Mighty Vandread

Introduction: Okay, I was in a really, REALLY silly mood when I thought this up, but if anyone wants me to continue it, the answer is... who knows? (^_-) I got inspired after seeing the final episode on my friend's computer. I'd be surprised if anyone remembered this show. Keep in mind that it's JUST an idea, hence its place in the Maybe Now, Maybe Later, Maybe Never section. In any case, it's good for a laugh.

Disclaimer: Mighty Orbots and Vandread belong to their own respective creators.

Chapter One

Out One Reality, and Into Another


The five super robots of the Galactic Patrol nodded as they heeded Rob's command. Time was short and Umbra was about to launch the Sun Crusher and wipe out Earth's star.

Tor, the strongman of the group, began growing in size as his arms folded into sockets and his legs contracted. His head dropped down into his chest as a new, larger one popped out.

Bort, the unstable shapeshifter, locked his arms into his sides and became blockier. His ever-hungry friend Crunch followed suit as his rotund figure straightened out. Both robots locked up to Tor to form legs.

Bo and Boo both raced toward the Tor's upper sockets. Each female robot began shifting and changing form. Gigantic hands popped out as they interlocked with the torso, forming the arms of the final form of the Orbots. The end result was a massive super-robot ten stories high.

Rob nodded as he guided the Beam Car toward the chest doors. Once inside the chest, the Beam Car itself went though its own metamorphosis, becoming the control center of the giant mecha. Once the transformation was complete, Rob turned to his copilot Ohno.

"Ignition Ohno!"

The little robot nodded as she extended an activation key from her chest to start up the main systems. The giant robot came alive and began streaking toward the main power couplings of the Umbra's ultimate weapon. Already, the giant destroyer of stars was powering up. The Mighty Orbots only had seconds to stop it.

The Orbots Commander decided that the only way to stop the Sun Crusher was to turn its own power against it. Instructing his creations to rip open one of the power conduits, he then directed the giant mecha to shoot down the channel and force the energy back toward the reactor. The entire weapon trembled, causing the Shadow Star to overload all of its systems. This began a chain-reaction within Umbra's fortress, causing the massive Shadow Star to go into final meltdown. Within his command center, the mastermind of all of the evil in the galaxy began cursing as he felt his stronghold fall apart.


However, this vow would never be fulfilled as Umbra's very essence came apart, along with the Shadow Star. In one massive supernova, the headquarters of the Shadow organization was obliterated.

Unfortunately, Mighty Orbots was unable to escape in time and were seemingly destroyed along with Umbra. However, due to a turn of the cosmic wheel of fortune, the rare energies and elements of the Sun Crusher interacted with the explosion. Since the Mighty Orbots was close to the reactor when it happened, they were bathed in a unique combination of power fields and crystalline particles. The new element that was formed was unknown in their universe, but it existed in another reality and was called... Paksis.

The formation of such a substance, combined with the erratic energy wavelengths, caused a tear in the space-time continuum. Rob, Ohno, Bort, Crunch, Tor, Bo and Boo were sucked through it and were gone from their home universe.


The Galactic Patrol held a memorial service for the Mighty Orbots each year, commemorating the heroics of the six robots and their brave commander and creator. Rhondu would always preside over the yearly event. As for his daughter Dia, she had become heartbroken when she finally learned the true identity of the Orbots Commander, who had been Rob Simmons. However, she had decided to carry on his work and the Galactic Patrol became even more effective as an organization to maintain peace.


Another universe...

Rob shook his head as he regained consciousness. Looking about, he saw that the Mighty Orbots were now in the separate forms and he was drifting with Ohno in the Beam Car. He wasn't certain what had caused them to separate, but now was not the time. Restarting his vehicle, he began checking all systems. At that moment, the robots began to reactivate.

"Ohh... what happened?" Bo groaned.

"I feel like I was turned inside out a couple of times." Bort shook his head to clear it.

"Where are we?" Boo asked as she looked about.

"What's going on?" Tor asked as well.

As for Crunch, all he had to say was "What's to eat?" (You were expecting something else?)

Rob looked about after making certain that both the Beam Car and his Orbots were still functioning properly. "I'm not sure where we are. The stars don't look familiar and I can't determine our coordinates."

"So what do you suppose happened, Rob?" Ohno asked.

The leader of the Orbots pondered the question for a minute, then replied slowly. "As far as I remember, we stopped Umbra's Sun Crusher, but we caused a chain-reaction. The Shadow Star probably got blown to bits and the explosion must have thrown us clear."

As the robots began taking in this information, Ohno noticed a strange readout on the sensors. "Rob, look at this! The Orbots and the Beam Car are coated with microscopic particles of some kind of crystal."

"Hmmm... I never saw crystal like that." Rob remarked as he looked at the computer's analysis of the crystal's molecular structure.

It was then that Tor spotted a series of flashes in the distance. "Hey, look at that! It looks like some kind of battle!"

The smallest of the Orbots addressed their leader. "What do you think, Rob?"

The Orbots Commander considered all options, then decided to investigate. "Let's go, Orbots!"


The Nivana and its crew were fighting for their lives against the Harvesters. They had just defeated one of the Earth's motherships a few days ago. Now they had been caught in a deadly trap as multitudes of Cube-Type fighters, Seed Ships and Spiked Urchins came at them.

Hibiki Tokai's Vanguard was hit the hardest as the Earth fleet concentrated on keeping him from combining with the Dreads. The Dread squadrons were slowly being wiped out as the Nivana's defenses began to weaken.

"I can't get close enough to Mr. Alien!" Dita cried out as, she was being pursued by a squadron of Cube Fighters.

Meia also gritted her teeth, as she and Jura couldn't get near enough to the Vanguard to combine. When she saw a huge force of enemy fighters converge on Hibiki's mecha, it looked like the end.

Inside his Bangatta, Hibiki braced himself for destruction. He needed a miracle.

He got six.


"ORBOTS! GIVE THEM THE FIGHTER FRENZY PLAY!" Rob commanded as his team streaked in to assist.

Tor nodded as he started things off. Grabbing hold of one of the Cube Fighters, he swung it about and tossed it toward Bort. "Batter up!"

The shape-changing Orbot reconfigured himself into a machine with a blunt instrument at the end. Swinging the appendage, he knocked it into a trio of its own comrades, causing them to explode.

"Home run!"

Bo and Boo began mixing it up with the urchins and seed ships, using their force field and energy discharges. Any enemy craft was reduced to scrap metal. As for Crunch, well the Sun Crusher had depleted a lot of his energy reserves, so he simply began eating anything that got close to him. To him, the Cube Fighters were a buffet.

"Mmmm... Smorgasbord!"


To the amazement of the Nirvana's crew, the enemy was being blown up, smashed and... eaten before their very eyes. The newcomers had appeared from nowhere and were giving them the reprieve they needed to regroup and counterattack.

Hibik's Vanguard was freed after Crunch came up and chowed down on two Cube Fighters. He quickly flew up to Dita's Dread and initiated the combining process, forming Vandread Dita.


Now it was Rob's turn to be surprised as he witnessed Vandread Dita fire off twin beams of energy and destroying another wave of enemy fighters.

"Look at that Rob! They can unite too!" Ohno remarked.

However, the joy was short-lived when something huge came in from a distance.


"What the?! It's one of the motherships!" Hibiki gasped as he saw the huge craft bearing down on them.

"We can't fight against that! We're not ready!" Dita cried out.

On board the bridge of the Nirvana, Magno frowned. This was going to get ugly.


"Oh no! Look at the size of that thing!" Ohno gasped.

The Orbots regrouped around the Beam Car.

"What do we do now?" Bort asked nervously.

Rob nodded as he replied. "Only one thing we can do, Bort... ORBOTS UNITE!"

With that command, the Mejele pirates and their Tarak crewmembers got their first look at the true power of Mighty Orbots.


"NO WAY!" Hibiki exclaimed.

"Impossible!" Meia agreed.

"They can combine?" Jura said in disbelief.

"COOL!" Dita remarked as the five robots expanded and merged into a ten-story tall mecha than made even Vandread Dita look puny.


The Beam Car circled about the super-robot and entered via the chest doors. Inside the control center, Rob gave the command.


Mighty Orbots came alive and dove toward the Earth mothership. The giant craft began letting loose with a barrage of laser and cannon fire. However, despite its size, the giant robot was extremely agile. Dodging the first blasts, the Orbots commander raised the right arm.

"Boo, get us in close with that thing!"

"You got it!"

The right arm glowed as Boo used her power of teleportation. Mighty Orbots disappeared from sight and reappeared near the bow of the huge starship, thereby avoiding the laser cannons.

"Let's open up this oversized tin can!" Rob cried out.

"I've got the can-opener!" Bort transferred his shape-changing ability to the arms, creating a wicked-looking drill bit. Driving appendage forward, the mega-machine ripped open the hull, exposing the insides. Changing back to the hands, Tor used his strength to pry the opening even wider.

"Ohno, scan for its main power sources and target them!" Rob ordered.

The little robot nodded as she worked the sensors. A moment later, she located their objective. "We've got a clear shot at the reactor, but it's heavily shielded!"

"No problem!" Rob said as he raised the left leg. "Crunch, give us all the power you've gotten from eating and channel it to Boo and Bo!"

"Okey-dokey!" The metal muncher replied. The leg glowed as power was transferred.

"All right, let's give this whale a serious case of heartburn!"

Bo and Boo let loose with a mega-blast of energy, that was fed into the insides of the Earth mothership. The entire vessel trembled as explosion ripped throughout its very core. Its hull became littered with bubbles as it tried to contain the fury Mighty Orbots had caused. However, it was a losing battle.

"Raise that other ship and tell everyone to get back!" Rob commanded as he directed Mighty Orbots to flee the scene. They weren't going to be caught in the blast like they did with the Sun Crusher.


The Nirvana, Vandread Dita and the other Dreads pulled back in time as the Earth ship went up like a miniature supernova. From the center of the conflagration, Mighty Orbots emerged, unscathed in triumph as they flew toward the ones they had helped.


Magno was in awe at what she and her crew had just witnessed. Now they were facing a ten-story tall machine and the big question was... what now?

To be continued...?

Author's Notes

This was just a silly challenge presented by a friend who dared me to combine these two different anime. I hadn't thought about it until after I had rewatched the Mighty Orbots on my friend's computer. I loved this show back in the 80's when I was growing up and it was partly the reason for my love of giant robots, (that and Robotech). Well, that's it for now and I really don't have any idea what to do with it. Still, it was good for a laugh.