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Here we have all the crossover/fusion fics that I am currently working on.

Ranmatech- Genma went a little too far with the Neko Ken this time around! However, a mad scientist had other ideas for the crippled boy.

* Very slowly being updated. I haven't forgotten about this one. Real life and too many ideas can be a drag. *

Tekkadread- Take the main character from Ranma 1/2, add some elements from Tekkaman Blade, then mix thoroughly with the universe of Vandread and we get...

Tekkadread the Second Stage- The further adventures of Slade and the Nirvana!

Chapter 13 part 4 (incomplete)

Ranma, Master of the Cards- A trip to the local bazaar results in Ranma ending up with the legendary Millennium Puzzle.

Dragon Child- Magic, robots and dragons, oh my!

Legend of Ranma- Ranma becomes the Hero of Hyrule and champion of the Earth.

* I REALLY got to get my butt in gear and finish this thing! Hopefully, I'll be able to get another chapter out... eventually. *

The Great Crossover Crisis- Five Ranmas, one destiny and a lot of crossovers to boot.

Crossover Crisis Side-Stories- The further adventures of our intrepid five.

Tattoon Ranma- After Ranma totally loses it, he decides that girls are nothing but trouble and leaves his old life forever. Now living under a new identity, Ranma is seen as an angry outcast and woman hater. Can any girl reach his heart? Well, there was one more engagement that Genma had neglected to tell him about. Here we have a REALLY different Ranma!

Feel My Rage! - A different spin on the story of Tattoon Ranma

Fist of the Pikachu- Ranma gets a training trip so exotic that it makes getting a Jusenkyo Curse to be so trivial.


Cat Fist? How about Wolf Fist?

Kasumi Mahô Minarai Teiruzu

A sidestory to Beast Within in which Nabiki's sister Kasumi goes off on a magical journey of her own.

Rune Soldier Ranma: I saw the Mahou Senshi Riui (Rune Soldier Louie) and I liked it. It was the lighter side to Record of Lodoss and I wondered if I could cross it over with Ranma 1/2. So far, it's not quite as funny, but I think it has potential...