Phantom + Vampire

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Chapter 4

Fenton Frame-Up

(A Picture is Worth a Thousand Screams)

“Ooh! I’m so glad that you four decided to join the school newspaper club!” Ms. Nekonome said happily as Danny, Moka, Kurumu and Akira entered the room that was used by the current club members, which incidentally only had one at the time.

“Well, it’s not like we had much choice.” Jack Fenton’s son admitted. “Even though the club registration time was extended to today, there weren’t very many clubs that had openings left. Nothing that wasn‘t too weird anyway.”

“Whichever club my mate of fate joins, I’ll join!” Kurumu declared as she snuggled up against his left side and clamped onto his arm. This of course, didn’t sit well with Moka as she took hold of his other arm and tried to gently pull him away.

Behind them, Akira smiled as he looked upon his idol. After getting him to sign all of his Danny Phantom memorabilia, the two became fast friends. It was surprising that the kappa acted more human than one would think. In his hands was a small digital camera, in which he had some skill in taking photos. This would make him the natural candidate for newspaper photographer. He was also eager to snap new pictures of his hero Danny Phantom.

The quartet looked about and noted that the entire classroom was empty aside from a pair of computers, a copier, a scanner and a printing press with several reams of paper. A small closet on the other side of the hallway was used as a darkroom.

“So where’s the rest of the club?” Danny asked as he gently disengaged himself from the two girls.

The catwoman teacher nodded as she answered. “The president of the Newspaper Club happens to be Ginei Morioka. He’s a second year and he should be here any minute now. Incidentally, aside from you four, he’s the only remaining member of this club.”

As if on cue, a student walked into the room and waved to the group. He was about a year or so older than Danny and was dressed in the standard school uniform without the tie. He had his hair tied back with a headband and possessed some classic good looks. However, there was something about him that just put Danny on edge. It reminded him of the time he first met Vlad Masters. He put on a good front and seemed to be friendly, then he revealed his more darker side which gave the ghost teen unending headaches.

“Well, now that the president is here, I’ll just leave you to your business.”

With those words, Nekonome left the room.

Ginei smiled as he approached the two girls and presented them with a pair of flower bouquets. “I’ve got to admit that the news club lucked out this year with you two beauties.”

Kurumu took the compliment nonchalantly. After all, she was used to such flattery. However, Moka had never been complimented as such and blushed furiously.

As for Danny, he wasn’t impressed with the flirting and let off a sigh. He and the others took a seat as the club president took his place behind a podium at the front of the room.

“Okay everyone. I’m Ginei Morioka, though you can call me Gin. The Newspaper Club’s job is to report and print information and events happening here at Youkai Academy. So without further ado, let’s get started on our first story for the school year. Now there have been reports on a Peeping Tom whose been snapping pictures of girls in the locker rooms and restrooms. So it’s our job to find this creep and expose him as the pervert that he is!”


Later that day...

“Any leads Akira?” Danny asked as he met up with his kappa friend near the cafeteria.

The water spirit shook his head. “I’ve been asking several of the witnesses at the girls’ dormitory, but no one’s ever gotten a good look at the guy. They say that he moved so fast, most people only get to see a dark blur.”

“Hmmm, so what we got is a guy who’s fast on his feet.”

“Yeah.” Akira then held up his digital camera and set it to video mode. He started to scan around the area, stopping when he took notice of a couple of individuals who were hanging up posters. When Danny looked into the camera’s monitor, he frowned at what he saw.

“It looks like there’s more than one Peeping Tom at Youkai Academy.” Maddie Fenton’s son remarked as he powered up a small amount of ghost energy in his right index finger. He then pointed it forward like the barrel of a gun and fired. A small streak of Ghost Ray shot toward its target.


Ginei grinned as he was crouching down and enjoying the view as the two girls were standing on stools and hanging up some posters. He was getting a good look up their skirts, when suddenly a sharp stab of pain flared up his rear end, causing him to jump up and yelp in surprise. This caught the attention of the two girls, who became quite angry when they realized what he had been doing. Before Gin could attempt to make up an excuse...


Standing nearby, both the kappa and the half-ghost smiled in satisfaction as the female pair departed angrily. Ginei stood in slight shock and pain, with both of his cheeks sporting a red handprint.


The club president rubbed his posterior as he, Danny and Akira walked toward the rear of the school.

“Ouch! I wonder what kind of bug bit me back there.”

“Maybe it was divine punishment?” The ghost-powered adolescent suggested sarcastically.

Akira nodded in agreement with his hero. “We saw what you were doing back there, sempai.”

Gin halted and gave both his new club members a glare. “What are you two trying to tell me?”

Danny shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t know. You explain to us what we just saw. A guy looking up a couple of girls’ skirts, gets caught in the act and is punished for his crime. You know, things like that might get people to thinking that you’re the Peeping Tom everyone’s looking for.”

“How dare you even suggest that I would be him?” Ginei said in indignation.

“Well so far, you haven’t shown us anything different.”

The older boy was taken aback by the indirect accusation and quickly denied, “I’m not the pervert who’s been snapping pictures of the girls sports team! Besides, I got a lead on who the real pervert!” He then addressed the kappa disguised as a human. “Akira, I need your camera.”

“Why?” The first year asked in suspicion.

“I need it so I can catch the pervert in the act! I got a tip that he might show up near the girls’ locker room and I think we can get some evidence on him! Our reputation as the School Newspaper depends on exposing this guy!”

Akira was already suspicious at this point and looked toward Danny for some kind of sign or advice. After a long while, his idol let off a sigh and nodded. Most reluctantly, he gave his camera to Gin, and then was instructed to go around to the other side of the academy to check on another lead. This left Danny alone with the club president as he led him toward a small building.


“I’ve been told that the Peeping Tom might have a hideout in there.” Gin said as he pointed toward the back of the structure.”

“Is that so?” Danny asked with more than a little unease in his tone. He started to suspect that something was fishy about Gin’s so-called tip. His instincts were beginning to scream that he was being set up. After enduring Dash Baxter’s bullying and underhanded tricks, the ghost boy was more than leery when things didn’t sound right. It almost felt as if someone was planning to put a ‘kick-me’ sign on him.

“Come on.” The upperclassman gestured as he led Danny toward a window and rolled up a barrel toward it. “I just need you to look into that window and check out what’s inside.”

“Why don’t you do it? You’re the one with the camera.”

“Hey, I can’t hold up the camera and balance on that barrel. Come on! Just look inside and tell me what you see.”

Even though it was against his better judgment, Danny decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. “Okay, but just for a moment.”

Danny climbed up the barrel and took a brief look inside.

That when all Hell broke loose.




He was completely caught off-guard as he glimpsed a group of girls in various stages of undress, with a few in the nude. At that moment, Danny noticed a flash of light behind him and realized what had happened.

“YOU SET ME UP!” He cried out angrily.

Ginei grinned as he shrugged. “What? I just took a picture of the Peeping Tom, which will be on the front page of the school newspaper. And once the story is run, Moka will be all mine! See ya!”

Danny was about to go after him but several blunt objects sailed toward his head. Seeing that he had no choice, he immediately turned invisible and faded from view.


Later that afternoon...

<Stupid jerk!> Danny growled as he had to stay invisible for most of the afternoon, after Ginei had framed him and sent out that incriminating photo on the school newspaper. Most of the female students were after his blood now, and Moka was doubting his integrity.

Once he had gotten away from the angry mob, he tried to convince Moka not to believe the lie that he was the Peeping Tom. However, the evidence was so compelling that she couldn’t face him and kept her distance. Furthermore, Ginei added more insult to the injury when the ghost boy tried to confront him in the Newspaper Club room...



“Face it, Fenton. Everyone believes that you’re the Peeping Tom, which gives me a free shot at the hottest girl in school. Attack me now and you’ll just prove your guilt even more. So why don’t you just leave Moka to me and maybe... in a couple of months or so, the school will forgive you for your perversions?”

Ginei smirked as he knew that he held all the cards and that Danny could do nothing about it. However, he got a slight chill down his spine as the ghost boy transformed in front of him.

“Mark my words Ginei. You’re going down. And I’ll make sure you hit ROCK BOTTOM!”

With this warning, he faded from view.


End of flashback...

Danny wanted to kick that president so hard that he’d be in traction for the rest of the school year. However, that was not the most important thing to do at the moment, but it was high on the list. First thing was to get the evidence needed to clear his name. So Danny decided to head toward the most likely source, the Newspaper Club room.


The Newspaper Club Room...

Akira and Kurumu were both present in front of the computer, when Danny appeared before them in his human form.

“Danny! You’re not really the Peeping Tom, are you?” Kurumu asked with hope in her eyes as she ran up to him.

“Trust me, I didn’t do it!” The Ghost Teen assured. “That Ginei creep framed me! I think he might be the real Peeping Tom and he set me up in order to get his hands on Moka!”

“Actually I believe you, Danny.” Akira said as he hooked up his digital camera to the computer.

“You do?” Jack Fenton’s son asked in surprise.

“Yep, and it’s not because I idolize you, Danny Phantom.” Akira then shyly added. “Well, it’s partially because of that, but after sempai ordered me to run that photo on the next edition, I decided to check out my camera. I wondered why he insisted to use my camera. Like you, I suspected that Gin was the real Peeping Tom and I realized that he used my camera instead of his own to keep anyone from finding any connections to him. However, when I scanned through the memory, I found out that he made one SLOPPY mistake. He was so anxious to get a photo to frame you that he didn’t realize that my camera was on video mode and it recorded the WHOLE scheme to get you in trouble. Look at this!”

Akira then pressed the playback button, and the screen clearly depicted Danny being told to get on the barrel behind the girls’ locker room. The background audio caught Gin’s voice as he instructed Danny to look into the window, and the ensuing conversation afterwards. Once the video finished playing, Kurumu let off a squeal of delight and hugged Akira in gratitude.

“Yes! This video proves my Mate of Fate is innocent! You’re awesome Akira!”

Danny smiled as he gave his friend a thumbs-up. “Good job Akira.”

The kappa smiled back. “Anything for my hero Danny Phantom. Once we show this evidence to the Headmaster, then everyone will know that you are not the Peeping Tom.”

The adolescent half-ghost nodded then became serious as Kurumu disengaged from Akira and went to glomping him. “Yeah, this does prove my innocence, but it doesn’t substantially prove Morioka’s guilt. The reasons why he framed me was to get to Moka and to keep people from finding out that he’s the culprit. We’re going to need some hard evidence to nail that jerk to the wall, and I think I know where we can find it. Do you know where Ginei’s dorm room is?”

The bespectacled boy nodded and replied. “He’s lives on the second floor of the boys’ dormitory, room 2-45. I had to go there to get my camera back. Why?”

Fenton took on a slightly devilish expression as he gestured for his classmates to follow him.


Boys’ dormitory...

In a small room, three figures passed through one of the walls and became solid inside of Ginei‘s room. Danny then broke contact with Akira and Kurumu and looked about.

“So that’s what intangibility feels like?” Akira commented. “It kinda tingles.”

“So what are we looking for?” The succubus asked.

Danny nodded as he levitated about and searched the room. “We need to find anything that could connect Ginei to all those peeping incidents. Akira, when did those crimes begin to occur?”

The kappa thought for a moment, then replied, “Come to think of it, when I read the reports, the earliest dates were late last semester. When you add it all up, that also clears you as the Peeping Tom because you weren’t even enrolled at that time.”

“Right. However, we still need to prove that Ginei is the guilty party. And I think I may have found it.”

While hovering near the ceiling, he noted that the one of the tiles was slightly ajar. Noting a small latch, he pulled on it. The tile immediately swung down on a hinge, revealing a hidden compartment. Reaching inside, he pulled out a large box. Opening it up, he smiled in triumph.

“Bingo! I got you now, Mr. President. Prepare to get impeached!”



“I can’t believe that Danny is the Peeping Tom!” Moka said as she and Ginei were currently on the roof of the school. At the time, the full moon was rising.

The perverted club president smiled as he sidled up to her in his bid to make her his. His mind raced with extremely dirty thoughts.

“Pictures don’t lie Moka.” Ginei remarked as he tried to pull her toward him.

“Pictures don’t lie, but you do!”

Both turned at the sound of the shout as a blast of green energy short forward. This caught the would-be suitor off-guard and struck him squarely on the chest. He sent flying backward until he hit the wall of a nearby tower.

“Danny!” Moka cried out as she saw the American standing with a hand glowing with green light.

Ginei coughed a bit and felt a stinging pain in his body as he got to his feet. “Looks like you’re even more stupid than I thought! This attack on me just proves that you’re the guilty one! By tomorrow, everyone is going to be after you!”

“Oh really?” Akira declared as he and Kurumu appeared from behind a corner. “Who’s going to be after who?” He held up his camera and pressed the playback button, with the volume turned on maximum.

Moka gasped as she saw the evidence and heard Ginei’s voice as he framed Danny. She then threw an angry glare at him.


Ginei sweated as his scheme began to unravel. “Uh... well, I can explain...”

“Don’t bother!” Kurumu said with a smug expression. “We’ve already sent a copy of this video to the Headmaster. We also found A LOT of memory cards with digital images of naked and undressing girls stored in your room. The dates and times recorded on those photos match EXACTLY to the times in the which the Peeping Tom struck. We sent the whole batch to the Headmaster as well. Face it Morioka. There’s no doubt that you’re the guilty one!”

At this point, he realized that the jig was up. Ginei let off a roar of frustration. “Fine then! If I can’t take Moka by trickery, then I’ll just have to take her by force!”

With those words, he let off a howl as his body began to grow in size and become more hairy in appearance. His face became like a wolf’s as his ears relocated to the top of his head. His hands became clawed while his feet burst out of his shoes. A bushy tail swung behind him, completing the change.

“He’s a werewolf!” Akira cried out.

“It’s said that a werewolf could match a vampire’s power!” Kurumu said as she sprouted her wings and took to the air.

Ginei snickered as he prepared to attack. “In this form, under the full moon, I am unbeatable! So just hand Moka over, and nobody gets hurt.”

“I won’t forgive you for what you did!” Moka said as she reached over and grabbed hold of Danny’s right hand. She brought it up toward her rosario and made him close his fist on reflex. This caused the rosario to be removed, thereby triggering her own transformation.

The demonic energy flowing from her body blanketed the entire area, which would have made most other monsters quiver in fear. However, this only fueled Ginei’s lust as he started to dart about at super-speed.

“Excellent! You’re even more magnificent in your true form Moka! You will be mine!”

Inner Moka let off a growl as she tried to strike him. With her superior strength, one blow would have been enough to do the job, but Ginei easily danced about her attempts as he taunted her, making quick strikes and keeping out of her reach.

“You can’t hit a werewolf while under the light of the full moon! You may as well submit to me!”

Just as he was charging again, the roof tiles under his feet turned to ice, causing him to lose traction.


The werewolf slid past Inner Moka and slammed into another wall. Looking in the opposite direction, the vampire saw Danny with a hand raised, which was glowing with a blue-white light.

“Stay out of this! I‘m going to teach him his place!” The vampire warned.

Danny shook his head as he firmly told the bloodsucking girl, “Actually it’s really MY fight. I’M GOING GHOST!”

Akira immediately began recording with camera as Danny Fenton became Danny Phantom. It wasn’t everyday that he could film one of his hero’s battles. He gasped in delight as he caught the full transformation from human to ghost boy. Flying above, Kurumu also watched with anticipation.

<This is going to be good!> Both thought.

The other side of Moka gazed upon the ghost boy and noted the determination in his eyes. She decided to let him prove himself against this foe and stepped aside, just as Ginei got back to his feet and glared at the source of his troubles.

“I’ve heard about you, Danny Fenton! You think those wimpy ghost powers of yours can match up to a werewolf?”

Danny snorted in disdain as he replied. “I think they’re WAY more than enough to handle a MUTT like you.”

“What did you call me?!” Ginei said in anger at the insult.

The Fenton boy smiled as he knew the best way to get a bully to lose control is to make him lose his temper. “I called you a mutt. What? Are you deaf? I thought dogs had good hearing. Yeah, you heard me. I called you a dog, not a wolf. A very STUPID dog at that. It’s pretty ironic that you’re a pervert who peeps and takes photos of unsuspecting girls. You’re just like a mangy dog that sniffs through garbage. You’re a cur, a jackal. You’re nothing but a filthy MONGREL.”

Something about word ‘mongrel’ made Ginei go completely over the edge. (1) Letting off a howl, he charged in at full speed, intent on ripping Danny’s head off.


However, Danny had other ideas as he simply became translucent. Just as his opponent took a swing at him, he phased into the werewolf with ease. The club president suddenly stopped in his charge as his body began rebelling against his will. His eyes suddenly glowed with the same green light as spoke in the ghost superhero’s voice.

“Okay Fido, it’s PAYBACK TIME!”

A moment later, Ginei spoke with his own voice as his right hand came up.

“Wh-What the...?! What’s going on?!”

His hand then came around and slapped his check hard.



Then Danny took over the voice for a moment.

“Stop hitting yourself!”

Then Ginei’s other hand came up and slapped him on the opposite side.



“Stop hitting yourself!”

Then the process repeated itself two dozen times. Using Ginei’s super-speed, Danny began exacting his revenge.


“OW!” times twenty-four.

“Stop hitting yourself!” times twenty-four.

The others could only gape in disbelief as Ginei literally slapped himself silly. His face was red and swollen from the slapping fest. However, Danny was far from finished as he made his tormentor hold up his fists and began hitting his face with it, again using his host’s speed to his advantage.


The werewolf’s face was now peppered with bruises, and had two huge black eyes. He staggered as he was near collapsing. At this point, the pervert was too dazed and injured to offer up any resistance, but Jack and Maddie’s offspring wasn’t done by a long-shot. He forced the humanoid canine to stand up, then made him to suddenly sprint from the others, off the roof and away from the academy.

Ginei finally stopped when he was about a half-mile away. Then he found himself crouching in a sprinter’s starting position. His eyes glowed green again.

“On you mark... get set...”



The Peeping Tom of Youkai Academy couldn’t do anything as his body suddenly accelerated to full speed back toward the school. Under the full moon, he was at his fastest as he left a huge dust trail behind him.

On the roof, Akira could only watch in amazement as he recorded Ginei’s approach. His camera was tracking him at about 75 mph. Then he, Kurumu and Inner Moka held their breath as he approached the academy’s outer wall.

Inside of the werewolf, Danny taunted Ginei as he drove him to accelerate even faster.

<Still think my powers are no match for yours? Hasta la vista Dog Boy!>

Just an instant before impact, the Fenton boy phased out of the Newspaper Club’s president.



The sudden introduction of a concrete wall with a lycanthrope’s face going at over 100 mph caused a tremendous crash to be heard all over the school. When the dust cloud finally settled, a battered and severely bruised Morioka was sprawled on his back and unconscious in a pile of rubble.

Danny reappeared and waved to his friends on the roof. As Akira and Kurumu cheered him, Inner Moka had a quiet conversation with her other side.

<I must admit... that was... impressive.>

<Wow! He was so cool! He really put that pervert in his place!>

<Indeed. And you should not be so quick to judge a person’s character on the words of others. >

Outer Moka became silent at her other self’s remark. At that point, the other side of the girl softened slightly and added, <I am like this because those who want my respect must earn it. Danny Phantom has not gotten it completely, but he’s on the right track.>

The gentler side of the vampire girl reappeared as she replaced the rosario on her neck. She was eager to apologize to Danny as soon as possible.


The very next day, Danny’s good name was restored as the next edition of the Youkai School Newspaper completely exonerated him of all wrongdoing and named the true Peeping Tom; Ginei Morioka. Every relevant piece of evidence was printed, proving of the Newspaper Club President’s guilt. Naturally this put the werewolf’s reputation into the toilet. Furthermore, despite having extraordinary healing abilities, the punishment he had received from Danny Phantom was going to take a long while to recover from.

A werewolf could be harmed, (even fatally), by silver, magic or by another lycanthrope. Technically speaking, since Danny had made Gin inflict grievous injury upon himself, that counted as being hurt by a lycanthrope. And then there were the following acts of retribution by the victims when they found out the identity of the Peeping Tom. The girls volleyball team had pelted him with dozens of balls while practicing their spike techniques. The gymnastics team had attempted to strangle him with their ribbons. The archery team had used him for target practice, in which he was thankful they had used iron-tipped arrowheads instead of silver, (though they still hurt like blazes). The track and field teams also wanted him dead and threw hammer-balls, javelins, discus, and iron shot put balls at him. The tennis team would either serve deadly shots at him or try to smash in his brain with their rackets.

By the time he finally made it to the Newspaper Club room, he was a mess. His face was still a wreck after slamming into the school gate. He had multiple scratches all over and bruises in places he didn’t even know he had. His clothes were tattered and dirty. He walked with a bit of limp, courtesy of one girl in the Driver’s Ed class who tried to run him over. When he entered the room, he felt a very cold atmosphere about the area and was met by several glares.

He first saw Danny Fenton.

Gin was still angry at not being able to get Moka for himself, and for having his reputation sent down the sewer. However he had found out the hard way, that the American was not someone to be taken lightly. His intangibility and possession powers made the foreign exchange student virtually untouchable, and no amount of speed could counter it. Danny had later warned him not to cross him again. Otherwise, the lycanthrope might wake up one day and find himself neutered.

The glare he got from Moka was to be expected, as he had framed her friend and tried to take her by trickery and force. The succubus Kurumu was also angry, which was no surprise since Danny was her intended ’mate of fate.’ Akira didn’t respect him at all, since the lycanthrope had used his camera to falsely place the blame on his idol.

However, their combined glares didn’t even come close to one belonging to Ms. Nekonome. The happy-go-lucky teacher was all business as she addressed him.

“Ah, Club President Morioka... so nice of you to join us today. Please sit down. There’s a LOT of things the club members would like to discuss with you.”

Ginei winced a bit at the icy tone his teacher spoke with. During his first year, the catwoman had been quite supportive when he joined up with the club. However, the look she was giving him now, made him feel as if he had killed her mother or firstborn kitten. After a bit of difficulty, he managed to sit down and tried to say something, but the teacher cut him off.

“Morioka, do you remember when you first joined this club last year?”

“Uh... yes?”

“And do you remember what I told you about the goal of the Newspaper Club?”


“And what was the goal of this club?”

“To report all news, present the facts, and to educate the readers.”

“That’s right Morioka. It’s the Newspaper Club’s job to print the TRUTH. However, this little stunt of yours has made a mockery of the club that I started years ago.” Nekonome’s glare became even more intense. “You ABUSED my beloved club to fabricate a LIE, for your own personal gain and to cover up your crimes! That goes against everything this club stands for! Furthermore, you were willing to frame an innocent club member, without even thinking about the consequences of such an act! By all rights, I should have you EXPELLED for this!”

Ginei gulped as he realized that he was on very thin ice.

The feline educator took a moment to compose herself, then resumed her reprimand. “I had some high hopes for you. You were the only one who remained after that incident months ago.” (1)

“What incident was that?” Akira inquired.

She held up a hand, indicating that his question would have to wait, as she continued addressing Ginei. “You have greatly disappointed me, Morioka. Therefore, I hereby exercise my authority and right as the founder of this club, to have you removed as its president.”

“But...” The lycanthrope began before being cut off.

“Furthermore, you will make amends to all those you have offended with your crimes, starting with a formal apology to each and every one of those victims. And you WILL take the consequences of your actions. If they require financial compensation, you will pay for it. If they require some kind of community service, no matter how degrading it might be, you will perform it. You will also be placed on indefinite cleaning detail at the boys’ dormitory, and your club membership shall be on probation, until you prove that you truly understand this club’s ideals. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

Ginei could only bow his head in compliance. “Yes ma’am.”

“Count yourself lucky that I have decided not to have you ejected from the academy.” She then turned to other members of the club. “It seems we now have a vacancy for the position of club president. Therefore, the next order of business is to elect someone to fill that spot. I hereby nominate... Danny Fenton.”

This came as a complete surprise to the ghost teen and the others as he pointed to himself. “Who me?”

The catwoman nodded while smiling. “Indeed. You have demonstrated integrity, determination and a sense of justice that will do well as this newspaper’s editor.”

“I second the nomination!” The kappa declared as he raised his right hand.

“All those in favor?” Nekonome asked.

Both Kurumu and Moka raised their right hands as well.

“All those opposed?”

Ginei wanted to raise his hand but did not for two reasons. The first reason was because he was already outvoted four to one. It wouldn’t have made any difference. Secondly, his arms still hurt from the multiple beatings he had received from the female student body.

The catwoman nodded and announced, “Majority wins! Congratulations, Club President Fenton!”

The succubus, vampire and kappa all crowded around their club president, cheering him for his promotion. Sitting alone and ignored, Gin could only bow his head down in defeat.

True to Danny’s promise, he had been knocked off from his high position and hit the bottom.


After classes...

“You finished cleaning out your stuff? I don’t want to find any porno in there.”

Gin growled as he looked up from the club president’s desk and saw Danny standing at the doorway to the club room.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” He accused. “So did you come to kick me when I’m down?” He shook his head in disgust and muttered to himself. “Damn it! Just like last year!”

Danny shrugged. “Don’t know what happened last year, but keep in mind that I didn’t put you into this situation. You did that to yourself with that little frame-up of yours. You abused the trust of the Newspaper Club. You abused the trust of Ms. Nekonome. And lastly, you abused the trust of all your classmates. However, if you work hard enough to rebuild that trust... then maybe, just maybe... the school will forgive you for your perversions.”

The werewolf winced as he heard his own words come back to haunt him. However, he was in no position to go against the new club president. With a sigh, he put the last of his possessions into a small box, picked up the container and began to head toward the door. As he passed by Danny and started down the hallway, he stopped as his replacement called out to him.

“I expect to see you bright and early tomorrow. We’ve got a paper to circulate.”

Gin let off one more tired sigh and nodded. “Yes Mr. President.”


The following day...

With the incident of the Youkai Academy Peeping Tom behind them, the members of the Newspaper Club sat down to begin another day of academic achievement. Danny rubbed the side of his neck after Moka had taken a quarter-pint of his blood for breakfast. Then the catwoman teacher entered the homeroom and got the attention of the students.

“Class, we have a new addition to the teaching staff joining us today. He’ll be the new instructor for World Human History.” She then called to someone outside of the room. “Please come in and introduce yourself.”

Just as the door opened, Danny felt a chill as a small puff of blue mist came out of his mouth.

<Huh? My Ghost Sense went off. Why would that happen unless... ?>

At that moment, a tall, smartly-dressed man with a gray beard entered the room and stood behind the teachers desk. His hands were clasped behind his back as he addressed the students. His smile became even more pronounced as he saw the shocked face of Danny Fenton.

“Good morning class. I am Youkai Academy’s new World Human History teacher, Vlad Masters.”

To be continued...

Author’s notes

Yeah, I’m a stinker for leaving you on this cliffhanger, but it was the perfect way to end the chapter. As for the changes I made, I felt that in the original story, Gin got off too easy, so I thought I’d give him a bit of a lesson in humility by having Danny take his position as Club President. For chapter 5, we’re going to have Vlad and Danny confront each other and introduce a couple new characters as well as the imminent arrival of a certain yuki onna and a witch. I’ve also decided to move this story to the Non-Ranma section. See you then!

(1) This will be due to Ginei’s past history with the School Security Force which we’ll be looking into later.