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Okay, here we have the ideas, the dreams, and perhaps the first few chapters of stories that run about in my head. Please note that even if I have a couple of chapters written, doesn't necessarily mean that I'll continue it.

Hulk + Rosario
A little something I threw together just for fun. What if Tsukune Aono was already a monster before he got to Youkai Academy?

Gundam Evangelian- Heero Yuy finds himself without a purpose after the events of Gundam Wing. However, that doesn't mean that destiny is finished with him.

*The story has been put on indefinate hold until I can get some new inspiration. I have the general storyline all worked out, but this fic is mostly low priority and my more popular fics need the attention. *

Green Lantern Ranma- Take a very talented boy with the potential to be the greatest martial artist ever and give him the most powerful weapon in the universe and what do you get?

*Story on hold as a major rewrite is planned. *

Web of Ranma- Ranma has always followed the code of the martial artist to protect the weak. However, he also learns that with great power comes great responsibility.

*Story on hold as a major rewrite is planned. I got new ideas after watching Spider-Man the Movie.*

Weapon Ranma- You lookin' at me, bub?

*On hold. Major rewrite is planned.*

I My Ranma! Strawberry Eggs 1/2 - After seeing this anime, I just started writing on a whim. I'm not really serious about it, but it has possibilities.



I was off my rocker when I thought up of this one!

Ranma Redblade- I got inspired to write this after watching Cosmo Warrior Zero and Arcadia of my Youth.

Hell Hunter  My own attempt at something original.

Way of the Force - Use the Force, Ranma!

Full Metal Gundam Wing? Fumoffu - Two Military Maniacs, One School and LOTS of property damage!

Chapter 1(added 6/6/2005)

Danny Vandread- I'm going Ghost-Dread!

Dark Bloodlines - My own attempt at a supernatural, high school series.

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