Phantom + Vampire


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Chapter 2

Seduction of the Ghost

(Full of Lustful Ambitions)


“Did you hear rumors about what happened at the cemetery two days ago?”


“Yeah, I heard that delinquent Saizou tried something with Moka Akashiya, but that foreign exchange student Danny Fenton put him into the intensive care ward.”


“Did you hear that Moka’s a vampire and Danny is some kind of ghost-creature?”


“So much for keeping your true form a secret.”


“I wonder what kind of monster Fenton happens to be?”


Standing nearby and invisible, Danny listened in on the conversations of the other students as they passed by on their way toward the school. Since that incident with Saizou, several dozen rumors began to circulate through the grapevine. Shrugging his shoulders, he decided not to worry about those tales, and walked off. As soon as he got to a secluded area, he became visible again and leaned against a tree, as he thought about his current situation.


<Okay, number one I happen to be in a school with monsters disguised as humans. Number two, I happen to be friends with a vampire who likes to suck my blood in the morning. Number three, I have NO idea where this place is, but it’s got to have something to do with ghosts, since my Ghost Sense keeps on going off every now and then…>


As if on cue, a small wisp of blue mist was emitted from his mouth, followed by a slight shiver.


Since coming to Youkai Academy, Danny’s Ghost Sense went off, whenever he strayed further from the campus grounds. Either the place had tremendous amounts of spiritual energy and he was reacting to it, or there just might be ghosts aside from him, attending school.


<Hard to believe that Mom and Dad didn’t check this place out more thoroughly before enrolling me here…”>



Back at Fenton Works…


“Did you have any trouble with that ghost, dear?” Maddie asked as her husband came home with an Ecto-Bazooka slung over his shoulder.


“Nope!” Jack replied.  “Like Danny told us, it doesn’t take much to deal with the Box Ghost. Believe it or not, I just baited him with an empty cardboard box and some bubble wrap.” He held up a Fenton Thermos and casually tossed it to his spouse.


Maddie caught the device and hooked it up to the console next to the new Fenton Ghost Portal. The door opened briefly as the contents of the thermos were expelled into the Ghost Zone. A rotund figure in coveralls, cap and gloves, briefly appeared at the portal’s entrance.


“BEWARE!” The Box Ghost cried out before being sucked into the other dimension.


As the portal doors closed, Danny’s father then asked his wife, “So, any word from our son? How was his first day at the new school?”


“Actually, I haven’t received any emails or phone calls yet.”


“By the way, where is this Youkai Academy anyway?”


“Well, I didn’t find the address on the online application I filled out, but it was the only school that would take him, especially with his low scores.”


“Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we use this?” Jack took out a device, which was rectangular and was the size of a small laptop.


“The Fenton Finder?” Maddie asked.


“Yep! As you know, the Fenton Finder uses GPS to track ghosts. All we have to do is fine-tune it to Danny’s ectoplasmic signature, hook it up to the global map on the computer and… bingo!”


Both parents gazed upon the computer screen after Jack had calibrated the device and saw a small blip on the map. However, the readings on the screen had the two career ghost hunters baffled.


“That’s odd.” Jack’s wife commented. “The coordinates places Danny in an area near Tokyo, but the interdimensional phase index indicate that he’s not in our plane of reality. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was in the Ghost Zone.”


“That’s can’t be right Maddie. How can Danny be in Tokyo and the Ghost Zone? That is, unless he happens to be using that Ghostly Duplication trick again.”


“Not necessarily. Remember Danny telling us that the Ghost Zone happens to be the flip side of Earth? Any place on Earth would have a counterpart in the Ghost Zone. It is possible that Danny might be somewhere in the Ghost Zone, but his coordinates coincide with that of Tokyo.”


“So are you saying that we may have sent our son to some ghost school?” Jack remarked with some alarm in his voice. “But we wanted him to get away from any kind of ghost business!”


“Yes, I’m getting worried too. I hope he’s all right. All we can do is to wait until he contacts us, or we find out exactly where in the Ghost Zone he might be.” Her head then came up in realization as she snapped her fingers. “Or maybe there might be someone who can lead us to where Danny is!”


Jack took on a befuddled look as his wife began working the computer console and pulling up files on certain ghosts. She then came across a file belonging to a ghost named Frostbite.



At Youkai Academy


Danny tabled his thoughts for later as he began heading toward the school. He was supposed to meet with Moka at the gates and he needed to hurry. Though he was always happy to see her, he wasn’t too crazy about her habit of immediately biting his neck and sucking out some blood every time they came together.


He was considering transforming and flying, but then caught sight of someone hunched over on her hands and knees on the ground. She seemed to be in great pain, and Danny began running toward her.


“H-Help me…”


Danny immediately came to her aid and noted that she was wearing the school uniform of Yokai Academy, but was wearing a yellow sweater over her dress shirt, rather than the normal green blazer. She had light blue hair done up in a short ponytail. Like Moka, she was wearing an extremely short plaid skirt, but had bunched up white socks rather than the standard black socks. What set this girl apart from the others was her chest size. She was at least an F-cup or more! It took a lot of Danny’s concentration not to stare.


“Thank you very much.” The girl said as he helped her to stand, then leaned against him, pressing her ample bosom against his chest. “I’ve always been so delicate, and I have these fainting spells… and my chest is so tight!”


<Your chest isn’t the ONLY thing that’s feeling tight right now!> The ghost teen thought, as he tried to keep a certain part of his anatomy from acting up. After his breakup with Sam, he hadn’t been thinking about getting another love interest for a while. Those feelings had been slumbering quietly until recently when he met up with Moka. Now he was getting some new signals from this girl, and he wasn’t too sure if he should reciprocate them.


As she looked up into his eyes, she gave him one of the cutest smiles he had ever seen. And there was something else about her that seemed almost hypnotic. He just couldn’t tear his gaze away from her.


Then the girl introduced herself in a melodic tone. “I’m Kurumu Kurono. I’m very pleased to meet with you, Danny Fenton.”


Danny shook his head to clear it, and then asked, “H-How did you know my name?”


Kurumu giggled slightly, which made Fenton’s heart beat even faster. “Oh, everyone knows who you are. You’re the only student from America attending here. You’re pretty cute! The story is going about that you beat that brute Saizou. The rumor is also that you turn into some kind of ghost monster with white hair and glowing green eyes. Can I see, pretty please?”


At that point, Danny began to have some bad flashbacks over how Paulina would use her charms to manipulate him. He gently backed off as they neared the edge of the forest. Giving her a friendly wave, he began to make a fast getaway.


“Ah, I think you’ll be able to manage to get to the nurse’s office from here. Nice meeting with you. Bye now!”


He immediately bolted, leaving Kurumu in a state of shock of being turned down. A moment later, she started to chase after him, but by the time she exited the forest, Danny had disappeared from sight. Letting off a sigh in frustration, she took on a more determined expression and headed toward the school.


Standing nearby and invisible to even monster senses, Danny let off a sigh of relief, then began to wonder why she such an effect on him. Hearing the warning bell, he quickly rushed off to his homeroom.



In the Ghost Zone…


“So that’s the whole story, Frostbite. Will you help us?” Maddie asked as she and Jack stood in the snow, and spoke with the leader of the ice-ghosts of the Far Frozen.


Frostbite, a ghost who happened to be a yeti-like being nine feet tall, nodded and replied, “It would be an honor to assist the parents of the Great One. We owe much to the Savior of the Ghost Zone.”


Beside his wife, Jack shivered in his orange jumpsuit, which offered little in warmth and insulation. His wife was wearing a polar version of her jumpsuit. Behind them was the Specter Speeder Mark IV, which had been rebuilt since the Asteroid Incident.


Though it was a bit strange that ghost hunters would asking for aid from a ghost, the Fentons had been told by their son that some ghosts would be willing to assist them.


“D-Danny t-told us t-that you had s-some kind of map of the Ghost Zone.” Jack chattered.


“Indeed.” Frostbite concurred. “If the Savior is in the Ghost Zone, then I am certain that the Infi-Map will be able locate him. Please follow me.”



Back at Yokai Academy


Danny quietly walked down the hallways after his first class. Since he had a free period, he decided to go find Moka and hang out with her for a while. Just as he rounded a corner, he heard an all-too-familiar scene unfolding.


“Okay you little runt! You got all our homework done yet?”


“P-Please! I’ve only had enough time to do my own work! I-I didn’t have time to do all of yours!”


“Looks like somebody wants a long stay in the nurse’s office!”


“We’ll be taking our weekly payment too!”


“P-Please! My parents only gave me enough to get me through for the entire month. I don’t have any to spare!”


“Well then, I guess we’ll just take it out of your hide!”


Danny felt his anger rising as he watched three toughs gang up on a small, and frail-looking student with glasses and short black hair. He looked like the stereotypical nerd. His tormentors towered over him. One had blonde hair done up in a short ponytail. The second had greasy red hair. The third one was a bit obese and had black hair.


Bullies picking on the weak for their lunch money and homework were common in high schools. However, after enduring the torment from Dash for a year, the ghost teen could certainly relate. Just as the three were about to pound the little guy into paste, Danny decided to get involved.


Immediately becoming intangible, he phased into the nearby wall, and then traveled toward the largest of the three bruisers, which was the blonde one. He appeared briefly behind him and quickly phased into his body. Before the bully knew it, Danny took control and had him swing his fist away from his victim and into the face of his red-haired cohort.




Ow! Why did you hit me?!” He asked in confusion as he rubbed his sore cheek.


“Cause I felt like it.” Danny said in his own voice. “Now I feel like doing this!” He made the tough whirl about and punch in the nose of the fatter bully.


In less than a heartbeat, much to the amazement of the victim in question, his tormentors started fighting among themselves. He was still cringing in shock when Danny phased out of his temporary host and appeared beside him.


“H-Huh? Say aren’t you…?”


Fenton held up a finger to his mouth, indicating for him to keep quiet. He gently placed a hand on the bullied student’s shoulder and immediately became invisible. His power was then applied to the target of the trio, making him unseen as well.


One minute later, the three were sprawled on the floor, each sporting a wide assortment of bruises. As they came to their senses, they noticed that their prey was gone.


“Huh?” The blonde one said. “Where’d he go? What the Hell happened?”


The other two shook their heads in confusion as well. With some difficulty, they all managed to get to their feet and staggered toward the nurse’s office.


When they were gone, Danny powered down and allowed himself and the one he was protecting become visible again. The victim stepped back with an expression of surprise and gratitude.


“Y-Y-You’re Danny Fenton aren’t you? So the rumors are true then. You’re some kind of ghostlike monster?”


“You could say that.” Jack’s son admitted. “Look, I’d prefer if you’d keep that under your hat and all… uhm? I’m sorry; I don’t know your name.”


“Oh. My name is Akira Rindokawa. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It’s the least I can do to repay you for saving me.”


“Okay then. Take care of yourself, Akira.”


As Danny left the scene, Akira gazed upon his savior with a kind of hero-worship, then thought of something else.

<He almost reminds of… nah, it couldn’t be him… could it?>


As he walked along, Danny then caught sight of Moka. The vampire waved at him. She then happily ran up to him, wrapped her arms around him and…







A little later…


“I saw what you did back there.” Moka said after she finished her mid-morning snack.


“Really?” Danny asked as he rubbed the side of his neck.


Even though his ghost powers did allow him to heal faster than normal, it still hurt like blazes to have his skin frequently punctured by Moka’s canines. It felt as if she was packing two pairs of hypodermic syringes in her mouth.


Technically, Moka could also drink alternatives like tomato juice. The only reasons why he let her suck his blood, was because he liked her and she was his only friend so far at Youkai Academy. Considering he only had two real friends back at Casper High, (Sam and Tucker), Danny tended to treasure close relationships with others.


“I thought that it was good of you to have saved that boy from those bullies.” The pink-haired girl said while giving him a smile.


“Yeah, well I know what that guy was going through. I had to put up with that sort of thing, even after I got my ghost powers.”


“So what did you do back there? It looked as if you just walked INTO that person. Is that what people call possession?”


“Well, calling it possession is kind of old school. I prefer the term overshadowing. Basically, I can just phase into a person and take control from the inside.”


“Really?” Moka’s face took on a look of apprehension.


“Oh don’t worry about it.” Danny assured her. “I would never use that power for THOSE kinds of reasons. Besides, depending on the person’s strength of will, the amount of time I can maintain control varies. If it’s a really strong-willed person, then I could only do that trick for about a minute or so. Besides, it’s pretty draining on me, so I don’t stay inside someone for very long. There’s only ghost I know of who used that power for selfish reasons, and he’s floating out in space somewhere.” (1)




“It doesn’t really matter and…”


At that moment, Danny and Moka’s attention were diverted toward a large crowd that was surrounding the main staircase to the second floor of the building. Sitting on the railing, a familiar figure waved to him. She then addressed Moka.


“So they say you’re a vampire. Moka Akashiya right?”


In one smooth movement, she jumped down toward the first floor and landed gracefully on her feet. Nearly all the boys, including Danny, couldn’t help but feel a very hot sensation after seeing her skirt flip up and reveal a silky pair of white panties.


As she gave Danny a seductive gaze, Moka began to feel a slight twinge of anger and another unfamiliar emotion; jealousy.



The Far Frozen…


“Behold… the Infi-Map!” Frostbite declared as he showed Danny’s parents the treasure of his people. The scroll levitated in the air after being unlocked from its box, then unrolled itself.


“Incredible!” Maddie remarked as she gazed upon the document. “So this can actually show any location in the Ghost Zone?”


“Not only that, Mrs. Fenton.” The ice-ghost corrected. “It can also lead a person to any portal between the Ghost Zone and your world. For example…” He addressed the map as if it were a living person. “Show me the Fenton Portal.”


The Infi-Map glowed as a spot of light on its surface, suddenly began tracing a dotted line toward the artificial doorway between Fenton Works and the ghostly realm.


Jack was very impressed, then asked Frostbite, “Say, I don’t I supposed I could install this map into the Specter Speeder, could I? It sure beats the heck out of GPS.”


The leader of the Far Frozen chuckled. “I’m afraid not, Mr. Fenton. However, I will allow you to borrow it, in order to find your son. Simply say where you want to go and the map will take you there. Once you have finished using it, simply tell it to return here, and it will do so. However, keep in mind that the map has one limitation.”


“What limitation is that?” Maddie asked as the map rolled itself up, and then floated into her hands.


“The Infi-Map can take you to the locations of portals and areas in the Ghost Zone and on Earth. However, there are some portals in this realm that do not go to your world, but to other dimensions. The map cannot tell you where those portals lead to. There are some places that use the Ghost Zone as a kind of transfer point. It is possible that the Savior might be in one of those dimensions and he may have traveled through the Ghost Zone in order to get there.”


“That could explain why we traced Danny’s ectoplasmic signature to the Ghost Zone, and then the trail turned cold. No offense to you or your people Frostbite.”


“None taken, Mrs. Fenton. It is my pleasure and privilege to aid you, your husband and the Great One.”


After giving their thanks to Frostbite, Maddie and Jack Fenton got into the Specter Speeder and took off in search of their son.


“So how does this map work again?” Jack asked his wife as he sat in the driver’s seat.


“Frostbite said that we only need to think of where we want to go, and the map will lead us there. So if we were to say ‘take us to Danny’ then it would…”


No sooner did those words leave her mouth, and then the map suddenly let off an eerie glow, which caused the vehicle to instantly accelerate forward. Danny’s parents were pressed into their seats as the map automatically took control of the speeder and sent it on a hair-raising, roller-coaster journey through the Ghost Zone.



Youkai Academy










As the boys continued to ooh and aah over Kurumu, she gave Danny a wink and then addressed Moka.


Moka Akashiya, I challenge you for the title of Queen of Youkai Academy!”




“I am the succubus, Kurumu Kurono.”


“Aren’t you supposed to keep your true identity a secret?”



“Who cares about that?” The sexy demon girl remarked. “You are in the way of my grand plan to enslave the entire male student body, which I would make as my youkai harem! Therefore, I shall eliminate my greatest competition by taking what you value most!”


“Y-You don’t mean…?”


Kurumu then seductively sidled up against Danny, who had been slowing inching away from this place as soon as he caught sight of her. However, unknown to him, she began emitting more powerful waves of sexual intent at him, causing him to begin losing coherent thoughts and free will.


Inside her very being, Moka’s other self began to stir.



The Ghost Zone…


The Specter Speeder raced along at tremendous speed as Maddie studied the map in front of her. Currently, the vehicle was speeding above what appeared to be a river, filled with some kind of slimy liquid.


“Hmm, according to the Infi-Map, we’re currently flying over the River of Revulsion.” She took a quick glance through the speeder’s windshield and grimaced. Eww! I can see why it’s called that.” She then noticed that the driver’s seat was empty. “Jack?” She looked about and saw that her husband was sitting near the side hatch of the Speeder with the Fenton Ghost Fisher (2) in his hands. The ectoplasmic resin-coated line was draped over the side and trailed behind in the putrid waters of the river.


“Jack, aren’t you supposed to be piloting?!” She immediately grabbed hold of the auxiliary steering wheel in the co-pilot’s seat.


“Don’t worry about it Maddie.” Her spouse assured. “The speeder is on cruise control. Besides, it’s the Infi-Map that’s doing all the driving, so we might as well sit back and enjoy this tour of the Ghost Zone.”


His wife looked over the pilot’s seat and noted that the steering wheel on that side was holding steady, only moving slightly now and then to adjust for direction and stability. She slowly and carefully let go of her steering wheel, which then mimicked the movements of the pilot’s side. As the vehicle continued to speed along at a steady pace, Maddie got up from her seat and walked over to where her husband continued to fish.


The Specter Speeder then made a sharp right turn and headed off into another direction. Jack started to reel in his line, but as they crossed over a floating island of a certain hunter, there was a tremendous cry of surprise, followed by a loud sound of metal snapping. When Danny’s father pulled in the end of the line, he was a bit surprised to see a metal helmet snagged on the hook. Then the face opened up to reveal the owner of said helmet.


Skulker was just as surprised to see Jack Fenton again as he was to see him. The Ghost Zone’s greatest hunter had been testing out some weaponry, when Jack’s line had snagged his helmet and ripped it off the shoulders of the battlesuit. And without the armored body, Skulker was nothing more than a puny ghost with an ego.


Jack shrugged as he asked his wife. “Hey look Maddie! I got my first souvenir from the Ghost Zone!”


“Souvenir?!” Skulker said with indignity. “I am the Ghost Zone’s greatest hunter! How dare you treat me like some kind of trophy?! That’s my job!”


“Throw him back dear. You don’t know where he’s been.” Jack’s wife commented.


Maddie’s husband shrugged his shoulders and he flicked the Ghost Fisher, causing the hook to slide off.




Skulker fell several hundred feet before landing in a pile of what appeared to be snow. Then a ghost in striped pajamas walked up and asked in a nasal-like voice.


“Will you be my friend?”


The diminutive ghost ignored Klemper’s request as he glared at the departing Specter Speeder.


“I hate tourists!”



Back at Youkai Academy


“Say Danny. What say we ditch the bloodsucker, so we can be alone together?” Kurumu said as she snuggled up even closer to him. “Mmmm! You smell really nice. Just like a human.” She then poured on the hypnotic charm waves.


“Well, I…”


“So you want to stay with someone who only sees you as her walking bento?”


Danny then took on a sterile look on his face as he said, “No. I really don’t like to be treated like I’m lunch all the time. You just like me because of my blood.”


That statement immediately cut Moka to the quick as she couldn’t believe such harsh words could come from him. Tears started to stream down her cheeks as she turned away and ran off, leaving crowds of lovestruck boys and a triumphant succubus.


Kurumu smiled as she began leading Danny away.



The Ghost Zone…


“I guess this is where the trail ends.” Maddie said as the Specter Speeder hovered before a very large portal.


“The Infi-Map isn’t saying where this portal leads?” Jack asked.


“Remember what Frostbite said about the map’s limitation. It can’t tell us about where a portal will lead to if the area is not part of the Ghost Zone or Earth. This must be one of them.”


“So the map can’t tell us what’s on the other side?”


“It only says that Danny passed through this doorway. Once we go through it, we’re on our own.”


“So how are we going to find Danny in there?”


Jack’s mate for life thought for a moment, then asked him. “Do you still have that Australian-style, bilaterally aerodynamic, hand-thrown, ectoplasmic tracking device?”


“Huh?” The large man replied.


“The Booooo-merang.” (3)


“Oh! Is that what you wanted? Why didn’t you say so?” Jack opened up the Specter Speeder’s glove compartment and took out the technological version of the Australian hunting weapon.


As she took the device from Jack, she opened the front canopy of the speeder and explained. “In the beginning, it was beyond me why this kept on striking our son. Jasmine later told me that the Booooo-merang was coded to his ectoplasmic signature. No matter where he is in that dimension, this will find him!” She gave the device its verbal instructions. “Find Danny!”


With that, Maddie threw the device into the portal and motioned for her husband to follow it. In a flash, the Spector Speeder disappeared from the Ghost Zone and into a place in which humans were forbidden to enter.



In the Youkai Academy’s Nursing Office…


<Yay! I did it! I made that skank cry!> Kurumu thought as she sat on the bed and giggled with glee. From under her skirt, a long black tail with a spade at the end came out and wagged about. Sitting near the bed and still in a bit of a daze was Danny.


After silently gloating for a minute more, the succubus then focused her attention on her prey. She had to admit that the Fenton boy was pretty cute and would make an excellent love slave. Who knows? He might just be the one. She licked her lips and motioned for him to join her on the bed.





<Do I really just treat Danny as some kind of meal?> Moka thought as she sobbed quietly in an empty classroom.


<You fool! You are embarrassing us both with your tears!>


The vampire’s head came up in surprise at the sudden voice in her head.


<W-Who said that? Who are you?>


<I’m the other you!>


<You mean, the Inner Me?>


<Yes! I’m using the rosario as a medium to communicate with you. Now listen up! What that girl used on Danny and those other boys was a power known as allure! It’s how a succubus hunts her prey by bringing out the lustful desires of men! I must admit that Danny was far more resilient than I gave him credit for. That girl had to use full power in order to force him to say those words.>


<Really?> Outer Moka began to brighten up at that fact.


<Yes! Now you must hurry and stop her from kissing him. If a succubus uses her allure power while kissing a man, then he becomes her eternal slave!>


Outer Moke immediately wiped away the tears and began to search for Danny before it was too late.



The Nurse’s Office…


Danny found himself lying flat on his back on the bed with Kurumu straddling his midsection. Normally this would be a teenage boy’s wet dream come true, but for Jack and Maddie’s son, he was barely aware of what was happening to him. His mind was still trying to work through the fog the succubus’ allure power had created.


<W-Why did I say those things to Moka? And why can’t I pull away from Kurumu? What’s happening to me?>


It was at that moment that Kurumu began leaning forward toward his mouth. Closing her eyes, she focused all of her power into her lips, bent down… and found herself kissing the pillow.


She sat up in surprise and saw Danny unsteadily on his feet and near the office window.


<Huh? How did he get over there?>


Danny had just barely managed to become intangible before she was able to kiss him, then phased through her and off the bed. The ghost fighter shook his head to clear it, and then said to the sexy demon girl, “I don’t know what you did to me to make me say those words to Moka, but that wasn’t very nice. I think I’d better get going now.”


Kurumu went silent for a long while, and then the realization that she was being rejected set in. Her pretty face started to contort into a mask of anger and hurt pride. “I was about to offer you paradise and you’re turning me down?”


“As pretty as you are, yeah you could say that.”


At that point, the blue-haired girl let off a cry of rage and anguish. Large batlike wings sprouted from her back as her nails became long and extremely sharp. Her tail fully emerged as she screamed at her intended prey.




She then lunged at him with claws extended. With no other option left to him, Danny leaned back and smashed through the office window. He then started falling toward the ground from the third floor. However, halfway down, he let off a shout.




Twin rings of light radiated out from him, transforming him into Danny Phantom. Twisting in the air, he stopped his descent and flew away from the school campus, with an angry succubus in hot pursuit.


Back at the ruined Nurse’s Office, Moka came onto the scene and looked through the shattered window.





Danny flew out over the forest and landed in a clearing. A moment later, Kurumu came diving down at him, intent on ripping out the heart that she wanted to steal from Moka.


The ghost teen held up a hand and released a wave of energy. However, this was not intended to harm her as it formed a shield rather than his usual Ghost Ray. The succubus’ claws skidded harmlessly off it as she was deflected away. The two faced each other off.


Jack Fenton’s son took deep breath as he tried to calm her down. “Look, can’t we talk about this? I really don’t want to hurt you.”


“Hurt?! You have no idea how much you hurt me!” Kurono hissed. “I had actually thought for a little bit that you might be the one!”


“The one?”

Kurumu nodded as she readied to attack again. “The race of succubi is dying out! Each of us has one great mission in life! To find the male worthy enough to father her offspring! That was why I needed to enslave all the boys at the school. Surely one of them would be monster enough to become my ‘mate of fate!’ Even if it means that I may end up with someone whom I do not love!”


Her explanation was tinged with a sense of loneliness that Danny could relate to. She had been trying so hard to fulfill her life’s goal, and in doing so, ran the risk of never being happy. He knew what it was like to be lonely.”


At that moment, Moka came onto the scene and called out to him. Kurumu then charged at her, seeing the vampire as the source of her troubles. Danny flew faster though and pushed Moka out of the way. His right hand brushed against the rosario on her neck and caused it to come off the chain. This caused her to transform into her other self.


The winged girl was knocked back by the sudden burst of supernatural energy, causing her to tumble end over end on the ground. Then she felt a crushing grip on her tail. Looking up, she saw the silver-haired version of normal Moka looking down at her with contempt.


“Such a selfish, petty little tramp! Know your place!”


Inner Moka swung Kurumu about by her tail, and then slammed her hard into the ground. As the succubus moaned in pain, the darker side of the vampire girl raised a hand, intent on finishing her opponent off.


“You just a spoiled little girl, that will never get any older.”


As the hand came down, Kurumu closed her eyes and braced for the end. However, the end never came as a soft, green light appeared between her and her executioner. She looked up and saw Danny Phantom standing in front of her and using his Ghost Shield to protect her from Inner Moka.


“How dare you?” Inner Moka hissed. “Do you think you can stop me?”


The teen in the black and white costume gave her a smile and replied, “I’d prefer that friends don’t fight each other.” He then addressed Kurumu. “You may have your life’s goal to find your mate of fate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make any friends along the way, right?”


Kurumu’s cheeks blushed a bit at Danny’s kindness. He then addressed Inner Moka again.


“I really hate to tell you this, but that attitude of yours won’t win you many friends either. I can see why the other Moka was so lonely when I met her. So for her sake and everyone else’s, can’t we just start over?”


Inner Moka stood with her hand still raised and ready to strike. Finally, after a long while, she lowered it, which caused Danny to drop his shield. As soon as he did so, she snatched her rosario and said, “Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. I only fought her since I didn’t want your blood to be stolen.” She then hooked the rosario back onto the chain which turned her back into Outer Moka.


Thus the battle between vampire, ghost and succubus came to a peaceful end.



Some time later…


Danny sat on a large rock near the cemetery and was deep in thought. After escorting Moka and Kurumu back to the girls’ dormitory, he decided to ponder over the day’s events. It was at that moment that he heard the familiar whine of engines and…




He rubbed his head after being struck by a small metal object. He looked down and saw a familiar Fenton invention on the ground.


“The Booooo-merang?”


At that moment, the Specter Speeder came down and landed beside him. The hatch immediately opened up and two people came running toward him.




“Mom? Dad? What are you… umph!


The teen had the breath squeezed out of him as his parents immediately had him in a crushing group hug.


“My darling boy! We found you! We found you!”


“We were so worried about you, Son! But don’t you fret! We’ll have you out of this horrible dimension and back home in no time! Let’s go!”


As Jack and Maddie started to drag their offspring toward the Specter Speeder, he then dug his heels into the ground and cried out.


“Whoa! Hold it! Stop!”


His parents stopped at his request as he disengaged from their embrace.


“What are you doing here? How did you find me?”


The two professional ghost hunters calmed down as well as Maddie began to explain. “When we learned that Youkai Academy was actually in the Ghost Zone, we came looking for you.”


Jack nodded. “We visited that Frostbite character you told us about, and he let us use the Infi-Map to find this place. Then we used the Booooo-merang to locate you in this pocket dimension.”


Danny held up his hands, indicating them to slow down. “Whoa! Are you saying that this place is in the Ghost Zone?” He then took an introspective pose. “Hmmm, I guess that would explain why my Ghost Sense keeps on going off every time I leave the campus grounds.”


His mother nodded as she took one of her son’s arms. “Yes, and as we told you before, we want you to have a normal school life, without having to worry about dealing with ghosts. That’s why we’re taking you home right now and…”


“No Mom.” Maddie’s son said simply as he shrugged off her hand.


“What?” Both parents said simultaneously.


“I don’t want to go back home. I want to say here at Youkai Academy and finish high school. Besides, you don’t have to worry about ghosts in this place. There aren’t any here, except me. This is a school for monsters.”


“MONSTERS?!” The couple exclaimed.


Their offspring nodded as he began to explain.



Much later…


The Specter Speeder powered up as Jack and Maddie Fenton were about to take their leave, without their son.


“Are you sure you don’t want to come back home with us?” Jack asked as he gave his son a goodbye hug.


“I’m sure Dad. I’ll be okay. I’ve made some good friends here.”


Jack’s wife gave her son a goodbye kiss on his forehead, then said, “I would like to meet this Moka and Kurumu that you mentioned. Maybe we can just visit the dorms for a minute and…”


“No Mom, you can’t.” Danny shook his head. “The rule says that humans aren’t allowed in this place. Right now, you two are at risk if you stay here too long. I’m half-ghost so I’m an exception. Don’t worry though. I’ll keep in touch and tell you all about them.”


He held up his new Ecto-Communicator watch his father had given him, which would allow him to call home whenever he wanted. Slung over his shoulder was a backpack full of Fenton gadgets, in which his father insisted that he take, for any emergencies that might crop up.


After a tearful farewell, the Specter Speeder took off toward the portal leading toward the Ghost Zone. As the ship disappeared over the horizon, Danny headed back toward his new home, Youkai Academy.



A few minutes afterwards…


The Fenton vehicle burst into the Ghost Zone as Maddie recorded the coordinates into the navigational computer for any future trips back to the monster school. She then addressed her spouse.


“Jack? Do you think we did the right thing and let Danny stay at that school for monsters?”


Danny’s father was silent for a long while, and then replied, “I was just about to use the Fenton Thermos on him and drag him back, but I don’t think that would have been the best thing to do. I haven’t seen Danny more alive since that breakup with Sam and Tucker. So his friends happen to be a vampire and a succubus. He could have done a lot worse, like I did with Vlad. He seems to be surer of himself, and that confidence is a sign that he’s growing up. He promised that he’d keep in touch and it’s not like we don’t know where he is now.”


“I suppose. Though I’d still would have liked to have met those girls he told us about.”


“He’ll introduce them to us when he’s ready.”


“I can’t wait to meet with them.” Maddie then held up the Infi-Map and said, “Infi-Map, we know the way now. You can go back to Frostbite.”


The magical artifact glowed and took off by itself, heading back to the Far Frozen, leaving the Fentons to make their own way back to their home.



The next morning at Youkai Academy


Danny sighed as he and Moka walked down the hallway toward their homeroom. Currently, the vampire girl was latched onto his throat and having breakfast. It was then that a succubus came prancing toward them with a small bundle in her hands.




Kurumu? What are doing here?” Moka asked as she eyed what was in her former enemy’s hands.


“I baked these cookies just for you!” She held up the confectionary items in front of Danny.


“Uh, that was nice of you, Kurumu. So what’s the occasion?”


The succubus blushed a bit as she said, “The occasion is that I have found my ‘mate of fate’ and it’s you!”


“Say what?!” Both Moka and Danny exclaimed in unison.


Kurumu nodded. “The way you put yourself in front of me and protected me yesterday. That could only mean love! So when should we have the wedding?”


Danny was too flabbergasted to speak as he really felt the urge to just disappear at that point.


<Well, at least this isn’t like the old problems I used to have with guys like Vlad Plasmius.>


The Dean’s Office…


“Well, I must say that your credentials are most impressive.” The Headmaster said as he looked over the file at his desk. “I think you will fit in quite nicely at Youkai Academy. We’ve been looking for a new history teacher. However, you do realize that this is a school for monsters. There are many students with great power, but are very inexperienced. They must be guided in the ways of living with humans and controlling their ‘in’ human abilities. Your application says that you have experience in such things.”


“Yes.” The applicant replied as he stood in the shadows. “I have a lot of experience in dealing with powerful young ones. I’m certain that I will able to show the students how to attain their full potential.”


“Everything seems to be in order.” The head of the school stood up and extended a hand to the newcomer. “I believe that you can begin teaching within a week or so. Welcome to Youkai Academy Mr. Vlad Masters.”


At that moment, the figure came out into the light. He was a tall fellow with a flowing gray and scarlet cape. His hair was dark black and his eyes were crimson. He had fangs that were more pronounced than even Moka’s. He held out a gloved hand and shook it with the Headmaster.


“Please, call me by my preferred name, Vlad Plasmius.”


At that point, he shifted back into his human form and went toward the office window. He smiled as he caught sight of Danny as he was running from a pair of girls.


Things were about to get more serious.


To be continued…


Author’s Notes


I couldn’t help myself after watching a few more episodes of Danny Phantom. As for how Vlad Plasmius ended up at Youkai Academy will be explained in the next episode. We’ll also be introducing some other youkai aside from the regular ones you know from Rosario + Vampire. See you then!



(1) Vlad Masters aka Vlad Plasmius, Danny’s archenemy who used his overshadowing ability to force millionaires into giving him their fortunes.


(2) The Fenton Ghost Fisher: A fishing rod with the line coated in ectoplasmic resin that ghosts supposedly can’t break, though several have done so easily.


3) The Booooo-merang: A metal tracking device shaped like a boomerang, which will follow any ectoplasmic signature and strike its target.