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Chapter 6


Magical Mayhem

(High School Hex)


Vlad Masters pondered as he looked out the balcony of his room. After exhaustive hours of cleaning and multiple showers, he and his living quarters had been cleansed of the sticky contents of Danny Fenton’s Goo Grenade. Of course, this left him in a foul temper.


Even though it had been done purely by accident, Vlad believed that Danny had planned the attack and he wanted revenge. The question was how to make the son of Jack Fenton suffer.



The present…


“Class, I would like you all to meet the newest addition to Youkai Academy, Yukari Sendo. I know she looks young, but I assure you that she’s quite the genius. She skipped two grades and got the highest scores ever on the entrance exams.”


As Ms. Nekonome finished with the introductions, she noted that another familiar face and waved. “Ah, Miss Shirayuki, so good of you to join us today. We haven’t seen you since the school year started.”


Danny Fenton, aka Danny Phantom felt a slight chill behind him. At first he thought it was his Ghost Sense, but there was no blue wisp coming out of his mouth. He looked over his shoulder and saw the same girl that had helped him against the School Police Committee, sitting behind him. Well sitting was not quite an accurate description. More like skulking behind her desk with just the top of her head visible as she gazed intently on Jack and Maddie’s youngest child.




The ghost teen thought it odd that he didn’t notice her before. His attention and that of the class turned back to the newest addition to the student populace as their homeroom teacher asked Yukari to introduce herself. The little girl in the witch’s outfit shook her head and quietly declined.


In his chair, Danny had an ominous feeling...




Two weeks later...


“The test scores are in!” Moka declared as she pulled Danny toward the main bulletin board where the results were displayed.


Even in a school for monsters that prepared them for living among humans, there were some things that all students had in common. The dreaded mid-terms and how each individual performed on them.










Danny winced slightly as he had never done very well in mathematics or science, despite having two scientist parents and a genius older sister. However, when he found the kanji that spelled out his name and saw his overall place in the test scores, he brightened up a bit.


“Hmm... I’m a little above the grade average... 122nd place, not too bad. I thought it was going to be much worse.” <Guess being away from constantly chasing ghosts is helping my studies.> He then saw Moka’s score, which was ironically 13th place. “Whoa! You’re in the top twenty!”


The vampire girl smiled as she nodded with satisfaction. “All that extra studying paid off!” She gave her ghost friend an encouraging nudge. “Don’t worry Danny! I’m sure that you’ll do better next time!” She then noted the scores of the other Newspaper Club members. “Looks like Clea and Nova did pretty well too. Akira is a bit higher than your score, but Kurumu is below the grade average.”


Both looked up toward the top and saw who got first place which was the newest transfer to the school.


Yukari Sendo.


At that moment, they saw the number one student at Youkai Academy standing nearby. However, she was not showing any joy over getting the top score as she was currently being accosted by three very unsavory individuals. Seeing that he didn’t care for bullies, he decided to investigate with Moka following him.


Well look at the little genius.” The first tough sneered as he and his compatriots cornered the little girl against a tree. He was the tallest and meanest-looking of the trio. His two comrades consisted of a fatter and dumpy-looking individual, and the other with a weasel-like appearance.


“Class... president?” Yukari asked with a bit of tremble in her voice.


The tough gave her a rude shove. “But it looks like you STILL don’t understand the school’s dress code. You dare to come here dressed as a stinking witch? Oh that’s right, you ARE a stinking witch!”


Yukari backed away slightly as she reached behind her cape and made her magic wand appear, which looked like something out of a sentai series. Before she could begin a spell to defend herself, the class president knocked the wand out of her hand. and sneered again.


“Yeah, like I’m gonna let you cast a spell like the last time! Looks like the little brat needs to be taught a lesson and... YEEEEE-YOOOOOOWWWW!”


Just as the three were about to close in on the young witch, they suddenly felt their bottoms flare with pain, causing them to back off. Then to Yukari’s surprise, a figure appeared from out of nowhere and stood between her and her attackers.


The three looked up as the class president snarled at Sendo’s protector.


“Fenton! Keep out of this! This is none of your business!”

Danny shrugged as he gave the three toughs a hard glare. “What I see is three guys ganging up on a little girl. So I’m making it my business. Besides, it doesn’t look good for the class president to pick on somebody less than half his size. You’re supposed to be our homeroom representative. It would be quite a story to run in the paper and spread across the school, now wouldn’t it?”


The leader of the three flinched slightly at the hidden threat. The ghost teen was not someone he could intimidate easily. Danny had pounded the powerful werewolf Morioka into the school gate. He had single-handedly taken out the entire Swimming Club. Most of all, he had faced down the leader of the School Police Committee. His powers alone made him formidable and his position as the leader of the Newspaper Club also gave him the power of the media. A person’s reputation could be boosted or ruined depending on how the article was written.


However, the tough guy refused to back down. “I don’t see why you’re protecting a witch! She’s no better than a human! Heck, even the humans hated them!”


In his mind, Danny saw a flashback of when he, Sam and Tucker had gone back in time to Salem in the late 1600’s. (1) After Sam was almost burned at the stake on the false charge of being a witch, he could certainly understand Yukari’s situation. It seemed to be in human nature to fear or even hate that which was different from them. Apparently, that went for monsters too.


“Yeah, I’ll admit that witches got a bad deal back in the day. Heck, I was there. I know what they went through. But that still doesn’t give you the right to hassle her. We’re supposed to be learning to get along with humans. How are we supposed to do that if we can’t even get along with each other?”


“He’s right!” Moka agreed as she stood beside Danny, further protecting the youngest member of Youkai Academy’s students.


At this point, the class president growled. It was bad enough that he was going up against Danny Fenton, but now the most popular girl in school was against him, which made him look pretty bad. He gave them a snarl as he motioned for his compatriots to follow him.


After the three had left and the tension had eased, Danny and Moka turned to face the little magic-maker.


“Is it really true?” Sendo asked as she looked up at the ghost hero with a bit of awe in her eyes.




“You were really there when witches were hated by humans?”


“Well…” Fenton scratched the back of his head as he tried to explain. “… actually, yeah I was. It’s kind of complicated, but my friends and I ended up in Salem, Massachusetts around the late 1600’s, and we saw how you witches were persecuted. I know what it’s like to be feared and hated, just because you were different, and there were a lot of paranoid people out there.”


<Better not mention that my ancestor, John Fenton Nightingale, was Salem’s greatest witch-whacker.> Danny silently added as he bent down, picked up Yukari’s wand and handed it to her.


“A good friend of mine was almost burned at the stake because someone accused her of being a witch, but I’m betting that there were some witches that were killed, even though they didn’t do anything bad. My friend also taught me to look beyond outside appearances and see the real person inside. So you’re a witch, so what?”


“He makes a good point.” Moka nodded. “That doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends.”


At that moment, the bell rang, notifying the students to get to their next classes.


Both the vampire and the ghost teen stood up and waved goodbye to their little classmate.


“Take care of yourself, okay?” Danny said.


As the two departed, Yukari could only watch with a bit of hero worship in her eyes.



Later during second period…


“Are you all right?” Moka asked after she had taken a small amount of Danny’s blood for a mid-morning snack.


“Oh it’s nothing.” The ghost teen assured. By this time, he was used to getting his neck frequently punctured. “It’s just that today’s algebra lesson really knocked me for a loop. I never was very good at math.”


“I could help you with that.” A small voice said.


Both looked down and to their right and saw Yukari walking beside them with her bookbag in her arms.


“Remember me?”


“Of course.” Danny nodded. “You put off Ririko-sensei when you solved that problem on the blackboard in 10 seconds flat. It would have taken me forever. You really are a little genius.”


“You know a lot about me. So how about telling me more about you? I mean what kind of ghost-monster are you? Can you show me?”


Uhh… I don’t think I can. The school rules say that you shouldn’t reveal your true form to anyone.” <Though technically speaking, I am in my true form.>


“Please?” The little girl begged as she took on a cute, puppy-dog expression. “You know what I am and I know what you two are, so it doesn’t matter right?”


“She’s got a point.” Moka said.


Fenton took a deep breath and let off a tired sigh. “Technically yes, but I’m afraid that I can’t show you. I’m really sorry, but Moka and I have got to get to our next class. Nice meeting you again. See you around.”


He immediately grabbed Moka’s right hand and took off. Yukari tried to follow, but as soon as she rounded a corner, the two were gone from sight. Her face had an expression of disappointment as she walked off. Unknown to her, the ones she was searching for were closer than she thought.


After making certain that she was gone, Danny and Moka appeared as he dropped his invisibility powers. He then faced the beautiful bloodsucker.


“That wasn’t very nice.”


Jack Fenton’s son sighed again and nodded. “I know, but it would be better for everyone, including Sendo, the less other people know about me and my ghost powers, the better. I didn’t tell you or the other club members, but a couple of weeks back, I got attacked by the School Police Committee.”




“Don’t worry.” Danny quickly assured her. “Me and another student sent them packing in a block of ice. The problem is that they’re probably keeping tabs on me right now, and I don’t want anyone getting hurt in the crossfire. Plus there’s also Vlad Masters to worry about.”


“What do you mean? He’s hasn’t caused any trouble so far.”


“That’s what worrying me. It’s been too quiet. It’s not like him to just stand by and do nothing, especially after that Goo Grenade incident. I have a feeling that he’s up to something.”




Later in the school library…


Yukari sat at a small cubicle and pondered over the large tome in front of her. It was written in a very ancient dialect, but it was one that she was familiar with. As a witch, she had been educated in both ancient Latin and Celtic Rune symbols. However, as she read over the texts, she could find very little about the kind of ghost-monster that Danny Fenton was rumored to be.


After he and Moka had defended her against those bullies, she wanted to learn more about them. There were plenty of books on vampires and such, but nothing matched Fenton to any known spirit beings. She was so intent on her research, that she didn’t notice someone approaching her from behind.


“Why, hello there!”


The little witch turned in her seat and saw Vlad Masters standing behind her with a smile and his hands clasped behind his back. She immediately stood up and gave her history teacher a respectful bow.


“Good afternoon Masters-sensei.”


“And what is our little genius studying today?” Vlad inquired as he leaned forward and looked at the title of the book she had been reading. “Hmmm, an encyclopedia on ghosts, astral forms and spirit beings? Interesting. Are you planning to do a little ghost-hunting or exorcism?”


Uhmmm… no sensei.” Sendo shook her head. “I just wanted to learn more about…”


“About Danny Fenton, correct?”


“You know?”


“Oh yes. I heard about that little incident today with the mid-term scores. Such a dreadful experience for you. It was a good thing that Fenton boy was there, but that’s always been his nature to look out for others. Quite commendable of him.”


“So you know about Danny Fenton?”


“Yes, indeed. He and I go quite a way back and we’re well-acquainted.”


“Can you tell me about him?” Yukari asked excitedly.


“Oh I can do more than just tell you about him. I can show you.” Vlad stepped back a few feet and looked around. Seeing that there was no one else in the library at the moment, he turned his attention back to the young girl. “You won’t find the type of ghost-being Fenton happens to be in any book. Then again, the same thing goes for me.”




“I know that it’s against school policy to reveal your true form to others, but I will make this one tiny exception to our brightest student.”


He then levitated a few feet above the floor and triggered his own ghostly transformation. Black rings appeared near his midsection and radiated away from each other. His clothes morphed into a gray suit, complete with a scarlet cape, black gloves and boots. His hair turned black and his eyes became a solid red.


Yukari Sendo found herself face-to-face with Vlad Plasmius.


“Wow! I’ve never seen a ghost-monster like you before!”


“Yes, well I have that effect on people.” Vlad said with some pride before levitating back down and transforming back. “As you can see, I am quite unique, as is Danny Fenton. So my little witch genius, would you like to know how to get closer to him?”


“Yes! Yes! Tell me!”


“Well, I happen to know that Danny Fenton is quite fond of certain flowers. And it just so happens that I have a small sampling that you can give to him. Think of it as a friendship bouquet.” The scheming history teacher then produced a small box and opened it to Yukari. Inside were several brightly-colored flowers that resembled roses, but without the thorns.


“Wow, I’ve seen a lot of rare herbs and stuff in potions, but I’ve never seen this kind before. What are they?”


“They’re call Blood Blossoms my dear, and I assure you that Danny Fenton will GASPING in delight when you show them to him.”



After classes…


“Thanks for the lift Danny.” Akira said as he and Moka were treated to flight above the forest near the dorms. Each was holding one of Danny’s hands while in his ghost form. Gliding beside them, Kurumu was in her monster form with her wings spread out. Since they were so far above the campus, they only appeared as specks in the sky.


“Ah, it feels great to fly free once in a while.” The succubus commented then gave her rival a bit of a teasing grin. “Bet you wish you could fly, don’t you?”


Moka stuck her tongue out at her friendly competition for Danny’s attention, but she was just a little envious of her ability to soar through the air.


Despite being a water spirit, Akira was enjoying the experience and wondered how his idol was able to support the two of them with little difficulty. It was then that he looked down and noticed a glint of light, coming from the center of the forest.


“Hey, what’s that down there?” The kappa pointed.


The others looked to where he was indicating. Since no one knew what it was, they all decided to investigate. Danny changed direction and headed down, taking Moka and Akira along. Kurumu followed closely behind.



On the ground, Yukari held the box given to her by Vlad Masters, as it glinted in the light of the setting sun. After leaving the history teacher in the library, she had been trying to think of a way to present her gift to Danny Fenton.


At that moment, she saw several shadows on the ground and looked up. She let off a gasp as she beheld Moka and some other people coming down toward her. Her gaze became fixated on the lead figure in a black and white suit, with silver hair and glowing green eyes. Remembering her encounter with Vlad, she realized that this could only be one person.


As soon as they landed, she quickly ran up to them and greeted them.


“WOW! So that’s your true form?”


Jack and Maddie’s offspring winced slightly as he had inadvertently revealed himself to the little magic user. However, judging from her reaction, he could safely assume that she didn’t know about Danny Phantom.


“So why did you want to hide that from me? I think it looks great!”


Uhm… well, I wasn’t sure how you would react to… hey, what’s that?”  Danny said as he quickly changed the subject.


Yukari proudly held up the box and prepared to open the lid. “It’s my present for helping me from before. Well, actually one of the teachers gave it to me so I could give it to you. He said that you really liked these kinds of flowers.”




“He said that you would like these Blood Blossoms.”


“Blood… Blossoms? What are you….?”


It was at that moment that she opened the box.


In another part of the forest, two other members of the Newspaper Club were walking back toward their dormitory.


“Are you sure this is the right way? I don’t remember this path.” Clea said as she looked about.


“Trust me, Sister.” Nova assured as she lead the way. “This is a shortcut back to our cribs, and don’t you worry about a thing. Even if I couldn’t see, I could SMELL my way back to the dorm and…”


It was at that moment that both heard a loud scream in anguish coming from nearby. They immediately began running toward the sound of commotion.



Back at the scene, Yukari stood in shock and horror as her savior suddenly collapsed to the ground and began to writhe in total agony. His body became enveloped in a sickly red aura as the pain in his body intensified. After his first scream, Sendo had dropped the box and spilled the deadly flowers to the ground. Unfortunately, they touched Fenton, thereby igniting their destructive nature against ghosts. Now the plants continued to emit supernatural fumes, causing the suffering to increase tenfold.


Moka and Akira quickly came to Danny’s side, but Kurumu turned her focus on the cause of her Mate of Fate’s pain.




“I… I… didn’t… I mean… I… was told… the flowers were his favorite… and…”




The succubus extended her claws and charged at the little girl, intent on ripping her to pieces.


At this point, there was only one thing a lonely, frightened and magically-powered eleven-year-old girl could do, and that was to defend herself. Reaching behind her cape, she made her magical wand appear and quickly waved it about. She said a quick incantation, just as Kurumu was about to slash at her face.




The sexy blue-haired girl was taken by surprise as a large, metal washtub appeared out of nowhere and dropped on top of her head. This gave Yukari just enough time to make a break for it, though she had trouble seeing with tears in her eyes.


Kurumu was about to chase after her, when Danny let off another anguish scream of agony. She turned about and was horrified to see him go through a fit of violent spasms. The vampire and kappa tried to hold him down, but that did very little good in easing his suffering. She immediately came to his side.


“What’s happening to him?!”


Akira looked back at the flowers strewn all over the ground and nodded. “Those flowers are hurting him! We have to get him away from them!”


The three started to drag him from the scene, but then his screams became louder as the flowers emitted more of their deadly fumes.


“It’s not working! Those flowers are still hurting him!” Kurumu cried out in a panic.


“Then we have to get rid of them!” Moka said desperately.


“How?!” The kappa asked frantically.


Danny gritted his teeth and suppressed the urge to scream again as he pointed to the flowers. “Eat them!”


“WHAT?!” The three cried out in confusion.


The ghost teen let off another gasp of pain as he explained. “Eat… the Blood Blossoms to… get rid of them! Hurry! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!”


Kurumu and Moka redoubled their efforts to hold him down as a new series of spasms began. The bloodsucker turned to the water spirit and cried out.


“You heard him! You’ve got to eat the Blood Blossoms!”


“What?! But I only eat cucumbers and…”


“We don’t have time for this, Akira!” The succubus said as Danny’s movements became even more violent. “Eat those flowers now or Danny will DIE! HURRY!”

Fenton’s friend took a deep breath and nodded as he rapidly crawled over to the flowers and picked up a blossom. Opening up his mouth, he dropped it down and began to quickly chew and swallowed. He repeated the process several times, until all the offending plants were in his stomach.


After the last one was gone, the aura around Danny faded away as his body stopped thrashing about. The two girls let off a sigh of relief as Akira joined them. Moka laid his head on her lap as his breathing became even and regular.


At that moment the ghost teen reverted back to his human form and looked up at his friends. He then addressed the one who had saved him.


“I owe you one buddy. Tell you what… tomorrow’s lunch is on me.”


“No problem… BURP!” Akira covered his mouth in embarrassment.


Then they all noticed that they weren’t alone as they saw that two people had just come onto the scene and had witnessed Danny’s transformation. Both were in a state of total shock.


Clea was the first to speak.


“Danny Phantom… is really...”


“… is really… Danny Fenton?!” Nova finished.



Near the gravesite where the bus driver dropped off his passengers, Yukari sobbed quietly to herself as she sat on a tombstone. She was so distraught over what had happened, a part of her was wishing that the bus driver would arrive and take her away. In her mind, she could see Danny in pain and his friends in anger at her. Her one chance at making friends at Youkai Academy and she had blown it big time. The ghost teen would hate her after this day.


As she cried, she was unaware that she was being watched by a most unscrupulous character. Hovering high above and invisible, Vlad Plasmius smiled in satisfaction. The naïve little girl had done her job and was now at her most vulnerable state. Danny Fenton and his friends would surely avoid Yukari or be hostile toward her, thereby making her easy prey for the former Mayor of Amity Park to lure her toward him.


He then noted that the third phase of his plan was beginning as he glimpsed three certain people heading toward her.


<Excellent! Those three punks that had bullied her earlier are heading this way, just as I planned!>


Earlier, the former friend of Jack Fenton had anonymously left a message to the trio of delinquents, that Yukari would be alone at the gravesite, and therefore would be an easy target. As he had expected, the adolescent bigots snapped at the bait and were intent on either driving away the witch or worse.


The scheme was simple. The teens would attack the little witch, who was too distraught to fight back effectively. Then Vlad would come to her rescue. He was certain that he was more than a match against a few minor adolescent monsters. The witch would be so grateful for the save that she would do anything for him and thus become his first disciple at Youkai Academy. And if she were to ask about the Blood Blossoms, well a few paltry lies should suffice to convince her. At worst, Vlad could always overshadow her and manipulate her memories.


He remembered how easy it was to control his innocent clone puppet of Danny, (also known as Danielle Phantom or Dani). Yukari Sendo would be no different. His smile became even more pronounced as the three toughs neared their target.



Back in the forest…


“Danny! What are you doing? Where are you going?” Moka asked as her friend got to his feet and began heading in the direction of where Yukari ran off.


The son of Maddie Fenton shook his head to clear it. “I’m… going after Yukari.”


“What?! Why would you want to go after her?!” Kurumu exclaimed. “She tried to kill you with those Blood Blossoms!”


“She’s right!” Akira agreed. “And you’re in no condition to be going anywhere! We’ve got to get you to the school infirmary!”


“No!” Danny declared as he gave his friends a determined look. “I’m pretty certain that she wasn’t trying to hurt me! In fact, I don’t think she even knew what Blood Blossoms could do to a ghost!”


“How could you tell?” The vampire inquired.


“It’s what she said before she opened that box. She said that someone told her about my favorite flowers and gave her those Blood Blossoms. I don’t have a favorite flower and there’s only one person I know who could lie to her about something like that! Aside from a couple other friends of mine, he’s also the only person who knows what those flowers could do to me! And I have a bad feeling that he may be doing something to Yukari right now! I have to go find her!”


He then paused to address Clea and Nova, who were still in a state of shock after discovering his secret identity.


Uhhh… let’s talk about this at our next club meeting, okay? I’M GOING GHOST!”


In an instant, Danny Fenton became Danny Phantom and took to the air. Not wanting to be left behind, Kurumu sprouted her wings and became airborne. Shaking herself out of her stupor, Clea transformed into her harpy form and followed suit. Those who could not fly began scrambling after them.



The gravesite…


“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Yukari cried out.


At the gravesite, Vlad prepared to intervene after Yukari was accosted by her tormentors. They had taken her by surprise and broke her magic wand. Though she had a spare in her dorm room, at present the diminutive witch was at a severe disadvantage, as she was roughly shoved to the ground and backed up against a tree.


“You don’t have Danny Fenton to protect you this time! It’s time we got rid of trash like you!” The class president sneered. Behind him, his two cohorts chuckled with glee.


At this point, Yukari realized that she was truly alone and braced for the end. The three punks converged on her.




The bullies, the witch and Vlad were all surprised when a bright, blast of green energy exploded in front of the class president and his followers, knocking them away. Sendo was the most astonished as Danny Phantom landed in front of her and faced off against her attackers, who were just getting back on their feet.


High above, Masters could only curse his luck as his arch-nemesis had come to the rescue before he did. All he could do now was watch.


Danny growled as he faced off against the bullies. It had just been by pure luck that he had heading toward the gravesite when he heard Yukari’s scream. Now he was up against three unknown enemies. A small wisp of blue mist came from his mouth, indicating that a ghost was nearby.


<Vlad must be around somewhere, but I can’t worry about him now.>


He then addressed the class president and his flunkies.


“Back off! I told you before to leave her alone! Looks like I’m going to have pound some sense into you, ghost-style!”

The class president and his partners didn’t recognize him at first, then realized who they were facing.


“You think we’re scared of your ghost form, Fenton?” The lead bully sneered as he turned to his classmates. “There’s nobody around but them! We don’t have to follow the school rules here!”


Catching their leader’s meeting, the pair began to shed their human disguises. The class president followed suit as they all became taller and developed scales on their bodies. Their humanoid shapes became reptilian in appearance and each sprouted a tail. Their hands became clawed and their feet burst out of their shoes. Their heads morphed into snakelike forms with sharp teeth. Their clothes ripped themselves to shreds, leaving only enough tattered remains to cover their private areas. When they finished transforming, they had become a trio of lizardmen.


However monstrous-looking they were, they still didn’t intimidate or even impress the ghost hero. After going up against the worst that the Ghost Zone had to offer, oversized geckos were pretty tame. Though he was still hurting a bit from the Blood Blossoms, he couldn’t leave Yukari to the nonexistent mercies of her attackers.


“Ooh, three against one. Looks like I got YOU outnumbered!”


In a flash of light, Danny duplicated himself, and then followed through with four more copies. In less than two seconds, Danny Phantom had become sextuplets. This of course made the lizardmen very unsettled as the odds were now stacked against them.


Sugoi.” Yukari said in awe.


At that time, Danny’s friends also came onto the scene and had witnessed his Ghostly Duplication power.


“Whoa! He could play a whole NBA team all by his lonesome!” Nova commented.


Kurumu landed on the ground near the fight area and began to have some flashbacks to her earlier Youkai Harem plan. Then she began to have some naughty thoughts about her wedding night with him.


High above, Vlad could only grunt in disgust.


<It seems the little badger has finally mastered that technique. This could prove troublesome.>


Seeing that his unwitting pawns were not going to win this fight, he decided to chalk it all up as a loss and departed from the scene.


Not believing that his duplicates were real and were just illusions caused by Yukari, the bullies attacked. However, as they charged in, the six Dannys separated and began firing off a barrage of Ghost Rays. All three were thrown back. The class president’s partners were rendered unconscious, while the lead bully was barely standing. Then the ghost hero and his copies gave the witch a simultaneous nod and a wink.


“Check this out! I saw this on a video game!”


The first Danny came flying in with an uppercut, which belted the bully high into the air.”




Then the second Danny smacked him with a cross to the chops. Then the third kicked him even higher.




 The fourth and fifth followed through with shots of their own, while the sixth waited at the top with a drop kick to the head. This sent the class president hurtling back down toward the first Danny.


“… STORM!”


The ghost teen finished off the technique with one massive blast of Ghost Ray power.




When the light died down, the bigot lizardman was n unconscious, battered, bruised and smoking heap at the bottom of a shallow crater. Standing over him, the six Danny Phantoms made a group pose before merging back into one hero. (2)


After literally pulling himself back together, Fenton powered down and walked toward Yukari. He then knelt down and gave her a gentle smile.


“Hey there! Want to be friends?”


The little sorceress was silent for the longest period of time, then nodded as she flew into his arms and started to cry.


The others could only watch in relief as the crisis ended with a hug.



The next day in the Newspaper Club room…


“Okay everyone, I’d like to call this meeting to order.” Danny announced as the members took their seats. Everyone was present, with the exception of Ginei, as he was busy cleaning jock straps and jerseys for the school football team.


As everyone settled down and gave the ghost boy their full attention, he gestured to Yukari as she stood before the others.

“Today’s first order of business is to welcome our newest member Yukari Sendo, who will be running the paper’s horoscope section.”


There was a round of applause as Moka, Kurumu, Akira, Clea and Nova cheerfully greeted the new addition to their ranks. The witch smiled as she bowed to the others and then took her seat. Then all eyes turned to their president. He received very deep gazes from Clea and Nova.


Danny took a long, deep sigh and nodded. “Yes, I’m Danny Phantom. And I would prefer if all of you were to keep that fact under wraps.”


In a flash, Nova got up from her seat and pounced on him, knocking him to the ground and pinned him down with her voluptuous body. She let off a sultry purr as she leaned down and said the following.


“Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone! I want to keep you all to myself!”


“HEY!” Kurumu cried out as she too got out of her seat and bared her claws. She swiped at her rival, forcing her off her intended target. “Stay away from my Mate of Fate!”


The two got into a bit a scuffle and it would have gotten ugly, if Yukari hadn’t taken out her spare wand and used a certain spell.




Both girls fell in a daze after two metal washtubs landed on their heads. The others could only stare with large sweatdrops behind their heads. The witch smiled as she looked up at her idol as he stood up.


<Oh boy! This is going to be a LONG semester.>


To be continued…


Author’s Notes


And so ends the sixth chapter of Phantom + Vampire. Tune in next time as Mizore makes her moves on the Ghost Teen and Vlad hatches a new scheme. See you there!


(1)Danny Phantom Episode Infinite Realms.


(2) Captain Commando’s Finishing Move Captain Storm from Marvel Vs Capcom. Or you can think of it like Naruto’s Shadow Clone attack.