Phantom + Vampire


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* This story takes place after the final episode of Danny Phantom (Phantom Planet), with one major change. In the end, Danny does not reveal his secret identity to the world, only to his parents. However, his alter-ego is still hailed as a hero by the general populace due to his saving the Earth from the Ectoranium Asteroid. This will also take place before the first episode of Rosario + Vampire, though there will be no Tsukune present. Sorry fans, but in order to make this story work, Sam Manson will also be taken out of the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Danny/Sam pairing, but in this story they must go their separate ways. Please forgive me and enjoy.*


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Chapter 1

Bloodsucker Babe

(She’ll Leave You Thirsting For More!)


High above, in the skies of Amity Park, a lone figure in a black and white bodysuit soared through the air. His hair was colored snow-white and his eyes were emerald and glowing. On his chest was a stylish emblem in the shape of a letter D with a letter P in the center. As he passed by several buildings, the people on the ground cheered and many quickly snapped photos with their digital cameras and cell phones.


Danny Phantom, aka Danny Fenton, had always wanted to be more popular in school. After saving the world from utter destruction, he was now more famous than Elvis and was admired by all. In every city in the world, there was a statue of him, honoring him as Earth’s savior. He could have anything he wanted if he asked for it.


However, even his heroic deeds could not alleviate the loneliness he was feeling at the moment. His two best friends, Sam and Tucker, were no longer with him.


After Vlad Masters, aka Vlad Plasmius, had been exposed as the villain that he was, Tucker Foley took over as mayor of Amity Park. As a result, because of the new position and responsibilities, he and Danny were spending less and less time together. Pretty soon, the Ghost Boy couldn’t even see his friend without making an appointment with the mayor’s secretary, which incidentally was his former classmate and crush Paulina.


Danny didn’t resent Tucker for his newfound position, or the fact that he now employed the hottest girl at Casper High. However, as time went on, the two friends began to drift further apart. Eventually, Jack and Maddie’s son was only receiving the occasional phone call from the mayor.


However, the distance between him and Foley didn’t even compare to the empty gap left by a certain Goth girl and former lover interest. Sam and Danny seemed to hit it off spectacularly after the ‘Disasteroid Event.’ Everyone thought that they were the perfect match.


Unfortunately, that was not to be as Sam became more and more involved with environmental groups and saving endangered species. Like Foley, she and Danny started to see less of each other. At first, Danny thought he could work with Sam’s busy schedule. But as time went on, he began to realize that saving the environment had a higher priority to Sam, than sustaining their relationship. Finally, after three months, the two had decided to go their separate ways. Afterwards, Sam joined up with an environmental group that would be touring the world. It was unlikely that she would return to Amity Park for several years.


Danny tried to keep busy so that he wouldn’t dwell on the sadness that he felt after the Manson girl had left. Every now and then, one of his ghost enemies would appear, but they were pretty much taken care of by his parents Jack and Maddie Fenton. After learning of their son’s secret as the Ghost Boy, they had become even more effective as Amity Park’s protectors, and the world’s foremost ghost hunters and supernatural experts. Even the lumbering Jack Fenton had become extremely competent at dealing with the likes of Skulker, Technus and Ember. Maddie had taken her son under her wing and gave him extensive hand-to-hand combat lessons. Danny’s sister Jazz was now in her third year of high school and was preparing for college. Her thesis about ghost hunting was certain to ensure her enrollment at M.I.T.


<Good for you Sis.> He silently commented, but then his expression soured as he thought about his own academic life. Due to the fact that he had spent much of the last year trying to master his powers and fighting off ghosts, his grades had slipped. In the end, despite a long period of cramming, the youngest member of the Fenton family was going to be held back a year. He shook his head in disgust as he neared his home.


His home was a small building with sign Fenton Works on the roof, along with a crazy-looking structure, complete with antennas, radar dishes, and several other gadgets. The Ops Center had been rebuilt and upgraded after the asteroid. His father had also created a new portal into the Ghost Zone, or as he liked to call it, Fenton Ghost Portal 2 the Sequel.


Danny let off another sigh as he phased through the building’s walls and headed down toward the basement. There he found his mother and father at the lab table, busily working on yet another Fenton ghost-hunting gadget. The two smiled as their son became visible and switched back into his human form.


“Danny!” Maddie Fenton exclaimed as she ran over to her offspring and gave him a hug. She was dressed in her usual attire of form-fitting, blue hazmat suit, boots, gloves and red goggles. Her massively built husband wore a large, yellow hazmat suit, gloves and boots, but did not have any eyewear. He walked over to his son and wife and briefly enveloped them in a group hug.


“So how was your daily Ghost Patrol? See any ghosts?” Jack asked eagerly.


His son shook his head and let off a tired sigh. “I didn’t see any ghosts. To be honest, I’m glad I didn’t find any. Right now, I’m not so sure if I’m up to fighting guys like Skulker or Walker. Heck, I think even the Box Ghost could be too much for me right now.”


Both parents gave each other a concerned glance and invited their son to sit with him at the lab table.


“Son,” Maddie began. “Your father and I have been discussing about your future, especially with the new school year coming up.”


Danny let off a groan and shook his head. “Mom, you and Dad aren’t going to give me more grief about failing the 10th grade are you?”


There was a long silence before Jack’s wife replied in a quiet tone. “I’ll admit that we were quite upset that you had failed the final exams and that you would be held back a year. After all, we do have our pride of the Fentons being a family of geniuses. But when we calmed down, we realized that you had a lot to deal with for past year. After all, you suddenly developed ghost powers, and had to fight all those ghosts. You also had to deal with the Guys In White and Vlad Masters.” Maddie scowled slightly at the name before continuing. “And I suppose we weren’t helping matters when we chased and shot at you. Then there was my talk about dissecting ghosts and your father wanting to rip you apart molecule by molecule…”


“Ahem.” Jack coughed subtlety. “Maddie, we don’t need to bring THAT up again.” He then addressed his son. “You really should have told us the truth sooner. We could have helped you.” Before the boy could answer, Jack held up a gloved hand. “I know. You were too scared to do it. Heck, I’d be scared too, if I had been in your shoes.”


His spouse nodded. “What we’re saying is that we don’t blame you for what’s happened. We understand that you didn’t have much time to concentrate on your studies or even have a normal life. That’s why your father and I have decided to give you the opportunity to go to school without having to worry about ghosts.”


“How can I?” Danny asked as he bowed his head down, framing it with his hands, while his elbows rested on the table. “I have to protect Amity Park from any future ghost threats. Besides, I can’t go back to Casper High. All my classmates are going to be in Grade 11 and I’m going to be lumped in with the idiots who didn’t pass. I don’t think I could take another year with Dash.”


“Well, you don’t have to worry about that, Son.” Jack said assuredly. “After all, you won’t be going to Casper High this year.”


The young teen’s head came up in surprise as his mother explained while nodding. “Your father and I have found a private academy, in which your current scores were enough to enroll you in. You won’t have to worry about your former classmates seeing you since you won’t be in Amity Park.”


“Heck, you won’t even be in the good ol’ U.S of A.” Danny’s father added. “You’ll be in Japan.”


Danny’s eyes widened in total shock, as his mind reacted to his father’s sudden announcement.





A week later…


Danny Fenton still could not believe it as he rode the school bus in downtown Tokyo. Instead of his usual attire of T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, he wore the school uniform of the academy he was heading to; which consisted of a green sport blazer, matching slacks, white dress shirt and shoes. Due to a recent growth spurt, he had gotten taller and his face was more defined. On the seat beside him, were a school book bag and his duffle bag of clothes and other necessities. His remaining luggage had already been forwarded to the school, which would be his home for the year.


<Well, at least Dad was right about one thing…> He thought to himself. <Nobody I know from Amity Park will be around to tease me about still being in the 10th grade. Although I’m wondering what this Youkai Academy is like, to accept someone like me as a First Year.>


Currently, he was the only one on the bus aside from the driver as they sped through the streets and headed toward a tunnel. As they approached it, Danny’s thoughts went back to the last few days….





“But I don’t know how to speak or read Japanese!” Danny protested as he was gently nudged into a technological chair by his mother in the Fenton Lab. “Sure I like anime and manga, but I don’t know any Japanese besides sayonara and sushi.”


“You won’t have to, Danny.” Jack assured as he walked over to a console and held up a small device. “Thanks to this, you’ll be speaking and reading like a native.”


His son immediately recognized the device. “Huh? That’s the Ghost Gabber. (1)”


The machine immediately repeated Danny’s remark in a female voice. “Huh? That’s the Ghost Gabber… fear me!”


“That’s right.” Jack nodded in agreement. “Your mother tweaked the translation circuits so that any foreign language, written or spoken, can be scanned and translated into English. We’ve already loaded it with the modern and ancient versions of the Japanese language. Once we transmit the scans into the brain, the subject will be able to comprehend Japanese in an instant. The big problem is that it only works on ghosts.”


Maddie nodded as well, as she took the device from her husband, and hooked it up to the console. “But since you happen to be half-ghost, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to absorb the slightly harmful gamma waves, Danny.”


“Slightly harmful?!” Danny repeated with dread in his voice.


“Slightly harmful… fear me.” The Ghost Gabber said.


“BANZAI!” Jack shouted out as he threw the main lever on the control panel.


Before the half-ghost adolescent could even think of protesting or escaping, the chair he was sitting on suddenly lit up, and he was bathed in a bright blast of light.





End of flashback…


Danny shuddered at the memory. He knew his parents loved him, but sometimes they went overboard in their experiments and using him as a guinea pig. Still, the Ghost Gabber modification had worked and he was able to speak and read Japanese fluently.


His mother and father had assured him that they would keep Amity Park safe from any ghosts while he was attending school. With the responsibility of fighting ghosts no longer on his shoulders, and away from any reminders of Sam, Tucker or his former classmates, Jack and Maddie’s youngest child would be free to enjoy a normal life of a teenager.


It was then that he shivered as a small wisp of blue mist escaped from his mouth.


<Huh? Why did my Ghost Sense go off?>


As he pondered over it, the bus then entered the tunnel. He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders as he decided to take a nap. It would be some time before he would reach Youkai Academy. As he closed his eyes and leaned toward the window, he failed to notice the eerie lights that began appearing in the tunnel.





“Hey! Wake up! This is your stop, kid.” The bus driver said as he gently shook the slumbering student.


Danny let off a yawn as he slowly got to his feet and picked up his duffel bag and book bag. He waved to the driver and thanked him for the ride as he got off the bus. The driver, who was somewhat of a spooky individual with a thin mustache, lit a cigar as he sat back into the driver’s seat.


“Well kid, I hope you do well here. Watch yourself though. A regular guy like you might be in over his head here. If you’re not careful, you might just lose your head.”


“Huh?” Danny couldn’t understand the driver’s hidden meaning as the door closed and the bus drove off. He decided that it wasn’t important and began to take in his surroundings. It was a gloomy atmosphere with gray, cloudy skies, with occasional lightning strikes, and the landscape was fitting with the mood. He thought is was ironic that he had been dropped off in front of a cemetery, complete with dead, black trees and ravens perched in their branches.


For a normal person, seeing such a place would have scared the willies out of him. However, for someone who had frequently traveled the Ghost Zone, the sight was mediocre at best. After experiencing areas such as Skulker’s Lair, Walker’s Prison, King Pariah’s Castle and… ugh, the Box Ghost’s Warehouse, a cemetery was considered small potatoes.


Seeing a nearby pathway and a sign indicating the direction of the academy, he began walking. He considered going ghost and flying there, but decided against it. This was his chance to live as a normal high school teenager. With that mind, he picked up the pace of his step and made his way toward the school. As he continued down the pathway, the eerie environment and was reminded of his former Goth girlfriend Sam Manson. He forced those memories away, as they would only sadden him. He began to wonder if any girl would be able to make his heart race the way she did…




Danny had been so deep in thought, that he failed to notice the girl on the bicycle as she came down a nearby incline and barreled right into him. It happened so suddenly that he didn’t have a chance to go intangible.




The Ghost Boy groaned in pain as he lay sprawled on the ground with the newcomer. Her bicycle was a tangled mess nearby. As he slowly sat up and shook his head to clear his senses, his right hand felt something smooth and silky. As his vision cleared, he looked down and blushed furiously as he noticed where his hand was. The palm was resting on her naked, left thigh, just a few inches shy of the hem of the very short, plaid skirt. If one could look closely, one could catch a glimpse of her white panties and maybe even see her…


Danny immediately pulled back his hand and averted his gaze. A small trickle of blood began to flow from a cut on his forehead. He then heard a soft, melodious tone…


“I’m so sorry… I’m a bit anemic… and I get a little woozy…”


Silently thanking his parents for the instant Japanese download, he turned about and took in his first look at the girl. His heart nearly stopped at the sight of the long-haired beauty. She had pale, flawless skin, lovely brown eyes, flowing pink hair and a figure that made Paulina look like a hag. She was wearing a green blazer similar to his, and a white dress shirt. She wore what appeared to be a leather chocker with a silvered, bejewled, cross-shaped pendant hanging from a chain. She wore dress shoes and socks, with long, bare legs.


He was so enamored by her seemingly unnatural beauty that he didn’t notice that was she was leaning toward him, until she started to sniff near the cut on his forehead.


“Your blood… smells really nice…”




“Sorry about this… can’t help it… since… I’m a vampire…”






Danny immediately pulled away when he felt her fangs dig into his neck and began drawing blood. He used a hand to cover the wound as he got to his feet and backed off from the bloodsucking girl.


“You… you bit me! You sucked my blood!”


The girl nodded while smiling and licking her lips. She got to her feet and dusted off her skirt. “I’m so sorry for being so forward. Normally, I wouldn’t do something like that… but your blood smelled so good and… tasted even better…”


“So you’re really a vampire?! Garlic and crosses?! That kind of vampire?!”


She nodded again and said, “Yes. I’m Moka Akashiya.” She then took on a bit of a hurt look. “So, you don’t like vampires?”


The son of Jack Fenton was still in state of shock as he replied dumbly at the beautiful blood-drinker, “Uhhh… I’m not saying that I hate them… you’re… just the first one I’ve ever encountered…”


Moka gave Danny a grateful smiled as she picked up her damaged bicycle. “Great! We can be friends at the academy. I was so worried since I’m new here.”


She giving off such an aura of cuteness, then Danny couldn’t even fault her for sinking her fangs into his neck. As they walked down the pathway, he introduced himself.


“I’m Danny Fenton, from America. I’m what you call a foreign exchange student.”


“Wow! I’ve heard of America. I hope we can talk again after the Introduction Ceremony.”


It was at that moment that the pair reached the end of the path and came to the front gates of Yokai Academy. As they walked among the throngs of students, Danny saw a huge campus that actually resembled a university rather than a high school. Like the forest and the cemetery, Youkai Academy had a spooky décor to it, and reminded the ghost teen of his encounter with the Fright Knight that Halloween night. There were multitudes of bats hanging on ledges and nearby tree branches. Everything about the place just seemed to scream ‘horror movie.’


Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom began to wonder just what kind school was this.



Back in Amity Park


“Right about now, Danny should be starting his first day at school.” Maddie commented as she and her husband adjusted the settings on the new Ghost Portal.


“It’s a good thing you found a school that would take him with his low averages.” Jack remarked.


“Yes, but the online application was a bit strange.” His wife said.


“Really? How so?”


“Well, part of the application asked what species or being Danny was. I thought it was some kind of joke, so I just labeled him as a banshee.”


“Banshee? You mean that wailing ghost that can predict the imminent death of a person? But aren’t banshees supposed to be female?”


“Well, that’s about the closest being I could think of. Remember Danny’s Ghostly Wail? That’s what made me think of a banshee. I still don’t understand that part of the application.”


Jack thought for a moment, and then he shrugged his shoulders. “It must have been a typo.”



At Youkai Academy


“Here is the listing of the newcomers for this year.” The assistant said as he handed the folder to the headmaster of the school.


The headmaster, also known as the Exorcist nodded as he looked over the list. He wore flowing, white robes and his eyes seemed to glow with an eerie light. He was currently standing near his office window and looking down at the front gate of the campus. He then came across a certain student’s file.


“Hmmm… Danny P. Fenton… United States exchange student… species… banshee. Well now, this will be the first time we will have one of those as a student here at Youkai Academy. And it says he’s male as well, which is even rarer. Yes indeed. I think this will be a very interesting school year.”



The truth to the headmaster’s statement became even more apparent, as Danny’s homeroom teacher made her announcement. She was a slender woman with glasses and blonde hair styled as if she had cat ears.


“Welcome everyone to Youkai Academy! I’ll be your homeroom teacher, Ms. Shizuka Nekonome! As I’m sure that you all know… Youkai is a school for monsters!”


Danny could only sit in total shock at his teacher’s casual statement. He just couldn’t believe that his parents had unknowingly enrolled him in a school for monsters. Then again, considering the disasters Jack Fenton had caused with his inventions, and Maddie’s penchant for overdoing things; having their son attend a school full of goblins, witches, demons and vampires was actually… par for the course.


The happy-go-lucky teacher, who was also a catwoman in disguise, went on with her explanations.


“Now, like it or not, humans rule the world. For us monsters to survive, we must learn to live peacefully with them. That’s the mission of this school; to teach the students how to coexist with humans without letting them know about our true selves. Therefore, in addition to learning how to survive in the human world, each of you will also need to keep others from seeing your real form. Rule number one of this school is maintaining your human appearance. You must keep your identity a secret, even from your fellow classmates.”


<Now there’s a bit of irony!> Jack’s son thought as he remembered all the times he had to protect his secret identity as Danny Phantom from his classmates at Casper High.


At that point, one of the students; who happened to have a very brutish appearance and a personality to match, spoke up.


“How about we just eat all the humans? I could start with the cute girls.”


Danny groaned inwardly and made a note to avoid this character. He felt an urge to blast that guy with a ghost ray, but his homeroom teacher saved him the trouble by chiding the arrogant monster in disguise.


“No, no, no! The goal of this school is live peacefully with the humans! You’ll be staying behind after class with cleanup detail for that remark. Besides, there are no humans here, only monsters.”


<Says you.> Danny mentally added.


“If there were any humans, they’d be killed immediately.”


Danny’s hair almost became as white as his ghost self’s at that statement. Suddenly, the classroom door was flung open as a certain, pink-haired bloodsucker rushed inside.


“I’m sorry I’m late! I got lost after the ceremony!”


As soon as Moka came into view, nearly all the boys in the room gave her his full attention. Like Danny, her beauty and aura had them enraptured.










As soon as Moka looked about, she caught sight of a familiar face, she let off a delighted squealed and immediately came to his seat to give him a hug.


“Danny! I’m so glad we’re in the same class!”


This sudden display earned the Ghost Boy some very ugly and jealous looks from his classmates. And what he didn’t know was that things were going a lot MORE UGLY!





“So what do you think of Youkai Academy so far?” Moka asked as she and Danny walked around the campus.


“It’s not too bad.” Danny commented as he continued to restrain his eyes from wandering all over his companion’s body. “It’s a lot different than the school I went to back home in America.”


America? You mean you went to a normal, human school?” The vampire girl asked.


“Yeah, well there wasn’t any school for non-humans over there, so I didn’t have any choice.”


“I know what you mean.”




Moka nodded as she explained. “When I was growing up, I had to go to a middle school in the human world. They didn’t believe that monsters existed, and made me feel like a freak. Sometimes I would get so upset over their teasing and insults that it made me wish that I didn’t exist.” Her expression saddened for a few moments, then brightened up. “Then I met up with you and the fact that you didn’t hate vampires made me so happy! And I’ve never tasted blood as delicious as yours!”


<What am I, your personal cafeteria?!> Danny thought.


“You’re much BETTER than any stupid human! I just hate humans!”


Danny stiffened at that remark. He gave her a long, introspective gaze and said nothing for several minutes. This was an all-too familiar situation, in which he was being resented and hated by others, just because he was different and had no control over what he was. Dash bullied him because he was smaller and weaker. Paulina mocked his affections toward her, since he wasn’t rich or popular. The Guys In White relentlessly hunted him, just because the government feared ghosts. When Moka looked into his eyes, she was taken aback by the sadness and resentment in those blue depths.


“Danny? What’s wrong?”


He didn’t answer immediately as he considered what she had said. Finally he spoke. “So you hate humans, huh? Then I guess there’s no point in hanging out with you then.” He then began to walk away from her.


Moka stood in shock at the sudden cold shoulder, and started to follow after him. “Danny! Wait! What are you talking about? What do you mean that there’s no point to being with me?”


Danny paused for a moment as he reached the front gate of the campus. He didn’t turn to face her as he replied. “You said you hated humans, right? Well, I guess that means you hate me, because… I’m human.”


Moka stopped in shock again from the confession as Danny walked through the gate and made his way into the forest at the edge of the campus grounds. She then shook herself back to reality and started to chase him again. However, just as she reached the edge of the woods, Danny seemingly… vanished.



Jack Fenton’s son sighed as he sat in the branches of a tree near the cemetery. He was currently using his invisibility power to keep out of sight. For some time, he had been thinking about what he had said to Moka, and regretted on how badly he had treated her. He may have blown his best chance at a friend and something more, since Tucker and Sam. He then made a decision to go find her and try to patch things up, before it was too late. It was then that he heard a scream and recognized Moka’s voice.


He immediately took to the air and headed in her direction. When he reached the area where she was, his blood immediately went cold when he saw her.


Moka was on her knees and leaning against a tombstone. Her school uniform was tattered and dirty after being shoved to the ground by her attacker. Looking at her legs with a lecherous gaze, was the same brute who had wanted to eat humans and was now planning some very unpleasant activities with her.


Saizou Komiya, one of the more brutal and vicious students at Youkai Academy, smiled evilly as he neared his prey. Like all the other boys, he had lusted after Moka and resented the fact that she preferred to be in the company of that weakling Danny Fenton. After seeing her alone in the cemetery, he saw his chance to make her his.


Moka’s cheeks became slick with tears as she pleaded with him to leave her alone. “I told you! I’m just looking for my friend!”


Saizou’s grin became even more pronounced as he replied. “Aw, are you talking about that weakling gaijin Fenton? Looks like he abandoned you. Just as well, since only a real man should have a babe like you. Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you. You’re going to be my woman.”


As he began reaching for her, Moka closed her eyes in disgust as her right hand came up toward the rosario on her neck. It was then that she heard another voice cry out.




Both looked over to see Danny Fenton standing defiantly some twenty feet away. Saizou let off a snort and turned to face Moka’s would-be rescuer. He gave him a sneer and said, “Get lost you little runt! She’s mine now, and if you know what’s good for you, then you’d better disappear, or I’m gonna make you vanish forever!”


Danny let off an amused snort and replied, “I think I’ve had enough of being invisible for today. I’m going to tell you again to leave my friend alone!”


Moka’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Danny refer to her as his friend. However, that feeling was quickly replaced by fear for him as Saizou let off a roar and triggered his transformation to his monster form. His school uniform was ripped apart as he suddenly increased in size and muscle mass. His face became contorted and grotesque as he revealed his true self… as a disgusting ogre-like creature with clawed limbs.


“Danny! Run for your life! You can’t possibly fight a monster like him!”


Maddie Fenton’s youngest child gave her a reassuring smile. After all, he had faced far worse things in the Ghost Zone. “Hey, just because I happen to be one of them, doesn’t mean that I’m helpless.” He then addressed the monstrous Saizou. “You think I’m scared of a walking B-horror movie reject? This is your last chance. Leave Moka alone… or else!”


“Or else what?” Saizou sneered.


“Or else this! I’M GOING GHOST!”


As soon as he shouted out his trademark battle cry, Danny triggered his own transformation into his alter-ego. A bright ball of light appeared near his midsection and immediately formed into two rings that moved away from each other. As they passed along his body, his clothes morphed into the familiar black and white costume. His hair turned snow white as his eyes glowed an eerie green. The emblem on his chest flashed slightly as the transformation was completed. Though his appearance was relatively the same, both Saizou and Moka were shocked at the amount of ghostly energy that was emanating from Danny Fenton, who now became Danny Phantom.


“W-What the HELL are…”




Saizou didn’t even get to finish as he was blasted backward and sent flying, courtesy of an ectoplasmic blast from Danny. The ghost hero took to the air and charged at his foe. His legs came together and tapered to a ghostly wisp. The big bully wasn’t given a chance to recover as Danny plowed into his midsection at more than 120 mph. He followed through with a snap kick to the chin, and then he backhanded Saizou’s right cheek with a fist, powered up with ghost energy. . He mentally thanked his mother for the martial arts lessons. Despite his monstrous strength, Danny’s opponent felt considerable pain and realized that his cheekbone was broken.

Angered that he was getting pounded by someone who much smaller than him, the monster version of Dash lashed out and managed to knock Danny back toward where Moka was. Seeing her out of the corner of his right eye, the Fenton boy instinctively became intangible to avoid crashing into her. His body became translucent as he phased through the started vampire. His right arm reflexively reached out and grabbed hold of a small, metallic object, which became as intangible as he was. As a result, it went with Danny as he passed completely through his friend. He then became solid as he landed hard on his back on the ground. He looked down at his hand and saw Moka’s rosario pendant. He then looked up at his friend and became awestruck at her transformation.


With her rosario suddenly removed, the seal that had kept Moka’s hidden power restrained, was undone, causing her to emit staggering amounts of supernatural energy. She stood up and became enveloped by a dark aura. Her hair suddenly became silver as her eyes glowed crimson. Her fangs became more pronounced as her expression took on a darker, crueler appearance. She then faced off against her would-be rapist and spoke in a tone that promised immense pain.


“So the little monster boy thinks that I would be his plaything. I think not.”


Saizou trembled as he beheld the transformed Moka. He had heard of the legends, but had never even suspected that she would be one of the mythical S-Class vampires, that were said to have the greatest power in the entire monster world. Then his pride overrode his common sense as she taunted him.


“I thought you wanted to make me yours. So let’s see if there’s anything between your legs that is worthy.”




The enraged Saizou charged in, cocking back a massive fist and sent it hurtling toward Moka. However, the transformed bloodsucker nonchalantly held up a hand and stopped the blow without any effort whatsoever. Saizou was shocked to the core as she sniffed in disdain.


“Typical monster. All size and nothing else. Know your place!”


With those words, she hopped up and gave him a spinning roundhouse kick to the head, sending him back several dozens of yards. He tumbled end over end several times before coming to a stop. However, despite being in tremendous pain and sustaining massive injuries, he stubbornly got back to his feet, intent on charging her again.


“Hmmm, it seems I didn’t kick you hard enough for you to learn your lesson.” Moka commented as she prepared to give her attacker another taste of her true power. However, she didn’t have to bother as Danny suddenly shot up from the ground below Saizou and went skyward, taking the beastly bully with him.


Danny smiled as he rocketed upward with his unwilling passenger. After seeing Saizou getting set to attack Moka again, he had decided to finish the fight by phasing through the ground and bushwhack him. Now they were more than 15,000 feet above the ground, with his opponent flailing about, trying to get Danny to release him.


“Let go of me, you little pest!”


Jack’s son smirked as he answered. “If you insist.”


With that he became intangible, flew through Saizou’s body, and let his foe continue upward by momentum alone. When the monster reached the apex of his ascent, he stopped in mid-air for one heart-stopping moment, and saw Danny hovering right beside him. His face paled as he realized his predicament.


“Happy landings.” Danny said with a smirk.


Then Saizou’s new opponent became gravity as he began to plummet.






Danny Phantom casually floated down and landed near the huge crater Saizou had created when he impacted with the ground horizontally. He was sprawled on his belly and it was obvious that he wouldn’t be getting up any time soon.


“Well, on a scale of one to ten, I think I’d give that belly flop a five.” Phantom commented.


“Actually, I’d have given him a two.” Moka said as she walked up to him, with a slightly annoyed glare on her face.


Danny turned to face her, slightly put off by her haughty and hard attitude. She didn’t seem to be the same sweet, kind and loving person he met this morning. She jabbed an index finger at him and hissed.


“You lied to us!”


“Us?” He said in confusion.


Moka immediately took back the rosario and held it up. “You told me…” She then gestured to herself. “… and the other me, that you were human. However, no human could do that!” She then pointed to the battered and unconscious Saizou. “So you have about thirty seconds to explain!”


The young Fenton boy took a deep breath and nodded as he transformed back into his normal self. “I guess you do deserve and explanation, but I’m going to need more than thirty seconds to explain it all. The truth is that I am a normal human. At least I was for the first fourteen years of my life. Then things changed last year when my Dad built something called a Ghost Portal…”



Five minutes later…


“A Ghost Zone? Ghosts really do exist?” The vampire said after Danny finished with his explanations.


“Well, if monsters and vampires exist, why not ghosts?”


The bloodsucker paused for a moment and then conceded his point. “Indeed. You are mildly interesting, Danny Phantom. I’ll give you that. And my other self seems to like you, and your blood. Therefore, I shall leave her in your care. Do not disappoint me.”


With that warning, she hooked the rosario back onto its chain, causing the seal to be reestablished. She immediately transformed back to her normal self as her hair became pink and her eyes turned brown again. She swooned and would have fallen to the ground, had Danny not caught her and gave her support.


Moka’s expression softened and took on a slightly guilty look as she said, “I guess it’s my turn to explain, right?”





Danny and Moka quietly made their way back to Youkai Academy and the nearby dorms. Though he was still uneasy over the fact that the vampire girl had a split personality, and that removing the rosario would release her inner darker side, Fenton decided that he could live with it. Furthermore, he was glad that she was now his friend. His lonely days were over.


Moka was also happy that she and Danny would be friends and had apologized for her remark about hating humans. Being with Danny had convinced her that not all humans were bad. She had also promised to keep the fact that he was a human a secret. She leaned even closer to him, making him blush. Then she bent her head toward him and…






Danny winced as Moka started to drink some of his blood again.


<Man! I hope she doesn’t do this too often, or I really WILL become a real ghost!>


To be continued…


New Danny Phantom Theme Song


(guitar strumming in the background to the tune of the original theme song)


He’s a phantom…


Danny Phantom… phantom… phantom…


Yo, Danny Fenton is now fifteen...


When his parents sent him to a brand new scene…


Trying to live a life, that was once undreamed…


He’s going to take ‘em on ‘cause he’s Danny Phantom!


When got to the school, it was out of sight…


The girl he met took a really BIG BITE!


There was flash of fangs and blood got drained…


Then Danny knew that love meant pain!


Phantom… phantom… phantom…


When he came to class, he realized…


There were lots of monsters of shape and size…


Some were big, some small, some dumb, some wise…


He was still more unique than those monster guys!


It was then that  he knew what he had to do…


He had to pretend he was also, a monster too!


He’s here right now at Youkai School!


He’s going to take ‘em on ‘cause he’s Danny Phantom!


Going to take ‘em on ‘cause he’s Danny Phantom!


Going to take ‘em on ‘cause he’s… Danny Phantom!



Author’s Notes


Okay, so now we have the first chapter of Phantom + Vampire which is a crossover with Danny Phantom and Rosario + Vampire. Where could I go with this? Wouldn’t you like to know? Heh, heh. Well if this gets enough feedback, who knows? Back to my other projects.



(1) A Fenton invention which records the eerie sounds that a ghost makes and translates them into English. Since most ghosts already speak English, the device is considered as redundant. For some strange reason, it always adds the phrase, ‘fear me!’ This is possibly because ghosts are meant to be feared.