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Chapter 2

Peaceful Civilian Life?

Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa took a sip of her tea as she sat in her quarters. Sitting opposite to her was Relena Darlian, formally Relena Peacecraft.

“Once again, I apologize on behalf of Mithril.” The captain of the Tuatha De Danaan said as she spoke to Relena. “We did not mean to pull you and your companion through the dimensional portal and...”

The blond-haired girl chuckled a bit as she waved it off and sipped her own cup of tea. “Actually, I think I should be the one to apologize for Heero’s actions. I certainly hope that he did not damage any of your equipment or injure the members of your crew too seriously. He was only trying to defend me, Miss Testarossa.”

“Please, call me Tessa. All of my friends do, Miss Darlian.”

“And you can call me Relena.”

The silver-haired girl nodded. “I must say, your companion is quite... intense. Is he always like that?”

Relena chuckled again. “When we first met in school, he said that he would kill me.”



The targeting range echoed with the sounds of gunshots as a certain individual was racking up scores that made all the onlookers gape in shock and awe.

Melissa Mao let off a low whistle as she looked at Heero’s shooting scores. “He’s good, and I mean REALLY good!”

Beside her, Kurz Weber shrugged nonchalantly. “Eh, he’s not bad.”

“Not bad? Do you realize he’s been getting nothing but perfect scores? He’s been at it for over two hours and hasn’t missed once! I haven’t seen this kind of precision and accuracy with a pistol since Sagara’s last time at target practice.”

“I could beat him.” Kurz said with confidence.

“I’m not so sure about that.” Mao said with a slightly teasing tone. “He wiped the floor with you in the hanger or have you already forgotten?”

The mercenary winced as he recollected that time.



“Okay, hold it right there... OOF!”

Kurz did not even have a chance to react as Heero suddenly leapt from the cockpit of Wing Zero and slammed a fist into Kurz’s gut, causing him to double over. He was then given a vicious backhand, causing him to lose his grip on his assault rifle. Then, adding insult to injury, Heero used the butt of the weapon to smash onto Kurz’s head, knocking him out.

Heero wasted no time as he grabbed hold of Relena’s hand and began rushing out of the main hanger. He didn’t know where they were or where they were going, but seeing that he was surrounded by armed men, he automatically assumed that he was in enemy territory, and his training took over. Since Wing Zero was currently useless at the moment, he would have to find another means of escape.

The hanger lit up with gunfire as Heero began laying down a barrage, causing the Mithril crewmembers to duck for cover. He methodically kept everyone at bay as he ran with Relena toward the nearest exit.

Melissa gritted her teeth as she hid behind one the leg of an Arm Slave. She couldn’t believe that one person was keeping an entire platoon pinned down. Whoever he was, he knew how to pick his shots. She could only watch as the young man and his female companion escaped through one of the service exits.


“Seal off all adjoining sectors!” Testarosa commanded as she watched the main screen. “We can’t let them get any further into the Da Danaan. Order the security teams to try and contain them in sector G4.”

The bridge crewmember nodded as he began directing the crew through the intercom. “All hands, intruder alert! I repeat, intruder alert! Security teams intercept at Sector G4 and contain!”