The Legend of Ranma

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Chapter 3

The Hyrule Knight

<How did I get mixed up in all of this? > Ranma thought as he lay on the

futon in the guestroom of the Tendo home. It had been a week since he had

beaten the Gambling King. <Well, at least I've got a place to stay for a

while. >

After helping the Tendo family regain their home from the Gambling King,

the grateful head of the clan had invited Ranma to stay as a guest for a

while and he wouldn't take no for an answer. On the advice of his fairy

companion Navi, Ranma had introduced himself as Link. When asked for his

last name, he had quickly made up name Kintaro, from a manga that he had

seen when he came to Tokyo. He also told them that he was quite willing to

pay rent and help pay for the bills. At first, Soun's pride would not allow

him to accept such a generous offer, but when Ranma hauled out the cash he

had used to bet with, Nabiki's eyes gleamed as she took the money, telling

him that it was all right.

Ranma was bit put on edge as Nabiki kept on inquiring on how he had so much

cash and if he had more. After a long bout of hemming and hawing, the

former hero of Hyrule told her that he was a traveling martial artist and

had participated in many tournaments with big payoffs. This half-truth

satisfied the rest of the family, but Nabiki became even more curious.

When he mentioned that he was a martial artist, the youngest sister Akane

had become interested and challenged him to a match in the dojo. After all,

he said to have participated in a lot of tournaments and should have some

skills. Not as good as hers of course.

Ranma had become concerned since he was many times stronger than the normal

human and he didn't want hurt her. He had politely turned her down, but she

was like her father and also wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. However,

Ranma remained firm, much to Akane's irritation. She started thinking that

Ranma was some kind of coward.

Akane continued to try and cajole Ranma into a match, but Ranma continued

to turn her down. This of course only made Akane more determined and things

got even more pressured, especially after she had seen him practice in the

backyard for the next few days. When Ranma asked Nabiki about it, she had

informed him that Akane considered herself the best martial artist in

Nerima. She also had a very intense dislike for boys.


"Let me give you some free advice, Link." Nabiki cautioned. "Never let

Akane know that you're better than her, and I have a feeling that you are.

If she sees that you are better, then you're in for a world of headaches."

"I don't see why she's all fired up about my not wanting to spar with her.

I didn't want to see her get hurt."

"Did you say that to her?"

"Well, I said that I don't usually fight someone who's weaker than me."

Nabiki shook her head as she said; "Now THAT was the wrong thing to say."

End of flashback...

Ranma sighed as he waited for the return of his fairy Navi. The little

pixie had told him that she needed to take care of a few details. For some

strange reason, she asked for a few of the rupees from his Giant's Wallet.

Ranma didn't know what she was up to but gave them to her anyway. It had

been three days since he'd seen her. He didn't worry too much though, due

to the psychic bond they shared. He could sense Navi's presence, even if

she happened to be a continent away.

["Ranma! I'm back!"] The fairy that only Ranma could see and hear fluttered

her way through the open window.

The martial artist sat up and greeted his diminutive companion. ["Hey Navi.

Where have you been? I was getting worried. It's been days!"]

["I was taking care of some details."]

["Like what?"]

["ll Ranma, if you're going to go by the name of Link Kintaro, then you'll

need some proper identification and stuff like that."]

["What do you mean?"]

["Well, according to what the Deku Tree Sprout had told me, you'd need some

kind of documentation. Using the knowledge that the Sprout had given me, I

went over to some places that dealt with that sort of thing and used my

magic to create a new identity for you. I had to visit several libraries

and such, not to mention use a few mind-reading spells to get the right

information, but I think I got everything done. I also learned how to use

an interesting device called a ... computer? A few spells here and a few

rupees there and well... you know."]

["What's a computer?"]

["Well... it's a little complicated and... I'll have to show it to you


Ranma didn't like the idea of using deceit, but he couldn't really argue.

He couldn't just tell people that his name was Ranma Saotome. To the rest

of the world, Ranma Saotome had disappeared six years ago and was presumed

dead. Furthermore, after learning about the arrangements with the Tendos

and the Kuonjis, it was best for him not to let on about his true identity.

["I... guess that's okay Navi. You're only doing what you think is best for


["Yes. I really don't like lying either, but you can't just go telling

people your real name. It would be too difficult to explain, not to mention

too much trouble."]

["I suppose. So now what?"]

["Tomorrow you start school."]

["School? Aw, do I have to?"]

["Yes Ranma. You do need to learn how things have changed in the last six

years and from what the Deku Tree Sprout had told me, you couldn't get by

in this world without an education. Don't worry Ranma. I've taken care of

all the details. You're registered to attend Furinkan High with Akane and

Nabiki starting tomorrow."]

["How'd you manage to do that?"]

["When I started learning how to use the computer, I came across an

interesting technique called...what was it again? Oh yes, they called it

'hacking.' It made things really easy."]

The following morning...

"You're going to school with us?" Akane asked incredulously.

Ranma nodded as he said, "Yes... I registered last week. Since I'm going to

be staying here for a while, I may as well finish my education."

Nabiki said nothing but was deep in thought. <How did he get registered

without me knowing it? It takes weeks for a guy to get registered. It's

made even harder when the semester has already started. Hmmm, you're

interesting Link Kintaro. >

The three quietly made their way to the school. Unknown to the Tendo girls,

Ranma's fairy hovered over his shoulder. Akane was still miffed at the fact

that Ranma had brushed her off and decided not to talk to him. Did he think

that she wasn't good enough? She was the best in Nerima and he had the

nerve to imply that she was weak! Well, she'd get him to fight her if it

killed him! He'd take her more seriously as a martial artist then! When

they neared the school gates, Akane suddenly handed her bag off to Nabiki

and started charging toward the school. At the same time, a huge crowd of

boys suddenly appeared in front of her and the youngest daughter of Soun

Tendo began beating the living daylights out of them!

"What's going on?" Ranma asked.

"Oh don't worry about it." Nabiki replied. "Akane goes through this every

day. Pay it no mind."


"They just want to beat my sister in combat so they could go out with her."

"Say what?" Ranma was still confused as he turned his attention toward the

mob. Sure enough, as the boys attacked Akane, they were shouting out what

appeared to be date proposals.

"Akane I love you!"

"Please go out with me!"

"Pick me!"

"How about a date?"

Akane responded to each proposal with nonverbal responses such as punches,

kicks, throws and several applications of blunt and sharp objects, courtesy

of her unwanted suitors.

Ranma's expression took on a bewildered expression as he looked over his

shoulder and spoke telepathically with Navi. ["What's going on? Has the

world really changed that much since I was gone? Now you have to beat up a

girl to get a date?"]

["I have to admit, that's a new one."] Navi replied. ["The Deku Tree Sprout

never told me anything about this. Must be one of those strange customs he

warned me about. Beat up the girl, then ask her out."]

["Oh well, its not like it's any of our business."] Ranma began walking

toward the school again, following Nabiki who had gone in earlier.

["Ranma! Aren't you going to help her?"]

The former Saotome looked over his shoulder at the Tendo girl and shrugged.

["She doesn't look like she needs any help. Besides, after what Nabiki told

me about why Akane's been giving me the cold shoulder I get the feeling

that she wouldn't appreciate me butting in."]

["Even so Ranma, I know you. You wouldn't leave something like this without

getting involved! You're too much of a hero you know!"]

["I guess so."] Ranma shook his head and smiled a bit before pivoting on

one foot and leaping into the fray.

At that time, a group of new transfer students were approaching the gates.

Usagi, Minako, Rei, Ami and Makoto were discussing quietly as they

approached Furinkan High. During the summer, the five Inner Senshi had

decided to all enroll in the same high school as it was much easier to

respond to future Youma attacks if they needed to get in contact with one

another. In the past, with Rei going to a different school than the others,

the Sailor Senshi were usually at a disadvantage whenever a crisis would

emerge. With a lot of coaching for Usagi and Minako, the five part-time

super-heroines all manage to pass the entrance exams to be accepted at

Furinkan. Luckily, the high school was close enough to Juuban for ease of


"Did you get any new readings from your computer Ami?" Makoto asked.

Ami shook her head as she replied. "No. I haven't detected any new

anomalies since last week. However, we still have to keep a lookout for

anything strange. Remember what Setsuna told us."

The others nodded as they thought back to Sailor Pluto's message. The

Senshi of Time had visited them during the week and told them of a great,

unknown force was in Japan. She didn't tell them exactly what it was, as

she herself was unsure. It was also undetermined whether this force was

either evil or good. She knew it had something to do with the TriForce, but

until she had more information, she decided not to tell the Inner Senshi

about Hyrule and its connection to the long-dead Moon Kingdom. She had

already told Neptune and Uranus the same thing and the Inner and Outer

Senshi were now taking turns patrolling the area, on the lookout for

anything out of the ordinary.

"Hey! Look at that!" Minako said as she pointed towards the front gate.

Akane was getting quite a workout as she realized that the usual mob was

attacking more fiercely than normal. She soon realized that she might have

bitten off more than she could chew. They were getting closer and it would

only be a minute or so before they would get through her defenses. She had

gotten so used to the daily battles that she had fallen into a pattern and

had not improved significantly since these fights began. The mob was

starting to get through the relatively large holes in her woeful defense.

They were getting too close for comfort and Akane was rapidly beginning to


One large bruiser was just about to blind-side Akane when he was suddenly

kicked in the side and was sent flying toward the front wall. Another of

Akane's suitors was grabbed by the front of his school uniform before he

was about to nail her in the back of her legs. He was tossed over to where

the first boy landed like a rag doll.

["Ranma! Be careful! You're forgetting that you're a LOT stronger than

these boys!"]

["Don't worry Navi! I won't hurt them! I'm just to going to make things

easier for Akane that's all."] Ranma assured as he continued to casually

pick off Akane's attackers one by one.

Akane was more than furious when she saw that Ranma was butting into her

business. "Stay out of this! This is my fight!"

Ranma ignored her outburst as he dispatched the last of the mob with

several combinations of kicks, feints and punches. As soon as the last boy

was down, he saw that Navi was giving him the sign step back. He did so and

evaded a roundhouse kick by the ungrateful Akane Tendo.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"Stay out of my fights, you stupid... BOY!"

"Sheesh! Talk about being ungrateful! All I was doing was giving you a

hand! I couldn't just stand by and let you get beaten up."

"I could have handled them myself!"

"Yeah right. And I suppose you just let that big guy get close enough to

knock your head off."

"I saw him coming!"

"Not likely. From what I saw, those boys were just about to overwhelm you

and you were getting tired. Let me tell you, you really need to work on

your defense. The only reason why you lasted this long was probably because

they didn't fight as a team."

"I don't need your help!"

Ranma sighed as he shook his head in resignation. "All right Akane, suit

yourself. I won't get involved in any more of your fights. But don't get

mad at me when one of these boys beat you tomorrow." What an ingrate!

"You there!"

Both Ranma and Akane turned to where the new voice came from and saw a tall

boy dressed in samurai clothes step out from behind a nearby tree. He

appeared to about seventeen or eighteen and was carrying a wooden practice

sword: a bokken in his right hand.

"You there, stranger! You seem awfully familiar with the beauteous Akane.

Just who are you?"

"Well I'm..."



"Is it not the custom to give one's own name first? Fine then! Mine I will


Ranma stood in confusion as the boy gave his introduction. Dark storm

clouds began to form overhead.

"I am the undefeated captain of this school's kendo club. The rising new

star of the high school fencing world. My name strikes fear in all those

who hear it. My peers call me the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!" He raised

his bokken to the heavens and a bolt of lightning peeled off in the

distance. "Tatewaki Kuno. Age seventeen."

["What a showoff!"] Navi commented.

In the school's main building, crowds of students had gathered near the

open windows of the third and second floors. As they watched the scene

below them, they began gossiping to each other.

"Blue Thunder?"

"That's a new one."

"Last week he was calling himself the Shooting Star."

"Do you think that new guy has any chance against Kuno?"

On the other side of the schoolyard, the five girls who were Sailor Senshi

also watched in fascination.

"Who is that guy?" Makoto asked.

"What? You didn't hear his introduction?" Usagi remarked.

"No, I mean the other guy!" Makoto pointed toward Ranma. "He was really

great! Those were some cool martial arts moves!" She sighed as she studied

Ranma's well-defined physique. "He looks just like my old sempai!"

The other girls gave a tired sigh as the tallest member of their group

gazed with longing at yet another boy that reminded her of her old

boyfriend. Minako did notice that the new boy was kind of cute though.

Akane gave a disgusted sigh as she addressed the boy in the samurai robes.

"Oh Kuno, I don't have time for you."

"Yes, I'm afraid that we don't have time to talk right now." Ranma agreed.

"This my first day, and I really don't want to be late."

"You will not pass stranger!" Kuno declared as he held out his bokken. "Not

until you tell me just what business you have in interfering with the

lovely Akane's affairs."

"What? Do you mean that mob that attacked her for a date?" Ranma asked with

confusion. "Listen here. I really don't know what's going on and frankly,

it's none of my concern. In any case, I'm only staying at the Tendo home

for a while and..."


IT!" Kuno rushed forward and held his bokken high, intent on splitting

Ranma in half.

Ranma of course, saw the blow coming and dodged it by jumping back. ["Whoa!

Navi, what's going on with this dope?"]

["Apparently, he seems a bit angry at the fact that you're living with

Akane and her family."]

["I can see that!"] Ranma leaned back to avoid a slash aimed at his head,

then ducked under another. He then leaped back a few more steps to get some

more fighting room. Kuno stopped to take a classic fighting stance as he

prepared to assault Ranma again.

"Know this you lowly cur! It has been decreed that only he who defeats the

tigress Akane may be deemed to date with her! Only I, the great Tatewaki

Kuno am worthy enough to bask in the presence of the lovely Akane!"

By now, the Inner Senshi were more than confused at this development.

"Fight her to get a date?! That's totally bogus!" Makoto remarked.

"I guess it takes all kinds." Amy shrugged as she watched Ranma

effortlessly dodge each of Kuno's strikes.

"Shouldn't we stop this?" Rei said as she tensed up.

"Hold on a minute..." Minako said as she saw that Ranma was tensing up,

getting ready to strike. "Let's see what happens."

Ranma was more than a little steamed at the fact that someone was attacking

him for no valid reason. Navi sensed his anger beginning to build and

cautioned him. ["Ranma! Control yourself!"] She was well aware that his

Hylian strength could pulverize Kuno with one blow.

Ranma took a deep breath as he took a stance. ["Okay Navi. I'll do this


"DIE YOU PEASANT!" Kuno rushed forward to deliver a viscous blow to Ranma's



The attack Kuno launched had never got off the ground. The kendoist was

still standing, but he was slumped over and the wind was knocked out of

him. His eyes were wide in shock and disbelief. His bokken fell from his

hands and clattered to the pavement. Ranma was crouched low and his fist

was extended into Kuno's solar plexus. A moment past and then, Ranma

stepped back, removing his fist from its position. He watched with a smile

as Kuno whimpered and fell on his face.

"Sorry Kuno." Ranma apologized with a smile. "I saw an opening that was

begging for me to attack." He shrugged. "So I did."

Akane stared wide-eyed at Ranma. So did the rest of Furinkan High's student


"Wow! He took out Kuno with one shot!"

"Awesome! Someone who could beat him better than Akane!"

"I've never seen Kuno defeated so badly before!"

"Way to go!"

Ranma calmly walked into the school. A moment later, Akane followed him.

"Wow! Did you see that?" Makoto said with some excitement. That boy

definitely had what it took to take care of himself. The fact that he was

strong and cute also helped.

Minako could only nod in silence as she watched Ranma's retreating form.

In the Negaverse...

Queen Beryl looked deep within her crystal ball as she searched for the

mysterious power source that seemed to be emanating from deep within Tokyo.

Unfortunately, with so much interference with the power being generated by

the Sailor Senshi, the Imperium Silver Crystal and countless other magical

and scientific sources, it was hard to pinpoint the power that Saffron was

seeking. She then decided that the best way to find this power was to lure

it into the open.

"Jedite! Zoycite! Malachite! Front and center!"

The three Negaverse generals appeared before their mistress and bowed.

Jedite, the first of Beryl's agents, was only recently released from his

crystal prison by Saffron. Unfortunately, the process had erased his most

recent memories before he was frozen and he no longer knew the secret

identities of Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars.

"What do you wish of us, my Queen?" Malachite asked.

"I have a mission for the three of you. The power source I have been

seeking is somewhere within the city of Tokyo. Unfortunately, since our

absence, new magical sources have entered the surrounding area and are

causing too much interference for me to pinpoint it. Furthermore, I have

sensed that the Sailor Senshi have grown in power since our last battle

with them and their power is only adding to the mess."

"If there are new sources of energy my Queen, then why don't we use them in

our plans to take over the universe?" Jedite inquired.

"Are you are forgetting the hold that pompous Saffron has over us? His

power is enormous and by far outstrips all of our abilities combined!

Somehow, he had attained full godhood in a short period of time! It

wouldn't matter how much energy we steal. It still wouldn't be enough

against that strange power source he uses. No Jedite! To defeat Saffron and

break free of his control, we must find a power that is equal to whatever

he's using! I sense that the very thing Saffron is searching for is just

what we need to put him in his place!"

"So what do you suggest?" Zoycite asked.

"The three of you will go to a section of Tokyo called Nerima and stir up

some trouble. Despite the huge interference, I was able to narrow down the

location of the power source to that general area. The strange energy will

more than certainly react to such a disturbance!"

"But what of the Sailor Senshi my queen? Surely they would respond to such

trouble as well." Malachite interjected.

"All the better! I made the mistake of sending you three against them one

at a time. With the three of you combined, you will surely be able to

defeat those brats, despite their increased powers! If the power source

shows up as well, then we will be killing two birds with one stone!

Furthermore, this will be a good opportunity for you to drain some energy

for the Negaverse! Now go!"

"Yes my queen!" The three generals vanished to do the bidding of their


"Class, we have six new students here at Furinkan High. Please give a warm

welcome to Link Kintaro, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino, Rei Hino, Ami Mizuno,

and Usagi Tsukino."

The teacher gestured to the five girls and one boy at the front of the

class. They all gave a polite bow to the class before being shown to their

seats. As Ranma sat down, he began to have a strange feeling about the five

girls and Navi also began to become agitated.

["Navi, what's going on? I'm getting some really weird vibes from those

girls. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that they had a lot of magic

about them!"]

["I'm sensing it too. It's not just your basic background magic either.

Somehow, it... feels familiar."]

Ranma considered the five new girls, then made a mental note to check them

out with the Lens of Truth later. He turned his attention to the teacher as

class began.

On one side of the room, Akane glared at Ranma as she was still angry at

him for interfering with her fight. Just who did he think he was? She

didn't need him to act like the hero. She could have taken care of that mob

without his help. Well, she'd show him what a true martial artist was

capable of when they got back home!

Usagi and her friends settled down as the class started and three of them

stole glances at the new boy who was sitting near the rear of the room.

<That guy really reminds me of my old sempai. I wonder if I can get him to

teach me some of those martial arts moves!> Makoto smiled as she began to


<There's something... odd about that guy. Just looking at him, makes me

feel all... weird. Could he have something to do with the vision I saw?>

Rei shook her head as she concentrated on the lesson.

<Man, he is sooo cute! I wonder if he's got a girlfriend?> Minako looked

over to where Makoto was sitting and frowned as she recognized the look she

was giving Ranma. <Aw no! Not again! She probably thinks that he looks like

her old sempai. Well, she's not going to get her hands on this one!>

Ami was of course focusing on the teacher as Usagi's mind drifted off to

thoughts of doughnuts and wondering when the lunch bell would ring.

Noon hour...

Ranma smiled as he polished off his lunch as he sat beneath a tree near the

baseball diamond. The morining had progressed without a hitch, except for

two annoyances. One was Akane as she berated him after the first class for

interfering with her fight. Then Kuno had attacked him for some nonsense

about living under the same roof as the beauteous Akane. Ranma had easily

dispatched him by tossing him out a third story window. Luckily for Kuno,

Navi had informed Ranma that there was a pool down there before the former

Hero of Time had thrown him.

At the moment, he was mentally communicating with his fairy as he gazed up

at the clouds in the sky.

["Well, aside from Kuno and Akane, this day hasn't been bad so far."]

Ranma nodded. ["Yeah, but I wish that classes weren't so dull!"]

Navi shook her head. ["Sorry Ranma, but you do need to pay attention to the

teachers. I almost had to resort to an anti-sleep spell to keep you from

dozing off like that Usagi girl."]

["Speaking of which... look over there."]

Navi looked in the direction that her bond-partner indicated and saw the

five girls quietly chatting at a nearby bench. Once again, Navi used her

magical senses to probe each of the girls.

["Ranma, do you still have the Lens of Truth?"]

["Sure. I was going to check them out with it later."]

["You might as well use it now. Just keep it on low-level power. There's

something really familiar about the energy signatures of those girls."]

Ranma nodded as he looked around and saw that no one was close by. He

silently called forth the magical detection device and then moved around

the tree so that Usagi and the others wouldn't see him. He then peered

through the glass.

His eyes widened as he saw huge amounts of magical power quietly slumbering

within each of the girls. He noted that each girl's aura was differently

colored. Makoto's was a bright forest green. Minako's was a brillant amber

color. Rei's was a fierce red while Ami's was a gentle light blue. Usagi's

was a white that had silver flecks in it.

Ranma couldn't make sense of it. Just who were these girls?

Navi simply continued to stare at the girls and quietly thought to herself.

<No. It can't be. After two thousand years?>

["Navi, do you know anything about this?"]

Navi considered her answer, then decided that she needed more time to

consider. ["I... have a hunch, but until I get more information, I can't

tell you for sure. Sorry."]

Ranma wondered why his fairy was getting so secretive, then decided that

Navi would tell him when she was ready to.

For the rest of the day, Ranma was either being yelled at by Akane or

attacked by Kuno. His classes were downright boring and it was only due to

Navi's constant prodding that he stayed awake and took notes. Throughout

the day, he wished that something would come up and break up his boredom.

The end of the school day...

The other students were just starting to leave the schoolyard when

suddenly, a gigantic ball of light appeared over the sky and then descended

toward an area a few blocks from the school. Everyone looked toward where

the ball had landed. Everyone wondered what was going on. One person in

particular got a very bad feeling about it.

Navi, I don't like the looks of that.

The fairy bobbed up and down in agreement. I sense great evil in that

direction. I also detect high amounts of dark energies! Something big is


Ranma smiled as steeled himself for the inevitable conflict that he

couldn't ignore. After saving the world of Hyrule and rescuing the Amazons

from Saffron's dragon, he had the hero addiction in his blood. He craved

the excitement and helping others always left him with a warm feeling

inside of him. The heroic nature within him made him feel like a man among

men. Little did he know that he had become what his mother always wanted of


As he gave a nod to Navi, he rushed off in the direction of the


In another area of Tokyo, a blue-haired girl's mini-computer gave off a

shrilling alarm. Ami and her Usagi were just about to separate and head for

home when it went off. The other three girls had already left for their

homes. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching, they ducked

into a nearby alley. Ami pulled out her computer and began to take


"What is it Ami?"

"It's a high-energy reading like nothing we've ever encountered before, but

it's definitely of Negaverse origin!"


Both girls looked down and saw Luna, one of their talking guardian cats

running up to them.

"Luna! What are you doing here?" Serena asked.

"I just got a call from Artemis! He also picked up the sudden explosion of

Negaverse energy! He's already contacting the others so you two better

transform and meet the others near the park in Nerima!"

"Right!" Both girls said as they took out their transformation wands.

In locations near the district of Nerima, the other three Sailor Scouts

were also bringing out their transformation pens. In an instant, the five

sailor-suited warriors of justice called out their transformation phrases.

"Mars Power! Make up!"

"Jupiter Power! Make up!"

"Venus Power! Make up!"

"Mercury Power! Make up!"

"Moon Crystal Power! Make up!"

The five girls were instantly surrounded with their respective energies and

were transformed into their super-powered alter egos. After the

transformations were completed, the five rushed off toward the direction of

the evil.

A little further away, a tall boy by the name of Mamoru Chiba also sensed

that something was happening. Something that involved Sailor Moon. Without

a second thought, he dropped whatever he was doing and began running toward

the disturbance. Somewhere along the way, he transformed into his disguise

of Tuxedo Kamen. At the home of Usagi Tsukino, little Rini saw that this

was the time for action. Even though she was still only a Sailor Senshi in

training, she knew that she could be of help. Taking out her own

transformation wand, she uttered her transformation phrase.

"Moon Prism Power! Make up!"

As Ranma neared the place where the evil power was being emitted, Navi

began to glow even brighter.

["Ranma! I just detected seven new energy sources that just powered up!"]

["Where are they?"]

["I don't know where they came from Ranma! Too much interference from that

first power source that we detected! But I do know that they're heading to

where we are going!"]

["Are they evil?"]

Navi paused for a moment, then responded. ["No. They don't have the taint

of darkness within them. They might be of some help to us!"]

["Right! Hold on a minute!"] Ranma suddenly stopped and began focusing the

inner magical energies within him.

["Ranma, what are you doing?"]

["Just making up a warp point in case I need it."] A green shaft of light

suddenly surrounded Ranma as he called out his spell.


A small, green globe of light was formed and Ranma then directed it to a

small niche in a nearby alley that was deserted. He then continued on with

his run toward the disturbance.

Near the center of the park, the three Negaverse generals were having the

time of their lives. The youma was one of the most powerful they had ever

created and was sucking much of the life energies from the crowds of people

that were present. Children who were at the playgrounds. Joggers who were

out running. Senior citizens who had come to relax. Everyone who was there

was designated a target to the monster that the three minions of Beryl had


The monster was over twenty feet tall and had a five, snakelike heads

sprouting from its upper torso. The body was basically humanoid but was

covered in thick green scales. It also had a large tail that had many sharp

spikes protruding from its tip. Its arms were as thick as small tree trunks

and had deadly, four-fingered claws that displayed two sets of

wicked-looking talons.

The serpentine heads were each differently colored and had their own

special attack. The red colored one spat out gouts of fire. The blue one

emitted a freezing mist that froze anything within a block of ice. The

green one spat out steaming acid. The white head belched out lightning

bolts. The largest head however was situated in the center of the writhing

mass and was colored black and seemed to direct the actions of the other

four. As the monster steadily attacked the screaming crowds, the three

generals hovered above the chaos and laughed. In each of their outstretched

arms, they had a large, glowing orb which was systematically draining the

people's energies that was being generated from their fear. The beast was

very careful in not letting the masses get too far away, keeping them

within the confines of the park and scaring them even further.

"Good work Headmaster!" Jedite exclaimed as he and his cohorts continued to

drain the masses.

"I have to admit." Zoycite added. "Pooling our powers together to create

Headmaster wasn't a bad idea. If the Sailor Senshi do show up, then they

won't stand a chance against him!"

"Says you!" A voice cried out.

The three generals turned toward the direction of the newcomers and smiled

to as they saw who it was. The beast also turned to see whom it was and in

doing so, forgot about the people it was terrorizing. The frightened masses

needed no encouragement as they began fleeing from the park.

Ranma had just gotten to the edge of the park when he caught sight of the

monster. He was just about to trigger his transformation when he also saw

the newcomers. His eyes widened as he saw five teenage girls, dressed in

elaborate fuku outfits and were facing off against the instigators of the


["Navi! Who are they?"]

["Well, according to what I learned from reading newspapers in the

libraries I visited, and also from seeing a few of the native fairies and

imps of this world, those are the Sailor Senshi!"]

["Sailor Senshi? What's a Sailor Senshi?"]

["Oh that's right. You don't know about them since you have been gone from

Earth for six years. Basically, these girls are like you. They're

'champions of justice and defenders of the weak.' Sound familiar? In any

case, they happen to be Earth's protectors against ancient recurring

evil."] Navi then paused as she took a deeper look at them. ["Wait a

second! Ranma! Take out the Lens of Truth and look at them on low power!"]

Ranma did so and looked through the glass. His eyes widened as he saw the

exact same auras on the Salior Senshi as he did with Usagi and her friends.

["By the Great Deku Tree! Usagi and her friends are really the Sailor


["Yes, I THOUGHT their auras seemed familar! They are from the Moon


["Huh? What's the Moon Kingdom?"]

["I'll explain it all later. For now,I think your assistance may not be

necessary. Just sit back and watch!"]

Ranma decided to do just that.

"So we meet again." Malachite declared as he and the other two servants of

Beryl faced their old enemies.

"That's right Nega-trash! I am Sailor Mars!" Sailor Mars said as she and

the others began taking poses.

"You and Beryl may have returned, but you won't be staying for long! So

says Sailor Mercury!" Mercury added.

"You three are going down and you're going down hard! Sailor Venus promises

you that!" Venus chimed in.

"Get ready for some serious trouble! Courtesy of Sailor Jupiter!" Jupiter


"How dare you frighten innocent people to fulfill your evil intents? I

don't know how you three came back but I, Sailor Moon will see to it that

you pay for your dark deeds! In the name of the Moon, we shall punish you!"

"SAILOR SENSHI!" They all said at once, taking a group pose.

A large sweatdrop formed behind Ranma's head. ["Are these people for


["I believe they are Ranma. It's another thing I learned while researching

this world. Something they call genre."]

"Well this time, we will win!" Jedite remarked as he turned to Headmaster.

"Headmaster, destroy the Sailor Scouts!"

"Yes!" The five heads responded simultaneously.

The beast roared as it began spitting out a barrage of lethal energies and

projectiles at its foes. The Scouts had to scatter in order to avoid the

blasts of fire, ice, acid and lightning. The park soon became ravaged as

trees were set ablaze and the ground was littered with huge craters and

sheets of ice.

"Stand clear guys! I'm going give this creep a session in shock therapy!"

Sailor Jupiter shouted as she stood in a wide legged stance and began

focusing her energies. A small antenna appeared from her tiara and huge

amounts of lightning came thundering down toward her. She then concentrated

the electricity into one hand and then chucks it at the monster.


The blast of electricity was then directed at the Headmaster. The monster

swerved to the side, but wasn't fast enough and the head that spat out acid

was severed off. The beast roared in pain at the loss of one of its heads,

but the SSenshi weren't finished yet.

Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars followed through with their own attacks.



The double attack of the arrow and energy beams cut off two more heads and

the monster was only left with the one that shoots out an icy mist and the

main one.

"Sailor Moon! I'll give you some cover while you use your scepter to take

out the last two." Sailor Mercury cried as she concentrated her power.

Sailor Moon nodded as she prepared the Moon Scepter.


Unfortunately, Headmaster was not in the mood to lose any more of its

heads, as the black head suddenly opened its mouth and let out a piercing

wail. The Senshi screamed out in agony as the sound drove them to their

knees and began to disrupt their equilibrium. The blue head took this

opportunity to let loose with a huge blast of mist that covered the Scouts

and when it disappeared, they all found themselves encased in a thick slabs

of ice. Even Sailor Mars wasn't able to conjure up enough heat to melt

herself free.

The three generals laughed as Malachite ordered their monster to finish

them off. Headmaster roared as he began advancing on the now powerless


["Navi! They're in trouble! We've got to help them!"]

The fairy was just about to agree when she saw something appear on the

rooftop of a nearby building. Correction, she saw someone appear. The

newcomer was wearing a tuxedo, top hat and cape. Before either Ranma or

Navi could respond, the stranger reached into his cape and threw a barrage

of projectiles at the two-headed horror.

Headmaster was about to let out a wail that would shatter the ice formation

into ice cubes, along with the Sailor Scouts when something sharp pierced

one of the eyes in its black-colored head. It let out a cry of pain as a

rose was seen protruding from its damaged eye. This alerted the three

generals to look up. At the same time, several other roses were striking

the ice around where Sailor Moon was held captive. The ice cracked and then

broke apart. The blond girl with the very long pigtails found herself free

of her icy prison and she shivered from the cold. She gazed upward to see

her savior.

"This is your chance Sailor Moon!" Tuxedo Mask cried out. "Take down this


"You bet!" She took out her scepter and began powering it up. After a very

elaborate set of motions, she held up her wand and poses on her knees.


The blasts of glittery streams and hearts struck into the monster and

followed by a gigantic heart. The body crumbled away into a pile of dust.

The severed heads on the ground also crumbled away into smaller piles and

the mystic ice that was holding the other Senshi prisoner disappeared. The

Senshi wasted no time in regrouping and they were all facing off against

the three Negaverse fiends.

"You three Negacreeps are next!" Sailor Moon shouted out.

From behind hedges, Ranma turned to his fairy and said, "I guess you were

right Navi. They don't need my help."

From his throne room on Mount Phoenix, Saffron snorted in disgust as he

watched the events in Nerima, by way of a mystic, viewing portal.

"How pathetic! Even though I had increased their powers after I restored

them, those three idiots still can't beat a bunch of bratty girls and some

overdressed interloper."

"But my Lord!" Kiima protested. "Those are the Sailor Senshi! They have

great power as well as some formidable allies."

"Bah! Compared to the power that enabled me to achieve my godhood early,

their abilities are nothing to me! However, I do sense that the one that I

am looking for is close. I will see his true power for myself. If I am

correct, then obtaining that energy will elevate my position even further!

Why should I settle for just ruling one paltry planet?"

"What are your plans, Master?"

"Those three had the right idea about stirring up some trouble to draw out

the one I seek. However, they do not have sufficient power to carry it out.

Let us see what would happen if I were to raise the stakes!"

Saffron then sent a blast of energy through the viewing portal.

The Sailor Senshi were about to launch an attack against the three

Negaverse servants went another blast of energy, much larger than the

first, came shooting down from the heavens. The Senshi, the three generals

and all those who were watching the battle, had to shield their eyes from

the blinding flash. When the light faded away, the five heroines and their

formally dressed savior were shocked to see that Headmaster had been

reformed. The three stumps on its shoulders began to glow. Suddenly, the

stumps exploded, sprouting out new heads to replace the ones that had been

cut in the battle. What was even more disturbing was that the piles of dust

around the area had also reformed into the severed pieces. Each piece

instantly grew a new body from their necks and when they got to their feet,

regenerated four new heads to match that of the first one.

The Sailor Scouts gasped as they found themselves facing off against not

one multi-headed creature, but four of them! What was even direr was the

fact that each monster then grew to twice the height of the original.

Before the girls or Tuxedo Kamen could react, the four demons began letting

loose with withering barrages of fire, ice, acid, lightning and sonic

wails. The Scouts found themselves in a bad situation. They were still

recovering from the original Headmaster's assault and were in no condition

to face off against four copies of itself. Worse yet was the fact that each

monster was twice as powerful than the first one.

"What's happening?" Jedite asked.

The other two generals were also confused as to what had occurred. After

seeing the destruction of their creation, they had braced themselves for a

battle with their enemies. However, something or someone, had resurrected

their demon and duplicated it, making each copy more powerful than the

first. As of now, the Headmasters were pushing back the Sailor Senshi and

Tuxedo Kamen, causing severe injury to them as they assaulted them.

The three minions of Queen Beryl didn't know who had just pulled their fat

out of the fire, but they weren't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

As they watched the beasts inflict heavy damage to their foes, the three

decided to add to the mayhem. They began shooting out blasts of evil

energies at the Senshi, causing them to scream out as several hit home.

Sailor Mars was the first to go down as she tried to dodge out of the way

of a fire attack from one of the youma. Unfortunately, this put her

directly in the sights of Malachite, who released a blast of black energy

at her. The attack struck her in the back and she was driven to the ground.

She landed heavily on her belly and was barely moving as one of the

Headmasters advanced on her.

Mercury and Jupiter were also struck down by twin attacks from Jedite and

Zoycite as they barely evaded a blast of acid from an attacking youma.

Tuxedo Kamen bravely tried to shield Sailor Moon from the wail of one of

the other monsters, but both he and the leader of the Scouts went down.

Despite the protection that their transformed states were giving them, the

Sailor Scouts were taking a horrible beating. All three generals laughed as

they hovered above their creations and began powering up their energies for

one final and lethal barrage. The four Headmasters lined up in front of

them and also prepared to let loose at full strength.

"Hold it!"

The three generals and their minions stopped when they heard the voice.

They all looked to one side and saw two figures standing back-to-back to

each other and giving them looks of disgust.

"Who are you?" Malachite asked.

The tall blonde that looked very mannish and could be mistaken for a boy if

one did not look below the neckline, smiled as she replied, "That's right.

We haven't met. Invited by a new age, I am magnificent Sailor Uranus!"

The gilr beside her with sea-green hair also smirked as she said, "Also

invited by a new age, I am Sailor Neptune!"

"Don't forget about me!"

Everyone then looked over to where the squeaky, high-pitched came from and

the Inner Senshi moaned a bit when they recognized it.

Little Salior ChibiMoon came running up to the opposite side of the battle

scene and then quickly took a pose. "I am the Sailor of love and justice in

training... Sailor ChibiMoon! In the name of the future moon, I will punish


Ranma and Navi sweatdropped.

["Navi, they CAN'T be for real!"]

Navi could only shrug as Neptune and Uranus leapt into the attack.



The twin attacks of energy and water came blastiing towards the monsters

like an earthquake and tidal wave simultaneously. However, just as the

attacks were about to strike, an invisible barrier suddenly stopped Uranus

and Neptune's blasts. The two Outer Senshi gasped as they saw their

energies dissapate into nothingness.

On Mount Phoenix...

Kiima looked at the viewing poratl and remarked to her master. "My Lord,

you interfered."

"Indeed." Saffron replied. "I wish to see the power that I sense is nearby,

and it wouldn't do for these new interlopers to stop me from getting what I


The god of Phoenix mountain then sent another blast of elderitch magic

through the portal.

At the battle scene, Uranus and Neptune were getting set up for another

attack, when the heavens opened up and twin bolts of black magic came

streaking down to strike them. Both Outer Senshi screamed out in agony as

they felt their energy being brutally drained away. The unexpected attack

drove them to their knees as their uniforms were burned and ripped by the

black energy, which seemed alive. When it finally faded, the two senshi

were just barely conscious and too weak to move.

ChibiMoon cried out as she saw the two Outers get struck down. She then

realized that she was the only Senshi still standing as the Negaverse

generals got over their surprise and turned their attention toward her.

"Well, now, what do we have here?" Jedite said with an evil grin as he

slowly began to approach the little girl.

"S-S-Stay back! I'm warning you!" ChibiMoon held up her little wand.

Jedite shrugged as he stood twelve feet from her and said, "Well, come on.

Give my your best shot."


The line of hearts came rushing out of the wand's head, but fell short at

Jedite's feet. The dark general snickered as he held up a hand that glowed

with energy. "So this is what the mighty Sailor Senshi have been reduced

to. All their hopes are now pinned on a girl whose attack is not only

amusing, but absolutely pathetic."

Ranma had seen enough. ["Navi! It's hero time!"]

["You bet Ranma!'] To the martial artist's surprise, Navi intentionally

dropped her camouflage spell, which made her visible to human eyes. She

then began flying in a circle around her bond partner and said, "Ranma!

Since our last use of the TriForce of Courage, I have cast a few new spells

and made several changes and improvements to help you. Raise your fist high

and say, 'TriForce Transformation!' Hurry Ranma! There's no time to


Ranma nodded as he raised his fist and shouted out from his hiding place.


The TriForce of Courage appeared and floated free from the back of Ranma's

fist. It then grew to a huge size and began rotating. It then enveloped the

Hero of Hyrule in a nimbus of light and color as Ranma felt himself float

in midair. He felt his body become stronger as it was being imbued with the

sheer power of the artifact. His skin became paler and his ears elongated

to become more pointed. His face became more angular and his hair became a

golden mane. His clothes shifted into his Kokiri garb and that was when

Ranma noticed that they were not the usual style that he wore. The tunic

had smother lines and seemed to fit over his chest like a second skin,

displaying every muscle and their definition. The shoulders now sported

stylish epaulets. His breeches were much more rugged looking and his boots

were more like a swashbuckler's. They were sleeker and the cuffed tops were

embroidered with the symbols of the TriForce. Ranma noted that his tunic

also had the symbol of the TriForce emblazoned on the left side of his

chest, just above his heart. The material that his tunic and breeches were

made out of felt more comfortable and were sturdier. Ranma could sense that

Navi had placed several protective enchantments on them.

The Golden Gauntlets, which enabled him to lift monoliths on Hyrule,

appeared on each of his arms. Ranma could feel their power surging through

his limbs. He could also feel even stronger as the TriForce of Courage

increased his body's potential to its limit. The Biggoron's sword appeared

on his back, along with the Hylian Shield.

When the transformation completed itself, Ranma landed and looked down at

himself. He saw that he had gained three inches in height and felt more

powerful than ever before. The TriForce of Courage had not just transformed

him into his Hylian form, but had totally merged with him, increasing his

physical and magical abilities dramatically. He made a quick inventory of

the weapons and equipment in subspace and discovered that they too had been


<Whoa! That was some rush!>

["Hurry Ranma!"] Navi said as she led the way.


"ChibiMoon!" Sailor Moon was still in pain as she managed to get to a

standing position to catch the Sailor Senshi-in-training as she was dealt a

viscious backhand by Jedite. She and the others looked up at their imminent


Zoycite, Jedite and Malachite were almost ready to kill their longtime

foes. As they were the bad guys, they just couldn't help but gloat.

"So now it ends Sailor Scouts!" Malachite sneered.

"You were a thorn in the Negaverse's side for too long, but we have won!"

Zoycite added.

"Prepare for oblivion!" Jedite finished as he and his companions finished

powering up. They threw their hands forward and let loose a combined blast

of dark energies that would have leveled Tokyo. The Headmasters also let

loose their attack and the energies combined to form a huge beam of black

light that seemed engulf everything in its path like a black hole. Trees

were smashed into splinters in its wake before they were sucked in. The

grass was turned into black wisps as the ground was stripped bare. The

Senshi could do nothing but brace themselves for the end.

In the timestream, Pluto was horrified to see that the Sailor Senshi were

about to be destroyed. She was ready to come to their aid, when she once

again saw the symbol of the TriForce.


The Senshi and Tuxedo KAmen perked up at the new voice and saw something

shoot out from a grove of trees behind them. They saw a small beam of light

that was the purest gold, speed past them and impact into the black beam.

It then let off a huge blast of light that resembled a solar flare. For the

second time that day, the participants of the battle had to shield their

eyes. The dark energies struggled to overcome the brilliance the arrow had

caused, but it was a losing battle. The Light Arrow spell was gift from the

sages of Hyrule, and its power against foes was at its greatest when they

drew strength from evil and darkness. You didn't have to be a genius to

figure out that the Negaverse counted as a source of dark power. Its might

was further enhanced by the TriForce of Courage.

The three generals watched in shock as a single arrow blasted through their

attack and consumed the evil within it. The beam fizzled out into

nothingness, unable stand up against the overwhelming power contained

within the projectile. Although its light energies faded away after the

beam dispersed, the arrow kept on going with no drop in its speed. It shot

into and through one of the heads of the demons, causing it to scream in


The minions of Beryl, the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen looked to see who

had stopped the execution. Their eyes widened as they saw someone emerge

from the grove and into the light of the setting sun.

"Who are you?" Jedite demanded and he and his companions backed off a bit.

The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen also wanted to know who had just saved

them. They also noticed something floating near the stranger's right

shoulder. It looked like a ball of white light, but it had wings protruding

from its surface that resembled a dragonfly's.

Sailor Mars was shocked beyond belief as she stared at their savior. <It's

him! The one I saw in my vision!>

Ranma smiled as he made his fairy bow disappear and reached for the

Biggoron's Sword. He unsheathed the huge weapon and took a stance. "I'm he

who defends the innocent! I am the champion of light and justice! I am he

who has been called the Hero of Hyrule!" The blade of his sword caught the

last rays of the setting sun as Ranma readied to do battle. He swung the

sword in a graceful arc and took a dramatic pose. "I am... THE HYRULE


["Navi, do I REALLY have to say this stuff? This sounds so corny and I feel


["Remember Ranma. It's genre. All the heroes of this world have to make a

flashy entrance. They do it all the time in those manga magazines I've


["Navi, when this is all over, we're going to have a long talk!"]

On Phoenix Mountain, a certain being who had just recently became a god,

smiled as he watched the events in Japan unfold through his viewing portal.

On the back of his right hand, a symbol glowed in response to the TriForce

of Courage. It was similar in design to the one Ranma carried, except the

top triangle was solid while the bottom two were line patterns.

To be continued...

Author's Notes

This is probably the biggest overhaul that I have made to the Legend of

Ranma as I have now included the Outer Senshi and made the Inner Senshi go

to Furinkan High. The next chapters will have even more changes to it as I

continue the adventures of the Hyrule Knight.