The Legend of Ranma

I decided to write this on a whim, and I was in a really silly mood at

the time. However, as I continued thinking about it, I wondered if it was

not such a bad idea after all. After all, I've read fan fictions in which

Ranma had been put into bizarre and weird situations. After reading a

story that I found in the Dragonbard's Archive, and after I finished

playing The Legend of Zelda on my Nintendo, I wondered about putting

Ranma in the world of Hyrule. Call me weird, but I just have to write

this! The Dragonbard, Albert Liu, Skysaber and countless others,

inspired this story who have put our favorite martial artist into one

world, then have him return to his with some interesting aftereffects!

As always, none of the characters in this story belong to me. They

belong to their respective creators and copyrights. Ranma is the

creation of Rumiko Takahashi, while the characters of the Legend of

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is trademarked by Nintendo.


Child of Destiny

Ranma Saotome was not happy. He had just past his tenth year and

his father had subjected him to a series of horrendous training sessions.

If one could call it a form of training. To Ranma, it was just another one

of his father's abuses.

For days now, his father Genma had been throwing him repeatedly

into a pit of starving cats with fish sausage strapped to his back. The

sessions were becoming ever more unbearable as the hungry felines

clawed and ripped at his body. And every time they did so, Ranma could

feel a small part of his sanity slip away.

Today was almost beyond his limit to endure. As he was wrapped in

fish sausage, he pleaded to his father, "Please Pop! Don't throw me

back in there! This Cat Fist isn't working!"

"Quit your whining!" Genma shot back in a displeased tone. "I didn't

start teaching my son in the Art, just to have him start crying like a

wimp! A true martial artist must suffer, to achieve absolute mastery

over the School of the Anything Goes Martial Arts!"

With these words, he shoved his son into the pit.

Ranma's eyes widened with fear and tears began to flow as he

plummeted down toward the waiting mob of hungry cats. He then shut

his eyes and whispered out a quiet prayer, "If this is my FATE, end my

life now!"

It was at that point that he was enveloped in a bright flash of light.

The sudden flare of light temporarily blinded Genma when he looked

down at where he had dropped his son.


When the fat and balding martial artist regained his eyesight, he

looked down into the pit. He could not see his offspring anywhere.

The world of Hyrule, Kokiri Forest�

Ranma found himself on an open field in what appeared to be a forest.

He was lying on his back in front of a huge oak tree that was as large,

and as wide as a ten-story building. There were many sparks of light that

danced and darted in the air around him. Looking down at himself, he saw

that the fish sausage had been removed, and all the injuries that he had

sustained in the days of Cat Fist training were gone. He also discovered

that he was dressed in a green shirt, shorts and had a pair of soft leather

boots. It was then that he looked up and saw something else.

The giant oak tree began to shimmer with an eerie white light, and in

an instant, a face appeared on the trunk. The bark contorted and a pair of

eyes and what appeared to be a mustache. The face looked down at the

child and smiled. Then it spoke.

"Welcome to the Kokiri Forest, young one! I am the Deku Tree! I am

the guardian of this sacred soil! The people who live among these woods

are the Kokiri. They too are under my protection! Who might you be?"

Ranma was more than awestruck to have a giant tree talk to him. His

first instinct was to run for his life, but somehow, the rich and tender

tones of the Deku Tree soothed him. After a full minute, he found his

voice. "I'm� Ranma."

"Ranma? Strange name, but it is a pleasure to meet you." The Deku

Tree replied. "From what lands do you hail from?"

Ranma tried to respond, but for some reason, all of his memories

became hazy and unclear. He tried to summon up the name of where he

had come from, but all he got was more fuzziness. He looked up at the

tree again and said, "I� don't remember."

"I see. It seems that your past is being denied to you. Then you have

no family? Are you an orphan?"

"I... whoa! What's that?!" Ranma quickly stood up into a fighting

stance as one of the lights darted toward him, then began circling him

like a moth to a flame.

To the casual observer, it appeared to be a small ball of light. Upon

closer inspection however, Ranma could see a pair of wings protruding

from its surface. The wings resembled those of a dragonfly.

"Hello!" The light said in a high and musical voice.

The Deku Tree grinned as he said, "Well, it seems that Navi has taken

a liking to you."


"Yes Ranma. Navi is one of the many fairies that inhabit the kingdom

of Hyrule."

"A fairy? I thought those were only... make-believe. And what is


"It's not a what, it's a where. Hyrule is the name of our world and the

Kokiri Forest is one of the many lands that surround it."

"Is that where I am?" Ranma asked.

"Yes child. And you may now consider this forest your home. It

seems that Navi wishes to bond with you."


Before Ranma could react, the fairy Navi flew in a wide circle around

the boy. As it darted about, it began releasing what appeared to be a shiny

powder. After sprinkling it around the ground where Ranma stood, the

fairy hovered and waited. The ground began to glow with an eerie light.

Ranma tensed up in fear and then looked up at the Deku Tree.

"Do not worry Ranma. This is how a fairy asks a person, if he or she

would accept it as a partner."


"Yes. Fairies have a need for purpose. Aiding those with whom they

have formed a life-long bond with fulfills that need. Every Kokiri here

has his or her own guardian fairy. They are quite happy with this

arrangement and have found many advantages to having a fairy for a life-


At the mention of the word friend, Ranma's expression brightened.

He didn't know why, but he had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness,

whenever he tried to recall his past. Having someone who would be his

friend for life was just too good to pass up!

"Yes. I will accept Navi as my guardian fairy."

"Yay!" Navi cried out as she completed the bonding process. There

was another flash of light and the pact was sealed. Ranma felt a slight

tingle wash over his body as he held out a hand. The fairy floated above

his hand and the two looked at each other in fascination.

The Deku Tree smiled as he then sent another message to another

fairy that was floating nearby. "Inda! Go tell the others that there is a

new Kokiri! Make certain he is made comfortable and is welcomed as

he settles in. And tell Saria that I wish to see her."

A little while later, Saria came into the clearing where the Deku Tree

stood. Like Ranma, she too was dressed in leather boots and forest

green-colored clothes. However, she had pointed ears like an elf and

green hair.

"You wished to speak with me Great Deku Tree?"

"Yes Saria. Have you met our newest member?"

Saria nodded. "He seems nice enough. He's a little shy but I think

he'll fit in. The others seem to like him, all except Mido but he's

always like that! I have a few questions though."

"I thought you might." The Deku Tree responded.

"He's not one of us, is he? His aura, it's different somehow. I can't

deny that Navi has bonded with him, but I thought fairies only bonded

with strangers when they happen to be children of destiny."

"Of all of the Kokiri, you are the most perceptive Saria. You are

correct. He is not of the Kokiri. In fact, he is not even from this world."


"Saria, what I'm about to tell you will remain between the two of us.

You will not inform the others and especially Ranma. Do you


Saria nodded after a moment.

"Ranma hails from another world and was transported here during a

great imbalance of the mystical forces of reality. His memories of his

previous life had been all but wiped out and his form had changed. I was

about to reverse the process and send him home, but I then discovered

that he was a child of destiny. He will be playing a key role in the safety

of our world in the near future. He possess great power within him, and

it would be in the best interests of Hyrule that he use that power to

safeguard our home."

"I see. And exactly what world did he come from?"

"A place the inhabitants simply call Earth."

A year later...

Ranma was happy. He had been living in the Kokiri Forest for over

twelve months and had made friends with all the Kokiri. Well, all

except Mido who still considered him an outsider. As he went on, his

physical skills were still a source of awe for the others. The years of

martial arts training with Genma had been permanently ingrained and

Ranma's unarmed combat techniques had left many of the forest people

stunned. Many of them had begun trying to mimic his moves.

Ranma and Navi got along very well. Navi was always by his side and

kept him from getting into any trouble. The pigtailed boy was glad to

have the fairy as a companion and readily took her advice on how to act

toward others. Navi was also great to have during his times of

depression, whenever Mido called him names or when he was frustrated

at not being able to remember his past. The small magic spells that Navi

taught him were easily mastered, much to Navi's surprise. It was

apparent that Ranma had indeed the potential of becoming a very

powerful individual. Navi would applaud every time he would learn a

new move or spell in mere minutes. Ranma would always smile back

and flick the pigtail over his shoulder and behind his pointed ear. Since

he believed that he had been born on this world, he didn't think that the

shape of his ears was unusual, or that the fact his skin was paler.

A few days later...

Ranma had been summoned to an audience with the Deku Tree. He

had gone through a lot of trouble getting past Mido at the entrance to

the clearing. Although his martial arts had improved and Ranma was

confident that he could handle anything, Mido still insisted that he

equip himself with a sword and shield. After searching the forest,

Ranma had come across a Deku Shield and a Kokiri Sword, which was

more like a small knife.

After fighting his way past a few monster plants, he finally arrived at

the clearing where the Deku Tree stood. The tree looked very pale and

several of its branches were sagging. He did not appear as the healthy

and vibrant tree that Ranma met a year ago.

"Ranma... it is good that you have come. I believe that you have been

experiencing many dark nightmares these past few moons." The Deku

Tree said in a sad and wavering voice.

Ranma nodded. For several nights, he had been having nightmares

about a man in black armor ready to kill him, and the images of a cute

girl with blond hair.

"These dreams are a sign that a great evil force will soon blanket the

lands of Hyrule. I... have been cursed. I need your courage to break this

curse. Will you... help me?"

Ranma nodded as he drew his sword. Navi floated beside him and


"Then enter, brave Ranma and you too Navi..." After these words, the

Deku Tree opened up a door that was below his face in the trunk. Ranma

and his fairy entered. As they went inside, the Deku Tree thought, <And

so, Destiny plays its first hand!>

Two hours later...

<It's not fair!> Ranma thought as he ran across the field that was

between the Kokiri Forest and Hyrule Castle. <After going through all

those tunnels, killing those monsters, (I think those Skulltulas were the

worst!) and destroying Queen Gohma, why did the Deku Tree still have

to die?>

"I'm sorry Ranma." Navi replied. "But at least he gave you the Forest

Emerald. And it's a good thing that Saria gave you that Ocarina. Who

knows? It might come in handy someday!"

Ranma looked at the fairy flying beside him and gave her a sad smile.

After bonding with her, Ranma had discovered that she could hear his

thoughts. Although he was a bit unnerved, he trusted Navi would never

betray his innermost thoughts to anyone. <The Deku Tree died when he

told me to take this Spiritual Stone to Hyrule Castle! After all that he's

done for me, I won't let him down! I swear it!>

The next day...

It had taken Ranma more than a day to finally get inside the castle

and meet up with Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, the palace guards kept

on tossing him out and his way to get inside the main walls had been

blocked by some lazy ranch owner. However, Ranma's persistence paid

off. With the help of a few stealth techniques and a chicken, Ranma was

finally able to meet the princess.

He was little more than shocked to see that the princess was the

same girl in his dream. However, he calmed himself down and

introduced himself. After showing her the Forest Emerald, Zelda

became excited and began explaining a prophecy that she had seen in

her dreams.

"... so you're saying that this Ganondorf is after this thing, the

TriForce?" Ranma asked after Zelda had finished her tale.

"Yes! I'm sure that he is intending to conquer the world with it!"

Zelda replied. "I have had some spies follow him and they have told me

that he has already cast a death-curse on the Great Deku Tree of the


<He's the one!> Ranma became very angry at this new information.

Thoughts of revenge began to circulate in his head. He then looked at

the princess with determination. "How can I help?"

In Goron City...

Ranma became a little miffed at the huge Goron in front of him. The

Goron looked like all the others, a large lumpy mass with thick skins

and scales. However, this Goron had on his chin that looked like a

beard, but instead of hair, it was also made of skin and scales.

"I told you! This is a Goron matter!" The Goron said.

Ranma frowned. It had been a long and exasperating journey. The

trouble he went though to climb Death Mountain had been harsh.

During his journey here, he had stopped by Kakariko village, the

birthplace of Zelda's guardian, Impa, and had picked up a Hylian Shield

and a new magic song for his Ocarina. He had also had to fight off

Tektites and dodge falling rocks while going up the Death Mountain

Trail. Now this Goron was telling him to get lost after he asked for the

Goron's Ruby, the second of the Spiritual Stones. Ranma couched and

prepared to deliver a retort in to form of a flying kick, when Navi

stopped him.

"Hold on Ranma!" Navi pled. "This Goron has every right to be so

mad! His people are starving! Calm down!"

Ranma relaxed a bit and asked, "So what do we do?"

"He looks a bit down. Maybe a song will cheer him up!"

Ranma looked at his fairy, then shrugged as he took out his Ocarina

and decided to play one of the more lively tunes that his friend Saria

had taught him. To his surprise, the Goron heard the first few notes and

began to dance like crazy. His expression turned from depression to

joy as he hopped about with abandon.

After Ranma had finished the song, the Goron looked at him and

smiled. "What a nice tune! You really helped lift my spirits! I'm

Darunia! King of the Gorons! What can I do for you?"

Inside the Dodongo's Cavern...

Ranma tossed the final bomb into the monstrous, fire-breathing

fiend's mouth. As the bomb exploded and caused King Dodongo to fall,

the pigtailed boy delivered the final blow with his sword. As the beast

rolled over and died, Ranma wiped his brow and stood near the warp

gate that appeared near the corpse of the once mighty destroyer of


<I hope Darunia appreciates this! That was a lot of work! 'Prove

yourself a real man and destroy those monsters in the cave' he says.

Sheesh! Hmmm... I wonder why those words of being a 'real man'

sound so familiar? Oh well, time to collect that Spiritual Stone!>

Inside Jabu-Jabu's belly...

<Oh this is peachy!> Ranma thought as found himself in the mouth

of the giant, fish-god of the Zoras. "Do we have to do this?" Ranma

asked Navi.

"I'm afraid so Ranma. If we want to find Princess Ruto and that third

Spiritual Stone, then we have to go straight to the heart of the matter.

Or in this case, the stomach! Follow me!"

"Oh joy!" Ranma said sarcastically as he began going down the gullet

of the giant fish. <Now this is going to be one heck of a fish story!>

At the Lon Lon Ranch...

"What did Ruto mean when she said that the stone was her most

'prized possession' Navi?"

"Err... maybe I better tell you later! Anyway, the Lon Lon Ranch is a

good place to get a horse and get some of their energy-restoring milk!

After you've gotten some, we should head back to Hyrule Castle!

You've got all three Spiritual Stones!"

At the Temple of Time...

"Well, here we are Navi." Ranma said as he stood in front of the

altar. "I can't believe that we went through all that trouble to get those

stones, then Zelda doesn't wait up for us!"

"She has her reasons Ranma! Anyway, you got the Ocarina of Time!

We should do what she asked of us!"

Ranma nodded as he found that he couldn't refuse the wishes of a

cute girl. Taking out the magical, flute-like instrument, he began

playing his newly learned Song of Time.

Seven years later...

Ranma was more than a little shocked as to what happened to him.

After removing the Master Sword from its resting-place, he had found

himself aged from a young boy of eleven to a handsome and finely

muscled adolescent of eighteen. Seven years had passed and now, he

was being told by a sage of his destiny, as the Hero of Time. Suffice to

say, Ranma was a little more than overwhelmed. However, Ranma

swallowed his nervousness and told the old man that he was up to the


Outside the Forest Temple...

"What?! I'm not from this world?" Ranma asked incredulously.

"That's right!" Replied the Deku Tree Sprout. "You're from the world

known as Earth and your real name is Ranma Saotome! It is time that

you know the whole truth!"

Ranma stared in amazement as he listened in on the words of the

new replacement for the Deku Tree. It had been a long and hard battle

with the minions of Ganondorf. The phantom of that evil man had

proven to be a hard opponent, but Ranma was able to defeat it. <That

was just a prelude for the real battle! I'll make him pay for what he's

done to the Deku Tree and the people of Hyrule!>

Beside him, Navi bobbed up and down in agreement.

The Fire Temple�

"Wow! This thing is heavy!" Ranma said as he hauled out the

legendary Megaton Hammer of the Gorons.

"Well, you didn't really expect anything that was capable of killing

Vovalgia to be lightweight, did you?" Navi asked.

"I guess not." Ranma admitted. "So where to now?"

The Fire Pit of Vovalgia�


As Ranma delivered the final blow to the lava dragon's head,

Vovalgia screamed and shot up into the air. Its body twisted and writhed

as it began its death throes. The monster then caught fire and was

burned into a charred skeleton. Its head landed to where Ranma stood

and then became ashes.

Ranma wiped the sweat from his brow. Despite the protection that

the Goron's tunic provided him, the blistering heat of Vovalgia's den

felt like being inside a blast furnace. He gave out a relieved sigh and

stepped into the warp portal.

The Ice Cavern�

"I'm supposed to wear these?"

Ranma held up a pair of leather boots which had iron soles attached.

Navi bobbed up and down and said, "If you want to get into the Water

Temple at Lake Hylia, then these will be needed."

The Water Temple�

"Ranma! Look Out!"

Ranma was more than shocked to see a dark image of himself

suddenly leap out from behind a tree and attack him. Reacting on

instinct, he took out the Master Sword and swung. Unfortunately, the

shadow parried the blow. As the teen soon found out, the image of

himself duplicated each of his own moves. Ranma then decided to try

something else.


Striking the ground with his palm, the young man released a huge

hemisphere of mystic flames. The shadow moaned in pain as the energy

blasted through it.

The Pool of Morpha�

"I don't see anything here." Ranma remarked. "By the way Navi, I've

been meaning to ask you something."

"What is it Ranma?" Navi replied.

"Why didn't you tell me that accepting the Spiritual Stone of Water

meant that I would get ENGAGED to Ruto?!"

"Uhhhh�. Well, I�." Navi hemmed and hawed as she tried to think

up the best way to tell him. She noticed something move behind them.

"Ranma! Look out! It's Morpha!"

Ranma's eyes widened as he beheld the huge amoebae-like blob

suddenly appear from the surface of the water.

Lake Hylia�

"Cool! This Fire Arrow spell is awesome!"

The Bottom of the Well in the Kakariko Village�

"It looks like a magnifying glass." Ranma said as he took out the

Lens of Truth.

"In any case, we should get back to the Temple of Time." Navi said.

Ranma nodded as he took out the Ocarina of Time and played the

Prelude of Light. Being restored to his child form was nice, but he also

liked being an adult.

The Shadow Temple�

"Are you sure these things will work?"

Navi became brighter as she responded, "Yes. These are the Hover

Boots. They will make you absolutely weightless, but only if you

happen to be walking on a surface of some kind. They'll even allow you

to walk in midair for a dozen steps or so. Mind you, their levitation

power is limited. Very little traction too."

The Drum of Bongo Bongo�

"I think I liked it better when I didn't see what I was fighting!" Ranma

gazed at the monster, as the Lens of Truth dispelled the illusion it was

using to hide itself from his eyes.

"Shoot its eye!" Navi directed as she pointed to the creature's

cyclopean head.

The Gerudo Fortress�

"Hmmm�" The female thief remarked. "That was very impressive.

You must have some very good thieving skills to be able to evade all

those guards. How would you like to join us?"

Ranma slightly winced as he remembered the training he underwent

with Genma, his father.

The Spirit Temple�

This was the second time, Ranma had come to this place. Once as a

child to receive the fabled Silver Gauntlets, now again for the Mirror

Shield. He took a deep breath as he aimed the his tool, the Longshot, at

the opening created by the reflected sunlight.

The Pillars of Twinrova�

The two witches, or rather their spirits argued amongst themselves

as they floated upward to meet their maker. They couldn't believe that

Ranma had turned their own power against them. As they bickered into

nothingness, Ranma stepped into the warp portal.

The Ruins of Ganon's Castle...

Ganondorf had transformed himself into a monstrous demon from

Hell and Ranma found himself cut off from any assistance from

princess Zelda and the Master Sword. He relentlessly pursued the

pigtailed fighter, and slashed away at him with gigantic swords.

Fortunately for Ranma, his martial arts gave him enough speed to dodge

the attacks. Finding out that his punches and kicks would not be able to

penetrate the monster's thick hide, he decided that now would be a

good time to use the Biggoron's Sword that he had gotten a few days

ago. However, since Ganon had a longer reach than he did Ranma

needed to slow him down long enough for him to get in a few strikes.

Quickly taking out the fairy bow that he had picked up in his travels he

began charging up his arrows with the magical energies of the Light

Arrow spell. This weapon had stopped him before; it must do so again.

Taking careful aim, Ranma let fly with a mystically powered arrow.

The shot was perfect and the monster was temporarily frozen. Ranma

then used his enhanced senses to pinpoint Ganon's weakness. It was in

his tail. With a fierce yell he leapt up and came down on the tail with

his Biggoron's sword. The sword's long blade came crashing down with

tremendous impact, causing Ganon to howl in agony.

<It's payback time!>

A while later, Ranma and Zelda stood in the Sacred Realm. Ranma

had defeated Ganondorf and was now being offered to be returned home.

"You can send me back?" Ranma asked.

"Yes, as a Sage, I can use the Ocarina of Time to transport you back

to your world." Zelda said as he held the instrument close to her mouth.

"Will... I remember everything?"

"Yes. You will retain all memories. Everything that you have learned

in this world will also be retained. All the skills and magical knowledge

will be yours to keep. You have earned them all. The other sages have

also agreed to let you keep the items that you had picked up in your

quest to save Hyrule. With the exception of the Ocarina of Time and

the Master Sword."

"I don't know what to say, but thank you."

"No Ranma. It is we who should thank you! You saved our world

from destruction and we are eternally grateful. Now, it is time for you

to go home. Where you are supposed to be, as you are supposed to be."

Looking at Zelda one last time, Ranma then turned his attention to

Navi. "Well... I guess this is goodbye. I'll miss you old friend."

"Who says you're leaving without me? I'm coming with you!" Navi

said as she floated beside him.


"I made that promise to be your friend forever! We fairies keep our

word! Besides, you need me! We're a team!"

Ranma smiled as a tear rolled down his cheek as Zelda began playing

the song that would magically transport Ranma and his guardian fairy

back home. In a column of blue light, Ranma was lifted into the

heavens, followed by a dancing strobe of light.

To be continued...