Fighting Blind

Ranma � is the property of Rumiko Takahashi. I write this purely for


I was inspired to write this story after reading a few others that dealt

with the Cat Fist Training going horribly wrong. One of the most

drastic changes that I had seen was Ranma being thrown to the lions.

Although I am not writing about that, this outcome of the Neko Ken

is just as serious. And so, here we have a Ranma that must deal with

a handicap that may alter his view on the world forever.

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<" ">: Chinese language

Chapter One

When the World Went Dark

In a small village in China, a young woman was busy preparing a

stew in the kitchen when she heard a knock at the door. When she

came to answer it, she was not prepared for the tragic news that the

messenger had brought to her attention.

"What did you say?" The women asked, he body trembling with


"I regret to inform you that your son� is dead." The messenger

replied, bowing her head in sorrow.

"You must be joking!"

"I'm afraid that this is no joke, Jasmine. Thorn is� dead."

"It can't be!" Jasmine cried out as she gripped the messenger's

shoulders. "What happened?! Tell me!" Jasmine began to become

hysterical as she shook the bearer of bad news.

The young warrior sighed and sadly shook her head as she began

to relate the incident of Thorn's demise. He had been practicing near

the edge of the village when he came to the defense of his seven-year

old cousin Shampoo. Mousse was once again pestering the girl and

he and Thorn had gotten into a fight. During the scuffle, the two

ended up beneath the Challenge Log. Mousse had thrown some

daggers, which had cut through some of the support ropes. Thorn

had died instantly as one end of the massive timber crushed him.

When he was questioned, Mousse had claimed that his glasses

had been knocked off and that had messed up his aim. He said that

he only intended to throw those knives as a warning and that he had

not intended to kill Shampoo's cousin. Of course, no one really

believed him, but without any evidence other than the words of a

young Shampoo, the Council had to rule the incident as a tragic

accident. Also, one of the elders that happened to be on the council

was Mousse's grandmother, Mascara. Many suspected that she had

been involved in swaying the final verdict.

Jasmine shook with rage and anguish as she thought about the

near-sighted boy. She knew of his obsession with her niece and was

very irritated that he did not take the hint and leave her alone. Now

that same obsession had cost her only child his life. A growing

darkness raged in her heart, mixed in with a sorrow that threatened to

overwhelm her. She then screamed out in purest agony. Tears welled

up in her eyes as she fell to her knees and began wailing over the

loss of child.


The following year would be the hardest on Jasmine, as she

became distant and less involved with the events that occurred

outside her house. She still carried out her duties with the same

amazing skill that outstripped her fellow healers. However, the

emptiness in her heart had grown since Thorn's death. She had also

grown more hostile toward Mousse and his family as she blamed the

novice Hidden Weapons fighter for the death of her child. Since her

husband had died during a raid by the Musk Dynasty, Jasmine had

been protectively raising her only offspring. Thorn was only five

when he lost his father. With her son gone, Jasmine had become cold

and showed little emotion. She would heal wounds and cure disease

with amazing speed and efficiency, but she no longer found any

comfort or happiness in her work. Where was the joy of being able to

heal the wounds of others when her skills could not restore her son

to her? Many of the villagers noted that she would perform with the

cold, unfeeling, attitude of a machine. She would give her patients

what they needed to recover and send them on their way without the

tender words of care and sympathy one needed for comfort. It was if

all the life had drained out of her.

And every night, the young healer would weep in sorrow,

frustration and anger at the fact that her house now had only one

occupant. Whenever she looked at the bed that her son had slept in,

she would burst out in tears. She would then pray to the Kami,

wishing that there would be someone who could fill that bed and the

empty void in her heart.

A year before Thorn's death�

"So what's the verdict?" The nurse asked.

"Not good." Dr. Hamada Tenshiro replied. "The boy will live, but

I'm afraid that the damage done to his eyes is irreversible. I don't

know what happened, but his eyes were nearly torn out of their

sockets. It looks as if some wild animal mauled him. He had excessive

tissue trauma to his optic nerves, not to mention massive damage to

his face. Because the boy has a rare blood type, eye transplant was

not possible option. We were able to do some cosmetic surgery to

remove the scars and restore his face and eyes, but I'm sorry to say

that he has been permanently rendered blind."

"Kami-sama! Who would do such a thing to a six-year old boy?"

"I can answer that." A police officer replied as he approached the

two. He held up a several sheets. "The boy's name is Ranma. His

father is Genma Saotome. Apparently, this Genma was the person

responsible for several cases of petty theft in the area. We've also

gotten reports of the boy being involved in some of those crimes.

Thankfully, those charges against Ranma had been dropped, since it

was assumed that his father was the one who made his son commit

those thefts. Witnesses called the police when they saw him shove

his son into that pit. When we arrived, he abandoned his son and

escaped arrest. Upon further investigation, we discovered a small

campsite underneath a bridge. We found this among some of their


The police officer handed the doctor a small handbook. When the

physician opened it, his eyes widened in shock. "It can't be! No one

would be that stupid!"

"What is it doctor?" The nurse asked.

"It's a training manual for the dreaded Neko Ken or Cat Fist! I

studied the martial arts for a while and my master told me about the

forbidden technique! I had my suspicions when the paramedics

brought him in, but I never thought anyone would be foolhardy

enough to try it!"

"What is it?"

"The training is very simple. Wrap the student in fish sausage and

throw him into a pit of starving cats! There are several problems

though. The trainee, IF HE SURVIVES, is reduced to a feral state and

develops an irrational fear of cats! Granted they may gain an

increased level of speed and agility, but their minds become

psychologically unstable! In most cases, the ability is submerged

until the trigger is activated. That usually happens when the victim's

fear of cats reaches a certain point! They start acting like cats and

become a danger to anyone that he or she perceives as a threat! In

extreme cases however, the person may become permanently

regressed into their feral state! It was because of this, and the fact

that the trainee has to be under the age of ten, that the method was

banned! The last reported case of Neko Ken training happened over

fifty years ago."

"Are you saying that Genma Saotome willingly subjected his son

to this kind of torture?" The nurse asked.

"That's what it looks like." The police officer replied. "At the

campsite, we found several other training manuals, pressure point

charts and several brochures that tell about martial arts training

grounds. One brochure was circled in red. Some place called

Jusenkyo. It looks like the father was training his son to be a martial


"Then he's the dumbest teacher in the world!" Hamada remarked

as he showed a page of the manual. "Look, it says right here that the

Cat Fist has been banned for causing severe psychological distress!

You'd think a responsible martial artist would look over the entire

manual before trying it!"

"Well, whoever this Genma is, he's a slippery one. We haven't

been able to track him down yet." The officer sighed. It was then that

they heard a loud commotion from a far room down the hall. There

was a loud crash and a nurse came screaming into the hallway.

"Help! Someone help!"

The officer wasted no time in drawing his gun and started running

toward the room where the nurse had just came from. When he

reached the hysterical nurse, he tried to calm her down. "What's the

matter? What's wrong?"

The nurse pointed at the room and said, "Some strange man came

crashing through the window and grabbed the patient out of the bed!

He jumped back out the window with the boy and disappeared!"

The officer looked into the room and saw the open window. The

wind was blowing through the broken glass and the curtains waved

in the breeze.

Two years later, in China�

Genma was unhappy. He looked at his sightless son and sighed in

disgust. There was no doubt about it. The boy was a failure. His lack

of eyesight had made him unable to continue the training in the

Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. He tried another combination

of punches and kicks, which Ranma could not counter or even block

effectively. The lad went down and moaned in pain.

"Ow! That hurt! It's not fair!" Tears began to form in his unseeing


"Ranma! Quit your whining! A true martial artist must suffer for his

Art! And I told you never to cry!" Genma gave him a savage kick to

the midsection.

"Ow! How can I fight back when I can't even see?"

"It was your own fault that those cats made you blind! If you were

a better martial artist, you should have been able to learn the Cat Fist

without any problems! After all I've done for you, you should be glad

that I'm still trying to make a man out of you!" He gave him a rap on

the head. "I went through the trouble of taking you to that Legendary

Healing Spring near that Amazon Village, didn't I?"

"That wasn't a healing spring! I still can't see! Besides, those

Amazons were really mad when you dunked me in there, yesterday!"


Genma and Ranma froze when they heard the strange voice. The

fat martial artist was a bit shocked that someone had managed to

sneak up on them as he turned around. He saw a fairly tall, Chinese

woman who was wearing a red silk pantsuit outfit and brown sandals.

Her hair was brown and was done up in two buns. Her face was

gentle looking and her figure was willowy. Her eyes were green, but

they had a glint to them that told anyone not to underestimate her.

She had in one hand a staff, which was five feet long. She glared at

Genma with a hard look.

"W-Who the hell are you?"

"I am Jasmine! Healer of the Nieuchiezu! I did not expect to come

across the same man who tried to drown his son in the village water

supply yesterday! Now just what do you think you are doing?"

"None of your business! Now get lost before I have to teach you

some manners!" Genma took a fighting stance.

"When I see a cold-hearted man abusing a blind and defenseless

child after trying to repeatedly drown him in a spring, then I'm making

it my business!" Jasmine took a stance as well, holding her staff out.

Ranma strained with his ears as a foreboding silence came up after

Jasmine had declared her intentions. Suddenly, there was a sudden

movement as the two sprang at each other. Then there was another

long silence.


A warm hand touched his shoulder then he heard a feminine voice

whisper something in his ear.

"Rest now young one."

Ranma felt something applying some pressure to the back of his

neck and he faded away into blissful sleep.

Jasmine looked at the boy and felt the faint stirrings of her

maternal instinct within her. The boy reminded her of her lost son.

<He looks to be about the same age that Thorn would have been

if�> Jasmine's thoughts trailed off as memories of her dead son came

back to her. Biting back her tears, she looked back at the human

refuse that had been beating on the helpless boy. She was sorely

tempted to put the man out of the boy's misery for good. Although

she was not a warrior by trade, her knowledge of pressure points and

rare herbs made her quite lethal. She was very capable of killing

excellent fighters. However, her training as a healer had shaped her

personality and it really wasn't in her nature to end a life, especially

when he was helpless at the moment. She would only kill if there were

no other option.

There was also the matter of the boy to consider. After what she

had seen, she was certainly not going to stand by and let that man

continue to abuse the child. She looked down at Ranma again and

smiled as she sensed the raw potential within him. His ki reminded her

so much of her lost son. He was innocent and had a certain

something that Jasmine could not put a finger to. She just had to

save him from Genma's influence. After a long moment of deep

contemplation, she made a decision and leapt high into the trees with

Ranma cradled in her arms. She then made her way toward the village.

Four hours later, Genma awoke to find himself flat on his belly. He

got up and saw that the strange woman and his son were long gone.

He became furious as he realized that the woman had defeated him so

easily. He scratched his head as he thought back to the short-lived


Genma had tried to do a quick knockdown with his kick aimed at

her head, but Jasmine simply used her staff to block the kick, then

used her free hand to jab a nerve under his extended leg, causing it to

lock up. While he was still flying through the air, the Amazon then

used her staff as a lever and slammed him down to the ground on his

face. A few more pressure points applied to his back and neck and

Genma was out cold. The woman had moved with unbelievable speed

and grace and the entire event had only taken two seconds!

Genma grumbled, as he started walking toward the place where he

knew Ranma would have been taken to, the Amazon village.

In the house of the elder known as Cologne, the three hundred-

year old matriarch watched the sleeping boy on the bed before her.

She then turned to Jasmine, who was standing beside her.

<"So this is the boy who almost drowned yesterday?"> The

diminutive elder asked.

Jasmine nodded. <"I was able to save him from that horrible man

before he was beaten to death!">

Cologne looked at the healer with a suspicious eye. She

recognized the look that the healer was giving the child. <"I know

what you are thinking Jasmine! He will not replace your lost child!">

<"And why shouldn't I? The boy would have perished under the

so-called care of his father! I can sense that this boy is strong and

has much potential!">

Cologne looked at Ranma again and slowly nodded. <"On those

two points, I must agree. This one does indeed show promise, but he

is an outsider!">

<"So what? You yourself have told me that children are a precious

resource! Male or female, they are the hope of our tribe! What does it

matter if this child was not born here? I will adopt him and raise him

as if I had given birth to him myself!">

<"He may not accept you as his mother. Furthermore, his

blindness would also be something for him to overcome, if he were to

live here!">

<"Mousse was able to survive and he's almost totally sightless,

even with those glasses of his!"> Jasmine's brow furrowed a bit as

she still held him responsible for her son's death.

<"Yes, I suppose Mousse has gotten better, ever since he started

studying the Hidden Weapons techniques. Do you intend to have

this boy go through the same training?">

Jasmine took on a thoughtful look as she pondered on Cologne's

question. Then she smiled as she replied. <"No. I will not have him

learn the Hidden Weapons style, at least not yet. For some reason,

when I look at this boy, I see him capable of achieving far more than

just hiding large weapons on himself and using trickery.">

<"Then what do you intend to do with him if�"> Cologne then

grinned as she realized what Jasmine was thinking of. There was only

one other option for someone like Ranma. <"Aaaahhh! I see. You

intend to have Koga train him!">

Jasmine smiled triumphantly. <"Who better to train a blind student

than the grandmaster of the Unseen Light Martial Arts? Koga will be

perfect for him!">

<"Yes, I must admit that his techniques far exceed some of my own

and he is quite formidable."> Cologne was a little reluctant to admit


<"I cannot understand why Mousse has steadfastly refused to

learn under Koga.">

<"As you know, Mousse is obsessed with my great-

granddaughter Shampoo. He thinks that his near-sightedness is seen

as a weakness to her, thereby driving her away from him. To train

under a blind martial artist whose fighting style seems too passive is

like admitting that he is weak. He feels that his Hidden Weapon style

is aggressive enough to show his strength. Many of the other

Amazons think the same way, but I happen to know better. I have

battled with Koga before one time, and he actually fought me to a


<"Really?!"> Jasmine knew that the matriarches were considered

the best fighters in the village, despite their extreme age. The idea

that someone male and far younger was able to fight an elder to a

draw was almost beyond belief.

<"Yes, and I would keep that information to yourself if I were


Jasmine nodded as she gazed at Ranma with a look of hope and

tenderness. In her mind, she silently thanked the Kami for answering

her prayers. She would not let this one go!

The first few weeks were the hardest for Ranma as he adjusted to

living in the Amazon village. For the first time in his life, he was

without Genma and his influence and it scared him. Although it had

been a hard life, it was the only life he knew. Genma had been a hard

taskmaster and his training methods were extremely harsh. These

processes included lying, cheating and stealing. They had lived

mostly outdoors, constantly on the move to avoid entanglements

with the law. Food was always scarce and Ranma had been forced to

eat nothing but rice, since his father maintained that it would make

his digestive system more efficient. Of course, that didn't stop the

father of the blind boy from pigging out on whatever other foods he

or Ranma had gotten a hold of.

Jasmine was shocked to see just how malnourished the child was

and made it a priority that Ranma received a proper diet and the right

nutrients. Her training as a healer also corrected some of the health

problems that Ranma had after being with Genma for three years.

Camping outside in bad weather had made Ranma sensitive to

humidity and illness. Some secret herbal potions, pressure points and

a few immunization shots from a visiting doctor took care of those

problems. Even though the Amazons lived in an isolated

environment, they were not ignorant of the outside world and its

advantages. Every few months or so, a medical group would be

allowed into the village to give shots to the children and help the

healers treat the others. Some medical supplies would be purchased

and the two sides would also exchange techniques and information.

This link to the rest of the world also allowed the warrior women to

learn about world events and get a hold of things like books, some

bits of new technology and other miscellaneous items. The children

were especially interested in whatever manga they could get their

hands on.

Within a few days after he had been officially adopted into the

tribe, Ranma finally accepted that this place was his new home and

that his father was not going to take care of him any longer. Jasmine

was especially supportive at this stage and encouraged him to shed

tears, even though he repeatedly said that 'guys don't cry!' She gave

him his space when he needed it and her shoulder to lean on when he

gave in to the 'unmanly' act of shedding tears. She showed her gentle

and nurturing side as she gradually helped the blind boy adjust into

this fierce and totally different culture.

Fortunately for Ranma, Jasmine and many of the other villagers

were quite fluent in Japanese and he had no problems understanding

them. However, as an outsider male and a blind one to boot, he was

inevitably made the butt of many jokes as several of the older boys

and many of the girls teased him. Ranma's blindness made him look

weak and the bullies continued to make life harsh for him. It was

going to be an uphill battle for the unseeing boy.

During this time, Genma had made several attempts to retrieve his

son, but each time he tried to sneak into the village, the Amazons

would promptly eject him in a painful manner.

One of those times�

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Genma said as he was tied up and

loaded into a catapult.

"Getting rid of some garbage!" An Amazon replied as she pulled a


Genma went flying though the air screaming frantically as he sailed

up to a height of two hundred feet. He then came crashing down in a

small, secluded valley that had numerous pools scattered about its

landscape. The fat martial artist made a huge belly flop into one of the


"Oh so sorry sir!" The Guide said as he watched Genma's cursed

form rise from the water. "You fall into Shon Mon niichuan! Spring of

Drowned Panda! Very tragic story of panda that drown there 2000

year ago! Now whoever fall in spring, take body of panda!"


A month later, Ranma was introduced to the blind martial artist

Koga and began his training in the Unseen Light Martial Arts.

One fine day, the boy was trying his best to balance on a series of

poles of differing lengths while trying to use his staff to knock at a

swinging target suspended above him. He was doing a half-

reasonable job of it until he misjudged the height of one of the poles

and went down.


A man of fifty or so years shook his head and sighed as he sat on

a rock. His long, black hair had a few streaks of gray in it and was tied

in a simple ponytail that reached toward his midback. He was wearing

a white shirt with long flaring sleeves and a pair of black pants. His

feet had black sandals and he twirled a cane in his right hand.

"Ranma, you are not concentrating!" Koga chided as he watched

his pupil get up off the ground.

"It's not fair!" Ranma complained as he rubbed his backside. "You

moved those poles! They're not the same as yesterday!"

"Exactly! This is not an exercise in memorization! The world does

not always stay the same! It is constantly changing and you must be

able to use your senses to detect those changes!"

"How can I use my hearing or sense of smell to know which pole is

longer and which is shorter?"

"This training session is to help you develop your sixth and

seventh sense!"

"Sixth and seventh sense?"

"That's right Ranma. Most people believe that a person has only

five senses; sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell. However, a martial

artist can develop a sixth sense. This is the ability to detect danger as

it approaches a person, thereby allowing him or her to avoid it. In

some instances, one can use the sixth sense to predict the future or

detect that, which cannot be sensed by sight alone. Many experts

have been able to use their sixth sense to detect the ki energies of

others. Now you know that Cologne has done this on many

occasions, right?"

Ranma nodded. "So what's this seventh sense?"

"Ah, that seventh sense is the basis of the Unseen Light Martial

Arts! We take the ability to sense ki one step further. The best way

to describe it is that it acts like a form of natural radar. I myself have

this 'radar-sense' and I can actually 'see' behind, above and beside

me all at the same time! I have a good image in my head of my

surroundings. It's like I'm touching everything at once and an image

is formed in my mind as to what's around me. Granted I can't

determine colors and visual patterns, but I can judge distances and

size with better accuracy than a sighted person could. What's more,

the seventh sense works very well with my other senses and I can

detect things that cannot possibly be seen with the eyes."


"That's right Ranma, and I sense that you too, can learn this skill.

You just need to be patient. I have already helped in sharpening your

other four senses. Now let's try to get at the remaining two, okay?"

Some other time�

"Concentrate Ranma. Let your ki be like your hands. FEEL your


Ranma nodded at Koga's words as his brow furrowed in

concentration. He was sitting in a lotus position and was trying to

draw out his ki to sense his surroundings. He strained to detect the

shapes and forms around him. In his mind, he could visualize shapes

that were long and narrow. They seemed to be standing straight up

from the ground, and Ranma began to recognize their forms from

memory. He could almost feel the trees around him. Then he frowned

as the feeling died out as the shapes lost their form and became

unidentifiable blobs. He was once again trapped in that darkness that

had claimed him two years ago.

"I� can't do it!" Ranma pounded a fist on the ground in


"Ranma� you are concentrating too hard." Koga said firmly. "Let

your ki flow over your environment like a gentle wave over a beach.

Don't force your ki. Clear your mind and let your ki do the work for


Ranma nodded as he took a deep breath and began refocusing his

ki. As his inner energies reached out to touch the surfaces of the

trees and ground, Ranma smiled as clear, line images began appearing

in his head. Ranma could only detect his surroundings as long as he

was directing his ki and that was only for a few seconds. Unable to

maintain it, he soon lost control and the images faded away. Still, it

was a start.

"Excellent my pupil." Koga remarked as he had detected Ranma's

brief and crude use of his seventh sense. "You have just taken your

first step to attaining sight beyond sight."

Ranma trained hard under Koga and as his skills improved, so did

his personality. Before the Neko Ken, Ranma had been egotistical

and full of pride. The loss of his eyesight and his dependency of

others had erased much of those traits. He had learned to cooperate

and respect others. He learned to accept his lot in life and began

striving to make his life as full as he could.

Before, he had concentrated on nothing but the Art. As a result,

he had very poor social skills. Manners were almost nonexistent, as

was being tactful. He didn't know how to react when dealing with the

opposite sex and this lead to very painful reprisals from the Amazons

whenever he said something that was inappropriate or downright

rude. This was especially hazardous when he had said that women

were considered weak.

Despite his shortcomings, Ranma's innate charm began to win

over the warrior tribe, who at first treated him with hostility, as he was

still considered an outsider. His determination to be accepted,

coupled with his drive to master the techniques under Koga slowly

began to win the admiration of many members of the Nieuchiezu. This

was especially apparent with some of the females as Ranma grew

older and more pleasant looking. One girl in particular was his

adopted cousin Shampoo. Of course, this did not set very well with

her unwanted, yet very persistent suitor Mousse.

Shampoo was being groomed by her great-grandmother Cologne

to be a future matriarch. She was considered the strongest fighter of

her generation and trained hard to achieve her goals. However,

because of her greater skill in the martial arts, she had alienated

herself from the other girls, who were jealous of her fighting ability.

No one wanted to be her friend. The males of the village were another

story. They were either too afraid to face her or they considered her

as a prize to be won. Mousse of course, advocated this ideal to

ridiculous lengths and was considered to be an insufferable nuisance

by the great-granddaughter of the Elder. He would constantly try to

win Shampoo with pathetic overtures and would drive any other boy

who thought to get close to her. With Mousse driving away all

potential suitors and the other girls unwilling to speak with her, the

purple-haired girl retreated into a world of her own with only her

training to comfort her. Before Ranma had arrived, Shampoo had led a

very lonely life.

Ranma was introduced to Shampoo as her cousin, since Jasmine

was Shampoo's aunt. It was very shaky in the beginning to be sure,

but as time went on, Shampoo was glad of Ranma's presence in the

village. Here was a boy who was not after her for her looks or her

position as the great-granddaughter of Cologne. He was as lonely as

she was and needed a friend. He was funny, easy to get along with,

and didn't hide his feelings. As the years went by, the two became

very good friends and perhaps, something more began to develop as

they grew older. As Ranma made new friends among the Amazons,

Shampoo also followed suit and opened up even more. Within two

years since Ranma's arrival, Shampoo had made some friends among

the other girls and was smiling more often. Of course, Cologne had

been against any kind of relationship between the two that went

beyond close friendship. It wouldn't do for a future matriarch to

become too, 'ahem,' attached to a weak fighter. However, being good

friends and cousins was fine with her.

Ranma's close relationship with Shampoo was not to Mousse's

liking and this had caused him to attack his blind rival on several

occasions. Shampoo would always come to the defense of her

'cousin' and Mousse would be sent painfully away.

Ranma at age nine�

<"Get away from her!"> Ranma yelled as he charged at his

opponent. His senses had become sharp enough to actually tell

where Mousse was. However, Ranma still lacked the speed and skill

needed to use that information effectively.

Mousse easily dodged his punch and smirked as he took out a

small hammer and bopped him on the head. Ranma went down and

Mousse then gave him a kick to his side. <"Go away you little pest.

You're no match for me!">

<"He may not be, but I am!"> Shampoo said as she came to

Ranma's aid.

<"Shampoo!"> Mousse cried out as he raced to embrace her. He

thought to overwhelm the object of his affection with his love.

Unfortunately for him, Shampoo's response to him was anything but



Mousse became a crumpled heap on the ground. Shampoo's

training in the Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Technique had

only just started last week. She was nowhere near as fast as her

great-grandmother, but she still had enough speed to turn Mousse

into a bruised and bloody mess.

Mousse moaned, partly in pain but also in denial. <She's just

playing hard to get. That's all.>

The purple-haired girl knelt down to help her cousin up.

As time passed on, Ranma helped Shampoo live a fuller life. He

would make her laugh, help improve her Japanese and give her a

shoulder to cry on whenever something would upset her. Ranma was

a good support for her.

Under Koga's training, Ranma became stronger and more capable

of handling himself. Within the first week of training, Ranma's sense

of smell, taste, touch and hearing had become incredibly sharp. A

month later, he no longer required to be led around the village and

could even find his way back whenever he took walks into the forests

that surrounded them. The elders of the village could feel his ki level

increase at an impressive rate as he eagerly learned all that he could.

They became especially interested when Koga's old mentor had

shown up at the village to gauge the progress of the boy and aid in

his training.

A few months before Ranma's tenth birthday�

"Ranma, I would like you to meet my sensei, Shogo Natsumuri."

"Pleased to meet with you, Master Shogo." Ranma gave a

respectful bow as he reached out with his senses at the aged priest.

Shogo smiled at the little boy as he used his own senses to gauge

Ranma's abilities. "I am very impressed Koga. You have chosen


"Yes, sensei. " Koga nodded. "Ranma has now grasped the basic

concept and principles of the seventh sense. However, he does tend

to become distracted at the different images in his mind and his

seventh sense does require a lot of fine-tuning. He can roughly

approximate shape and size, but not much on detail."

"Well, that's what I'm here for." Shogo remarked as he gestured

for the boy and his student to follow.

Some weeks later�

"So who are we meeting?" Ranma asked as he and Koga waiting in

a small clearing in the forest near the village.

"An old acquaintance of mine." Koga replied. "I met him during

my journeys around the world. Once I had mastered the Unseen Light

techniques, I had decided to do some traveling to improve my martial

arts and ki-manipulation skills."

"You've been traveling around the world?" Ranma asked with

awe. The boy had never traveled anywhere further than Japan, then

later the areas surrounding the Amazon village.

Koga nodded as he said, "Yes, I had a kind of wanderlust when I

was no more than a decade older than you are now. I wanted to see

the world through my senses, since I could not see it with my eyes.

I've been to places such as Russia, Tibet, England, Australia, and

even America. I learned a lot about the outside world during those


"Wow." Ranma was impressed at how well traveled his mentor

was. At first he thought that Koga was pulling his leg, but after

scanning his aura, Ranma knew he was telling the truth. At this time,

Ranma's ability to read the auras of others wasn't anywhere near as

good as Koga's, but Ranma could detect the faint impressions of

emotions. Strong emotions such as love and anger were the simplest

to detect. It was easy to detect the former from Jasmine and the latter

from Mousse.

"So who is this person we're waiting for?" Ranma asked.

"He's an excellent master of ki manipulation and you would do

well to listen to him. I wrote to him about you and I later found out

that he was in China at the time on some personal business. I invited

him to come to the village and meet with you. He should be here any

time now."

"So who is�" Ranma's words were left unspoken as his sixth and

seventh sense began picking up the emanations of a large and tightly

focused source of ki. Ranma turned around into a ready stance and

waited. As soon as he faced off with whoever was behind them, he

noticed a field of serenity and utter calmness emanating from the

stranger that approached them. He also noted that Koga had made no

move whatsoever to get ready for any unexpected attack. In fact,

Koga was actually wearing an amused grin on his face. It was then

that Ranma realized that this stranger was probably the person that

they had been waiting for. The boy then relaxed into a neutral stance.

"Good day to you, Master Dhalism." Koga greeted.

"Good day to you, Koga." The healer and yoga master from India

stopped in front of them and then nodded his head to the blind lad.

"And you must be Ranma Saotome. Koga has given you much praise

and I can sense that you are well-deserving of such praise."

Ranma could feel the amount of ki being focused within Dhalism

and was in awe. "H-Hello, Master Dhalism. I-I-It is an honor to meet

with one of my sensei's teachers."

The ki master smiled as he said, "Koga had written to me that you

have been training in the healing arts as well as the Unseen Light,


"H-Hai." Ranma stammered. His sixth sense was almost

overwhelmed by the amount of ki that was focused within the body

of this man. It was not being emitted like a battle aura, but rather it

was perfectly aligned with his body's natural systems. Ranma had no

doubt that Dhalism had great control over his body's functions.

Dhalism noted Ranma's probing of him and said, "I can sense

great potential within you for healing as well as for fighting and it

would be a shame to waste such promise. Koga had asked me here to

teach you how to use your ki in the process of healing. I am more

than happy to aid you in this."

Ranma nodded as his master and the man from India led him

deeper into the forest.

Throughout the next month, Koga brought several more of his old

mentors over to aid with Ranma's training. As the boy's power over

his ki grew, so did his confidence. His ability to quickly understand

new techniques continued to amaze his teachers.

His martial arts skills were not something to be taken lightly either.

As his senses became even more defined, he quickly began to

practice the martial arts again. He began sparring with Koga,

Shampoo and the other Amazons and they became ever more amazed

at how fast he was improving. Fortunately, he was considered a part

of the tribe, so as long as he did not make any formal challenges, he

was safe from the Kiss of Marriage Law.

Jasmine had become very happy with her adopted son as she took

him on as an apprentice healer. Ranma's enhanced senses made it

easy for him to distinguish different herbs and extracts. His ability to

sense ki allowed him to locate pressure points with no difficulty and

he developed a measure of patience which served him well as a healer

and fighter. By the time Ranma had reached his tenth year, he was

able to stand up against Mousse on his own.

Two years after Ranma's arrival�

<"Get out of my way!"> Mousse snarled as he and Ranma faced

each other in front of Shampoo's house.

Ranma stood at the ready with his staff as he replied in a calm and

firm tone, <"Mousse, I would have thought by now that you'd get

the message and leave my cousin alone!">

<"Who are you to tell me? You're nothing but a weak and blind


<"You're one to talk!"> Ranma said curtly. <"You couldn't see a

mountain at ten paces without those glasses! Now I'm telling you

nicely! Leave my cousin alone!">

<"Make me!"> Mousse sneered as he took a stance. He had

beaten Ranma before. Today wasn't going to be any different, right?

He decided to use one of his newest techniques in the Hidden

Weapons style.


However, as he lashed forward, Ranma smiled as he pulled back a

step, then stabbed forward with his staff, knocking back the object in

Mousse's hands. The nearsighted boy was driven back as the object

smashed into his face. The impact caused his glasses to fall off and

before he could recover, Ranma smacked one end of his staff on top

of Mousse's head. The myopic martial artist went down like sack of

potatoes. The training potty that he had used in his attack clattered

beside him.

Ranma waited for a moment as he used his senses to detect

anything that could be a danger to him. When he ascertained that

Mousse was unconscious, he relaxed and smiled.

Looking out from her bedroom window, Shampoo grinned. It

seemed that Ranma could take care of himself now.

Since his first victory against Mousse, Ranma became even more

confident of his abilities and took to the training even harder. As he

learned of Koga's techniques, the young boy began to catch the

interest of the Elders of the village. With the exception of Cologne,

they had considered Koga's fighting style as passive at best and

didn't really think his skills as anything special. After all, they too

could sense the ki of others. However, when Ranma began learning

Amazon techniques that were thought to be impossible to master for

a blind person, they began to reconsider.

Ranma at age eleven�

Cologne was busy, gathering herbs near a mountain stream when

she saw Ranma standing near a huge boulder with Koga instructing

him. The Elder was very surprised to see Ranma glowing with a faint

blue aura. She went over to investigate. When she got to within

twenty feet of them, she saw something very interesting.

Ranma suddenly lashed out with a hand and touched the rock with

his index finger. The boulder suddenly lit up with a faint yellow glow,

then crumbled to pieces! Cologne's eyes widened as she stopped

suddenly and stared at the powdered remains of the rock. Koga and

Ranma smiled as they had long detected her presence and turned

toward her.

<"That was� the Breaking Point technique!"> Cologne said with

surprise to Koga. <"How was he able to do that? I don't recall you

ever having trained in that skill!">

Koga shook his head and said, <"No Cologne! What you just saw

was not the Backusai Tenketsu, but rather something similar to it! My

prot�g� and I have mastered a skill in which we are able to use our

senses to find the stress points of any inanimate object! Unlike your

Breaking Point, this skill will work on other things, not just rock! And

you have noticed that the boulder had not exploded into tiny

fragments! Unlike your technique, which forces your ki into a specific

spot and causes a violent explosion, we let our ki flow into the object

and cause a uniform disintegration of its structure! It's a lot less

messier and has more applications!"> He turned to Ranma. <"Show

Cologne what you can do. Make that tree stump over there

disintegrate!"> Koga gestured to a rotting tree that was about forty

feet away.

Ranma nodded as he knelt down and placed a hand on the ground

and concentrated, letting his ki flow through the ground and head

toward the stump. He glowed with the same blue light as Cologne

watched the target. Her eyes became even wider as she saw the dead

wood instantly dissolve into sawdust.

Koga smiled in triumph as he turned to readdress Cologne.

<"Ranma can do the original Breaking Point if he wanted to. He

instantly picked up the technique when Sugar used it to blow up a

rock in her garden.">

<"But how is that possible?"> Cologne asked. <"He would have

to SEE the technique in order for him to begin to understand it!">

<"Not so. Remember, Ranma's ability to sense ki energies is far

better than most. If you were to demonstrate a ki technique to him, he

would be able to learn it by measuring the amount of ki used and

determine how it is focused. You have noticed that Mousse has been

unable to defeat Ranma for the past year, despite Ranma's inability to

see the weapons used against him?">

Cologne nodded.

<"Well, the reason why Mousse cannot defeat him is because his

Hidden Weapon techniques are a form of ki manipulation. Ranma can

easily sense the ki as Mousse pulls out or hides a weapon. In fact,

Ranma has learned much more with each fight. Show her, Ranma.">

The boy nodded as he raised his hand and made a sweeping

gesture. His staff suddenly appeared in his hand. He dropped it then

made a pair of daggers appear. He then began pulling out more and

more objects out of thin air each item gradually becoming bigger than

the last. Finally, he made a shield appear.

Cologne smiled. <"Impressive! Ranma has mastered the Hidden

Weapons style."> Cologne then became thoughtful as she

considered what she had seen as she addressed Koga. <"If that is

the case� then I would suspect that you also know of Amazon

techniques as well.">

Koga nodded as he said, <"Do not worry Cologne. I have kept

these secrets to myself. I know of your law that no outsider may learn

of your techniques. Since I have been declared as an honorary

member and Ranma has been adopted by Jasmine, then there has

been no violation."> He then turned to Ranma. <"Ranma, you will

promise to Cologne that you will not show how you learned these

things to anyone who is not an Amazon. Is that understood?">

Ranma nodded as he said, <"I promise!">

Within the next two years, Ranma continued to astound the

Amazons with his amazing abilities. Ranma learned to do the

Chestnut Fist, the Rising Dragon Ascension and many other skills.

His status as a warrior began to rise even further, much to the dismay

of Mousse. The near blind martial artist couldn't understand it. In just

a short time, Ranma had gone from being his inferior to being his

better. The fact that he was also getting more and more attention from

the other girls, especially from Shampoo, made him angrier and more

resentful against the young Saotome. It was so unfair to Mousse!

Here this outsider had no eyesight whatsoever and was getting all

the attention from his beloved Shampoo! Mousse was just as blind

as Ranma without his glasses, but his intended bride continued to

consider him as an annoyance. As the two 'cousins' got even closer

in their friendship, Mousse's obsession to claiming Shampoo and

defeating his rival became all consuming.

Ranma at age thirteen�

<"School?"> Jasmine said in confusion.

Koga nodded as they discussed in private in the dining room.

Ranma and Shampoo were busy sparring outside the house. <"Yes. I

think it is high time that Ranma experienced the outside world. Since

he is Japanese, I thought that sending him to Japan for a while would

help him get acquainted with things outside the village. He also

needs to learn about where he came from! It would also be a good

training exercise for him.">

<"I don't see why Ranma has to travel so far. Besides, won't his

blindness be a hindrance to him in such a place?">

<"Not at all! Ranma's senses are so sharp, that most people

wouldn't suspect that he is blind. His fingers can now read printed

words on paper, so he won't have to rely on Braille. His seventh

sense prevents him from stumbling around or bumping into things.

Added with the other skills that I have taught him, he will do just fine.

He doesn't even need a cane.">

<"That may be so."> Jasmine agreed. <"However, I do not relish

the idea of having him so far away.">

<"Ranma needs to learn independence, Jasmine. The village has

accepted Ranma, more or less, but the boy has a sort of wanderlust in

him. He wants to experience the world through his other senses,

since he cannot see it. He needs to have this opportunity to travel.

He will be getting a good education and the experience will help him

deal with things that he may not know about if he remained in the

village. The Amazons have let their children travel abroad to learn

about the outside world. I don't see why Ranma is to be denied the

chance to do so.">

Jasmine sighed as she looked out the window and watched Ranma

once again trip up Shampoo and pin her to the ground. She smiled as

she watched them roll about on the soil and laugh, as they engaged

in a bit of play fighting. She then turned her attention to Koga.

<"Ranma has been my son in name for five years now and I have

grown very fond of him. I suppose it's just a mother's reluctance to

see her child begin to grow apart from her. I will not be around

forever and I know that Ranma does need to learn how to live on his

own one day, but�">

<"Do not worry Jasmine. I will look after Ranma as he attends

school and he'll only be gone for a semester or so.">

<"You'll make certain that he'll write back to me? You will keep him

safe? I am fearful that his good-for-nothing father would use this

opportunity to steal him away from me. He hasn't given up after all

this time and he has gotten more determined lately.">

<"I swear to you Jasmine. Genma will not come within a hundred

feet of the boy.">

Jasmine nodded as she called out to her son.

A few months later at an all-boys junior high school in Japan�

Ranma strolled down the hallway toward the cafeteria. As Koga

had predicted, Ranma's enhanced senses had made it possible for him

to attend school without having to tell the register's office that he

couldn't see. Reading the textbooks was a snap as he could use his

fingers to trace the ink-printed pages. Writing was possible due to

Koga's techniques of sensory imagery. Whatever input his senses

received would allow Ranma to actually create a three-dimensional

image of the paper in his mind, lines included! Of course, his

handwriting was still considered sloppy as it was before he had lost

his sight. Koga made a note to have Ranma attend a class for


As the blind martial artist approached the cafeteria, he could hear

the large and heavyset lunch lady call out as throngs of hungry, male

adolescents crowded around the counter.

"All right! Here it is! The last curry bread of the day!"

Ranma smiled, as he could smell the delicious aroma of the bread

from the rear of the mob. He then extended his seventh sense

outward and saw in his mind the lunch lady rearing back with her arm

and tossing the bread high up into air above the crowd. He then

sensed another figure jump up toward the bread.

"I got it! I got it!"

Ranma took this opportunity and gauged the height of the boy's

leap by the sound of his voice. He then jumped and used the boy's

head to springboard himself up toward the tasty tidbit. Deftly

catching the prize in his mouth, he then flipped toward the other side

of the crowd and made a perfect landing on his feet. It was then that

he heard an enraged voice.

"How dare you! Who are you?"

Ranma was bit confused as he sensed the boy's anger and

frustration. <What's he so mad about? It's just a lousy piece of bread!

It was anybody's game!> "Ranma Saotome."

"Saotome! I will never forgive you! You stole my bread! You lousy


Gee, guess who that was?

At the end of the semester, Koga was ready to take Ranma back to

the Amazon village. He found the boy sitting on a fence near an

empty lot on the outskirts of the city.

"Ranma! It's time to go home now!"

Ranma turned and smiled. "Master Koga! Over here!"

Koga approached the boy and said, "Is this where you have been

for the last three days? I was worried that your father Genma had

kidnapped you!"

Ranma shook his head. "No, last I heard, Pop was running away

from the police."

Koga nodded. Ever since they had come to Japan, Genma had

made several attempts to reclaim his son. On a few occasions, he had

faced off against Ranma's mentor. Genma had thought that defeating

the blind master would be no problem, but Koga proved him wrong

and had given Ranma's father a painful beating each time. During the

school year, Genma had been committing many acts of petty crimes in

the area. He stole food, clothing, money and whatever he could get

his hands on, while he tried to get his offspring back. Many

restaurant owners and shopkeepers were angered when the fat

martial artist would run without paying for what he ate or took. It

seemed that he practiced the Anything Goes style in the literal sense.

The complaints and charges began to build up and it wasn't long

before Genma was on the wanted lists.

"So what are you doing here Ranma?" Koga asked.

"I was challenged by some guy to a duel of honor. As an Amazon,

I have to accept, right?"

"Oh, well I suppose that would be the case. So when is he

supposed to be here?"

"Actually, he was supposed to have been here three days ago."

"What? Just where does this boy live?"

"In that house over there." Ranma gestured to the house behind


"And he hasn't shown up yet?!"

Ranma shrugged. "What can I say? He's got the world's worst

sense of direction! It's kind of funny though." He chuckled.

"What do you mean?"

"Ryoga always got lost on his way to school and back, so I had to

lead the way for him every day! A blind boy leading someone that

CAN see! I still haven't told him that I'm blind!" He chuckled a little


"I suppose that it is kind of ironic. However, since the boy has

failed to show up, it is his fault! Never mind that he has a problem

with directions. He challenged you and he failed to uphold it.

According to Amazon law, you have won by forfeit! I'm afraid that we

must get going now. Our plane will be leaving shortly and your

mother Jasmine can't wait to see you again. Let's not disappoint her."

Ranma let off a long sigh as he got off his perch and followed his


The very next day, Ryoga Hibiki arrived at the empty lot and found

that Ranma was long gone. He became enraged as he shouted out to

the heavens at his missed chance for revenge. He then collapsed to

the ground due to his unintentional trek around the major cities of


Ranma at age fifteen�

<"I told you before Mousse! Leave my cousin alone!">



Mousse found himself sprawled on his back, his eyes seeing stars

as the large, duck-shaped training potty clattered to the ground

beside him. Ranma stood with his staff held at the ready. Ranma's

expression became stern as he said, <"That trick didn't work when we

were ten, Mousse. What made you think that it would work now?">

Mousse angrily got up and faced off against his opponent. <"You

claim to be Shampoo's cousin, but you're nothing but a weak outsider

male that Jasmine took pity on years ago!">

<"Weak am I? Well, if you think I'm weak, then what does that

make you? I've been beating you since I was ten!">

<"You were just lucky that I didn't use any of my more deadlier

techniques on you! But now I see that I have been going too easy on

you! You have been my only obstacle to winning my Shampoo!">

<"Oh please! Your own stupidity is what's keeping you from

Shampoo! I thought that after thirteen years, you'd have gotten the

hint that Shampoo doesn't like you!">

<"She does love me! I know that deep down inside her, she and I

are fated to be wed! She's just playing hard to get! If it wasn't for you

and your silly outsider notions, she would have realized it by now!">

<"Oh brother! For someone who can still see, you're even more in

the dark than I am! Listen up Mousse! Shampoo wants nothing to do

with you! She has already rejected you Kami-sama knows how many

times! Why don't you just accept the truth and leave her be?">

<"Never! Shampoo is mine and I will remove all obstacles to her

heart! Since you have repeatedly gotten in my way, I'm going to

finish you off once and for all! Obstacles are for killing! That is the

Amazon way!"> Mousse made a spear appear and charged at his


Ranma had long sensed the maneuver by reading Mousse's ki and

countered. Using his staff to parry Mousse's weapon, he then

delivered a snap kick to his chin. As Mousse staggered back, he then

jabbed forward with a finger and hit a pressure point on one of his

foe's wrists, causing that hand to open up. He then slid his staff

forward and used a twisting motion to bring the butt end of the spear

up, causing the pointed end downward and into the ground.

Mousse was surprised to find out that his weapon was now stuck

in the dirt, but before he could try to pull it out, Ranma hopped up

and introduced his left foot to his enemy's face. The kick slammed

into the Hidden Weapon master's mouth and he was sent back a

dozen feet or so. The spear remained stuck in the ground as Mousse

found himself on his back again.

<"That's it! You're dead!"> Mousse came to his feet again, but

before he could pull out another weapon, Cologne, Jasmine and

Shampoo arrived on the scene.


The two combatants stopped as they turned toward Cologne.

Cologne regarded Mousse with displeasure. During the last few

years, she had reversed her earlier stand against Ranma and

Shampoo getting close. Ranma had become a very good healer under

Jasmine's teachings and Koga had shaped him into a formidable

fighter. Many of the other Amazons had also considered Ranma a

good catch. He had grown up to be very handsome and well muscled.

Being raised by Jasmine had corrected the three years of malnutrition

and poor health care that living under Genma had caused. He was

good natured, polite toward his betters and showed respect to those

who merited it. Ranma was tall, almost 6'2" and moved with incredible

grace. His enhanced senses and physical prowess ranked him among

the top fighters in the village. Unknown to Ranma, several of the

Amazons had been petitioning Jasmine to challenge him for the right

to marry him.

The healer was very happy to see that her dream of seeing Ranma

settling down with children may be realized. She didn't particularly

care who Ranma married, so long as he was happy. She had on many

occasions, hinted that he could take more than one mate. She was

looking forward to seeing Ranma's face when he realized that he had

been upgraded from being a barely tolerated outsider, to prime

husband material. She had also been thinking of something else.


<"Just what do you think you are doing Mousse?"> Cologne said

in a firm, yet dangerous tone.

<"What do you mean?"> Mousse replied indignantly. <"I'm just

taking care of a certain nuisance that has plagued our village for so


<"You will not speak about my son in that manner!"> Jasmine said

with a glare.

<"He's not one of us!"> Mousse shot back. <"He wasn't born

here! He has no right to call himself an Amazon!">

<"Mousse!"> Cologne said. <"Jasmine had willingly adopted this

boy as her son and the Council had agreed on it! He is therefore an

Amazon and has all the rights and privileges! We have tolerated your

hostility toward him thus far, but now it seems that you are directly

challenging Ranma's rights. If you wish to fight him, you will do so

with a formal challenge!">

<"What?! You defend this outsider?">

<"I defend the laws of our people!"> Cologne stated. <"Now will

you give Ranma a formal challenge, or do you wish to state your case

to the Council?">

Mousse found his mouth and throat suddenly become dry. He had

no wish to go up against the Council of Elders. He knew that Ranma

was a favorite among most of the tribe.

<"All right, I hereby challenge this outsider to Trial by Combat!">

<"Where?"> Ranma asked.

Mousse grinned sadistically. He knew that Ranma's father had

almost drowned him eight years ago, so he hoped that water would

yet be his downfall. <"Jusenkyo.">

Ranma frowned as he heard that name. He had been told by his

mother that the Training Grounds of Cursed Springs was forbidden

and before he had become blind, he remembered that Genma had

planned to take him to Jusenkyo during their training trip. It had been

Ranma's experience that any idea of Genma's was a bad one.

To be continued�

Author's Notes

I had been getting some comments from my readers that Ranma

had been getting too much power in my stories. Therefore, I decided

to tone down Ranma a bit by giving him a handicap. Ranma is still the

capable martial artist, but now he has only his enhanced senses to

pull him through. No super strength or special magic powers. He's

not the know-it-all and he's going to make some mistakes as he goes


This story had been inspired by the fanfic A Source of Pride. The

idea of Ranma growing up in the Amazon village appealed to me and I

wondered how he would fare in such a fierce culture. There are a lot

of people who believe that the Amazons in the Ranma 1/2 series are

nothing more than a bunch of crazy warrior women with some off-the-

wall laws. I want to write about the unseen side. Shampoo is not the

bimbo and Cologne is not the cruel and cold-hearted matriarch. I also

wanted to show that it wasn't Mousse's near-sightedness that is

preventing him from winning Shampoo, but his own pig-headedness

and refusal to accept the truth that prevents him from succeeding.

I've always liked the Marvel Comic Daredevil (Hence the reference

to the radar-sense). A blind super hero who can triumph over

adversity with determination and brains, despite an overwhelming

disability such as blindness, fits in with Ranma's situation, don't you


I wanted to make Ranma's training in the Unseen Light a bit more

fuller, so that's why I added those extra scenes. Yes, it's the same

Dhalism from Street Fighter. I just finished watching the Street

Fighter V series and I liked the way they portrayed him. Ranma

learning some yoga techniques such as breathing, slowing down his

heart rate, nullifying the ability to sense pain can prove useful, ne?