The Legend of Ranma

Ranma and Sailor Moon. Not mine. Fan fiction. Don't sue. That's all.

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[" "]: Telepathic communication

Chapter 4

Japan's Newest Superhero

"Get that camera focused on that guy!" A television reporter screamed to

his cameraman as the news crew arrived at the scene of the chaos that was

occurring in the park. A couple of other camera crews had already gotten to

the scene and were busy filming the battle between Japan's newest costumed

adventurer and the forces of the Negaverse. A large crowd had also formed

to witness event. What had begun as a quiet afternoon had erupted into a

spectacular fight with five hideous monsters and a certain hero with

pointed ears. The appearance of the famous Sailor Senshi was a big story in

itself, but when it appeared that they were about to be destroyed, this

newcomer had come from out of nowhere and saved the Senshi and their ally

from certain destruction. Now, with the seven girls and Tuxedo Kamen too

injured to help, the former Hero of Time, now calling himself the Hyrule

Knight was taking on five gigantic youma and their masters head-on.

"Hyrule Knight! Watch out!" Navi cried out as one of the Headmasters crept

up from behind and let loose a full barrage of fire, icy mists, acid,

lightning and sonic blasts.

Ranma nimbly dodged the volley and then leapt up at another Headmaster.

With a swing of the Biggoron's Sword, he lopped off two of its heads. The

beast howled in pain as it swung one of its claws at Ranma. The martial

arts Hylian evaded the blow and then stabbed the three-foot blade into its

forearm, causing more pain. At the same time, one of the other Headmasters

came charging in on one side.

"Oh no you don't!" Navi cried out as she sped out and stopped in its path.

She then concentrated her energies and released a large ball of bright

light. The monster screamed as it was blinded by the sudden burst of

luminescence. It stopped in its tracks and shut its five pairs of eyes.

Ranma decided to take advantage of this and put away his sword for a

moment. He called forth his fairy bow and notched an arrow. The arrow began

to glow with a bright blue light that shot off small sparks from its tip.

The youma that he had been battling charged at him and that was when he let

his projectile fly.


Sailor Mercury watched with fascination as the projectile streaked toward

the beast. It looked like the opposite to Sailor Mars' Flame Sniper Attack.

The Ice Arrow flew straight and true, impacting hard on the Headmaster's

chest. Normally, its freezing magic was only good enough against smaller

targets, not opponents that were forty feet tall. However, with the

TriForce of Courage augmenting it, the arrow had more than enough power to

do the job. The youma glowed with a blue light and suddenly found its body

encased in ice. The unexpected drop in temperature took it by surprise and

when it remembered that it had a head that could breathe fire, it was too

late. The red-colored jaws were frozen shut. Worse yet was the fact that it

was still going forward, unable to stop.

The transformed Ranma noted this and leapt over his frozen foe. When he

landed, he turned around and called forth the Longshot. He pressed the

trigger and the weapon shot out its harpoon and chain. The chain shot past

the ice-encased Headmaster and its pointed tip pierced into the chest of

the one that Navi had blinded.

The beast screamed out when it felt something sharp pierce its torso. Its

blindly grabbed onto the chain, hoping to pull it out, but then Ranma gave

it another surprise. As soon as the metal point hit the Headmaster, Ranma's

normal boots were exchanged for the Iron Boots. Because of their greater

density, the metal-shod footwear was far heavier on Earth than on Hyrule,

and served to keep him on the ground. With the Golden Gauntlets augmenting

his strength, plus the reeling mechanism of the Longshot, the Hyrule Knight

yanked hard on the chain. The Headmaster went flying forward and ended up

crashing into its frozen companion. The other Headmaster's body had been

made brittle from the mystic ice and the impact caused it to shatter into a

pile of ice cubes and bloody body parts.

"Wow! Nice move!" Sailor Venus commented as she, the other Senshi and

Tuxedo Kamen watched from the sidelines. The earlier battle had taken away

much of their energies and they were too injured to be of any help to their

savior. Sailor Neptune and Uranus were just barely conscious after Saffron

had sapped them of their strength. ChibiMoon was out from Jedite's

backhand. All they could do was watch as the Hyrule Knight began whittling

down the creations of the Negaverse.

Returning the Longshot and the Iron Boots to their places in subspace,

Ranma charged at the still blind Headmaster and took out his sword again.

It was then that he noticed that the two heads that he had chopped off

earlier were regenerating into smaller, seven-foot tall versions of the

larger youma. He also saw that the shattered fragments of the one he froze

were also becoming animated as well.

"Hyrule Knight!" Navi cried out as she flew to where Ranma was being

surrounded. "Don't cut those monsters up! The pieces will just grow more of


"Then I'm just going to have to make sure that there isn't anything left

for them to grow back!" The former Kokiri couched down and began focusing

his energies into the huge blade. The monstrous beings began converging on

him from all sides, hoping to overwhelm him by sheer numbers. The twenty or

so monsters were almost on top of him when Ranma's blade started to glow

with a bright orange-red color.


The Hyrule Knight spun his sword in a wide circle, releasing a huge wave of

energy that surrounded him. The mini-Headmasters were caught in the blast

and were reduced to piles of blackened ash. Ranma then turned his attention

toward the remaining youma.

"That was cool!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed. "Hey! That guy looks just like

my old sempai!"

The rest of the Scouts moaned as Sailor Mars replied to her comrade's

observation. "Now you've got to be kidding! There's no way HE could look

like your old boyfriend!"

"Why not?"

"Because he's got pointed ears!"

"So? What does that have to do with it?"

Sailor Mars would have facefaulted if she weren't so injured.

Ranma displayed incredible agility as he dodged the creatures and their

attacks. The remaining three Headmasters threw everything at him, but they

couldn't lock onto him. The three generals were also displeased that this

newcomer was making them look like fools.

"All of you! Get him!" Jedite screamed.

Two of the Headmasters charged in on both sides, trying to catch the Hyrule

Knight between them. At the same time, Malachite and Zoycite were letting

loose with barrage of dark energies at him. Ranma was forced to put up his

Hylian Shield to block the bolts as the monsters closed in on him.

"Look out Hyrule Knight!" Navi cried, as the multi-headed horrors were

about to converge on him.

Ranma waited until they were almost on top of him then slammed a palm to

the ground.


A huge hemisphere of mystic fire magic erupted from the ground and caught

the two Headmasters in the blast. The youma screamed in agony as they were

charred to cinders by the massive amounts of heat. The energies that were

released by the two Negaverse generals only served to augment the already

enhanced fire spell. When the fireball died down, the Hyrule Knight stood

at the center of a sixty-foot crater of scorched earth. All three servants

of Beryl sweated hard as they saw that Ranma had nary a scratch on him. The

last Headmaster was also cowed as it realized that its comrades were

nothing more than unrecognizable piles of ash.

In fact, it was so paralyzed with fear, that it made no move as Ranma leapt

up high to finish it off. As he reached the apex of his jump, he called

forth the Megaton Hammer. Using the Biggoron's Sword to cut it to pieces

was not a good idea so Ranma opted for the mighty weapon of the Gorons. The

Headmaster's eyes, all ten of them, widened as it saw the Hero of Hyrule

descend down toward it like an avenging angel.


Now it was rumored that the Megaton Hammer was powerful enough to almost

move a mountain with a single blow. It was certainly strong enough to kill

the dragon Volvagia. However, when the TriForce of Courage augments that

selfsame weapon the results are quite devastating.


The head of the hammer struck the middle head and the monster was driven

deep into the ground like a tent stake. Uranus had to whistle at the attack

which made her World Shaking look like a minor tremor. The sound of its

impact was heard throughout Tokyo and the entire island shook as if it was

subjected to a small earthquake. The Headmaster was more than a little

dazed at the impact. Ranma took this opportunity as he leapt away and took

out his fairy bow again. He quickly notched five arrows and began infusing

them with a red energy. Taking careful aim at each of the Headmaster's

noggins, he let the arrows fly.


The Headmaster screamed as five searing projectiles struck each of its

heads and caused them to explode into pieces so small that they couldn't

possibly regenerate. With the TriForce of Courage enhancing their

destructive capabilities, the arrows went off like miniature Din's Fire

spells. The heat of the energies also cauterized the stumps, preventing

them from sprouting new heads. Sailor Mars was flabbergasted. She could

never fire off that many arrows in such rapid succession.

The now decapitated body was still unable to free itself from its position

in the ground as Ranma notched another arrow and began focusing his power

into it. Another Fire Arrow reduced the last youma into a smoking ruin. He

then drew his sword and faced off against three minions of Beryl who had

been hovering above his battle with the Headmasters. Navi floated to his

side as Ranma shouted out, "You're next!"

Jedite, Malachite and Zoycite were little more than shocked to see their

forces so easily defeated by one man and a fairy. They knew the penalty of

returning to Beryl in defeat and began releasing bolts of evil energies at

him, trying to blast him into oblivion. Ranma once again dodged with ease

and deflected some of the blasts with his shield.

["Ranma! They have a bit of an advantage in the air! It's time to use the

Hover Boots!"]

["But Navi! They only allow me to float in the air for a few steps! They

certainly can't let me fly!"]

["With the TriForce of Courage they can!"]

["You mean?"]

["With the new spells I've added and the TriForce of Courage fully

integrated with you, there's no reason why you can't!"]

Ranma smiled as he silently called forth the Hover Boots. He then took a

mighty leap toward one of his adversaries. Jedite tired to float out of the

way, but was very surprised when the Hyrule Knight hovered in the air and

began raining martial arts maneuvers on him. Punches and kicks were thrown

in rapid succession and Jedite had to raise his telekinetic shield block.

With his augmented strength, the impacts of Ranma's blows echoed like

thunder. Cracks in his shield began to show as Ranma continued his assault.

"Incredible!" Sailor Mercury commented as she activated her visor. However,

the high-tech scanning device was unable to determine anything about their

unknown rescuer. The TriForce of Courage was radiating so much power, on so

many levels, that all she got was static. One thing for certain, whoever

this person was, he was in possession of some serious power. It may well be

that his power might be even more potent than the Silver Imperium Crystal.

"What I'd like to know is where I can get a pair of those boots!" Sailor

Jupiter said.

Before Ranma could break though Jedite's shield, Navi warned him to get out

of the way. Ranma shot upward, just barely evading Zoycite and Malachite's

double assault as they sent more power blasts at him. Jedite however, was

not as fortunate. He took the full brunt of the intended ambush, which

shattered his weakened barrier and caused him to scream out. His body was

subjected to massive amounts of pain as his comrades' energies flayed

through him. The two other generals gasped in shock as they saw they had

missed their target. They then heard a shout from above them and looked up.


Three streaks of golden light came streaking down toward them. The three

generals were temporarily blinded by the intense luminescence of the arrows

and were unable to move for a split-second. That was all the time the

projectiles needed at they struck their targets. Zoycite screamed as an

arrow struck her in the right shoulder. Malachite's chest was pierced and

Jedite, who already in pain from the first attack, was hit in the gut. The

three arrows released their payloads of magical power as each began

draining the dark, evil power within their targets. The three evil servants

of the Queen of the Negaverse writhed in the air for a moment before

plummeting to the ground. They managed to land on their feet but found

themselves paralyzed from the power contained within the arrows.

Ranma floated back down to land between his three opponents and the Sailor

Scouts. Navi came to his side. ["Ranma! You're getting low on your own

personal stores of magic! Even though the TriForce of Courage is boosting

everything, you do need time to recharge."]

Ranma nodded. He had begun to feel his own personal reserves of magic being

depleted as the battle raged on. Even though he could just simply take out

his bottle of Magic Replenishing Potion, he didn't want anyone to know

about it. That potion was to be used as a last resort. The arrows he fired

would not hold the three villains forever and they still possessed a lot of

power. He needed to finish them off fast.

It was then that Navi began fluttering around Sailor Moon and pointed at

her tiara. ["Ranma! I sense something here that you can use to take those

three out all at once!"]

["What do you mean Navi?"] Ranma was confused, then smiled as Navi

telepathically showed him what she had discovered. He then bent down and

plucked the tiara off Sailor Moon's head. "Excuse me. Mind if I borrow


"Huh? But it doesn't work anymore!" Sailor Moon had stopped using her tiara

attack when it had failed her several times. The power contained within the

headpiece was low and didn't have the force necessary to deal with the

ever-stronger opponents the Scouts faced each time. As of now, it only had

a residual amount of power left.

Ranma simply smiled as he silently called forth an item that had been one

of his main weapons as a child. With Navi donating some of her energies and

using the TriForce of Courage, Ranma merged the two items together. The

tiara glowed with renewed power. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask watched

in awe as Navi guiding him through the correct motions. The Hyrule Knight

felt pretty silly doing a pirouette but as Navi had said, it was genre. The

three Negaverse generals widened in disbelief as they recognized what he

was doing. However, the Light Arrow spell still kept them paralyzed from

doing anything about it.

The camera crews that were filming the battle were also dropping their

jaws. They had seen this maneuver done before and they just couldn't

believe that someone else was attempting it.

"No way!" Sailor Moon cried out as she saw her tiara glow and change shape.

"He doesn't really expect that to work!" Venus said.

"He's really going to do it!" Mars shouted as the Hyrule Knight finished

the motions and drew back his hand.

Ranma threw the transformed tiara and shouted out the new Sailor Senshi



"Boomerang?!" The Senshi and Tuxedo Mask exclaimed.

Sure enough, the tiara took the shape of Ranma's old boomerang. Considered

a toy by the people of Hyrule, the magic contained within it, plus the

energies added to it by Navi and the TriForce of Courage, had not only

reactivated the tiara's power, but also boosted it past its previous

maximum capabilities. The generals could feel the power radiating from the

new weapon. It was a combination of the Moon Kingdom's energies (which they

were very familiar with) and the new power source that they had been

fighting against.

In the timestream, Sailor Pluto was more than surprised to see Sailor

Moon's old tiara attack had been reactivated and enhanced. She watched with

great interest as the Hyrule Knight threw the weapon at Beryl's minions.

The tiara-turned-boomerang smacked into Jedite first then rebounded to hit

Malachite and Zoycite. Each impact caused huge explosions as the three were

enveloped in blinding flashes of light. The power of the boomerang, plus

the waning energies of the Light Arrow spell, pushed their abilities to

their limits. The balls of light that were formed lit up the night sky for

several seconds before finally dying out. Ranma caught the returning

boomerang, which returned to being a tiara again. He stood and waited with

the rest.

When the power dispersed itself, The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen

couldn't believe their eyes. Three of their enemies had been totally

defeated by one person. Sailor Moon's weakest attack had taken them all

out. The three villains were sprawled out on the ground. Their gray

uniforms were tattered and dirtied with numerous tears in them. Their

bodies were covered in many bruises. Ranma had his sword held at the ready

as he slowly approached them. When he was about ten feet away from them

took out the Lens of Truth and shone its eerie light on them. Satisfied

with what he saw, he put the mystic detection device away.

"Y... You... haven't beaten... us yet!" Malachite gasped as he tried to get

up. He failed and fell flat on his face.

"Says you." Ranma replied. "According to what the Lens of Truth is telling

me, you three don't have enough power to light a match! Now, you are going

to tell me what's going on and who sent you."

Malachite groaned as he realized that he and his comrades didn't have the

strength to even teleport back to the Negaverse. It was then that a loud,

booming voice rang out from above.


Ranma looked up and saw a gigantic face being formed from the dark clouds

above them. His mouth pulled back in a snarl as he recognized whom it was.


A bolt of lightning came down from the heavens and struck the defeated

trio, causing them to disappear.

"What did you do to them?" Ranma cried out as he took a defensive stance.

The Sailor Scouts also gasped.

"No need to be concerned about those three losers." Saffron replied with

contempt. "I sent them back to Queen Beryl to punish for their failure. No

little one, it is your own safety that you should be concerned about."

"What do you mean?"

"I was very impressed with what you have accomplished so far, but you have

yet to show me your true power Hyrule Knight. Perhaps if I were to up the

stakes a bit more?"

Ranma and Navi were in a state of pure shock when they saw the image raise

up a hand and displayed what was on the back of it.

["Navi, it can't be! That can't be the TriForce of Power!"]

["Oh yes it is! Look at your own hand!"]

Ranma looked down at the back of his right hand and saw the symbol of the

TriForce of Courage begin to resonate with energies being released by the

TriForce of Power. Before he could contemplate further, Saffron released a

sizzling bolt of magic at him.

Ranma was able to call forth the Mirror Shield and bring it up to block in

time. The massive beam began rebounding off the polished surface and was

redirected skyward and to the sides. However, it was like trying to stop a

raging torrent of water. Ranma was thrown back several hundred yards and

landed in the middle of the now devastated park. The Sailor Scouts and

their ally were just able to scramble out of the way of the reflected


Sailor Pluto gasped as the double image of the TriForce of Power and

Courage appeared before her again. The incredibly powerful interference

prevented her from seeing into the timestream. She was left wondering what

was going on and decided that now was the time for her to get involved. She

tried to transport herself to the time where the interference started but

found that she was being prevented somehow. She then saw the image of

Saffron as he held up the hand that displayed the Triforce of Power.

On Phoenix Mountain, Saffron chuckled as he watched through the viewing

portal at the scene of Sailor Pluto's failed attempts to interfere. <Oh no.

When I said no interference. I meant it. >

It was at this time that Ranma was presented with his final challenge. The

area around him was suddenly encircled with walls of mystic fire, enclosing

an area of more than two hundred meters in diameter. The fires then curved

over into a dome, which would prevent him from escaping via Hover Boots. He

could not count on the Sailor Senshi or Tuxedo Kamen for assistance as they

were cut off from him. He then noticed the remains of the Headmasters glow

with dark energies. The pieces lifted off the ground and began merging

together into one huge, shapeless mass that hovered above him. Ranma and

Navi had a sinking feeling. This premonition of doom was verified when the

blob suddenly exploded and a gigantic form landed on the ground before


The new Headmaster was more than eighty feet tall and had the heads of the

four previous monsters combined. All twenty of them! It had claws that were

large enough to crush a car like an empty soda can and it let out a roar

that shook the neighborhood like a thunderstorm. Just as Ranma brought up

his sword to prepare for battle, the monster lashed out with a massive,

clawed hand and knocked the Biggoron's Sword from his grasp. The huge blade

went flying and a small opening in the firewalls appeared. The sword flew

through the opening and landed outside the mystic ring of fire. The opening

them sealed itself up again. The Hyrule Knight suddenly had a sickening

feeling of d�j� vu.

["Ranma! Look out!"]

Navi's warning came in the nick of time as all twenty heads let loose with

their attacks. Ranma had nearly bought it as a huge barrage of fire, icy

mists, acid, lightning and sonic wails narrowly missed him as he ducked

behind a tree. Realizing that he needed the power, he called forth the

bottle of Magic Replenishing Potion and drank it down. Fortunately, the

tree kept anyone from seeing him take out the bottle and drink from it.

["Yuck! I've always hated that taste!"]

His body was instantly recharged with power and Ranma could feel his

confidence rising again. He leapt out from behind the tree and called forth

his bow. Notching an arrow and infusing the Light Arrow spell, he launched

it at one to the heads that breathed fire. The arrow exploded, paralyzing

the head momentarily. The Hero of Hyrule then leapt up, took out the

Megaton Hammer and struck it.


The impact was staggering and the head was promptly made unconscious. As

the Hyrule Knight landed on the ground, Navi floated to him.

"Hyrule Knight! This monster is a lot more powerful than the last ones! It

would take too long to take out all those heads one at a time! We have to

stop it now!"

"What can we do?" Ranma shouted as he dodged another withering barrage of

mixed energies. "Does this thing had any weak points?"

Outside the dome, the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, the camera crews and

those who were watching at home, could do nothing but observe the battle

within the fiery hemisphere. The new hero's career as a defender of good

seemed destined to be short-lived.

Sailor Jupiter was not one to give up. Forcing herself to her feet, she

managed to move over to where Ranma's sword had landed.

"Come on you guys! We've got to help him!" The brown-haired girl grasped

the hilt of the huge weapon and tried to lift it. Unfortunately, the

Biggoron's Sword was far heavier than she imagined. "Off! Man, this thing's


Mars and Venus crawled over to where Jupiter was and also managed to

stagger to their feet. Unfortunately, even with the three of them, they

only managed to get the sword a few feet off the ground before it fell back

down to the soil.

<Just WHAT is that sword made of?!> Sailor Mercury engaged her visor again

and tried to analyze it. The readings she got indicated that the weapon was

composed of alloys that she couldn't identify. The tensile strength was far

above the strongest metals on Earth. Even the best titanium alloys were

nothing compared to the Biggoron's Sword. Furthermore, the sword was also

emitting powerful magical energies that enhanced its molecular structure

and made the blue-haired Senshi shake her head in disbelief.

Navi began extending her senses and then bobbed up and down. "Yes! I can

sense that all the heads are connected to one spot! In the center of its

chest! Shoot a few Light Arrows there! That's where all its dark energies

have been concentrated at!"

"But Navi!" Ranma ducked and rolled as another group of shots went by. He

noted that he was starting to run out of space to dodge. The huge

Headmaster wasn't letting up for anything as it continually attacked him,

giving him only enough time to dodge. Every time he evaded, the ground

became more scorched and poisoned. He knew that it would only be a matter

of time before he would have no room to maneuver. Worse yet was that the

head he had knocked out had already regained consciousness. "Even if I did

manage to get a few shots off, the Light Arrows would only stop him for a

few seconds! He's just too big! I can't risk cutting pieces off him because

they'll just grow into more of them." Ranma thought that it was just as

well that he didn't have the Biggoron's Sword at the time. "Man! I really

wish I had the Master Sword!" Ranma thought back to the adventures he had

on Hyrule. The Master Sword had been the weapon, which allowed him to

defeat Ganondorf. Even the Biggoron's Sword was unable to pierce the evil

man's dark powers.

"Don't worry! The Biggoron's Sword will be enough for your strongest


"My what?!"

"Trust me Hyrule Knight!"

Ranma paused for the briefest of moments before nodding and taking out his

bow. Grabbing a few arrows he began infusing them with the Light Arrow

spell. He then changed his tactics and rushed toward the monster instead of

keeping away from it. Just as the beast was about to let loose another wave

of destruction, Ranma leapt high and notched the first of his enchanted

arrows. It was then that the Headmaster let loose its attack.

The Hyrule Knight mentally commanded his Hover Boots to send him even

further up and he almost crashed into the fiery ceiling of the dome. He

barely managed to clear the blasts of energy and projectile attacks as he

launched the first of his arrows. He then loosed fourteen more arrows in

rapid succession.


The monster screamed out in pain as the arrows hit home, one after another.

Fifteen bursts of golden light registered and the multi-headed horror was

suddenly stiff as a statue. Ranma wasted no time as he landed near where

his sword had been knocked away, which was ironically where the Sailor

Senshi were. Ranma motioned for them to get back as he took out his

remaining arrows one by one and infused them with the Light Arrow energies.

He began shooting them at the wall of mystic fire. There was another series

of light bursts as a small hole was made. The walls of the barrier began to

shudder as the energies released by the arrows took their toll. Finally,

the entire dome collapsed, unable to stand up against the energies being

forced into it. As soon as he got through, he ran toward his sword and

swept it up.

"Get back!" Ranma shouted as he faced off against his monstrous foe. The

Sailor Senshi and their ally knew that this was it, but they weren't going

to just stand there and do nothing. They took up positions behind him and

began focusing whatever energies they had left. They were heroes and if

they were going to die, they would go out fighting.

Ranma however, had different ideas and dying wasn't on the agenda. Looking

to Navi, he asked, "Now what?"

"Focus the TriForce of Courage into the sword and let him have it!"

Ranma raised his sword and had it pointing skyward above his head. He then

summoned forth all his strength and began to glow with a bright white

light. The TriForce of Courage appeared above him and grew to a huge size.

It then superimposed itself onto the blade of the Biggoron's Sword;

vanishing into the metal and making it glow with unimaginable power. The

blade let off a brilliant beam of light that went up and parted the dark

clouds in the sky.

"That's way cool!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed.

"Awesome!" Venus agreed.

"I think we'd better take his advice and get back!" Mars said as she sensed

that something big was about to happen.

As the Senshi managed to pick themselves up and backed away, Ranma lowered

the sword and charged at his foe. The Headmaster was just shaking off the

effects of the Light Arrows when it spied its adversary charging at it. It

prepared to let loose a final barrage and send the little gnat into

oblivion when it noticed the sword it held. Its eyes widened as it sensed

the immense power within the blade. Before it could let loose its attack,

the Hyrule Knight leapt up and delivered the final blow.


The blade came down in a shining arc and let loose a mind-boggling amount

of energy that lit up the night sky. The monster roared as searing pain

flared up at the point of impact. The blade cut through its body as if it

were made of cotton candy and more energy was delivered as it sliced down.

Ranma went down the length of the Headmaster's torso, then down its lower

body. When the Hylian came down to the ground, the monster was cut cleanly

in half! The two sections of the Headmaster tried to regenerate themselves

but the damage caused by the attack was too much for them to handle. The

halves began to tremble and quiver as the power contained within them

threatened to explode.

The television crews knew that this was the time to get out of the danger

area and began backing off. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask also rushed

to get out of the blast zone. One person however, was too exhausted to

move. That person was the Hyrule Knight.

Ranma was just too tired after the lengthy battle and calling forth the

TriForce of Courage. He knew that he wouldn't be able to get out of the way

in time. Just as the youma was about to blow, he called out his last

reserves to protect himself and Navi.


A blue crystal barrier appeared around the Hero of Hyrule and his fairy

partner just as the youma exploded. The blast destroyed nearly half the

park, but fortunately, there were no innocent bystanders since the youma

had started its attack. The people who had been observing the battle

shielded their eyes to avoid being blinded by the explosion. For a long

minute, the maelstrom raged on. Finally, it began to die down and

eventually ended.

The Sailor Senshi were the first to approach the crater that marked where

the youma had perished. There was nothing but complete silence as small

columns of smoke rose from near the center of the deep depression. They

stopped suddenly as they saw something moving. They quickly assumed

fighting stances and waited.

From out of the huge cloud of dust that was kicked up from an errant gust

of wind, a figure walked out and stood before them. His clothes were a bit

dusty, but none worse for wear. The fairy that floated over his right

shoulder had lost some of its usual luminescence but was still alive. The

large sword and shield strapped to his back glinted in the moonlight.

Nothing was said for a long time until the figure smiled, held up an object

and tossed it to Sailor Moon. The leader of the Sailor Scouts was still a

little dumbfounded about what had happened.

"Thanks for letting me use your tiara. Don't worry about the Headmaster.

He's... how do you call it?" Navi whispered into his ear. "He's moon dust!"

There was a deafening roar and a standing ovation as the crowds of people

that had gathered to see the battle cheered. Ranma let off a sigh of relief

that the fight was finally over. He noted that the Scouts were still

injured and decided to help. Turning to Navi he asked. "Hey Navi. Do you

think you could heal their injuries."

"I'm afraid not Hyrule Knight. The battle and that final explosion took a

lot out of me. I'm really low on power right now."

"No problem." The magical warrior called forth his bottle of Lon Lon Milk

and held it up in front of Navi. "Will this do?"

"That'll be fine." Navi then began circling the bottle and Ranma watched as

the liquid inside was magically drained. The level lowered down to about

halfway before the fairy then darted toward the Sailor Senshi and began

circling each of them and Tuxedo Kamen. The girls gasped in surprise as

their injuries began healing themselves up. Sailor Jupiter's bruised ribs

were eased of their soreness. Venus could no longer feel the effects of her

sprained ankle. The burns on Mars and Mercury disappeared and Sailor Moon's

cuts and bruises faded away. Tuxedo Kamen was also restored to full health

as well as Neptune, Uranus and ChibiMoon, who was just coming back to


Ranma nodded as Navi completed her transfer of the Lon Lon Milk to their

bodies and put the bottle away. He then motioned to Navi that it was time

to go. The fairy nodded and began to follow him as he began to walk away

from the scene. By now the local authorities would be on their way.

"Hold it right there buster!" Sailor Mars called out as she started after

him. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter joined her. They wanted some answers.

Ranma stopped and turned to face the dark-haired girl. He also looked over

the other two. <Hey! They're kind of cute!> "Yes?"

"Who are you?" Venus asked.

"That's what I'd like to know."

Every turned around at the voice and saw Sailor Pluto appear before them

with her garnet rod. She had been able to teleport due to the destruction

of the Headmaster and Saffron relinquishing his barrier.

"And you are?" Ranma asked.

"I am Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time. I think you owe us an explanation."

The Hyrule Knight considered for a moment, then decided against it. He was

still very new to all this and it would be better if he got more

information. Right now, he was exhausted. He shrugged as he smiled and

replied to the attractive Senshi. "Sorry, but I'm not in the mood to answer

any questions right now. Maybe later. I have a feeling that we'll meet

again Sailor Senshi." He then said in a quiet voice, "Farore's Wind!"

The former Hero of Time disappeared in a flash of green-colored energy.

The Sailor Senshi began looking frantically around for their mysterious

savior but they couldn't find him. Even Sailor Mercury's computer and

Sailor Pluto couldn't find him as the TriForce of Courage sent out too much


"Where'd he go?" Sailor Moon asked as she still clutched her returned


"I don't know, but one thing's for sure..." Sailor Jupiter said.

"What's that?" The other Scouts asked.

"He's soooo cute! He definitely reminds me of my old Sempai!"

Now that they weren't injured, the Inner Senshi did a group facefault.

Although, deep in their minds, they had to agree that the Hyrule Knight was

a hunk.

Sailor Pluto was more than miffed at being brushed off, but now she knew

for sure. The power that the Hyrule Knight possessed was indeed the

TriForce, or at least a portion of it. However, she had also sensed another

portion of the TriForce with very evil intentions, and that made her

shudder. Thinking back to the old legends, she wondered if this newcomer

could really be trusted. Sure he had saved the Senshi from certain

destruction, but that didn't mean that he would remain on their side.

During her long lifetime, she had seen countless others who were on the

side of good, fall under evil's influence. That had happened during the

fall of the Moon Kingdom and she shuddered at the thought of the power of

the TriForce being used for destruction. Then she remembered the image of

Saffron as he wielded the TriForce of Power. If a god could be corrupted by

such power, then what was to stop the Hyrule Knight from doing the same?

Just him being here had already caused far too much chaos and now she

wasn't sure of the future anymore.

It was at that time that she made a fateful decision. The TriForce was just

too powerful and dangerous to remain and in order to save the future of

Crystal Tokyo, it would have to be destroyed� along with the Hyrule Knight.

On Phoenix Mountain, Saffron chuckled as he held up the hand that had the

TriForce of Power on it. He had finally found what he was looking for.

To be continued...

Author's Notes

Well, that takes care of the rewrite for this chapter. It's relatively

minor, but It does add some more flavor to the story. I've decided to make

this story happen around the time of the fourth season or so. Sailor Saturn

has awakened but has yet to discover her full potential as a Senshi.