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Chapter 2

Here's Ranma Again

The Amazons who were huddled around both Ranma and the

crippled Shampoo were a little more than on edge toward the masked

stranger who had just saved their village from destruction. After

witnessing the nanotech soldier rip open forty-ton tanks with his

bare hands and effortlessly blow up a mountain, the warrior women

were a little intimidated. Just a little mind you.

<"Please. Let me help her."> Ranma said as he knelt down toward

the injured girl with purple hair. His optical scanners had already

diagnosed the damage she had sustained and he was ready to

implement the repair procedures that would totally restore her.

The Amazon who was supporting Shampoo's head by kneeling

behind her looked at the stranger with suspicion. <"What do you

intend to do?">

<"I� have a way to heal her wounds. It will only take a minute.">

<"You cannot help her. Although she will live, she says that she

cannot feel or move her legs. She had been crippled and there is

nothing worse for an Amazon than being this helpless. She would

have been better off if she had died in glorious battle. She'll never be

able to fight again.">

<"She will when I'm through with her."> Ranma assured. <"Please,

let me do this.">

The Amazon was about to protest when Shampoo interrupted in a

weak voice. < "Let him do it Gloss.">

<"Shampoo?"> Gloss looked down at her friend with concern.

Shampoo looked up and gave her a weak smile. <"If he says that

he can help me then let him do it. He saved our village and if there's a

chance that I can walk again, then I say we let him try. What do we

have to lose?">

Gloss looked at her friend for a long time before nodding her

assent to Ranma. The nanotech warrior nodded as he moved slowly

toward the injured Amazon. Gently placing a palm on her abdomen,

he then ordered the biotech computer in his head to begin the repair


<Computer, begin telephasing nanite repair groups to the injured

tissue and initiate full bioregeneration.>


Ranma's hand shimmered with a faint blue light as he began using

his dimensional hole generators to phase thousands of the

microscopic robots into Shampoo's body. As they had done with him

six years ago, the tiny technological wonders traveled through her

system and located the damaged muscle, epithelial, skeletal and

nervous tissue. Once they had analyzed the girl's DNA, they set

about the process of stimulating the remaining cells to reproduce at a

much faster rate. To the amazed eyes of the Amazons, Shampoo's

wounds began to seal themselves and the horrid cuts and punctures

that were caused by the bullets repaired themselves in seconds.

The nanites located the bullets that were still within her body and

dissolved them into subatomic particles. They were especially careful

of the one that was lodged in her spine. Once the spent projectile was

destroyed, the nanites lined themselves up along her spinal cord and

fused over the gap. Electromagnetic pulses were sent along the

repaired neurons to stimulate sensation and the motor controls to her

lower half. Shampoo blinked in surprise as she stared down her legs

and moved her right foot. She then twitched her left foot and gasped

in disbelief. She could feel and move her legs again.

Ranma smiled from behind his headmask as his computer informed

him that the repair procedure was nearing completion. <Computer,

begin recall of all nanite repair groups once the structural damage has

been corrected.>

(*Acknowledged.*) The nanotech processor began telephasing

the robots back into its host's body then brought up a question.

(*Query Ranma?*)

<What is it computer?>

(*Repair subject possesses great potential for genetic

manipulation and physical improvement. Initiate genetic evolution


Ranma thought about the suggestion for a moment and then

asked. <What kind of improvements?>

(*Subject possesses high genetic potential, possibly due to

selective breeding. The nanites can increase her overall physical

attributes by approximately forty percent before returning to host


Ranma thought about it some more before deciding 'what the

heck.' <Computer, initiate genetic enhancement procedures on her

physical abilities before recalling all repair groups.>


Shampoo felt a new sensation within her. This time, she felt it in

her whole body. She could feel every cell in her being as new power

surged through them. She felt stronger and healthier than before. She

looked up at the one who had saved her and began to wonder what

he looked like underneath that mask.

The tiny robots within her began enhancing her cells to become

more energy efficient and gently nudged her evolutionary processes

along. As per Ranma's request, Shampoo's body was given added

strength, durability, higher levels of coordination, a better sense of

balance and faster reflexes. Once the task was completed, the nanites

returned to their host body.

<"You can stand up now.">

Shampoo looked at Ranma with a sense of awe for a moment

before getting up. She was little bit unsteady when feeling returned

to her legs but her savior was there to brace her before she could

stand under her own power. She smiled and said, <"Thank you.">

<"No problem.">

The other Amazons were astounded at what they had witnessed.



<"It's� magic!">

Her comrades surrounded Shampoo as Ranma smiled a bit while

stepping away. Thinking that his job was done, he quietly started to

slip away from the crowd. However, when he turned around, he

found himself facing a trio of elderly women.

<"I must say, that was very impressive!"> The first one said. She

was approximately two feet tall and was wearing green robes. She had

long silver hair and was carrying a long wooden staff that was about

two feet taller than she was. Ranma's computer gauged her age to be

around three hundred years old. This didn't really surprise him all

that much. He had met thousands of aliens that had life spans that

lasted for centuries, even millennia.

The other two women behind her were also extremely aged, but

they were about a few decades younger than the first. They also

carried wooden staffs and were about a foot taller than their leader.

<"Yes, very impressive indeed."> The first woman repeated. <"We

owe you much stranger. You are a warrior of extraordinary skill and



Ranma looked over his shoulder and saw the purple-haired girl run

up and stop before the trio of elders. Giving them a small bow, she

then gestured toward Ranma. <"I'm healed great-grandmother! He

saved me! He saved us all!">

<"I can see that Shampoo. So what do you think of him?"> The

elder known as Cologne smiled as she looked at Ranma with a

calculating eye. To her, the nanotech soldier was like a huge bonfire

of ki energy. Plus all those strange weapons he carried would make

him a very valuable asset. In the back of her mind, an old legend was

remembered. She recalled an ancient tale of dragons that took human

forms and aided warriors in their times of need. She had not put much

faith in those stories, but after witnessing Ranma's power, she could

think of no other explanation.

<"What do you mean great-grandmother?">

The elder whispered to her great-granddaughter. <"The village is

in need of strong warriors and you can't get any stronger than him.

The Chinese Army could send their tanks and war machines and we

could simply laugh if we had this man. Plus, he's already shown other

useful skills. He'd make a fine addition to the tribe, don't you think?

We'd be fools to let this one get away.">

Shampoo smiled, as she too was impressed with Ranma's display.

She also wanted to get a good look at the face that was under the

mask. She imagined a handsome face underneath that black fabric.

This would also be a way of finally getting that pathetic Mousse off

her back. With that in mind, she whirled around and said to Ranma.

<"You! I challenge you!">

Unknown to the both of them, Ranma's enhanced hearing had

picked up on Cologne's comments and he had gotten nervous about

it. He was then taken aback by Shampoo's reversal. He had just

saved her life and this was her way of thanking him? He looked

around and saw that the other Amazons also had funny looks about

them as they began to get the same idea.

<Computer, I don't like the looks of this. What's going on?>

(*Unable to provide answer due to insufficient data. Suggest a

strategic withdrawal.*)

<In other words� run away.>


The computer's assessment of the situation was made valid as the

Amazons unsheathed their weapons and began charging him. Ranma

was unwilling to hurt the ones he had just saved so he simply did the

most logical thing. He took off� literally.

The warrior women were shocked beyond belief as Ranma

engaged his anti-gravity field and rocketed up toward the heavens.

Cologne silently cursed herself and the other Amazons for not

being more subtle. They had a prime opportunity and it just flew

away. She was still looking up at the tiny dot in the sky, which then

disappeared behind some clouds. She then sighed to herself and

motioned for the others to return to the village.

As the matriarch hopped along on her staff, she began wondering

about the unknown stranger. In retrospect, Shampoo and the other

girls should have handled that situation better. The stranger had

already demonstrated that he was quite capable of reducing the

village and everyone in it into nothing more than a memory. It was

just as well that he decided to depart, rather than retaliate to the

headstrong and reckless attack of Shampoo and her sister Amazons.

But to have been so close to all that power�

Cologne shook her head as she passed the main gates

A while later, Ranma flew down to where his star cruiser was

parked, still hidden from sight by its cloaking field. After entering the

craft, he engaged its hoverjet system and the invisible ship took off

and accelerated to over five times the speed of sound. A sonic boom

was heard as Ranma's ship departed the area. In less than a minute,

Ranma was out of Asia and was flying over the vast expanse of the

China Sea.

Ranma was sitting in the pilot's seat in a relaxed manner as he

pondered his next move. He had disengaged the protective headmask

of his cyberweave suit and was conferring with the biocomputer in

his head.

<Well, that was a pointless endeavor.>

(*This unit did warn host to not get involved.*)

<Yes, well I couldn't just stand by and watch those people get

slaughtered. In any case, I haven't learned anything else from my

past other than I'm from this planet. Any ideas?>

(*Working�*) Ranma placed his hands on the console and let the

biocomputer interface with the ship's systems. After a while, the

nanotech wonder had answer. (*Suggest interfacing with the planet's

global information systems to acquire basic knowledge of this planet.

Sensors indicate that this world has a primitive data network called

the Internet.*)

<Establish contact with this� Internet and begin downloading all

relevant data concerning this planet in general and my connection to

this world. If I'm going to be living here, then I'd better know some

stuff. >


The ship's console became alive with lights as the sensor and

long-range interface arrays began linking the craft's processors to

the net. The ship uplinked itself to communication satellites and other

long-range devices. Trillions of bits of data were sent into Ranma's

neural processors to be perused later at his convenience. In less than

a minute, the nanotech soldier received staggering amounts of

information about the Earth, its life forms and the customs of

hundreds of races. Languages were translated and stored within him.

He could now comprehend hundreds of dialects, adding to his

already impressive knowledge of alien tongues. When the transfer

was complete, the console became less bright and Ranma slumped

down in his seat.

(*Data transfer has been completed. Now reviewing pertinent data

concerning host's origins.*)

<So who am I?>

(*According to all accumulated data, your appearance matches

those of Asian descent, more specifically the people known as the

Japanese. The majority of these people are concentrated on an island

nation called Japan.*)

<Can you be more specific about myself?>

(*Unable to comply with request. Internet search was extremely

limited due to several complications.*)

<What kind of complications?>

(*Planet's records on host not found. Data has either been

destroyed or unavailable. Unable to find birth certificate or any

identification. Furthermore, record files are incomplete. Does not

contain DNA files so genetic match up impossible. Computer network

is primitive and cannot provide all needed data. *)

<Great! I know more about this world than any average Earthling

does, but I can't even find something as simple as a birth registry.

Computer, are you sure that you can't find anything more about me

from this Internet.>

(*Negative. Personal information is not listed on a public basis.

That kind of information may be deemed as classified.*)

<So now what?>

(*Records concerning the birthdate and other relevant information

of host may be stored on hard copy format. Suggest visiting country

of Japan and retrieving data in person.*)

<So I have to go to Japan, right?>


<All right, set course for Japan. You can fill me in on Japanese

culture on the way.>

It was an early Monday morning in Tokyo as Ranma's ship

entered into Japan airspace. Its cloaking field left it undetected by

radar or other sensing devices as it made a quiet descent near an

empty clearing in the forests outside of the city. As it landed with

nary a whisper, Ranma looked at the main viewscreen.

<So where are we?>

(*Geographical location is in the region near the foothills of

Mount Fuji. We are 10.5 kilometers from the capital city of Japan,



(*Japanese culture is highly focused on one's identity. Since host

is unable to provide own identification, this unit suggests that a

temporary identity be created as a cover. *)

<All right. Begin scanning database and create a false history for



<Ranma�> The nanotech soldier paused as he scanned a list of

names that were downloaded from the Japanese Government main

records. A moment later, he chose a last name that was obscure and

not well known.

(*This unit suggests that host acquire employment and blend in

with the locals.*)

<You mean get a job.>


<But I have more than twelve trillion zentrees in my account, not

to mention eight billion intergalactic credit units. Why do I need a


(*This planet is not part of the Intergalactic Trade Routes and will

not recognize the value of zentrees or credit units. Host will have to

obtain local forms of currency. Furthermore, a jobless individual is

not deemed as desirable in this particular culture. Will arouse

suspicion if host does not have a purpose here other than main

objective. Also, will be able to accomplish mission of self-discovery if

host can blend in with the populace.*)

<Point taken.>

(*Scanning all related job-offering media based on host's current

age and abilities. Working�*)

Ranma's ship made several links to the newspapers, the television

programs, the radio ads and every other kind of data network

available. It then cross-referenced all available positions with his age

and abilities. Chronologically speaking, Ranma had only lived sixteen

years and therefore was supposed to be in high school. However,

due to his rapid aging and long experience while wandering through

the cosmos, he had the enhanced body of a twenty-year old and

more knowledge than even the best of Earth's supercomputers.

When Ranma came across an ad for an assistant coach in a high

school he decided to take it. It was a good environment for learning

social skills and would give him an opportunity to study people near

his own age. If he really did come from this place, then he would need

to know how to act in this world. The biocomputer took care of all the

necessary arrangements and details. Ranma was now listed as the

newly hired assistant coach and martial arts specialist to the gym

instructor at Furinkan High. A false address, history and e-mail

account was made.

<Good work computer. But we still need some of the local currency

to start off with.>

(*Working.*) The biocomputer interfaced with the ship's

mainframe then had the answer. (*Able to comply by utilizing solid-

energy replicators. The natives of this world place high value on the

crystalline forms of carbon.*)

Ranma nodded as he pressed a button on his console. Priceless

gems of this world were mere baubles and were of little value to the

places Ranma had been to in the last six years. They could be easily

synthesized in seconds where it would take the natural process

thousands of years. A moment later, a small hatch to his right opened

up and a pile of glittering stones appeared on a tray. Flawless

diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds sparkled in the cabin as

Ranma pocketed a small handful and made a note to get them

appraised. Once he got the money for them, he would open up an

account. Although it was possible for him to simply have the ship

create more whenever he needed it, such wealth would arouse

suspicion and it would also seriously undermine this primitive

world's economy.

Ranma then sat back into the chair and conferred with the

nanotech wonder in his head. There were still a few more details to

take care of before he would once again walk among the Earthers


Two days later�

Ranma prepared to exit his ship and start his new mission.

(*Suggest using cyberweave armor's camouflage mode to blend in

with the native populace.*)

Ranma nodded as he exited the ship and activated the craft's

protection systems. The hatch closed up and there was no evidence

of the vessel ever existing. Then the nanotech martial artist took off

in the direction of the still slumbering city.

When Ranma reached the outer areas of Tokyo, he descended

toward a deserted lot. As soon as he landed, he used his sensors to

scan the area. Spotting a billboard that advertised a person drinking a

new kind of soft drink; he focused in on what the person was

wearing. It was the image of a gaijin drinking a Coca-Cola. After

taking in the picture, he gave a mental command to the black body

suit that he was wearing.

The tiny microcircuits in the fabric were activated as the fibers

were reorganized to match the appearance. The material changed in

shape, color and texture as it began to reform itself. In twenty

seconds, Ranma found himself decked out in a pair of blue jeans,

Nike running shoes, white shirt and a black leather jacket. Taking in

the appearance, Ranma nodded before proceeding into the city.

After a fifteen minutes of walking, the martial artist from space

found himself at the front of a high school. He looked at the front

gate and saw the name; Furinkan High etched on a plaque. He was

about to pass through the gates when he noticed a huge group of

adolescent males gather at the front of the school. Many of them

were brandishing hockey sticks, tennis rackets and other blunt and

sharp objects. He paused as he used his optics to scan the area.

When he looked over his shoulder, he noted a teenage female

running toward the school. It was then that someone shouted out.


Hearing this, Ranma's computer instantly went into defensive

mode and began assessing the situation.

A few minutes before Ranma's arrival�

Nabiki Tendo and her cohorts were busy taking in the daily

wagers of how fast her sister Akane, could take out the mob of

lovesick (emphasis on the word sick) adolescents that attacked her

every morning. It was then that Ayoko, one of Nabiki's lieutenants,

spotted Ranma nearing the gates of Furinkan.

"Hey Nabiki! Look over there. Who's that?"

The middle sister's eyes narrowed with interest as she took in the

tall stranger in the black leather jacket. "Hmmm, I don't know, but

from the looks of him, he's not from around here."

"Hey, maybe he's that new assistant coach that we've been

hearing about from Mr. Takana."

Nabiki nodded slowly as she said, "It could be him. Looks a little

young to be a coach though. What other information did you get

about him?"

Ayoko began looking over a set of files that she had gleaned from

the school records and began reading. "Well, according to this, he's

a Japanese national but he spent a few years in America." The girl

looked down at the figure and nodded. That would explain his gaijin

appearance. "It also says here that he's spent a couple of years in

coaching sports and he's a martial arts expert."

"Great, another one." Nabiki commented. "So what's his name?"

Ayoko was about to answer when they both heard the word

'attack" shouted from the mob below the third-floor window they

were at.

On the ground near the gates�

<Computer, what's going on?>

(*Multiple hostile contacts approaching. Assessing threat level to

host. *) A moment later, it was completed with the analysis, just as

the first boys were about to reach his position. (*Threat level to host

rated as barely negligible.*)

<Great. First those violent females, now this. All right, initiate non-

lethal neutralization of all attackers. Use minimal force.>


Ranma exploded into action, leaping into the fray just as the girl

came to within visual sight of the front gate.

The boys who usually attacked Akane Tendo in the morning got

the shock of their lives as a sudden blur went darting through their

ranks, dropping them like flies. Boys were thrown back like rag dolls

as if they were going against a hurricane. A hurricane by the name of

Ranma. The nanotech soldier had visited hundreds of worlds and

learned thousands of fighting styles, both armed and unarmed. He

knew countless ways of killing, but fortunately, he also knew how to

disable as well. The teens were either knocked out by pressure points

or just plain knocked out, but Ranma took special care not to

seriously injure them. He didn't know what was going on, but it

wouldn't do for him to inadvertently kill someone. Within five

seconds, it was all over and more than a hundred boys were sprawled

all over the landscape.

On the second story window, Nabiki Tendo whistled. She had

never seen anyone take out the morning mob so quickly and

efficiently. The stranger had displayed incredible skill and handled

his opponents far better than her sister Akane had ever done. All the

other spectators who were crowded at the windows were also

impressed. Just who was this guy?

Just as Ranma had taken a neutral stance, he heard an angry voice

from behind.

"Hey! That was my fight!"

Ranma looked over his shoulder and saw the girl. He gauged her

age to be about sixteen. She was about a foot shorter than he was

and had long black hair. She was dressed in the blue school uniform

for girls and was carrying a bookbag.

"Who are you to butt into other people's business?" The girl said

in a huff.

"Excuse me?" Ranma replied in a confused voice.


Ranma and Akane both looked over toward a nearby tree where a

teen of seventeen or so stepped out. He was wearing the robes of a

samurai and was holding a wooden sword. He smiled as he gazed at

Akane and tossed her a single rose. The girl snarled in disgust as she

batted away the offering.

"What do you want Kuno?"

The newcomer simply disregarded Akane's brush-off as he

pointed his sword at Ranma. "What business does a mere commoner

have with the lovely Akane? Just who are you?"

"Well�" Ranma wasn't really sure how to answer that one.

"Wait! Is it not the custom to give one's own name first?" Kuno

interrupted. "Fine then! Mine I shall give!" The adolescent then took

a pose. "I am the undefeated captain of this school's kendo club. The

rising new star in high school fencing world. My peers call me the

Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!" To emphasize his point, he raised

his bokken to the heavens as a bolt of lightning went off in the

distance. "Tatewaki Kuno, age seventeen."

On the second and third floors of the school, the crowds began

whispering among themselves.

"Blue Thunder? That's a new one."

"Yeah, last week he was calling himself the Shooting Star."

"Who's that new guy taking on Kuno?"

"He looks really strong."

And well traveled. Nabiki thought as she let her gaze run over the

stranger's form.

Ranma took a moment to analyze Kuno's fighting power then

shrugged. "Whatever. As I was about to say to this girl here�"



Kuno charged at Ranma, intent on striking him with his bokken.

Ranma's biocomputer began analyzing Kuno's style and cross-

referenced it with the fighting styles that it had scanned during their

interface on the Internet. (*Second dan Kendo. Power level readings

rated at 25. Threat level LESS than negligible.*)

<Any suggestions?>

(*Utilize Galforian Galactic Digit Fighting.*)

Ranma nodded as he simply extended an arm with his index finger

pointing out. The finger made contact with the wooden blade as it

came slashing down.


Kuno looked down in shock as he saw his bokken beak off at the

point in which his opponent's finger had touched it. Before he could

do anything else, Ranma stabbed forward with that same finger at his

face. Curling the digit with his thumb, he then gave a casual flick at

Kuno's chin.

Kuno's was sent hurtling backward. He landed on his back with a

thud, losing his weapon in the process. He looked up and saw his

opponent standing there with a smirk on his face. He angrily got up

and withdrew another bokken hidden in his robes.

"What manner of sorcery is this, you low-bred cur! You dare to

mock the noble name of Kuno? I will smite thee!" Kuno charged at

him again.

Ranma simply stabbed forth again with that same finger. This time,

he aimed for the hands that held the wooden sword and hit a series of

pressure points, causing the hands to open up. When the sword

dropped from Kuno's hands and the fingers spread out a bit, Ranma

made his move. Closing his index finger, he then extended his pinky

and curled it around the pinky of Kuno's right hand. He then pulled

back and had Kuno off his feet and into the air. With no loss of

momentum, Ranma began spinning his opponent above his head by

the baby finger.

Akane could only stare in open-mouth disbelief as her eyes and

head moved to track Kuno's rotations. After dozen or so 'around the

world' spins, Ranma slammed the insane kendoist to the ground, still

by the pinky.

Ranma was still smiling as he saw Kuno's dazed look. A moment

later, the insane kendoist lapsed into unconsciousness. When Ranma

saw that he was no longer a threat (not that he was any threat to

begin with), he turned his attention back to Akane.

"H-H-H-How did you�?"

Ranma's smile became a little wider as he raised a closed hand with

the pinky extended. He waved that digit a bit before putting his arm


"Who are you?" Akane demanded.

Ranma's expression became serious as he recalled the new identity

that his biocomputer had forged for him. "My name is Ranma

Saotome. I'm the new assistant coach and I just came in from


In a dimensional pocket of subspace, located within a small broom

closet no less, the greatest scientific genius in the universe was busy

looking over the latest data that had been downloaded from the

secret network of spy satellites that she had set up a month ago.

After that business with the Jurai armed forces and that bounty

hunter Nagi, Washu wanted no more surprises from space coming

down without her knowing it. In the last two days, her devices had

picked up some unusual readings.

<Hmmm, two days ago, something from space came down and

landed in a remote region of China. It looked like a ship. Whatever it

was, it had a pretty good cloaking device. My satellites were just

barely able to pick up its ion trail. Then they picked up the huge

surge of an anti-matter explosion. The interference caused by it

garbled up the sensors of my spy satellites. I haven't been able to

track that ship since then. All I can tell was that the ship was heading

for Japan. If I'm right though (and I usually am), whatever or

whomever was in that ship is now walking among us. Oh goody!

Looks like I might be getting a new guinea pig!>

On the outer reaches of the solar system, another small craft was

making its way toward the inner planets, following the ion trail left by

Ranma's ship. Within the confines of the pilot's cabin, a being of

immense power quietly contemplated his mission of vengeance.

<Soon, I shall have my revenge against you Ranma!>

About several thousand parsecs away, another craft was racing

through the vastness of space in hot pursuit of the first ship. This

ship was different from the conventional appearance of the first one.

For one thing, it looked more organic and its form resembled an odd-

looking top with a large jewel in its center. It had four large

projections and it was white in color.

Inside the command center of the craft was a tall, very athletic and

attractive young woman. She had blue hair that was pulled back by a

hair band and cropped in a spike-like style. She wore a blue and black

body suit that hugged her figure like a second skin, but the leggings

were cut off above the knees. On her feet she wore a pair of stylish

boots that went up toward three quarters of her calves. On her waist

was a belt in which her main weapon, a particle-disrupter sword hung

from. The weapon resembled a high-tech version of a European rapier

but its smooth, rounded blade could slice through trimidium armor

like a hot knife going through butter.

As she stood watching the main viewscreen, several crystal

projections floated toward her and glowed while emitting a high

pitched noise.


"So he's heading was toward THAT system, eh Ken-oki?" The

blue-haired woman said.

"Ciao! Ciao!" The crystals said in a happy tone.

"This is business Ken-oki!" The woman said in a stern voice.

"We're here to take in that scumbag Vorak! He's got a bounty of four

billion credit units on his head! We're not here to visit your old girl


"Ciao! Ciao!" Ken-oki pleaded.

"I said no, and I mean no!" The bounty hunter named Nagi didn't

want to encounter Ryoko again.


<Just my luck that Ken-oki's got a thing for that damned cabbit of

Ryoko's!> Nagi had been subjected to Ken-oki's pleading for several

days now as they had started to track Torak. When it was apparent

that he was heading toward the one system that Nagi had sworn to

avoid, her cabbit partner had started getting an itch to go see

Ryoko's ship. Day in and day out, her ship had been whining and

pleading for his mistress to allow for a short visit to the Masaki home

where her arch-enemy and his love resided. The incessant wailing

had become slightly annoying, to mildly irritating and then to

downright unbearable.

Finally, after a lot more wailing, Nagi finally shouted, "All right! All

right already! We'll go see your girl friend! But AFTER we catch


"Ciao!" Ken-oki replied happily as he increased his speed to catch

up with their prey. As he sped across the cosmos, his sensors

suddenly picked up the faint, almost undetectable ion trail of another

ship that was parallel to the one they had been following. "Ciao!"

"What is it Ken-oki?"

"Ciao! Ciao! Ciao!"

The ship's main viewscreen then put up a reading of the faint

energy trail and compared it with the one belonging to Vorak's craft.

Nagi didn't understand what it meant until she got a good look at the

trace elements that was floating around the energy fields.

"Wait a minute� boradium, zythenium, myleurim. That other ship

must be using a Trimaxian quantum-phase drive to put out a

signature like that. There aren't that many of those special engines

made." Nagi thought for a moment. The Trimaxian quantum fold

drives were among the best in propulsion systems and unlike the

standard warp drives, they didn't cause any spatial imbalance within

the fabric of space by warping it to make distances shorter. Instead

they allowed a ship to slide through subspace and renter real space

by a form of hyperspace bypass. However, the drives were extremely

expensive to make and utilized special elements that were quite rare.

However, due to its reliability and long warranty, it was well worth

the price. Nagi had only encountered one being whose ship utilized

such a drive system.

<Could it be� him? After all this time?>

Within her, Nagi felt a something that she had not felt in two

years. It was certain longing that only a woman would know.

Memories of a man who had proven to be her better in combat and

one hell of a bounty hunter came back to her. Although they were

rivals at the time, she couldn't help but admire the mysterious and

powerful individual who had sent all wanted criminals running for

their lives. And then there were those brief moments when something

seemed to ignite between the two of them whenever they met face-to-

face. Nagi had thought such feelings were only for the weak and

foolish, but when she was with him, she could strength and

something else.

However, that feeling was not to last as he suddenly and without

warning, vanished from the bounty hunter racket two years ago and

she hadn't heard from him since. Now, she had evidence that he was


<Hmmm, if he's on that planet, then maybe going there wouldn't

be such a bad idea.> Nagi smiled as Ken-oki neared the Earth's solar


To be continued�

Author's Notes

Okay, I admit it. I couldn't resist having Ranma just choose a name

out of the blue and in sheer coincidence, it's his actual name. Now

that Ranma is in Japan, things are about to become more hectic. Who

is this mysterious enemy and what is his business with our nanotech

martial artist? What will the Tendo family say when Ranma meets up

with him? Stay tuned.

This rewrite now has Ranma done as the new member of the staff

as he will be teaching a few classes in sports and the martial arts at

Furinkan. Now with his abilities and what he is already displayed,

Ranma is going to make certain people either very interested or very

unhappy. People like Kuno and Akane will be very miffed as he

unintentionally shows them up with his superior skills. Nabiki will be

especially interested with the newcomer as he displays certain

knowledge and abilities that could make her incredibly wealthy.

As for Nagi, you're also probably wondering what's her

connection to Ranma? Well what can I say but stay tuned.