Dual Destinies
The crew of Ranma 1/2 are the creation of the great Rumiko Takahashi. Please don't sue me since I am only writing this story for fun.
<>: Thoughts
{" "} Telepathic communication
                                  Chapter 7
     In a darkened area of the park, Ranma Red dodged a hard kick from 
Soren as the sun came up over the horizon. He had been sparring with 
the immortal for more than three hours and it seemed as if neither one 
of them looked the least bit tired.
     "Well Ranma Red, I am pleased that the ki manipulation techniques 
that we taught you and your brother are taking effect." Soren threw 
another series of punches, all of which his student dodged with ease.
     "I'll say! I've never had this kind of endurance before! Not even 
against Ryoga! I'm not even breathing hard!" Ranma Red backed off a 
bit, then charged at Soren. His movements were almost invisible to the 
naked eye as he attempted to catch his teacher off guard with his 
accelerated Chestnut Fist. "KATCHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN, 
     With his speed more than doubled, Ranma Red threw 1020 punches 
at Soren in an instant. The immortal martial artist however, anticipated 
the move and faded from view before Ranma's first blow could make 
contact. Thrown off balance, the pigtailed teenager stumbled forward.
     Turning around, Ranma Red spotted his mentor reappear before him. 
Cupping his hands before him, he focused his chi and released a yellow 
sphere of energy.
     Soren lifted an arm and pointed a finger at him. The tip of his digit 
glowed with a white light, which then released a thin beam. "CHI 
     The beam impacted with the yellow sphere and split it into two 
halves. The pieces of Ranma's attack dispersed into nothing and the 
beam of energy shot forward and hit the young martial artist in the 
chest. Ranma Red felt his whole body burn as he was thrown backward 
and landed roughly on his behind.
     Soren smiled as he stood in a neutral pose and waited for his student 
to stand up. Ranma Red had a look of astonishment on his face.
     "What was that?! How'd you do that?!"
     "That was the Chi Splitter spell." Soren answered. "It is one of the 
many spells that I know."
     "What was it?"
     "As you know, ki is the life energy that is generated by all living things. 
We have already taught the two of you how to control it in order to 
enhance your strength, speed and other physical attributes. Your chi 
attacks are based on the idea of using your emotions to project your ki 
energy. In other words, chi is actually ki energy, but it using your 
emotions as a medium. The Moko Takabisha uses your pride and 
confidence. The Shi Shi Hokodan uses depression. The Hiryu Shoten Ha 
is a combination of anger and calmness. In each of these cases, the 
strength of these attacks depends on the intensity of emotions. However, 
chi attacks are limited since no one can feel the same emotions all the 
time. Also, you can only feel so much of one emotion at one time."
     "So exactly what did you hit me with?"
     "As I have told you before, my techniques not only include chi 
attacks, but also mystical powers as well. I am going to teach you how 
to use your ki to tap into the magical field of the universe. Once you 
have mastered this skill, you will have the capability to counter all chi 
attacks. Magical energy can defeat any chi attack since it does not use 
one emotion, but instead encompasses the entire spectrum of feelings. 
It is because of this, that magic is so potent."
     "Yes, however like all things, using magic does come with a price. It 
can be extremely taxing. Furthermore, it can be dangerous to use if you 
are careless or distracted. Mystic energy can be unpredictable at times 
and even the most proficient of magic users have died when using the 
most powerful of spells."
     "So what are we going to do now?"
     "First of all, I am going to instruct you in how to do the Chi Splitter 
and that teleportation spell that you had witnessed. Afterwards, I will 
show you a few self-healing techniques and some simple protection 
spells. We will then finish up with some more powerful chi techniques 
and a new mystical attack."
In another section of the park…
     Ranma Blue hurtled through the air after receiving more than 5000 
volts of electricity from Taron's attack. Landing roughly on the grass, 
he rolled to a stop, then painfully stood up. Looking up at his teacher, 
Ranma Blue looked at him with awe.
     Taron smiled as he said, "What you have seen is an example of 
nature's power. Your chi attacks are based on emotions, but my special 
abilities allow me to utilize the elements of nature as my weapons."
     "How did you do that?" Ranma Blue asked.
     "Like my brother, who uses his ki to tap into the magical forces of 
the universe, I use mine to absorb power from all natural things around 
me. The trees, the ground, even the air around us can be used as a 
weapon or defense."
     "Yes it is. However, like using magic, this ability also has a price. 
Nature is a very potent energy source, but misusing it can be 
catastrophic. The general idea is to cooperate with nature, not control it 
or battle it. If you try to push nature too much, it WILL push back! 
Keep that in mind or there will be an imbalance in nature and your 
powers would become reduced."
     "So what are we going to do first?"
     "The first thing you are going to do is learn how to tap into the 
natural energies which surround us. I will then instruct you in simple 
elemental attacks and defenses. Lastly, I will also add to your chi 
attacks as well as teach you the Thunderbolt Strike. Afterwards, we will 
break for lunch and meet up with Soren and your brother and see how 
they are doing."
Eight hours later…
     It is two o'clock in the afternoon. Both Ranmas are now standing in 
the empty lot behind Ryoga's house and are facing off at ten feet from 
each other. On the sidelines, Soren and Taron are watching on the 
sidelines. The immortal twins nod to their students and the match begins.
     Ranma Red starts off with his traditional chi attack.
     Ranma Blue raises an arm and counters with an elemental attack.
     An intense blast of high-pressure air shoots forward and literally 
blows out the yellow chi ball like a candle. He then charges his brother 
and leaps into flying kick.
     Ranma Red dodges the kick and then tries a series of short jabs at 
his sibling's face. Ranma Blue evaded each blow, then jumped back. He 
crouched down and slammed a fist to the ground.
     A series of short fiery columns exploded from the ground and made 
a beeline toward the red-shirted martial artist. Ranma Red merely stood 
in a neutral pose and faded from view, just as the blasts reached his 
position. Before Ranma Blue knew it, he was kicked from behind as his 
brother reappeared.
     Flipping away from him, Ranma Blue decided to change tactics. Also 
taking a neutral pose, he also faded from sight. Ranma Red looked 
around in confusion as he tried to sense his twin's whereabouts. 
Suddenly, the scenery beside him moved as a faint human outline 
lunged at him. Ranma Red felt three punches hit his chest and head. As 
he staggered back, he looked up and saw that Ranma Blue had somehow 
used a camouflage technique to sneak up on him. It was just as good as 
being invisible. He then heard his brother shout out his next attack.
     Ranma Red decided to go one better on him. Pointing a finger at the 
arc of chi energy, he focused his inner energy and fired a thin white beam.
     The beam dissipated the chi blast and also nailed Ranma Blue in the 
chest, causing him to become visible as he was thrown back. He then 
tried to press his attack by leaping forward and tried using his 
accelerated Chestnut Fist.
     Ranma Blue had already recovered from the Chi Splitter and began 
his own accelerated Chestnut Fist.
     The two brothers threw more than 1000 punches each, as both tried 
to land their blows on the other. After the two had completed the 
moves, they leapt back and then tried another round of martial arts. 
     On the sidelines, Taron and Soren smiled as they watched their two 
students dart around the lot. Every now and then, each Saotome brother 
would either try a new chi attack, spell or elemental power. The two 
displayed an astounding measure of skill, strength, speed and 
endurance. As the battle continued, Soren and Taron discussed the 
progress of the twin Ranmas.
     "They have shown us exceptional talent Taron." Soren remarked. 
"Ranma Red has mastered all of the techniques that I have taught him in 
a few short hours. Most remarkable!"
     "Yes. Ranma Blue has also improved. He uses his elemental powers 
with care and does not try to overwhelm his brother with sheer force. 
He shows great control and does not waste his efforts. A definite 
improvement over the original Ranma."
     "It seems our champions will be well prepared when they confront 
the Dark World."
     "It is just as well. They will be facing their first challenge soon 
enough and they still have a long way to go." Taron noticed a bright 
flash of light as he turned his attention toward the battle again.
     "Hmmm… I think they're about to try their strongest techniques."
     "Should we stop them?"
     "No… I think the best way for them to learn about this aspect of 
magic and elemental power is to experience it."
     "All right, but we better get ready in case they overdo it."
     Ranma Blue glowed with a bright blue aura as he prepared his 
strongest elemental attack to date. Ranma Red also got ready to unleash 
his spell as he was bathed in a red light. Clouds began to suddenly form 
overhead as Ranma Blue focused his ki into nature's power. His brother 
was suddenly surrounded by swirls of eerie mists as he drew upon the 
mystical forces.
     All at once, Ranma Blue threw an arm up into the air with his hand 
spread and his palm facing upward. The dark clouds above him sent 
down a sizzling bolt of lightning, which struck the pigtailed twin and 
was absorbed into his body. Ranma Blue was soon glowing with a bright 
white light as the electrical power crackled and sparked. Pulling both of 
his hands back, he began charging his ki and the power of the lightning 
for one massive discharge.
     Ranma Red was also ready to let loose his attack. The mists that had 
been swirling around his body began to condense into his palms. When 
all the mists had clumped together, he drew back his hands. Ranma 
Red's eyes flared red and his ki energy then combined with the power 
contained in his hands.
     All at once, Ranma Blue threw his cupped hands forward and 
released his final attack.
     The discharge of electrical and ki energy was enormous. It was a 
thousand times greater than what Taron had used to demonstrate the 
     At the same time, Ranma Red also threw his final attack.
     "DRAGON SPIRIT!!!" 
     The condensed mists and ki energy shot forward and formed a 
ghostly dragon's shape. It roared toward Ranma Blue's attack and 
collided with astonishing results.
     There was a huge explosion as ki, elemental and magical energies 
interacted with each other. There was a gigantic flash of multicolored 
light. The force of the explosion caused a backlash of power, which 
threw both Ranmas off their feet. They landed on their backs and 
became dazed. When the blast finally faded away and the noise died 
down, both Soren and Taron rushed to their respective students.
     "Are you all right Ranma Red?" Soren asked.
     Ranma Red groggily sat up and nodded. The force of the two attacks 
colliding had just knocked the wind out of him. Other than a few cuts 
that were caused by flying debris, he was relatively okay.
     On the other side, Ranma Blue was also sitting up and seemed to be 
in decent condition, despite a few nicks and tears. He took Taron's hand 
as he was helped to his feet. 
     An hour later, both Ranmas were fully recovered from their match. 
Utilizing both the healing spells and the power of nature, the Saotome 
twins had no marks from their battle. They were sitting on the ground 
and listening to their mentors as they explained what had occurred.
     "I have to admit, I was very impressed on the way you both had 
generated that much power in so short a time." Taron complimented.
     "Your performance was impressive indeed!" Soren added. "In ten 
millennia, no champions had ever achieved that level of mastery in the 
mystic and elemental arts on the first day!"
     "Could you explain what just happened?" Ranma Red inquired.
     "Yeah, I need to know too." Ranma Blue added. "It looked like our 
energies were simply absorbing each other, then blasted back at us."
     "It is quite simple." Taron began. "Your elemental and magical 
abilities can stop or overpower chi attacks, but they are still based on 
your ki energy. Magic has a great influence over nature, but at the same 
time, nature's power can cancel out magic. Since both skills have the 
same foundation, your ki, they both share similar properties."
     "Yes." Soren continued. "That is one of the reasons why we cannot 
train both of you in magic AND elemental power. The two energies 
would be in conflict and would either cancel each other out, or result in 
an explosive reaction. They would be rendered unreliable at best and 
deadly at worst."
     "The reason we allowed you to try those attacks against each other, 
was to show you how potentially hazardous it is to have both abilities in 
the same body."
     Both Ranmas nodded as their tutors finished their explanations.
     Smiling at both their students, Taron and Soren helped them to their 
feet and informed them that the day's lesson was over.
     "My brother and I must return to the Realm of Infinity. " Taron said. 
"The Dark World is becoming ever more restless as the time of the 
Contract Renewal draws near. We must observe their movements and 
determine their plans."
     "Don't worry you two." Soren assured as he saw the looks of concern 
on their faces. "We'll still be keeping and eye on you. The Contract is 
not yet up and we still have much to teach you. For now, we are going to 
give you the next three days to yourselves. If you need us, you can use 
your telepathy skills to contact us."
     "You may spend your time as you see fit. This will allow your bodies 
to become attuned to their new abilities. Besides, I'm quite certain that 
you wish to see Ukyo and Shampoo. I believe that both of you had 
planned to inform them about Ranma Saotome's twin brother?"
     "Hey, how did you know about that?" Ranma Blue asked.
     Taron smiled. "We have been observing you since we had separated 
your souls."
     "And… you're letting us do this?" Ranma Red asked.
     "Why not?" Soren said as he smiled. "After all, they are your fiancées 
and they need to be told the truth. Don't worry, everything will turn out 
all right."
     With these words, the twins disappeared in a bright flash of light. 
The twin Saotomes were left alone in the lot. They began to make 
preparations for the night.
     It was around nine o'clock when Ranma Blue arrived at the Ucchan's. 
Ukyo warmly greeted him as he entered the restaurant. Setting his pack 
in the spare guestroom, he offered to help with her remaining 
customers. He would take the customers orders, then give them to his 
fiancée to cook. With each completed okonomiyaki, the brown-haired 
girl would toss the orders at her future husband and he would set each 
one in front of the customers. They operated at a rapid pace and 
customers continually flowed in and out of the establishment.
     After the restaurant closed its doors an hour later, Ranma Blue and 
Ukyo set about cleaning up the place. They soon had the restaurant 
cleaned in short order. Afterwards, they were both sitting down at a 
table, each sipping from a cup of tea.
     "Ran-chan, I'm so glad that you're here! I've missed you!"
     "Oh come on, Ucchan! It's only been a couple of days!"
     "Being away from you for a couple of MINUTES is torture for me!" 
Ukyo gave him a mischievous grin. "All I could think of for the last two 
days was when you proposed to me! I still have to pinch myself every 
hour to make sure that I'm not dreaming!"
     "Don't worry about it Ucchan! You're not dreaming and I'm going to 
marry you!"
     Ukyo's smile became even warmer as she leaned over the table and 
kissed her fiancée. "By the way Ran-chan, you still haven't told me 
about what you are going to do about Shampoo and Akane."
     "Remember when I told you about my new training had come with a 
     "Well, it'll be arriving any minute now. Or should I say, he'll be 
     Walking arm in arm down the street, Shampoo could hardly contain 
her excitement as she clung to her fiancée's side. Behind them, 
Shampoo's great-grandmother hopped along on her staff.
     "Son-in-law, I am very curious. Exactly where are we going?"
     "The Ucchan's. I have something very important to show you and 
Shampoo. It is vital that the two of you be present."
     Cologne considered the young pigtailed martial artist in front of her. 
Ranma had been missing for days. Furthermore, Shampoo's mood had 
changed dramatically since the previous evening. After returning from 
the delivery, she had gone from a dark mood of depression, to a happy 
and carefree dreamy state. When Cologne asked her great-granddaughter 
what had happened, she had simply shrugged and said that today was 
going to be something special.
     When Ranma Red arrived at the restaurant, Shampoo had bounded 
over and gave him one of her more affectionate greetings. What 
surprised Cologne was that he actually returned the hug, then KISSED 
her. This act alone would have sent her into shock, but he then surprised 
her again. Instead of greeting her with the usual 'old ghoul' reference, 
he had addressed her in a polite manner. His exact words were, 
"Greetings, Honored Elder Cologne." Those words almost made her fall 
off her staff. There was no doubt about it. Ranma had changed.
     Cologne had also noticed that her future son-in-law seemed to 
emanate more power from his aura than ever before. He also seemed 
stronger and was more certain of himself. It wasn't the usual cockiness 
that he had in the past. He carried himself with discipline and actually 
showed respect toward his elders, mainly her! He was most eager to 
display affection toward her great-granddaughter. This act, by itself left 
Cologne stunned. Ranma had never before reciprocated Shampoo's 
overtures toward him. He was not the kind of person who would 
willingly show any form of tender feelings in public. However, now he 
was actually glad to see Shampoo in earnest! There were no promises 
or deals. There were no potions or magic spells. There wasn't even the 
usual habit of Shampoo glomping onto Ranma while he tried to pry her 
off. He welcomed her embrace! <Whatever happened to son-in-law, I 
am glad of it!> She smiled as she became assured of her great-
granddaughter's future. 
     Fortunately for her son-in-law, Mousse was out delivering an order 
at the time. Cologne was certain that he would not have liked his beloved 
Shampoo being in the arms of his hated rival. When Ranma Red had 
asked them to come with him, the elderly Amazon had locked the doors 
and left a message for Mousse to start cleaning up when he got back. 
     When they got to the front doors of the Ucchan's, Ranma Red 
stopped and turned to Cologne and Shampoo. "Well, this is it. Before 
we go inside, I have a confession to make to you Cologne."
     "I am listening, son-in-law."
     "As you know, the Tendo family do not consider Shampoo's claim on 
me is valid."
     "It is difficult for me not to be aware of that fact! That is the reason 
why we are here in Japan!"
     "Yes, but did Shampoo tell you the entire story? On how I beat her 
the first time?"
     "I must admit, she was a bit evasive when it came to the details. 
However, she did confirm that she was defeated by you."
     "Let me clear things up for you. When Shampoo was trying to fulfill 
the Kiss of Death, she was unaware at the time that I was under the 
influence of Jusenkyo. While trying to determine my whereabouts, she 
attacked Akane. Coming to her defense, I ended up knocking her out by 
accident. I had attacked her when she was currently fighting Akane. I 
think that your Amazon Law clearly states the rules on interference 
during fights of honor."
     Cologne thought for a long while before responding. "Indeed. By 
what you are telling me, Shampoo did not actually lose the fight 
honorably since you interfered. By this new information, I would say 
that the Kiss of Marriage that she gave you was not valid! If that is so, 
we should not have even come here!"
     "That is so, but you are here now! And during your stay here, I… have 
fallen in love with your great-granddaughter. I had only just realized that 
fact three days ago." With these words, Shampoo hugged him even tighter.
     "I can see that Shampoo is glad to hear of that. However, you do 
realize that such a union is now impossible! Since I consider your 
defeat of Shampoo as invalid, I must now return to China with her. I 
have gone through many headaches before, trying to get the two of you 
together. The Tendos are not likely to give you up, nor would Miss 
Kuonji. It has been very aggravating these past few months, especially 
now that I see that all of it was unnecessary!"
     "I know that it has been hard for the both of you and I apologize for 
all the inconvenience that my hesitancy has caused you. However, I do 
love your great-granddaughter and I know that you still abide by those 
laws. Therefore, I had taken steps to overcome that obstacle."
     "What are you saying?" Cologne's eyes narrowed.
     "Last night, I made a takeout order for Shampoo to deliver to the 
front of the Furinkan High. I then challenged her to a duel. Since I was 
wearing a disguise, she did not recognize me and therefore accepted my 
challenge. I defeated her in fair combat."
     Cologne looked at her great-granddaughter with a firm gaze. "Is this 
true child?"
     Shampoo nodded and took out Ranma Red's challenge letter. 
Cologne took it and looked at the handwriting. She recognized it as 
Ranma's. She then looked at Ranma Red with a hard glare.
     "Do you realize what you have done? You have placed yourself and 
us BACK into the same mess as before! This time, I HAVE to accept 
your defeat of Shampoo!"
     "Yes Cologne." Ranma Red agreed. "However, this time, it is 
different. I do love Shampoo. I am willing to marry her."
     "And what of Ukyo and Akane?"
     "Akane and her family will be dealt with later. However, I have a 
feeling that Ukyo will go along with this. That is the reason why I have 
brought you here." Ranma Red turned to knock on the door. A voice 
called from inside.
     "Come in Red! Door's open."
     Shampoo and Cologne became shocked as they heard Ranma's voice 
coming from within the restaurant. Ranma Red gave them a reassuring 
smile as he motioned for them to follow him.
     Ukyo's shocked expression matched that of Cologne and Shampoo's 
as they entered the restaurant. The sight of two Ranmas in the same 
room left the three females speechless. No one spoke as everyone 
looked at one Ranma and then the other and back again. Multiple double 
takes were made as the three tried to distinguish the two. Finally, 
someone spoke up.
     "Who impostor with Spatula Girl?"
     "Hey! My Ran-chan is the real one!" Ukyo said as she stood up and 
grabbed Ranma Blue's arm. "You're the one with the fake, you dumb 
Amazon bimbo!"
     "Shampoo is not dumb bimbo! Shampoo marry real Ranma! Stupid 
Spatula girl just mad she got fake Ranma!"
     "WHO ARE YOU CALLING STUPID!?" Ukyo took out several of 
her small throwing spatulas and threw them.
     "WHO YOU CALLING BIMBO!?" Shampoo shouted as she took out 
her bonbori.
     Both Ranmas realized that things were about to get very violent, so 
they decided to put a fast stop to it. Ranma Red placed a hand on 
Shampoo's shoulder and began radiating red energy from it. The power 
washed over Shampoo's body and he leaned toward her ear. In a quiet 
voice, he simply said, "Calm."
     Instantly, Shampoo lost all of her aggressive emotions and a feeling 
of serenity came over her. Her weapons fell from her hands and clattered 
to the floor. Ranma Red then settled her down on one of the seats.
     Just after Ukyo's throwing spatulas had left her hands, Ranma Blue 
focused on gravity's pull on them. The spatulas stopped and hung in 
midair. Another second later, they dropped straight down to the floor. 
Everyone, especially Cologne, gaped at the two Ranmas.
     Ranma Blue let off a long sigh as he sat down with his brother. "I was 
afraid that something like this might happen." Ranma Red nodded.
     "Son-in-law, you have a lot of explaining to do. What the two of you 
did was impossible! The fact that there are TWO of you here is just as 
     Ranma Red gave his future in-law a nod as he said, "Cologne. The 
reason why I asked you to come with Shampoo and me is because of 
your ability to sense auras. As I remember, you are able to sense an 
individual's ki energies and differentiate between persons."
     "That is correct son-in-law, no two people have the exact same aura. 
It is like comparing fingerprints."
     "Great Honored Elder. I ask that you probe the both of us. Since you 
have had close contact with Ranma, you should be familiar with his 
aura. You can tell us who is the real Ranma."
     Cologne looked at Ranma Red with skeptical eyes, then after a while, 
nodded. She closed her eyes in concentration and began her  probe. She 
first scanned Ranma Red and then his brother. Nothing was said for a 
very long time. Ukyo and Shampoo were silent for a very long time. 
     Suddenly, her eyes snapped open as she looked at both Ranmas in 
sheer disbelief. "Impossible! Your auras are exactly the same! There is 
not the slightest difference between the two of you! You are both 
Ranma Saotome!"
     Shampoo and Ukyo let out a gasp as they stared at their fiancées. 
There was another one of those silences as the twins sat uneasily in 
their seats. Finally, after exchanging glances at each other, they both 
said together while pointing to each other, "Allow me to introduce you 
to my twin brother, Ranma Saotome."
Three hours later…
     Ranma Blue and Ranma Red had finally finished with their 
explanations for the past three days. It was a long and complicated 
story, as they were often interrupted when Ukyo, Shampoo and Cologne 
wanted more clarification or detail. When they had completed their 
story, the twins sat back and waited for their reactions.
     Ukyo and Shampoo were understandably in shock as they sat in 
dumfounded silence. Cologne had the advantage of long life experience 
and spoke first.
     "So in truth, you are both Ranma Saotome? The Chosen Twins?"
     Both Ranmas nodded as Ranma Blue answered, "Yes. My brother and 
I have lived in the same body for more than sixteen years. We had 
shared the same memories, experiences and lived the same life."
     "The only difference between our two souls was our love for a 
specific girl." Ranma Red added. "We had both developed some 
feelings for Akane, but each of us also loved another girl 
unconditionally. I had fallen in love with your great-granddaughter 
while Blue here loved Ukyo."
     "Because of this condition, we were unable to actually express our 
feelings for Ucchan and Shampoo. The only real thing that we could 
agree on was our feelings for Akane. This brought us into conflict." 
Ranma Blue stated.
     "When our benefactors separated us, we were no longer inhibited. 
The separation not only cured us of the Jusenkyo curse, but it also 
allowed us to freely develop our love for Shampoo and Ukyo."
     "Most remarkable." Cologne stated. Her eyes gleamed at the 
prospect of having two Ranma Saotomes. 
     "But are you both truly Ranma?" Ukyo asked in a quiet voice. 
Shampoo said nothing, but her eyes also asked the same question.
     Both pigtailed martial artists stood up and walked toward their 
respective loves. As they stood before them, they raised their hands and 
gently framed their faces between them.
     "My darling Ucchan, this is the only way we can prove to you that we 
are Ranma Saotome." Ranma Blue closed his eyes and began to 
concentrate. Ranma Red followed suit. Both began to glow with a white 
     Both Shampoo and Ukyo's minds were suddenly flooded with a huge 
tidal wave of memories. The Saotome brothers began projecting their 
thoughts into the two girls' heads. Everything that Ranma Saotome had 
experienced were theirs to behold.
     Memories of a mother not seen for over ten years flashed before 
them. They relived the terror of being repeatedly thrown into a pit of 
starving cats with fish sausage strapped on. They saw a crying six year-
old Ranma after having left his best friend Ukyo on the side of the road. 
Several scenes of Ranma's bread feud with Ryoga were also viewed. 
They saw Ranma's look of shock as he emerged from the Spring of 
Drowned Girl. They saw Shampoo battle a female Ranma and then 
imparted the Kiss of Death. The moments of embarrassment whenever 
the curse activated itself were also displayed. However, the memories, 
which had the most impact, were the ones since Ranma had arrived at 
the Tendo dojo. An arranged marriage being forced on him. The troubles 
that the curse had caused with the Kuno family were seen. The subsequent 
battles with Ryoga and Mousse. The shock of discovering  that your 
childhood friend was really a girl. The fear of facing a  monstrous Ghost 
Cat. The irresponsible promises made by his idiot  father. All of his trials 
and tribulations were set before the girls like a  tapestry.
     The many images of Akane in all her moods flashed by in a 
kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. They witnessed her anger, her 
jealousy and her abusive nature in its purest form. They experienced 
Ranma's pain and suffering at her hands. They saw and experienced all 
the aspects of Ranma's continued torture as Akane's violent nature beat 
him down. However, they also experience his tender feelings toward 
the youngest Tendo daughter. They saw his hopes, his dreams and 
thoughts of a possible future with her.
     Finally, the rush of memories slowed as the girls witnessed the 
Saotome brothers' most recent experiences. The surprise of 
discovering a lost twin brother and a destiny to be fulfilled. The elation 
was felt when they had been freed of both the Jusenkyo curse and the 
Cat Fist. They saw the close bond that the two siblings shared. They 
experienced their sense of freedom at finally being able to express 
their hidden feelings. Finally, the joy each felt when his true love 
accepted his proposal of marriage.
     When the two brothers finally broke their mind-link and stepped 
back, both girls shuddered. They had been shaken to the very cores of 
their beings. They had experienced everything that the Ranma twins had 
experienced. To say that it was amazing would have been an 
     Both looked up at the twins with looks of wonder and a sense of 
understanding. They were still very nervous, but now they truly 
comprehended Ranma Saotome. No one spoke for a long time.
     Both Ranmas looked at their loves with a sad gaze. They did not 
know what their reactions to their psychic bond would be. Finally, they 
both sighed and decided to break the silence.
     "Ucchan… Shampoo, we never meant to hurt you in any way. We 
know this is a shock to you both and if you cannot accept us, then we 
understand." Ranma Blue lowered his head.
     "If you want to call off the weddings, then it'll be… okay." Ranma 
Red also lowered his head as his voice wavered.
     One nanosecond later, both Ranmas were tackled by two female 
martial artists. Both girls glomped onto her respective Ranma Saotome 
and began squeezing tight. The force of the sudden embraces drove the 
couples to the floor.
     "WO AI NI!!!"
     Ranma Blue and Ranma Red felt a wave of relief and intense joy as 
they wrapped their arms around their fiancées. They both gave Shampoo 
and Ukyo long, lingering kisses and would have gone even further if 
Cologne hadn't interrupted.
     "Ahem. Excuse me you four, but I believe we still have some things 
to discuss."
     The four blushed slightly as they remembered who was with them. 
They quickly got up off the floor and sat down at the table. Shampoo 
attached herself to Ranma Red while Ukyo was literally glued to Ranma 
Blue's side. As they settled down, Cologne addressed the twins.
     "Well now, you two. It is apparent that the fiancée business is less 
problematic than before. Ranma Red will marry my Shampoo and his 
brother shall have Ukyo Kuonji as his bride. I must say, things have 
turned out rather well for everyone here."
     "Aiya! Shampoo so happy now!"
     "Life couldn't get any better Ranma honey!"
     "I'm glad that the two of you still want to marry us." Ranma Blue said 
as he gave Ukyo a quick kiss. "Now we want the two of you to bury the 
hatchet between you."
     "Preferably, not in each other's backs." Ranma Red added.
     "Huh?" Said the two future brides.
     "In case you haven't realized it yet, once we're all hitched, you two 
are going to become sister-in-laws."
     Both girls became silent as they looked at each other. Their eyes 
widened and their minds reeled as the truth sunk in. They were going to 
become close in-laws, instead of bitter rivals. Both swallowed as they 
began recalling all of their battles and confrontations, in which each 
girl was at the other's throat. Needless to say, the thought of becoming 
part of the same family left them speechless and a little nauseated. 
     "They're right girls." Cologne stated. "We're all going to be part of 
the same family. I agree with my future son-in-law and his brother. It 
would be best if the two of you were to let bygones be bygones. Kami-
sama knows, we don't need any family troubles."
     The two female martial artists made no move toward one another.
     "Come on Shampoo." Ranma Red said in a gentle voice. 
     "Don't do this just for us, Ucchan." Ranma Blue added. "Do it for all 
of our sakes. Please?"
     They say that old habits die hard and right now, both fiancées were 
really trying hard to forget the past and see the other in a different light. 
The last several months were gone and done. All of their suffering and 
pains were over. The war was done. Their long efforts were being rewarded.
     The two girls looked at each other with intense gazes. They had been 
intense competitors for Ranma's affection for months. Now that they 
were going to marry the men of their dreams, there was no more reason 
for hostilities. Both girls had won. Although they still could not forget 
all the misery and suffering each had caused the other, they could see 
that holding onto old grudges was now pointless.
     Slowly, both girls stood up and approached each other. Ukyo 
tentatively put out a hand. Shampoo followed suit. Gradually, the two 
moved closer . After a long and agonizing minute, Shampoo and Ukyo 
fingers mad contact and they grasped each other's palm in a firm grip.
     "Truce?" Ukyo said.
     "Okay." Shampoo replied.
     After slowly shaking hands, the two former rivals went back to the 
sides of their fiancées. Both Ranmas smiled as they embraced their 
future wives and gave each a tender kiss. After taking their seats, the 
two couples and the aged Amazon began to plan for the future. There 
was still the matter of the Tendo family to be dealt with.
To be continued…
     As you have noticed, this is probably the warmest and fuzziest 
chapter so far in the story. What can I say, I like warm and fuzzy stories. 
Now that it has been revealed that there are two Ranmas, it's about to 
get a lot more hectic.
     This story has been slowly building since its beginning and it is 
starting to pick up steam. The next chapter will deal with Ranma's 
mother Nodoka and will settle a dispute with a certain lost boy. 
     The rewrite of this chapter mostly has a few added sentences and a 
few deletions. I sort of figured that the reconciliation between Ukyo 
and Shampoo was a little scanty so I made it a little more fuller.