And why not, may I ask?”

Hartwell gave off a disdainful snort and replied. “Oh come on now. You can’t really be THE Sherlock Holmes! I mean, he’s a fictional character for crying out loud!”

“And your point is?”

“You can’t possibly be him! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made him up! Nobody could be as good as a detective as Sherlock Holmes!”

“Ah, you are making the same mistake as before, Mr. Hartwell. Did you learn nothing from this case?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You are making assumptions and basing your deductions on them. Did you not hear what Jimmy Kudo and I had said? When you eliminate the impossible...”

“Yeah, I know. Whatever remains, no matter how improbable it may seem, must be the truth. Are you saying that it’s possible that you’re actually somebody that’s supposed to be make-believe?”

“I have never claimed to be anyone else, now have I?” Sherlock then gave Harley a pat on the shoulder. “You do have considerable promise as a detective, young man. Your observational and deductive skills are quite impressive, so long as you do not let your ego get in the way of your investigations. If I had met you before I came across my current two disciples, then I would have considered you as a student.”

“Really? So you think I’m as good as Kudo?”
“Do not let that praise go to your head, Mr. Hartwell, lest it interferes with your future cases. Carelessness and snap judgments are to be avoided, especially in our line of work. Patience and discipline are key to solving complex riddles, as well as keeping focused and alert for details. Unless you wish to become like Richard Moore.”

“Ugh! Now there’s a scary thought! So you don’t believe that he solved all of those cases either, now do you?”

“I must admit, it was rather puzzling when I first read about Moore’s unusual string of successes.”

“I knew it! I mean, how could someone like him suddenly go from zero to hero, unless he had help? I figure that Kudo had something to do with it. Moore started solving cases soon after Jimmy disappeared. Now I figure that he was secretly watching Moore during his cases, then solves the crime. Afterwards, he gives the hints to Moore, and Moore takes the credit for solving the cases. What do you think?”

“I must say, the scenario you’ve created does sound plausible and within the realm of possibilities. Now, do you have any evidence to back up your hypothesis?”

“Heh, I think today can be considered as evidence. Moore was totally lost on this case and didn’t know squat. And lately, he hasn’t been able to solve any other cases. Now that I know that Jimmy is your student, I can safely say that Moore had lost his secret weapon to solving crimes. Am I getting warm?”

Sherlock couldn’t help but smile at Harley’s intuition. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he noted the time on a nearby grandfather clock. Watson would be cutting off the power, right about... now.

Suddenly, the whole house was plunged into darkness. Then a shout was heard...



A few minutes before the blackout...


“Hmmm?” The girl mumbled as she continued to snuggle up against his chest. She figured that Jimmy could explain about his absence later. She just wanted to stay in his arms for a while. After all, this wonderful detective had just said he loved her! She could show up her friend Serena at school tomorrow while holding onto Jimmy’s arm!

However, the mood was to be broken as Jimmy reluctantly pushed her away. His expression turned to one of great sadness as he said, “Rachael, I’m so sorry, but I have to get going now.”

“What? What do you mean? You finally come back into life, say you love me, and now you have to go again?”

“I don’t want to go. I really don’t... but I have to. There’s so much I want to tell you, but I can’t... not now. I just wanted to let you know how I felt about you before I...”

“Before what? Is it another case? Can’t it wait until tomorrow? Can’t you turn it down?”

Then suddenly, Jimmy felt his body begin to convulse and his heart started to pound. He knew that his time was up as his breathing became irregular.

<No! Not now! The antidote is wearing off! I can’t let Rachael see me turn into Conan! I’ve got to get away! But how?>

Just then, the lights went off, which gave Jimmy the opportunity to break away from Rachael’s embrace. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as he said his farewells.

“I’ll see you soon, Rachael. Goodbye...”

He then started to run toward the door.

Rachael however, proved to be very stubborn as she reached out for him.


She managed to grab hold of Jimmy’s left hand and using her knowledge of judo, she managed to twist him about. She then lunged and the momentum caused the both of them to tumble to the floor. She then threw her arms around his torso and held on with all of her strength.


Then something strange happened. Jimmy suddenly began to become smaller in her arms, like he was melting. She increased her hold on him, but as his form diminished, it became harder for her to keep him pinned down. Then as they flailed about on the floor, Jimmy bumped his head against one of the desk’s legs and cried out.


Rachael was shocked as she recognized the voice. It was a higher tone than Jimmy’s and when she heard it, she stiffened up. Then two people came in with a flashlights. They shone their beams toward the floor and that’s when Rachael saw his face.

“C-Conan? But... Jimmy... you... how... you’re... him? What’s going on?”

At the doorway, Sherlock and Watson could only stand helplessly as Rachael Moore spoke in a quiet and stunned whisper...

“Jimmy Kudo... is Conan Edogawa?!”

To be continued...

Author’s Notes

Yeah, I must be really evil to leave you all hanging like this, but hey, it’s my story. And as I said before, things are going to get hairy in the near future. In any case, next chapter, Rachael and Conan are going to have a long talk and we’re going to have some more of the Great Detective of the West. See you there.



(1) For those of you who are wondering, the motive can be found in No Immunity for the Diplomat part 2.

(2) Okay, okay, I admit it. I’m a bit of a romantic at heart and I needed to put in a little mush now and then.