Dual Destinies
The characters of Ranma ½ are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. I 
write this story for entertainment purposes only.
<>: Thoughts
{" "} Telepathic communication
                                  Chapter 11
                               The Big Blowout!
     Both Ranmas stood in readiness as they confronted the most 
perverted individual on the face of the Earth. As they stood in their 
respective stances, they glared at Happosai with disgust.
     "Last chance freak! Get lost or get hurt!" Ranma Red snarled.
     "You heard my brother!" Ranma Blue added. "Go back to stealing 
underwear or food, but leave us alone!"
     "Tsk! Tsk! Such rude behavior! Is that any way to address your 
master?" Happosai stood with his arms behind his back and smirked.
     "You want to fight? Then come on!" Ranma Red shouted.
     Happosai shook his head as he said, "For the sake of the Anything 
Goes School of Martial Arts, it looks like I'm going to have to get tough with you two! Get ready! This time, nothing is going to save you! 
You two are coming back to the dojo!"
     With those words, the ancient lecher leapt at Ranma Red, intending 
to plant a kick in his chest. He moved with enough speed to appear like 
a blur to the casual observer. However, both twins were now faster than 
Happosai expected. Before his foot could connect, the old pervert's 
eyes widened as Ranma Red faded from view. At the same time Ranma 
Blue also faded from view. Happosai landed with a confused look as he 
scanned the street for any sign of the brothers.
     <Since when could they do my Interdimensional Warp Technique?> 
Happosai scanned the area again, trying to pick up the presence of his 
former students. <Well, at least they can't attack me when they're like 
     It was at that time that Ranma Blue decided to prove him wrong. 
     Before the ancient master knew it, a large yellow ball of chi energy 
hit him from behind against his back. The impact sent him fling 
forward. As he went shooting toward a wall, Ranma Red suddenly 
appeared in front of him and threw his fist forward.
     The huge fist of mystical energy surged forward and nailed Happosai 
in the kisser. The evil master went flying back to where Ranma Blue 
was standing. At that time, he dropped his camouflage technique and 
sent a roundhouse kick. The kick nailed the still flying master and 
smashed him to the pavement. The twins then moved back and waited 
for Happosai's next attack.
     Happosai got up from the ground and glared at the young upstarts. 
Never in all his years had anyone managed to get in the first hits so 
early in a fight. He began to fume. "You smart aleck punks! You think 
that you can beat me with some new tricks?" Happosai reached behind 
his back while leaping upward. As he reached the height of twenty feet, 
he took out his patented fuse bombs and tossed them down toward his 
     Both Ranmas had expected something like this and easily dodged the 
blasts. As the smoke was still swirling around them, the greatest evil in 
all of Japan used this distraction to attack. Flipping in midair, he dived 
down at Ranma Red with his pipe. Catching his wrist, Happosai used a 
twisting motion, intending to catapult the pigtailed martial artist into 
the air. Normally, this trick would have been successful in the past, but 
both Ranmas had learned from their previous mistakes. 
     In the instant that he was about to be shot into the air, Ranma Red 
lashed a hand out and grabbed Happosai by the front of his gi. The old 
lecher found himself being launched into the air with his intended 
victim. It was then that he let out a strangled gasp as his opponent 
delivered a fast rabbit strike to the throat. Ranma Red then followed 
through with several strikes to the ribs. This caused Happosai to wince 
in pain, not to mention get him ticked off.
     By now, the two had built up a considerable amount of anger, which 
Ranma Blue intended to use to his brother's aid. He began radiating 
calm as he waited for his sibling and the pervert to come down. At the 
same time, he began moving in a spiral.
The Realm of Infinity…
     Taron and Soren were watching their pupils battle it out with their 
former master on the circular viewing portal
     {"Do you think we should intervene?"} Soren asked.
     {"No… I don't think that it will be necessary. If Ranma Blue is 
planning to use the Hiryu Shoten Ha against Happosai, then any help 
that we give them would be redundant. Besides, this is a good 
opportunity to watch how much they've progressed!"}
     {"Hmm… I agree. Wait!"} Soren cocked his head as his senses 
suddenly picked up something. {"There's a dimensional break in the 
barrier! It's big! Dark Worlders are starting to enter into the Earth 
     {"Are you sure?"}
     {"Yes! Near the area that is designated as Kenya! In Africa! It'll take 
the both of us to patch that up!"}
     Taron looked back at the viewing portal. He then nodded to his 
eternal sibling. {"All right. It looks like our students are handling 
things. This won't take long!"}
     The twins vanished in a flash of bright light.
The Realm of Oblivion…
     "Hah! They fell for it!" Zuruka chortled with glee.
     "Now we can proceed!" Arcodos agreed.
The Earth Realm…
     Ranma Red was using his levitation skills to stay aloft as he repeatedly 
exchanged punches and kicks with Happosai. Although the Anything Goes 
fighting style specialized in midair combat, Happosai found it difficult to 
keep up with an opponent who didn't obey the laws of gravity. He was 
forced to jump from street lamps and rooftops in order to attack the red-
shirted Ranma. What he didn't know was that his brother was about to 
complete the spiral below them as they neared his position.
     Ranma Red smiled as he realized what his brother was attempting. 
He decided to add to the effort, by making Happosai even madder.
     Happosai was not used to a Ranma who could move at twice the 
normal speed that he was familiar with. As a result, he found himself 
hard pressed to dodge. He barely managed to evade nearly all the blows. 
However, several managed to hit solidly in the face.
THAT?!" Happosai cried out angrily.
     "Easy!" Ranma Red grinned. "LIKE THIS!" With the last of his 
Chestnut punches, he smashed the old lecher down toward his brother 
and floated out of the way.
     Ranma Blue grinned evilly as he sent a corkscrewing uppercut 
toward the enraged master of the Anything Goes School. The hot chi 
met with his cold chi and…
     Suddenly, a huge tornado swept up the diminutive martial artist and 
sent him skyward. As he shot up past where Ranma Red was floating, 
the Saotome twin cupped his hands and let loose a chi attack.
     Like shooting skeet, the large beam of energy smashed into 
Happosai and sent him even further up. Ranma Red floated down toward 
his brother and both waited for the pervert to make his landing. 
     Happosai landed on his head and caused large cracks in the pavement. 
His body then lay prone on the sidewalk as the two Ranmas smiled in 
satisfaction. Happosai moaned in pain as he tried to get up. However, his 
body was too much in agony to make any half-decent attempt.
     "Face it freak! It's over!" Ranma Blue stated. For a minute, there was 
nothing but silence. The two boys began to relax. Then suddenly, they 
saw that Happosai's body had begun to glow with a red light. In an 
instant, his body flared as a huge bolt of energy blasted forward, 
catching the twins off guard. The two of them were knocked off their 
feet as Happosai suddenly sprang up. His face had a smile that made the 
both of them shudder.
     "Ha! Ha! Ha! Looks like I just got my second wind boys!" Happosai 
glowed with a dark red light that seemed to invigorate him. Both 
brothers stared in disbelief as Happosai's battle aura began to increase 
in brightness.
     Ranma Blue and his brother scrambled to their feet and took ready 
stances. Happosai's aura flared as he prepared to release his next attack. 
The diminutive master threw his arms forward and released a massive 
amount of energy. 
     "TAKE THIS!"
     The blast of energy erupted from the ancient pervert and took a 
dragon-like shape that had Happosai's face on it. However, this chi blast 
seemed darker, more evil than usual.
     Ranma Red was quick to respond, pointing a finger at the incoming 
     A thin beam of white light shot forward and hit the chi energy head 
on. However, both Ranmas took on shocked expressions as the beam 
deflected off the dragon's head.  Before they could do anything else, 
the attack plowed into them. The impact caused them to be thrown  back 
ten feet or so.
     "AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!" Both Ranmas screamed as the energy 
burned into their bodies.
     Happosai's grin became even more pronounced as he watched his 
opponents writhe in agony. Never before had he felt this kind of euphoria. 
The pleasure that he took from fondling women's underwear and groping 
their bodies seemed dull compared to what he was experiencing now. His 
body was now almost bursting with raw power, the likes he had never felt 
before. Where that power came from, he had no idea, but he wasn't one to 
look a gift horse in the mouth. Thrusting his hands forward, he sent 
another searing blast at the twins, knocking them back even further. The 
screams of the Saotomes echoed in the night.
Some time earlier at the Nekohanten…
     The restaurant had closed for business early that night as the 
proprietress and two other girls were sitting at a table, discussing future 
     "Ran-chan and me plan to get married as soon as we graduate from 
school!" Ukyo said with delight as she poured over several wedding 
     "Shampoo and Airen have traditional Amazon wedding when we get 
back to village!" Shampoo gleefully said as she looked over several 
     Cologne smiled as she watched the two girls. It wasn't that long ago 
that the two of them were at each other's throats. With the appearance 
of the Ranma twins, Shampoo and Ukyo had been tolerating each 
other's presence. In fact, in the last few hours, they appeared to have 
become close, since they no longer had to compete for the affections 
of the same man. Shampoo addressed her future sister-in-law as Ukyo, 
instead of Spatula Girl. Over the course of the three hours that she had 
been discussing with the purple-haired girl, Ukyo had discovered that 
Shampoo truly wasn't anything like the hussy she thought she was. As a 
result, she began to respect her as the strong and capable Amazon 
warrior that she was. 
     "Shampoo so happy! Airen going to very busy when he come home 
with Shampoo!"
     "Oh? How busy?" Ukyo said.
     "VERY BUSY!" Shampoo said enthusiastically. She then let out a 
small giggle as she added, "Not going to get much sleep! Have new job!"
     Shampoo nodded vigorously. "Have new position as father of many 
strong children!" Shampoo gave Ukyo a sly grin. "May have to work 
OVERTIME!" She crossed her legs seductively.
     Ukyo blushed at the thought, then laughed as she said, "My Ran-
chan's not going to get much sleep either!" 
     All three females shared a hearty laugh as they had some wicked 
speculations among them. It was then that they heard a huge gust of 
wind that blew from outside.
     The three of them rushed toward the window and peered outside. In 
the distance, they saw a huge tornado suddenly appear, followed by a 
streak of light that exploded against something inside the windstorm.
     "What happening great-grandmother?" Shampoo asked.
     "It seems that son-in-law or his brother is using the Hiryu Shoten 
Ha." Cologne replied.
     "Hiryu Shoten… oh yeah! Now I remember! That was the technique 
that you taught Ran-chan how to do when Happosai took away his 
strength!" Ukyo gazed at the tornado, which was now just dying down. 
"You think that he's in trouble?"
     Cologne looked in the distance with an intense gaze. "No… I doubt 
it. Considering how powerful the twins are now, it's unlikely that…" 
The aged matriarch suddenly froze as she felt a chill was over her. In 
another moment, the three of them glimpsed a huge burst of light and 
heard the agonized scream of two people.
     "What wrong?" Shampoo had rarely seen her great-grandmother 
freeze up so suddenly. Usually when she did, something big was about
to happen.
     Cologne hopped onto her staff and began rushing out the door. 
Without looking back, she yelled to the two girls. "Shampoo! Ukyo! 
Come with me! The twins are in grave danger!"
     The two girls looked at Cologne in confusion as they rushed off 
after her. As they began to catch up with her, they heard in the distance, 
several explosions and the screams of the two people increased in 
intensity. The blood in their veins ran cold as they recognized the voices.
     Happosai was having the time of his life. Already, he had fired ten 
huge, searing blasts of energy at his opponents and they had yet to 
launch any countermoves. He paused in his barrage to gloat. "Well now 
boys. Not so confident anymore, are you?" He laughed maniacally at his 
victims as he began powering up for the coup de grace.
     Sprawled on the pavement amid the rubble, both Saotome brothers 
were in agonizing pain. Their clothes were tattered and burned in 
several places, not to mention their bodies. They were barely conscious 
as they tried to stand up and face their tormentor.
     {"Arrgh! I'm in serious pain here!"} Ranma Red thought.
     {"I don't feel so good either!"} Ranma Blue replied. {"Since when 
did that little freak get that much power?!"}
     {"I don't know but we better do something fast! I don't think I could 
take another one of those blasts!"}
     {"We have to buy some time!"} Ranma Blue informed as he began 
powering up his ki. 
     Taking his brother's lead, Ranma Red also began collecting some his 
ki as the two of them forced themselves to their feet. They were in 
unbelievable pain as they desperately held on to consciousness.
     {"Ready bro?"} Ranma Red asked.
     {"Let's do it!"} Ranma Blue replied.
     Happosai snorted in contempt as his battle aura took on huge 
proportions. "This fight is mine!" He raised his arms to deliver the final blast.
     "NOW!!!" Both Ranmas shouted as they released their desperation 
     "SONIC BLAST!" Ranma Blue shouted as he slammed the palms of 
his hands in front of him. As the hands clapped together, they released a 
massive burst of sound that made a sonic boom seem like a whisper. 
Nearby windows and street lamps shattered as the sound waves ripped 
across the area, giving Happosai a nasty earache.
     "SUNBURST EXPLOSION!" At the same time that Ranma Blue had 
released his sound attack, his brother let loose a huge ball of blinding 
light. The sphere exploded as soon as it impacted with Happosai, 
subjecting him to a brilliance that was a million times more intense 
than staring into a ten thousand watts flashbulb.
     Happosai screamed in pain as he held his ears and shut his eyes. As 
the light and sound was just starting to fade away, the two brothers 
began powering up their ki for the final attack.
     {"Well bro, we have to take him out! If we don't beat him now, he'll 
come after us again!"}
     {"I know! But how? He took our best shots and he's still coming at 
us! We're in no shape to fight now! "}
     {"Combine your powers!"} Taron yelled from the Realm of Infinity.
     {"Huh?"} Both Ranmas said.
     {"Combine your most powerful attacks and hit him with everything 
you've got!"} Soren yelled.
     {"But…"} Ranma Blue started.
     {"Trust us!"} Both of the immortal twins said.
     Both Ranmas looked at each other, then nodded. Silently, they took a 
stance and began focusing their remaining reserves into the mystic 
field and elemental power of the Earth, just as the last of the light and 
sound energy dispersed. The twins glowed with their respective red and 
blue auras as they summoned up their most powerful techniques.
     Cologne, Shampoo and Ukyo arrived on the scene just as Happosai 
had regained his sight and hearing. Shaking his head to clear it, he 
spotted the three and sent a blast of energy at them as casually as if he
were swatting a fly.
     Cologne just barely managed to bring up her staff and focus her ki 
into it to block the energy. Her hands burned with sharp pain, but she bit 
down and held on as the energy bolt deflected off the wood. Happosai 
was about to deliver a more intense blast when he noticed the flare of 
light that was in front of him.
     The Ranma brothers were now glowing with mutual white auras. 
Dark clouds were beginning to form overhead as white mists swirled 
around the pair. Ukyo Shampoo and Cologne stared in awe as they 
witnessed the two absorb more magic and elemental power than was 
ever thought to be possible.
     Suddenly, a huge lightning bolt came down from the heavens and 
struck the two of them. Amazingly, both boys showed no ill effects, as 
the power of the lightning combined with their auras. The electrical 
power also mingled with the mists that were swirling about them, giving 
them an eerie look. Both of their eyes glowed with white brilliance as 
they brought their hands back and cupped their palms.
     Happosai had seen enough. He began focusing his newfound power 
into himself and prepared for an all out blast. His battle aura grew until 
it was the size of a ten-story building. At the same time, his small frame 
also increased in size, until it was as big as his aura. 
     It was at that time that he felt something strange. It felt as if 
someone else had taken control of his body. He struggled as he tried to 
lower down his power levels. He wanted to humble the twins in defeat, 
then take them back to the dojo. Not kill them. However, his body had 
other ideas. It wasn't trying to control the energy. It wanted to let out at 
full force. He struggled to contain it, but to no avail. His arms and legs 
wouldn't obey him. 
     Both Ranmas grimaced as they witnessed this. The ancient master 
seemed to no longer have control of his body. They knew that whatever 
was giving him this much power, intended to see the both of them dead. 
They would have to let Happosai have it at full force. No holding back. 
     {"This is it Red!"} Ranma Blue warned.
     {"I know!"} Ranma Red nodded as he turned his head to the three 
     Ukyo, Shampoo and Cologne took one lingering look at the twins, 
then bolted toward the nearest building.
     It was then that Armageddon came down on Tokyo.
     Happosai threw his arms forward, delivering an energy blast that 
could bring down Mount Fuji. The energy was a bright blue as it shot 
toward the twins. At the same time, both brothers threw their cupped 
hands forward and shouted out their combined attack.
     The energy that had been contained within roared forward and took 
the shape of a dragon that was composed of pure electricity. Swirls of 
elderitch mists streamed out behind the apparition as it raced toward 
the giant Happosai. The energy from his attack collided with that of the 
twins. For a moment, the two energies seemed to be evenly matched. 
Then suddenly, the energy dragon smashed through Happosai's blast and 
exploded against him. The once diminutive lecher screamed out in 
agony as he was enveloped in the explosion. The power was at first 
contained around the giant pervert, then it lashed out in all directions, 
destroying anything and everything in its wake. 
     Using the last of their waning strength, the two Saotomes barely 
managed to leap back to avoid the resultant carnage. They landed on 
their backs, a few feet from the door of the building where their 
fiancées and Cologne had taken shelter. The aged matriarch quickly 
used her staff to pull the twins inside, just as the combined ki, magical, 
elemental and chi energies set off a chain reaction and caused a 
massive detonation that took out an entire city block. Gas mains 
exploded, thereby adding to the destructive force of the Ranma twins' 
final attack. Fortunately, the explosion was in an area that was 
scheduled for demolition. 
     The night suddenly became day as the explosions flared outward. The 
ground shook as the shockwaves spread out. The tremors were 
equivalent to 4.8 on the Richter Scale. For a brief moment, the 
denizens of Tokyo had thought that the Americans had dropped another 
atomic bomb on Japan. 
     Derelict buildings that were in the immediate area of the blast were 
leveled within seconds, including the one that both brothers and their 
party were in. Fortunately, Cologne had not lost her wits as she hopped 
forward and stabbed her finger into the wall opposite to the chaos.
     Suddenly, the wall exploded outward, leaving a large hole. She 
hopped outside, followed by Shampoo and Ukyo. Both girls had their 
fiancées slung over their shoulders as adrenaline pumped through their 
systems, giving them a strength that they never knew they had.
     Everyone stumbled outside into the open as the building behind 
came tumbling down. The five rested on solid ground as the last of the 
explosions died off. As the light faded and the noise of destruction gave 
way to utter silence, they looked around at the carnage wrought by 
Ranma Red and Ranma Blue.
     Virtually every structure that was within half a block had either been 
knocked over or collapsed. The ground was littered with huge gaping 
holes where gas mains had exploded and fires raged around the asphalt. 
Smoke and dust clouds still hovered in some areas as sirens were heard 
in the distance. What was the most striking feature was the huge crater 
that was near the building that Cologne and the two girls had taken 
shelter in.
     The depression measured more than 200 feet in diameter. The sides 
of the hole had been blasted smooth by the explosion. What caught 
Cologne's eye was the small, almost charred form that was curled up at 
the center. Motioning the girls to stay with their loved ones, she began 
hopping toward the edge of the crater. Seeing that the sides and floor of 
the crater was cool enough, she made her way down the slopes and 
stopped in front of Happosai's body.
     Looking over his ruined form, she used her staff to turn him on his 
back. He was a mess! His clothes still smoked and his flesh was almost 
entirely red. He had several second and third degrees burns all over and 
what little hair he had, was totally burned away. His eyes were glazed 
and he had a stupid expression on his face, as if he were laughing at the 
whole incident. Cologne shook her head as she turned to make her way 
back up to the others. It was then that she heard a moan.
     Turning around, her eyes widened as she saw Happosai's eyes begin 
to loll around. His open mouth slowly closed as he began to regain 
consciousness. In a tired and almost soundless whisper he said, "Did I 
     Cologne would have smacked him right then and there if he wasn't so 
injured. Instead, she glared at him and replied, "Happi, you're just like a 
cockroach! Hard to stomp and just as disgusting!"
The Realm of Oblivion…
     "Blast those twins!" Zuruka raged as he sent an energy bolt at the 
viewing portal, obliterating it.
     "It seems we had underestimated the power that those two could 
generate. So now what?" Arcodos asked.
     "Apparently, Happosai did not have what we needed. No matter! He 
is no longer of any use to us and I doubt he'll last through the night! A 
pity! He had so much potential! I've never seen so much evil in a mortal 
in over ten thousand years!"
     "Indeed. So how are we going to explain our failure to Master 
     "We will have another chance, I'm sure of it. Already, the barrier 
weakens even further and I'm sure we can some way or SOMEONE that 
can finish off the Saotomes before the time of the Contract Renewal! If 
not, then we can still destroy them during the challenges. All we can do 
is wait…"
The Earth Realm… 
     At Nodoka's house, the mother of the Saotome twins fretted over 
her offspring. Both had been put to bed after binding their wounds. 
Although Ranma Red had invoked a healing spell to speed up their 
recovery, they were still too weak to get up. Furthermore, Shampoo and 
Ukyo refused to let the twins do anything besides breathe as they doted 
over their future husbands.
     On a spare futon in the guestroom, Happosai had also been laid down 
and tended to. Cologne had insisted to take care of the old lecher as she 
was eager to question him on how he had gained so much power to 
battle both the enhanced Ranmas.
     After several hours, both Ranmas were recovered enough to begin 
explaining what had happed to them.
     "Man! I can't believe that the old freak is still alive!" Ranma Blue said.
     "He won't be for long." Cologne said with a stern face as she entered 
the room.
     "What?!" Everyone said.
     Cologne nodded as she explained. "His ki has been greatly 
diminished. Even I am unable to stop his deterioration. He has a day, 
perhaps two before his life energies give out completely. "
     "He's… dying?" Ranma Red said in a shocked tone.
     "We… we didn't mean to kill him, but…"
     Cologne shook her head and declared, "No son-in-law. You and your 
brother acted in pure self-defense. You had no choice but to stop him. 
He was already too far-gone when he used that evil power to fight you 
with. I'm afraid that the Dark World had used their influence to boost 
Happi's power level. Unfortunately, it had also drained his ki to the 
point of no recovery. It seems that the Dark World considered Happi's 
life as expendable in their pursuit to kill you."
     {"She's right."} Taron said.
     In an instant, the immortal twins appeared before the group in a flash 
of light. Both of them had grim looks on their faces as they approached 
the beds where the Saotome boys were resting on.
     "Don't worry about Happosai you two." Soren said as he raised one 
arm and sent a beam of white light into the room where the master of 
the Anything Goes Martial Arts was resting in. 
     Taron followed suit and sent his own ki blast into the room.
     "What was that?" Ranma Red asked.
     "We just sent Happosai enough of our own ki to sustain him until his 
body could regenerate his own. We also put him into suspended 
animation to keep him quiet while his body healed itself. He'll be well 
enough by morning. He'll be very weak, but he won't be dying any time 
soon. The process will cleanse his body of any lingering traces of Dark 
World magic."
     "He may be a disgusting little pervert, but even he doesn't deserve to 
die after being controlled by the Dark World." Taron said.
     As they came near, Cologne bowed her head to them and said in a 
respectful tone, "It is good to see you two again. You were right. Ranma 
will marry my Shampoo!
     Soren smiled as he replied, "We told you so."
     Both Ranmas, Nodoka and the girls looked at Cologne in surprise as 
Ranma Red stammered, "Y-You…know each other?!"
     Cologne smiled as she replied, "Why yes. Soren and Taron are old 
friends of mine."
     "Why didn't you tell us?" Ranma Blue asked.
     "Must have slipped my mind. Besides, you never asked me." Cologne 
grinned as she looked at the shocked faces of her future in-laws. "Come 
now. Don't be so surprised. It wasn't hard for me to believe your 
explanations when you two first appeared. I'll admit, I was a little shocked 
when I probed the two of you and found that your ki energies were 
identical. When you explained to me that you were the Chosen Ones, I 
figured that these two rascals had something to do with it!" She gestured 
to the immortals. "I am well acquainted with the legend of the Chosen 
Twins. After all, we Amazons have also taken a part in its history."
     "You mean…" Both Ranmas said.
     "That's right." Cologne replied. "One thousand years ago, twin 
Amazons in our village had been selected to become the Champions of 
Earth. Taron and Soren had trained those two, ten centuries ago. Their 
names were Shampoo and Cologne. I should know because my great-
granddaughter and I are the direct descendants of those twins. We had 
been named in honor of those two."
     "Aiya! Shampoo not know that!" The purple-haired Amazon looked at 
her great-grandmother with awe.
     "So what's your connection with Soren and Taron?" Ranma Blue 
     "More than two and three quarter centuries ago, I met them when I 
was a mere girl of eighteen. They were as handsome then as they are 
now. I challenged one of them to a duel. It was then that they revealed 
their identities to me. They had also informed me that I had an 
important role to play in the next Contract Renewal."
     "Really?" Ranma Red asked. "They knew you were going to live three 
hundred years?"
     Cologne nodded. "That's right. You see… I am the only one who 
knows a secret that you two will need in order to defeat the Dark 
World. This secret has been passed down through countless generations."
     "What is it?" Both Ranmas asked.
To be continued…
     Wow! I can't believe that it's been eleven chapters since I started 
writing this fan fiction. I'm getting very excited as this thing is picking 
up even more steam and there will be more plot twists and surprises 
along the way. Chapter Twelve will be posted sometime in the next two 
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