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< >: Thoughts

LP: Life Points

L/AP/DP: Level/Attack Points/Defense Points

*: Star Chips

Chapter 8

Tournament! Luna Vs Kaiba

Pegasus smiled as he watched from the balcony of his observation tower as the Tag Team championship was underway. He had been informed of the progress of certain Duelist teams, particularly the pair of Ranma Saotome and Luna Inverse. The Millennium Eye glittered behind his afro as he anticipated the time in which he would face off against them.

<Yes, it has begun and soon, the true power of the Shadow Games shall be within my grasp... the power over creation and destruction! All is coming together, just as I have foreseen it. That fool Kaiba thinks that this tournament is just a way to promote his new products and advance his reputation as the so-called World Champion. His ego took quite a beating when Ranma defeated him, and I imagine he will stop at nothing to restore his ‘honor.’ How amusing. Little does he know that I have far greater plans in mind for him, and the Master of the Cards!>

He then took out a cell phone and contacted his agents who were acting as observers and referees of the tournament. Giving them their newest instructions, he then contacted a few other people.



Ranma’s Dark Magician thrust forth his wizard’s staff and obliterated his final opponent, which was an octopus-like monster. This reduced the opposing Duelist’s Life Points to zero.


Final Duel Results

Ranma: 2700 LP (****)

Luna: 3200 LP (****)

Opponent 1: 0 LP (*)

Opponent 2: 0 LP(*)



“Well, I’d say that was good for a start.” Luna commented as she and Ranma walked through the crowds of the Tag-Team Tournament. She looked down at her Duel Disk and noted the four lit Star Chip lights, indicating that she now had six more to go as did her cohort.

Ranma nodded as he and his partner went looking for their next Duel. All over the city, Duel Monster matches were taking place and several Duelists had already been eliminated within the first half hour. The martial artist had been careful to avoid any of his usual headaches from the Nerima Wrecking Crew. There was more at stake than forcing him to marry someone or some stupid revenge kick. They had to make it to the finals, if they intended to rescue Lina and Ukyo’s souls, as well as get a hold of the Millennium Eye.

At that point, Luna tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to where a food stand was set up. “I’m starving. We haven’t eaten anything since this morning and I could use a snack.”

Ranma nodded as he felt his own stomach rumbling. “Good idea. I’ll go...”

“Oh no! It’ll be my treat. I’ve been wanting to sample some of the local cuisine. I know we must press on to save my sister and your friend, but I am a little hungry.”

“Well, okay. Can you get me some rice balls?”

“Coming right up.”

As Lina Inverse’s sister went off to get their snacks, Ranma looked down at his own deck and thought about his eventual confrontation with Pegasus. He had a feeling that his adversary was not going to underestimate him again. That first time had just been a warm-up and the next Duel would be for much higher stakes.


Walking through the crowds of competitors and spectators, the former Number One Duelist brooded as he and his younger brother searched for a certain someone. Strapped on both of their wrists were their Duel Disks, each with six Star Chip lights already lit.

“Only eight more to go to get to the quarter-finals, Seto.” Mokouba said, as he looked up to his older sibling. When brother did not respond to his comment, he became very concerned. “Seto... are you still thinking about him?”

Seto growled slightly before replying. “And how can I not be thinking of anything else? That nobody Ranma Saotome humiliated me! Me, the World Champion! I’ve been replaying that Duel over and over again and I still can’t believe that he actually destroyed my Ultimate Dragon!”



Kaiba: No! My Ultimate Dragon’s Attack Points have dropped to zero!”

Ranma-Yami: And my Mystical Elf has 2000 Attack Points. You lose Kaiba! Mystical Elf... OBLITERATE!”

Kaiba watched in shock as his strongest monster was destroyed by one of the weakest, and then he saw that flash of light. Something deep within him felt as if it was being torn out and then he felt nothing more...


End of flashback...

<I don’t know what kind of cheap parlor trick he pulled on me, but it won’t stop me from challenging him again and regaining my reputation as the world’s greatest Duelist! I will not let this insult go unchallenged and nothing will stop me! Nothi...>

Kaiba’s train of thought was suddenly cut short as he glimpsed... an angel who was standing in front of a snack bar.

She was beautiful... no, beautiful did not even begin to describe her. She was far beyond being simply beautiful. She was more stunning than anything he had ever seen in his entire life. And once he was fixated on something that he wanted, nothing else mattered. And in that moment, he wanted... her.

She was perfectly formed and emitted a kind of presence that was undeniable. Kaiba had faced down some very imposing individuals in the past, both in the boardroom and the Dueling field, but none seemed to compare to her. Her presence seemed to demand attention from all and she moved with a grace that seemed divine. His gaze traveled over her curves and lines, stopping briefly when he noticed that she was wearing a Duel Disk and a belt for her cards. So she was a Duelist. That suited Kaiba just fine as he knew that such a beauty must have the same passion for Duel Monsters as he did. What could make her a more perfect match?

Throughout his rough childhood, Kaiba had become cold and merciless, especially after being raised by an abusive stepfather, and having to defend his younger brother Moukuba from bullies. Whenever obstacles got in his way, he would simply crush them with brutal efficiency. He had no time for useless things such as girls, since most of the females who approached him, were usually after his money. They were nothing more than gold-digging opportunists and he always turned them away. His one true passion was to be the best and when he got into the game of Duel Monsters, he knew that he could rise above all through the game. That one focus had sometimes made him cruel to even his younger sibling, but Kaiba never strayed from his quest to be the unquestioned champion of the world.

The drive to be the best had been suddenly halted when Ranma had defeated him, and Kaiba thought nothing could ever be more important than regaining that which Saotome had taken from him. Then he saw her and suddenly, becoming the Number One Duelist again... took second place.

Seto Kaiba, meet Luna Inverse.