GUNDREAD (Gundam Wing/Vandread)

Synopsis: This was an idea that was spawned after watching Vandread and writing Tekkadread. It takes place after the Gundam Wing TV series and before Endless Waltz. The five Gundam pilots have just had their Gundams customized, but later decided to destroy them since they werenít needed during times of peace. However, as the five pilots meet on a disposal asteroid to discuss the Gundams, a freak accident occurs which causes the pilots and their machines to be transported to the Vandread Universe, just before the Ikazuchi is attacked by the female space pirates. Heero and Wing Zero find themselves inside the Ikazuchiís Paksis Reactor Room, and the rest are floating out in space.


Prime Minister: What?! I didnít give the order to launch any Vanguards!

Bridge officer: But sir! Those arenít our Vanguards!

Prime Minster: Then what are they?

Alarms go off as the female pirates suddenly attack the Ikazuchi. Naturally, they assumed that the Gundams are Vanguards and donít take them seriously. Big mistake.

Meia: Donít worry about those Vanguards. Concentrate on the enemy flagship.

Jura: Roger! EEK!

The blonde pilot found herself with only half a Dread as the Gundam Deathscythe appeared from out of nowhere and sliced her fighter in two. She immediately ejected. Barnette found herself drooling at the sheer firepower of the Heavy Arms, even though it was mowing down her squadron. Meia realized that she had gravely underestimated her opponents, as her Dread was being taken apart by Wu Fei and the Gundam Altron. The Sandrock tore though the pirate ranks, slashing in all directions.

On board the Ikazuchi, the Prime Minister was in awe. Whoever was piloting those strange Vanguards was showing those upstart women their place.

In the Paksis Reator Room, Dita was getting her first look at a real alien, Heero Yuy.


End of scene

Eventually, the Gundam Pilots will join up with the pirates as they search for a way to get home. No Hibiki Tokai or the other Vandread males here. Thereís some possibilities for some matchups here and Dreads being able to combine with the Gundams.

Some ideas for matchups are Heero/Meia, Heero/Dita (Opposites attract, right?) Quatre/Parfait, Quatre/Meia, Quatre/Dita, Wu Fei/Meia, Duo/Jura, Duo/Barnette, Trowa/Barnette.