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Chapter 5

Meet Miss Nagi

Ranma frowned as he looked at the morning paper. On the front page was a large photo of himself in his Exo-Armor during his fight with Vorak's battle drone the day before. He winced as he read the headlines.

"Mysterious 'Rocket Ranger' saves Tokyo from rampaging space mecha." <Rocket Ranger?! They're calling me Rocket Ranger? Sheesh! >

(*Host is showing considerable signs of irritation. *)

<No kidding! > Ranma mentally replied. <Damn! I was hoping to keep a low profile here! Looks like I'm going to have to deal with Vorak soon! >

(*There is a ninety-two percent probability that sworn enemy will come into confrontation with host within the next few days. *)

<Oh this is just perfect! > Ranma thought with sarcasm as he wondered just what he was going to do. His greatest rival was somewhere on the planet and wouldn't think twice about devastating the Earth to get to him. Furthermore, a certain intergalactic mega-genius kept on bugging him to get a certain sample from him. He shuddered a bit as he thought back to what happened after the battle.

Flashback, in the laboratory of Washu...

"It's a pleasure to finally meet with the famous Ranma." Washu said as she shook Ranma's hand. All the while, her eyes wandered all over his well-built frame, much to the annoyance of Nagi, who was standing behind him.

<Hmmm... perfect proportions! > Washu thought as she mentally began listing all the fun examinations that she had planned for him. The famous bounty hunter and troubleshooter was a prime example of the humanoid body at the pinnacle of perfection. His body wasn't bulky like a weight lifter's, but also wasn't as lean as a gymnast's. He was perfectly balanced between the two comparisons; he emanated a sense of brute power, yet also a kind of grace, which promised agility and speed. He had the best of both worlds and from what she observed from the battle, he could use his abilities to their utmost potentials. The energy readings she had collected during the battle, indicated that he was using some kind of power source that was unknown and could not be measured accurately, even by devices created by her. And that was saying something! Then there was the fact that he was using high-powered weaponry that had been deemed forbidden by the intergalactic council. Of course, she had contributed to that list herself, by inventing things like ozone-depleting bullets, neutron-oscillating grenades and her interdimensional cannon, which could level a galaxy!

Another fact was that Ranma stored his weapons in some kind of subspace pocket that was light-years ahead of anything that was possible by Earth standards, and many other worlds. Oh yes, she was sufficiently intrigued enough to mentally list him as her soon-to-be new guinea pig.

"It's a pleasure. So Nagi tells me that you're scanning for Vorak. I appreciate the help, so what can I do for you in return, Miss Washu?"

The mad scientist smirked as she said her most kawaii voice. "Please, can you call me... Little Washu?"

Ranma had a bit of a sweatdrop, but shrugged and said, "All right... Little Washu."

Washu grinned as she leaned forward and said, "Now then... as for what you can do for me..." Her smile became even more pronounced.

<Uh oh...>


Some time later...

Ranma sat up from the examination table. Currently, he was unclothed from the waist up and barefoot. He appeared to be wearing only a pair of black pants. He mentally gave the command to his cyberweave suit and it instantly expanded itself back into its full form, complete with boots, gloves and shirt. His body was completely covered, except for his head.

On the side near a console, Washu was very interested in the readouts she had gotten after scanning her subject. Of course, she had also taken the liberty of snapping a few 3D holograms of Ranma as she had instructed him into certain... positions for examinations. Purely for scientific research of course (yeah, right ^_-).

She nodded as she saw Ranma become fully clothed again.

"Interesting. That some body suit you have there. Complete with unstable molecule fabric and subatomic microweave fiber relays for cybernetic manipulation, right?"

"Something like that." Ranma replied.

Washu looked back at her readouts and said, "That body suit is more advanced than the standard Synatech fabric that is being used at present."

"It used to be a set of Synatech body armor, but I've had it modified. I've got several sets."

"Very nice. Cuts down on your wardrobe I imagine." Washu then began summarizing the information that the displays on her console were showing her. She could barely contain her excitement. "Ranma, did you know that you happen to be host to the MOST advanced colony of nanomachines that I have ever encountered? Those little robots are WAY beyond anything in terms of nanotechnology! I wouldn't have been able to scan them at all, if you hadn't let down your protective screens."

Ranma shrugged, as it was no big deal to him. The nanites within his body had saved his life and made him what he was today.

"I STILL haven't identified the main energy source that those nanites are using." Washu cited. "Though I did discover several micronized, highly efficient backup generators that work on the same principle as meson/anti-meson thermoelectric power cells. I've also analyzed your body's organic tissue and it seems to be continually evolving, probably because of those nanites. Your body is working at near 100% efficiency. And it looks like those nanites are continually improving themselves with the rest of your body."

Ranma nodded. "Each time I encounter a new situation, my nanites reconfigure to counter whatever threat or challenge."

"And you say that you don't remember how you came to be that way or who put those nanites in you?"

"Haven't got a clue." Ranma said.

Washu nodded as she looked at the schematic of one of the nanites, magnified one billion times. Of course, since the nanomachines continually improved themselves, what she was looking at was only their PRESENT design. Already, she could see the structure of the nanite gradually alter itself. <Interesting! The nanites are replicating and mutating Ranma's own DNA! They're continually improving on their host at the same time they evolve! Hmmm, this could mean that Ranma might be able to achieve a perfect form in which further evolution may not be necessary. Might be fun to see what he finally evolves into! Hmmm, this reminds me of an old experiment I tried a few thousand years ago. I wonder...? >

"So are you done already?" Ranma asked as he stood up.

That was when Washu smiled evilly. She then said, "Wellllll... not quite! You see, since your nanites have made your skin invulnerable to penetration by syringe or any other extraction device I have, I'm going to need to collect a certain... ah, bodily fluid sample."

"What?" Ranma DEFINITELY didn't like the way she phrased that.

"I can't get any blood samples, since it would take too much energy and time to get through that super-strong hide of yours. Plus the fact that those nano-robots would see my attempts to getting to your blood as a threat. They'd probably counter any method that I'd try on them. The nanites are also setting up a disruption field to prevent me from using a transphasic teleporter to get some samples. Saliva, sweat and urine wouldn't give me any nanites or your own genetic material for me to study. I can't even get a hair sample and even then, that wouldn't give any nanites to study. However... there is one fluid sample that would contain sufficient organic tissue that contains at least half of your genetic code. I'm also betting that a few of your nanites are bonded to those cells. Soooooo..." Washu suddenly snapped her fingers and was instantly dressed in a nurse's outfit. She then snapped on a pair of latex gloves and said in her kawaii voice, "I'm ready now."

"What's with the nurse's outfit?" Ranma REALLY had a bad feeling about this.

"I'm an angel of mercy and I've got MAGIC fingers!" Washu rubbed her hands with glee.

"Magic fingers? What are you talking...?" Ranma then realized what she was implying as he saw her eyes travel down toward his crotch. "Now hold on a minute!"

"Aw come on now! Don't be shy! I promise to be gentle as I shake the dew off your lily!"

Ranma suddenly jumped back, raised an arm and materialized the Annihilator.

Washu's eyes crossed as she found herself staring down the barrel of the weapon.

She had a large sweatdrop as she realized what was being aimed at her. "Errrr... heh, heh... THAT wouldn't happen to be a Mark Twenty Annihilator Super Anti-Matter Cannon, now would it?"

"Nope." Ranma replied.


"It's a Mark Twenty-five."

"Mark... Twenty-five?!" Washu gasped. The Annihilator cannon series had been banned after the Mark Nineteen models came out. Of course, that didn't stop Washu from creating the Mark Twenty model and even using the basic layout to create her devastating Dimensional Cannon. Now she was faced with a weapon that was more than capable of reducing a galaxy to subatomic particles.

"Did I mention that along with my body, my nanites also continually upgrade my weapons and equipment?"

"I think we'll hold off on getting that sample." Washu said with a sheepish grin. <For now. >

End of flashback...


Ranma shook his head and shuddered. He was pretty certain that Washu wasn't the type to give up, once she set her mind onto something. He decided to table those thoughts for later as he prepared to head for Furinkan High. After mentally commanding the body suit he was wearing to shift into a simple ensemble of sweatpants, T-shirt and running shoes, he went to exit his apartment. He was quite surprised when he opened the front door and found Nagi standing before him.

"Good morning, Ranma."

"Nagi?" Ranma couldn't help but stare at what his old acquaintance was wearing. Nagi was still wearing the hairpiece that kept her dark hair in place and that facial mark on her right cheek. However, instead of the skintight outfit that she usually had on, she was now wearing a dark blue blouse and matching skirt that came to just above her knees. She also had on a pair of one-inch heeled pumps and Ranma had to tear his eyes away from her long, slender legs. He also noticed that her ample bosom seemed to strain at the fabric of her blouse. Ranma swallowed hard. "Nagi? What are you doing here? And why are you wearing...?"

The female bounty hunter shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm here to walk with you to that school."


"Well, since we still haven't found Vorak, I feel that the best bet is to stay near you. Eventually, he will have to show himself to get to you, right? So I had Washu create a new wardrobe for me to help fit in."

"Fit in?" Ranma asked.

"That's right. I also had her hack into the computer systems at Furinkan High. We're going to be working together." Nagi gave Ranma a wink.


Nagi nodded, as her grin became even wider. "You're looking at the newest member of the teaching staff at Furinkan High."

"You're a... teacher?"

"Mmmmmhmmm." Nagi nodded as she sided up to Ranma and took an arm.

"But Nagi, you don't know anything about teaching."

"Au contraire." Nagi said with a smile as they began walking toward Furinkan. "You are looking at Furinkan's new physical education instructor for the girls' gymnastic and track and field programs. We're going to be working alongside each other. I do know a thing or two about martial arts as well, or have you forgotten?"

"How could I forget? I was the one who trained you." Ranma replied with a sigh. "I really don't think..."

"Too late Ranma. The school board has already accepted my application. Like it or not, and I know I'M going to like it, we're partners again until this matter with Vorak is settled." Nagi snuggled up even closer as they approached the front gates.

Ranma sighed again. He knew from past experience that, like Washu, once Nagi set her mind to something, she wasn't likely going to give up on the idea. "Well, I guess there's no stopping you. By the way, what about Ken-ohki?"

"He's staying with Ryo-ohki back at the Masaki residence. Since I'm mentally linked to him, he'll come when I call for him."

As the couple came to the gates, the students of the school got quite an eyeful of seeing the most handsome teacher to ever attend the establishment with a very attractive woman hanging on his arm. Of course, this got the gossip flowing.

"Wow! Who's the babe?"

"Is she his girlfriend?"

"Aw! Just when we were about to find happiness!"

"Whoa! Is she a teacher?"

"No way! Why does he have all the luck!"

"Looks like someone has staked her claim on Mr. Saotome."

"It's not fair!"

"Yeah, Akane has all the other boys in school and now Mr. Saotome's been taken!"

Nagi smirked as she looked up and saw Ranma becoming uncomfortable with all the comments and rumors that were circulating in the crowds. She knew he had enhanced hearing and could pick up the whispers and such. She deliberately snuggled up even closer and gave the predatory female students a look that clearly sent the message, 'Mine, all mine! Go get your own famous intergalactic bounty hunter.'

"Ranma Saotome! Prepare to feel the righteous blade of the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!"

Ranma shook his head and sighed. "Oh no. Here we go again."

Nagi looked over to one side and saw a boy rush out of the main building and charge at them, waving around what appeared to be a stick.


"Hold on a sec." Ranma said as he gently disengaged Nagi's arm and nudged her to one side. As Kuno struck forward with his bokken, the nanotech warrior easily dodged the swing and lashed out with a sidekick, knocking the insane kendoist back into a tree, twenty feet away. Kuno slumped down in a daze, while mumbling.

"That didn't hurt."

"Whatever." Ranma replied nonchalantly. "Kuno, continually attacking a teacher can be grounds for expulsion you know. You're just lucky that Furinkan has such loose rules of conduct. Why don't you just stop this nonsense and rejoin your fellow students in the Kendo Club? If this keeps up, they'll soon be too far ahead of your mediocre skills."

"Silence!" Kuno raged as he got up. "The mere notion that anyone could become the better than the Blue Thunder is ridiculous! I can see that you are once again resorting to your black magic!"

"Black magic? What the heck are you talking about?"

Kuno then took on a heroic pose. "It has become undeniably clear to me that a lowly peasant such as you has resorted to some dark sorcery to have bested me and stolen my rightful place as captain of the Kendo Club! I, the great Blue Thunder will smite thee with my righteous blade and once again resume my place as the greatest warrior of all!"

Kuno then struck out again with his sword. Ranma was about to counter it with a simple twist of his fingers and send the idiot flying again, when he saw something flash out from the corner of his eye. The bokken was suddenly stopped in its tracks by a particle disrupter sword. He looked over to one side and saw that Nagi had pulled her weapon from out of thin air and had casually parried the strike.

"Who dares?" Kuno raged.

Nagi smiled at Ranma. "Let me handle this one."

Ranma gave his companion a questioning look, then shrugged. "Don't go too hard on him, okay?" He then took a few steps back.

"I'll try." Nagi replied as she focused her attention on the idiot who actually thought he could beat the most formidable intergalactic troubleshooter with a stick.

"So, the villainous Ranma Saotome shows his true colors and hides behind a..." Kuno's voice died in his throat as he got a good look the vision of loveliness standing before him. "Who is this goddess that I see before me? Have the heavens deemed to grant me not only the lovely Akane Tendo, but also this rapturous angel as well? Tell me your name fair one! Wait! Is it not the custom to give one's own name first? Very well, mine I shall give!"

Kuno stepped back and took a pose. "I am the..."


Kuno had barely begun when Nagi suddenly moved and slashed the kendoist's robes to ribbons. Kuno wondered where that cold draft had come from and found himself standing in a pile of tatters and wearing only his boxers. His bokken fell apart into several cleanly sliced pieces. Then large lumps appeared on his head and the pain of the injuries came a second later, making Kuno moan as he slumped down to the ground.

Ranma smiled. Though Nagi moved too fast for the normal eyes to follow, his scanners had picked up her every motion. She had used her sword to slice Kuno's robes and bokken, then used the handguard located at the hilt to bean the idiot several times on the head.

"Too slow, little boy." Nagi commented. "Not even worth Ranma's or my attention. Nothing but a wannabe samurai."

Nagi then nodded to Ranma as she placed her weapon at her side, which then vanished.

<Ah, I see. She must have a subspace field generator in her belt to keep her sword in a dimensional pocket. > "Very nice Nagi, but I think you went a bit overboard with that sword."

Nagi then took Ranma's arm and shrugged. Even though she had just displayed a high-tech weapon and skills of swordsmanship unheard of on Earth, she brushed it off as nothing. "Shall we go now?"

Ranma nodded as he and Nagi entered the school, leaving a stunned crowd and one very demented kendoist in their wake.

On the ground, Kuno moaned in pain as he watched the pair depart.

<Nagi... such beauty, such skill, such prowess with a sword! She is a goddess with the blade! I will date with her! And where can the Blue Thunder get a sword like that? > As Kuno was slipping into unconsciousness, he renewed his vow to defeating Ranma. <I swear that I shall free my beloved Nagi from your foul magic, which you have used to enslave her! >

In the crowds, Nabiki and Akane were staring in disbelief at what had just happened. When Akane had first seen Ranma and Nagi arrive, she snorted and wondered why anyone would want to be hanging on the arm of that know-it-all and showoff teacher. All the other girls in school were fawning over him and he was often the subject of numerous discussions as rumors and gossip about him circulated around the school. Not that she cared that she was no longer the center of attention. Not that she's really miffed about no longer being the best martial artist in Nerima. And it wasn't the fact that a very attractive young woman seemed to have staked a claim on said teacher. Nope, she wasn't angry at all that she wasn't in the spotlight any more. Not one bit.

She then considered Nagi and dismissed her as someone, who was dependent on weapons, just like Kuno was. She could take her out, no problem. She was the heir to the Tendo School of the Anything Goes, which did not depend on weapons.

For Nabiki, her sharp mind had begun turning at this latest development. <So, Furinkan High now has a new addition, eh? > She was already totaling up the revenue she would generate with the arrival of Nagi. From the looks the boys gave her, especially from Kuno, Nabiki could already see the huge amounts of yen from the sale of pictures and information about her. Furthermore, the girls would pay through the nose to learn the latest gossip of the relationship between her and Ranma. Then there was that strange sword she pulled out. She could tell that it was highly advanced and that in itself presented some moneymaking ideas. Of course, there was still the mystery that surrounded Ranma himself. The arrival of Nagi only made her desire to find out about him even more intense and she knew that once she learned his secret, she would have hit the mother lode! Of course, she had felt a tingle of jealousy when she first saw Nagi latched onto Ranma's arm, but decided that it was nothing.

Ranma was privately discussing with Nagi in his office.

"Nagi, I really wish you didn't use your particle disrupter sword like that."

The bounty hunter shrugged. "It didn't really matter. From what you've told me, strange things have happened before, so I didn't think it would have made any difference, right? People tend to ignore small stuff like that, thinking that it's some kind of gimmick, right?"

Ranma reluctantly nodded. "Okay, I'd admit that Nerima is a weird place and things do happen that you wouldn't normally expect. The people here seem to be used to craziness, but still, I'd prefer to keep a low profile, if you don't mind?"

Nagi smiled as she leaned forward. "You're so darn CUTE when you get all agitated. But... okay, I'll try to be good."

Ranma frowned when he caught that mischievous look in her eyes.

Some time later...

Ranma was walking down the hallway when he heard a familiar voice coming from on of the chemistry labs.

"Now then, these chemicals alone are quite stable, but when they are mixed together in the right proportions... heh, heh!"

<Oh no! It can't be! > Ranma peered into the class and paled as he saw Washu pouring the contents of one test tube into another in front of a class. His eyes widened as his scanners analyzed the fluids in the tubes.

(*Contents are identified as nitroflex, bertonium and quincilium. A highly explosive mixture. *)


The greatest mad scientist in the universe turned her head and smiled as she saw Ranma. "Oh, hello Mr. Saotome." She addressed the class. "Class, if you'll excuse me for a moment?" She set down the tubes into a rack and stepped outside. Ranma dove in, grabbed the tube and neutralized the mixture with a light application of ki energy, while hiding it behind his back. He then promptly grabbed Washu's arm and dragged her out of earshot of the students.

"Washu! What are you DOING here?!"

"Oooh, I just LOVE the way you're being so forceful!" Washu purred as she snuggled up to him.

Ranma pushed her away and glared at her with hands on his hips. "I repeat, WHAT the heck are you doing here!" Ranma was struggling not to raise his voice.

Washu shrugged as she replied. "Well, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm teaching the chemistry class. Do you know how far behind the science programs are at this school? The stuff they're teaching nowadays wouldn't even let these students complete the application forms at the Intergalactic Science Academy. Heck, I mastered the entire senior level school science programs when I was still in diapers."

"That's not what I meant! WHY are you here?!"

"Oh." Washu nodded. "Well, I was getting bored with monitoring the scanners as they searched for Vorak and realized that the sensors could do that automatically without me hanging over them. So I decided to keep on eye on my brand, new, guinea pig."


"Well Nagi had the right idea in keeping close tabs on you, since logically, Vorak will come to you. So I hacked into the school's systems and set myself up as the new science teacher."

"Say what?! And what exactly are you teaching to those students? How to build a plasmonic fission bomb?" He held up the tube that contained the now inert explosive chemicals.

"Well, not now. That's scheduled for midterms." Washu admitted.

Ranma slapped his forehead. Things couldn't get any worse, could they?


Ranma turned his head to the sound of the explosion and winced as he saw a huge cloud of smoke coming from the home economics rooms. He left Washu standing in the hallway as he raced to the scene of the carnage. The mad scientist enjoyed the retreating view of his tight butt before returning to her class.

As Ranma came to the home economics room, he almost gagged at the foul odor that was emanating from the doorway. He waved off the thick clouds of smoke and entered, only to find Mihoshi standing near a ruined stove with Akane.

"Sorry Miss Mihoshi." Akane said. "I thought that was white wine, not salad oil."

"Oh, that's okay." Mihoshi said. "I can tell that you will become a really good cook someday."


Behind the two, the rest of the class moaned as they heard this. That is, those that were still standing and not choking to death from the smell of Akane's attempt at stir-fry. On the stove, a burnt-out wok had some kind of slimy... thing writhing about and continually changing colors while large bubbles appeared on its surface. Every time a bubble popped, more noxious fumes would be released.

Ranma winced, as he understood what was going on. Mihoshi was the new home economics teacher, and if she cooked as well as she piloted her mecha, then Ranma would not have to worry about being killed by Vorak. Vorak would be the LEAST of his problems. The space warrior quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher.

At noon, Ranma was shaking his head as he and Kiyone were privately discussing things in the teacher's lounge.

"Now, let me get this straight. You, Mihoshi, Nagi AND Washu are now part of the teaching staff?!"

Kiyone gave Ranma a sheepish smile as she said, "Well, as members of the Galaxy Police, Mihoshi and I believe that it is our duty to be on the lookout for a Class A criminal such as Vorak. We've already contacted GP headquarters and they've already assigned us to this case and approved for the... er, undercover operation."

Kiyone of course, saw this as a grand opportunity for promotion. If she could help a famous troubleshooter like Ranma track down one of the most wanted criminals in the quadrant, then she was certain that the upper brass at GP headquarters would finally recognize her talents. She could at last dump Mihoshi and get a NEW partner. Perhaps, she could even convince Ranma to finally become part of the GP. She could just see herself side-by-side with the nanotech warrior as her partner, busting criminals and solving important cases. She began to get lost in her daydreams. The sound of Ranma's moan brought her back to reality.

"So you're the new history teacher?"

The policewoman nodded. "Yes. I'm familiar with the curriculum so it wasn't any problem for Washu to set up a false background and get me registered as a teacher."

"Okay. Now I can understand Nagi as a Phys Ed instructor and I suppose that Washu, as the science teacher would be the logical, if somewhat twisted choice. But Mihoshi for Home Economics?!"

Kiyone could only helplessly shrug. "It was the only position that was still open."

Ranma gave Kiyone a very stern look. "Kiyone... remember that cake she made one time? The one in which she mistook the graviton particle suspension for yeast?"

Kiyone winced at the memory.

The nanotech martial artist nodded. "The graviton wave pulse it created almost pulled Galaxy Police Headquarters out of orbit!"

"Well, she can't make that mistake in an Earth kitchen and with normal ingredients." Kiyone supplied.

"Don't be too sure. If there's anything that I've learned from my encounters with Mihoshi, (and I'm sure you know this as well), is that if there is any way to turn a simple thing into a planetwide disaster, your partner will find it." When Kiyone sadly nodded, Ranma sighed. <I swear, putting Mihoshi in a kitchen is like putting a neutronium implosion bomb in a room full of nergon 14! There can't be anyone in the universe that is a worse cook than Mihoshi! >

Somewhere in another class...


"Bless you, Akane."

"Thanks Yuri. I wonder where that came from?"

Gym Period...

"Class, I would like you to meet... Miss Nagi. She's the new instructor for the girl's gymnastics and track and field programs." Ranma said as the intergalactic bounty hunter stepped forward and smiled to the students.

"Hello students." Nagi greeted with a melodic voice.

The shapely space hunter was dressed in a pair of running shoes, gym shorts and a matching white T-shirt. The simple ensemble was well suited for the class, but since it showed off Nagi's long, slender legs, her shapely hips and the top curved over her ample bust, nearly all the boys in the class were either drooling, or trying to keep their noses from gushing blood. Her body was also lean and firm with muscle, but not bulky like a female weightlifter's. She had a showgirl's form with a sense of power and grace. She was like the Greek and Chinese Amazons, beautiful and sensuous, yet deadly.

The girls were somewhat jealous of Nagi's figure, in which most models would kill to have her measurements. Akane took one look at the new teacher and snorted. <She's not so great! So what's so special about her? >

Ranma took a deep breath as he continued with the introductions. "Miss Nagi is also an expert in fencing and various other sword styles, but you probably figured that out from this morning. She's also very proficient in hand-to-hand combat."

"Are you a martial artist?" One of the girls asked Nagi.

The bounty hunter paused for a moment before answering. "Well, I don't practice martial arts in the truest sense, not like Mr. Saotome here, but I'm considered to have fair skills by my peers." She gave a sidelong glance to Ranma, who smiled back at her.

Akane's attention perked up at this revelation. So this new teacher knew martial arts? Maybe she could get into a match with her and see just how good Nagi was. Not as good as she was of course. Nagi had already admitted to not being a serious martial artist as she was, and though she was older than Akane, the youngest Tendo was certain she could best her. After all, she practiced the Anything Goes, which didn't rely on weapons and was supposed to be the greatest of all the disciplines. Nagi may provide for good practice and help her prepare for when she beat Ranma and that irritating Sho Renzubuki.

Nagi noted Akane looking at her through the corner of her eye. She then thought back to her discussion with Ranma in his office.


"Well, it seems like we'll be working together." Ranma sighed.

Nagi smiled as she seductively leaned forward. "Just like old times?"

"Well... not quite." Ranma said with uneasiness. "In any case, I think I'd better warn you of a few things about Furinken High."

"What kind of things?"

"Well, you met one of the headaches I've had to deal with every day."

"You mean that weakling with the stick?"

Ranma nodded. "Yeah, Tatewaki Kuno, age 17, and the self-proclaimed Blue Blunder."

"Blue Blunder?"

"Well, he calls himself the Blue Thunder, but Blue Blunder fits him better. He IS as stupid as he acts. His kendo skills are a joke, as you have already found out, and he's nothing more than a wannabe samurai under the delusion that he's some kind of unbeatable warrior."

"So how long did it take you to beat him and what did you use?" Nagi asked with a smirk.

Ranma shrugged as he held up hand with just a pinky extended.

"Galforian Galactic Digit Fighting?"

"Yep. Took him out in about a minute. I wasn't really trying."

"I'll bet. So he's got it in for you now?"

"Yeah, well I also knocked him off his position as captain of this school's Kendo Club, and I've been training the other members. Right now, they're all far above Kuno's skills and elected my best student, Sho Renzubuki, as their new captain."

"So he's after you because of that?"

"Yeah, well there are other things, but that's what got the ball rolling. Kuno really didn't take it well when I stopped the morning fights."

"Excuse me, morning fights?"

Ranma shrugged again. "Yeah, well that led to another headache of mine. You see, Kuno had gotten infatuated with another student, Akane Tendo, and he decreed that in order to date with her, a boy had to defeat her in battle. You know, that girl with long black hair that was watching from the second story window this morning?"

Nagi nodded, then cocked her head in thought. "Sounds like the courtship rituals on Zaroan IV."

"Whatever. In any case, I couldn't teach the students if they kept on getting injured every day, so I put a halt to it. I thought Miss Tendo would appreciate not having to fight them any more, considering that she complained about it all the time, but she then got angry at me for butting into her affairs. She even challenged me to a match when she heard that I knew the martial arts."

"She challenged YOU?" Nagi stressed with disbelief. "That girl must have a death wish or something."

"Don't worry, I went easy on her. I suppose she has some skills against the average martial artists of this world, but her fighting techniques are simple and not much else. When I beat her, and then she got defeated by Sho, well, she's been holding a grudge ever since. I guess it hurt her pride."

"Well, that's her problem, not yours." Nagi said. "She has to learn that no matter how good you become, there's always someone better. You taught me that lesson on Meridine." She then smiled sensuously as she leaned even closer and gave him a wink. "And I'm NOT just referring to your fighting skills."

Ranma's cheeks reddened a bit before clearing his voice. "Well anyway, Akane has a bit of a chip on her shoulder and it seems like she'll go to great lengths to prove that she's the better fighter, so try to avoid any conflicts with her, all right?"

"I'll try, but I won't make any promises."

End of Flashback...

Nagi nodded as she watched her class run laps around the tack. For the most part, they were about average except for the long-haired girl running ahead of the group. She nodded as she mentally assessed her skills and probable power level. Ranma was correct. She did have some level of expertise, but nowhere near her own and even less against Ranma’s. She could see that Akane was in better shape than the other students, but overall, she was still a novice.


As the day wore on, Ranma began to wish that Vorak would attack. Keeping Mihoshi from turning the Home Economics room into a biohazard zone wasn't easy. Furthermore, he had to keep Washu in check. Teaching advanced physics and chemistry was one thing, but showing the students how to make a cyclotron out of a wristwatch and chewing gum was taking things a bit far. The intergalactic genius made Macgyver look like Dopey. And whenever he talked to her, she would always hint about obtaining that certain 'sample.'

The only people that he didn't have to keep tabs on were Kiyone and Nagi, though the space bounty hunter was causing some friction of her own, specifically with Akane and Kuno.


After gym period...

"Come on, I just want to spar."

Nagi considered the girl who was challenging her. Normally, she would have flatly turned someone like Akane down. The Tendo girl was way out of her mediocre league. However, since Nagi was undercover, she had to do this with a little more tact.

"Ms. Tendo, I think that it would be improper for a teacher to..."
Akane stubbornly shook her head. She always had a problem with taking no for an answer, especially when it concerned her fighting skills. "I just want to see how good you are. You said that you knew some martial arts. I'm a martial artist too."

<Barely. You're nowhere near Ranma's skill level. Or mine that matter. > Nagi mentally thought. She then took a deep breath and shook her head to Akane. "Ms. Tendo, I really do not think that it would be of any use to either of us and besides, I have another class to teach in a few minutes."
"Just one quick match!" Soun's youngest insisted. "I'll go easy on you."

Nagi sighed as she saw that this girl wasn't going to leave until she got what she wanted. "Oh... very well." She then motioned to a nearby mat.

Akane smiled as she eagerly took her position at one end while her instructor faced her on the other side. As she went into a basic stance, she imagined her mode of attack and assessed her opponent. Nagi wasn't even getting into a ready position and Akane believed that she was no more than a beginner. This would be an easy win and Akane needed a victory to boost her morale after the defeats she had suffered from Sho and that infuriating Ranma!

"Ready?" Nagi asked. "You may begin at any time."

No sooner has she said those words, then Akane charged in with a direct attack, intending to finish the match with one blow. However, Nagi was quite familiar with such tactics. The attack was more along the lines to intimidate one's opponent, but the space bounty hunter had faced off against worse adversaries. Akane was nothing to be worried about.

Expecting her to try and dodge the blow, the youngest Tendo was caught off guard as Nagi simply intercepted the fist with an open palm, then pulled on the extended arm, jerking Akane forward and off-balance. With a legsweep, she found her feet being knocked out from under her, and while she was in the process of falling, Nagi reversed her momentum and tossed Akane over her shoulder.


Akane found herself flat on her back with Nagi looking down on her.

"I hope that wasn't too much, was it?" The intergalactic warrior asked as she offered a hand to Akane.

However, the ill-tempered Tendo glared at her teacher and slapped the offered hand away. She promptly got up and stomped out of the gym without another word.

Nagi sighed as she crossed her arms over her chest and watched the sore loser depart.


Meanwhile, in Vorak's ship...

The directionally challenged rival of Ranma nodded as he read the readouts on his computer. He had gone through a lot to obtain this canister and its contents were now ready to be released. Since the Battle Droid had proven to be ineffective, Vorak had decided that stronger measures would be needed to draw out his most hated foe. This time however, Ranma's nanites and weaponry won't save him. Not against this weapon!

Now, it would only be a matter of time before he would have his ultimate revenge!

To be continued...

Author's notes

Whoa! It's been a while hasn't it? When was the last time I updated this? I had to reread the other chapters and Shade's Private Bet#10 to get a feel for it again. Sorry to have cut this chapter so short but the next one is a doozy!

Ranma will soon be heading back out into space after his confrontation with Vorak and a few people will be coming along for the ride. We'll get to see a few new worlds and lot more action as our technological Ranma is forced to reveal a few of his secrets to the Tendos. See you there!