Disclaimer: This story was inspired by several TV shows and anime and any resemblance between the characters in this fanfiction and anyone else is simply coincidental.

Author’s Notes: This chapter has been rewritten from the original.

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Chapter 2

Hell’s Angel?

A warehouse down by the waterfront in Tokyo Bay...


The explosion rocked the nearby buildings as a lone figure and his dog walked away from the carnage they had caused. The man did not even show the slightest bit of emotion as he looked down at his canine companion.

“So where’s the next target, Cerberus?” Ryo Coldblood asked. His face was pockmarked by bullet holes, as was various other parts of his body. However, he paid the wounds no heed as his body casually expelled the projectiles and sealed up all of the damage it had sustained. Mortal wounds were nothing to him. After all, he was already dead. The demonoid body his soul was inhabiting was simply a loaner, like a rental car. And all he had to do was pay off the fee, which was to rid the world of renegade demons.

The large German Shepard gave his demonoid master a bit of a snarl as he sniffed about for the next demon. He let off a sharp bark and ran off in another direction.

Ryo nodded as he held up the Justifier and infused the chambers with more of his Dark Soulfire. He then ran after his partner into the night, just as sirens were heard in the distance, heading toward the raging inferno that was once the hideout of a group of Yakuza and their demon boss.


“What a mess.” Detective Shin Zakaku commented as he watched the firefighters worked to get the fire under control. Nearby, other officers were on crowd control duty, and keeping the curious away from the blaze.

As he surveyed the damage, his partner Detective Asuka Toya was busy interrogating the survivors. A pretty young woman with short, raven hair, she was considered a maverick among her peers, but she was a good cop and did her job well.

Asuka nodded as she took in the words of those who had the fear of God put into them, or rather Lucifer.

“He’s... a monster!” A battered hood said as he was being taken into custody. He was trembling uncontrollably and he was so pale. “He’s the Devil himself! Take me away! Lock me up in solitary! Just don’t let him come near me!”

“Who was it? What are you talking about?” The detective asked as her curiosity was piqued. She knew this two-bit criminal from an earlier bust. He was a career criminal and had spent most of his life behind bars. Usually he was cocky and showed no respect for the law. Now he was begging to be taken to prison?

“It... was.... it was just supposed to have been a simple score.” The crook started as he took on a glazed expression. “He suddenly appeared before we could close the deal. We thought he was some crazy nut, but we found out that bullets didn’t mean anything to him! We emptied all of our guns into him and he still kept on coming! He said that was just after our boss and if we got in his way, he’d break us like we were twigs!”

At this point, Asuka was beginning to question the man’s sanity as he gibbered on.

“I shot him in the face, the arms, the legs, the chest and he STILL kept on going! He didn’t even bleed! He wasn’t human! What kind of a man takes all of that and doesn’t bleed?!”

“You’ve got to kidding.” Asuka commented.

“Does this look like I’m KIDDING?!” The hood said incredulously as he held up a mangled hand, which was still clutching a crushed handgun. Asuka flinched a bit as she saw that he was going to need some surgery to removed the imbedded weapon. “After I emptied my clip into him, he reached out and crushed my hand and my gun like tinfoil! Then he tossed me aside like I was a toy.” He then slumped down as he added, “Then again, I guess I got off easy, compared to what he did to the others and the boss.” He gestured to the battered and unconscious bodies of his compatriots. “He had some kind of gun that FRIED the boss!”

“He had a flamethrower?”

“NO! He shot some weird bullet that turned the boss into a monster before he burst into flame. There’s nothing left but a pile of cinders!”

“He turned into a monster?”

“Just... just don’t ask anymore and take me away! I don’t want to face him and those eyes again!”


The miscreant shook his head and replied, “He’s got no soul I tell you! He... he took off those shades and those eyes... it was like staring into Hell...”


“So what do you think, Shin?” Asuka asked as she and her partner looked about an area that was already burned out. Charred remains of crates and other items were scattered all over the place. “Do you think it might be him?”

Shin rolled his head and gave off a sound of exasperation. “Oh no, don’t tell me that you still think that it was done by the Hell Hunter?”

“Aw c’mon partner. What about all those sightings and...?”

“Asuka, I am not going to go chasing all over Tokyo again, just because you think this was the work of some Boogey Man!”


“No buts! I’m not buying into this crap! This was probably some kind of fight between some rival gangs or sects of the Yakuza. There is no strange vigilante that hunts down demons and monsters!”