The Legend of Ranma

Disclaimer: Man, do I have to keep telling people that none of these characters or series belong to me and I’m only using them to tell a story?

Chapter 10

Part 2

It Gets Worse…

Sailor Uranus coughed up blood as she was on her knees, with one arm clutching at her side. In her other hand, she could only stare in shock at her shattered sword. With a single blow, the Hyrule Knight had broken her mightiest weapon and had injured her more severely than any youma ever had. Now the nemesis to the future of Crystal Tokyo was joined by an army of rock and water monsters. She then looked up at the rooftop where Pluto, Saturn and Neptune stood. She wondered why they weren’t coming to her aide or attacking their enemy, but then she heard a commotion to her other side and saw Link engage the two monsters.

Neptune, Saturn and Pluto were conflicted on whether to help Uranus or attack the Hyrule Knight, after seeing him take her out with ease, and was now aiding the Inner Senshi against King Dodongo and Volvagia. If they were to attack him now, they would risk endangering Sailor Moon and the others, and they were essential to Crystal Tokyo’s eventual appearance. On the other hand, the Hyrule Knight was the source of the chaos that threatened that future. If he was not eliminated, then Crystal Tokyo would never occur.

After a long and agonizing moment, the three girls made their decision and prepared to attack. However, as they readied to join in the fray, three certain individuals appeared behind them and let loose with a flash of light which caused the Outer Senshi to freeze up. They managed to look over their shoulders and saw the Norns of the Past, Present and Future. Each goddess had her angel floating above her.

Urd smiled as she wagged her right index finger at the so-called Senshi of Time. Behind her goddess, the Angel World of Elegance continued to exert her power along with Belldandy’s Holy Bell, and Skuld’s Noble Scarlet.

“Ah ah! You don’t attack someone who’s trying to help your friends.”

“Who are you?!” Pluto demanded as she tried to use her powers to free herself. At this point, her ability to manipulate time had waned with the closure of the Time Gate, courtesy of Princess Zelda unsealing the Master Sword from the Temple of Time on Hyrule. Then again, even at full strength, she wouldn’t have stood a chance against Belldandy and her sisters.

Urd nodded as she replied to the arrogant Senshi. “I am Urd, Goddess of Love and Norn of the Past. Allow me to introduce my sisters, Belldandy, Norn of the Present, and Skuld, Norn of the Future. The Hyrule Knight is under OUR protection, and we take great offense at you trying to kill him.”

“NORNS of the Past, Present and Future?!”

Urd’s smile became even broader. “What? You thought YOU were the only one who could alter time? This is the Big Leagues now and your sorry butt is seriously out-classed. Now just relax and let the Hyrule Knight do his job.”

Pluto was about to argue further but at that point, Skuld took out a remote control and pressed a button. In a flash, steel muzzles appeared over the mouths of the three trapped Senshi. They could only stand by and watch as the battle below them intensified.