Disclaimer: Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and Gundam Wing belong to their respective creators and I’m only writing this for fun.

This takes place after the original Gundam Wing, but before Endless Waltz and after Full Metal Panic. At this time, Sousuke Sagara is still assigned to guard Kaname and both are attending Jindai High. However, two new students join the class and if Chidori thought life was absolute chaos with Sousuke, then things are about to go totally out of control when ANOTHER military manic makes the scene. Then again, she may also find a kindred soul in a certain girl named Peacecraft...

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Chapter 1

Military Maniacs

Relena wondered if she had been out of her mind when she had agreed to fly with Heero in the newly-refurbished Wing Zero.

Though the war with OZ and the White Fang was over, the serious soldier in Heero just would not stay dormant after the fighting ended. He had spent much of his time rebuilding and retrofitting the ultimate Mobile Suit. Though there was no need for such a weapon in these times of peace, it had kept him occupied and out of trouble.

Relena smiled a bit as looked upon the serious expression on his face. As always, he piloted the mecha with flawless ease, despite the fact that she was sitting on his lap. Despite her very busy schedule as an emissary, she always made every effort to spend as much time as she could with Heero. He had become very dear to her over the last year and she had seen very little of him since the peace treaties were signed. She had hoped that eventually, she could coax away from the military training he had undergone, and show more of his human side.

“You see, Relena? I’ve eliminated the transforming ability of Wing Zero and made the power output more efficient. The maneuverability and speed has been increased by 40%. The weapon systems have been improved with larger payloads...”

Relena gently placed the tip of her right index finger on his lips, silencing him as she gave him a smile. “Heero... please, don’t say anything more about how you’ve rebuilt this Mobile Suit. I’ll admit that it’s impressive, but there’s no need for such things in these times of peace, is there?”

Heero was silent for a long time, then he let off a sigh and agreed. “No. There isn’t any need for it... or me. My mission is over, isn’t it? There’s no use for a soldier any more, is there?”

She could detect the sadness in his voice. “If you mean that there’s no use for Heero Yuy, Gundam Pilot, then yes. However, that does not mean that there’s no use for Heero Yuy himself. Haven’t you ever thought about doing something OTHER than planning for war?”

The former operative of Operation Meteor paused for a long time before replying. “I find such things... difficult. I’ve been trained to fight nearly all of my life. I’ve always been involved in some kind of mission. It gave me purpose, a reason for being. Without some kind of duty, I am without direction... without purpose.”

“But you don’t have to think that life ends once the war is over.” Relena insisted. “There are many things you could do with your talents. You don’t have to be always thinking of battle.”

When Heero did not answer for a long time, she began to wonder if would ever break him out his military shell...


In another dimension...


Kaname Chidori sighed as she walked up to Sousuke Sagura and what remained of the work table in the Chemistry Lab. She should have known better than to leave that military nut alone with the means to build a bomb.


Sergeant Sagara rubbed the back of head after being whacked by Kaname’s paper fan. “Kaname?”


Sousuke shrugged his shoulders and replied nonchalantly. “At 0915 hours, I discovered that my work station was not as I had left it the previous day. I suspected that someone had tampered with it and had perhaps booby-trapped it. Therefore, I used the most reliable means of disposing of any suspicious items, by detonation with a high-yield explosive. However, since I did not presently have any C-4 on my person, I had to improvise, using the ample amount of chemicals and materials in this lab. The Chemistry Lab is an outstanding makeshift arsenal and...”

“SOUSUKE, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!!” Chidori cried out as she was close to ripping out her hair in frustration, or rather Sousuke’s hair. “What kind of logic is that?! So what if your station wasn’t the same as before? Most likely, it was the janitor when he cleans the rooms every night.”

Sousuke took on a thoughtful expression, when got Kaname nervous. “The janitor, eh? Well then, that would make a likely suspect. Perhaps he is an undercover spy and assassin, plotting to eliminate me, thereby making it clear to get at you. I shall see to it to interrogate him thoroughly. I have ways of making him talk...”


“Sousuke did it again, didn’t he Kaname?” Kyoko Tokiwa said as she and Kaname ate lunch under a tree in the schoolyard.

Kaname felt a major migraine coming on as she ate her sandwich. “This is the third classroom he’s demolished this week alone. I swear, if we look up the word OVERKILL in the dictionary, there would be a picture of him. Can’t he go through one day without shooting his gun or blowing stuff up?”

“Oh come on now, Kaname. Sure Sousuke can go a little overboard sometimes...”

“A LITTLE overboard?” Kaname stressed.

“Okay, a lot overboard. But still, he’s doing these things for you. I mean, he’s always trying to look out for you. How many other girls can say that their boyfriends would blow up classrooms just to protect them?”

“Kyoko! He’s NOT my boyfriend!” Kaname said angrily, but she had a bit of a blush on her cheeks.

“Well, he’s a boy and he’s your friend, right?” Kyoko teased. “And you’ve got to admit, he’s really good-looking and so strong. So he may be a bit of a gun-freak, but his heart’s in the right place. Maybe if you didn’t go so hard on him, he might just loosen up a bit.”

Chidori sighed a bit. “Well, maybe I could give him another chance, if he could just lay off on the gung-ho tactics. I mean, to him it’s always the MISSION, which seems to be to make my life into total chaos. I swear there’s no one in the universe who is more of a military maniac than Sousuke Sagara.”


Meanwhile, aboard the Da Danaan...

Captain Testraossa twirled the end of her braid, as she usually did whenever she was nervous or deep in thought. She watched from the observation deck as the scientists prepared to activate their latest experiment.

Some new theories, pertaining to the mysteries of the Whispered, were about to be tested, as Mithril’s prototype dimensional portal was about to be turned on. The so-called Black Technology that had created the Da Danaan, the Arm Slaves, and all of the super-technology of Mithril had always been thought to be some kind of science from the future. However, a new hypothesis had surfaced, suggesting that the Black Technology had in fact come from alternate dimensions, and that the Whispered, (such as Testraossa and Chidori), were telepathically linked to those alternate realities. In order to validate this theory, Mithril had begun working on a way to link their universe with another.

The dimensional portal looked like a cross between the Guardian of Time from Star Trek, and the gateway in Stargate. It stood about a hundred feet tall and was rectangular. If the newest theory proved correct, then the portal would be able to open a link between realities and pull an artifact from the other universe. If that artifact was indeed similar to the Black Technology, then it would be a monumental breakthrough.

After much preparation, the device was ready to be activated. With the final acknowledgement from the Captain, the portal was turned on. Within its confines, the machine began to open a direct line into infinity.


In the other universe...

“Heero! What’s that?” Relena said as she pointed at an image on the main monitor.

Heero Yuy looked at the strange glowing disk that suddenly appeared in the path of Wing Zero. The sensors on his Mobile Suit began to go haywire and certain systems started to malfunction. He began to lose control of Wing Zero, and was unable to veer away from that strange light. In an instant, the Gundam and its passengers were sucked out its home reality and into another.


Tessa’s eyes opened wide as she stared at what came out of the dimensional gateway. Everyone else in the hanger also stared in amazement.

The strange Mobile Suit was larger than any of the Arm Slaves on board of the submarine, including Sousuke’s Arbalest. It had majestic, feathery wings and blue-white armor, with red trim. In its right hand was a wicked-looking, double-barreled Beam Cannon. There was no doubt about it. This had to be Black Technology.

Then it suddenly began moving.


Inside Wing Zero’s cockpit, Heero tried desperately to get his machine working again. He didn’t know what that strange light was, but it had somehow incapacitated his main systems and shut down his thrusters. His outward sensors and monitors were down and he couldn’t see where he was going. He was disoriented and didn’t know up from down. Then he felt the sensation of gravity as his mecha fell over backward and landed on... something hard and metallic. The resulting explosion slammed into the back of the Mobile Suit, but thanks to its Gundanium alloys, there was no damage.

Heero held onto Releena tightly as his Mobile Suit crashed to the floor of the Da Danaan’s hanger deck. When the mecha settled down on its back, he decided that they had to get out and find out just where they were.

“Are you all right?” He asked her.

Releena shook her head to clear it, then nodded. “I’m all right. Where are we?”

“I’m just about to find out.” He replied as he reached for the hatch’s emergency release handle and yanked on it.


Dozens of Mithril’s security personnel surrounded the fallen Wing Zero after it had crashed into the dimensional portal and wrecking it beyond all hope of repair. Many were amazed to see that the machine had not a scratch on it after the gateway had exploded. Fortunately, everyone had been behind protective blast shields, so there had been no casualties... yet.

However, as soon as the cockpit’s hatch opened up and two people appeared. One was a slender, male youth with wildly tousled dark hair, and the other was an attractive blond girl.

Then all Hell broke loose...

To be continued...

Author’s Notes

After watching the first volume of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, I got this idea in my head of what would happen if Heero Yuy and Sousuke Sagara ever met. Though this first chapter sounded more serious, I intended to make this a comedic series as both of our military men try to adjust to civilian life! Just another one of my crazy ideas! Any suggestions?