Fighting Blind

Ranma Saotome and the gang are Rumiko Takahashi's creation. Nuff


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Chapter Two

Unseen Path

It was a cold and windy afternoon at the Training Grounds of

Cursed Springs. The Guide had just lit his pipe as he sat near a

campfire when he saw a group of people approach the main entrance

to the valley. He nodded as he recognized the group.

"Many Amazons come to Jusenkyo today. Must be very

important if Elder come here too."

Ranma and Mousse led the group as they approached the edge of

the pools which had many bamboo poles scattered about each

spring. Behind them, Koga, Shampoo, Jasmine, Cologne and several

other Amazons followed them, as they would serve as witnesses for

the duel.

<"Mother, I don't like the feel of this place. It�seems as if I'm

feeling the cries of a hundred tortured souls calling out to me.">

Jasmine regarded her adopted child with a thoughtful look. She

had remembered Koga mentioning that Ranma's abilities were

sensitive enough to detect energies that pertained to the

supernatural. <"You are very perceptive Ranma. I'm not surprised

that you feel this way. Jusenkyo is a place of many tragedies and

more than a hundred unfortunate people and animals have met their

doom here. Each spring has had something or someone drown in it,

leaving a terrible curse in their waters. I would advise you to be very

careful here! As this is a duel of honor, I cannot interfere. I can give

you this warning however. Do not fall into any of the springs! Your

blindness is burden enough without having to worry about a

Jusenkyo curse!">

As soon as the group reached the center of the training grounds,

Mousse strutted forward and regarded his rival. <"Now I will prove

to all that I am the only one worthy to receive Shampoo's love!">

Mousse said as he leapt up to perch on one of the poles. He then

looked down at his hated rival and sneered. <"Come on you coward!

Face your end!">

Ranma turned to give Shampoo and the others a reassuring smile

as he leapt up to land on a pole opposite to Mousse. The Amazons

took a seat on a nearby log as Cologne began stating the terms of the


<"There will be no time limit! No outside interference will be

tolerated! Victory can be achieved by knocking your opponent into a

spring, submission�. or death! When I give the signal to begin, you

will start fighting! The result of the match will determine Ranma's

rights as an Amazon! Prepare yourselves!">

Ranma began focusing his ki for the imminent battle. His aura

began to glow as he extended all of his enhanced senses at Mousse

and his surroundings. His seventh sense gave him an image of each

of the poles and the location of the cursed springs in his mind. He

then thrust out his staff in a ready position and waited.


Mousse wasted no time as he leapt toward his opponent and

threw his sleeves forward. A barrage of poison-tipped daggers flew

toward Ranma.

Ranma's nostrils flared a bit as he recognized the kind of poison

Mousse was using. It was a rare herbal extract that was even more

lethal than curare. His sixth sense had already warned him about the

threat and he had gauged Mousse's ki energy when he had thrown

the daggers. His seventh sense tracked the trajectory of the daggers

as they streaked toward him. All this sensory input was received in

an instant and Ranma reacted accordingly.

Instead of leaping to avoid the blades, Ranma began spinning his

staff like a propeller. Each dagger was deflected away with ease. Not

a single one touched him. As the last knife fell, Ranma then threw out

an arm and launched his own counterattack. His seventh sense had

already located Mousse as he was landing on a pole to his right.

The Hidden Weapons fighter was more than shocked when he

saw his opponent suddenly make a hundred throwing stars appear.

He had to get off his perch quickly in order to avoid the shurikens as

they cut to pieces the pole he had been on a moment before. He

landed on another pole while cursing.

<"That�can't be! You can't know Hidden Weapon techniques!">

Ranma smiled as he pivoted on one foot. <"Just because I'm blind,

doesn't mean that I'm helpless!">

<"I will not tolerate this insult!"> Mousse roared as he leapt to

attack him again, this time pulling out a longsword.

Ranma ducked under Mousse's slash, then swung his staff in an

arc that smacked into Mousse's side and sent him flying. Mousse

had to twist and reach out toward a pole to avoid falling into a spring.

He was barely able to use the pole to spring him up and flip toward

another perch. He began breathing hard as he saw how close he had

come to losing the match.

<Damn him! I've got to separate him from that staff of his! He's got

a longer reach and my weapons can't get close enough!> Mousse

decided to change his tactics as he threw out a length of chain,

hoping to ensnare Ranma's weapon away from him.

Ranma's sixth sense measured the amount of ki that Mousse had

used to throw the chain and his radar-sense tracked the links as they

streaked toward the end of his staff. Just as the chain wrapped

around one end of his staff, Ranma used this opportunity to turn the

tables. He gave a mighty pull and 'yanked Mousse's chain!' (Pardon

the pun).

Mousse was unprepared at the sudden movement and

unfortunately for him, he was still attached to the chain. He found

himself pulled off his perch and making an arc toward a spring. He

released his weapon, then brought forth a staff of his own. He thrust

it forward and used it to pole-vault himself back up to another

bamboo pole.

Ranma leapt forward guided by his sense of hearing. He stabbed

out with his staff and hit Mousse's inverted form in the chest, just as

he was heading up toward a safe landing spot. Mousse was knocked

back, dropping his weapon and just missed another spring. The two

leapt back and faced each other off.

By now, Mousse was getting angrier. He had yet to score a single

hit on his adversary, while Ranma was mocking both him and his

techniques. Weren't his Hidden Weapon skills more formidable than

that weak Unseen Light? It was almost as if he knew what weapons

he was going to pull out. Then, he realized what was going on. His

opponent was blind, right? That must mean that his other senses

were far sharper than his, especially his sense of hearing. With this in

mind, he came up with a plan to defeat Ranma.

Mousse made another leap with his sleeves held at the ready. Just

as Ranma prepared to counter with a thrust, Mousse pulled out a pair

of cymbals and slammed them together.

Ranma screamed as the loud noise echoed against his sensitive

eardrums. Mousse took advantage of his disorientation and lashed

forward with a hand blade. Ranma's sixth sense barely had enough

time to warn him and his body reacted on reflex. Ranma leapt back,

almost evading the blade completely. The weapon just barely nicked

his chest as Ranma landed on another pole. Mousse was grinning as

he landed on another perch.

Ranma was shaking his head to clear it as his foe laughed. When

the ringing stopped, he tuned into what his opponent was saying.

<"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! I've got you now Ranma! That blade I

used was poison-tipped! All I had to do was scratch you! In less

than a minute, you'll be dead! I have won! Shampoo is mine!">

Ranma began to feel numbness in his legs and arms as the poison

began to spread all over him. It was taking all of his strength just to

remain balanced on his pole. His hands started to lose their strength

and he couldn't hold onto his staff. The weapon dropped down and

splashed down in one of the pools below.

Shampoo watched in horror as her childhood friend began to

become pale and unsteady. She took a step forward, but was stopped

by a cane held out in front of her. She looked down and saw her

great-grandmother giving her a stern look. She looked back up at

Ranma then down at Cologne. The Elder shook her head, telling

Shampoo with her eyes that interference was not permitted. This was

a duel of honor and she would see it through. Shampoo bit back her

tears as she waited for the inevitable.

Ranma began to feel dizzy as the poison increased its effect on

him. As he began to lose consciousness, he began hearing Jasmine's

voice in his head. A memory of his younger days came back to him as

he thought back to a time when he was twelve and his adopted

mother was telling him about a technique in which one could speed

up one's own healing.

<Ranma, it is just as important to heal yourself as it is to heal

others! By striking these specific pressure points on your arms and

chest, your ki energy will be stimulated enough to stop the spread of

poison and begin the healing process that much sooner! But you

must take care! Missing these spots by even the slightest fraction

would cause great and permanent harm to your body!>

Ranma then remembered what Master Koga had told him about the

sixth sense.

<Ranma my boy, the sixth sense can not only detect the ki of

others, but it can also detect the ki in one's self. If for some reason

that your physical senses should fail, you can still rely on it to 'feel'

your own body!>

Ranma nodded, as he knew what to do. With only ten seconds of

his life left, he began to focus his sixth sense onto himself. His

skeletal muscles were locking up and his skin was growing cold.

Within two seconds, he had located the correct pressure points with

his sixth sense, since the poison was affecting his sense of touch.

With a final gasp, he stabbed at each pressure point with the index

and middle fingers of each hand.

A moment of silence passed. Then another and another. Mousse

became very confused. Ranma should have keeled over dead by now.

Why hadn't he?

Ranma breathed out a sigh of relief as he felt his body beginning

to warm up again. His muscles began to unlock and some of his

strength returned. It was just through sheer willpower that he had

managed to keep his balance during that time. Ranma straightened up

and faced his opponent once more.

<"Impossible! You should be dead by now!">

Ranma mouth turned up in a smirk as he said, <"Well, I guess they

don't make poison the way they used to!">

<"DIE!"> Mousse screamed as he leapt toward him with the same

hand blade, thinking that Ranma didn't get enough of the poison in

his body the first time around.

Ranma sensed Mousse's approach and leapt out of the way. He

landed on another pole unsteadily and realized that even though the

poison inside him wasn't going to kill him, it had still made him too

weak to fight off Mousse's attack effectively. Furthermore, Mousse

still had those cymbals and could still use them to his advantage

against him. Ranma had to end this fight and fast.

Mousse jumped from pole to pole, maneuvering to get into a good

position to attack. Ranma didn't have his staff so he wouldn't be able

to fight unless he was at close range. Mousse also knew that Ranma

was sensitive to sound. As he came at Ranma again, he took out the

cymbals and clanged them together.

However, to the Hidden Weapons master's surprise, Ranma did

not react to the noise as he leapt up and delivered a downward punch

to Mousse's head, sending him down toward a cursed spring. It was

though sheer luck that he managed to grab hold of a shorter pole and

swing over to another. He turned to look at his opponent, who was

taking a crane stance ten feet away.

Ranma smiled as he thought back to another skill that Koga had

taught him.

<Ranma, there will be times in which having sharp hearing and a

sense of smell would be a hindrance. I shall teach you a way to

temporarily tune out noises and smells. Do not worry, since you will

still be able to use your sixth and seventh sense to guide you


As of now, Ranma was deaf as well as blind, so Mousse's sound

attack had no effect on him. His sixth sense had warned him about his

approach and his seventh sense guided him to where he should

strike. He could already sense the anger building up in his foe as he

rushed toward him once more to finish off the fight. Ranma waited on

his perch and reached out with his two extra senses. When Mousse

was almost on top of him, he launched his final attack.


Ranma's fists blurred forward and struck Mousse several hundred

times in the ribs. Although he was not hitting with any considerable

strength due to the poison, the effect was still devastating! Mousse

was thrown back and made a short arc toward a cursed spring. He

threw out a sleeve and a chain whipped out to snag a pole beside

Ranma's position.

Ranma crouched down and reached out with a finger. When he

touched the chain, he focused his ki into it. The energy ran the length

of the chain and then caused it to disintegrate into metal powder

before it had a chance to become taut.


Mousse screamed in horror, as the only means of saving himself

was gone. He made a tremendous splash into the spring and

disappeared under the surface. A moment later, a duck wearing

Mousse's thick glasses came up and began quacking angrily.

"Uh oh! He fall into Yazsniichuan!" Said the Guide. "Spring of

Drowned Duck! Very tragic legend of duck that drown 3000 year ago!

Now whoever fall in spring take body of duck!"

The Amazons cheered as Cologne declared Ranma the winner.

Ranma smiled as his hearing restored itself. He crouched down and

said weakly, <"Could someone help me get down?"> The Chestnut

Fist had exhausted almost all of Ranma's remaining strength and he

was about to drop off into the spring below him. Koga noted Ranma's

low ki level and leapt up to retrieve his pupil.

Sometime later, Ranma was still being congratulated as he was

recovering in Jasmine's house. Shampoo kept on bubbling on about

Ranma's victory as the healer applied some special lotions to prevent

infection from the cut on his chest and to help drive out the poison


<"Aiya! You did great Ranma!"> Shampoo glomped onto him and

gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Ranma's cheeks took on twin spots of red. Even though he still

considered Shampoo as his cousin, he was a little more than

embarrassed by this display of affection.

<"I am very proud of you, my son!"> Jasmine said with a smile.

<"As am I."> Koga added. <"You fought well."> The blind master

addressed Jasmine and Shampoo. <"If you three wouldn't mind, I

would like to speak with Ranma alone.">

Jasmine looked at her son, who gave her a reassuring nod. She

then led Cologne and Shampoo out of the room and closed the door

behind her.

Koga smiled as he spoke to his pupil. <"Ranma, I noticed that you

used that technique I taught you to tune out noises and smells and

to rely on your sixth and seventh sense.">

The blind boy nodded. <"Well, I sort of figured that Mousse

would try to use those cymbals again.">

<"That technique helped me convince Cologne that the Unseen

Light Martial Arts was just as good as Amazonian Wu Shu">

<"Really? Tell me about it.">

<"I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I haven't told you much about

myself, have I? Well, my story began more than forty years ago. I

was about ten years old and was traveling with my parents through

China. My father was a very good doctor and was part of the groups

that periodically visited the Amazons. My parents were on good

terms with the Joketsuzoku. One time, my father helped save this very

village from a plague that would have killed off most of the tribe. It

was because of this act that my family was made honorary members

of the Amazons. However, when I had reached my eleventh birthday,

their ancient enemies, the Musk Dynasty, attacked the village. My

parents were killed and the last thing I saw was a Musk warrior's

knife. The Amazons were able to beat back the attack, but it was too

late to save my eyesight.">

<"That's so� terrible!">

Koga nodded. <"Since I was an honorary member of the tribe, the

Amazons adopted me. A gentle healer named Lily raised me.

However, my blindness made me seem too weak and helpless in front

of the others and I was ridiculed and teased daily. Then, when I

became fourteen, a priest by the name of Shogo Natsurmuri, came to

the village. Shogo had some distant relatives in the tribe and visited

them once every few years. Like myself, he was blind, but he didn't

act like he was. He didn't move as if he had no sight. In fact, very few

even suspected that he was sightless. His senses enabled him to act

as if he had perfect eyesight. He was considered a formidable fighter

among the warriors and the Elders respected his battle prowess.">

<"No one knew he was blind?">

<"Except for a few, the Amazons assumed that he still had his

vision. Despite the fact that he couldn't see, his other senses allowed

him to detect that I too, was blind. He approached me one day and

revealed that he was the same. He then took a lonely and sightless

boy and taught him how to 'see!' In ways I never knew existed!">

<"The sixth and seventh sense?">

<"That's right Ranma. My other physical sense of hearing, taste,

touch and smell were already sharper than normal. Four years of

being blind can do that. However, Shogo taught me a way not only to

enhance those senses, but also helped me develop the other two!

Amazon techniques that I had seen, before I was blinded, became

very easy to understand with my sixth and seventh senses! I was

never able to master those skills before with my sight, but now that I

am able to accurately measure ki energies and determine how they are

focused, no technique is impossible for me to learn!">

Ranma nodded. It had been easy for him to learn techniques, even

though he could not see the technique in front of him! The Chestnuts

Roasting Over an Open Fire was a good example. Ranma had been

standing right behind Jasmine when she had accidentally dropped a

few nuts into the fire while making a stew. When she had used the

skill to pluck those nuts out of the fire, Ranma's sixth sense had

gauged the amount of ki used and determined how it was applied. He

had spent the next few days building up his speed and by the end of

the week, he was able to duplicate the skill. His adopted mother was

very shocked to see her son's hands actually move with enough

speed to catch fish out of a mountain stream without getting them


Koga continued on. <"Master Shogo taught me that the world did

not end when it goes dark. By the time I was eighteen, I had mastered

the principles of the Unseen Light Martial Arts and used them to

learn Amazon techniques. I preferred not to show off, but I did try to

convince the Elders of the advantages of my training. Most of them

dismissed my abilities as parlor tricks and assumed that I already

knew the skills before I was rendered blind. Cologne was among the

disbelievers. She would frequently say that my fighting style was too

passive and not fit to be noticed. It wasn't until I was twenty-one

that I proved her wrong!">

<"What happened?">

<"I challenged her.">

<"YOU challenged Cologne?!">

<"That I did!"> Koga said proudly. <"The Elder couldn't believe

that I would actually have the gall to fight her. It took some doing but

I finally had her to agree to duel with me in a secret place in the


<"What happened?">

<"Cologne still couldn't believe that a brash and blind male

upstart would have the nerve to go against a matriarch with almost

three hundred years worth of experience. Still, she had been

observing me and thought that I had gained some considerable skill

during my training with Shogo. She decided to test my skills by

fighting in a way that would render my physical senses worthless.

Before she came to the place where we were to duel, she had bathed

herself in a special soap that totally removed her scent. During our

fight, she deployed special techniques that distorted the sounds

around us, while she used stealth maneuvers to mask her attacks. She

also made certain that her ki energies were tightly focused within


<"What happened?">

<"Even though I could not hear or smell her, my radar-sense

always told me where she was. My sixth sense was still sensitive

enough to detect her ki, despite the fact that it was buried deep

within her. She couldn't catch me unawares or launch a single attack

against me without me countering each one. I totally tuned out my

sense of hearing and smell and relied solely on my sixth and seventh

sense to fight her. Three hours later, she still couldn't get the upper

hand on me. The match ended in a draw and Cologne finally admitted

that my skills as a warrior were as good as the others. Anyone who

could last that long against a matriarch earned her respect. Of course,

she didn't tell anyone that she couldn't beat a blind male, but the fact

that I have earned her respect was enough for me. And now, it seems

that the Unseen Light Martial Arts is becoming of great interest to

the other Amazons as well.">

<"What do you mean?">

<"Ranma, I am sure that you have noticed that the girls in the

village have given you a lot more� ahem, attention lately?">

Ranma's cheeks blushed even redder as he remembered the past

year or so. Many of the girls, especially Shampoo had been getting

friendlier toward him. Sugar, Spice, Azure, and several others had

been inviting him over to their homes and asking him out for dates.

The Elders had also been dropping hints that Ranma should marry

their heirs. A gentle nudge here, a subtle prod there and so forth.

And of course, his mother Jasmine would always tell him in a

roundabout way that he should go forth and multiply. Ranma sighed

and shook his head bemusedly. He then sensed that his master's ki

began to wane. A moment later, Koga coughed.

<"Master? Is something wrong?">

Koga cleared his throat and said in a reassuring tone, <"No, it's

nothing for you to be concerned about.">

Ranma wasn't really convinced that Koga was telling the truth. For

the past several months, Ranma's senses had been detecting an

imbalance in Koga's ki. Every nowand then, it would make a severe

drop in power level, then climb unsteadily back up. His master had

also been coughing more frequently and every so often, he would

become easily fatigued. The blind master would keep saying that it

was just his age starting to catch up with him, he was over sixty after

all, but deep down, the blind Saotome knew it was something else.

<"We shall resume your training tomorrow Ranma."> Koga turned

and exited the room, closing the door behind him.

A while later, Koga and Cologne were discussing the events of the

day as they sat near the Challenge Log in the center of the village.

They smiled as they listened in on the gentle music that came from a

bamboo flute. Ranma's exceptional hearing had made him gifted in

music, and he was now sitting on the roof of Jasmine's house,

playing a soft melody on the flute he had crafted. Many of the other

villagers paused in their daily lives to listen in on Ranma's playing.

Ranma had found that his superior hearing allowed him to listen to

the subtle variances in sound. He could memorize each note, and play

back any song after only hearing it once. Furthermore, he could

detect any conflicting dissonance and correct them, making the tunes

flow together more smoothly. The result was a melody that was so

perfect, that any listener would find it next to impossible not to be

moved by such music.

<"Ranma is very talented, Koga.">

<"Indeed he is! I couldn't have found a more worthy heir to the

Unseen Light Martial Arts!"> Koga coughed again, causing Cologne

to become concerned.

<"You still haven't told him, have you?">

Koga cleared his voice and became silent. After a long while of

just listening to Ranma's playing, he sighed and said, <"I do not wish

for him to be distracted. He is very close to mastering all that I can

teach him. I have already started on his final training. It wouldn't do

for him to lose his focus if he were to know about my� problem.">

<"You can't hide it from Ranma forever you know. Already, the

boy is beginning to sense your ki is starting to ebb. So how long did

that doctor give you?">

Koga paused as he thought back to the time the medical group

that had visited the village last month. After getting the bad news

from the physician, he had consulted Jasmine and the other healers

of the Amazons. They too had come to the same conclusion. The

cancer within his body was too far into its advanced stages and he

had been given less than a year to live. There was nothing that could

be done. Koga took a deep breath and said, <"I'll just have enough

time to complete Ranma's training and teach him the final techniques

of the Unseen Light. I had received word that Master Shogo died a

week ago and� I am not long for this world. When I go, Ranma shall

be the only master of the Unseen Light.">

<"Are there no others?">

Koga shook his head. <"Shogo had no heirs. The only surviving

users of the Unseen Light are Ranma and myself. The techniques of

our fighting style were so secret that they were never written down.

They were only passed down from teacher to student.">

<"I see."> Cologne paused for a moment, then said, <"You do

realize that once you are gone, then the Unseen Light techniques

shall be viewed as belonging to the Amazons.">

Koga nodded. <"Yes, now that Ranma has proven his rights as an

Amazon, the skills and knowledge that he has are considered

property of the tribe. He is aware of it and has promised me that he

will not teach what he knows to an outsider.">

In the months that followed, Ranma's training became ever more

intense as his skills were pushed to their limits. The training was not

with out hardship and the blind boy soon discovered that though

Genma no longer raised him, he was still causing him trouble.

A few months after the duel�

<"Ranma! You have a visitor!">

<"I'm coming Mother! So who is� errk!">

The blind teenager was unable to finish as some stranger

suddenly put him into a bear hug.

"Ranma! It's me, your Dad! At last I've found you!"

"D-Dad?!" Although he hadn't heard from Genma in over seven

years, he knew for certain that this visitor wasn't him.

"Yes my boy, once you marry my daughter then you'll become my

true heir!"

"Say what?!"

"You can come out now Kaori!" The strange man called out to

someone who was waiting in the next room. Ranma's sixth and

seventh sense detected the strong presence of someone entering. By

the scent, he could tell that she was female. He also sensed an

exceptional amount of control over her ki. He could see in his mind by

way of his seventh sense, of the girl kneeling down and presenting

herself to him.

"Greetings, future husband." The voice was soft and a bit melodic.

"Well son, she's a beauty isn't she? She makes a lovely bride!"


"Excuse me?" Jasmine decided to intervene at this time. "Just what

is going on?"

"Oh." The strange man released his hold on Ranma and turned to

face her. "And who might you be?"

"I am Jasmine. I am Ranma's mother. Now would you mind

explaining to me what is going on?"

"Certainly. Your son Ranma will be marrying my daughter."

"What?!" Jasmine's expression became a bit sterner. "Are you

saying that my son is engaged to a girl that neither he nor I have ever

met, much less approved of?!"

"Errr�" The strange man began explaining. "Well, I'm afraid that it

is a matter of family honor that he marry my daughter Kaori. For the

sake of the Daijkoku clan, the promise that Genma had made to me

must be fulfilled."

"And exactly what promise was this?"

The father of Kaori began recounting his little encounter with

Genma Saotome that had occurred some three years ago. When he

finished his story, Jasmine's temper had begun to rise to a fast boil.

Ranma was also miffed.

"Ranma was sold for a fish?!"

"I also threw in the rice and two pickles." The man said with a bit

of pride.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!" Jasmine

exclaimed. By now, she was mad enough to go to search for Genma

and correct that little error she made years ago. The error being in not

ending his life. The fat martial artist had actually offered to exchange

his child's future for a small meal, even though he no longer raised

him. Jasmine looked ready to explode. Then suddenly, she instantly

became calm as she addressed the head of the Daijkoku family.

"Would you please excuse me for a moment?"

Jasmine went into the kitchen while Ranma and the others waited.

As they waited for Jasmine to return, Kaori took a good look at her

fianc�e. Ranma was very handsome; there was no doubt about it. He

had a muscular frame and moved with uncanny grace. He seemed to

radiate warmth. He was a good catch. The girl decided that she would

take him.

Jasmine returned with a small sack and placed it on the table in

front of the man. "Here. Take it and go!"

"What's this?"

"That's a day's supply of fish, rice and pickles! Take it and leave!

My son will marry whomever he chooses, and not because of some

idiotic promise made by his worthless father!"

"But it is a matter of honor! An agreement made between his father

and me!" The man protested.

"It is the best deal that you are going to get." Another voice said


The group turned toward the door and saw Cologne, Sugar, Spice

and Shampoo standing with weapons unsheathed. Ranma had

already detected their presence when they came to the house, and he

didn't even need to use his enhanced senses to feel what their

emotions were at the moment. They had heard the whole thing and

they weren't the tiniest bit pleased. Battle auras were flaring and

Ranma was especially surprised at the intensity of his adopted

mother's. Jasmine rarely had to show her battle aura, but the blind

boy knew that getting on her bad side was something to be avoided.

It was at the top of his list of things not to do.

The father of Kaori assessed the situation and didn't like what he

saw. His daughter may have mastered the techniques of the Daijkoku

School of Martial Arts Takeout, but they were badly outnumbered

and not just from the people in the house. When he and Kaori had

arrived at the village, they had seen the many warriors and the

weapons they carried. Even if they did manage to fight their way out

of the house, their chances of making it out of the village alive were

close to nil.

In this situation, Kaori's father did the only thing he could do. He

silently took the bag and led his protesting daughter out of the

house. When they reached the gates, they were firmly escorted by a

pair of guards to the path that led them out of the area.

Ranma and the Amazons breathed out a sigh of relief when it was

clear that there would be no violence. When everyone had calmed

down, Jasmine made a comment, which reflected everyone else's

opinion of a certain martial artist. "Ranma's father is a total IDIOT!"

Unfortunately, this was not the only incident in which Genma had

used his son to feed his fat belly. For the next four months, Ranma

was visited by no less than a dozen would-be fianc�es, as one girl

after another came to claim him. Soon, the entire village was in

agreement that Genma Saotome had all the brains of an overcooked


Ranma at age sixteen�

As the training in the Unseen Light neared its end, Ranma's status

as an Amazon rose even further. His enhanced senses not only made

him a great fighter and healer, but it had also given him excellent

tracking skills. He was good enough to give some serious

competition to Tiger, the village's best tracker. Tiger was a bit of a

loner. Her father had been a tiger that had fallen into the Spring of

Drowned Man in Jusenkyo. She had slightly pointed ears, slitted

pupils, fangs and her body was lightly furred. Her tracking abilities

were nothing to be sneezed at though. She was able to track a fly

across a marsh and could tell a person's identity, no matter how one

disguised his or her appearance. When Ranma displayed his amazing

sense of hearing, smell and ki detection, Tiger found herself hard-

pressed to keep up. Fortunately, the two became fast friends and

eventually, Ranma's innate charm and good looks soon made Tiger

join the ranks of those who desired to have him as a husband,

despite the fact that she was four years younger than he was.

His fellow Amazons also enjoyed his aptitude for music and many

would request for impromptu concerts, especially among the younger

generations. Two girls in particular were Ling Ling and Lung Lung.

The two would always ask their 'Big Brother Ranma' to play his flute

for them. Ranma's senses allowed him to project the melodies in their

purest tones, coming up with tunes that would have made the great

musicians weep with joy.

Razor, the village weaponsmith was very impressed by the way

Ranma could use his senses to detect the weaknesses and structural

flaws of any material. The blind boy would come by his forge every

now and then to help in his work. Weak points in metals were

hammered out. Edges were made more smother and sharper. Mistakes

and flaws were pointed out and corrected. The results were weapons

of extraordinary quality and durability. Products made by both Razor

and Ranma were highly sought out.

The blind boy's abilities soon made him a Jack of Many Trades. By

this time, the village began treating Ranma as an irreplaceable

treasure of the Amazons.

One fine day�

Ranma was standing in a forest clearing, his feet spread apart and

his staff held out of front of him. A short distance away, Koga was

sitting on a log and instructing him.

<"Reach out with your senses and feelings, Ranma. Let your ki

flow out and touch your surroundings!">

Ranma nodded as concentrated. His body glowed with a soft blue

aura, which began to intensify itself as he slowly focused on the

trees, the ground and the air around him.

<"Excellent! Now remember what I had taught you earlier Ranma!

Don't force your ki into nature! Cooperate with it! Become one with


Ranma took a deep breath and let his senses take in each detail of

his environment. Every odor was smelled. Every air current was felt.

Every sound was heard. Then, Ranma's senses extended themselves

beyond the physical realm. Mystic forces that were the basis of all

magic were detected. Ranma could feel the distant power of Jusenkyo

beckoning to him. Ranma could feel the spirits that roamed the astral

plane. He could sense the power of the Almighty in heaven and the

dark evil of Lucifer in hell. All that was, all that is and all that ever will

be on Earth was now a part of Ranma in a way in which he couldn't

even begin to describe.

Koga smiled as he sensed Ranma's aura reach a certain level.

<"Now my student, absorb what you sense. Gather the energy within

yourself. Focus it and make it a part of you!">

The blind adolescent's brow furrowed in intense concentration.

Unnoticed by him, tiny pinpricks of energy began to appear around

him. These dots of energy floated beside him like fireflies and then

were absorbed into him, causing his aura to become the purest white.

His power level began to build as more energy was gathered. Soon,

Ranma was radiating enough power to light the entire forest on a

moon-less night.

The villagers were a little more than surprised to see the forest

glow with an eerie light. At first they thought it was a forest fire, but

the absence of smoke dismissed that idea from their heads. The

Elders were especially fascinated by this event as they detected the

huge amount of ki energy being focused. One matriarch in particular

watched with her great-granddaughter.

<"Great-grandmother, what is happening?">

<"If I am not mistaken Shampoo, I believe that Koga is teaching

Ranma the final technique of the Unseen Light.">

Back in the forest, Koga braced himself against a tree as he sensed

that Ranma's power had peaked. He then called out to him. <"NOW


Ranma inhaled as he pointed his staff to the sky. The wooden pole

suddenly glowed white just as his aura transferred all the

accumulated energy into it.


A small ball of energy appeared at the end of the staff and then a

thin beam of energy shot upward. The resulting discharge of all that

energy at once caused a massive shockwave to erupt from where

Ranma was standing. The circle of ki energy rippled outward and

shook the massive trees as if they were saplings. Koga was knocked

off his feet as the tree he was holding onto toppled over. In the

village, the Amazons were similarly started as the shockwave rumbled

through their homes and rattled their windows.

The beam of energy streaked upward into the heavens and became

a distant dot in the sky. A moment later, the sky lit up as a huge flash

of energy exploded. All those who had been watching the beam's

trajectory were temporarily blinded. A moment later, the brightness

faded away.

Ranma sank to his knees, his body almost totally exhausted from

the effort. Bracing him self on his staff, he managed to get to a

standing position. <"How did I do Master?">

There was no answer.

<"Master? All you all right?">

Silence was his only response.


Ranma began to panic as started using his senses to detect Koga's

presence. However, due to the massive expenditure of energy, his

sixth and seventh senses were extremely weak and he could only

detect things that were no more than five feet away from him. Ranma

stumbled as he tripped over a tree root. Ranma then used his sense of

smell to detect his mentor. Locking in on his scent, Ranma crawled to

where Koga was. When he touched his body, Ranma got a shock as

he used his senses to measure Koga's ki level.

<"Master! Why didn't you tell me?">

Sometime later, Ranma and his adopted mother were standing

beside Koga as he lay on the bed in their house. Cologne and

Shampoo were on the other side.

<"Master, why didn't you tell me that you were�"> Ranma's voice

trailed off.

<"Dying?"> Koga finished in a very weak voice. Koga coughed as

he continued. <"I did not want you to worry about me during your

final lessons. I'm proud of you Ranma. You have mastered the Sprit


<"Spirit Beam?"> Shampoo asked.

Ranma nodded. <"Those who practice the Unseen Light Martial

Arts are able to draw power from the mystical realms as well as the

physical realms. Our senses are so sharp that we can locate any

power source and utilize it. But, the Spirit Beam is so draining that I

can't summon it up too often. Right now, I'm so weak that I couldn't

beat Mousse."> Ranma then turned to Koga. <"Master, I had been

sensing that your ki was fading, but I never suspected this!">

Koga sighed as he replied, <"Last year, the doctors and the

healers told me that I had cancer and they gave me about ten months

to live. That is why it was so important that you finished your

training before I passed on. When I leave this world, you will be the

only master of the Unseen Light.">

<"But Master�">

<"Do not grieve for me Ranma! I have lived a good life and I have

no regrets. You have surpassed me in the skills that I have taught

you. I know that you will be fine. No teacher could ever be more

proud of his student than I am of you. You have become a man

among men and the son that I never had.">

<"Oh Master.">

In another part of the village, Mousse had come to a decision. It

had been almost a year since Jusenkyo had cursed him, but he had

gotten used to having to turn into a duck with cold water. No, it

wasn't the curse that angered him. It was the one who caused him to

be cursed that got his temper to boiling. Ranma was now considered

a part of the Amazon tribe by all and it seemed that he and Shampoo

had gotten even closer. Also was the fact that Mousse still could not

defeat Ranma, even though he had improved in the Hidden Weapons


No matter what weapon he used against Ranma, the blind boy

would counter it and Mousse would be sucking dirt. It was almost as

if he knew what weapons he was going to use. After seeing that

display of ki energy manipulation, Mousse finally realized that if he

wanted to defeat Ranma and win Shampoo's heart, then he was going

to have to beat Saotome at his own game. He had made up his mind

to petition Koga to train him as he had with Ranma.

<If you can use the Hidden Weapons style against me, then why

shouldn't I use your own techniques against you? I will have my

revenge Ranma Saotome and Shampoo will be mine!>

That night, Ranma decided to stay by his master's side until Koga

became strong enough to get out of bed. The two spent long hours

in quiet discussion, talking about the future. Eventually, Koga drifted

off to sleep and Ranma soon followed suit in the chair that was set up

beside the bed. As the two slept, Koga's ki energy finally gave out as

his body succumbed to the cancer that ravaged it. At 2:15 am, Koga

had left this world and Ranma became the sole master of the Unseen

Light Martial Arts. When the blind boy awoke early the next day, he

felt a chill wash over him. He began reaching out to detect his

master's ki, but he could find nothing. He slowly walked toward the

bed and knelt beside the bed. He reached out with his fingers and

started feeling the face of the corpse. His sightless eyes began to

flood with tears as his enhanced sense of touch took in every detail

of Koga's lifeless face. Ranma sobbed openly as his mind

constructed an image of what his master looked like, based on what

his fingers were telling him. He committed the image to memory, then

laid his head over crossed arms.

His sobs soon roused his mother Jasmine from her slumber. She

walked over to where her son was crying and saw Koga's lifeless

form. She didn't need to ask what was the matter as she quietly

approached her grieving child and knelt down to embrace him. She

said nothing as Ranma wept.

Later that very same day�

<"No! He can't be dead!"> Mousse shouted at Cologne, who

immediately bopped him on the head with her cane.

<"You should learn to talk to your elders with more respect! In any

case, why should you be upset? You never liked him much


<"But he has to be alive! I'm ready to learn his techniques now!">

<"Oh? So NOW you wish to learn? I thought you considered his

skills as weak and not fit to be noticed by the Amazons.">

<"I changed my mind okay?"> Mousse exasperated. <"I have seen

the error of my way of thinking and I am ready to become his


<"Hmpf! I know why you want to learn now. You've finally realized

that your Hidden Weapons style is no match for Ranma and you

want to beat him using the same style that he uses! Well, you are too

late! Koga is gone, and Ranma is now heir to all of his secrets! And I

seriously doubt he would agree to train you!">

<"It's not fair!"> Mousse shouted.

<"It's your own fault that you refused to learn sooner. You

thought that your Hidden Weapons techniques would impress my

Shampoo, but they did the opposite. Koga had offered to teach you

the Unseen Light many times and you turned him down repeatedly.

He had only had to ask Ranma once and he accepted. Now Ranma

has become a far greater warrior than you as well as an exceptional

healer. He is a good asset to the village and would be a fitting mate

for my great-granddaughter!">

<"Shampoo is mine, not Ranma's!"> Mousse roared, which

resulted in another bop on the head by Cologne. <"Ow!">

<"Shampoo was never yours to begin with. Now, I grow tired of

this discussion. I must see to the preparations for the funeral.

Goodbye Mousse.">

By the week's end, Koga's body was placed on an elaborate

funeral pyre and set ablaze. The site was near the place where Ranma

had begun training when he was eight. The blind Saotome had told

Cologne that the spot was a favorite of his former mentor's and she

arranged the funeral to be held there. The Council of Elders as well as

many of the Amazons was present to witness the cremation. Ranma

stood beside Jasmine and Shampoo, his eyes slick with tears as he

listened to the matriarches bid their final farewells to a great warrior.

When the fire had burned itself out, Ranma was given the task of

fulfilling Koga's last request.

The blind boy carried the small urn, which contained the ashes of

his sensei up the slope of a cliff that overlooked the valley of the

Joketsuzoku. Taking a deep breath, he began focusing his ki and let

his aura flare up. Extending his senses to the winds, he opened the

urn and let the ashes scatter themselves to the breeze. Ranma let his

senses flow into the surroundings as he felt his teacher's presence

one final time as Koga became one with nature.

Another week would pass as Ranma went into mourning for the

man who had raised him like the father he never had. He was

everything that Genma could never hope to be. He had treated him

fairly and never used him for personal gain. He had taught him how

to turn his handicap into a boon and helped him achieve mastery in

the martial arts that he could have never attained under his real

father. Jasmine and Koga had sheltered him and protected him from

Genma and his influence for more than eight years.

It was this last thought that made Ranma come to a decision.

<"You're leaving the village?"> Jasmine asked in surprise.

Ranma nodded. <"Mother, you and the tribe have been good to

me, but I can't stay here forever. I can't ignore the outside world,

especially since my senses are so attuned to it. I have to go out there.

It's� I'm not sure how to describe it, but I feel that I have to

experience the world out there. The Council is letting a few of the

others to study in Japan and I've asked to go with them.">

Jasmine shook her head. <"Koga did tell me that you had a

wanderlust in you when he took you to school.">

<"It's not just that Mother. It's not that I don't appreciate you and

Koga for protecting me from that no-good father of mine, but I can't

keep hiding from him. I have to face him sooner or later. Also, even

though you're the best mother anyone's ever asked for, I� want to

know who my real mother is and what's she's like.">

<"I� see."> Jasmine's face took on a sorrowful, yet understanding

look as she said, <"Ranma, you have been my treasure these past

eight years and I suppose that it's just natural that you would one

day leave the nest. I will not try to stop you Ranma. You have already

proven that you are capable of handling yourself. Just promise me

this. Don't forget about me?">

<"Never Mother!"> Ranma took Jasmine into his arms and held

her tight. <"I'll write to you as often as I can!">

Jasmine smiled as tears ran down her cheeks. <"Just remember

Ranma, you'll always have a home here and a place in my heart!">

Ranma smiled as he reached up with his hands and began feeling

his mother's face with his fingers. He traced every line and the texture

of her skin. He noted that she had gained a few new wrinkles but her

ki was still as strong as ever. He committed his adopted mother's face

to memory.

By the end of the month, Ranma hefted his backpack over his

shoulder and boarded the boat that would take him to Japan. He

would be traveling with a few other Amazons, including Shampoo.

The top fighters and most promising of his generation were given the

opportunity to study abroad. Fortunately, Mousse was denied the

chance to come along. The only way that a male could be given this

opportunity was if he happened to be the best fighter. Mousse was

no longer the top male fighter of the village. Ranma had taken that

spot. As the families of the group bid their farewells, Cologne nodded

to the skipper to cast off. The boat slowly began chugging its way to

the Land of the Rising Sun.

To be continued�

Author's Notes

Ranma has now begun his journey back to the place of his birth.

What will Nodoka say when she sees her son after a ten-year

absence? Will Genma give up on Ranma and the plan to unite the

schools of the Anything Goes? How about the rest of the Nerima

gang? Stay tuned!

For those of you who are wondering about Ranma's new move, the

Spirit Beam is sort of like Goku's Spirit Bomb in Dragonball Z.

Ranma's senses can actually allow him to tap into the forces of nature

as well as the mystical fields around him. Of course, this technique

takes a long time to initiate and is extremely draining. You might think

of it as a desperation or finishing move.

This rewrite to mostly to clear up the grammar and spelling

mistakes. I also wanted to tell more about Ranma's life in the village

as well as introduce a few more Amazons that we will be seeing again

in the future As you can see, not having his son with him hasn't

stopped Genma from selling him off. The ones with money have been

able to track Ranma down as he stays in one place, the Amazon


Well, this is the second rewrite to this chapter and I like it. The

small added and deleted bits are to clear up any grammar mistakes

and such.