Fighting Blind

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Chapter 6

Akane Vs Ranma

It was a bright morning in Nerima as Cologne and Pepper awoke in

their respective bedrooms. As they got out of bed, their heightened

senses of awareness instantly detected sizable amounts of battle

auras being emitted from the rear of the building. Both Amazons went

to their bedroom windows and leaned out to see what was going on

in the empty lot behind the establishment. They both smiled as they

watched Ranma and the three girls spar.

Lilac and Perfume were both leaping back and forth as they made

thirty-foot leaps, midair flips and other fantastic acrobatic maneuvers.

Perfume was armed with a wooden Bo staff, while Lilac was using a

pair of tonfa. Each girl was trying her very best to get the upper hand

on her opponent. Dozens of parries, strikes and thrusts were

exchanged between the two of them in mere instants. The sounds of

their weapons echoed loudly as they clashed together. On the other

side of the lot, Ranma was giving his cousin Shampoo quite a

workout. The girl with the purple tresses was using her favorite

weapons, the bonbori, which was a pair of round, steel maces. The

blind martial artist was armed with his special battle staff.

Cologne and Pepper both nodded as they went to dress up for the

day. A few minutes later, the two women were at the lot and were

watching on the sidelines. They began assessing the skill levels of

the fighters as they darted around the lot like maddened dragonflies.

"They're not going full out." Pepper observed as Lilac ducked

under a double-strike from Perfume.

"No." Cologne agreed as Lilac retaliated with a swing to the head.

The elder noted that none of the girls or Ranma was breathing hard.

"This is just a warm up. I've seen Ranma practice daily with the other

Amazons back in the village. The younger generations have

improved significantly since he started to train with them. Things

should start getting serious� right about now."

As if on cue, Ranma suddenly increased his pace and began

striking at Shampoo with even more intensity. Shampoo found herself

being driven back as Ranma's assault became even harder to counter.

Ranma smiled as he reached out with his sixth and seventh senses.

He could tell by her breathing that his cousin was getting tired. He

could also sense that some holes in her defense were starting to

appear. With a deft jab, he poked her in the abdomen.


"That's one, Cousin." The blind boy stated with a smirk.

Shampoo fought back with renewed determination as she tried a

five-hit combination. Ranma deflected each blow with ease. To the

untrained eye, it looked as if Shampoo was still on the offensive and

in control. To Cologne however, it was apparent that Shampoo was

starting to get careless.

"Shampoo. Don't lose your patience."

Ranma then sensed a slight opening near her left shoulder as she

tried a swing toward his head. Ducking under the blow, he brought

the front of his staff up and gave a light nudge. The movement was

barely a flicker but Shampoo felt it all the same.

"Strike two."

Shampoo then got a bit irritated that she had yet to score a single

hit. Even though Ranma wasn't hitting with any considerable force,

the fact that he was getting through her defense was reason for her

to improve. She tried a double strike with her maces, but Ranma easily

dodged the attack and use his staff in a twisting motion to knock her

weapons out of her hands. Before she knew it, she was flying though

the air as her sparring partner suddenly dropped his weapon and

then put her into a judo toss.



Shampoo landed on her back, slightly dazed. When she looked up,

she saw Ranma standing above her with one end of his staff lightly

pressed up against her throat.

Ranma gave her a small grin as he said, "Strike three Shampoo.

You're out."

Lilac and Perfume took neutral stances as they looked over to

where their fallen sister Amazon was.

"Shampoo do better against Ranma than last time." Lilac said with

a grin.

"Yes. She last five more seconds." Perfume added with a smug


Cologne sighed as she said. "Indeed. However, she still has much

to learn about patience."

As Shampoo got up and dusted herself off, she gave Lilac and

Perfume a slight frown. "Hmpf! At least Shampoo can last longer

against Ranma than you two! Ranma always beats you in fifteen


Ranma shook his head bemusedly and kept up his smile. "Now,

now girls. Let's not argue. It's all right. You've all improved since we

left China. I'm proud of all of you."

All three girls smiled at the compliment as they all headed back to

Pepper's Place to prepare for school.

As the three girls and Ranma walked to Furinken High, they

decided to make the trip a bit of an exercise in balance training. All

four were traversing on a tall fence that was no more than an inch

wide. They weren't even using their arms to balance. As they got

halfway to their destination, they went into an fast run, with no loss

in equilibrium.

As they ran, they kept their senses peeled for any sign of Genma

Saotome or his friend Soun Tendo. After the ambush yesterday,

Cologne had left the girls with explicit instructions to watch Ranma.

Even though he did not want to be kept under surveillance, the blind

martial artist grudgingly agreed to it. After all, it was very unlikely

that Genma would give up on his insane promise to the Tendo clan,

and was capable of anything. It was also a safe bet that his friend

Soun was just as determined.

As the group approached the school, Ranma suddenly stopped as

his sixth sense suddenly picked up a huge surge of ki energies. He

then dropped down to the street level, a dozen feet from the front

gates of the school and went into a defensive stance.

The girls noted Ranma's sudden tension and dropped down to


"What wrong Ranma?" Lilac asked.

Ranma cocked his head to one side and listened. "We're about to

get attacked."

"By who? Genma?" Shampoo said as she and the rest of her group

also went into battle stances.

"No, not him. Them." Ranma pointed to the front of the school as

the yard was suddenly filled with excited boys. Members from the

various sports teams and clubs came at them in a huge swarm. Each

male student was brandishing a blunt object or some piece of sports

gear. As they rushed toward them, they began shouting out� date


"Lilac! Date with me!"

"Shampoo! I'm yours!"

"Please go out with me Perfume!"

The Amazons were quite shocked to find themselves being

attacked by the same group that attacked Akane every day, but they

were quick to respond. As the masses began converging on them,

they started to retaliate.

Ranma deftly took out five boys with pressure points before they

could get within twenty feet of Shampoo. He shouted out to his

cousin and friends. "Go easy on these guys! They're not real

fighters! I don't know what's going on but don't hurt them too


"No problem!" All three girls said as they began pounding the

stuffing out of their admirers.

Approaching the school from another direction, Nabiki and Akane

were running toward Furinken. The younger sister was running with

a full head of steam as she recalled the events of the previous night.

Last night at the Tendo home�

"Fianc�e?!" Akane said incredulously. Her hatred of boys came to

a fast boil.

Soun smiled as he gestured to his friend sitting beside him. Soun

and Genma had more or less recovered from their bout with Ranma

and Pepper and were cleaned up. Now they were in the parlor with his

daughters as he finished explaining the pledge.

"Yes. He happens to be the son of my dear old friend�"

"Genma Saotome." The fat martial artist made a low bow.

"Saotome?" Nabiki asked with interest. "Your son's name

wouldn't happen to be Ranma would it?"

"Yes! That's him!" Genma nodded. "However, I'm afraid that he

had been kidnapped and brainwashed into thinking he's an Amazon!

Soun and I risked our lives to get him back, but� we failed! Boo hoo

hoo!" Genma went into a fountain of tears, which Soun readily joined.

Soun was crying in earnest but to a pair of trained eyes like Nabiki's,

Genma act was about as believable as a 'B' movie.

"Oh come on now. You don't expect us to believe this, now do

you Mr. Saotome?"

"Oh my." Kasumi said. The eldest sister was just surprised as her

siblings as she began wondering what this Ranma was like. She made

a note to ask Nabiki about him, since she and Akane had already met


"I hate boys!" Akane said with her usual brand of subtlety. "Dad!

You can't expect one of us to marry that arrogant jerk do you?'

Soun stopped his crying spree and took on a serious expression.

"Akane! It is a matter of honor that you marry Ranma and carry on

the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts! It's already been


"What?! Me?!"

Soun took on a solemn look and said. "Yes Akane. Genma and I

have already decided that as the heir to our family's school, you will

marry Ranma." He then smiled as he said. "Don't worry Akane. Once

we rescue your fianc�e, then we can get on with the engagement!"


Soun turned and smiled at Genma. "You see Genma. She's very

excited about it."

"Yes! The perfect couple!" Genma agreed.

Nabiki groaned a bit as she couldn't believe how dense her father

and his friend was. However, this new development only opened up

to new possibilities. Ranma had already displayed several impressive

skills and having him engaged to the family could prove profitable.

She was now more determined than ever to learn all about Ranma.

The present�

Akane had spent the better part of the night screaming at her

father and his friend, categorically stating that she would never marry

Ranma. As a result, she had not gotten much sleep and neither did

anyone else in the house. Consequently, she and her sister Nabiki

were late waking up in the morning. They only had a few minutes

before the late bell would ring and they were both feeling the effects

of the lack of sleep. Now as they neared the school, her temper had

begun to rise again and she needed to blow off some steam. Usually

she would have been irritated to fight those boys who challenged her

every day, but today she was looking forward to pounding some

skulls. She was also looking forward to hitting Ranma as well, for his

part in all this mess. However, as soon as she got within twenty feet

of the front gate, she stopped and stared at the scene before her.

Nabiki also stopped and together, they gaped at the carnage. Akane

dropped her bookbag and Nabiki silently swore to herself, as she

hadn't gotten to school sooner and set up the betting pools.

Ranma and his sister Amazons were standing in the middle of a

landscape of bruised, beaten and battered male students. The fight

had not lasted long. It had taken them a mere ten seconds to

pulverize more than eighty opponents. The adolescents were

scattered about school yard, most of them were unconscious.

Surprisingly though, some of the would-be attackers were relatively

unscathed as Ranma had taken them out with pressure points.

However, the rest were going to need a visit to the nurse's office.

Despite Ranma telling the girls to go easy on their assailants, the

boys who had attacked the Amazons discovered that the girls were

far more formidable than Akane. Even their lightest punches, slaps

and kicks were the equivalent to being hit with sledgehammers. Oh

well, such is the way of Amazon life.

"I thought I told you to go easy on them." Ranma sighed.

"Shampoo did go easy on them." Shampoo protested.

"Lilac pull punches too."

"Not our fault males of Japan not as strong as Ranma." Perfume


"What� happened here?"

The four turned to where Akane and Nabiki were. Ranma had long

since sensed their approach. He shrugged and said, "I don't know.

We were just minding our own business and then these jerks start

attacking us. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that dope Kuno had

put them up to this."

"You there! How dare you interfere with my courtship of my

Amazon flowers?"

Ranma gave off another sigh, this time of disgust as he turned to

face Kuno, who had been standing behind the tree during the entire


"I thought so." Ranma had already sensed his presence when they

had arrived. His features furrowed into a visage of irritation. "You put

these boys up to this didn't you?"

Kuno smirked proudly as he replied, "But of course! These cretins

thought they could just approach the beauties behind you. The mere

concept is unthinkable! Like the lovely Akane, these fair maidens are

not meant for the likes of them or someone as lowly as you are! I had

therefore decreed that no boy might date with them unless he can

defeat them in combat! Only one as great as I may deem himself

worthy of that honor! How dare you get involved in their battles?"

Ranma snarled a bit at this pompous jackass. "All right! That's it!

I've had enough of your stupidity!" Reaching behind him, he took

out his battle staff and made it extend to its usual length. "I'm going

to put an end to this nonsense!" <Since words aren't doing anything,

it looks like I'm going to have to use some visual incentive to get my

point across. Much as I hate using force, it looks like this is the only

way for these jerks to get the message.>

Kuno smiled with confidence as he held up his bokken. "So you

think to challenge the mighty Tatewaki Kuno? Very well, miscreant!

Come and learn the error of your ways!" Kuno took a pose, as he was

certain that his earlier defeats were just flukes. After all� was he not

the greatest warrior in the school� no the world� no the universe?

Ranma snorted with disdain as he took a ready stance. "Whatever!

But WHEN I win, you are going to take back that stupid

announcement and leave my sister Amazons alone got that? I don't

give a damn about what you do with Akane. As far as I'm concerned,

you can have that ill-mannered tomboy, but keep away from Lilac,

Perfume and Shampoo! "

"Hey!" Akane said in displeasure, not liking that reference about

her, no matter how accurate that statement was.

The three Amazons became very surprised at the intensity of

Ranma's words. They had rarely seen him get so worked up about

something. Usually, he was the perfect example of control and

discipline. Being raised by Jasmine had shaped his personality.

However, they also knew that when Ranma did get upset about

something, he was also quite dangerous and woe to anyone who

ticked him off.

Another thought also crossed their minds. The fact that Ranma

was defending their honor could mean that he� cared for them. All

three girls blushed a bit as they began thinking of Ranma as their

knight in shining armor. Not that they needed such protection, being

proper Amazons, but the thought was nice anyway.

"Very well lowly one! If by some unlikely miracle that you can

defeat me, then I shall allow my warrior flowers to date whomever

they please! Although I know that only I am the ones that they have

their hearts set on!"

"Shut up and fight!" Ranma moved with blurring speed.

Kuno smirked as he raised his bokken to deliver a slash, but� he

never got the chance to execute the move as Ranma used his staff to

hit several pressure points on Kuno's upper body and legs. His

movements were too fast for the eye to see. One microsecond after

the duel had started, it was all over. Kuno once again found himself

paralyzed in mid-strike but only this time, he felt both shoulders

scream out in agony. Kuno clenched his teeth and tried not to scream

out. He failed.


The Amazons, Akane, Nabiki and the crowd who had seen the

spectacle winced as they saw Kuno's shoulders slightly distort

themselves. Then, like fallen tree branches, his arms slumped down in

their rigid positions. An audible popping sound was heard as his arm

bones were freed from their sockets. Ranma stood back and took a

deep breath. <Nothing like a little pain to make them understand.> His

sixth and seventh senses registered the increases in heart rates,

emotions and adrenaline of the would-be suitors of the Amazons.

Nearly all of them took several steps back. Ranma nodded. <I think

they got the message.> After taking a few more cleansing breaths, he

put away his staff and walked up to Kuno's paralyzed form. The

arrogant kendoist found himself unable to utter another sound as his

larynx suddenly locked up.

"Let me explain what I just did Kuno. Not only did I paralyze all

your major skeletal muscles, but also the pressure points that I

applied to your shoulders had caused them to dislocate themselves.

And in case you're wondering why you can't talk, I also used a

delayed pressure point to freeze your voice. I sure as heck don't want

to listen to your idiocy any more. " Ranma then struck a couple of

shiatsu points on his shoulders. "There. As soon as the full body

paralysis wears off, your shoulders will reset themselves. Mind you,

it'll really hurt when they do. However, it will take one full week for

you to get your voice back as it was your big mouth that started this

lunacy in the first place! I'm sure that the school will appreciate not

having to listen to your ranting for a while."

Ranma then turned to the crowds and said in a stern voice. "As for

the rest of you, you have all witnessed my victory against Kuno. The

decree set by him no longer applies to Shampoo, Lilac and Perfume

and I won't tolerate anyone who treats my sister Amazons with

nothing less than respect. If you want to date them, then just ask

them. If you wish to challenge them, then you will do so individually

and with the proper respect! I will not tolerate any more of Kuno's

idiocy, just because he's so dishonorable that he has all of you

attack a girl that he can't get a date with! Am I making myself clear?"

The crowds and the boys who were just starting to pick

themselves off the ground all nodded their understanding. After

seeing their greatest fighter get beaten so easily, the last thing they

wanted to do was to get Ranma riled.

Ranma nodded as he motioned for the three Amazons toward the

school building. As he walked toward the front door, he called back

to the throngs. "You can fight Akane all you want, though I can't

understand why anyone would want a spoiled brat like her. There are

hundreds of pretty girls in the school. I don't know why any guy

would follow a stupid rule made up by Kuno to date a violent maniac

like her. A guy would have to be blind not to see that." The Unseen

Light martial artist smirked at that last bit.

The girls in the crowds gave a loud cheer when Ranma said those

words. They also thought that Akane had been getting too much

attention and it had been about time that someone had knocked

Kuno off his high horse.

The only girl who didn't share their views was of course Akane.

As soon as she heard the 'brat' comment, she had almost exploded.

How DARE he call her that? Grrrrr. It was bad enough that she found

out that she was to be engaged to him, but this� this BOY had the

nerve to call her that in front of the whole school! These girls were

cheering him on to boot! Well she'd show them! She'd show them

all! Her thoughts were dark ones as she and her sister walked to the

main school building.

Within a day, Ranma had become the talk of the school, as his

stand against Kuno in defense of the Amazons was the main topic.

The girls of Furinkan were also enthusiastic about him. Not only was

he a hunk but by telling those Akane-chasing boys off, he made

many of them realize that the 'beat-Akane-so-you-can-date-her'

routine was just plain stupid. After all, they knew that Kuno was not

exactly what a person would call sane. So what did that make them for

following that rule? As a result, many of the girls had begun to get

apologies from a few former Akane challengers for ignoring them.

The females of the school were once again getting date offers, but

many of them still wished to go out with the one who respected their

gender. An Amazon by the name of Ranma Saotome.

As the day went on, Akane's temper had climbed up several

notches. It was nothing but Ranma this and Ranma that. Her friends

were always whispering about him and it did not do her vanity any

good as her popularity began to decline. It was around 3:00 p.m. that

she had finally had enough and made a decision. The school had all

but forgotten about her and there were even more insinuations that

he was a better martial artist than she was. That last comment struck

her where she was most sensitive. She had trained and trained and

she was proud of her status as a martial artist. No stupid boy was

going to take that away from her! As she thought about it, she also

considered the fact that her father wanted her to marry him to carry

on the dojo. If� no WHEN she defeated him, then she could show to

all that she is second to none and prove to her father that he wasn't

worthy to take over the Tendo dojo, thereby canceling the

engagement! She could kill two birds with one stone! With that in

mind, she stomped off to find him.

Ranma was once again sitting beneath the tree near the baseball

field, waiting for the three warrior girls so they could walk home

together. He was rather proud of himself at the moment. His little

demonstration had been very effective as those who attacked him

and the other Amazons had apologized for their behavior and were

now politely asking the girls out. Of course, the three still had their

hopes on snaring Ranma, but at least the suitors were being gently

turned down, instead of being seriously injured. He had also made

some new friends among the male students as he had spent a good

part of the morning healing those injured in the battle. His training

under Jasmine had served him well as a healer as he applied pressure

points and a few herbal remedies to ease their pain and speed up their

recovery. The school nurse was especially grateful as he took care of

much of the workload. He had also been getting more attention from

the female students as they had been asking him if he was seeing

anyone and requested that he play some more melodies on his flute.

Of course, the one person who did not get the message was Kuno.

Even after his body unfroze itself and his shoulders reset themselves,

he was still intent on destroying the 'foul sorcerer.' Only black magic

could have defeated a noble samurai. The pain that had accompanied

his shoulders when they realigned themselves had been excruciating.

Even more so as he couldn't scream out due to his paralyzed larynx.

As a result, he had tried to exact his revenge on the blind martial

artist. So far, he had tried to attack Ranma three times. Unfortunately

for him, that was like trying to approach a sophisticated sensor array.

Ranma's sixth and seventh sense always gave him enough warning

before the insane kendoist could get within fifty feet of him. Ranma

would defeat him quickly and efficiently. On these occasions, Ranma

realized that just about nothing short of a mortal injury would get the

Blue Thunder to use that tiny thing in his head. His brain. Ranma was

trained primarily as a healer, so he would not use any lethal

techniques unless there was no other option. With that in mind,

Ranma settled on just humiliating the kendoist every time he attacked


The first time, Kuno tried to cleave his skull in half, but a quick jab

of an index finger plus the Advanced Breaking Point, reduced his

bokken to sawdust. Kuno found himself in the pool again. The

second time around, he thought that he could rush him from the side.

That too met with failure as Ranma leapt over the slash and delivered

a pressure point attack to his hands, causing them to release his

weapon. Kuno's face was then introduced to the school's flagpole.

The third attack was by far the most embarrassing for the kendoist.

Kuno had tried to leap at him from the top of a storage shed, hoping

that the sun would blind his opponent. Sure enough, Ranma did look

up. However, casual flick of his battle staff intercepted Kuno and

sent him flying into the girl's locker room. The cries of 'pervert' and

'peeping tom' echoed loudly as the girls pummeled Kuno into the

tiled floor.

Ranma shook his head as he thought about the enemy that he had

made. He was a very pathetic enemy to be sure, but it seemed that the

constant poundings from Akane had made him either highly resistant

to pain, or totally brain-dead. Ranma opted for the latter theory.

Just as his thoughts turned to Akane, his seventh sense picked up

something entering his area. Concentrating his sixth sense, he

detected a small amount of ki energy that was mostly unfocused. The

battle aura that was being generated was relatively small and without

discipline or focus, implying a relatively low level of skill in the art, as

compared to him or even the novices of the tribe. Of course, he could

detect some considerable potential but Ranma doubted that she

could develop it anytime soon. Judging by the angry emotions being

directed at him and how her footsteps were too loud, it could only be

one person. Using his sharp sense of smell, he confirmed who it was.


a stance.

This announcement caught the attention of all those present. The

crowds of students who had been milling about the school grounds

stopped in their tracks and turned to where they heard Akane shout

out her challenge. This was a first. Akane Tendo, the star of the daily

morning battles and confirmed boy-hater, was actually challenging a

boy to a fight! The crowds began to converge on the spot near the

tree in order to watch. Nabiki and her cronies were among them,

taking bets. Today had certainly become interesting.

"Did you hear that?"

"Akane just challenged that new guy!"

"Check it out!"

"Three thousand yen on Akane!"

"Two thousand on Akane!"

"Five thousand on Ranma!"

"Hey! If Ranma wins, then that means that he becomes her

boyfriend right?"

Ranma casually got up and leaned against the tree, crossing his

arms and not saying a word. Akane took this lack of a response as

another slight to her.


Ranma cocked his head slightly to one side and replied, "Well


"Didn't you hear me? I said I challenge you!"

"I heard you the first time." Ranma said with a bored and slightly

annoyed tone. "So what?"

"Are you being a coward? Are you refusing my challenge?"

Ranma shrugged, as he said, "No. As an Amazon, I must accept all

challenges. However, I don't think you'd be much of a challenge for

me. Check that. You wouldn't be a challenge at all."

"What� did� you� say?" Akane's anger began to reach a new

high, as her voice became low and deadly.

Ranma shrugged again. "I didn't know that you were hard of

hearing. I said�"

"ARRRRGGHHHH!" Akane rushed forward and started swinging.

Ranma however, had already sensed the attack and deftly dodged it.

Before Akane knew it, her outstretched arm was grabbed and she was

tossed to the right like a rag doll. She landed on her face on the

ground as Ranma casually turned around to face her. He stood in a

neutral stance with his hands behind his back.

"A predictable charge." The blind boy said calmly as he waited for

the girl to get up.

Akane growled as she rose and tried another punch to his face.

This too was easily dodged as her forward momentum put her off

balance. A simple leg trip by Ranma and Akane was on her belly


"Too easy."

Akane got up again and attacked. A moment later and she was

down again.

"Not even child's play."

"Grrr! Hold still!"


Akane was pushed into the tree.

"All bark and no bite."



Akane was on her backside.

"Shall I get you a seat cushion?"



Akane was eating bark again.

"All that bark isn't healthy you know. You should eat more rice."



"This is getting really boring. If you don't have anything new to

show me, then you should quit now."


Akane lunged forward, but Ranma was already within her defenses

as he extended an arm and casually flicked a finger at the tip of

Akane's nose, then stepped out of the path of her haymaker.

The youngest daughter of Soun Tendo stepped back and held her

nose, which was stinging a bit.

"A novice could have blocked that one Akane." Ranma said with a

casual tone.


"Not likely." Ranma replied as he once again tripped her.

The fight, if one could call it that, went on for several minutes as

Ranma easily danced around Akane's clumsy attacks. By now,

Akane had become winded and slightly bruised as Ranma used only

enough force to counter her moves. So far, he had only redirected the

force of her attacks so that they would make her fall down or cause

some minor injury to herself. Whatever hits he made against her were

intended more as insults than actual attacks. It had been ridiculously

easy as his enhanced senses picked up all of her techniques and

analyzed her fighting style. Of course, her martial arts skills were

overrated as far as he was concerned.

Meanwhile, Akane had become so angry, that all she could see

was a red haze. Ranma was making a mockery of her skills. Not one of

her attacks had even come close to hitting him. Her temper finally

reached its apex as she shouted out without considering the

consequences of her words.



There was a collective gasp in the crowd as they heard this

statement. Ranma however, had been expecting something like this,

given yesterday's events. It was then that he made a move. Brushing

aside two of Akane's punches like a man who was casually swatting

away a couple of flies, he moved forward and�

Whap! Whap!

Akane staggered back and held her cheek. He had not put any

considerable force in the blows, but the insult was still there. He�

slapped her! Her! Akane Tendo! No one got away with that!


Whap! Whap!

Another double slap by Ranma and Akane was again stunned.

Ranma simply stood as he crossed his arms. "What's the matter

Akane? Not used to an opponent who can fight back? What? You

were expecting me to just hold still and take your physical and verbal

abuse? By the way, would you stop with the name-calling? I feel like

I'm talking to a five-year old."

"You are nothing but a stupid boy! All boys are perverts and my

father must have been out his mind when he engaged me to you!"

Akane spat out as she prepared to attack him again. By now, the

crowds had begun whispering to themselves.

"Akane's engaged to Ranma?"

"Oh no! There goes our chance for happiness!"

"Aw! And I was just about to beat her too!"

Ranma's expression became stern as he replied. "Your calling me

those names just because I'm a boy does nothing but show your

own ignorance. We've only just met yesterday and you're already

putting me in the same category as the others? This is stupid and I

won't take this any more." Ranma suddenly blurred forward and used

a series of pressure points. Like Kuno, Akane found her body locked

up in mid-strike.

Akane couldn't believe that she had lost so easily and tried to

move. However, she found that she couldn't as she was forced to

listen to Ranma.

"I win."


"Don't make excuses Akane." Ranma said simply. "Your defense

is lousy, your reflexes are too slow and your fighting style is way too

easy to predict. You wouldn't have even been considered as a novice

back in my village."

Akane growled as she tried to lash out at him. Unfortunately for

her, it was a futile effort, as her limbs still wouldn't respond.

Ranma shook his head. "Just because you can punch and kick

doesn't mean anything. Judging from your performance, you've had

maybe three years of training. Four tops and not very intensive. So

what if you can beat up those boys every morning? Considering that

they have very little to no skill in the martial arts and the fact that

Kuno holds back a lot only shows that you've let those little

successes go to your head."

Ranma sensed her struggles and sighed in disgust. Akane was

nothing more than a spoiled brat. She had been getting away with her

behavior and attitude for too long. "Akane, don't even bother. Those

pressure points I used will keep you paralyzed for about an hour.

Face facts Akane. I beat you." Ranma paused for a second as he

used his senses on the girl. Finding only loathing and disgust

directed against him, Ranma shook his head and turned around. He

had his fill of this person as he calmly walked back toward the school.

"Hey! Don't turn your back on me you jerk! We're not finished


Ranma didn't turn to face her as replied, "As far as I'm concerned,

we're done." He then decided to add one of Cologne's favorite

phrases. "You're about a hundred years too early to give me any


On the sidelines, Nabiki was being bombarded with questions as

the crowds tried to get the scoop on how Akane and Ranma were

engaged. The middle sister smiled as she began charging them for the

information, which would more than make up for the losses on the

outcome of the fight.

Once she had finished her business transactions, she walked over

to where her sister was still frozen. Fortunately for Akane, no one had

tried to take advantage of her, although a lowly student named

Hikaru Gosunkugi was gleefully taking pictures of her from behind

the tree. He especially got excited when an errant gust of wind blew

up Akane's skirt for a brief moment. It was then that he felt a tap on

his shoulder. He turned and flinched when he saw Nabiki.

"Okay Voodoo Spike, hand it over."

"No!" This was probably the only chance he'd have of a picture of

Akane's undies.

"Would you like me to reveal to the school board about that

messy incident last Friday?"

Voodoo Spike frowned as considered his choice. A moment later,

he reluctantly gave Nabiki his camera and went off to sulk.

Nabiki smiled as she mentally made a note to have the film

developed. Kuno would pay big bucks for these shots. She then

walked over to her sister with a bit of a smug look. Although she did

love her sibling, she had been getting a little jealous of all the

attention Akane had been getting when Kuno made that decree. As a

result, neither she nor the other girls in school had a chance of

getting a date. The spoiled little princess had thought that she was

the center of the universe. The middle sister smiled as she thought

about Ranma. Not only was he not interested in her violent maniac of

a sister, but also he did not let Akane get away with her temper

tantrums. It also didn't hurt that he was tall, dark, and handsome and

was in possession of several unique skills. Just seeing his

performance today offered up more opportunities for profit.

<Hmmm� maybe I should talk to Daddy about this engagement


Near the tree, Akane was still frozen in place as she silently fumed.

The students were going to have a field day with this. Ranma beating

her would make people assume that she would have to date him. That

and the revelation of the engagement only made things worse. She

regretted saying that in front of the whole school. However, the most

irritating thing about this whole mess was that Ranma had defeated

her. She had lost to a boy! It was so humiliating! She was supposed

to be the best! She wasn't going to take this, especially from a boy!

She'll prove to all that she was the best! <Just you wait Ranma! I'll

beat you! You're going to see what a 'true' martial artist is capable


"I know what you're thinking of Akane."

Akane could only move her eyes and saw Nabiki off to her right.

"If you think you can beat Ranma, forget it. Judging from what

I've seen, you are nowhere near his level in skill, power or anything

to do with the martial arts.

"Who asked you Nabiki?" Akane retorted angrily. "I'll beat him!

You'll see! There's no way that I'm going to let a boy show me up!"

"Now, now Akane. Is that any way to talk about your fianc�e?"


Nabiki sighed as she waited for the paralysis to wear off.

Near the outskirts of Tokyo, a certain lost boy with a black and

gold bandanna was near exhaustion. It had taken him a week to

finally find the right route and he smiled in anticipation for his long-

awaited revenge.

<Ranma Saotome! Prepare to die!>

At the end of the day, Ranma and the Amazons returned to

Pepper's Place. After completing their homework, the girls decided to

go out and see the sights in Tokyo. Ranma declined their offer to go

with them. Pepper had decided to show them around and left the

running of her establishment to one of her assistant managers. A

while later, Ranma was sitting on the roof of the building, seemingly

staring at the sunset. That is, if he could see the sunset. A few

moments later, his sixth sense, hearing and sense of smell picked up

the approach of Cologne.

"You seem troubled." Cologne said as she at down beside him. "Is

there anything that you'd like to talk about?"

Ranma was about to say no, then sighed. "It's nothing really

important Elder. I'm just thinking about a few things."

"Please Ranma, you may call me Cologne. I hear that you stood up

for the girls at the school today."

Ranma shrugged and gave her a bemused smile. "Well, it's not like

they couldn't have stood up for themselves."

"Why did you stop that decree of Kuno's? It would have been

impossible for any of those boys to have defeated them anyway."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I had some practical reasons to why I

stopped it."

"Such as?"

"Well, for one thing, those boys were nowhere near the skill level

of Shampoo, Cologne or Perfume. Heck! Even with them holding

back, those guys still got hurt a lot more seriously than they ever did

with Akane. If they did that daily, then well, it wouldn't have been


"I see. So you were concerned for their welfare."

"Partly that, but I was also concerned for the girls too."

"Oh?" Cologne became very interested. Ranma was showing

concern for her great-granddaughter.

"Yeah. Fighting against those mobs wouldn't have provided them

with any challenge and that would cause them to lose their edge. I

mean, you've seen Akane Tendo fight right? She's gotten so used to

the morning battles that she's fallen into a pattern. She's had no

incentive to improve and her skills have become stagnated. I beat her

so easily that it was embarrassing! I don't want Shampoo or the

others to become careless and then lose to a weak outsider. I'm sure

that they don't want to end up married to an idiot like Kuno."

"Ah. You were thinking of law number forty-three, correct?"

Ranma nodded. "Although our tribal laws may be strange to

outsiders, I understand the meaning behind them. I was just making

sure that the girls wouldn't get into a situation like that."

"Very thoughtful of you Ranma. I'm sure that the girls appreciate

the gesture but you needn't have bothered."


Cologne smiled at Ranma's confusion as she explained. "It pleases

me that you have taken our laws and customs in your heart.

However, since you have only memorized the traditional laws in

which Jasmine has taught you, I am not surprised that you are

unaware of the revisions to law number forty-three."


"Yes. Jasmine only taught you the traditional laws, as she never

expected you to leave the village. But you see, about twenty years

ago, our tribe had decided to break free from our isolation. To that

end, we began sending out our most promising members to study the

outside world. Our group is only one of many. We have sent

Amazons not only to Japan, but also to Russia, England, Italy, France

and even to America. It didn't take the Council long to realize that the

Kiss of Death and Kiss of Marriage would cause conflict with the

laws of those foreign lands. After much debate, they had decreed

that the Kiss of Marriage and Death would not apply to any female

Amazon who happened to be studying abroad as they feel that it

would distract her from getting an education."

"So even if they had lost to outsiders, then they wouldn't have

been forced to marry or kill them?"

"That is correct. The only time that it would affect an Amazon is if

she is formally challenged and that the duel is in the presence of an

Elder. In this case, me. And also remember that I will have the final

decision on the outcome."

"That's good to know Cologne." Ranma paused in his thoughts

and then posed another question. "Cologne, you said that a female

Amazon wouldn't be affected by law number forty-three if she was

studying abroad. What about law number forty-four?"

Cologne sighed sadly, as she knew the meaning behind the

question. "I'm afraid that it is still in effect. Should an outsider girl

defeat you, then you would have to marry her. The Council did not

think to revise that rule since males did not have to worry about the

Kiss of Death."

"I� see." Ranma nodded in thought. "It's a good thing that I beat

Akane Tendo then." He shuddered at the thought of being married to

such an ill-tempered girl.

"Yes, and I would advise you to keep the knowledge of that law to

yourself. If that good-for-nothing father of yours ever learned of it,

then it would be a tool to use against you."

Ranma nodded. His father had caused him enough grief and the

blind boy wanted nothing more to do with him. Genma wanted the

union between the Saotomes and the Tendos. Ranma had sensed it

during the ambush. Well, if this was the one pledge he wanted to

keep, then that was the one that Ranma would refuse the most!

Genma was not going to get away with it! Ranma would NEVER wed

a Tendo!

For a long time nothing was said as the two sat in silence. Cologne

was enjoying the vibrant colors of the setting sun and wished that

Ranma could see them. The blind boy sensed Cologne's pity and

decided to change the mood.

"Oh by the way Cologne. Have you looked into that little matter

that I mentioned this morning?"

Snapping back from her inner thoughts, Cologne nodded as she

replied. "Yes, I have used some of the contacts that I have in Japan

and Pepper had given me the name of a very good private

investigator. She has told me to be wary of him, since he is a bit of a

pervert. However, he is reputed to be one of the best. If anyone can

find your real mother, he will."

The Unseen Light fighter nodded. Other than the fact that he knew

his mother's last name to be Saotome, he had no memories of her.

The last time he had ever seen her was when he was five. That was

the time that Genma had taken him away on his training journey. Less

than a year later, he had been subjected to the Neko Ken training and

had been condemned to live out the rest of his life in darkness.

Ranma's only recollections of the woman who had birthed him

were vague and far too distant. He could only visualize in his mind a

faint, indistinct image of a kind-looking woman, holding up her

laughing son for a photo. He did not know where she lived or even

her first name. Genma had prevented all contact between them and

never let on to her whereabouts. In fact, aside from the occasional

letter that he wrote to her, Ranma would have never known that he

had a mother. Of course, Ranma knew that Genma was not an honest

person and his past actions would not have been approved. By now,

Genma was probably avoiding her until he could regain his son.

"So who is this detective?"

Cologne paused before answering. "His name is Ryo Saeba, but he

is better known as City Hunter."

The very next day, as he and the others came to school, Ranma

and the girls were surprised to see the usual mob of boys at the front

gate. At first they thought they were going to be attacked again, but

Ranma sensed that they were not there for combat. Many of them

were emitting feelings of sadness and acceptance as the head of the

group, a boy from the debating team, stepped forward and addressed

the blind martial artist.

"Ranma Saotome. You have won."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"We accept your engagement to Akane Tendo and acknowledge

your victory over her. We will no longer fight her."

Ranma blanched at this. "What?! I'm not engaged to anyone,

especially not to that brat!" The Amazons also displayed their

displeasure. It was then that Ranma's sixth sense went off and his

seventh sense picked up the approach of someone. Ranma jumped

forward and dodged the bokken strike as he heard a sickeningly

familiar voice.


Ranma was a bit surprised to hear Kuno's voice as he turned to

face off against him. He had thought that he had paralyzed Kuno's

larynx for a week. A quick probe of his opponent revealed that

someone had used the release points to free up Kuno's vocal cords.

Kuno glared at his hated foe with a rage that could burn through

lead. He had been forced to see a specialist in shiatsu in order to get

his voice back. The only specialist in Nerima was a certain Doctor

Tofu Ono.


"My word! Whoever did this to you certainly knew what he was

doing." Tofu remarked as he looked over Kuno's throat. A few

successive taps to the right nerves and Kuno gasped out.


The young doctor smiled as he asked in a good-natured tone, "Oh

really? Where does it hurt?"

Kuno stared dumfounded at the good doctor as he realized that he

could speak again. "I� can talk! Oh the heavens must surely smile

upon me this day!"

It was then that that the door to the clinic opened up and a certain

young lady entered.

"Why hello Doctor Tofu. I'm hope I'm not disturbing you or


Instantly, the young man's glasses fogged up and he began

twitching a bit. "K-K-Kasumi! W-w-what a wonderful surprise!"

"I hope that I'm not interrupting anything."

"Oh no! I-I-I was just playing with Betty here!" Tofu reached out

to grab his skeleton, but unfortunately, his aim was a little off. Check

that, it was way off as he grabbed Kuno.

"Now see her my good doctor! I� wait! Wh-what are you�


End flashback�



Ranma was more than perturbed as he took out his battle staff and

extended it. "Now hold on a second! I'm not engaged to that



Ranma sensed Kuno charging and prepared to counter. It was

then that his sixth and seventh sense detected the approach of

Akane and her sister Nabiki. He also sensed something else

approach. This newest arrival had a far greater ki level that all three

combined and the emotions it was radiating were ones of

depression, anger and extreme rage. These emotions were directed

solely at him. Ranma almost got hit by a slash by Kuno as he used

his senses to gauge the power level of this threat. He then frowned

as he recognized the ki signature. It was a presence in which he had

not felt in three years.


The blind martial artist leapt up to avoid a figure as it descended

from above. At the same time, Ranma used his seventh sense to

dodge Kuno's bokken and lashed out with a sidekick. Kuno was sent

sprawling as Ranma landed and took a stance, ready to face off

against this latest threat.

The figure landed in a crouching position and caused the

pavement beneath him to explode. The crowds backed off, just as

Akane and her sister came to the front gate. Everyone stood and

waited for the smoke to clear up. When the clouds of dust parted,

they revealed a boy of around sixteen or so, dressed in brown pants,

a yellow, sleeveless shirt, black and gold headband and carrying a

heavy backpack. He was still crouched down and his arms were

holding a massive bamboo umbrella. He gazed at Ranma and smirked,

displaying slight fangs.

"I found you� Ranma Saotome."

Ranma gritted his teeth. Things had just gone from bad to worse.

Author's Notes

Well, Ranma has fought Akane and as expected, it was no contest.

Akane's world has been forever shattered and now she is more than

determined to defeat Ranma and prove her superiority. Of course, she

doesn't know about law number forty-four. Genma and Soun will

eventually learn of it and that will be their key weapon to try and

force Ranma to cooperate with their promise to unite the schools.

However, don't expect our master of the Unseen Light to go along

with it.

Ranma is actually hitting girls? Well, just remember that the

Amazons have raised him and the warrior women expect him to treat

them as equals if not superiors. Ranma is also very knowledgeable in

their laws and will follow them. The revision to law number forty-

three was just to show that the Amazons are not totally inflexible with

their ways or customs.

Ryoga is here and for those of you, who have forgotten, Ranma

did meet up with the lost boy in Chapter One.

Well, I hope this revision has made things go a little more

smoothly. For those of you who think that I've gone off the deep end

and included Ryo Saeba into this, well I just finished watching the

latest OAV of City Hunter and I thought it would really get

interesting when he comes across a group of beautiful Amazon girls.

And who better to find Ranma's mom than the best detective in