Fighting Blind

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Chapter 11

Part 2

And the Winner is...

Kasumi hummed to herself as she dusted the top of the dresser drawer of the

guestroom where Ranma's father was staying at the Tendo home. Though she

had developed a bit of disgust for the greedy friend of her father's, due

to her conversation with his son, she still had to maintain the proper

manners toward any guest in her home. She still could not believe that the

Tendo patriarch, despite the things that Genma had done to Ranma, held such

a man in high regard. Soun would go on and on about how his 'dear old

friend' had stuck by him through thick and thin during the training

sessions with the dread master. They would also go on about how the honor

of the families and the future of the Anything Goes would be assured after

they had gotten Ranma to marry Akane.

*Honor! Now there's the irony!* Kasumi had already confirmed for herself

that Genma had about as much honor as a tree stump (in other words, none at

all). After mentioning in a subtle way about the Daijkoku clan, she could

see it in his behavior that what Ranma had told her was the truth. *How

could any man have sold his only child for a fish, rice and pickles?* Then

the eldest daughter recalled everything else that Ranma had told her that

day at the coffee shop and shook her head in utter disbelief. As she saw

it, Genma had long since invalidated the promise he made to her family when

he started using his son as a bargaining chip. It was apparent that he was

only using his so-called vow of honor to Soun to take advantage of him.

Ever since he came here, that panda had eaten five times more food in a

week than the entire Tendo family could eat in a month. He didn't lift a

finger to help in the chores and just added to the messes that Kasumi had

to clean up. He played on Soun's gullibility and because of that, Kasumi's

father was blind to the truth that Genma was nothing more than a

freeloading glutton that was already putting a strain on the family

savings. Soun had not taught any students in years, and the only one who

used the dojo on a regular basis was Akane.

Nabiki had been the one to earn income for the family to survive on, but

even her somewhat... questionable business practices couldn't last forever.

Recently, she had gotten large sums of money for the Tendos, during the

time that Ranma had come to train his sister Amazons for the gymnastics

tournament, which they were now competing in at this very moment. The

eldest Tendo daughter wished she could attend the sporting event, but her

daily household duties left her little time for her to go out for anything

other than shopping.

Kasumi had suspected that Ranma had something to do with this much-needed

boost to the family savings. She smiled when she last spoke to the

sightless, but very handsome and mature-for-his-age fighter from China. She

remembered how happy she was when he accepted her apology for telling Akane

about his... condition. Having Ranma angry with her was something that she

wanted to avoid at all times. She raised a hand and ran her fingertips

across her face, remembering back to when Ranma touched her to 'see' her.

She then thought back to when he said that her looks matched the beauty of

her soul. Her cheeks reddened at the compliment. No one had ever said

something like that to her, but Ranma was quite open with his opinions and

wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Of course, he wasn't afraid to speak out

his opinions about Akane being a spoiled brat either.

Kasumi found herself lost in her thoughts about him and knew that she just

had to win back his trust and respect. He was everything that a girl could

want. He was strong, handsome, yet gentle and so... Kasumi couldn't put it

into words, but just thinking about him made her feel so warm and cuddly

inside. The problem was how to go about doing it. Though Ranma had forgiven

her, he was still very distrustful of the Tendos, and Kasumi couldn't blame

him. After all, her father and Genma had already attempted to kidnap him

twice, not to mention that fact that Akane had blurted out about his

blindness to the school.

*Just what where you thinking Akane? Didn't you realize that Ranma was very

sensitive about his condition? Why else did he not tell anyone about it?*

Kasumi sighed as she realized that she had no business in telling Akane or

Nabiki about it in the first place. Ranma would always remember that.

The eldest daughter sighted again as she continued with her dusting. It was

at that moment that she noticed that the top drawer was slightly ajar. She

caught sight of a brown book cover with a title written in Mandarin. Her

curiosity was piqued, as she did understand a bit of the language from her

days in high school.

"The Book of... Amazon Tribal Law?" Kasumi read out loud. Though she knew

that it was none of her business, she had to know what it was, so she

opened the drawer and took out the book. It was relatively thin, about

forty pages or so, but was well worn and had some dark stains on it. She

began leafing through the pages and saw that most of it was darkened by

brown splotches, making the writing on them nearly illegible. She could

only read bits and pieces of the text, but then came to the page that was

marked and a section was circled. Her hands trembled as she read the

Japanese translation of the law that was written above.

"In the event that a male member of the tribe is defeated by an outsider


At St. Hebereke...

"Incredible! Fans, we had just witnessed challenger Lilac use her ribbon to

hurl her opponent out of the ring!" The announcer exclaimed as the referee

held up the Amazon's arm up in triumph.

Ranma and the other members of Furinkan High's gymnastics team cheered, as

they became ever closer to winning the tournament. So far, each of the

girls had soundly trounced two of their three opponents before going up

against Kodachi in the finals. Shampoo had won her matches by knocking out

one of her adversaries with her clubs, then used a hoop to body slam the

other to the mat. Perfume had spiked her ball into the face of her first

foe. Since she hit with the force of a sledgehammer, the sphere went

shooting off like a cannonball, ending with a KO for Ranma's team. Her

second opponent she dispatched with a pair of battle staves that she

produced out of thin air. Fortunately, after reading the rules to Rhythmic

Gymnastics battle tactics, the use of such weapons was legal. Perfume's

opponent was struck several times in the legs as the lithe Amazon danced

around her in pirouettes and graceful skips. The poor girl from St.

Hebereke winced as her legs buckled beneath her, causing her to fall flat

on her face.

Lilac was by far the most dazzling when it came to acrobatics, being the

most agile of her generation, next to her coach, Ranma. With a series of

leaps, flips and midair twirls, her ribbon was like a bullwhip, and lashed

out in deadly strikes with each turn.

Lilac then went into a tight spin, and focused her ki into her ribbon.


Lilac's first opponent had her own ribbon sliced to... well, ribbons and

then had to forfeit when her skimpy costume was slashed to pieces. The girl

became flushed red with embarrassment, screamed, used her arms to cover

herself up as best she could and ran out of the ring in only her panties.

Wolf whistles and hoots were heard in the crowds from the boys as they

watched the girl rush away. Amazingly, Lilac had struck close enough only

to slice her opponent's leotard apart, leaving the skin untouched. As her

opponent retreated, Lilac stopped spinning and smiled. As she watched her

adversary streak away (so to speak), she turned to her coach and made a

series of graceful motions and then struck a sensuous pose. Though Ranma

couldn't see it, Lilac knew that he could sense the emotions being emanated

from her as she whispered to him in a sexy voice, <"Call me Queen!"> She

said it in Chinese in a low voice that only he could hear.

Ranma swallowed hard and felt the heat in his cheeks rise.

Lilac then turned to face off against her second opponent, and after a

minute, caused her to fly out of the ring after wrapping her up her feet

and put her into an airplane spin.

On the other side, the Black Rose frowned as she saw Lilac leap down from

the ring to give her beloved Ranma a hug. *Ooooooh! How dare that Chinese

hussy even think to embrace my Ranma-sama! HE'S MINE!* Kodachi Kuno then

glared at the audience after noticing that many of the female spectators

were also checking out the male Amazon with vivid interest. She turned her

attention back to the three beauties from China as they crowded around

their coach to plan for the semi-finals. *Hmmm, this is going to be harder

than I thought. It seems that those foreigners have considerable skills and

do not seem to be the least bit winded. Though I could easily take them out

myself, I would prefer to face only one of them, instead of all three.*

The insane sister Tatewaki motioned to the three girls who were going to

face off against Shampoo, Lilac and Perfume in the semi-finals. She then

began to whisper to them.

"But Captain! That..." One of the girls began after Kodachi had finished

explaining her strategy.

The Black Rose gave the girl a glare that brooked no argument. "Do it!"

On the sidelines, Tatewaki Kuno was transfixed at the sight of his beloved

Amazons in action and was in his own fantasyland of images of Shampoo,

Lilac and Perfume showering him with kisses and such. His lovesick gaze

then fell on Akane, who was sitting nearby and began adding her image to

the ones in his head.

*Ah, my warrior maidens! How I long for the day that you overcome your

shyness for your love for me. I swear that you shall free of the black

sorcery which the blind demon Saotome has enslaved you with! I, the great

Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High shall smite him with

heaven's righteous blade!*

Sitting near Akane, Nabiki winced after seeing Lilac take a sexy pose in

front of Ranma. She could have snapped a photo that Kuno would have shelled

out at least 200,000 yen for. There were other moments in the tournament

that would have also netted huge profits. The way Shampoo's cleavage was

shown as her bust jiggled during her high jumps. Perfume's leotard rode up

a bit more in the rear, whenever she did the splits. Lilac's legs seemed

impossibly long and slender in her high-cut outfit.

However, Ranma had made Nabiki swear an oath on the day before the

tournament. With great reluctance, she had sworn not to bring her camera

nor have her flunkies to take any photos of the girls during the

competition to sell to perverts, especially to Kuno. Ranma had already

helped her with several business transactions during the week and she had

made quite a hefty sum.

Nabiki had planned to have her flunkies take the shots during the match

from secret hiding places and using telephoto lenses, but then found out

that Ranma knew her far better than she thought and that his abilities made

it virtually impossible to deceive him.


"All right. I... promise that I won't take any pictures of Shampoo, Perfume

or Lilac during the match." Nabiki replied after getting a stern look from

the blind Amazon. In her head, she was thinking that it wasn't a big deal.

SHE had promised not to take any pictures. She had not promised not to have

anyone else take pictures. It was at that time that Ranma surprised her.

"And that includes your associates as well." Ranma added as his continued

to give Nabiki a stern look.

Nabiki's eyes widened. *What is he, psychic?* "Huh? W-What do you talking


Ranma's brow furrowed. "I mean, no pictures AT ALL, besides what might be

printed in the school newspaper. I mean it Nabiki. I didn't stop you from

taking pictures of the girls in dojo, just so you could make the same

mistakes during the match and sell them to hormonally crazed idiots like

Kuno. I WILL know if you break your promise to me. You've made more than

enough money during the last few days. I warn you not to be greedy. It's

not worth it."

Nabiki fought to maintain her Ice Queen fa�ade, but found it extremely

difficult under the sightless glare the Unseen Light fighter was giving

her. Finally, after a long minute of silence, she swallowed her pride and

said, "All right. You have my word. No pictures."

Ranma used his enhanced senses to gauge Nabiki's sincerity and found it to

be satisfactory. He then added, "Oh, and I think it would be in your best

interests that you do not involve my cousin or her friends in any of your

future money-making schemes unless you ask them. As I have told you before,

they don't like being manipulated and they will take very SERIOUS action

against you. Trust me, the LAST thing you want is an angry Amazon after


"I see." Nabiki nodded. After seeing how quickly they took to Martial Arts

Rhythmic Gymnastics and several demonstrations of their power and skills,

which by far outstripped her violent maniac of a sister Akane's, Nabiki

knew that Ranma was right in stopping her that first night in the dojo. The

money she would have made from those photos wouldn't have covered the cost

of her hospital stay. That is, if she survived the beating. Shampoo and her

friends were quite capable of dishing out massive bodily injuries and

Nabiki wasn't a martial artist. She doubted that she could have found

someone to protect her from them.

Ranma noted her slight fear and knew that she understood what he was

saying. He then gave her a small smile, which made Nabiki's heart skip a

beat. "You're a very intelligent girl, Nabiki Tendo. With brains like

yours, you can go very far. Just remember to think about the consequences

of your actions or they will come back to haunt you."

End of Flashback...

Nabiki looked over to where Ranma and the Amazons were gathered, as the

semi-finals of the tournament were about to begin.

Meanwhile, at Pepper's Place, the owner of the restaurant had returned to

reopen her establishment. She had wanted to stay to watch the rest of the

tournament, but had to come back to take inventory and order supplies.

Though she was confident that Lilac and the others would do well in the

competition and Cologne had assured her that she would keep an eye on


As Pepper entered the building, she was surprised to see four familiar

faces waiting for her as she walked in.

<"Jasmine! Honey! Silk! Satin! When did you get in?">

Ranma's Amazon mother smiled as she warmly embraced her friend. "Hello

Pepper. It is good to see you again."

Pepper returned the hug and invited the Amazons to sit with her at a nearby

booth. She then told a waitress to bring her guests a pot of green tea. As

they got comfortable, Jasmine began asking about her son, Ranma and when he

would return.

At the Tendo home...

Kasumi had been quiet for the last hour, doing nothing but stare at the

book she held in her hands. Soun and Genma had left some time ago, saying

they had some personal business to attend to. For once, since her mother

had died, Akane's older sister was being idle and was not concerned with

completing the household chores.

*So that's it. That's why Father and Mr. Saotome are so eager to get Akane

married with Ranma. It's because they think Akane is the only one who can

defeat Ranma. I... suppose it makes sense. Akane is the martial artist of

the family and Nabiki and I wouldn't stand a chance against someone of

Ranma's skills. But...*

Kasumi found herself disliking the idea of Ranma marrying someone else, and

even less when she thought about him getting engaged to Akane. Akane had

already proven that she was absolutely unsuitable and Nabiki, though she

was clever, was also not right for someone as kind and gentle as Ranma. So

that only left...

*But what can I do against him? I haven't practiced our family's art since

I was eleven. There is no way I could beat Amazon Wu Shu or shiatsu, let

alone that Unseen Light of his! How can I...?*

Kasumi was surprised at herself. Here she was, thinking of a way to get

herself engaged to Ranma. Where did this come up from? Wasn't he too young

for her? She preferred older men who were mature and refined.

But wasn't Ranma mature and thoughtful for his age? He was tall, handsome,

and very well formed. And though he came from a more primitive society,

didn't he show the proper manners? Also, he was the first man to have ever

complimented her and thought her beautiful, despite his inability to see.

He was even impressed by the way she had deduced that he was without sight.

And it had hurt her greatly when he became angry with her, but he had every

right to be, since she had blundered and told Akane and Nabiki of his

secret. Her heart had leapt for joy when he had forgiven her and gave her

the opportunity to make amends. Then her feelings went out to him even more

as she thought about how much he had suffered from both his father and from

those who did not understand him, or refused to do so. People like her

violent maniac of a sister, Akane.

Kasumi pondered it over some more as she attempted to rationalize why she

was feeling this way about the blind boy of the Joketsuzoku. At first she

thought it was a matter of honor, that the Saotome lines must be joined

with the Tendos, as it had been arranged by her father and Genma. *But

didn't Mr. Saotome invalidate his promise when he began engaging Ranma to

those other girls?* In that case, honor meant nothing and technically

speaking, neither herself nor her sisters were obligated to fulfill the

pact. Then she thought that it was just the motherly instinct within her

when she discovered that he was blind. However, she already witnessed that

Ranma was more than capable of taking care of himself. Perhaps it was out

of pity, but she had learned the hard way that Ranma neither wanted nor

deserved anyone's pity. The fact that he could cope with his blindness

without any seeming difficulties made her admire him all the more.

It was very unnerving the way he could detect the inner feelings and

thoughts of others, but at the same time it was also exciting. She knew

that his ability allowed for no pretense and she felt very comfortable

around someone who could understand her and make her feel warm inside. His

sensitive side was just as appealing as his strong will and determined

spirit. He was both the proud and powerful warrior, yet also the quiet

poet, healer and musician. When she had heard the recordings that Nabiki

had made of Ranma's flute, her heart melted like warm butter at the

melodies he played. His fluid grace of movement and creativity made him an

artist in both peace and combat.

Kasumi then came to a shocking conclusion. There was only one real reason

why she was so interested in Ranma.

She had fallen in love with him.

That one statement left her trembling and initially denying it, but then

she came to realize that it was true. Unlike Dr. Tofu, who couldn't even

stay sane for one minute when she was around, Ranma was open and had no

problems with expressing both his ideals and opinions. Though to others,

Kasumi seemed oblivious to the gibbering antics of Tofu Ono, Soun's first

child was quite aware of what was going on around her. She had thought that

Dr. Tofu would get over his habitual silliness whenever she was around, but

as time passed, she had realized that he would never be able to change. She

had been interested initially with Tofu, but was too shy to make any moves

and he could never say anything coherent to her. Her interest began to wane

and finally, she decided that they just were not meant to be. She had

resigned herself to becoming an old maid, but then felt something when she

met with Ranma in that coffee shop. Now new hope began to appear as Kasumi

found herself drawn toward the sightless warrior.

She nodded to herself. Yes, she had fallen for him. His innate charm and

inner strength had attracted her to him like iron filings to a magnet. She

could understand why those Amazons were so protective of him. If she were

in their shoes, she would not let any other female near him. But now that

she knew the reason behind her wanting to be engaged to him, the same

problem still remained. How was she going to get him?

She then reread the Kiss of Marriage Law and thought to herself. *Hmmm, the

law doesn't specifically state that he has to be beaten in physical combat,

just have to be defeated...* She started to contemplate how to go about

doing it. She then added to her thoughts a side note. *After I get him, I'm

going to throw that useless father of his out of the house! Ranma has

suffered enough and I shall NOT keep feeding that leech in our home!*

Back at St. Hebereke...

"FOUL!" Ranma cried out as Perfume and her opponent fell to the mat. During

the semi-finals Kodachi had instructed her team to try and knock the

competition out of the running by ANY means possible.

When Perfume faced off against her third opponent, the gymnast resorted to

an underhanded trick and had palmed a set of brass knuckles before entering

the ring. She tried a roundhouse punch to Perfume's face, but her adversary

saw the flash of metal and ducked the swing. She countered with a shot to

the girl's ribs with a club, but was so intent on her opponent that she

failed to notice what was happening behind her. Another member of the St.

Hebereke team poured a bit of oil onto the mat and then signaled to her

teammate. The girl who was fighting Perfume nodded and then started

swinging at Perfume, forcing her back toward the puddle of oil. Perfume's

enhanced danger sense went off as she stepped back and felt something oily

on her foot. She then twisted violently to avoid slipping up, but that was

when her adversary lashed out with a sweep of a leg. Perfume winced as she

felt pain shoot up her leg, but she managed to get back to her feet. She

then used her club to drive it into the other girl's gut and used it to

push her toward the oily spot. The girl lost her footing and in that

instant, Perfume charged and swung both clubs at her head.


With no traction, the girl was sent sailing over the ropes and out of the

ring. That was when the judges raised their red flags as Ranma bounded into

the ring to check on Perfume, who was kneeling and clutching her injured


"Sachi Youko is disqualified for an illegal foot sweep without using a


Ranma shook his head as he examined Perfume's ankle. She had suffered a

sprain and had twisted the joint a little. Though she had won the match by

knocking her opponent out of the ring, despite the foul committed by her

opponent, Perfume was now out of the competition. The young healer applied

several anesthetic pressure points to the leg and set the foot back into

proper alignment. He then began making his medicinal supplies appear and in

thirty seconds, he had her leg expertly bound up and carrying her in her

arms. Despite having her in his arms, he easily hopped out of the ring in

one leap.

"Ooh! Very bad cheater! Perfume will.."

"Take it easy, Perfume. It's okay." Ranma said in a soothing voice as he

gently set her down on the bench. "You did good. Now it's time for you to

rest." He then turned to Cologne. "Please make sure Perfume keeps off that

foot for a while."

The elder nodded as she brought out a small cushion to support Perfume's

injured leg.

Over on the other side, Kodachi gave the remaining members of the Furinkan

High team a smug look. *One down, two to go!* She then licked her lips as

she gazed on the prize of this competition.

Ranma frowned at he picked up the amorous emotions he was getting from

Kuno's twisted sister. He shivered a bit at the intensity of those

emotions, but pushed them aside as Shampoo stepped into the ring.

Ranma's adopted cousin took a pose and then decided to fight with her

normal weapons. Since St. Heberke was now resorting to dirty tricks and

more dangerous tools, Shampoo felt that she was also allowed to do so. She

held up her arms and with a flick of her hands, made the regular clubs

disappear, to be replaced by the more massive bonbori that she favored.

The gymnast she was facing off gasped as stared at the war clubs. She

looked down at the flimsy ribbon she had in her hands and called out to the

judges. "Hey! She's not using the right clubs! Those aren't regulation


Ranma then countered by holding up the rulebook. "Those bonbori are

basically clubs and as long as she doesn't hit with her hands or feet,

she's not breaking any rules."

The judges looked at each other and then shrugged. They allowed for that

last girl and her brass knuckles. They all raised a white flag and the head

judge said, "Use of bonbori is legal."

"EEEEP!" That was all the St. Hebereke gymnast could say before Shampoo

started swinging. Cologne beamed with pride as she watched her

great-granddaughter handle those massive war clubs as easily as if she

still had those regular clubs. In a dozen swings, the poor gymnast was

forced back toward the edge of the ring as she frantically dodged. Shampoo

was purposely missing and holding back, as she knew that hitting with full

strength would have pulverized the girl's skull. As of now, she was off

balance and it would only take a moderate nudge with Shampoo's weapons to

force her out of the ring. That was when Kodachi made a hand signal to one

of the members of the ST. Hebereke team who was closest to her comrade.

The girl then called out and tossed a large, rubber ball into the ring.

Shampoo's opponent saw it and slapped it toward the purple-haired girl. The

Amazon swung one of her clubs to deflect it, but as soon as it made

contact, it exploded into a cloud of black rose petals.


Shampoo felt something encircling her right wrist and looked down to see it

encased in a steel manacle with a chain attached. And attached to that

chain was...


Shampoo's eyes widened as she recognized the oversized glasses that the

waterfowl was wearing.


"Mousse?" Ranma sensed his childhood rival's presence in the ring and

wondered what the heck he was doing here.

Cologne and the other Amazons were just as shocked to see the cursed Master

of Hidden Weapons in Japan.

"OH HO HO HO HO HO! How very careless of you." Kodachi remarked as she

watched Shampoo struggle to get free of her unwanted suitor, continually

beating Mousse down, every time he tried to fly up to embrace her.

Shampoo's opponent took this momentary distraction to attack her with her

ribbon. Ranma's cousin swerved to evade it then decided that while Mousse

was here, he might as well be useful. She dropped the club in her right

hand, swung the chain at her opponent and beaned her on the head with the


"Incredible!" The announcer exclaimed. "Despite being chained to a duck,

challenger Shampoo is turning this handicap to her advantage. How very

fortunate that ducks are legal as tools!"

Shampoo's adversary reeled from the blow and was stumbling toward the edge

of the ring. As the great-granddaughter of Cologne charged in to finish her

off, Mousse decided to interfere. During the time he had been stuffed into

that ball, he had overheard Kodachi and how Ranma would be forced to go out

with her if the Amazons lost the competition. Mousse had decided to

everything in his power to make certain that Shampoo and the others lost,

despite the fact that it pained him.

*Oh my darling Shampoo. Please forgive me!* As Shampoo closed in with her

remaining bonbori raised to shove the girl out of the ring, Mousse then

flew down and wrapped the chain around her ankles. Shampoo was thrown off

balance and stumbled forward, plowing into her opponent as she hit her with

her weapon. Both girls and duck tumbled out of the ring. As they landed,

they slammed into the girl that was scheduled to face off against Lilac,

knocking her out!

"Unbelievable!" The announcer gasped. "Due to a sudden mishap, both girls

have tumbled out of the ring and are therefore out of the tournament! And

it seems that the girl who was supposed to face off against challenger

Lilac will not be able to compete. Challenger Lilac has won her third match

by forfeit and will be facing off against Champion Kodachi, the Black Rose

Kuno! What an exciting tournament this has been!"

On the sidelines, Shampoo was stomping on a duck for causing her to lose

the match.



flattened into duck paste when Cologne waved her prot�g� off, picked up the

battered waterfowl and brought him up to eye level.

"You will have a LOT of explaining to do when this is all over, Mousse."

Mousse was barely conscious to hear Cologne's words and was out like a

light a second later. Ranma took the opportunity to free his cousin's wrist

from the manacle with the Advanced Breaking Point, causing it to crumble

into powder.

There was five-minute intermission as the ring was being cleared for the

final match. In the crowds, Nabiki and her cronies were currently taking

bets on the outcome of the final match. Akane was watching the Amazons with

a bit of disdain and jealousy. During the entire tournament, the warrior

girls had displayed several forms of grace and agility, combined with

impressive hitting power, far beyond anything that Akane could have

achieved in a short time. Ranma had trained them well. She then gave off a

'hmpf' when she looked over and saw those Amazons fawning over that jerk

Ranma. She was still resentful that Ranma had turned down her request to

join the team and called her an amateur. She silently hoped that Kodachi

would win and Ranma would be forced to go out with her. Seeing him

miserable would make up for all those times he humiliated her and called

her a brat.

Five minutes later...

"Ladies and gentlemen! It is now time for the final match between

Challenger Lilac of Furinkan High and Champion Kodachi the Black Rose


"Well, Lilac this is it." Ranma said as he and the other Amazons crowded

around her. "I know that you'll do us all proud." He then turned to Perfume

and Shampoo. "You've all done well and I'm glad that I was the one who

trained you."

"We glad you trained us too." Lilac said as she leaned forward and gave him

a kiss on his cheek.

"You best trainer we ask for." Perfume said as she reached up from the

bench and pulled Ranma down to plant a kiss on his other cheek.

"We couldn't have asked for a better instructor." Shampoo added as she

hugged her cousin and kissed him as well.

Cologne nodded as she said, "Ranma, you have proven yourself as a good

trainer for getting the girls this far. I knew that you could do the job."

She then addressed Lilac. "Now go, Lilac and bring victory to all of us."

"Yes, Elder Cologne!"

Lilac gave a curt bow and then somersaulted into the ring. She took out her

ribbon and began making graceful twirls with it.

"It seems that the challenger is ready to go!" The announcer proclaimed as

the crowds cheered her on. "And now here comes the champion!"

Kodachi also entered the ring with a graceful flip. She was dressed in a

black leotard with a rose imprinted on her left side in silver thread. She

took out a pair of clubs and faced off against her opponent. She smirked as

she gave off a light laugh. "So, we meet again Lilac of the Amazons. I do

hope that you'll put up a good fight this time." She said the last part

with sarcasm.

"What you talking about? You attack Lilac in her own bedroom!" Lilac

growled as she tensed up and readied herself for the attack.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Kodachi said with mock innocence.

"I merely believe in fighting fair... before the tournament of course."

"Stop stupid talking and fight!" Lilac lashed out with her ribbon.

Kodachi easily dodged the strike and shrugged. "Very well. I prefer to get

this over with as quickly as possible so that I may be reunited with my

true love, Ranma Saotome!" Kodachi then struck out with her clubs at

Lilac's head.

"HE NOT YOURS!" Lilac retorted as she blocked the strike by making a club

appear in her free hand. She then made a twirling motion with her ribbon

and focused her ki into it. Snapping her weapon like a whip, she struck low

and snapped the ribbon at Kodachi's feet. The Black Rose had to use some

fancy footwork to evade the ribbon, which struck out like a cobra.

"Oh? And what would my darling Ranma see in a lowborn, barbaric hussy such

as you?" Kodachi teased as she flipped toward her opponent and struck out

with a club. As she thrust forward, she triggered a hidden switch and

spikes popped out from the front of the club. Lilac managed to tilt her

head enough to avoid being cut on those pointed ends.

Ranma frowned as he picked up the faint odor of some sedative coating the

spikes. He wanted to shout out that Kodachi was committing a foul, but she

was using legal tools. He shook his head. After reading the rules on this

sport, they should have called this Anything Goes Rhythmic Gymnastics.

"Watch those spikes Lilac, they're drugged!" Ranma called out.

Lilac barely acknowledged as she parried the spiked club with her own. She

then hopped back a few meters to get more elbow room. Kodachi smirked as

she called for a hoop from the sidelines. One of her teammates tossed it to

her. She caught it on her arm, spun it around a few times before launching

it at her opponent.

Lilac held up her club to block, but Ranma sensed that there was more to

that hoop than what it seemed.

"Don't catch it!"

Lilac's danger sense went off as the hoop streaked toward her. She ducked

as the projectile passed over her. Her club was still held up as she heard

a slicing sound. When she looked up, she saw that the head of her club had

been sliced off and was now lying in front of her on the mat.

"And there you have it folks!" The announcer declared. "Kodachi Kuno's

trademarked Razor Hoop!"

"OH HO HO HO HO HO!" Kodachi laughed as she sneered at Lilac. "Now do you

understand the folly of challenging one as great as I? How can you, a rank

amateur hope to defeat one such as myself, much less consider yourself

worthy of my darling Ranma? You wicked, wicked girl!"

"STOP STUPID TALKING!" Lilac retorted as she leapt high and lashed out with

a ki-powered ribbon strike. "RIBBON CUTTER!"

Kodachi was caught off guard as the ribbon actually cut into the mat like a

hot knife going through butter. She rolled to the right as the ribbon

sliced toward her and shredded the area where she was a moment ago. The

Black Rose retaliated, by producing on of her bomb balls, which exploded in

front of her opponent and then brought out a pair of clubs. Lilac had to

dive for safety and rolled to her right. She dropped her ribbon in favor

for her clubs.

"It seems that a lesson is in order." Kodachi declared as she took a pose

with arms held high. "And who better to teach it to a barbarian than the

rising star of the gymnastics world and the beautiful flower of St.

Hebereke? Now watch as I, Kodachi the Black Rose, demonstrate the Attack


Kodachi charged forward, and in an impressive display, began mimicking her

brother's rapid sword thrust attack with her two clubs. Lilac and Ranma

were not impressed however, as the red-haired girl easily dodged the

strikes. Like her blind comrade, Lilac was experienced with high-speed


"Lilac!" Ranma tossed in a hoop.

Lilac saw the object and used her clubs to bat it into Kodachi's arms. The

hoop knocked into her and threw off her rhythm. Like her brother, once

Kodachi started a technique, she became committed to it. The clubs in her

hands fell to the ground, all twenty of them.

The announcer gasped. "Incredible! The champion's technique actually

allowed her to use twenty clubs simultaneously! However, Kodachi's Attack

of a Thousand Clubs was a bust!"

"My turn!" Lilac declared as she signaled to Ranma. The blind boy nodded

and began hurling things toward her at lightning fast speeds; his arm

movements were just a faint blur.


Using her own clubs, Lilac also poured on the speed and redirected the

volley at her opponent.

Kodachi yelped as she saw the Amazon girl receive the ammunition from her

coach and fire off a rapid succession of clubs at her. She had to use every

ounce of her agility to dodge the clubs as they struck with considerable

force and velocity. Some of the projectiles imbedded themselves into the

turnbuckles, the mat and nicked the ropes of the ring. She rolled to where

her second was holding up a ribbon. She grasped it and began spinning it

around to deflect the barrage. After a minute, Ranma and Lilac stopped, as

they seemed to have run out of ammunition.

"Hah! All that effort for nothing!" Kodachi sneered as she lowered her

ribbon. "You are�"


Apparently, Lilac had one club left.

The Black Rose now felt a bruise forming on her face and rubbed her nose.

"How dare you mark my face!" Kodachi leapt to the top of one of the corner

pylons and lashed out with her ribbon.

The announcer looked to her side and saw the ribbon wrap around the

signaling bell and pull it off the table.

"Oh my! Champion Kuno brings a bell into play!"

Lilac dodged the projectile then used her own ribbon to snag something.

"Oh no! Challenger Lilac has commandeered the announcer's table!"

Kodachi naturally countered by snagging something� or someone to block.


"Champion Kuno counters with her brother!"


Hard table met up with hard head.

As the two dropped their makeshift weapons and an unconscious Kuno rolled

off the ring, the crowds began to cheer even more. Never had a gymnastics

battle lasted this long! The announcer was on the edge of her seat as she

kept on giving the play-by-play.

"Fans! This is incredible! Challenger Lilac had just attacked Champion Kuno

with a table! Kodachi had just blocked it with her brother! How very

fortunate that using her brother was legal! Oh no! Kodachi throws a few

more of her bomb balls! The challenger evades every one of them and is

counterattacking with a heavy mace that she pulled out of nowhere! Oooh,

the ring is going to need some serious repair after this match! Now look at

that! Their ribbons have become tangled and now a tug-of-war has begun! Uh

oh! Looks like the champion is losing ground as her opponent is pulling her

toward her, giving a fine display of Amazonian strength!"

In the crowds, Akane snorted in disgust. *She's not so tough! I could take


Kodachi dug in her heels, but it was apparent that she was not strong

enough to compete against Lilac's upper body strength. She then got the

surprise as Lilac flicked the end of her ribbon and caused a loop to travel

across the two weapons. The Black Rose found her right wrist now bound and

that was when Lilac heaved hard. Kodachi was sent flying upward.

"Oh no! Champion Kuno has been thrown out of the ring! Could this be the

end?" The announcer declared as she and the crowds watched the Black Rose's


However, Kuno's sister smirked as she put her fingers to her mouth and

whistled. That was when the entire ring moved to intercept her landing

point. The Black Rose did a neat flip and landed on the other side of the

ring. The sudden movement of the battle area almost knocked Lilac off her


"Unbelievable! The ring moved to catch the champion and prevented her from

losing the match!"

"HA HA HA HA!" Kodachi laughed as she faced off with Lilac again. "You

fool! I cannot be knocked out of the ring!"

Lilac wondered what was going on and so was everyone else. She let off a

small whistle to experiment, and the ring moved in the direction of Lilac's


"Impossible! A mere whistle and the ring moves!" The announcer exclaimed.

*What's going on?* Ranma wondered as he extended his senses to the ring.

He then detected the presence of several females below the below the ring

and nodded. *So that's it. Kodachi's got several of her own teammates under

there, moving the ring at the sound of a whistle! With all the people here

and me being so busy concentrating on helping the girls, I didn't think to

scan the ring!* The Unseen Light fighter then realized what must be done.

He waved to Lilac, giving the secret hand signal to try to knock Kodachi

out of the ring again.

Lilac nodded, though she knew that the ring would move to catch the Kuno

girl again.

Kodachi gave off a scornful chuckle as Lilac charged at her, making her

tonfa appear.

"Well, it seems that it is time to end this and claim my prize!" Kodachi

then dodged the first of Lilac's strikes then reached into the front of her

leotard and pulled out something. She then hopped a few steps back and

pointed the object at Lilac and fired.

"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" Lilac backed off, losing her grip on her

weapons and clutching at her burning, watery eyes. Kodachi had just let her

have it with pepper spray, effectively blinding her.

"And now, the coup de grace!" Kodachi then gestured to her second, who

threw out a hoop. Kodachi caught it and then launched it at her disabled

adversary. "RAZOR HOOP!"

"Lilac!" Ranma shouted out.

Lilac fought to clear her vision, but Kodachi had also added a hallucinogen

into the pepper spray mixture, which caused her to only see spots and

flashes as well as making her nauseous. However, Ranma had trained her

sixth sense well and as soon as she felt a tingle in the back of her head,

she ducked. The hoop was barely evaded and but one strap of her leotard was

sliced off.

"That was just lucky!" Kodachi said with disdain as she motioned her

teammate to start throwing in some clubs. The Black Rose then began target


Lilac was now relying solely on her danger sense as she stumbled and swayed

to avoid the clubs. She just barely managed to avoid being hit but everyone

knew that she couldn't hold out forever as she was being forced back toward

the edge of the ring.

On the sidelines, Cologne's eyes narrowed. "She can't dodge forever. Her

sixth sense is serving her well, but she's helpless! She's� fighting

blind." Cologne then winced at the pun as she looked at Ranma. "Sorry about


Ranma nodded as he called out to Lilac. "Lilac! Remember what I taught


Lilac nodded as she swerved to avoid another club. Concentrating hard on

her hearing, she began tuning out the roar of the crowds and the smell of

the pepper spray. She reached behind her and felt for the end of her long

braid. When she grasped it, she quickly undid the ribbon that held her hair

and then wrapped it about her eyes, creating a blindfold. She then focused

her sixth sense on the danger in front of her. When Kodachi launched

another pair of clubs, this time they were spiked, Lilac ducked them and

rolled forward. Using her sixth sense to judge which direction the attack

came from, she leapt up and made a second pair of tonfa appear. She then

did a flip and lashed out with her weapons, holding them by their long ends

with the handles extended.

Kodachi was caught off guard as her opponent flipped over her, and hooked

the ends of her weapons onto one arm, which was still extended, and used

the momentum of her flip to catapult the Black Rose back into the air


*Now let us find out if you truly have a seventh sense!* Ranma made his

battle staff appear and tossed it to Lilac. "Catch!"

Lilac dropped her tonfa as soon as she landed and heard Ranma's voice. She

held out her arms and the staff landed in her arms. The girl felt with her

fingers and realized that Ranma had tossed his special staff to her.

Realizing in that instant of Ranma's plan, she then swung around to where

she had thrown Kodachi and concentrated.

Kodachi of course whistled to have the ring move to catch her, but Ranma

had expected that and then began focusing his ki. *I'll extend the staff

Lilac, but you'll have to AIM it!*



Just as the ring moved to catch Kodachi, Lilac pointed the staff up toward

the falling Black Rose and in that instant, the weapon suddenly elongated.

The end struck Kodachi in her stomach and drove her back more than fifty

feet! Kodachi was pushed far beyond the ring's range to catch her and

landed on her rear on the floor of the St. Hebereke gym.

There was a tense silence in the gym as the spectators stared at the

so-called undefeated champion lay in shock at what had happened. Ranma's

staff automatically reduced itself. Then the announcer took a beep breath.

"Champion Kuno� has been knocked out of the ring! In accordance to the

rules� we have a winner! Champion Kodachi the Black Rose Kuno has been

defeated by Lilac of the Joketsuzoku!"

The crowds began roaring and cheering as Lilac slumped to her knees in

relief. The staff dropped to one side. She then heard someone jumping into

the ring and rushing toward her. She felt herself being swept up in strong

arms and swung around in joy.


Lilac felt a surge of joy of being in Ranma's arms and looped her own arms

around his neck. Her fellow Amazons also joined her into the ring as the

referee declared her winner.

A few minutes later, after Cologne and Ranma had flushed out Lilac's eyes

and enabled her to see again, the Amazons faced off against Kodachi at


"Lilac of the Amazons�" Kodachi began as she tried not to cry at losing.

"You have defeated me and� as agreed, I shall forever abandon all present

affection I have for my darling� Ranma�" Kodachi began sobbing as she held

her face in her hands.

Though Ranma could read her feelings as genuine, he also sensed something

else. He had a sneaky suspicion that this wasn't over, but kept his peace

for the moment.

Sometime later�

As Ranma and the Amazons were waiting for Pepper to come pick them up,

Cologne was privately discussing with the blind boy. Shampoo and the other

girls had decided to use the school's showers to clean up before going


"I must say that I was impressed with the girls' performance today,

especially Lilac's" Cologne remarked as she and Ranma sat on a bench.

"Though I am curious as to how she managed to aim your staff in the right

direction to force Kodachi out of the ring."

"Well that's simple." Ranma said. "Lilac had developed an extremely crude

version of my seventh sense. Master Koga once told me about certain sighted

individuals who temporarily gain an enhanced version of their own proximity

sense of objects, especially in times of great stress. Koga called it a

kind of pseudo-seventh sense. It's nowhere near as refined as the seventh

sense at its most basic level, and it can't distinguish shape or size. She

could only determine direction and perhaps distance between herself and the

object she sensed. In this case, it was Kodachi."

"Really?" Cologne became very interested in this development.

Ranma held up a hand. "Now don't get ahead of yourself. Lilac only managed

to get the ability briefly, probably from the adrenaline and stress she

experienced. I scanned her afterwards and did not detect anything remotely

resembling my seventh sense. She probably won't ever gain that ability

again or the seventh sense unless she stops using her eyes. And I will not

deny her that."

"Still, she was impressive and I am very proud of her and the others. I am

also proud of the job you've done in training them. Perhaps this will make

those idiots on the Furikan High School Board realize that you are not

different, just because you cannot use your eyes."

"Maybe, but I have a feeling that I have a long way to go in convincing

everyone. Still, it's a start."

It was at that time that the three girls emerged from the girl's showers

and joined them in their civilian clothes. The group then went to where

Pepper was waiting for them in the parking lot. Just as they waved to her,

a bouquet of black roses suddenly dropped from above and landed in front of

them. Ranma winced as his senses picked up a familiar and unwelcome


Kodachi landed in front of the group while twirling her ribbon. She was

dressed in her school uniform and smiling amorously at Ranma.

"What do you want?" Shampoo snarled as she and her sister Amazons went into

battle stances.

"Calm down." Kodachi said in a mocking tone. "I'm only here to give my

regards to my beloved Ranma, that's all."

"Hey! Lilac win tournament! Crazy girl promised to leave Ranma alone!"

Though she was tired, the red-haired beauty was more than willing to pound

her rival into the pavement.

Kodachi shrugged as she said, "Yes I did promise to abandon all PRESENT

affection for him. However, I now burn with brand NEW love for your

handsome and� shall we say, visually-challenged trainer."

Ranma winced, but said nothing. After it had been revealed that he was

blind after the match, more and more St. Hebereke girls had been coming up

to him and asking him out for dates. Most were starved for boys and the

fact that he was blind as well as good-looking and well built only made him

more endearing to them.

Kodachi then let loose a storm of black as she addressed Shampoo, Lilac and

Perfume. "Take care you barbarians, for I SHALL TAKE HIM FROM YOU! OH HO HO


Kodachi then disappeared in the confusion, leaving the Amazons with a

sickening feeling as they headed toward Pepper's waiting minivan.

"Shampoo thinks that Kodachi is few arrows short of a full quiver!"

"She sick!" Lilac agreed.

"Who was that?" Pepper asked as she started up the vehicle.

"We'll tell you all about it later." Ranma replied.

"Quack! Quack!"

Ranma frowned as he turned to the back of the van, where Mousse was being

held in a cage. "Oh shut up, Mousse, or I'm going to make Peking Duck out

of you!"

Cologne also turned around and gave Mousse a glare. "If you know what's

best for you, then you WILL keep quiet!"

Mousse then shut up as the minivan drove back to Pepper's Place.

Ten minutes later�

"Ranma, I have a surprise for you." Pepper said as she and the others

disembarked from the minivan in front of the restaurant.

"Oh? What is it�?" It was at that moment that he sensed a familiar ki

signature and scent. He turned around and then began running toward the

front door, just as Jasmine caught sight of her son and ran toward him.



The two were quickly squeezing each other in a warm embrace as Ranma picked

up his Amazon mother and swung her around.


"Are you sure? You've found him?"

"Yes, Mrs. Saotome." Ryo Saeba replied as he spoke to her on the phone.

"Amazingly, someone else had also hired me to find you on behalf on someone

named Ranma Saotome. I did some background checking and I believe that this

Ranma Saotome was indeed your son."

"That's wonderful!" Nodoka said. "When can I see him?"

"I believe I can arrange a meeting in couple of days."

To be continued�

Author's Notes

Well, now that the Rhythmic Gymnastics' storyline is over, now we get to

the long-awaited meeting between Ranma and Nodoka. How will he react? How

will his mother react? And how will Nodoka react when she meets up with

Ranma's mother Jasmine? Stay tuned!