The Legend of Ranma

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Chapter 6

Devil Demolition

A few minutes before they were contacted�

"Say Makoto, do you want to go get a sundae?" Minako asked as the two of

them walked down the streets of Juuban.

"I guess." The taller girl replied, her gaze seemingly staring off into


Minako easily noted the far-off look of her friend and said, "You're still

thinking about the Hyrule Knight, right?"

"Well aren't you?" Makoto asked with a dreamy, yet slightly depressed


Minako blushed a bit as she said, "Well, after what Luna and Artemis told

us about him and Hyrule, we have to look out for him, right?"

"Oh get serious Minako! You know what I REALLY mean! He's a total hunk and

you know it! And he saved us from Beryl! I can't see why Setsuna and the

Outer Senshi want him destroyed!"

Minako was about to deny it, but then gave her a lopsided grin in

agreement. "Well, he is really cute."

"I'll say! Man, he's so fine!"

"Yeah, I know. He reminds you of your old boyfriend."

"I take it back! My old boyfriend never looked THAT good! Hmmm� I wonder if

he's got a girlfriend? If he doesn't then I'm going to make him mine!"

"Hey! Since when did you claim first dibs?"

"I saw him first!"

"No you didn't! We saw all him at the same time at the park!" Minako

pointed toward the distant park where Ranma's titanic battle with the

Headmasters had taken place. When an explosion rang out and a huge puff of

smoke appeared the two sometime Sailor Senshi turned their heads toward the

commotion. It was at that time that their communicators beeped. Their

friend Ami appeared on their viewers.

"Hey you two! My computer just picked a huge surge of dark energies coming

from the same place where we saw the Hyrule Knight."

"Yeah, we just saw something explode there. We'll meet you there!" Makoto

said as she and Minako ducked into a nearby alley. After making certain

that there was no one in sight, they pulled out their transformation wands

and shouted out their power phrases.



The two Sailor Senshi began running. Unfortunately, they realized that it

was going to take them quite a while to get there as they were more than

twenty blocks away. Although their transformations gave them enhanced

healing, strength and endurance, they didn't give them the ability to fly.

Meanwhile at the park...


Yohko found herself swept up and carried aloft as the Hyrule Knight leapt

to safety while holding the Devil Hunter in his arms. An instant later, the

spot where they had been had become a blackened crater from a huge


Tokima was madder than Hell. After being cheated out of his long-awaited

revenge against the Mano girl and having one of his arms severed off, the

youma king had begun lobbing fireballs and dark shadows at the former Hero

of Time. Ranma however, was moving too fast for him to get a single hit.

As the battle raged, The Senshi of Time watched intently from the time

stream. Once again, this mysterious figure from Hyrule was battling evil

and trying to save lives. She shook her head despondently. Though she did

not have anything against the Hylian's actions, the longer he remained on

this world, the more diverse and chaotic the timestream became. Already

another facet of time had changed with the return of Tokima. Though she had

no idea how the youma-king had been resurrected, it was obvious that his

return was connected to the Hyrule Knight. She sensed the same energies of

the TriForce being emitted from Tokima and knew that things were only going

to get more out of control.

She then decided that enough was enough and it was time to end things. With

the Hyrule Knight busy at the moment, Sailor Pluto saw this as an

opportunity to remove one of the most chaotic elements to her plans for

Crystal Tokyo. She prepared to intervene� and was suddenly stopped again by

a strange energy field.


Sailor Pluto found herself unable to transport and then glimpsed the astral

form of Saffron as he wagged a finger at her.

"Nope. You were not invited to this little party and I abhor party

crashers. Just sit back and watch the fun!""

Setsuna gritted her teeth as she was forced into the role of an unwilling


Yohko found herself in a bit of a dream state as she noticed how closely

held her body was to her savior's well-muscled chest. Her body temperature

had gone up several notches from being in close physical contact with him.

She was very aware at the strong arms that held her and when she looked up

at his face, she became entranced at the liquid aquamarine eyes and how his

pointed ears made his angular face even more exotic looking.

<Wow! He's even dreamier looking in person! I'm most definitely,

absolutely, totally without a doubt... IN LOVE! >

Yohko was abruptly brought back to reality as she heard someone speaking to


"Excuse me miss? Are you all right?"

Yohko startled a bit before focusing on her rescuer, "I... I... I'm okay.

Thank y-you."

"Good, because I'm afraid that I'm going to have to put you down."

Before she had a chance to reply, Ranma made a double somersault to dodge a

mass of shadows then set her down on the grass before leaping back toward

Tokima. As he charged at the monster, he unsheathed the Biggoron's Sword

and used it to deflect the fireballs and slice through the living shadows.

On the sidelines, Chi, Asuza and Madoka Mano could only watch the scene

before them, as they were still trapped in cocoons of living shadows.

"Wow! Look at that!" Chi was impressed.

"Cool! He's great!" Asuza said.

Madoka said nothing as she watched the newcomer skillfully evaded each of

Tokima's attacks. <Hmmm.... I have to admit it. He's good. It looks like

he's had a lot of experience with fighting youma. My granddaughter could

learn a few things from things from this guy. > Madoka's eyes widened as

she saw the stump of Tokima's arm begin to regenerate itself. In less than

a minute, a new limb had replaced the one that Ranma had cut off and was

now assisting in trying to blow the Hyrule Knight away.

Tokima was getting furious at his inability to destroy the newcomer. Every

time he tried to blast him, Ranma would either leap high to evade the

attack or use that sword to deflect the energies that was thrown at him. It

was also so infuriating that the little fairy that floated beside the

Hyrule Knight was also aiding him by using its magic to disperse any dark

energy that came close to him.

"Curse you! Stand still!" Tokima roared as he let loose with another

barrage of shadows.

"Don't wanna!" Ranma retorted as he evaded him yet again.

Tokima then noticed that his opponent was near his old, severed limb and

got an idea. Using his dark powers, he began directing his next few attacks

and to get Ranma closer to his disconnected limb as he dodged.

Meanwhile, Yohko had retrieved her Soul Sword and was busy trying to free

her friends and grandmother from their bindings. The cocoons were boosted

by TriForce energy and the Mano girl found it impossible to cut them free.

"Never mind about us Yohko!" Madoka said. "You have to go help the Hyrule

Knight and defeat Tokima!"

"But Grandma, what can I do? The Soul Sword won't work against him any


"No, I still think that it can hurt him! Remember that you did manage to

cut him!"

Yohko remembered back to when she had plunged her weapon into Tokima's

chest. She had managed to damage him, but the attack had been ineffectual

as the devil merely laughed it off and removed the sword. The wound he

sustained had instantly healed up.

"Remember Yohko, the Soul Sword was created to battle youma. You can hurt

him, but something seems to boosting Tokima's power, allowing him to

recover from your attacks. The Hyrule Knight can hurt him, but Tokima is

still too powerful for him to handle. Look!"

Yohko looked back and saw that Ranma had been forced back by Tokima's

onslaught. Being resurrected by Saffron and the TriForce of Power, the

monster was able to sustain the wound he had gained when the Hylian had

severed his arm, and was now increasing his offensive.

"Believe me Yohko. Between the two of you, you'll be able to beat Tokima!"

Ranma knew that things weren't looking good. He had been hacking and

slashing away at his demonic opponent, while dodging the shadows,

fireballs, lightning bolts and whatever else he was assaulted with.

Unfortunately, whatever cuts he made on Tokima were healed up

automatically. They didn't heal quite as fast, taking several seconds to

seal up, but they healed nonetheless. Now he was being herded back toward

somewhere and he didn't like the feel of it.

"I have you now!" Tokima shouted in triumph as he raised his good arm at

Ranma and gestured with a finger.

"Look out Hyrule Knight!" Navi screamed.

"Huh? What... arrrgh!" Ranma's breath was driven out as he felt something

grabbed him and pinned his arms to sides. Looking down, he was shocked to

see that the severed arm of Tokima's had come to life and now had him in

its iron grip. Looking back up at Tokima, he frowned as the youma went into

a fit of laughter. Off to one side, he saw Yohko charging at the monster

and delivers a viscous slash to Tokima's flank.

Tokima laughed as he casually ignored the cut and backhanded the irritating

girl away. The wound healed up instantly and he chortled with glee. "Have

you learned nothing, foolish Devil Hunter? The Soul Sword may be able to

pierce my flesh, but thanks to the new power I've gained, I can repair any

damage that it can inflict. It no longer has sufficient power to harm me!

Though this stranger has the power to cause me pain, I can still heal from

his wounds as well! Now then, this stranger dies!" With these words, Tokima

sent a telepathic message to his arm.

Ranma's vision began to swim as the hand that held him started squeezing.

With his arms pinned, he didn't have much leverage and the TriForce of

Power was making the demon hand impossibly strong. Navi tried to get it to

open with her magic but the hand proved to be too much for her. As the

Hyrule Knight began to black out, the little pixie raced toward the monster

and screamed, "Let him go!"

Tokima laughed scornfully and commanded his hand to grip even harder,

causing Ranma to scream out in pain.


"You asked for it!" Navi suddenly flared up into a super-bright ball of

light in front of the devil's eyes, causing him to scream out in pain as he

was temporarily blinded. This also caused him to momentarily lose his

concentration on the arm that was holding onto Ranma, causing it to relax.

The Hyrule knight took advantage of this opportunity and burst free from

the hand. He then called forth his Fairy Bow and notched an arrow, infusing

it with a red light. He then let it fly.


The projectile struck the still twitching limb and caused it to explode

into flames. Amazingly, as soon as it caught on fire, Tokima let off

another scream as his new right arm also burst into flames. Apparently, his

psychic link with his limb also made him feel whatever pain it was feeling.

On the side, Yohko was just shaking he head to clear it when she heard

Tokima scream. When she saw her enemy clutching at his flaming arm, she

took this opportunity to charge at him and deliver a downward stroke at the

limb. The devil howled some more in pain as a deep red gash appeared. Yohko

stepped back and waited. To her surprise and everyone else's, when the

flames died down, the wound did not seal itself up this time.

<So that's it! > Ranma realized Tokima's weakness as he rushed to Yohko's

side. <The TriForce of Power may heal any wounds from the Soul Sword or my

attacks, but not from both! We have to hit him together! > He turned to

Yohko and said, "Listen up! We have to hit him together in each attack!"

Yohko nodded as she took a ready stance. Navi also hovered between them.

Tokima looked down at his opponents with rage. "You'll pay for that!" He

reared back and threw his arms forward, delivering a massive blast of dark


"Get back!" Ranma shouted as stepped forward and called forth the Mirror

Shield. An instant before he was hit by the blast, the shield appeared and

deflected the attack back into Tokima's face, which sent him reeling.

Ranma instantly called out his bow while simultaneously making his shield

vanish. He then notched five arrows and infused them with a gold light.


The five projectiles, each infused with the Light Arrow spell, struck

Tokima on various parts of his chest, temporarily causing him to be

paralyzed. Ranma and Yohko then rushed forward and slashed away with their

swords. Every time Yohko would make a cut, Ranma would also slice in the

same place. The double-cuts caused by both Soul Sword and Biggoron's Sword

made open wounds that did not heal. Ranma used the TriForce of Courage to

boost the power of his own weapon.

The two managed to make nine wounds before Tokima shook off the effects of

the Light Arrows. He tried to slam his fists against his smaller opponents,

but Ranma grabbed Yohko by the waist and leapt high and backward while

summoning his Hover Boots.

Yohko grabbed onto Ranma by looping a free arm around his neck. She shut

her eyes as she heard a loud boom from a massive fist striking the ground.

Then she felt strange as she could not feel the ground with her feet. She

opened her eyes and looked down. They were hovering more than a hundred

feet off the ground!

"Wow! That is like... totally bitching!" Yohko piped.

Ranma smiled as he watched Navi streak downs toward Tokima, then circled

his head. As she flew around, she left a trail of sparkled dust in front of

the devil's eyes. This distracted him long enough for Ranma to shift Yohko

around so she would be on his back, then disengage his Hover Boots.

"Hang on cutie! It's hammer time!" With that he called forth the Megaton


Yohko blushed a bit at the 'cutie' reference, then her eyes widened as they

plummeted toward their enemy. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


The ground trembled beneath the monster's feet as Tokima received the

granddaddy of all migraines. The massive Goron weapon struck him square

between the eyes and laid him low. As soon as they landed, Yohko brought up

her sword and slashed across the large bump that was just swelling up. The

protrusion burst into a disgusting spray of pus and other fluid, causing

the monster to once again roar in pain.

The Hyrule Knight then took out several arrows, infused them with mystic

energies and let them fly in rapid succession. Tokima was hit by a

combination of ice, fire and light, and he was unable to stop all sixteen

arrows from finding their marks. Every time a Light Arrow paralyzed the

monstrosity, Yohko and Ranma would deliver several slashes with their

swords. Navi would also aid them by using bright flashes of light to blind

their enemy every now and then. They attacked relentlessly; causing wound

after wound to appear. The devil king writhed and thrashed in agony as they

continued to cut him down.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Tokima thrashed about and finally

managed to knock both of his opponents away. As they landed some twenty

feet away, the youma staggered to his feet and roared in absolute rage.

"For all that you've done to me, I shall pay you back ten, no... a thousand

times! Now... DIE!"

Tokima threw a massive ball of black-colored energy with red swirling

clouds at the two, who were just getting to their feet. Ranma took one look

and saw that it was far too large for the Mirror Shield to reflect.


The magic crystal barrier appeared an instant before the blast struck Yohko

and Ranma. The two were enveloped in a huge explosion as the area around

them was reduced to ash. Fortunately, Chi, Asuza and Madoka were far enough

away that they were spared from being enveloped in the attack.

"YOHKO!!!" The three shouted as they saw them disappear in that explosion.

They began fearing the worst.

When the light of the explosion died down, they were more than shocked to

see that the two had not only survived the attack, but also were unharmed.

The area around them was scorched within a twenty-foot radius from where

they were. The crystal barrier that had protected them from the blast faded

away into nothingness, its protective power spent.

"You all right?" Ranma asked as he looked down at Yohko, who was at the

moment lying on her side. During the explosion, Ranma had also shielded her

with his own body.

Yohko nodded slowly with awe. She couldn't believe that they had survived.

However, when Ranma tried to help her to her feet, she let off a yelp of

pain as her right ankle sent a sharp sensation. "OW! My ankle! I think it

broke when we got knocked back!"

Uh oh! Not good! Ranma looked back and saw that Tokima was roaring in rage

and was slowly advancing on them. His body was littered with red lines and

it looked like he was on his last legs. It was apparent that he intended to

take them with him.

"Aw man! After all that, he's still coming!"

"Don't worry Hyrule Knight!" Navi said as she floated beside Ranma and

Yohko. The Devil Hunter looked up in fascination at the floating ball of

light with wings.

"What do you mean Navi?" Ranma asked.

"My senses are telling me that Tokima is almost defeated. All those hits on

him have added up! By my count, you two got him 106 times. I'd say two more

wounds would do the job!"

Yohko was wondering what Navi was talking about, and then her eyes lit up

as she remembered, "Wait! That's right! It took one hundred and eight

generations of Devil Hunters to destroy Tokima the first time. Each time a

Devil Hunter wounded him, he'd lose some of his power!"

"Well then, all we have to do is cut him two more times." The Hyrule Knight


"I... can't get up. My ankle..." Yohko sobbed as she saw Tokima nearing

them. "I... can't... help..."

Ranma looked back and saw that Tokima was gathering power in his clawed

hands. It was then that Navi used her senses to scan the Soul Sword and

sent a silent telepathic message to the former Hero of Hyrule. He smiled as

Navi related her plan to him. Looking down at Yohko, he told her, "Hey,

don't worry that pretty head of yours. You've done enough. I can handle it

from here. I just need to borrow your Soul Sword for a couple of minutes."

Yohko blushed at his comment on her being pretty, then became confused.

"W-What?! B-But it won't work for you!"

"We'll see." Ranma said simply as he firmly took up his Biggoron's Sword in

one hand and the Soul Sword in the other. He calmly walked toward the

heavily injured Tokima.

The devil king spied the Soul Sword in Ranma's left hand and sneered, "Ha!

So you think yourself to be a Devil Hunter?"

Ranma shrugged as he held up both swords and crossed their blades before

him. "Well, so far, I'm doing okay against you, don't you think?"

"Fool! The Soul Sword will only work for the members of the accursed Mano

clan! In the hands of another, it becomes a useless toy against me!"

"Oh really?" It was then that the TriForce of Courage began glowing on the

back of his hand. The Hyrule Knight was suddenly bathed in an eerie white

aura. Then the Biggoron's Sword started to glow as it was infused with

TriForce energy. And then it happened...

"Huh?" Yohko gasped.

"Whoa!" Chi exclaimed.

"No way!" Asuza's eyes became as big as saucers.

"Incredible!" Madoka announced. "I can't believe it! He's... actually

accessing the Soul Sword's power!"

It was true. The blade that had been passed down throughout 108 generations

of the Mano family was now glowing with all of its mystic energies, in

response to Ranma's part of the TriForce. Tokima was the most shocked of

all as he recognized the power being emitted from the accursed blade. He

was long since acquainted with such power and now this stranger had the

power of the Devil Hunters! He could also feel the other strange energy

source, which was similar to what Saffron had used to resurrect him with.

"DIE!!!" Tokima screamed as he let loose with all of his remaining power in

a final blast. The huge ball of concentrated dark magic was the size of a

three-story building, which rocketed toward Ranma. The Hyrule Knight knew

that if he leapt aside, Yohko would be caught in the blast. Instead, he

stood his ground and just as the ball was about to impact, he made a double

diagonal slash with both swords.

A large, x-shaped blast of light cut trough the sphere, slicing into it and

causing its energies to dissipate. Tokima shouted out in denial while

shaking his head, "No� it's impossible! You can't..."

It was then that the Hyrule Knight flared with a near-blinding white light

and leapt into the air. A column of light that went from the ground to the

sky surrounded him, lighting up the night.

As they neared the park, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter spotted the column

and recognized the figure in the air.

"The Hyrule Knight!" Both girls cried out as they raced toward the scene.

Ranma mentally called forth the TriForce of Courage's power, which floated

free and enlarged itself above him. Holding aloft the two swords, he

slammed the butt ends of their hilts together, just as the artifact came

down between them. The TriForce of Courage disappeared into the metal as

the two weapons were fused together. The hilts became one solid piece and

then lengthened to form a longer handgrip. The blade of the Soul Sword

elongated until it was about the same length as Ranma's sword. As a result,

Ranma now held in his hand a huge, double-bladed lance!

Tokima and all the others were too awestruck to move for a few seconds, and

that was all Ranma needed. He dived down at his foe to deliver the final



"Soul Lance?" Yohko and the others gasped.

Ranma slashed a diagonally across Tokima's upper body with one end, then

spun around and delivered another cut perpendicular to the first. The youma

screamed out as he felt a familiar feeling. He had only experienced this

once before, when Yohko and her ancestors had sent him to his destruction.

Now, it seemed that history had repeated itself.

"Curse you Hyrule Knight!" That was all that Tokima could say before his

body exploded from within. Ranma leapt back and swept up Yohko before she

was caught in the conflagration. Noticing that the bonds, which held her

grandmother and friends, had disappeared, he ran over to them, shouting

that they should get the heck out.

Not being inclined to argue, the three followed Ranma's lead. Asuza managed

to pick up her armored gauntlet on their way out.

Just as Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter reached the edge of the park, they

were almost bowled over by the retreating group. Then, Tokima's body went

up like the fourth of July, totally destroying the other half of the park.

The group had to turn away and shield their eyes from the sudden brilliance

of Tokima's demise. The light show also caught the attention of the other

Sailor Scouts, who were currently rushing to where Sailor Jupiter and

Sailor Venus were.

When the light died down, the Sailor Scouts, Asuza, Chi and Madoka looked

over to the newcomers.

"Wow! I can't believe it!" Chi said excitedly. "You're the Sailor Senshi!"

"Cool!" Asuza said. "Can I have your autographs?"

"It's a pleasure to meet with fellow youma destroyers." Madoka added.

Down on the ground near them, Yohko was lying down and the Hyrule Knight

who was crouched down beside her. The hero from Hyrule had taken out the

Lens of Truth and was focusing its eerie light on the Devil Hunter's leg.

"Hmmm� looks like you've got a small fracture on your leg near the ankle."

Dispelling the instrument of detection back into subspace, he called forth

his bottle of Lon Lon Milk and offered it to Yohko. "Here. Take a sip of


"What's that?" Yohko asked.

The two Sailor Senshi recognized the bottle of healing liquid from their

last encounter. Sailor Jupiter nodded to the Mano girl. "Take it. It's all

right. We've had that stuff before. It'll make you feel better."

Yohko looked up at the famous superheroines and then got a reassuring smile

from her savior. She then took the bottle, hefted it to her lips and took a

small swallow. Instantly, she could feel the soreness of her ankle begin to

ease and then fade away. All the bruises and cuts that she had received in

battle were gone in moments and she felt new energy surging into her body.

As the Hyrule Knight took back the bottle, Yohko got up and tested her

healed leg. When she saw that it had been completely mended. She turned

back to her rescuer, with a certain reddening on her cheeks. "Thank you."

"No problem. Oh and by the way, I believe that this is yours." Holding up

the Soul Lance, he recalled the TriForce of Courage, causing a brief light

to appear in the center of the handgrip. When the light faded, Ranma handed

back the Soul Sword to Yohko while resheathing the Biggoron's Sword.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." Ranma said as he gestured for Navi to follow him.

"Hold it right there, buster! It's time you answered a few questions!"

Ranma turned when he heard Sailor Venus's voice. He then silently regretted

not setting up a Warp Point prior to the battle, otherwise he would have

just teleported away.

The two Senshi approached him with determination and a little something

else in their eyes. They were a little uneasy about confronting him after

what they had been told by Setsuna. How could they destroy a potential ally

like this? He had just defeated a major youma and saved lives? He couldn't

be a threat, could he?

Ranma was about to tell them that he wasn't in the mood for answering any

questions when his magic senses went off. Navi also bobbed up and down and

gestured to the crater that had been Tokima.

"Hyrule Knight! Look!"

Ranma and the others turned and their eyes widened as they saw a large mass

of gelatinous goo and pulsating energies emerge from the remains of the

once mighty devil king. The throbbing orb rose up into the air and began

quivering even more violently. The Senshi and Yohko's group didn't know

what to make of it as they all got into ready stances. To the Hyrule Knight

and his pixie partner, it was a sickeningly familiar sight.

"No way! It can't be! I destroyed it back on Hyrule!" The former Hero of

Time unsheathed his blade again and stepped forward. It was then that they

all heard a booming voice that was coming from somewhere above them.

"Well done, Hyrule Knight! Despite my resurrecting Tokima, you were still

able to defeat him!"

"Saffron!" Ranma gritted. "Come out and face me!"

"I don't think so. Rest assured, we shall meet face to face, but the time

is not yet right. For now, I think I'll use Tokima's remains to recreate an

old... acquaintance of yours. Have fun!"

Saffron's voice faded away, leaving the Devil Hunters, the Sailor Senshi

and the Hyrule Knight to face off against his creation. The floating orb

suddenly increased to ten times its size and then the ground shook beneath

them. Underground water mains that had been damaged from the previous blast

exploded and created several geysers. Nearby fire hydrants also exploded

without warning, sending hundreds of gallons of water into the air. As a

gigantic pool of water formed in the crater where Tokima had perished, the

orb then dropped down and submerged itself. After a minute, the spouts died

down after the mains were automatically shut down by the city's water

system. However, there was more than enough H2O for the orb to reform one

of Ranma's most challenging foes from Hyrule.

The water began to churn and become more like jelly as the orb swished

about. The entire pool became a gelatinous, pulsating mass and then it

began to rise out of the crater like gigantic amoebae. The orb within rose

with the semi-solid water and was towering over the group like some

gigantic cyclopean eye.

"WHAT IS THAT THING?" Sailor Venus screamed out.

"IT'S MORPHA!" The Hyrule Knight replied as he and Navi prepared for the


At this time Sailor Venus and Jupiter temporarily put aside their main

objective with the Hyrule Knight and focused on this new threat. As this

was happening, the remaining Inner and Outer Scouts were closing in on the

scene of battle.

In the time stream, Sailor Pluto was still unable to come to their aid as

she was forced to watch the events unfold.

On Phoenix Mountain, Saffron chuckled as he watched the scene from his

viewing portal. He also used the TriForce of Power to scan the timestream.

He smiled as he discovered the Senshi of Time's goal to destroy him and the

Hyrule Knight, in order to ensure the future of Crystal Tokyo.

<Well, well� isn't that interesting. Perhaps I can use these Senshi to my

advantage. > Saffron began thinking about the possibilities. The Outer

Senshi were already primed to destroy the Hyrule Knight at the slightest

hint of evil. All the bird god needed to do was give it that tiny push. Of

course, it wouldn't do to have any of this connected back to him. However,

he knew of a few people who would gladly stir up some trouble just for the

fun of it. The Senshi and the Hyrule Knight would most certainly be

exhausted and very stressed after battling Morpha. That would be the best

time to get them at each other throats. Then, with luck, one side would

destroy the other, or better yet, both sides would be annihilated, leaving

Saffron with easy pickings.

The Phoenix god smirked as he told Kiima to contact the demon Mara.

To be continued...

Author's notes

Well, that does it for the revision of this chapter. It's relatively minor

but I had to take care of it before I begin writing Ch.7. Ranma will soon

have his hands full, not only with Morpha, but with the Sailor Senshi as

well. You can also expect some guest appearances from Oh My Goddess as

well. See you there!