Legend Of Ranma

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Chapter 10

Bad Time to be a Senshi

Part 1

Phoenix Mountain...

Saffron smiled as he sat on his throne and contemplated. Recently he had

felt a surge of power emanating from across the time stream and knew that

it was connected with the TriForce of Power that he had in his possession.

Apparently, the attack on the Hyrule Knight and the TriForce of Courage

had triggered a response that he had not foreseen. The Phoenix God had

felt it with his part of the relic, but he had also sensed something...

similar to it.

He looked down at his right hand and studied the artifact. He knew that

the solid triangle at the top represented his portion of the TriForce, and

that the lower, empty triangle on the right was Link's. So that left only

the remaining triangle on the left. From what he had been able to discern,

whatever had caused that huge surge in temporal energy had something to do

with that missing portion.

The deity grinned. He had been wondering how to get a hold of that final

piece after he had taken the Hyrule Knight's TriForce of Courage. Now it

seemed that he would have a chance of getting the entire thing. The first

piece had made him a full god. The second piece would put his ranking

higher than most of other deities in Heaven. The final piece... he

couldn't even imagine of the possibilities, for they were too


However, after receiving the TriForce of Power, Saffron was consumed by an

overwhelming desire to possess the other parts. And he would let no one,

not god nor mortal... nor Hylian, stop him from achieving his goal!


Link lay on his futon in the Tendo guestroom and sighed. Flittering beside

him was his fairy companion Navi.

<What are we going to do Navi? If I go out as the Hyrule Knight again,

then those Sailor Senshi are sure to attack us.>

<You're innocent, Ranma. This was all a frame-up!> The little sprite said.

<Yeah, but I have a feeling that those girls aren't going to let me have a

chance to prove it to them. The way I saw it, they take their orders from

that green-haired one... what was her name? Oh yeah, Sailor Pluto. I

wonder why she has such a big grudge against me?>

<I can't tell you that. My memories about the Silver Millennium don't go

that far back. The only people you could ask are the Oracles of Hyrule or

the Royal Family.>

<Yeah, well we don't exactly have a telephone to Hyrule and... whoa!> The

Hero of Time bolted up into a sitting position and looked down at his

right hand. The TriForce of Courage glowed brightly. Ranma knew that the

only reason why it would react in this manner is because one of the two

other parts of the relic was being used. However, he could not sense that

the TriForce of Power was being utilized, which meant that...


Suddenly, Link had the feeling that things were going to get more serious

in the near future.


The very next day...

"Class, I'd like for all of you to meet a new transfer student. She will

be joining us as of this day. Please introduce yourself."

"Hello... my name is Yohko Mano."

Link's eyes widened as he recognized the Devil Hunter. On his shoulder and

invisible to everyone but her partner, Navi was also surprised. They had

not expected to meet up with the 108th Youma Destroyer so soon.

As for Yohko, she smiled as she gazed upon her new classmates and noted

that there were some very good-looking boys, but she soon found herself

staring at one particular boy who was sitting near the back of the room.

He was a tall, exotic-looking person with eyes that seem to sparkle. There

was just something about him that reminded her of the Hyrule Knight,

though in her mind, she thought that to be utterly ridiculous. Nothing

could compare with that total hunk, but still... he wasn't half bad.


Lunchtime, the front grounds of the school...

"Hi! My name's Yohko Mano. Can I sit with you?"

"No problem. My name's Link Kintaro."

<Cute.> Both thought at the same time.


Phoenix Mountain...

Saffron was getting anxious. He had just felt his portion of the TriForce

react to the actions of its other parts and it wouldn't be long before he

would have the entire relic in his possession.

The ruler of Phoenix Mountain figured that the easiest way to draw out the

other two parts was to cause another disturbance. He knew that the Hyrule

Knight was still alive and kicking somewhere, though he was keeping his

presence well hidden from the TriForce of Power. However, like all heroic

types, the Phoenix God was quite certain the pointy-eared hero would

appear when innocents were threatened. That would also draw those fools

the Sailor Senshi as well, and if both sides were to come into conflict

again, then he may be able to say goodbye to a few annoyances in his bid

for ultimate power.

<Hmm... why don't we turn up the heat? >

The TriForce of Power began glowing on the back of his hand as Saffron

added his own Phoenix energies.


Ranma had been enjoying his lunch with the Mano girl when he started

hearing sirens blaring towards the school. Two fire engines and several

police cars sped by in a big hurry.

At that moment, Yohko's ring glowed with an eerie light and Navi began

flitting about.

<Navi, what's up? > Ranma asked as he started to get tense.

The fairy was very nervous as she replied. <Ranma, we have to go. >

<What? Now?>

<I'm sorry, but I sense great evil and I think the Hyrule Knight is going

to have to make another appearance.>

<I'm not sure if I'm up to this! And if we meet up with those Sailor


<It can't be helped. I sense that the TriForce of Power is behind this


With a quick glance to his hand, Ranma noted that the TriForce of Courage

was glowing slightly, confirming Navi's suspicions. Ranma winced as he

looked up to give Yohko an excuse for leaving her so abruptly, but by that

time, she was already long gone.


A few minutes later...

At times, Yohko really HATED her duties as the Devil Hunter, especially

when it took her away from cute boys. Having already transformed into her

Devil Hunter outfit and with her Soul Sword in her hand, she arrived at

the scene of the carnage, which was the shopping district of Juuban. Then

she stopped suddenly when she saw... them.

Both lizards were letting loose with gouts of fire and the entire area was

blackened and scorched from their attacks. One monster was gliding through

the air and resembled a gigantic snake, though it had two forelegs up

front. Though it did not have wings, it somehow kept aloft and was raining

down streams of flames. On the ground was huge beast that resembled an

iguana. It too was letting loose with fire blasts from its maw. When the

police and members of the JSDF tried to shoot at it, it simply curled into

a ball and rolled about, crushing anything in its path. The authorities

were simply no match for King Dodongo and Volvagia.

At this point, the Devil Hunter knew that she would need help.




A temple on Cherry Hill...

Rei suddenly sat up from her fire reading and called in her fellow Sailor



Nearing the outskirts of Jubaan, a certain scouting party from Hyrule also

started making their way toward the disturbance when several of the Gorons

sensed the presence of their age-old nemesis.

Things were going to reach their boiling points when all sides converged.


A crowd of people screamed and scattered like ants, as they found

themselves in the path of King Dodongo. The giant iguana opened up its

huge maw and began to inhale as it powered up to let loose another fiery

blast. The monster had already reduced a city block into a smoldering

ruin. Just as it was about to let loose with pyrotechnic gouts of death,

something struck hard against the side of its head and caused it to pause

in its rampage. Turning toward the direction where the unexpected

interference came from, the beast gazed upon a squad of tanks from the

JSDF, which were firing a barrage of armor-piercing shells at it. However,

the rounds were not able to penetrate the huge lizard's thick hide and

Dodongo simply scrunched up into a ball and rolled toward the irritating

metal insects.

The soldiers had to abandon their tanks as the enormous beast came rolling

at them like a living, horizontal avalanche. The monster crushed whatever

got in its way and several of the war machines were flattened into steel

pancakes. Once King Dodongo stopped rolling and uncurled its body, it

continued on its mission of mayhem.

High above, the ancient dragon known as Volvagia was making short work of

whatever was thrown against it. Attack helicopters and fighter jets had

been sent in to kill it, but they were easily swatted aside like

bothersome flies. Bullets and rockets proved ineffective against its scaly

hide, and every time the lava lizard opened its mouth and spewed out

destructive bursts of hot gases, the helicopters and jets would explode

like lit firecrackers and were sent crashing to the ground. So far,

military and civilian casualties were at a minimum, but they would soon

skyrocket if something were not done.


Sailor Moon gulped as she and the Inner Scouts came onto the scene and saw

what was causing the massive destruction. The Devil hunter was trying her

best to fend off the beasts, but they kept on coming. One swat from

Dodongo's right claw knocked the Mano girl away, causing her to tumble to

the streets and into unconsciousness.

"And we're supposed to fight them?!" The leader of the Senshi exclaimed as

she witnessed the two monsters rip and burn another city block to the

ground. This wasn't like anything they had faced before and the stakes

were never this high.

"We have to do something or there won't be anything left! Come on!" Rei

cried out as she began running toward King Dodongo, as it began nearing a

shopping mall.

"Wait up!" Ami called out as she and the others followed. The quiet member

of the Senshi was surprised to see Sailor Mars charge recklessly into

battle, as she was usually more disciplined, being a Shinto priest.

However, the situation was dire and immediate action was needed before all

of Tokyo went up in flames.


"Shouldn't we help them?" Sailor Saturn asked as she, Neptune and Uranus

Pluto stood nearby on a rooftop.

Neptune was about to agree with her younger comrade but Sailor Pluto held

out her Garnett Rod and shook her head.

"But why?"

The Guardian of Time took a deep breath before replying. "All this is

because of the Hyrule Knight, and I'm certain that once we destroy him for

good, then the future of the Crystal Tokyo will be assured. He will

appear, that much I am certain. Once he does, then we shall finish him...


Hotaru did not like the way the normally quiet Senshi of Time was

sounding. She had seen Setsuna in her intense moods before, but since the

loss of the Time Gate, her heart seemed to have hardened to the

consistency of tempered titanium. "But what about that other person...


"We will deal with him as well, but the Hyrule Knight is our top priority

right now. His attack on Princess Serenity's daughter cannot be forgotten

nor forgiven as that act has shown his true colors. These monsters and

those others are all his doing. They appeared when he did."

"We don't have real proof that he's behind all this." Neptune interjected.

"You SAW him attack Rini, Michiru. What other proof do you need? He was

just pretending to be our ally, then he turned on us!" Uranus was eager to

mix it up with the Hyrule Knight. She was convinced that once he was

eliminated, then the Time Gate and their weapons would be fully restored.

"But what about Usagi and the others? They need help!" Saturn watched in

fear as the Inner Senshi were losing ground against their monstrous


"We will help them when they need it, but remember that our weapons and

powers are limited now. We'll save our strength when our true enemy

appears." Pluto said with confidence.


Phoenix Mountain...

Saffron chuckled as he continued to watch the battle unfold on his mystic

viewing portal. As he had expected, the so-called Guardian of Time was so

certain that the Hyrule Knight was the cause of their misfortunes that she

was now blind to the truth. Through the TriForce of Power, the Phoenix God

was already aware of the ancient pact between the Moon Kingdom and Hyrule.

Using that treaty, he had now caused a rift between the two sides and that

in turn had caused the Sailor Senshi to be substantially weakened. Not

that their combined powers meant anything to the TriForce, but getting rid

of minor annoyances always helped things along.

He snorted as he watched the Senshi of Time with disdain. As far as he was

concerned, Sailor Pluto was nothing more than a hypocrite. Then again,

beings with godlike powers tended to bend and break the rules then make up

new ones to suit their superiority over lesser beings. It had been a

simple matter to turn her against the bearer of the second piece of the

TriForce. That would make things so much easier when Saffron took

possession of it and the TriForce of Wisdom, which he sensed was nearby.

<Now all the minor cast members are here and ready to play out their

meager roles. The only person missing from my little drama is the star.

Ah, and there he is!> Saffron smiled as he saw that Link was approaching

the scene of the carnage. He felt a slight twinge of pain in his temple,

then dismissed it as a minor ache as he watched the scene.


"AHHHHHHHHH!" Sailor Mars screamed as she barely evaded another fiery

blast from King Dodongo. She had just found out that her Flame Sniper

Attack was useless against the lizard's scaly hide. The flame arrow had

bounced off without any effect and any other attacks were just as


The other Senshi were discovering that their powers were also having no

effect on the giant iguana and its flying counterpart. Mercury's freezing

powers weren't strong enough to overcome their fiery abilities and their

thick, scaly hides deflected electricity and light energy as well. Sailor

Moon continued to whine as she ran around frantically to avoid being


It was at that moment that Mars tripped over something or rather someone,

and fell hard on her bottom. She saw that she had come across the

unconscious body of the Devil Hunter. Looming over them was the past bane

of the Goron's existence as it prepared to barbecue them.


The rings of fire bounced off the lizard's scaly hide, and the Senshi of

Fire braced for the end.


Mars looked up and saw a figure stand on the fire escape of a nearby

building. The newcomer made a spherical object appear and pulled the top.

The fuse became lit as he tossed the object toward King Dodongo, just as

he was about to exhale another gout of flames. The monster suddenly shut

its mouth as something was thrown into its gullet. It took on a puzzled

look as it reflexively swallowed. Then...


The massive body of the beast shuddered as a muffled explosion rocked its

insides, causing it to fall on its belly. The impact caused a massive

depression in the pavement as Link leapt down toward it with his

Biggoron's Sword raised high over his head then brought it down in a wide

arc. Edged Hylian steel cut into the beast's skin near its snout, causing

King Dodongo to let off a thunderous cry of pain. As it had done so

before, the giant brute curled up into a ball and began rolling toward its

opponents. Link quickly swept up Mars by the waist and swerved to the

right. The enemy of the Goron's rumbled by, crashing into another building

and leveling it to the ground.

Before the Senshi of Fire could react to what was happening, she was

immediately thrown to the side as Link dodged gouts of flames that came

down from above. Apparently, Volvagia had spotted its old enemy and was

now intent on taking revenge on the Hero of Hyrule. The Hylian barely had

time to bring up his newly repaired Mirror Shield to deflect the searing

blasts being emitted by the dragon.

Things were getting hot.


Just a few blocks away...

The scouting party from Hyrule, who were currently using glamourie spells

to hide their true appearances, began nearing the place where the battle

was taking place. In the lead were the disguised Gorons, who of course,

were well acquainted with the likes of King Dodongo and Volvagia. Their

scout leader was an old friend of Ranma's during his days on Hyrule. He

was a burly Goron by the name of Dio, who never turned down an opportunity

to eat or get into a brawl. (1)

He had a bit of an impatient streak and wasn't above taking chances.

However, he had been selected to be the team leader, due to his courage

and ability to take charge in dire situations. The Gorons began to pick up

the pace, and as they got within one block of the carnage, they

immediately dropped their disguises and began brandishing various

implements which caused blunt trauma, such as heavy maces, clubs and


Behind them, the Zoras also getting ready for battle. Among the

fish-people of Hyrule was a childhood friend of Princess Ruto. Mizu (1)

was considered tall by his race's standards and quite handsome. He was

very proficient with various water spells and an expert with the spear and


Bringing up the rear were several Gerudo Thieves and members of Zelda's

Royal Guard. They had decided to hold back in reserve in case the others

needed backup.




Volvagia reeled after being struck by Link's Megaton Hammer. But before

the Hero of Hyrule could follow through with a blow that would crush the

dragon's skull, Navi cried out a warning.


Ranma had started to turn about when he saw someone leaping down toward

him with a sword held up high.


"URANUS! WAIT!" Pluto cried out, but it was too late.

Sailor Uranus had gotten impatient and decided that while her objective

was distracted; she would finish him off. One well-placed slash from her

Space Sword and Crystal Tokyo's future would be assured. With that in

mind, she powered up all the energy she could into her weapon and leapt

down from the roof.

The enchanted blade came down toward Link's head, but it would not reach

its destination as a mass of Goron-forged steel came up to block. Ranma

brought up the Megaton Hammer in time to block the blow. The heavy head of

the Goron weapon collided mightily with Uranus' sword. Magical energies

crackled against one another as the two surfaces made contact, then...


In that instant, Uranus's eyes widened in horror and disbelief as her most

powerful weapon broke in two! With Zelda's removal of the sword's original

enchantments, the temporary recharge by Pluto was insufficient to counter

the sheer force of the weapon that was designed to shatter dragons. A

heartbeat later, the hammer's head continued in its arc and the tomboy

senshi was thrown backward by the impact. Fortunately for her, Link had

not swung at full force. Even the protection afforded by her Sailor outfit

would not have prevented her body from being pulverized. However, she now

had four broken ribs and a severe concussion as she landed hard on the

ground twenty meters away.

"SAILOR URANUS!" Sailor Moon cried out as she and the Inner Scouts

witnessed the event with horror and confusion. Sailor Pluto and Neptune

leapt down toward their fallen comrade, leaving Saturn on the roof.

It was at that moment that King Dodongo took the opportunity to let loose

a blast of fire at Link's back.


Time seemed to slow down as the fairy came between the monster and her

Life-Friend. Focusing all the power she had at her disposal, Navi erected

a protection spell to deflect as much of the flames as she could. However,

she knew that this was the end as both she and Link were about to be

engulfed in a huge inferno.

At that moment, a huge wave of water suddenly appeared out of nowhere and

intercepted the attack, causing huge clouds of vapor to appear. At the

same time, several large boulders began rolling onto the scene, colliding

with King Dodongo and knocking it off-balance. The boulders immediately

uncurled themselves to reveal huge Goron warriors as they stood in front

of the Hyrule Knight to protect him. A moment later, the Zoras appeared

after finishing their water spells, and joined the ranks of their stone


Link was more than surprised to see Gorons and Zoras on Earth, but he

didn't complain as he also prepared to fight alongside his friends against

the two monsters as the battle began to reach its climax.


On Phoenix Mountain, Saffron smiled as he watched the battle. It was all

going according to plan.

To be continued...

Author's notes

Yeah, I know I'm a stinker for leaving you hanging like this, but this

chapter was getting so long, that I decided to break it into two parts.

With the new ideas popping into my head and several computer crashes, I've

been really stressed over finishing this. In any case, part 2 will be the

conclusion to this battle and I assure you that the Outer Senshi will soon

REALLY regret their actions. And what is Saffron's ultimate plan? Well,

that's going to be revealed... eventually.

(1) I decided to use some of the characters suggested by my readers. Dio

and Mizu were Rictor Yagami's idea.