The Beast Within

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Chapter 1

Wild Spirit





Nabiki Tendo sighed as she and the rest of the crowds watched her younger sister plow through the usual morning mobs. This was the seventeenth time, since Kuno had made that ridiculous speech about defeating Akane in order to date her. Just who did that pompous wannabe samurai think he was? Everybody knew that he was an idiot, so what did that make all the boys who followed that decree? Was it that forbidden fruit aspect or were they all into masochism?

Of course, all this action on Akane did nothing but boost her own ego. Though she kept on saying that she hated boys, Nabiki could tell that her sibling enjoyed being the center of attention, plus showing off her skills as a TRUE martial artist. However, to all those watching, it was simply a series of unorganized brawls. That was the only reason why Akane could hold out against so many. That and the fact that Kuno always held back.

All the other girls at school found themselves without any prospects for Friday and Saturday nights. Every boy was after Nabiki's sister and this had caused many to resent her. One simple wish shared by all was to meet someone who WASN'T interested in that violent maniac!

As if by magic, their wish was answered as a stranger came in view as he approached the school. He was about 5'10" and had a build that was like a well-trained gymnast's. He wore a pair of blue jeans, hi-tops, black shirt and matching black leather jacket. Over his forehead was a red headband with the symbol of Yin/Yang imprinted over the black silhouette of a wolf. His raven black hair was long and reached down to his midback. It was loosely tied up in a long ponytail and if one looked closely enough, one could see a streak of silver running down its length. His eyes were colored the most interesting shade of blue, as if resembling that of a wolf's. Over his shoulder was a bookbag.

The newcomer casually disregarded the chaos that was occurring in the schoolyard as he simply walked toward the front doors. However, just as he was halfway across the schoolyard, a couple of dimwits who were part of the Akane Lovers club, decided to attack the student on the basis that he MIGHT become competition. (Go figure, but then again, these dopes aren't famous for their collective IQ ratings).

However, just as they began charging him, the newcomer simply let off a low growl, then... reacted. His two assailants didn't even know what hit them as they were sent sailing backward. They collided into another part of the mob, flattening them and sending them all into unconsciousness. This immediately caught everyone else's attention as the stranger stood in a ready form with his right hand thrust out with fingers curled like claws. Then he simply said...

"Wolf Fang Fist."

Then he lowered his hand and continued walking forward.

However, this affront was not going to go unpunished. The other members of Team Hentai decided to momentarily hold off their assault on Akane and charged toward the outsider. This would prove to be a big mistake as the person growled again, as he dropped his bookbag.

"Wolf bares his fangs against pack of jackals."

The Horde of Hentai was then introduced to a new level of pain. Moving with a kind of speed and agility that could only be described as inhuman, the stranger began taking his attackers apart. Using techniques that resembled Kung Fu and Wu Shu, yet mixing in various other styles including Kempo, Jeet Kwon Do, Karate, Jujitsu, American Boxing, and some very mean street fighting moves, the new guy tore through the relatively unorganized ranks like he was shredding tissue paper. Even the so-called Best Martial Artist in Nerima found herself in a state of shock at the brutal display. She was also a bit ticked off at being suddenly ignored.

After knocking out the majority of the mobs in far less time than Akane could have ever done, the newcomer was bathed in a bright flash of light as his aura flared and surrounded him. In one fast charge, he let off a shrill howl that sounded like a wolf's and shot forward like a comet. The remaining attackers went down like bowling pins. (1)

When the carnage was over, the stranger stood alone on a landscape of bruised and moaning figures. He gave his opponents a nod, picked up his bookbag, and then casually resumed his walk toward the front doors.


The fighter stopped, but didn't turn around at the sound of Akane's indignant voice.


The object of Akane's temper shrugged as he turned around to face an extremely short-tempered daughter of Soun Tendo.

The young warrior's expression did not change as he replied in a simple tone. "Yes?"

"That was my fight, you jerk!" <Stupid boy! He's probably a pervert like all the others! > She glared up at him, ready to pound him into the pavement at the slightest provocation.

The newcomer glared down at Akane for a while, not saying anything, then decided that she wasn't worth wasting time on. Without a single word, he simply turned his back to her and continued on his way.

"HEY! DON'T YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!" Akane was getting even more steamed. First this jerk interferes in HER fight, then he had the nerve to ignore her! She was just about to go up and throw a punch at his head, but that was when a wooden sword was suddenly thrust out in front of the newcomer, blocking his path.

The stranger growled at being stopped, then looked over to one side to see someone who looked slightly older than he was, dressed in samurai robes and holding the bokken that was blocking his way.

"Hold knave!"

The stranger said nothing as he waited for the pompous person to step out from his place behind a tree.

"How dare you NOT give the beauteous Akane Tendo your full attention! I shall not allow this insult to go unpunished! As heaven is my witness, I shall..."
"Skip it." The fighter growled.


The stranger took a more dangerous, feral look as he dropped his bookbag to the ground. "I said, skip it. I didn't feel like talking to her, and I sure as Hell don't feel like listening to your babble. You want to fight? Then do so. Otherwise, stop wasting my time. I don't want to come in late on my first day."

"As you wish!" The haughty person with the stick said as he stepped out and backed off a bit to give himself a wide berth from the fool that dared to challenge him. "But is it not customary to give one's own name first? Very well then! Mine I will give!" He took on a dramatic pose. "I am the captain of this school's Kendo Club! The rising new star of the high school fencing world! My name causes fear in all those who oppose me! I am..."


Tatewaki Kuno doubled over when his opponent suddenly blurred forward and slammed a fist into his solar plexus. This drove the breath out of him and before he could recover, the fighter then spun about and landed a hard backfist to the jaw, sending him flying backward at least a dozen feet.

Kuno gagged and coughed a bit as he glared up at him. "Ack... how dare you strike so..."

"I already said that I didn't want to hear your babbling!" The wolf warrior growled. "Talk's cheap and it's a distraction. Do it AFTER you've beaten your opponent!" With those words, he went into a kind of hunched over stance, like a beast that was ready to spring.

Kuno smirked as he assumed that the newcomer had only gotten in a lucky strike, since he attacked so cowardly. He got up and assumed a ready stance with his sword held out. "Very well cur. Since you are too crude to appreciate the fine art of verbal introduction, I shall instead introduce you to the power that is the Blue Thunder! Like the fury of heaven, I shall..."

"I...(WHAM) said...(BAM) talk... (WHOMP) after... (WHAM) the...(WHAM) FIGHT! (WHAMMO)"

The kendoist was sent flying back once again as the wolf warrior let loose with another series of attacks that were almost too fast for the human eye to follow.


From her window on the second floor, Nabiki watched the stranger with interest. It was clear to her that he wasn't using anywhere near his full strength against his opponent, considering how easily he took out Akane's admirers. His style was brutal, yet extremely efficient. He didn't mince words; he got straight to the point. She sighed as she watched Kuno stubbornly get back on his feet.

<Hmmm, I guess all those hits from Akane must have made Kuno-baby more resistant to pain than usual. Then again, it's not like there's anything to damage when you hit his head. >


"I... fight... on!" Kuno gasped, as he was barely conscious.

His opponent however, snorted as he replied. "Not after this. WOLF PACK ATTACK! (2)"

To everyone's astonishment, the newcomer blurred forward and circled his adversary, raining high-speed punches, kicks and swipes. Kuno's body jerked and twitched as each hit struck home. Afterimages of the stranger appeared about the kenodist and some spectators could swear that they were seeing ghostly images of wolves tearing into Kuno.

As quickly as the attack had begun, it ended as the outsider finished off the technique with an uppercut. This sent Kuno flying and slammed him against the tree that he had been hiding behind. He slumped down into unconsciousness. His entire body had bruises and small cuts, as if a wild beast had decided to make him its scratching post. His robes were torn and had holes like Swiss cheese. His bokken was now just a pile of kindling.

The wolf fighter nodded as he picked up his bookbag again then headed toward the front doors of the school. When he neared the crowds, everyone backed off, giving him a wide berth.


Akane stood in total disbelief. That... boy had taken Kuno apart like he was nothing.

<No way! NOBODY COULD BE THAT GOOD! He couldn't be! > Then another thought entered her head, which she quickly began denying. <No! He can't be better than me!>
It was then that it started raining as the late bell sounded.


Somewhere else...

In their rented apartment, Johnny Talbane (3) wondered just how his son was doing during his first day at school.


"Well class, I'd like you all to meet a new student at Furinken High. He and his father had just recently come from England. I'd like to introduce our newest foreign exchange student, Matthew Okami Talbane." (4)

The son of Nodoka and Jon nodded as he waved to his classmates. Near the back, Akane glared at the wolf fighter. She became a bit disgusted at the other girls in her homeroom as they looked on the newcomer with longing expressions. He was just a boy and all boys were perverts! What was so interesting about him?

The teacher instructed him to take a seat, which was in front of Akane and to the left. As he sat down at his desk, his animal instincts were alerting him that hostile emotions were being directed at him. However, the danger levels that they represented were of no consequence to him, so he simply ignored them.


Later on...

As always, Nabiki wanted to get the scoop on all the new people at Furinken. A foreign exchange student usually generated interest among the student body.

She turned to one of her lackeys, who had a file in her hands. "Okay, give me the lowdown on this Matthew Talbane."

Yuka nodded as she read the file. "He's from England, but it says here that he's part-Japanese on his mother's side. Mother's name is unknown. He's been in America, and a few other places with his father, Johnny Talbane. He's won quite a few junior division martial arts tournaments before he was twelve, including Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do. He's here on a special visa to learn about his Japanese heritage."


"And that's about it." Yuka said as she closed the folder.

"That's it? That's all you could dig up on him?"

Yuka shrugged. "There wasn't much in the school records that I could get a hold of."

"There's got to be more."

Yuka shook her head. "Well, there isn't. The usual information sources didn't have that much to add about him. He's had no run-ins with the law, there isn't anything in terms of dirt about him, or anything else. He's clean as far as I can tell."
Nabiki didn't buy it. Everyone had secrets. After seeing the display of fighting prowess this morning, she knew that Matthew represented some definite possibilities. The fact that he was not interested in Akane in the slightest, was also a bonus.


Meanwhile, at the Tendo Dojo...

Soun Tendo became ecstatic as he held a message that he had received a few days ago. It was from his dear old friend and training colleague, Genma. On the postcard were the words, 'Bringing Ranma in a few days.'

The Tendo Patriarch had just received a phone call from his old friend and had been told that Genma and his son would arrive sometime tomorrow. He couldn't wait. Soon the pledge to unite the schools of the Anything Goes would be fulfilled!



Matthew sighed as he ate his lunch. Though several girls had approached him during the lunch hour, and many had asked if he was free tonight, he had to turn them all down. Though his father did encourage his son to make friends, the next three nights was not a good time to do so. It was the time of the full moon.

As he continued to eat, he didn't notice that a certain someone was still a bit miffed at his interference this morning. Akane snorted a bit as she glared at the wolf warrior. Beside her was Nabiki.

"Hmpf! Just look at that womanizing pervert!"

Nabiki shook her head. "Oh come on now, Akane. Just because a few girls have been trying to ask him out on a date, doesn't automatically make him a pervert."

"Hmpf! All boys are perverts! I bet he can't wait to get into their panties!"

"Are you sure that you're not just jealous of all the attention he's getting?" Akane's sister suggested in a slightly teasing tone. She knew that Akane liked to be the center of attention, despite her hatred of boys. Due to Kuno's idiotic declaration, nearly all the boys in school were after her. It had been refreshing to see Matthew flatly disregard her spoiled little sister.

"Hmpf! What's there for me to be jealous of? He just got lucky against Kuno. I could beat him!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, Akane." Nabiki warned. "He took out Kuno like he was nothing. From what I've been able to dig up about him, he's won several junior martial arts tournaments."
"So he's won a few contests, big deal! That doesn't mean anything against a true martial artist! I can still beat him! I'm best fighter in Nerima!"

Nabiki sighed. All of those battles with the Horde of Hentai and Kuno had done nothing but feed Akane's ego, making her feel unbeatable. A part of the middle sister wanted to see Akane meet her match and maybe take her down a few pegs, and she had a feeling that Matthew just might be the one to do it.


As school ended and the sun began to set, Matthew hurried home. He didn't want to be caught outside when the full moon appeared. Normally, he had full control over his bestial tendencies, but under the light of the full moon, the beast within would emerge. As the sky began to grow dark, his pace quickened. Then suddenly, he heard a gunshot in the distance. Though he was more than eight blocks away, his sensitive hearing picked up the noise as if he were right there. Though he knew that he had to get home, his curiosity got the better of him and he went to investigate. Leaping upwards to a rooftop more than thirty-five feet above the street, Matthew began racing towards the disturbance.


"In and out in ten minutes!" A man in combat uniform barked as he directed a group of armed men into a warehouse near the harbor. Among the group was a slender blonde girl of about nineteen years of age. Unlike her comrades, she was dressed in a kind of blue uniform with a skirt that showed off her legs. However, what was most intriguing about her was that her eyes were colored blood red, and that she was hefting a weapon that outweighed her by forty pounds! It resembled a miniature field artillery piece, though the girl was handling it as if it weighed less than nothing.

"Sir! I'm going to take point with the C Team!" Seras Victoria declared as she saluted her commanding officer.

The older man nodded. "Take care, Victoria. Initial reports say that there are at least forty or so ghouls inside, and who knows how many more victims that need to be... taken care of."
Seras nodded. Though she was now a vampire, she still felt sorry for those who were infected by the neo-bloodsuckers, who had been appearing lately. The victims could not be saved and the only thing she could offer was eternal peace by destroying them. That was one of the downsides of being part of the Hellsing Organization.


Matthew bounded from rooftop to rooftop, straining a bit to hold in his inner nature, as the full moon was about to make its regular rise into the sky. His sensitive sense of smell then picked up the stagnant odor of spilled blood and he knew that he was getting close. As he caught sight of the warehouse, his night vision came into play. He then went through an open window on the opposite side to where the Hellsing operatives were entering. Landing on an upper tier, he looked about and tensed up.


"Up there!" Someone shouted as he saw a dark shadow racing above them.

Just as they were about to open fire, a series of inhuman shouts were heard and several figures appeared from various hiding places behind some crates. The Hellsing operatives soon found themselves surrounded by a horde of ghouls. The monsters then began attacking them.

The entire warehouse became a bloody battlefield as gunfire resonated throughout the building. Many of ghouls were cut down in seconds, but more kept on coming as the human fighters found themselves boxed in.

Seras gritted her slightly fanged teeth as she fired off several rounds of her weapon, reducing several of the walking corpses into ash. The heavy smell of blood was making her vampire tendencies grow even stronger and she hoped that this would end soon, before she gave in to those urges. However, the team was being pushed back and was about to be overwhelmed. Then she heard a most... blood-curdling howl as a dark shadow dropped in from above and tore into the ranks of their undead adversaries.


Matthew's bestial nature could no longer be denied as he saw the ghouls attack the humans. Leaping down from the rafters, his ki exploded forth as he landed and charged forward. Using his father's signature move, the Beast Cannon, he reduced several of the animated cadavers into piles of rotting body parts. Then, reaching behind his back, he withdrew a pair of nunchakus that had been stored on a secret holster. Swinging it about, he spilt open several of the ghouls' heads like rotten melons. Using all of the combat skills learned from his father; the son of Jon Talbain gave the Hellsing fighters the reprieve they needed and the tide of battle turned. In two minutes, the gunfire ceased as the last of the undead opposition was dispatched. Then their guns were trained on their unexpected savior.

As he still was partially obscured from sight, due to a large shadow being cast by a pile of crates, Matthew knew that he could not hold off his animalistic transformation for much longer. Holding an arm up to cover his face, he spoke to the humans in a low, guttural voice.

"Please! Go now! I have no desire... for you to remain here!"

"Who are you?" Seras demanded as she held out her weapon.

At that moment, she felt a bit of a chill as another shadow behind her started to rise. She glanced over her shoulder and nodded as she knew just what... or rather who, had just arrived.


The vampire known as Alucard nodded, as he became fully visible. As always, he was dressed in his standard garb of a red trenchcoat, vest, dress pants, hat and circular orange shades. He grinned at Matthew, showing off prominent canines. "Well, well, well. And who might you be, stranger?" The bloodsucker inquired.

"None of your business... Vampire!" Matthew growled. He knew all about vampires. His father had told him about his own encounters with a certain fanged noble, named Dimitri Maximov.

 "Well now, you seem to have me at a disadvantage." Alucard remarked. "You know what I am, but I still do not know what YOU are. Why don't you come into the light and let me see you?"

Matthew decided that there was no use of hiding any longer. The full moon had reached its zenith, and the transformation was beginning. "Very well, though I warn you. Don't get any ideas! You wouldn't want to drink MY blood!"

Matthew then stepped into the light and let his transformation occur.

The Hellsing group became shocked, as Matthew became taller and furry. His face extended forward to form a wolf-like head with very sharp fangs. His body became more muscular and his hands became clawed. A bushy black tail sprouted from the small of his back and his feet also became clawed. His clothes shredded themselves, leaving him dressed only in his loose-fitting pants. When the transformation completed itself, what stood in Matthew's place was a 6' 3" tall werewolf, covered in black fur with silver highlights.

Alucard gazed on the now transformed fighter for a long while, then nodded. "You were right. I wouldn't want to drink your blood. Vampires never did care for the taste of werewolves." When several of the Hellsing fighters were about to open fire, the vampire waved them off. "Let him go"

"Master?" Seras asked.

"He was not part of the ghouls, and he has committed no crime here, Police Girl." Alucard said, then turned to Matthew. "You... look familiar, werewolf. You bear a striking resemblance to a man I once knew. His name was Jon Talbain. Are you related to him, by any chance?"

"You knew my father?" Matthew said in surprise.
"Ah, so you are his son, eh? I should have guessed."

At that moment, police sirens were heard in the distance. Matthew took the opportunity to bound up towards an open window and escape. At the same time, the Hellsing operatives began to process of cleaning up and covering up the incident.


Later that night, at Hellsing HQ...

"Talbain? Are you certain, Alucard?" Sir Integra asked as she had just finished with the debriefing with the vampire.

"The young one admitted that he was the son of my old... acquaintance." The vampire reported. "It was just a few weeks after you had awakened me. I had a little skirmish in Transylvania with another true vampire named Maximov."

Integra nodded as the Hellsing Organization had extensive files on all known Darkstalkers. "I thought that the last of the Talbain line had died sixteen years ago."

"Now you should know better, Sir Integra." The bloodsucker reminded. "It would take more than an exploding plane to destroy a werewolf, and the Talbain line is among the strongest of all lycanthrope clans."

"So... should we consider him and his son as the enemy?"

Alucard paused for a moment, then replied. "As far as I know, the Talbain family has never violated any HUMAN laws, though I would suggest that we keep them under surveillance. Most likely, whoever had begun creating ghouls in Japan, may hold a bit of a grudge against the actions of Jon's son."


Speaking of whom...

"You're late, son." The elder werewolf said as he watched his offspring enter their apartment through an open skylight.

"I... couldn't help it, Dad." Matthew replied. "I ran into some... trouble."

"You can tell me about it along the way. Oh yes, you also forgot to take this." He held up a small pendant that was gold-colored and was shaped like a wolf's head. "Did you bite anyone?"

"No." His son replied as he took the pendant and hung it around his neck. "I ran into some ghouls and a vampire, but I don't think they'd be affected if I did bite them."

Jon gazed upon his son for a long time, then nodded. "As I said before, you tell me about it later. Now come!"

The younger wolf fighter nodded as he followed his sire out into the night. Of all the training sessions that he had undergone since reuniting with his true father, this was his favorite time of the month. Under the light of the full moon, his powers were at their peak, and he was allowed to fully cut loose. He gave the small amulet around his neck a reassuring squeeze as he and his father raced across the rooftops, sometimes clearing them in just one leap.


Hellsing HQ in Tokyo...

"Master... who was he?" Seras asked as she sat down to consume her nightly meal, which consisted of a bowl of Type O blood. Though she was still somewhat squeamish about drinking blood, she had recently accepted the fact that she needed it, or else her powers and abilities would diminish.

Beside her, Alucard replied. "I've never met that particular werewolf before tonight, but I am very familiar with his father, Jon Talbain. He was a great fighter and he was a good ally against another vampire that I had encountered."

"Another vampire?" Seras inquired.

"Not like the cheap Freak vampires we've been dealing with. Dimitri Maximov was one of the last of the vampire nobles."

"Vampire nobles?"
"Yes. He was quite formidable. However, with some help from Talbain, I eventually triumphed over him. I haven't seen Maximov since then."


In a forest near the outskirts of Tokyo...

"Dad? Did you ever meet up with any other vampires, besides Maximov?" Matthew asked as he threw several slashes and punches at his father.

"A few." Jon replied as he countered his son's attacks. "Before I found you, I do remember a vampire by the name of Alucard. He was powerful, and he and I formed a temporary alliance during my last encounter with the vampire noble Maximov. From what I learned, he was in the service of a human organization called Hellsing. Why do you ask?"

"The vampire I met tonight said that he knew you. He also had another vampire with him. It was a girl."

Jon thought for a moment, then said, "I don't recall Alucard ever mentioning that he had any offspring. Most likely that girl was transformed and is now his apprentice or lover."

"He turned her into a vampire?"

"Before you judge him, son, let me tell you that Alucard does not turn just anyone into a vampire. He's got a very high, though somewhat skewered code of honor. He also serves a human group, though I'm not certain why. Usually, when people become vampires by his bite, it is of their own free will."

"So... you're saying that she chose to be one?"
"It's a possibility."

The two continued to exchange punches and kicks as the training continued.


Tokyo Bay...

A lone figure stood at one of the piers and looked up at the full moon. He wore an elaborate outfit which seemed to date back during the Middle Ages. He was garbed in a fancy vest with blood-red lapels and dark matching pants. His sleeves were ruffled at the cuffs and over his shoulders was a dark, ebony cape. His face resembled that of the European aristocrats, but his hair was slicked back to a point and his eyes reflected an inhuman cruelty.

<At last! After ten years, I shall finally have my revenge on the two who had defeated me! Jon Talbain... Alucard... I am coming for you! But first... I must feed!>

An eerie fog suddenly washed over the waters as Dimitri Maximov suddenly disappeared from sight. A moment later, the sound of leathery wings was heard as a large bat flew toward the city.


The Tendo residence, a little later...

Kasumi awoke with a start as she had suddenly felt a chill run through her very being. She looked about and saw that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then she decided to look out her open window.


Standing on a rooftop opposite from the Tendo home, Dimitri smiled as he used his hypnotic gaze to entrance the young woman in the window. It was time to sate his hunger!

As soon as he had made eye contact with Soun’s daughter, he asserted his will over her. He encountered some formidable mental resistance, which was a bit surprising as Kasumi seemed so innocent and unassuming. However, he would not be denied and she eventually fell beneath his spell. He smiled, displaying oversized canines as he watched Kasumi leave her room.


Kasumi’s soul screamed in silence as her body moved as if it was being controlled by someone else, (which in fact it was). She had just glanced out the window and saw a dark figure standing on a rooftop opposite to hers, and she suddenly felt as if someone’s hands were forcefully guiding her arms and legs. She tried to resist, but the presence was overwhelming and she soon found herself moving as if sleepwalking, yet she was wide awake. Her mind had become separated from the controls of her body and was only coming along for the ride.

The eldest daughter of Soun Tendo tried to find her voice, to awaken her family, but her throat felt as if it was weighted down and being choked. Her vocal cords were as paralyzed as her will to resist. Her body was rebelling and she had no way of stopping it. She saw herself walking down the stairs and heading out toward the door and she had no idea why, except for the feeling that if she went out, she would never be able to return.


"That was a good workout, son." Jon remarked as he and his offspring was heading back to their apartment via hopping rooftops.

Matthew nodded. "Yeah. Hey Dad?"
"Do you think... we could see Mom?"

The older werewolf felt a pang of regret as he thought about Nodoka, whom he hadn’t seen in over sixteen years. He had missed her terribly and only the company of his son had eased his loneliness over the last decade. He gave off a long sigh and shook his head. "I’d love to see her again, even more than you want to. However... I can’t. It would be too difficult to explain to her how I survived that plane explosion, without telling her about our family‘s... secret. As far as everyone is concerned Jon Talbain died long ago."

Matthew became very disappointed. For some time now, he had been despairing over the fact that he may never be able to see his mother again. The very gift that gave his family power, was also a curse.

Suddenly, his father stopped in his tracks as his ears perked up and his nostrils began flaring. He looked about as his enhanced senses began pinpointing the source of the disturbance. In addition to his acute senses of smell, taste, hearing and night vision, Matthew's father also possessed an affinity for detecting things of a supernatural nature. What he was sensing now made him tremble slightly. It was an evil presence that he had not felt in over ten years.


Motioning for his offspring to follow him, Jon bounded off in a new direction.


Kasumi now found herself walking out in the moonlight as she passed the outer wall of the Tendo compound. She felt as if her entire body did not belong to her as it continued to move on its own. Her inner self continued to scream in protest, but she was still unable to stop herself. Finally, she stood in the middle of the darkened street, barefoot and in her nightgown, as if waiting for something… or someone.


Dimitri smiled as he gazed upon his intended victim. The girl had shown remarkably strong will, and it had taken a while for her to succumb to his spell of entrancement. However, now that she was far enough away from anyone who could possibly interfere, it was time for the vampire lord to feast! The fanged noble ran his tongue across one of his enlarged canines in anticipation. Soun Tendo's daughter radiated pure innocence and that made the blood in her veins even more delectable.

In a cloud of mist, the bloodsucker disappeared from the rooftop, only to reappear a dozen feet from where Kasumi stood. To her, he appeared as if he was completely composed of shadows, except for his two, glowing red eyes. With slow measured steps, he approached her. His dark cape wafted behind him as he towered over the slender girl. When he stood before her, he raised one arm and let it encircle her, along with one side of his cape. Drawing her against his chest, Kasumi's head tilted to one side, exposing her white throat. Lowering his fangs toward her neck, his hot breath warmed her pale skin, as he was about to pierce…

At that moment, an eerie howl was heard, causing Dimitri to be distracted and lose control of his hold over Kasumi. The girl began to stir from her semi-conscious state. He looked up at a nearby rooftop and saw… him.

"YOU!" The vampire cried out as he recognized his old enemy.

"It's been quite a while… Bloodsucker!" Talban growled as he jumped down from the roof to land some twenty meters from him and his intended victim.

Holding Kasumi in a very powerful grip, Dimitri faced off against the head of the Talbain clan. "You dare to interrupt me, during my supper?"

"We still have a score to settle, vampire! Let her go!" Talbain growled as he reached behind him and took out his nunchakus. Swinging it about in a casual way, he took a stance with his weapon held out before him.

Dimitri smiled as he gazed upon his adversary. "Indeed we do have some unfinished business. That was the reason why I came to Japan. I still must pay you and that traitor Alucard back for that time ten years ago. First, I'll have a little bite and then we shall begin."

By that time, Kasumi had gained full control of her body and let off a scream. Just as Dimitri was about to sink his fangs into her neck, a black blur suddenly shot forward from the shadows, and slammed a foot into the bloodsucker's head. The surprise attacked knocked the vampire off balance and made him lose his hold on Kasumi. As Dimitri was sent flying back, Kasumi's legs gave out from under her, weak from just being released from the fanged noble's spell. However, a pair of muscular, furry arms caught her before she hit the pavement.


When she looked up to gaze upon the face of her savior, she let off a gasp. Finally the strain of what was occurring overwhelmed her and she fainted. It was just as well that she was no longer conscious as two Darkstalkers began attacking each other, while the third watched.

Dimitri let off an enraged shout as he suddenly levitated high above the street and let loose with a fireball.


However, Jon was long since experienced with such techniques and dodged the blast. Charging up his own inner power, he retaliated with a somersault kick, his foot glowing with a blue light.


The kick connected with the vampire's chin, knocking him down as the werewolf charged forward like a comet, letting off a blood-curdling howl. Dimitri was slammed down as Jon's Beast Cannon caught him in midair.

The vampire grunted a bit as he got back to his feet. Panting slightly, he glared at his opponent. "You… will pay for that… Talbain."

"I doubt it." Jon gritted as he twirled his nunchakus. Both he and his son carried the chained batons, and both weapons had undergone several mystic enchantments to deal with supernatural adversaries.

Both fighters then began exchanging blows with each other at speeds that could only be described as inhuman. However, Talbain was the more seasoned battler when it came to close combat. Several hits from his nunchakus managed to land and this forced Dimitri to back off. The bloodsucker hissed as he noted that several burn marks were appearing on his skin. The blessed wood of the nunchakus was having an effect on him.

Dimitri glanced over to where Matthew was standing, then addressed his old nemesis. "I do not know who he is, Talbain, but both you and he will not be able to stand up against me! You do not have that filthy traitor Alucard to help you THIS time!"

"I don't need Alucard this time tonight." Jon said simply as he then put his weapon away.

"And why not?" Dimitri inquired, thinking Talbain as a fool.

The werewolf shrugged. "Because, unlike vampires, we werewolves are NOT afraid of the sunrise."
The vampire lord's eyes widened as he saw the first rays of the morning sun begin to peak over the horizon. He realized that in his desire to destroy Talbain, he had forgotten the fact that sunrise came much earlier in Japan, than in Transylvania.

"We shall meet again, Talbain!" Dimitri instantly transformed as a bat and flew off.

Matthew was about to chase after the winged rat, but his father called out to him.

"Let him go, son."

"We have more important things to take of." The elder werewolf pointed to the girl in his son's arms.



Kasumi awoke in her bedroom and shook her head, as if awakening from a long nightmare. One hand immediately went to her throat and she let off a sigh of relief, as she felt nothing. Looked about and noted that her room was exactly the way it was the previous night. However, just as she was about to dismiss the entire ordeal as a bad dream, she noticed that something was hanging on her windowsill. She got up and walked over to it. Reaching out with her right hand, she plucked a small piece of black fur… which looked like it had belonged to a dog… or a wolf.

To be continued?


While working on Cat Fist Fury, I got inspired to write a bit more of this fic, (also after playing Marvel Vs Capcom 2) Mind you, this is only an idea so please, don't expect it to be updated regularly.

Yes, that was Jon's infamous Beast Cannon move, which he had taught to his son during their travels together. It's even more powerful in hybrid form.

I liked this attack name when I read about it in Gregg Sharp's fics. Basically, it's a combination of Cologne's Splitting Cat Hairs Technique, coupled with the Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. Ouch!

Well, what do you expect? Jon Talbain is considered dead, so the werewolf had to forge a new identity and a slight name change so there wouldn't be a connection.

Not being from Japan, it made sense that Jon would give his son a non-Japanese first name, and the middle name was something Ranma had decided for himself. Naturally the term 'wild horse' doesn't suit him. In any case, I thought that I could try a new approach, instead of using the obvious first name of Okami, (Wild-Wolf).

Now some people are probably wondering how Ranma/Matthew could so easily accept his condition and not consider himself as a freak. Well, Jon Talbain is a more understanding and sympathetic father figure than Genma was. Back in the original series, Genma was indifferent to his son's problems and suffering, especially when it concerned Jusenkyo. In fact, several times, he had used his son's curse to further his own greed, (the Miss Martial Arts Takeout, manga version, the Picolet Chardin affair, etc.) To Genma, his son was a meal ticket, to bargain with so he could get something without earning it. With Jon Talbain, Ranma grew up with someone who also possessed the curse of lycanthropy, and therefore had someone who understood and supported him. With Genma, Ranma had to deal with his own problems and the ones that Genma had caused. With Jon, Ranma doesn't have to shoulder the entire burden.