Phantom + Vampire

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Chapter 5

New Arrivals

(Some Good, Some Bad, All Scary!)

Somewhere in a darkened room...

A group of people sat at a large table as a projector displayed images of a certain ghost hero on a wide screen mounted on the wall. They watched with varying amounts of interest, as the array of pictures flashed by, showing Danny Phantom taking on the mermaids and Ginei the Werewolf. The head of the group chuckled as he watched the former president of the Newspaper Club beat himself up. After the show was over, the screen froze in pause mode as the group conversed among each other.

“Interesting.” One of the viewers commented. “And these are the latest images concerning that foreign exchange student?”

Another viewer, a female responded. “Yes. According to the files, his name is Daniel P. Fenton from Amity Park, located in the United States of America. The files list him as a banshee.”

“A banshee?” A third viewer remarked. “I’ve never heard of a male banshee before.”

“They do exist, but they’re very rare.” The female said. “According to legend, a male banshee is only born once every 1,000 years or so. However, what makes things more curious is the fact that Fenton is displaying abilities that are not concurrent with that of a banshee.” She then started to list Danny’s known abilities so far. “He’s has the power of wingless flight, the ability to phase through solid objects, and as you can see in this footage, he’s able to possess a person.”

“Perhaps he was mislabeled as a banshee? He could be some kind of spirit creature.” The first viewer suggested.

“That doesn’t explain why he has powers that rival that of a yuki onna or similar ice monster.” The viewer then showed pictures of Danny freezing the swim club. “He’s also displayed energy projection.” The projector then depicted Danny shooting off his Ghost Ray. “His powers are too diverse to accurately label what kind of monster Danny Fenton is.”

The leader considered the facts, then gave out his orders. “Have Danny Fenton put under continued observation. The fact that he can take control of a person can prove useful to us. What is his current situation?”

“Apparently, he has taken over Ginei Morioka’s position as the Newspaper Club’s president after that Peeping Tom incident.”

The leader snorted in disdain. “That trash? I thought we destroyed them all last semester.”

“Morioka had been the only member to survive and he is now in disgrace due to his crimes.”

“Heh, heh! It greatly amuses me to hear that MONGREL Morioka has been put to heel.”


The school cafeteria...

Danny Fenton stared at his plate of food despondently as he thought about the morning’s events. He just couldn’t accept the fact that slime ball Masters was teaching at Youkai Academy.

<How the heck did he end up here?! What’s he doing here? How did he get a job as a teacher?!>

The Ghost Teen’s mind was so preoccupied with thoughts of his arch-enemy being at the same school, that he didn’t even notice his friends approaching him.


Jack Fenton’s son’s head came up at the mention of his name. Moka, Kurumu and Akira came up to his table with trays of food in their hands. He invited them to sit with him as he took a bite of his lunch. The succubus immediately took the seat next to him and started to cuddle. Moka took the other side while Akira sat opposite to them.

Moka took a sip of her tomato juice and cheerfully asked her friend, “So what do you think of the new history teacher?”

Danny paused for a long while before responding, “If you want my honest opinion, if I had a choice, I would have gone ghost and pound him even harder than I did with that pervert Gin.”

The three monsters were surprised at his response, since they had known Danny to be an easygoing kind of person.

“You... don’t really mean that, do you?” Moka asked in disbelief. “He seemed like a very nice person.”

Danny shook his head. “Trust me, Vlad Masters is anything BUT nice.”

Akira perked up at the mention of the name. “Wait a second. Did you say Vlad Masters? As in Vlad Masters AKA Vlad Plasmius; your arch-enemy and the one who tried to blackmail the Earth? THAT Vlad Plasmius is our new history teacher?”

“Yep. It’s the same creep.”

Kurumu and Moka both put on confused expressions as the succubus asked, “So who exactly is this Vlad person? You two seem to know a lot about him.”

The kappa nodded as he began to explain. “Well since there isn’t much contact between the Monster World and the Human World, I’m not surprised you don’t know about him or Danny. You see Danny happens to be the famous superhero Danny Phantom, who’s half-ghost and...”

Both the vampire and ghost teen immediately shushed the water spirit, leaving Kurumu even more confused. Akira then realized his error and held a hand to his mouth.

“Whoops! Sorry, I forgot!”

Fenton immediately gestured for his group to follow him to a more private location. They got up and left their mostly uneaten lunches behind.


In a very secluded area in the forest, Danny took over the explanations.

“Sorry about dragging you out here Kurumu, but we couldn’t risk anyone overhearing us.”


The son of Maddie Fenton took a deep breath before responding. “I guess I should have told you the truth sooner. But you’ve got to promise that you won’t reveal this to anyone. Nobody but you, Moka and Akira should know my secret.”

The blue-haired girl shrugged. “Of course! You are my Mate of Fate.”

“Uh... yeah. Well, the thing is... my true form isn’t what you saw back when we first met and when I beat Gin. Actually, what you’re looking at right now, is who I really am.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that this isn’t a human disguise to hide my monster form. It’s actually my real body. You see... I happen to be human.”

“What?” The succubus said in disbelief. “Oh come on! You’re kidding right?”

“No, I’m serious Kurumu. I am human, or rather I was born human. I would have grown up, lived, aged and died like a normal human, if my father hadn’t invented something called a Ghost Portal...”


After about fifteen minutes of lengthy explanation, the last of Danny’s Monster Group was brought up to speed.

“So now you know the whole story and why you’ve got to keep my identity as a human a secret.” Danny finished.

“That’s right.” Moka agreed. “You know the rules here. If they find out that Danny is actually human, he’ll be executed!”

“Even though he’s technically only half-human and half-ghost, that’s still enough to get him killed.” Akira added.

“Don’t worry!” The succubus assured as she cuddled up against the ghost hero. “I won’t tell anyone! After all, he is my Mate of Fate!”

“Uh yeah.” Danny remarked as he gently pushed her away. “In any case, now you know why I dislike that new history teacher of ours.”

“So he’s really like you, part-human and part-ghost?”

“Yeah. Unfortunately he’s got twenty more years of ghost experience than I do. He’s more powerful in most cases. I’ve got about two or three abilities that he doesn’t have, but he’s mastered all of his. I guess it’s a good thing my parents left me all of that ghost-hunting equipment. It looks like I’m going to need them real soon.”

<And here I thought my headaches were gone after I dealt with that pervert Ginei.>


Speaking of whom, some time later...

The werewolf in question rubbed his sore jaw as he was sprawled on the ground in front of the building to the girls’ changing rooms. Standing above him were three angry boys, each a member of the school football team. The tallest of the trio gently massaged the knuckles on his right fist after giving the lycanthrope a belt to the chops.

Since he was still hurting from Danny Phantom’s payback for framing him, and the beatings from the female student body, Ginei was not able to summon up enough of his super-speed powers to dodge the blow. His attackers glared down at him as they prepared to pummel him mercilessly.

“Consider that as the appetizer to your seven-course meal of pain!” The first boy said angrily. He had short, black hair and was massively built. This particular student’s real monster form was that of a golem, which made him perfect for the defensive line. He was also the team captain. “Because of what you did last semester, my girlfriend was so traumatized that she was too scared to change clothes in her own room!”

“And here we find you at the girls’ locker rooms... again!” The second boy growled. He was a leaner, more wiry student with long, brown hair, done up in a short ponytail. He was the tight end of the team and a lizard creature. “I had a chance of dating Shino, but she had to leave the tennis team because of you!”

The third boy, who was fatter and had blonde hair, nodded as he added. “Looks like you didn’t learn your lesson from Danny Fenton. So I guess you’re going to have to take the refresher course.” His true form was like a humanoid turtle. He too was part of the defensive line and had some girl problems due to Ginei’s perverted acts.

“W-Wait!” Morioka stuttered as he held up his hands in a feeble attempt to fend them off. “I’m not here to peep on the girls! I just came to apologize to them!”

“Yeah right! Like we’d believe that!” The first boy sneered as he prepared to transform and let the werewolf have the full fury of his true form. The other two also started to change.

At that moment, Ginei braced himself. Even a fast-healing lycanthrope had an upper-limit as to how much damage he could take at one time. He might just spend the rest of the school year in traction after today.

However, just as the trio were about to complete their metamorphosis, they were suddenly enveloped in a bright flash of blue-white light. In less than a second, each found themselves frozen in a block of ice with only their heads exposed. Then the one who had stopped them appeared onto the scene.

“Uh guys... forgive the pun, but I think you should all chill out for a bit.” Danny remarked as he walked over and stood between them and their target.

“Let us go, Fenton!” The golem demanded as he tried to break out of the ice. However, he had no leverage to push against.

“Y-Yeah!” The lizard boy chattered. “H-He’s gotta pay for what he d-did!”

“Y-You should know how we f-feel, right? Especially after what he did to you!” The talking turtle insisted.

Danny nodded as he replied. “Yeah, I agree that I was pretty ticked off when he framed me. And yeah, he should be punished... but not this way.”

“What?” Morioka said in surprise.

“WHAT?!” All three footballs exclaimed simultaneously.

The Newspaper Club President took a deep breath before explaining. “Look, I’ve already made this guy pound the heck out of himself, and just about every girl in the school has had her shot at him. Beating him up even more at this point would be pretty redundant. And besides, since I’m the president of the Newspaper Club, it is my job to listen to both sides of the story.” He then addressed Ginei. “Were you telling the truth, that you’re here to apologize to the girls and not to peep on them?”

The former club president nodded as he got his feet and took out a sheet of paper from within his blazer. He offered it to Danny as he explained. “I spent all night writing it up and I was planning to read it in front of the girls. I was going to knock on the front door, when these three jumped me.”

The ghost teen scanned over the document and had to admit that it sounded quite sincere. He then told the three footballers, “It looks legit guys. And I do remember that Ms. Nekonome did tell Morioka to give a formal apology to the victims. You can’t get any more formal than this.” He showed the sheet of paper to them.

The football team’s captain snorted in contempt, teeth still chattering. “J-Just because he S-SAYS he’s s-sorry doesn’t make up for everything he d-did since last s-semester!”

Danny nodded in agreement. “Yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t make up for everything, but it’s a start. And I do remember Ms. Nekonome saying that he’s got to make amends, either financially or by some kind of community service. How about this then? I heard that the football team doesn’t have an equipment manager, right?”

“Y-Yeah.” The tight end confirmed. “Ever s-since the last one graduated... w-we haven’t had anyone... who... c-could w-wash the uniforms and s-stuff.”

The other lineman nodded. “W-We get r-really s-sweaty after a p-practice s-session. S-Some of our s-stuff hasn’t been c-cleaned s-since last s-semester!”

“Well, that’s pretty un-hygienic.” The half-ghost hybrid agreed and then gestured with a thumb to the werewolf. “So let me introduce you to your team’s temporary equipment manager. He’ll make sure all your jock straps are squeaky clean until you can get a permanent replacement. Of course, since there‘s no washing machine for him to use, he‘ll have to wash them all by hand.”

“Huh?!” The lycanthrope and the three athletes said simultaneously.

Fenton nodded. “That’s right. Think of it as a kind of service to the team, since his crimes offended the girlfriends of the players. Washing all those jerseys, sweat socks, boxers, jock straps and stuff, should help him curb those ‘dirty habits’ of his.”


Standing nearby and crouching behind the corner of an adjoining building, a lone figure smiled. The bush started to frost up as she stood near it. In her hand was a small article which she had clipped out of yesterday’s school newspaper.

She nodded after a few minutes, then departed. The bush she had been standing next to were encased in a solid block of ice.


After Ginei had made his apology to the girls and Danny had melted the players out of their icy strait-jackets, the two headed back toward the Newspaper Club Room.

“Uhm... thanks Fenton... for saving my hide back there.” Gin said then winced as he thought about having to wash the football team’s smelly clothing. “But did you have to volunteer me for laundry duty? My nose is just like a wolf’s and all that smelly underwear and stuff is going to be torture for me!”

“Would you rather be the football team’s tackling dummy for the next semester? How about if they use your head for field goal practice?” Maddie Fenton’s son pointed out, making Morioka pause.

“Uhm... well...”

“Listen up Morioka....” The ghost teen said in a firm tone. “... I’ve already had my turn at making you pay for your crimes. I could have done a lot worse than forcing you to hit yourself and slam you face first into the school gate. However, I’ve learned that holding a grudge against someone for a long time isn’t a good thing. I’ve had firsthand experience with someone like that.” He briefly thought about Vlad and his long-standing hatred against Jack Fenton before continuing. “Keep in mind that just because I think that you shouldn’t be physically punished any more does NOT mean that all is forgiven. You’ve still got a LOT to answer for.”

Gin let off a sigh and nodded as they entered the club room where the others were waiting to begin the next edition of the school newspaper.

Inside they were met not only by Moka, Kurumu and Akira, but also by Ms. Nekonome and two other girls.

One was a tall female with tanned skin, long dark hair that was done up in a topknot-style ponytail, and lively green eyes. Her figure was lithe, yet very voluptuous, with breasts that could compete with the succubus’ (1) She wore the standard school uniform, though her dress shirt could barely contain her ample bosom. Her long legs were wrapped in knee-high black socks. On her neck was a leather choker with a cat bell hanging from it. Already Gin was feeling his body going into heat at the sight of her. As for Danny, there was something about her that seemed so feline, especially in her eyes. She gave the ghost boy a seductive wink, which of course didn’t sit well with Moka or Kurumu.

The other girl was about Akira’s height, had a thin, mousy though cute appearance, freckles, and had red hair done up in a pageboy style. She wore oversized glasses and held a small notebook in her hands. Like the other girls, she too was wearing the standard school uniform. Her figure was quite slender and she seemed to be very lightweight. She gave the two boys a shy wave.

The catwoman instructor smiled as she greeted the present and former club presidents. “Ah! Perfect timing you two! I’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the Newspaper Club. Incidentally, they’re also the newest foreign exchange students to this school.”

The teacher first introduced the smaller girl. “This is Clea Helena, from Athens. Her family comes from Greece. She’s quite the engineering student. Please make her feel welcome!”

“Hello.” Clea greeted in a slightly high-pitched voice.

Then Shizuka happily introduced the second girl. “And I’d like you all to meet my niece from America, Nova Nekonome. She’s my younger sister’s third daughter. She and her family come from New York.”

“Yo! Whassup dudes?” The girl said with a definite Brooklyn accent as she approached Danny and held up hand with the palm facing out. “Slap me five!”

Gin couldn’t make heads or tails of the greeting, but Danny nodded as he raised his own hand and slapped her a high five.

“Awesome!” Nova said as she started to get even more friendly with her fellow American. As she started to cuddle up against him, the temperature in the room dropped even further as Kurumu began flexing her hands and her tail emerged from under her skirt. Moka was trembling and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Ooh! Auntie Shizo said that new club president was a real cutie! And you smell just like the humie homeboys!”

Danny winced as he noticed that both the vampire and succubus were giving the newcomer murderous looks. Behind him, Ginei was trying to get the notice of Nekonome’s niece, but to no avail as she seemed to adhere herself to his replacement.

On the other side of the room, Akira was getting acquainted with the other new member.

“Hey! Is that the latest digital camera from High Wing Tech? That’s the Eagle Eye CGX-400 right?”

The kappa looked down at the device in his hand then nodded in surprise. “You know about it?”

The young girl nodded as she pointed to the wing logo on the camera. “I should. That’s my family’s company logo.”

“Your family owns High Wing Tech?!” Akira exclaimed.

The red-haired teen nodded. “Yes. We specialize in all types of video, surveillance and recording equipment. We’ve also started to expand into the aircraft industry and other specialty areas.”

“What kind of specialties?”

Clea paused for a long while before responding. “Don’t laugh, but a new industry in the Human World has just started to grow and my family wants to get into it. The new business is about ghost hunting.”

“Ghost hunting?”

“Mmm-hmm. And right now my family is trying to set up a merger with the foremost experts on the subject. Have you ever heard about a company called Fenton Works?”

Akira could only nervously glance over to where Danny was.



After the new arrivals had been introduced to the other members, the entire club had decided to begin plans for the next edition to the school newspaper. They would all start looking for noteworthy stories around the campus first thing tomorrow. As Danny walked alone back toward the boys’ dormitory, his Ghost Sense suddenly went off, causing him to go on the alert.

His anxiety was well-founded as he was suddenly blasted by a surge of purple energy. As he was thrown through the air he immediately changed into his ghost form. Stopping in midair, he hovered several meters above the ground, looking about for his attacker.

“Up here, Little Badger.”

Danny growled as he flew up towards his arch-enemy, who floated some twenty meters above his current altitude. The two faced each other off high above the ground.

“What are you doing here, Plasmius?” The younger human-ghost hybrid demanded.

Vlad smirked as he responded. “I could ask you that very same question, Daniel. Imagine my surprise when I found out that you were attending this school for monsters. Was this the only place that would take you after failing the 10th grade at Casper High?” Previously, during his excursions into Amity Park for supplies, Vlad had found out about Danny Fenton’s academic failure.

Jack’s son gritted his teeth at that fact. “Never mind why I’m here! The question is how you got here and how you managed to get a job as a teacher! I thought you had been exiled into space!”

“Yes, well I found that life as a free-roaming space nomad to be quite boring. However, I did learn that there are some portals to the Ghost Zone in that dark void, and then I came across Youkai Academy. It was a simple matter to overshadow a few key people in order to get me set up as a member of the teaching staff.”

“And your reason for taking a job here?”

“Revenge. Revenge against those who thwarted me that day.” He pointed at the Ghost Teen. “And I still have to pay back your father Jack Fenton, and the Earth itself for abandoning me that day.”

“That was your own fault! You tried to blackmail the people of Earth and you got what you deserved!”

“What I deserve is power, Daniel!” The older ghost-powered individual shot back. “And I see a veritable gold mine at this academy. There’s so much raw, untapped potential in the students, and I can see it nurtured under my tutelage. Do you also know that there are many powerful monster families secretly living among the human populace? Think of what can be accomplished once I gain control of their children! It will be a supernatural army that no human force can match!”

“It looks like you haven’t learned your lesson from the last time!” Danny said as he tensed up. “You think I’m going to just let you take over this school? I will stop you!”

“And how do you plan on doing that?” Vlad sneered. “Do you think to expose me as a human? I could do the exact same thing to you. You will be hunted down and executed. And think very carefully what might happen to your friends if your secret is revealed. They might just be punished and executed for befriending you.”

Danny had to pause as he thought about Moka, Kurumu and Akira, who could be implicated for keeping his human identity a secret. He let off a low growl as his fists curled up and began powering up his ghost energy.

“Ah ah ah!” Plasmius wagged his right index finger at him. “Temper, temper! For now, let’s just call this as drawing the battle lines. We will cross swords soon enough.”

With those words, Vlad Plasmius faded away, leaving Danny Phantom alone with his thoughts.

<And here I thought the troubles I had in the 10th Grade at Casper High were bad.>


That evening...

Danny studied the items that he had laid out on his bed. After his encounter with Vlad Plasmius, he had decided to take inventory of all of the ghost-hunting gear that his parents had left him. He had a feeling that he would need them in the near future.

<Hmmm, three Fenton Thermos traps... one Ghost Fisher... one Specter Deflector... I might need a couple more belts... still have plenty of Ecto-Perfecto... a pair of Ghost Gloves... the redesigned Fenton Peeler...a pair of Ecto-Wrist Ray Blasters... a Jack of Nine-Tails... one collapsible Ecto-Bazooka...>

He held up a metal cylinder that was the size of a can of Pringles. After pressing a small switch on the side, the cylinder increased to three-and-a-half feet in length and ten inches in diameter. A small laser scope appeared on the side as well as a handgrip and trigger.

He shrugged and laid it down. He then noted the new additions to the Fenton Ghost-Hunting arsenal, which included a dozen Ectoplasmic grenades, (Danny’s father called them Goo-Grenades), an Ecto-Pen Laser, and thirty pounds of what Jack Fenton labeled as Ecto-Plastic Explosive.



“PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE?!” Danny exclaimed as he quickly put down the lumpy mass of green-colored clay. “Are you crazy?!”

“No, Danny that’s not plastic explosive.” Jack assured as he spoke through the Ecto-Communicator. “It’s called Ecto-plastic explosive. Your mother came up with a technique to contain the explosive power and ghostly traits of ectoplasm. Like plastic explosive, it won’t detonate unless you use one of the Fenton Spectral Detonators. The explosion won’t harm any living cells but it will destroy any ghostly or supernatural constructs. Very useful in getting in or out of a place that’s steeped in magic or ghost power.”


End of flashback...

Danny could only shake his head as he scanned over the items on his bed. Although he had a considerable amount of firepower and greater control over his ghost abilities, the superhero of Amity Park was still uncertain he had enough to deal with Vlad Masters. He then raised his Ecto-Communicator and considered contacting his parents.


“Who is it?” The ghost hero asked as he began to stuff the equipment back into his Ghost Pack.

“It’s me, Danny!”

At the sound of Akira’s voice, he let off a quiet sigh of relief and went to answer the door. Since it was only his kappa friend and he already knew about Danny’s secret, it wouldn’t matter if he saw the ghost-hunting gear. However, as he opened the door, he was surprised to see that Akira was not alone.

“Hello!” Clea greeted.

“What are you doing here?” Danny asked. “Girls are not allowed in the boys dormitory!”

“Sorry Danny.” Akira apologized. “She insisted on wanting to talk to you.”

“Couldn’t you have waited until the club meeting tomorrow?” Danny addressed the red-haired engineering student.

“I’m afraid that I couldn’t wait that long.” Clea said as she pushed her way into his room. “I mean, I’ve already told Rindogawa that my family wants to do business with Fenton Works, and since your name was Fenton, I was hoping...” She then saw what was on the bed. “EEEEEEEEEE! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!”

“Oh crud.” Both boys said.

Clea excitedly went over to the bed and picked up the Ghost Pack. “Look! These are actual Fenton Works Anti-Ghost products! I’ve read about some of this stuff! Here’s the Ghost Fisher, the Ghost Gloves, the Fenton Thermos and... hey, what’s this?”

As she rummaged through the pack, she took out a spherical item with the Fenton Works logo on it. Danny nearly turned as white as his hair in ghost mode when he saw her thumb brush against the activation stud. The ball lit up and started to beep.


In a flash, Danny crossed the room, snatched the live Goo-Grenade from Clea’s hand, opened the window and chucked it outside. He then turned around, pushed his fellow classmates to the floor and yelled out.


The three waited for the blast, which surprisingly didn‘t come. After a full minute of silence, they began to rise to their feet as the Ghost Teen made a comment.

“Must have been a dud.”

It was then that they heard the blast as the Goo-Grenade went off.


The three rushed to the window, expecting a scene of carnage and ruin. However, all were surprised to see that the area outside of the dorm was unscathed.

Danny scratched his head in puzzlement as he said, “That’s funny. If the Goo-Grenade didn’t explode out here, then where did it go off?”


Sixty seconds before...

In what had to be one of karma’s most devious and comedic twists of the string of fate, Vlad Masters received his comeuppance for his earlier cheap shot at Danny.

Unknown to Maddie and Jack’s offspring, Clea had inadvertently switched on the grenade’s delayed timer which had been preset for one minute before detonating. He couldn’t have known when he tossed it out the window that the explosive device had taken an unusual trajectory.

A large bat saw the glint of light off the metallic object and dove for it, snatching it out of the air and carrying it high above the school campus, particularly over the teaching staff‘s living quarters. However, as it flew for a few seconds, the bat realized that it had caught something that wasn’t edible and dropped it. The grenade fell several dozens of meters before crashing through a skylight and landing in the middle of a large bed.

Guess who was sleeping in it at the time?



Vlad didn’t even have a chance to go intangible as his entire room was coated in a thick, gooey, green, and slimy substance.

As soon the explosion occurred, an aide rushed into the room and saw Vlad covered in what appeared to be the great-granddaddy of all boogers. He gave the teacher a respectful bow, and held out a handkerchief.

“Uhm... Gesundheit sir.”

Vlad growled at him, then shouted out his frustration to all within earshot.



The next day...

“I’m sorry to say, but your new history teacher Vlad Masters is currently indisposed, and will not be instructing class today.” Shizuka Nekonome announced to the students in homeroom.

“And why is that?” Danny asked as he rubbed his neck. Once again, he had let Moka have the Type O positive Blue Plate breakfast special.

“I’m not certain of all the details, but for some reason, he was coated in a strange slimy substance last night. It will take at least a day or so before he and his quarters are thoroughly cleansed.”

This news caught the Ghost Teen by surprise as he grinned in realization. <So THAT’S where the Goo-Grenade ended up!>

Beside him, Moka wondered why her friend had such a goofy smile on his face.


Later that morning...

Clea bowed deeply in front of Danny as he, Moka and Kurumu had been on their way toward their next classes. The succubus was currently hanging off Danny’s right arm. Standing beside Clea was Akira and Nova.

“I would like to apologize for last night. It was my fault for what happened in Masters-sensei’s room!”

“What’s she talking about Danny?” The vampire girl asked.

“Does this have something to do with your arch...” Kurumu started to inquire, then stopped as Danny held up a hand. Then she understood what he was implying and immediately stopped talking.

“Say what?” Nova wondered.

“Never mind.” The son of Jack Fenton said quickly, then addressed the exchange student from Greece as she stood up. “Look Clea, I’ll admit that I wasn’t pleased when you barged into my room and went through my stuff. And I certainly didn’t appreciate it when you set off that Goo-Grenade. I only have a dozen of those things, and you wasted one.”

<Although, all things considered, it was worth losing it to pay back Vlad for yesterday‘s cheap shot.> Danny thought to himself before continuing. “Technically speaking, you weren’t even supposed to be at the boys dorm in the first place. We were just lucky that blast didn’t hurt anyone.”

“I know.” The red-haired girl admitted. “I just wanted to...”

The Fenton teen held up a hand. “Look, maybe we got off on the wrong foot. I’ll be willing to talk to you about my parents’ technology and stuff, but you’ve got to promise not to touch anything from my pack without my permission. And I would prefer that you keep to yourself, the fact that I have all that gear. At the very least, you should respect my privacy. Understand?”

“I got it.” Clea nodded then asked, “By the way, I wanted to ask you something.”


“Since you’re from Fenton Works, can you get me Danny Phantom‘s autograph?”

“Danny Phantom?” Moka, Kurumu, Akira and Danny said simultaneously.

“DANNY PHANTOM?!” Nova exclaimed as she took on a lovesick expression and let off a sultry purr. “Now you’re talking about some seriously FINE monster-man! That Ghost Boy can haunt ME any time!”

“You know about him?” The blue-haired succubus asked with some venom in her tone.

“Know him? Sister, I hang from New York in the Human World, remember? If Danny Phantom was here, I’d be doing the WILD THING with him ALL NIGHT LONG EVERY NIGHT! I‘d stake my claim on him like that!” She snapped her fingers in emphasis.

Kurumu growled at her rival and clenched Danny’s arm even tighter, making him wince. As for Danny, he had a large sweatdrop forming behind his head.

“Okay people, we got a paper to print remember?”


Later that afternoon...

With Moka, Kurumu, Nova and Clea handing out the latest edition of the Youkai School Newspaper at the front gate, the copies were rapidly picked up by the students, especially the boys. Sitting behind the stand, Akira and Danny both nodded in satisfaction at how well the issue was selling. Behind them, Ginei was busy opening up more boxes of copies, as the newspaper was quickly snatched up by the school populace. The lycanthrope had to admit, albeit grudgingly, that the new president of the club was handling the distribution of the paper even better than he ever did.

At that moment, Ginei got a cold, apprehensive feeling as a group of people approached the stand. His eyes widened as he recognized several of the individuals. He immediately dropped what he was doing and anxiously tapped Danny on the shoulder.


Danny looked over his shoulder. “What?”

“We’ve got to break down the stand and close up! Now!”

“Why? The newspapers are selling like crazy.”

“The Student Police Committee is coming here!”

“So what? We‘re not breaking any school rules.”

“You don’t understand!” Ginei said quickly as he began to dismantle the stand. “The Student Police Committee doesn’t just enforce the laws of this school. As far as they’re concerned they ARE THE LAW!”

“Huh?“ The Ghost Teen didn’t get it. This was the first time he had ever seen Ginei truly scared of anyone. Then he noted that the crowds of students around the area immediately parted and made way for the approaching committee. He also felt a cold wind blow by his face. Looking to where the breeze came from, he caught a glimpse of a pale-skinned girl with lavender hair and dressed in an outfit similar to Kurumu’s. However, her sweater had long sleeves that covered her hands and leg stockings with horizontal stripes. He noted that she was sucking on a lollipop and was hiding behind a nearby tree.

However, his attention was brought forward as the Student Police Committee pushed their way through the crowds. He saw that they were all dressed similarly in black, dress suits and ties. In a way, they reminded him of the Men In Black. However, there was just something about them that made him feel edgy.

Moka and the other girls stopped handing out newspapers as the leader of the Committee faced off against the Newspaper Club President .

“I am Kuyou, leader of the Student Police Committee. You are in violation of school regulations. No one, least of all myself, gave you permission to set up a stand here.”

He gave Danny the once-over and noted that his opponent was shorter by about 3 inches and had tousled black hair. He wore the standard school uniform and did not look at all like someone who possessed great power.

“The name’s Danny Fenton, Newspaper Club President, and I wasn’t aware that I needed permission to set up a stand here. Is that a new law that just came out? Guess I didn’t get the memo.”

Jack and Maddie’s son said that last part in slightly harsher tone as he gave his antagonist the once-over. He was a bit taller, had long blonde hair and twin dots over his eyes. He wore the dark uniform of the committee and Danny could tell that Kuyou was someone who was used to getting what he wanted, regardless of who was hurt. He could sense the arrogance and disdain emanating from his opponent. If there was one thing that Ghost Teen hated from his time at Casper High, it was bullies.

“But he’s aware of the new rule now.” Ginei said quickly as he stepped in-between the two. “We were just packing up and...”

“I was not addressing you!” The Committee leader said, then added the following barb. “I was speaking to the Newspaper Club President, not to some lowly MONGREL!”

Ginei growled. It was bad enough that he had lost his position as the club president, but Kuyou just had to rub more salt in the wound with mongrel insult.

However, to his surprise, Danny came to his defense again as he stepped up and faced off against the tyrannical head of the School Police. “Hey, lay off on the mongrel crack. He’s got a name you know. He may not be the club president anymore, but he’s still a member.”

He then pointed a finger at Kuyou. “In any case, it’s the Newspaper Club’s job to inform and educate the students on any and all events that happen at this school. That includes informing them of the school rules and regulations. I would think that you wouldn’t have any problems with that since that’s the School Police Committee’s job too. Making sure everyone follows the rules, right? Or is the reason why you oppose this club is the fact that it’s armed with the one thing that your strong-arm tactics can never overcome?”

“What?” The School Police Committee bully said in surprise. He couldn’t believe this first-year could be so audacious.

“It’s an old human saying. You probably don’t know about it or you don’t care.” Danny stated. “The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword, and it’s not because the pen can stop the sword’s blade. It’s because the pen can reach more people by using the one thing that the sword can’t cut, and that’s the truth. And I have a feeling that you’re not a big fan of the truth, especially if it happens to be about you and your little band.”

The tension between the two groups intensified as the surrounding crowds began to get apprehensive. Behind him, the rest of the Newspaper Club prepared for what might be a very ugly incident. However, Danny then defused the situation as he knew that conflict at this point would only hurt his club and any innocent bystanders.

“But then again, today’s paper is not about you or the Student Police Committee. In fact, there’s nothing about it that is worth your time. It’s only about welcoming the new students to Youkai Academy, with a little article of how the Peeping Tom is now paying for his crimes by washing all the football team’s dirty laundry...”

Ginei groaned when he remembered his punishment.

“It also has a funnies page, plus a restatement of the general rules of the Academy, which of course is what the Student Police Committee enforces. And since this paper was printed early this morning, before this new law for getting permission to distribute it at the school gate was enacted, I should think that we can let this one indiscretion slide for today. Besides, we‘re almost sold out and we were going to dismantle the stand anyway, so there shouldn‘t be a problem, right?”

There was a long pause, as Kuyou considered what Danny said. Finally, to the relief of all those present, he grudgingly smiled and held out hand toward him. “As long as the Newspaper Club knows who’s in charge, then there shouldn’t be any...” He paused again for a moment before continuing. “... misunderstandings. Welcome to Youkai Academy... Danny Fenton.”

Danny took the handshake and their eyes locked. Kuyou began gripping with inhuman force and his hand started to get hot. The Ghost Teen countered with his own combination of Ghost Ray energy and Ghostly Ice power. This took the head of the Committee slightly by surprise. The handshake lasted for a few more seconds before they both released their grips. With that the group in black suits turned about and left the area.

As soon as they were out of earshot, a small round of applause began coming from the members of the Newspaper Club. This was joined by an even larger round of applause as the crowds also approved of Danny’s handling of such a delicate situation. Even Ginei had to admit that he couldn’t have handled it any better.

Although he was getting numerous slaps on the back and more than a few admiring looks from several of the female students, Jack Fenton’s son didn’t even notice as he looked down at the palm of his right hand and saw that he had a sizeable 1st-degree burn on it.

<I have a feeling that Vlad Masters may be the least of my worries... for now.>


Later at the School Police Committee’s HQ...

“Why did you not destroy him?” A female member named Keito asked. Unlike the others, she wore a dark skirt and blazer ensemble.

Kuyou sat at his desk while nonchalantly reading a book. Without looking up, he addressed his subordinate. “Taking Fenton on directly at this point would not be in the Committee’s best interests. In a way, we should thank him for allowing both sides to save face. I still believe that he may prove very useful to us in maintaining control over the student populace. He will be given a chance to join us... or he will be destroyed. Now leave me.”

Keito gave him a bow in compliance before departing from the room. Once she was gone, Kuyou paused to look at his right hand, which happened to be trembling slightly with a very large freezer burn on the palm. For a long time, he stared at the minor wound, then spoke.

“Danny... Fenton.”



“Okay Morioka.” Danny began. “You mind telling me about that fascist Kuyou and why you were acting like some beaten dog with his tail between his legs? No offense mind you.”

The werewolf took a deep breath to calm his nerves as the two of them were currently alone in the Newspaper Club room. “Let me first say that we were REALLY LUCKY today. Please, Mr. President. Don’t try to aggravate or confront the Student Police Committee and especially their leader.”

“And why is that?”

“It’s because that the Newspaper Club has just gotten back on its feet and I don’t want to lose any of our members like last year.”

“What happened last year?”

Ginei shook his head sadly. “We were so stupid. I should have seen the warnings. We began running articles about the brutality and questionable acts of the Committee. We accused them of denying the rights of the students and incarcerating them without just cause. We thought it was our duty to print the truth.”

“It should be.”

“Well the Committee didn’t think so. They saw us as radicals. And since they had the right to arrest any student on even the slightest suspicion of criminal activity, nearly all of the members of last year’s club were jailed.”

“You’re kidding!”

“I’m not.”

“The school allowed it?!”

“The Committee had the authority given to them by the school. Let me tell you, it really stinks!”

“That goes without saying. So happened to the other members?”

Ginei bowed his head down and took a seat. It happened to be the Club President’s chair, but Danny did not reprimand him. When the lycanthrope did not answer, the Ghost Teen became even more sickened as he realized the fate of the former club members.

“Don’t tell me they were... were...”

“I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.” The werewolf said with a slight sob in his voice when then turned to anger. “When that bastard Kuyou gloated on how he enjoyed ‘burning the trash,’ I wanted to rip that smug look off his face and shove it up his..!”

“Okay, okay, I get the picture.” Danny said as he held up a hand then sat down beside him. “So I’m guessing he’s the reason why you don’t like being called a mongrel.”

Ginei could only nod and remember.


Flashback to one year ago...

Ginei, in his werewolf form, was sprawled on his belly and badly injured. Despite being under a full moon, he had been no match against the leader of the Student Police Committee. Around him were raging fires and piles of rubble.

Just as he was raising his head up, a shoe came down and stomped his face into the dirt. Standing above him, Kuyou gave his fallen foe a smirk and taunted him.

“Now you’re exactly how you should be... groveling and facedown in the mud. Did you honestly believe a lowly cur such as you could defeat me? You’re nothing but a stupid dog! No, you are a MONGREL!”

“Just... kill me... and get it... over with!” The Newspaper Club President growled.

Kuyou gave his opponent a devilish smile and shook his head. “Oh no, Morioka. That would be too merciful, and I do not intend to let you off so easily. Instead, I think it would be far more fitting to let you live as an example to those who dare to cross me. Yes, you heard me correctly. I shall let you live, and you shall live with the knowledge that it was YOUR actions against the Committee, which caused the DEATHS of your friends! It was ALL... YOUR... FAULT!”

With those words, he raised his foot off Ginei’s head, then used it to kick savagely into the werewolf’s side. The broken student went careening off several dozens of yards before hitting a wall and crumbling it. He then slipped into unconsciousness. In his head, he could hear the same phrase over and over.

It’s all your fault... It’s all your fault... It’s all your fault...


End of flashback...

“I never got over that day.” Ginei said as he finished with his explanation, then addressed his superior. “Look, I’ll accept the punishment for framing you, but you’ve got to promise me that you won’t try anything against the Committee.”

Danny remained silent for several moments, before finally shaking his head. “Sorry Morioka. I can’t make a promise, which I know I won’t be able to keep. I‘ve gone up against people like that in the past and I can‘t bring myself to back down now.”

“But what about Moka, Kurumu and the others? We can’t let them get hurt in the crossfire!”

“And I don’t intend to endanger any of my friends. If worse comes to worse, I’ll assume full responsibility and have them leave the Newspaper Club.”

“Well that’s not going to happen!” A new voice said.

Both turned their heads toward the door and saw Akira, Moka, Kurumu, Clea and Nova standing there. From the looks of things, they had heard the whole story.

Kurumu and Moka ran up and each took one arm of Danny’s. Akira, Clea and Nova also crowded around the Ghost Teen and werewolf.

“We heard everything and we’re not going to back down either!” The vampire girl declared. “The School Police Committee are nothing but bullies and they should be put in their place!” Moka stopped for a moment and wondered if her other self had made her say that catchphrase.

“That’s right!” Kurumu affirmed. “Whatever my Mate of Fate decides, I’ll stand by him no matter what!”

Nova nodded as she came up behind Danny and massaged his shoulders. “I really dig a man who had the grit to do what you did today! Count me in!”

“You know I’ll always help you, Danny!” Akira declared.

Clea nodded as she held out a laptop. “I’m pretty sure that I can dig up some information on the Committee, that we can use to bring them down.”

Then they all turned their attention to Ginei, who had a bit of a shocked expression on his face at their willingness to take on Kuyou and his gang.

Danny nodded to his cohorts before addressing his subordinate. “Well, like it not, it looks like we’re all in on this.” He turned back to the others. “Just so long as it’s understood that neither me nor vice-president Morioka want you to put yourselves into any danger. If things get too hot and we tell you to back off or flee, you do it, got it?”

“Got it.” Everyone said in unison.

At this point, the werewolf was even more dumbfounded after hearing what Fenton just called him. “Excuse me? Did I hear you right? Did you just call me...?”

“You heard me, vice-president Morioka. I still think that all is NOT forgiven, but you did prove that you’re at least dedicated to this club. Keep your perversions to yourself, follow my orders, wash that dirty laundry for a couple of months, and that should be enough for all debts to the student female body to be paid in full.”

“Y-Yes sir!”


After the club had departed for the night, Danny decided to take a walk before heading back to his dorm room. He had only gone a few hundred yards from the front gates when he felt a chilly breeze waft past him. He stopped, looked about and saw a familiar person standing before him. It was the same girl he had seen at the newspaper stand during that confrontation with Kuyou.

“Hey, you’re that girl from before, right?”

The stranger nodded as she responded in a soft-tone. “My name is Mizore Shirayuki. It’s a pleasure to finally meet with you, Danny Fenton.”

“Huh? You know my name?”

She gave him a really cute smile and nodded again. “Everyone knows who you are. You’re the Newspaper Club’s President, who beat up the Peeping Tom, and the one person who stood up to the leader of the Student Police Committee. You’re also rumored to be some kind of ghost monster.”

“Oh, uh... right.”

She slowly approached him and asked, “I was wondering if you had any copies of today’s newspaper left?”

“Uh... I think we sold out and we don’t have any... oh, wait a minute!” Danny dug into his back pocket and produced a folded copy of the school newspaper. “I was going to send this to my parents, but I guess I could print another one back at the club room. Here we go.” He handed her the page and felt a slight chill as she took it.

She smiled as she looked over it, then asked, “Are you going anywhere right now?”

Danny shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I just thought I’d take a walk, then head back to my room. What did you have in mind?”

Before Mizore could answer, the two of them heard a rustling noise and turned toward it. There they were greeted by Keito and three other girls, who were dressed in the standard school uniform. However, Danny could tell that they were probably Keito’s stooges.

“What the little tramp has in mind is of no concern.” Kuyou’s subordinate declared. “It is what our leader has in mind which is important.”

“Your leader, not mine.” The Ghost Teen corrected. “And watch who you call a tramp. That could apply just as much to you.”

Mizore blushed a bit at his defense of her.

The second-in-command snarled, but calmed down as she took on a more tactful expression. “The Student Police Committee hereby extends an invitation to you Danny Fenton, to join the ranks of our illustrious group.”

“Oh really?” The Newspaper Club leader said, not making any attempt at all to hide his sarcasm. “And why would I want to join you?”

“Though I cannot understand why, but it seems that you have caught Kuyou’s interest. It would be wise to accept this most generous offer. None who have refused it, lived very long afterwards.”

“Well, it looks like I’m going to have to break that record. Here’s my answer: not interested.”

“A pity. Then the Newspaper Club will have to find a new president.” She addressed to her subordinates while pointing to him. “KILL HIM! KILL THEM BOTH!”

The trio let out horrific screeching noises as their bodies contorted out of shape and burst from their clothes. They all grew in size and became more horrific-looking. Most of all, they began to resemble giant insects. One became a mutated, humanoid mantis. The second morphed into bipedal beetle. The third took to the air as dragonfly wings popped out of her back. Her face changed as a large set of mandibles sprouted from her jaw.

Danny immediately got between Mizore and his attackers as they began to charge him en masse.

“Time for some pest control! I’M GOING...”

Before he got to finish his battle cry and transform, he was immediately surprised by a sudden blast of icy wind that came from behind. The freezing air immediately caught the three insect girls off-guard, blowing them to the ground. In less than a second, they were encased in solid blocks of ice. He turned about and saw Mizore in a ready stance with her arms held out. She then spread her arms out and her hands became coated in ice to form sharp claws.

“Whoa! You did that? What are you?” Fenton asked in awe.

The shy girl nodded. “I’m a yuki onna... what you might call a snow woman or ice fairy.”

“Man that is SO COOL! HAH! LITERALLY! I know a guy named Frostbite who would like to meet...”

It was at that moment that Keito let off an angry shout and triggered her own transformation. Her lower body expanded and sprouted out eight legs, while her face became more grotesque, growing six extra eyes. Her arms became clawed her mouth grew fangs. When the change was finished, her true form was revealed to be that of a giant spider monster the size of a small garage.


This time, it was Mizore’s turn to be awestruck as she witnessed Danny’s transformation close up. She became intrigued by his snow-white hair and especially his glowing green eyes. Her heart began to beat even faster as he faced off against his arachnid foe.

“I WILL SUCK OUT THE MARROW FROM YOUR BONES!” Keito screamed as she came at the Ghost Hero.

However, before she could get close to him, Danny flew upwards and out of the way. He let off a few blasts of Ghost Ray at her, knocking her backward. He continued to stay out of reach, making her even more furious. His eyes opened wide as he saw someone trying to blindside his opponent.

Keito was in serious pain after being used for target practice, then saw something coming at her through one of her many eyes. She immediately turned about and backhanded Mizore, as she tried to slash with her ice claws. She was knocked into a tree and slumped down in a daze. The spider-woman spat out a huge, grayish blob of webbing, pinning the ice girl to the trunk. She then began to approach her helpless victim, intent on devouring her.

Danny Phantom had other ideas as he flew down and became intangible. He phased through Keito and reached Mizore in a heartbeat. He immediately made the yuki onna intangible as well and the two passed into the ground. An instant later, the tree was sliced in half as the monster spider attempted to decapitate the two with one of her legs.


Her answer came in the form of a massive Ghost Ray blast which struck her from her behind and caused her to go flying several dozens of yards. She landed flat on her face, which made her even angrier. She quickly back up on her feet and turned about to see both Danny and Mizore standing in a ready stance. She let off a frustrated scream and charged in recklessly.

Danny smirked as his hands turned from glowing green to blue-white. He gave Mizore a nod and said, “Tonight’s forecast includes arctic winds and ice, with a 100% chance of frozen spider butt-kicking!”

Mizore smiled as she let loose with a huge blast of artic wind, causing Keito to stop in her tracks. Her legs started to have ice forming on them. Then Danny let loose with an enormous beam of Ghostly Ice energy. The spider-woman’s lower body was instantly encased in frozen water. Finding herself immobile, she spat out another stream of webbing. However, the ghost boy’s eyes glowed blue and shot out twin beams of energy, causing the webbing to freeze solid and become brittle. It shattered like ice and fell in pieces to the ground.

Danny then added more insult by making a snowball in his hand and threw it into Keito’s mouth, making her choke and cough. Then he finished the job by firing off another pair of eyebeams of ice, freezing the rest of her.

The hero of Amity Park nodded as he was certain that Kuyou’s flunkies were down for the count, then turned to thank his new friend.

“How did you do that?” The snow girl asked. “I can’t make ice with my eyes. That was really neat!”

“A little trick I learned from the people of the Far Frozen.”


“Never mind. Look, it was nice meeting you, and I’d like to talk and all, but I don’t have the time right now. Maybe we’ll see each other at school tomorrow. So would you happen to know where I can find Student Police HQ?”

“Yes, I know where it is. Why do you want to know?”

“I have to make a little delivery.”


A little later at the Student Police Committee HQ...

Kuyou was quietly reading over the month’s budget report before turning in for the night when he heard a noise from outside. It sounded as if something massive had just been dropped outside on the lawn. He went to his office window and was surprised to see Keito and her minions in their monster forms, all encased in one massive block of ice. He then looked up and saw Danny Phantom floating high above, with his arms crossed and glaring down at him.

“I believe these are yours?” Phantom said then gave him the following warning. “Next time you want to give me an invitation, bring it yourself.”

With those words, he faded from view, leaving the leader of the Committee to consider whether or not he should bother thawing out his subordinates. He scowled at them and closed the window.



At Ms. Nekonome’s living quarters, the teacher quietly conversed with her niece about the day’s events.

Nova smiled as she lounged in her true form. Her head had large, catlike ears which framed her face quite nicely. Her hands were gracefully clawed and had a thin coat of black fur which stopped just past her wrists. Near the small of her back, a long, back tail swished about. She had taken off her shoes and socks, which revealed slender legs with clawed toes, also covered in fur. Another difference from her human appearance was her eyes, in which the pupils were more catlike. She was also emitting subtle amounts of pheromones. which would have put any man into heat.

“Mmmm, I’m telling you straight Auntie Shizo! He might just be the one!”

“Now, now Nova.” Nekonome gently warned. “You shouldn’t just jump into things like that. You’re still young and choosing your soulmate shouldn’t be rushed. There might be someone else.”

“But he smells SO FINE Auntie!” Nova said with a low, seductive tone. “Just like the humies back in the hood! Mmmm-mmmm! The only one who’d be even tastier than Danny Fenton would be Danny....?”

The catgirl never got to finish as she saw something fly past the window. She immediately ran toward it and opened it up. She then looked about and wondered if she imagined seeing...

<Nah. It couldn’t be! I didn’t just see Danny Phantom fly past did I?>

“Is something wrong Nova?”

The dark-skinned feline female shook her head and shrugged her shoulders and she closed the window. She then pointed to a list in her aunt’s hands. “What’s that?”

“It’s a memo that a new student will be joining us tomorrow. They say she’s quite the little genius. Her name is... Yukari Sendo.”


High above the school, another student was taking a late-night flight. However this student was using more avian characteristics to soar through the sky.

Clea the Harpy smiled as she made a lazy loop and rode the air currents. Her arms were morphed into birdlike wings with red feathers, each ending in clawed appendages. Her legs were like a hawk’s, complete with razor sharp talons. Her head had a feathery crest that bisected her hair down the middle. Her entire form was lightweight and nimble, allowing her to glide through the air with ease.

However, she was suddenly buffeted by an unexpected blast of turbulence as something flew past her. She flipped about in the air and it took a few seconds to right herself. She circled about, trying to see what had flown past her. Unlike her human disguise, her real form had excellent vision and she spotted a lone figure flying down toward the boys dormitory roof. She gasped as she recognized the costume and the chest emblem.

<Omigosh! It’s him! It’s Danny Phantom!>

She put herself into a dive, just as he made a sharp right and faded from view. By the time she landed on the roof, there was no one in sight. She then heard a door opening and saw Danny Fenton as he was just heading down the stairs. She called out to him.

“Club President!”

“Huh?” Danny turned about and saw a birdwoman addressing him. “You talking to me? Who are you?”

“It’s me, Clea Helena!”

“Clea?” He repeated in confusion then pointed in realization. “Is that your true form?”

She immediately changed back into her human form in embarrassment. Her arms became normal and her feet were barefoot. The crest disappeared and she quickly put on her glasses. “Oh! I’m so sorry! I forgot that we weren’t supposed to reveal our true forms! Don’t tell anyone!”

“It’s okay Clea, I won’t tell. But what are you doing here? I told you before that girls aren’t allowed in the boys dormitory. Well, technically you’re not IN the dormitory, you’re on the roof, but still what are you doing here?”

“Did you see him?”

“See who?”

“Danny Phantom!”

“Danny Phantom?” He repeated, while forcing himself not to reveal to the harpy that he knew what she was talking about. “What are you talking about? He can’t be here.”

“I saw him! I saw him fly by this place!” Clea insisted. “I know I did!”

“Well, do you see him now?” Danny asked.

Clea looked about and saw no sign of the ghost hero. After a few minutes, she shook her head. “No.”

“Well, there’s your answer. You probably just imagined seeing him. In any case, it’s getting late and tomorrow we have class. Good night.”

With those words, he made his way to the staircase entrance and headed off to bed, while silently noting to himself to be more careful when flying about at night.

As soon as she was alone on the roof, the harpy considered searching for the ghost teen, then decided to just forget it and head back to her room. She immediately transformed into her avian form and flew off into the night.


The next day...

Ms. Nekonome smiled as she introduced a new addition to the school populace, who happened to be a young girl wearing a cape and witch’s hat.

“Class, I’d like you all to meet Yukari Sendo.”

To be continued...

Author’s Notes

Wow! That one was a long one, but it’s finally done and now Danny’s life at Youkai Academy is about to get more intense as he faces off against Kuyou and Vlad Masters, as well as handle not one, not two but FIVE girls! Stay tuned!

(1) Think of Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach.