Hulk + Rosario

You can call this a kind of one-shot since I was in a REALLY silly mood while getting back to writing.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective creators…

A year before the start of the series…

Tsukune Aono didn’t know why he was doing this. Here he was, on a field trip in United States, and he was stupidly trespassing onto a military base on a dare. It was bad enough that his grades weren’t going to be enough to get into a good high school in Japan, but now he was risking an international incident as a Japanese boy sneaking into an American military facility.

Granted it was a very open field with very little for miles around, it was still illegal to climb over the chain link fence.

Then he heard a booming siren as klaxons went off wildly. At that moment, a man in a lab coat and glasses came running at him.


Tsukune’s grasp of English was rough at best as he turned toward the man.

At that moment, Bruce Banner’s blood turned cold as he heard the final warning siren, indicating that the gamma device was about to go off. Without a second thought, he grabbed the adolescent and roughly shoved him toward the nearest ditch. However, fate intervened as he tripped over a small rock. Twisting to avoid a bad impact, he actually fell into the depression first, with Tsukune falling just after him.

Then the gamma bomb went off.

Since he was a split-second slower than Banner, guess who got a mega-dose of gamma radiation?


A year later…

Tsukune recoiled a bit as the cute girl with smacked her lips after sucking a bit of his blood.

“You’re a vampire?!”

“Yes. I’m Moka Akashiya. My word, your blood is so tasty! It feels like it’s FULL of energy.”

<Yeah, you could say that. At least 20 millirads per cc. Good thing she’s cute. I’d hate to get angry at this point.>



Later that day…

“No! Please! Don’t do this!” Tsukune warned as he was held up by the neck.

Saizo smirked as in his monstrous form as he prepared to crush the little man and take Moka as his own.  He laughed a bit as Tsukune seemingly begged for his life.

“Before I crush you out of existence, I’d like to see your monster form. So why don’t you drop that human disguise and show me? Or is your youkai form just as pathetic?”

“Trust me! You DON’T want to mess with me when I lose control! Let me go or…”

“Or what?” Saizo taunted. “Are you going to get angry?”

“Don’t ever get me angry…. You… wouldn’t like it… when … I get… ANGRY!”

At that moment, Tsukune let a truly monstrous roar as his body began to increase in muscle mass and his flesh started to turn green.

In front of Moka’s and Saizo’s shocked eyes, Tsukune began growing and becoming more muscular. His face contorted from a shy and gentle appearance to one of pure rage. In less than a few seconds, the orc found it extremely difficult to hold him aloft as the Japanese teen became even more massive.  His clothes ripped apart, leaving him in only in his overstretched pants. Then Saizo found an oversized hand nearly encompassing his entire head and began to squeeze. He quickly let go of Tsukune’s neck and tried to pry his intended victim’s hands off. However, even with full strength, he couldn’t budge Aono’s hand a single millimeter.

Then he heard a very angry voice.

“You try to hurt Hulk! Now Hulk will SMASH!”

Saizo found himself lifted off the ground like a feather and that’s when the pain began.


The huge orc was repeatedly slammed into the ground face first with so much force that the entire area rumbled as if it was experiencing a series of small earthquakes. Then as he lay on his belly in a battered and broken mess, he looked up and beheld a seven-foot giant of gamma-powered rage. The Hulk raised both oversized fists over his head as he prepared to deliver the final blow.

“W-What kind of monster are you?!”

“Hulk no monster! Hulk is Hulk!”


The double fists smashed Saizo into the ground and caused a massive crater that was more than ten feet deep. Then the Hulk turned toward Moka, who was still in state of shock over her friend’s incredible transformation, both physically and emotionally.

However, as always, once his rage had been spent, the gamma energy would subside as the Hulk went down on his knees and transformed back to his human form. A few minutes later, Moka finally went over to him with a questioning expression.

Tsukune took a deep breath and answered her silent question.

“Yes, I am human, but I’m NOT what you call normal.”


A week later…

Inner Moka was surprised and just the TINIEST bit shocked when the Hulk easily stopped her super-strong kick.

<It can’t be! He can’t be STRONGER than me… could he?>

Behind the Hulk, the succubus Kurumu looked on in awe and admiration at Tsukune’s green musculature.

<Damn! He is SOOOO ripped!>

At a short distance away, the Exorcist Headmaster and his aide looked on with interest.

“Incredible! Aono’s monster form can even stand up to an S-class youkai!”

The Exorcist shook his head. “No, I do believe that Aono’s monster form, this Hulk as he calls himself, might even EXCEED Akashiya’s.”



Ginei was getting worried.

Even though he was far faster than Aono’s monster form, the hits he was landing on him were about as effective as throwing cotton balls. In fact, The werewolf was hurting far more than his rival. Punching him was like hitting solid titanium!

However, he maintained that as long as he stayed out of reach, he would eventually wear him down and Moka would belong to him. He began taunting him.

“You can’t catch me, you green troll!”

Now usually making your opponent angry was a good strategy to get him to lose control. However, the absolute LAST person you want mad at you was the Hulk!


Slamming his hands together, the Hulk created a huge shockwave that Gin had no hope of dodging. The sonic boom it caused was especially damaging to his sensitive hearing as his eardrums were ruptured. His equilibrium was thrown off as he was caught in the massive blast of air pressure, knocking him off his feet and slamming him into a nearby wall.

Then the Hulk got his hands on him.


By the next morning, Tsukune was cleared of all charges as the real pervert was revealed to be Ginei. However, the werewolf was going to be in traction for the next two months. Despite his fast healing ability, he proved to be very vulnerable to gamma-powered fists.


The end of the first semester…

“No! It can’t be! No one can survive my flames! No one!”


Kuyo fired off a massive wave of flames at the green goliath at full strength, which even began to burn at the Hulk’s tough skin. However, this caused the inevitable…


With those words, he smashed both fists into the ground, causing a huge wave of debris and rock to go flying toward his foe. The whole school shook like it was being hit by a 7.8 scale earthquake. Kuyo was hit hard and went down in a heap. Then the Hulk let off a roar as he came and…


Kuyo now knew what a tent stake felt like.


Second semester…

Moka helped Tsukune back toward the school after he had calmed down and turned back into his human form.

On the ground in a deep crater lay Chopper Rikishi in a bruised and battered heap.

<Damn! We’ve got to get that guy on the wrestling team!>

End of ideas…